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Eat Your Way To Vitality With Wholesome Food Written by, Kerry Stewart (Founder & Owner)

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Welcome To Wholesome Food!

A little while ago we sent out a survey to our Wholesome Food email list. One of the questions was what would you would most like to read in our blog posts? And we were not too surprised to see the response! A whole 90% of our Wholesome Food friends and customers said that they would like to hear more about how they can eat purely for their health, rather than for any other reason! This topic is huge and there is so much information out there that we could get caught up in. This information can become confusing and seriously overwhelming, and we land up giving up before we have even given this health thing a try. It's at this very point where Wholesome Food comes in. Our aim is to encourage you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. We want to see you thriving and enjoying your life, at your full potential. We also understand that each of us is inherently unique, and so our diet would be too. We love the concept of 'Intuitive Eating,' which essentially means listening to the signals your body sends you when you eat certain foods. You'll see more on that in a later book. So for now, we thought it would be a great idea for you to hear from our Founder, Kerry Stewart, as she shares about how Wholesome Food started and about how she was able to, literally, eat her way back to optimal health, vitality and wellbeing, from a place of total burnout. At the same time, we want to remind you, that your health is vitally important, and it is a step by step journey that we hope you will learn to enjoy!

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How Wholesome Food Was Born It was not so long ago that I found myself in a state of absolute exhaustion, all the time. I was hit with cold after cold and was really struggling with my weight and with a chronic amount of stress. It was in this state of serious tiredness that I decided to start researching for myself.  With the plethora of conflicting information about health, this was no easy task.  I have always been health-conscious, and take great care when it comes to what I eat. I would always keep close tabs on my macronutrient intake. I was shocked to find that one of the things that was adding a heap of stress and pressure on my body were all the preservatives, stabilisers, colourants, artificially modified substances and hidden GMOs in our food. The more I read, the more I realised that my diet was full of toxins. All I needed to add to the equation was the normal stressors of life and it was no wonder my body was not functioning well.

Kerry Stewart Founder of Wholesome Food


So as I write about eating for our health in our blog, or in this Ebook, remember that I am not actively trying to lose weight or be a supermodel. I am a mom who really just wants energy, longevity, and vitality not only for myself but also for my family. Losing weight might be a great by-product of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, but feeling awesome and reaching optimal performance is really my goal. It was during this time of research and rest that I started to create on the go snacks that tasted good, didn't break the bank, and that didn't contain any of the nonsense we find in the local supermarkets. I found that a huge part of a healthy diet is eating foods that are wholesome and as close to their raw state as possible. In my efforts to ensure my family was getting optimal nutrition I realised how difficult is was to wade through countless products on the shelf, marketing mumbo jumbo and hype marketing about "healthy" products. It was out of this place that this dynamic business, Wholesome Food was born! Wholesome Food products contain absolutely no dairy, wheat, refined sugar, preservatives, stabilisers or GMOs! Our all natural, plant-based snacks taste great and cost under R20 at their retail value.

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The Heart Of The Blog A comment made several times in response to some of our monthly blogs was that, it’s actually so simple! Yes! That’s exactly the response I was hoping to get! I have had many discussions with people about health, diets, and concepts like clean eating, superfoods, protein, carbs, fats, minerals, intuitive eating and the default response is a blank thousand mile stare, accompanied by an occasional nod of understanding, kind of. The health market of today has done a great job of cluttering our understanding of what it means to be truly healthy with very different conflicting viewpoints. A lot of the food industry has interpreted health information through the subjective lens of their own diet or product. The conclusion I came to is that we are not short on good information, but there is so much information available to us, and it can be very confusing and so there is very little understanding from a consumer perspective.

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Empowered With The Right Knowledge For many people, a simple understanding of the basic building blocks of health and nutrition is enough to empower them and move them into a place of health conscious living. We don’t need to be told what to eat. We need to be empowered with knowledge to make our own choices about what our bodies need. The heart of this blog is not to sell you a diet or a product, but rather we want to empower you to make informed decisions, for your good and wellness. Whether you are a young person, who gets hit with magazine covers on how to lose 5 kg in a week, or you're a mom, overwhelmed with the many different “how-you-should” feed your kid books, or if you're a 60something year old person who wants the energy to play with their grand kids, we are here to empower you. Much like our philosophy towards food, we hope to keep our content as raw, clean and unprocessed as possible. Giving you helpful information that is easy to digest and leaves you feeling energised and empowered.

