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Whomade速 Avant-craft signs 2 new collections Fractal e Gnaro, 100% iron-made, and present them at next Maison&Objet in Paris. The exclusive Whomade速 creations with highly added human value, have enriched themselves with two new collections which are peculiar either by the scrupulous attention to details or by the innovative and different use of low-tech techniques belonging to some fields of the local handicraft. In this perspective Whomade速 elaborates new every-day design objects and small furniture, re-inventing shapes and moulding materials of the Italian handicraft tradition at pleasure. Whomade速 relaunches his avant-craft collection carrying out in an authentic way an image of the object as a place where diverse cultures meet, talk and create together, giving an original contribution for the realization of designs with a high ethical and aesthetic value, tightening collaboration with prestigious Italian manufacturers.

The lamps LUZ RAIZ are created by the skilled hands of Italian artisans of the Brianza region, part of an articulated set of fractal objects in painted iron bars. They are mobilesuspended lamps adjustable with counterweight, inspired by the logic of perfection of the coral growth, they become an original object to hang photos coloring itself with lights thanks to the magnetic terminals and the imagination of those who chooses them.

From the valleys of the alpine mountains of Lombardia and from the ancient furnaces of iron workmanship the whole new collection Gnaro develops itself and it is made of lamps, stools, coat-stands, trays and vases. The light-table CAPELA turns upside down the sense of the traditional pot for roasting chestnuts, from which it takes its shape, to turn it into a lampshade for the living room.

Whomade® proposes the new modular cloth hangers ARBOL, to be hanging from the ceiling or the wall, as will the coats and hats that will elegantly drop down from them.

WHOMADE® / design for the avant-craft Our mission is to promote an action of design, alternative to the rapid consumption of ideas and resources, supporting and empowering original crafts in creating innovative productions for small series and limited editions. By our interdisciplinary approach, we develop extra-ordinary objects in which a consolidated transmission of technical memories leagues with a superb quality of design, pushing the borders forward and broadening the limits of traditions. Whomade® is a concept-brand that launches the idea of an avant-craft for a new sense of beauty as an ethic and aesthetic value. We work for a new manufacturing art to communicate the soul of objects. Products are talking, and with their knowledge represent social relations, giving a voice to values, ideas and emotions. And if products are narrations, it’s Whomade®’s pleasure to let them talk and express. ------

The products Whomade速 Avant-craft, express a new synthesis between the traditional heritages of handcrafts and the latest vanguards in design. The creations under the name of Whomade速 Editions, produced in small or limited series, show best our qualitative vision and the perfect balance between excellent, exquisite manufacturing and artistic inspiration. ------

Whomade速 Avant-craft FRACTAL / cloth hangers and catchall in metallic rod The products of the collection Fractal has been developed with the collaboration of the excellent local handicraft from Lombardia. This collection has been thought to give a personality to the iron bars, producing mobile, aerial objects, built in a delicate balance between form and technique. The metallic rod of the series of prehensile objects ARBOL, RAMA and RAIZ turns into a light organic plot able to hang and to suspend suits, small objects and items and it succeeds in trapping, with the lamp LUZ RAIZ, beams of light and colors.

Design: Edoardo Perri Craft: Luca Brenna, metal works

ORIGAMI / centerpiece in metal sheet The set of bowls MANTEL blooms as a delicate origami on the table. The metallic plate is drawn with the laser and then folded up like a light sheet of paper.

Design: Edoardo Perri Craft: Gabriella Vittori, metal works

KUMHARA / decorative objects and containers in terracotta The red land is the point of genesis of a lot of artistic expressions in Bastar, India. In the skilled hands of the local artisans, through the perfect constructive symmetry between the free wheel lathe and the slow cooking in ovens made of crocks, firewood and straw, clay becomes an item able to tell a rich symbolic system of rituality, ancient traditions, metaphorical and empirical languages. BLOSSOM, ROOT and BLOOM are a collection of decorative objects and multiform containers, fruit of the progressive formal elaboration of textures and patterns inspired by nature. The organic forms are taken to experiment unpublished shapes and eclectic functions.

Design: Edoardo Perri, Angela Rui Craft: Saathi – terracotta

LOHA SILPHI / bowls and centerpieces in wrought iron The products Loha Silphi are made to overcome and to sublime the iron physical limits. The metal, in use is in prevalence recycled iron , it is made with the heat of a furnace and then made malleable and shaped in forms using feet, pliers and hammer. The collection develops a plastic language that loosens the hardness of the iron. On one side the containers THORN and WAVE are meant 'to leaven' the metallic plate in the three dimensions through interlacements, wefts and contortions. On the other hand, the modular elements which represent the series NET multiply themselves in the space to produce suggestive ornaments with different functions, from lamps to hangers.

Design: Edoardo Perri, Angela Rui Craft: Saathi – wrought iron

CABARÈ / tray in massive beechwood and stainless steel (silver*) handles A series of trays in different sizes whose base in massive wood is hiding handles under the semblance of pieces of cutlery.

Design: Edoardo Perri, Dario Riva Craft: Daniele Bonomi – silversmith e Franco Bevilacqua - carpenter

GNARO / furnishings in iron By the traditional iron workmanship typical in Val Camonica, Italy since the most ancient times, a series of objects are developed and inspired by the simple forms of buckets and frying pans belonging to the local country culture. PADELA turns upside down the sense of a pot for roasting chestnuts and becomes an extraordinarily comfortable rocking stool. The tray OTT borrows the handles of the typical mason bucket while it lends the common iron conical shape to the PHONS lamps set.

Design: Edoardo Perri, Dario Riva Craft: Uberto Gnaro – metal works ------

Whomade® Editions ACQUA ALTA / vase in hand-blown Murano glass A collection of exclusive vases in Murano glass, signed by glassmaker Simone Cenedese for Whomade Editions. Edited in a series of hand-blown unique pieces, ACQUA ALTA is inspired by the venetian theme of laguna's floats night blinking.

Design: Edoardo Perri Craft: Simone Cenedese – Murano glassmaker

IMPRONTA / vase from original casted aluminum mould Aluminum moulds for the making of shoe soles become a series of original vases.

Design: Edoardo Perri, Dario Riva Craft: Bazzigaluppi Stampi – metal works

BLISTER / tray from regenerated milled aluminum mould Born from the recovery and re-use of industrial moulds used for the production of alimentary containers, these trays are meant to meditate on the value of the material, independently from its use and shape. BLISTER is the exact negative of the plastic container and therefore the object, which normally is perceived as fragile, acquires importance and unique character.

Design: Edoardo Perri, Dario Riva Craft: Bazzigaluppi Stampi – metal works

EQUILIBRISTA LTD / vase in iron rod and Murano glass A collection of vases in Murano glass and iron rod. The vase in hand-blown glass, created by the master glassmaker Simone Cenedese, leans on a structure in metallic rod with iron bars in mobile balance. The acrobat concept, in this over-sized version for Whomade Editions, distinguishes itself for the elegance of its finishings and its original lightness in composition.

Design: Edoardo Perri Craft: Simone Cenedese – glassmaker

IVY / metal casted centerpieces in lost-wax technique The collection reinterprets the monolithic single metal casting in an exploration of perforated patterns inspired from the local heritage of icons and traditional drawings of Bastar region, in the cultural heart of India, where IVY is made.

Design: Edoardo Perri, Angela Rui Craft: Saathi – lost-wax metal casting

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