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May-June 2012

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gary renard, A Course in Miracles teacher and acclaimed author presents an inspirational workshop

“From Victimization to Power: How to Get Control of Your Life Experience” Saturday, May 19, 10 AM – 5 PM Garden Park Unity, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Tickets $95 in advance, $105 at the door Tickets and additional info at: For more information or to register contact Barbara Douthitt: or call 513.245.1256 Sponsored by: Garden




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Park Unity

Namaste! Events

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Lynn Rohr

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7:00 - 9:30 PM

Susan Grace

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The Wizards-in-Training will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6-9 pm for 4 Months: May 9th, June 13th, July 11th, and August 8th at WholeCare 4434 Carver Woods Dr. 45242 R.S.V.P. 513-489-9515 or email:

May-June 2012



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Embracing Change: Part 2

Editor Tara L. Robinson

BY m.k. meier

House Whispering for Those On the Move

BY Paula York

A Mother's Reflection: 5 Tips for Parenting Synchronizing the Mind and Heart

BY Mindy Mossman

BY Himavat Ishaya

Hand Wash Cold, Reshape, Dry Flat

BY Rev. D. Michelle Wisbith, M.Sc

The Story of My Soul Retrieval BY Penny Costilla

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Letter from the Editor

Tara L. Robinson,

The Silent Watcher want to begin by wishing the happiest Mother’s and Father’s Day to all parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and other caregivers who’ve stepped into the role of ‘parent’ for someone in need. This issue of Whole Living Journal is an issue of celebration. Not only are we celebrating parents, but we’re celebrating our nine year anniversary. Yep, next year is the big doubledigit birthday. WLJ has been serving our community and supporting body, mind and spirit wellness for over nine years. And what a long way we’ve come in that time. What began as a sixteen-page, black and white publication, has truly become “more than a magazine.” WLJ has grown to thirty-two pages, full-color, in print and on-line. Plus, we have nearly a thousand friends on Facebook, hundreds of Twitter followers, and a library of podcasts on our website featuring compelling interviews with the world’s leading authors, philosophers and artists in the areas of health, relationships, science and spirituality. Kathryn Martin Ossege is the ‘parent’ of WLJ. She gave birth to her vision of creating a space where cultural creatives could express themselves and feel inspired by every issue. And, as all parents do, when the time was right, she let her baby go. The parental act of letting go requires trust in a force greater than ourselves. For as we allow our children, or any of our creations, to grow and expand in the world, our relationship with love must be greater than our relationship with fear. Otherwise we run the risk of holding on too tightly and preventing them from being all they can be…all they are meant to be, all we are meant to be. Mindy Mossman presents this idea beautifully in her article on parenting which appears on page 10. Her insights are brilliant on the dynamics of a “learning partnership” between parent and child. She offers priceless advice on how to stay grounded in the face of fear and suffering. Susan Grace, a friend, mentor, and professional Soul Whisperer, recently introduced the same idea in another way to me. After meeting each other for the first time during a radio interview, Susan invited me to experience a soul liberation session with her. When I excitedly arrived for our session she explained she was no longer calling them soul liberation sessions, but rather had adopted the term ‘soul whispering’ to describe the work she does. I said, “Oh no, I’m here for soul liberation. We can do whispering some other time. Liberation is the term I resonated with and what caused me to take you up on your offer. Liberation is what I’m here for!” During our session she described the concept of the Silent Watcher. She said it is only from a place of complete neutrality that creation can happen. I understood this to mean that although ‘God’ or ‘Creator’ is often referred to as being pure love, what usually is not explained is that this love is devoid of all fear and attachment. There is absolutely zero fear of anything going wrong or going awry. Only complete trust that it will all be okay whatever


happens. Otherwise, what would be created would be robots inflicted by a biased will. Free will would not be possible. God, as the Silent Watcher, the Neutral Observer, creates… then holds the space for the creation to unfold. There is no judgment about what “should” happen, only total allowing. I realized this was not only a deeper understanding into the nature of God, but this is what true liberation is. Liberation from fear. When we are freed from all sense of fear, we are liberated. We are no longer imprisioned by our walls of ‘shoulds;’ our judgments of shoulds for ourselves, and/or our expectations of others. Plus, the state of enlightenment many admire and strive to achieve is one of non-judgment. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama models and says, “Love is the absence of judgment.” This is also the biggest challenge for parents, parents of children or of any creation, to allow the creation to simply and completely unfold in its own nature. Without attachment, expectations or judgment, only love. Knowing it is all perfect. All is well, all is well, all is well. And since Mindy reminds us that our interactions with our creations reflect our relationships with ourselves, it’s especially important to remember to practice non-judgment with ourselves. We are already perfect creations just as we are. We just need to realize and embrace that truth. It’s time to come home to ourselves. We’ve been addicted to self-help material for too long. The new message is that there is nothing to fix. It’s about turning around and seeing where we are already standing. THAT is soul liberation. So as I said earlier, this issue is one of celebration. We’re celebrating our anniversary, we’re celebrating parents, we’re celebrating creators and creations…we’re celebrating soul liberation. Happy spring! Enjoy. This is, after all, the season of new birth and creation.