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"I spent several months sharing my passion for healthy eating with my dad (he is my number 1 guinea pig) and he lost a whopping 6 kg in 7 weeks. He did not follow a diet. He did not take any pills or other diet products. He was simply informed and empowered (and sometimes coached) into making better choices! He now understands the basics of nutrition, and his food choices have changed. He has more energy than he has had in years and feels great!" -Kerry

Diets Don't Work As we all know, the number one New Year’s resolution and goal around the world is “I am going to lose weight.” And the next thing you know, our gyms are crowded! So, before you choose the latest trending, fad diet and spend a fortune on all the products you need, let us tell you why diets don’t work, as we also give you a few tried and tested ideas of what will work.   The word diet literally means “the customary food and drink of a culture, a person, or an animal.” However, for many of us the word does not mean that. It means “a temporary and highly restrictive program of eating in order to lose weight.”  It’s this idea of temporary restrictive eating that we hope to tackle!


Research shows that 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it within 1-5 years, and there are a few reasons for this: When we have “completed” our diet, boomerang back to unhealthy eating patterns. Deprivation may lead to a dietovereat or diet-binge cycle. This is unhelpful when our bodies require good regulation.  Overly-restrictive dieting slows our metabolism down, which makes it much harder for us to lose weight. Often the root of dieting is feeling a lack of value.

You Are Worthy!

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Your Gut Matters Your gut is responsible for turning food into fuel for our bodies. It absorbs nutrients that support your body’s functions — energy production, toxin and waste elimination, hormone balance and overall health and wellbeing. If we have a sluggish, “unhealthy gut” our body will not be able to absorb the nutrients we need for optimal health. This can impact our weight, mood, mental wellbeing and a number of other ailments. Keeping your gut healthy will boost your energy levels and will ensure you maintain a healthy immune system.

Let's Talk Digestion Digestion is how our body turns food into nutrients in the form our body can understand and use. It starts in the mouth, with our first bite of a tasty morsel. As we chew, we break the food down making it easier for our gut to digest it. At the same time, saliva mixes with our food and begins the digestion process changing our food into a form our body can absorb. Many of us don’t chew our food for long enough, we wolf it down, skipping this important step in the process. Not only does the food not get broken into smaller pieces, but it doesn’t have enough time to mix with saliva. Our food then enters our stomach. Acids and enzymes continue to breakdown the food into useful nutrients.


Our food, now in an easily absorbed liquid form, moves to our small intestine, where digestion continues. Our small intestine is primarily responsible for absorbing the nutrients from our food into our bloodstream. After absorbing nutrients our small intestine moves the waste to the large intestine. The large intestine takes care of waste removal. Often when we think of our gut we just think digestion but our gut is so much more than that. It is fundamental to a healthy immune system, boundless energy, mental acuity, stable moods and general wellbeing.

Out Gut Helps: 1. Supports a healthy immune system. A massive 70%-80% of our immune system is situated in our gut, right where the bulk of our beneficial bacteria (probiotics) live. 2. Gives us a natural energy boost. Good gut bacteria help maintain our dayto-day energy levels.Probiotics help to break down our food and absorb the nutrients we need to feel great and have energy. They also work with our own body’s cells to help keep our blood sugar balanced.

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3. Helps us to maintain ideal weight. Probiotics support our metabolism and a healthy weight by producing enzymes that help us digest food and absorb nutrients, regulating our blood sugar levels. 4. Helps focus. Probiotics in our gut communicate with our brain via the vagus nerve, which runs from our head to our abdomen. Communication flows up and down— beneficial bacteria send mind-boosting chemicals and messages to the brain that improve memory and cognitive function. 5. Boosts your mood.  Our gut bacteria produce more than 90 percent of all the serotonin (the “happy” chemical that plays a role in everything from mood and appetite to sleep) in our body! Probiotics can also lower cortisol (the “stress” hormone) levels. 6. Supporting a healthy, glowing skin.  When our gut is able to absorb nutrients— thanks to our friendly bacteria—and get rid of toxins and chemicals, our whole body benefits including our skin.

