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Manufacturers supply: Suitable for well-funded, not afraid of the big sellers Yahuo advantages: abundant supply, the lowest price Disadvantages: Requires large, easy Yahuo large wholesalers: suitable for a certain strength, able to deal with moderate sellers advantages: stable supply, easy to find Disadvantages: replacement of trouble, services lag two wholesalers: Suitable for fledgling small sellers advantages: understand the industry, good service Disadvantages: high prices, to open an online store credit is unknown, we must first solve the supply problem. How can get cheap and good quality goods, to open stores important part. supply will directly influence the choice of the entrepreneur's profits and income, so the choice of supply must be cautious look from the universality of the online business, supply can be considered Looking from three aspects: manufacturers, a wholesaler, two or even three wholesalers. Generally, the closer to the source of purchase mode selection, to obtain greater profit margins, but the different levels of wholesalers has its advantages disadvantages of different strength of entrepreneurs according to their actual situation carefully chosen. Selective focus lies its strength You can get a supply of goods from the factory are not many, because most manufacturers bothered to deal with small-scale sellers, but not under the net selling some merchandise is received from the source of these formal manufacturers ample supply, but also to treat customers with a good attitude, if long-term cooperation, the general slow-moving change models can win, but in general, manufacturers require very high quantities from to clothing, for example, manufacturers require a minimum number of wholesale or even hundreds of pieces thousands of pieces, less than this amount will not only get the lowest price, possibly even less than the basic cooperation would have to fight, and likely to cause the backlog of goods, and therefore not suitable for small wholesale customers, if the entrepreneur has sufficient funds reserves, and there will be no danger or fear Yahuo Yahuo is entirely possible to find manufacturers purchase ( Large wholesalers or that a wholesaler relatively easy to find, generally with Baidu, google and other search engines will be able to find a lot. They generally supplied directly from the manufacturers, supply more stable, but because they are more orders, services inevitably some lag. Taobao sellers tianren98 is jewelry shop "day yards fashion shopping network" of the "big manager," he says, a large wholesaler orders and more slow delivery can be understood, but the biggest problem is that replacement, often demand a replacement will be rejected or exchange of goods unsatisfactory, while the money is not refunded. His experience is in the details before ordering goods and services, be sure to be determined, if the order is large amount, it is best to sign a standardized The sales contract to avoid future disputes. In cooperation with large wholesalers difficulties, they tend to turn to find two wholesalers. Secondary wholesalers are generally just do wholesale by the retail turn, this line of supply, such as a better understanding of customers' needs. Such wholesalers because just getting started, there is no fixed wholesale customers, not well-known, and thus to fight for customers, from the bulk requirements of small, prices are generally lower than would not be higher than even some big wholesalers. Entrepreneurs can also follow you purchase experience and they talk about conditions, such as price and replacement problem and in order to win repeat customers, they are generally better after-sales service. secondary wholesalers deficiency is relatively clear is that integrity issues. therefore preferably before cooperation Pathfinder cooperation through small quantities, to be understanding of their practice and service attitude, and then to large-scale


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