May-June 2012




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Reader Feedback 10663 Suite 162 • Loveland, OH 45140 “I wasLoveland-Madeira sitting and so lovingRd., the gorgeous cover of the new • Fax: issue (MarApr513.752.9288 ʽ12) and especially felt513.722.0752 inspired by Shilohʼs poem. I felt like was there just for my eyes. It was something I really needed to hear. Your magazine often does that for me.” Joani Lacy, author Hollister House Cincinnati, OH


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Wherever you are on 1401 E. McMillan Cincinnati, OH 45206 your spiritual journey, 513.961.2527 you are welcome here.

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Online Therapeutic Consultation Leslie Evelo, Ph.D

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Happy Motherʼs Day! We celebrate YOU!

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Change:Part 2 by M.K. Meier (Part 1 appeard in July/Aug ʽ11 before M.K. left for Italy.) iao! Two months ago, I returned from a fall study abroad semester in Viterbo, Italy. I lived in my own apartment in a unique medieval town. I struggled to learn the language, attended an Italian university, found myself in the position of an unofficial diplomat, made unbelievable friendships, enriched my personal and professional life, and truly experienced the “big picture” of our global community. Yes, I still pinch myself! I love traveling, encouraging others, taking on challenges, soaking up learning, and living in the moment. I am overflowing with gratitude for an experience that was absolutely better than I had ever hoped it would be. Studying abroad gave me a whole different perspective on my place in the world. I was surprised to find English rarely spoken. My feet were my primary transportation. Stores were closed every Sunday and daily from 1-4 p.m. for pausa pranzo. Carrying groceries home from market taught me not to be wasteful. Basically, daily life in Italy taught me to relinquish a lot of control. To Italians, “bella figura” (beautiful presentation) is a whole lifestyle – it is not just about wonderful cuisine and wine, but the whole enjoyment of living life...savoring every moment. Within weeks of arrival, my dinner time adjusted from one hour to three hours. I fell in love with the fellowship that comes with a wonderful meal. And the thing I was most apprehensive about, train travel, turned into one of the most liberating and fun experiences ever. I now recommend to anxious students: Take a solo trip! You will learn many unexpected things about yourself and the world. It was such a rush to hop


on a train, handle unexpected bumps, and then explore incredible towns and cultures. I met many amazing people and I learned great life lessons. With 20 different regions, Italy is astonishingly diverse. Rich history is felt in every monument, cathedral, festival and urban layout and is completely intertwined with daily life. Studying 2000- year-old Roman and Etruscan civilizations helped me understand the meaningful heritage that is in every Italian soul. Frequent festivals celebrate saints, agriculture, cuisine and historical events. These events have been celebrated for hundreds of years. I found it fascinating and eye-opening. Of course, the visual treasures gave me continual goose bumps. There are so many places in Italy that have what Italians call a “Spirit of Place.” This is what I felt when I made an impromptu visit to the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. For hundreds of years, leaders, diplomats and pilgrims have visited there for peace summits, gatherings and pilgrimages. The calm assurance that I was going to be all right and a sense of peaceful forgiveness were two of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. I believe that everything happens for a reason and there is no such thing as coincidence. Studying abroad taught me that flexibility is different than adaptability. A retired NATO General and diplomat taught me to be humble and realize, “I am not the only owner of truth in the world.”

May-June 2012

I was challenged to listen to what isn’t being said. To understand history and cultural norms and to promote peace. To always speak strongly and courageously against stereotypes and prejudices. I learned that fear, defeated with continuous small footsteps, grows into courage; a win/win philosophy sends ripples far and wide; and lessons and relationships can come from the most unexpected moments, people and places. Indeed, ‘showing up’ is a great adventure. Viva tutti! Note: Many thanks to the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program for funding undergraduate scholarships which broaden the student population that studies abroad: non-traditional students, under-represented majors and community college students. About the author: M.K. Meier will graduate from the University of Cincinnati in December with a B.A. in English. She has three college age children & loves swimming and outdoor activities. Her passion is encouraging others to embrace changes in life and “explore the world.” She says, “You will not always understand your journey, but if you always ‘show up’ you will have one heck of an adventure.” journal


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House whispering for those

On the Move by Paula York

“I send blessings to those who hold the honor of seeding Love. May your move be a smooth move... that amazes you and delights you fall in love once again... with a new home and new view of Mother Earth.” INDING A NEW a subject stirring within the soul of many these days. Being faced with the life changing event of finding a new home can be exciting or daunting. The energy is very different in a forced move rather than making a move on your own terms. Not so long ago, I had a move that was not of my choosing. My landlord de-



Providing the seeds of greatness!