A Few Roles Of Gut Bacteria: Helps to produce hormones, like serotonin Aids in the extraction of energy and nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants Manages your appetite and body weight Digests fibre which helps form your stool Controls your moods, motivation and cognitive health Prevents us from catching colds and viruses Helps repair damaged tissues and injuries Much, much more Many people have a damaged gut wall because of poor food choices, viruses, parasites, caffeine, alcohol, antibiotics and bad bacteria that cause damage.

What Damages The Gut? Sugar, Alcohol, Processed Foods, Chemical additives Foods that trigger an allergic response (dairy, wheat), Alcohol, Chronic Stress, Toxins

Practical Steps To Help Your Gut: Eat less Chew food properly (20 chews per bit) Drink filtered water between meals. It helps flush out toxins Maintain good amounts of hydrochloride acid and digestive enzymes by drinking warm lemon water in the morning Eat plenty of prebiotic foods,they help to feed friendly bacteria and allow them to thrive in a healthy environment (Bananas are a great source of prebiotics) Eat more probiotic rich foods, they help bolster our defences (Yoghurt, kefir and fermented foods) Eat more vegetables Load up on fibre (leafy green veg is a great source of fibre) Eat calmly and mindfully Reduces the stressors in your everyday life Think about including some of the following into your diet: L-Glutamine  – Helps to heal and seal the gut Quality Fish Oil– This helps reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and supports the immune system. Cinnamon– It can help to improve digestion and is great at balancing blood sugar levels. Mint– Great at soothing the stomach and can help to relax the gastrointestinal tract. Zinc– Very important as it is utilized to form digestive enzymes and also used in regulating hormones. PH Balancing or Alkaline Foods– like kale, spinach, broccoli, wheatgrass, parsley, chlorella, and spirulina.

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Eliminating Harmful Toxins Did you know that toxins found in our food can cause you to put on weight and they upset your hormonal balance? What exactly is a toxin and how can you help your body out by avoiding them? Let's take a closer look at what these nasty ingredients are and a few easy steps we can take to remove toxins completely. Removing toxins from your diet can have a huge effect of your health, trust me, I know!

For a long time I struggled to lose weight and felt tired all the time. After much trial and error I discovered that my body was overloaded with toxins. I slowly tried to cut certain toxic food out of my diet and followed the YOUnique Life gut restoration program. After 8 weeks I found I had more energy and the weight started melting off me.

What Is A Toxin? Toxins are any substance that can be poisonous or have a negative health effect on the body. A 'toxin' can refer to all the metals, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides and poisons that can cause our bodies harm. Our focus is on food so we will talk about food toxins, they can be found in our water, food or in the air.


Some familiar toxins include: artificial food dyes, preservatives, MSG, artificial sweeteners including Xylitol, herbicides and pesticides, fruits sprayed with diphenylamine (used to prevent the browning of fruit skin), polluted or tainted water, plastics (BPA).

Our Bodies Are Designed To Get Rid Of Toxins This takes place through the excretory system, which is made up of the liver, skin, lungs, large intestine, and kidneys. The liver – filters and excretes waste, hormones, drugs, and other foreign substances. The skin – eliminates toxins through the sweat glands. The lungs – help remove carbon dioxide. The kidneys – filter the blood and help remove waste from the body through urination. The large intestine – absorbs water and remaining nutrients convert waste into stools. Our incredible bodies are designed to get rid of toxins, but we can overload our body with toxins. Putting strain on our excretory system. However, toxins are endocrine (hormone) disruptors. An endocrine disruptor is a substance that acts like a hormone in the endocrine system and disrupts the normal bodily processes. Any system in our body that is controlled by hormones can be derailed by these disruptors, causing serious imbalance. Toxins can induce, inhibit, mimic and block hormones, causing imbalances.

