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My Journey Finding My BLISS by Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA My journey of becoming amazingly healthy and happy has been an arduous adventure, filled with enough love and miracles to assure my faith forever. Numerous people have insisted I write an autobiography because it’s been a wild ride! All of it fuels my life-long passion for eliminating suffering and raising human consciousness. I died at age 19 from a heroin overdose – and had a very long talk with God that answered my questions about life, death, evil, the teachings of Jesus and much more, though it took years to integrate that experience. At 25, I suddenly developed extremely painful endometriosis. After discovering and clearing the underlying conflict, it was healed instantly with three simple sentences. My acceptance of an unwelcome, psychic revelation about a co-worker who had embezzled $60,000, and subsequently confessed, had triggered a subconscious conflict that created the endometriosis. This confirmed for me that what happens in life, especially in the body, is determined primarily by what we think and feel, most of which occurs unconsciously. Therapists call my family experiences with fundamentalist Christianity ritual abuse and/or psychological torture, resulting in Borderline Personality Disorder and severe depression. Sexual abuse by a beloved neighbor also happened in early childhood and created physical problems, along with irresolvable emotional, mental and spiritual conflicts. My first suicide attempt occurred at age 10. Fortunately I found drugs from ages 12-

32, which kept me miserable but alive… until I discovered Divinity within. In 1987 I finally got clean and started graduate work in Holistic Psychology and Spiritual Systems at JFKU’s School of Consciousness Studies. A poor Appalachian gal miraculously managed to attend an expensive California school – the best gift I ever gave myself. Although I’ve studied many things since, even cocreating an Energy Psychology called WOW Processing, two things have fulfilled my passion most – learning to read the Akashic Records and BLISS Work. I’ve created websites (www.louisadyer.com, www.louisadyer.net, www.thewowprocess.com) to teach others about Akashic Records, WOW Processing, and my other offerings. But the BLISS book was never completed because the process changed so significantly. It began as a form of shadow work that healed the core of my borderline split. After studying everything written by Dr. David Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, three enlightened beings, teachers and authors, BLISS is now Divine Light Work. The concept is shared here in hopes others will use it. At our core we are Divine Beings. As Jesus and other spiritual masters have taught, the Kingdom of Heaven lives within us. We are also humans who have thoughts and emotions that are extremely negative – primarily fear, guilt, anger and shame, much of which is unconscious. By focusing inward and connecting more fully with our Divine core, sometimes called the Higher Self, we can experience the Presence of God. Experiencing Presence automatically increases peaceful awareness, raises our consciousness, and gives us unconditional love, which holds the power of true healing. By accepting Divinity within, we stop judging ourselves and can offer the healing love of Divine Presence

May-June 2012

to any beliefs, emotions, or bodily processes that hold negativity and generate suffering. When we do, all suffering we are willing to release is transmuted and healing simply happens. One can begin this process by getting still, focusing inward, and allowing awareness to rest in the heart. BLISS Work is my structured, guided way of accessing the unconditional love of Divinity within, allowing it to reveal and heal negative thoughts and feelings. Since healing the endometriosis, I’ve used kinesiology to know the truth about anything and everything, for myself as well as clients. Acknowledging the truth quickly raises our consciousness and alleviates suffering. If you’d like my help finding your BLISS, just call 513.248.0069 or email info@louisadyer. com. (See ad on page 9.) have a story to share? We’d love to hear from you. Email your contribution to info@wholelivingjournal.com.

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