ROOT yourself in Balance with an experienced




“Take charge of a life that’s trying to control you. Work with me, Pati Root, as your life coach.”

Leadership • Career • Small Business • Life Transitions • Heart & Spirit • Growth & Development Mid-Life • Life Quality Relationships • Parenting • Illness

513-895-1958 8



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cided he needed his house back because his wife wanted a divorce. The home I had helped upgrade and thought I might own one day was no longer a dream. Over the past year, I have heard many similar stories of people needing to move from homes and land that they love. The reasons for finding a new home can be due to health reasons, a divorce, a relocation with a career move, or perhaps it’s time to downsize all the stuff you have acquired and move to a smaller space. I also have a friend who decided to pack up and move across country, leaving behind Cincinnati, her friends and everything she knew as home. I am blessed to have friends in many states and abroad in other countries. Many of them have also encountered a move due to the current economics that we now experiencing. I know someone in California who is being forced off her ranch after losing a long battle with an oil fracking company. Amidst the conversations, blogs and social media, it has occurred to me there is a theme behind each for the land where we lived. This love is infused into every blade of grass, every tree, every root of every plant, of every critter and deep into the core of Gaia. This love is bigger than anyone, any corporation or any reason for leaving and it will always be present through all time. It will reach up and out with healing for the future times ahead. The land on which we lived is often missed more than the actual homes we lived in. This ‘yearning for the land’ intrigues the “tree hugger”

part of myself. I believe we live where we are to seed love so it can sprout up for others. In the world we live in, we take ownership of our property. In reality we borrow or share the space, the land we call home, from Mother Earth. I think she knows when the land we live on has been filled up with love. She then works her magic and finds a way to nudge those of us that she can trust… to seed the love for future generations in a new place on Earth. I think these unexpected moves and/ or nudges to move are all part of the healing of Mother Earth. Somewhere in time and space we agreed to be “movers and seeders” that will usher in a global shift of higher awareness. About the author: Paula York, The House Whispering Lady, raises awareness of how to bridge our homes & the stuff of our life with our spiritual growth. Through Interior Creations for the Home and Soul, she provides her clients with guidance into creating a space where the art of ‘soulmaking’ breathes new life into a home, office or small business. “A home is an extension of one’s soul signature or spiritual essence,” she says, “There is often a regeneration of relationships, finances and harmony that come about as a result of House Whispering.”859.653.7298.paula@

Well Care

for the Whole Family! Fitness · Nutrition

Proof Massage Date: 02/17/12 · Iridology Ref: Wholecare02_17_12 Victoria Smith Designer: ads@wholeliving... Board Certified Practitioner Size: 1/2 page (7.25x4.75)"



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Calling All Wizards! Pilot Group Now Forming! Wizards-in-Training will meet 2nd Wednesdays (May-August)

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ONLY $35/session *Based on Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra. This mastermind group will be experiential and is designed to ignite personal transformation. (reg. $750)

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Life with our

Forever Fit Program safe, rapid weight loss, doctor supervised and supported, non-drug, lifestyle education for permanent results

Jack Armstrong, D.C. and Gina Perry, N.D. 4434 Carver Woods Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

513-489-9515 • Check out our lectures, classes, news and more on our website.

May-June 2012



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A Mother's Reflection Reflection 5 Tips for Parenting Consciously by Mindy Mossman