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Having an endocrine disruption can affect anything from purity, to menopause and so on. Changing your diet to exclude harmful toxins and processed foods can have a huge impact on your hormone function.

Fat Soluble Toxins Many toxins are fat soluble, and this has 2 effects on the body: 1. Toxins are processed by the liver and if there is an overload of toxins, they are stored in our fat tissue. 2. While toxins sit in your fat or liver cells, they disrupt the endocrine system. If you are dieting you might lose weight, but the toxins that are stored in the fat cells then go back into your system making you feel miserable, tired and deprived. What happens here is that our amazing body can decide that it does not like this feeling and so it will then hold onto fat in order to store the toxins again. Cleaning toxins out of your system will allow you to lose weight naturally and bring a balance back into your endocrine system.

Other Effects on The Body

1. Toxins can poison your enzymes: toxins damage our enzymes and undermine countless other bodily functions. An example is that they will lower our body's capacity to fight free radical damage, which will accelerate ageing! 2. Toxins can damage our organs: nearly all of our organs and systems can be damaged by toxins! If your body is toxic and unable to detoxify, it will backfire and your body will remain in a toxic state. 3. Toxins can damage DNA: This increases the rate of aging and degeneration.


4. Toxins can damage cell membranes: "Signalling" in our body happens in the cell membranes. Damage to these membranes prevents them from getting important messages. 5. Toxins can overload our excretory system: Our liver is responsible for breaking down fats, converting sugars, and removing old and damaged blood cells. If our liver is overloaded with toxins it becomes sluggish. This can have an affect on our working metabolism, healthy circulation, balanced hormones, clean blood and strong digestion.

How To Help Your Body Cope Remove all processed foods: Yes, I said it having balanced hormones and energy are way better then a processed cheeseburger! Remove the whites: Sugar and white flour. Have a look at some of our recipes for sugar-less/flour-less options. Eliminate preservatives and artificial food dyes: Always read and make sure you understand food labels. Drink more water: Water helps to flush toxins from your body. Try and drink reverse osmosis or filtered (with charcoal) water. Eat more brassicas: These vegetables include Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage, Turnips/turnip greens, collards and, Kale. These vegetables provide unique nutrients (phytonutrients) that rev up your detoxification system. Eliminate toxic oils from your diet: Toxic oils can include vegetable oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil and, canola oil.

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The Wholesome Porridge Start the day feeling fantastic with the Wholesome Food Porridge! Sometimes all you need in the morning is a comforting, Wholesome porridge that you can trust to fill all the nutrient needs your body may be craving. It is for this very reason that we chose to make things as simple as possible for you. Our porridge is a treat, it is full of nutrients, and it is incredibly simple and easy to palette! The Method: 1. Choose one ingredient from each of the following food groups. 2. Soak your choice of Grain overnight in milk/ almond milk or in water.  3. Bring your Grain to a boil in your chosen liquid in the morning and let the porridge simmer for 10 min. 4. Add your favourite fruit and flavour from the list below. 5. Sit back, relax and enjoy! The Grain: 30g rolled oats / 60g hulled buckwheat / 30g quinoa The Fruit: Handful of nuts / half a grated apple, pear or sliced banana / 2 chopped dates / 70g berries / mango slices The Liquid: 250ml almond milk / 250ml water The Flavour: 1 tsp cinnamon / 3 drops stevia liquid / 1 - 2 tsp maple syrup or raw honey

Get in touch with us! Thank you for reading our first ebook! We trust that you enjoyed every minute of soaking in some thouroughly researched information about food, health and how to live in full vitality. Look out for some follow up ebooks in the months to come. If you would like to get in touch with us, please do so at the details below. We would love to hear from you! Visit our website: Email us: Follow us on Facebook & Instagram, search the handle: @wholesomefoodsa If you would like to know more or have any questions, please send us an email!

With love, the Wholesome Food team

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Eat Your Way To Vitality With Wholesome Food  

Empowering you with the knowledge you need to make good food decisions​, so that you and your family can live in optimal health, vitality an...

Eat Your Way To Vitality With Wholesome Food  

Empowering you with the knowledge you need to make good food decisions​, so that you and your family can live in optimal health, vitality an...