hen my first child was born in 1996, I fell in love and awoke to my mother bear energy. I connected with new strength and power in caring for and protecting my little one, trusting my instincts in a way I never had before. My son’s infant needs were simple, though time consuming, and I loved giving him a secure and peaceful introduction to the world outside the womb. For his first year, we were essentially attached, whether I nursed him, wore him in a sling, or slept next to him. As he became mobile, I was his safety zone. He would explore, knowing that if he needed help or got hurt, I would be there for him. The older and more adventuresome he became, the more his development asked for a combination of structure and freedom. As he grew older, his world expanded to include interactions with other children and adults, injuries and illnesses. I couldn’t protect him like I could when he was an infant. I couldn’t keep him in a bubble where he would never have hurt feelings or skinned knees. And I began to realize… My job as a mother is not to make sure that my children never experience pain; it is to teach them how to be present to it, so they can find themselves on the other side, wiser and stronger. My role is to hold sacred space as they experience their lives, offering compassion and a safe place for them to create their own meaning, or gentle guidance toward the gift or wisdom to be gained in every moment. My child’s pain can be an entry point into my own selfawareness. What part of his experience echoes in my life? Is there a wounded child within me who resonates with that pain and is asking for attention or understanding? I am in a learning partnership with my kids. We learn from, and through, one another. Motherhood doesn’t demand perfection of me…it asks me to keep growing. When I practice selfcare and self-love, I offer a powerful model my children can reference and emulate. When I demonstrate trust in their abilities and potential, I avoid the mutual burden of co-dependency. Life has offered me many situations for which I felt ill prepared. This is a lesson I can share with my children: change





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is sometime scary, sometimes exciting, and completely inevitable. When my soul said it was time to leave my first marriage, I was sick at the thought of leaving the comfort and familiarity of my long-time home and the financial support of my husband. I was being asked to become self-sufficient, make my own decisions, and find my own way. It took months to discover that I could indeed do it on my own. There were failures and successes. I would do well to remember this when my children embark upon something new, remembering the wobbly, chaotic time between the known and the unknown; remembering that the unknown eventually becomes the known…and the cycle repeats. How do I stay grounded and present when I see my kids in fear or suffering?

1. I acknowledge my own feelings and fears about my child’s

experience. It is specifically helpful to actually speak aloud the worst-case scenarios that lurk in the shadows of my mind. Saying them out loud often exposes them as laughable!


I check in about how I am characterizing my child’s situation, reminding myself that his experience may be completely different than the story I am telling about it.


I request multi-dimensional assistance for my child and myself, asking angels for protection, guides for wisdom, God/ dess for insight, etc.

4. I seek the support of my close people – those who will wit-

ness me as I bring my concerns into the light; those who have gone before me and may have wisdom to share; those whose love strengthens me, allowing me to be strong for my children.


I act from the wisdom that I hold sacred space for the unfolding of my child’s character and journey into adulthood. I radiate trust in the circumstances and outcome. I am compassionate with my child and myself.

About the author: Writer and student of human nature, Mindy Mossman’s diverse life experiences include working in corporate America, managing a center for holistic health, and participating in many life expanding programs. The mother of three sons, she is passionate about caring for her family and sharing what she has learned with


Art the

Massage of


Rose Poggioli,

LMT " Changing the World ... One Couple at a Time"

•Classes enhance intimacy and communication •Hands on instruction in a peaceful setting at WholeCare in Blue Ash •Complete your blissful experience with wine and light hors d'oeuvres

Classes are offered the first Sunday of each month from 2-5pm. Each class costs $100 per couple. Class size is limited. To reserve your place or to purchase a gift certificate for this class, please contact Rose at


Please call for dates and times.

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May-June 2012



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Synchronizing the Mind & Heart

by Himavat Ishaya onkey mind. We all have one. It isn’t helping us. In fact, quite the opposite: it’s crazy making. All we want is peace of mind and sometimes all we get is madness from the frenzy of the monkey between our ears. Is there a way to create harmony, synchronism between what we want and how things are? Yes, yes, there is. And, it is easier than you might think. In fact, that is the key to the problem: thinking. The mind is a wonderful servant, horrible master. I’ll say that again (and again): the mind is a wonderful servant, horrible master. Our mind is designed to help us in the 3D world. Period. Our heart is designed to help us with our deeper knowings, those reminders of how to cope when our stressors are up. Like when our boss is unhappy with us, or our customers are upset with our service or product. Or when we are arguing with our spouse, our children, the people we love who aren’t doing what we want. How can your heart help when your boss is unhappy with your performance? Actually, it will be your best friend, once you learn how to work it. When we are stressed, our blood pressure and heart rate go up. The body marshals many of its internal forces to confront a perceived threat and, generally, does a good job of “protecting” us in the short run. Sensing a need to defend, we become guarded and create resistance. We create an adversarial situation. Oops! Big oops. Actually, we want to create a resolution to the perceived threat. Here’s where the heart comes in. It can actually make the whole mess go away, literally in a heartbeat, once we know how to work with it. Entrainment works like this: imagine a small watch and clock repair shop in Geneva, Switzerland. The aging proprietor takes in all kinds of timepieces every day, repairs them, and the owners come by each day and take them home. Large ones, small ones, ornate ones, simple ones. One morning, the proprietor comes in and notices a harmonic “tick, tock, tick, tock.” At the end of the day, leaving, he notices only cacophony. Soon he realizes each morning has a different harmonic. And each evening, always discordance. What’s going on? Entrainment. That is, the collective of timepieces finds a dominant rhythm and entrains to it. It may be a grandfather clock one time, or a beautiful and complex pocket watch another time. Always, entrainment creates harmony, each and every morn-





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ing. When you can learn to entrain your monkey mind to your heart, wonders will flow. The Institute of HeartMath has been researching this power for over 20 years. Among other things, they have pioneered “the physiology of optimal learning and performance.” And have studied and documented, “heart-rate variability, heart-brain interactions and how the heart affects brain function, emotional experience, perception, etc.” (www. How can you perform optimally when challenged by your boss, your customers, or your family? Your heart holds the answers. About the author: Himavat Ishaya has traveled globally for many years teaching elegant and powerful meditative systems and stress management and conscious awareness tools. He established The Sages’ Touch LLC in Cincinnati in 2009, and now offers Clinical Reflexology and Related Services: Dramatic Relief From Symptoms, Chronic &/or Acute, Clinical HandsOn Services, Health & Wellness Consulting & Training, and Public Speaking services. 513.288.1306. (See ad on page 19).

Discover Community. Joy. Love.

Welcome Home! 5701 Murray Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45227 Sunday 10:30 a.m. 513-218-2128 513-218-2128

*formerly Beacon of Life

massage structural integration reiki acupuncture shamanism more! 11223 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 302, Blue Ash –

Hay House Films 3.50 w x 3.00 h Whole Living Journal

LOUISE HAY BEGINS ANOTHER CHAPTER AT AGE 85 Hay House, founded by Louise Hay, the world’s largest and fastest-growing self-help and transformational publisher has announced the launch of Hay House Television and Hay House Films headed by President/CEO Reid Tracy. Following the success of its first two films, Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life and Wayne Dyer’s The Shift, Hay House, has launched a dedicated division to the new medium, Hay House Films, aiming to broaden its audience through films by using entertaining, well-acted stories to punctuate the teachings of their vast library of authors. “We want to offer another medium to attract more people to the Hay House message,” says Tracy. “The ways in which people learn has grown with technology, and Hay House is growing to fit that need.” The first four films release to the public on May 1, 2012, exclusively through Hay House. Trailers can be viewed online (see below). The first project Tales of Everyday Magic is an anthology of films which explores the magical events in our everyday lives that align with fate and lead to our self-discovery and our ultimate destiny. The first four films of the series have been shot and are close to completion. Inspired by the writings of Louise L. Hay, Painting the Future reveals how the thoughts we choose create the life we live. An unlikely friendship is formed between a bitter painter who has lost his sight, and a sweet Hispanic girl, his 9 yearold neighbor, who is determined to save up for her Quincinera dress. Trailer: Based on a true story by best-selling author Wayne Dyer, My Greatest Teacher is the story of one man’s life-long quest to find the father he never knew and resolve years of resentment he has held inside; a compelling drama that explores the transformational power of forgiveness. Trailer:

Magic Hand of Chance is the true story of a clumsy magician whose life is turned around when two clowns trick him into thinking he has received the highest honor by a fictitious Magicians Society in America. Because he starts to believe he is great…he ultimately becomes great. The film beautifully illustrates the magical power of belief. Trailer: http://tinyurl. com/7dlt8cw. Entanglement is an intense, sci-fi thriller about a science teacher confronted by a former student who believes he has a psychic connection with his twin brother. Based on the writings of best-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden, the film explores the possibility of quantum entanglement and our connection to “The Divine Matrix.” Trailer: http://tinyurl. com/84tku2t. You Can Heal Your Life and The Shift were so successful with core audiences, that Hay House recognized the need for blending entertaining content with message. “When it comes to ‘belief,’ we are living in very exciting times right now.” says film director Michael Goorjian. “The dogmatic barrier between science and religion has begun to show its cracks. Making films that explore and inspire wonderment and internal questioning is what I’ve always wanted to do. At its core, Hay House Films has the same goal and vision of making movies that have a positive influence on the world; and together we hope to inspire people.”

May-June 2012



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Hand Wash Cold, Reshape,

Dry Flat by Rev. D. Michelle Wisbith, M.Sc

ometimes life’s answers are hidden in plain sight. Case in point, the secret to making successful, personal transformations can be found on your laundry tag.


ease your mind and concerns. Pray, talk to someone, write out your thoughts, go for a walk or do something you enjoy to take your mind off the issue.

Hand Wash:

Reshape: In order to reshape something, you have to

Changes in your life can only occur by your own hand. There’s no pill that you can swallow, no machine that you can enter, no scanning laser ray and no subliminal message that will turn you or your life into the thing you want. Other people might be the motivating factor and might prove helpful along the way, but regrettably, there’s only room for you at the laundry room sink.


Wait until youʼre settled before making changes. Donʼt do it when you're feeling hot and bothered about something. Knee jerk reactions just lead to sore knees.

With Similar Colors: Become part of a group that al-

ready exhibits the changes you want to see. Want to stop smoking? Hang out with non-smokers. Want to be a writer? Join a writersʼ group. Want to be more financially secure? Spend time with people who understand how to invest, budget, save, and/or live within their means.

Do Not Bleach:

Bleach removes color. You’re a colorful person and that’s a good thing. During the process of the change, don’t remove the unique things that make you “you” or that enrich the lives of the people you encounter. Integrate the change into you, not the other way around.

Do Not Twist or Wring: As in your hands, while

you’re worrying. In fact, you know what? Don’t worry. Let me clarify. Some worrying is helpful and can make us more productive (e.g. worrying about a test may result in more studying and produce a better grade). However, excessive, non-productive worrying just leads to increased respirations, heart rate and blood pressure, in addition to insomnia, muscle tension, nausea, inability to concentrate and mood swings. You’ll know you’ve crossed the line when you find yourself twisting and wringing your hands, so to speak. If you get to that point, find a way to




W hole

know what the shape it’s supposed to be looks like. You can’t reshape a sweater into a circle and expect it to look like a sweater. Reshape yourself or your life into what you want by finding someone to emulate. If your efforts bother them, remind them that as Charles Caleb Colton said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” You’ll experience greater success if you also reshape your environment. Get rid of things that hinder your progress or that might convince you to give up and go back to the old ways. In the case of harmful addictions, that might mean getting rid of some of the people in your life, too.

Dry Flat: Change can be hard on the body, mind and spirit.

To help it stick, remember to get flat, literally. Lie down and meditate, listen to music or watch the clouds pass overhead. In a word, rest!

Cool Iron If Needed:

If you (or someone in your life) truly feels the need to apply some pressure to help get rid of your lifeʼs wrinkles, turn off the heat and act cool about it; no yelling or screaming, no finger pointing and no bringing up the past. Focus on the positive steps youʼre making, no matter how small, and continue to picture what you and your new life will look and feel like once the changes are complete. Note: Laundry like this is best handled a few items at a time. Be careful about trying to “wash” too many things in your life at once. About the author: Rev. D. Michelle Wisbith is a freelance writer, metaphysical teacher and certified Spiritualist medium with a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She’s happiest when she’s helping others. She can be reached through email at rev.d.michellewisbith@gmail. com.


n a mag

ha more t



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Celebrates 9 years

of serving our


w!Whole Living Journal Celebrates 9 Years of Serving Our Community! o W Inspiring readers and supporting local business owners for over 9 years and NOW connecting the

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nutrition and recipes from the kitchen of

The Healthy Foodies by Pama Mitchell and Mary Ann Barnes, MD

Only in Summer: Delicious Stonefruit


hanks to ultra-efficient shipping practices and reliable refrigeration, seasonal fruit almost seems a thing of the past. Citrus in summer, apples in the spring, berries all year round: they may not be the tastiest specimens but most shoppers can find any of these foods any time they are needed for a recipe. One exception, however, are many of the stonefruits just now coming into season here in Ohio – especially peaches, nectarines and apricots — theyʼre either not available at all or not worth the expense of buying other than in the summer months. The botanically correct designation for what we think of as stonefruits is drupe, defined as fruits with a fleshy outer layer surrounding a pit with a seed inside. We certainly think of

peaches, plums and nectarines as belonging to this food group, which also includes avocado, apples, pears, olives, cherries and olives. Many of these fruits are delicately fleshed and if picked when ripe aren’t going to travel all that well, which is one reason why the orange and pink ones – such as peaches and apricots – taste so much better when they come from nearby orchards. Of course we all love to eat these fruits out of hand or sliced into pies and other desserts. But here is another way to enjoy wonderful stonefruit as they near peak season. For this salsa, use all of one fruit or mix them as you like – ours is mostly peach with a little nectarine.

Recipe: Stonefruit Salsa (Makes about 3 Cups) Ingredients: 2 c mixed peaches, apricots, plums or nectarines – peeled, if desired, and finely chopped 1 c chopped tomato ½ c diced red bell pepper ½ c chopped fresh pineapple ¼ c diced red onion (optional) 1 jalapeno pepper (or more, to taste), seeded and minced ½ c fresh orange juice Juice of one lime ½ c chopped cilantro Dash of salt, and pepper to taste

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Cover and let sit at room temperature for an hour before serving. (Refrigerate if not using within 90 minutes.) Serve with roast chicken, grilled pork tenderloin or – as in the photo – pan-seared tilapia or other white fish.

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I help individuals and couples overcome obstacles to happiness in love, career and life. A simple, effective non-religious process that quickly cleans out the underbrush in your Life so you find more Peace, Happiness and Health



 

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MyLarkin Powerful Choices Sell

The ʽotherʼ Meat Red meat consumption has made the headlines yet again about increasing the risk of cancer. This most recent bad news adds to what we already know about the link between eating red meat and the risk of heart disease. The good news is that studies on fish consumption show multiple health benefits, including decreasing the risk of cancer and heart disease. But what can you do if you tire of its taste? ‘Meatless’ meats are a great way to get the same (or at least similar) texture of meat while still adding valuable protein to your meals. There are a number of options available that can easily be subbed into your recipes. Just make sure to use plenty of marinades, sauces or other dressings to give the ‘meat’ lots of flavor. Some examples of ‘meatless’ meats are: Tofu: The curd of a soybean mash is a great source of protein, calcium and iron. Tempeh: A fermented combination of soybeans and grains (usually millet or rice). This product is more digestible than soy, which reduces abdominal distention and gas production. Seitan: A gluten (wheat product) gel commonly used in ‘vegetable meat substitutes,’ like tofurky.

L  A S  C, A C, R, H *Readings, Coaching, Classes*

Transformational talk-shows

Recipe: Marinated Tofu with Crispy Parmesan (Serves 4)

Ingredients: 1 package (14 oz) firm tofu, drained, pressed between paper towels to remove excess water, and sliced into 8 slices ¼ c lite soy sauce ¼ t minced fresh ginger 1 clove fresh garlic, minced 1/3 c shredded parmesan, divided

Instructions: Arrange tofu slices on a rimmed baking sheet. Combine soy sauce, garlic and ginger in a small bowl. Pour soy mixture over tofu, allowing it to soak in. Sprinkle half of the parmesan over tofu. Broil on high until tofu is browned and cheese is slightly hardened. Remove from oven and turn tofu slices over. Sprinkle with remaining parmesan. Broil until browned. Serve on sandwiches, in salads, or as a garnishment for soup. (In our picture, the tofu was served on a bed of red leaf lettuce, with dried cherries and miso dressing.)

About the Healthy Foodies: Pama Mitchell (right) is a journalist and associate professor of communication and journalism at the University of Cincinnati. Mary Ann Barnes, M.D., practices family and complementary medicine, and teaches nutrition, at St. Elizabeth Family Practice Center in Edgewood, KY. Please visit and Pama’s blog at

May-June 2012



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My Soul Retrieval of

by Penny Costilla

yes glued to the interstate before me. I hear words coming from the passenger in the seat next to mine. Fortunately my traveling companion has many words and my few “yes” or “that’s right” responses seem to be enough. My mind is barely on her words but I sense an underlying tension comparable to mine. The idea of this journey began weeks ago after reading a book about soul retrieval. It was presented as a way to promote healing old traumas. The theory is shamanic in origin. We all possess a body and a spirit, when the body is damaged a soul piece departs so the body can survive. The shaman is then called upon to retrieve the lost piece of soul. Upon reading this, it made so much sense I knew this was what I needed. While attending shamanic gatherings, I found someone willing to do soul retrieval for me. So now, my passenger and I are on a quest to reunite our lost soul parts with our bodies. My inner excitement is laced with tension. What will this be like? Even feeling so unsettled, I know this is what I want. This knowing is soul deep and reassuring and obviously the force that keeps me moving forward. Arriving in town we are consumed by directions and left and right turns: good distractions on this last leg of the journey. My companion spots the house. A part of me debates turning to run, fearful of what will be found, but as the door opens I am propelled forward. The woman doing the soul retrieval is young with a comforting softness. The house, the woman, those gathered, all feel very welcoming. An altar of rocks, crystals, and candles adorn the middle of a beautiful living room. Invited to sit around the altar, I imagine





W hole

we all come with purpose and carry our own fears and trepidations. A man with cancer is there and she works on him. Others receive soul retrievals but encased in my own ball of concerns, the rest is lost to my memory. When my turn finally comes, I lay on the floor beside her while she journeys to find my lost pieces. Tears fill her eyes when she is done and has blown into me that which was lost. She tells me of finding a three year old, who appeared lifeless, hands pulling at her from all directions. Off to the side a cherub on a Pegasus appeared representing the loss of freedom that the child endured. The next scene that emerged on her journey seemed to be a party. Left in another room was a baby, in a playpen that was more like a cage, abandoned and lost. I immediately connect to these little pieces and their stories. How often was I contained so that I wouldn’t damage my alcoholic mother’s perfect house? As I become aware of my body, I notice tears flowing down my cheeks. The images are true; they feel right in my heart. I know that my father pulled at me and defiled my little body. I know I was raised by an alcoholic mother who tried desperately to keep her world perfect so no one would see the chaos inside. Letting go of these pieces had allowed me to survive. I had to be the perfect baby to survive my mom’s chaotic world. Being lifeless was the only way to survive the hands touching my three year old body. The woman performing this ritual didn’t know my story and yet she found my truth. The rest of the day is mostly a blur. I suppose the conversation on the ride home was less as we both tried to absorb all we had experienced. Such an intimate day spent with relative strangers. Two little girls’ spirit pieces were brought home by a caring woman sharing her talents and willing to heal and mend my tattered soul. Now that I am whole again I can truly finish healing. I hold these two precious little girls in my heart and together we can be free. About the author: Penny Costilla was so touched by this process that she studied with Sandra Ingerman, the author of Soul Retrieval. After years of performing soul retrievals, Penny has repeatedly experienced how profound and effectual this ritual is. She offers soul retrieval for those who feel like they have missing pieces. She can be contacted at and 513.232.9733.

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How much is your wellness a concern for you? How many of your daily choices are bringing you more wellness? How clear is your understanding of the connection between your body and your mind and your heart and your spirit?

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The Return to Wellness Series


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This series begins with building conscious

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knowing of conscious connection.

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Class 2 opens the door to practical application of methodology that creates rapport between left and right hemispheres of the brain, the electromagnetic field of the heart, and deep levels of connectedness in meditative state of consciousness. Location: WholeCare Chiropractic & Wellness Center 4434 Carver Woods Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

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Managing Pain

Herbs ‘n Such, by Mimi Tagher

ain affects millions of Americans everyday. Whether the throbbing of an overworked muscle, or the stiffness of joint discomfort, managing minor aches and pains is a necessary part of living an active lifestyle. Fortunately, most pain can be managed with treatment and therapy, facilitating better performance, reducing the severity of symptoms and enabling the body to perform at the highest level possible. Topical pain relievers deliver targeted pain relief with low levels of systemic absorption. As summer approaches, these are a must for my medicine chest:



Commonly used for injuries, such as sprains and bruises, and to soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds. It can be applied to the skin as a cream, ointment, liniment, salve, or tincture. It is my number one choice immediately following trauma or injury. You can combine this with an oral homeopathic arnica remedy for best results.

Ashi cream: Ashi pain relief products are a combination of Chinese herbs that are specially designed to relieve pain symptoms due to arthritis, joint pain, neuropathy, soft tissue injury and inflammation. The product is designed to open molecular channels at pain trigger points to desensitize nerve fibers, improve circulation, and decrease inflammation. It can be used as an herbal patch covering a specific area, or applied as a cream. For pain you “can put your finger on” it is my first choice.

Stress Reduction, Breathwork, Radical Forgiveness, Meditation, Weight Loss

Biofreeze: Biofreeze products are classified as topical anal-

gesics, which work through a ‘counter irritant’ mechanism. This means that the menthol in Biofreeze creates a sensation that overrides pain signals to the brain. This process is known as ‘Gate Control Theory,’ where nerve impulses from one stimulus block pain signals from reaching the brain. Recent research also suggests that menthol may stimulate cold receptors in the skin that may help regulate pain as well. I recommend for situations in which ice or cold seem to help.

Sombra: Sombra's Original Warm Therapy Pain Relieving Gel is great for chronic conditions and the basic aches and pains associated with arthritis, simple backaches, strains, bruises and sprains. It absorbs quickly and has a refreshing orange scent. Sombra's Cooling Gel provides controlled cooling without freezing or irritation and has exceptional glide for therapy and massage. The cool therapy gel is good for acute conditions or injuries that have just occurred, whereas the original warm therapy gel is good for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains. About the author: Mimi Tagher, LAc, LMT is nationally board certified in acupuncture, Chinese herbology and Oriental Medicine. She practices at Synergy Holistic Health Center in Florence, Ky., and in Blue Ash. 859.525.5000,

FREE 30-minute consultations

Biofeedback: The missing link in health and success

Gay Purpura 513.376.6944 20



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Klimick Acupuncture B/C 3.5” x 2” March 2012

Healthy Endeavors, Inc.


to Earth

Connected to Heaven Intuitive Insights, by Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry

ake a few deep breaths and gently extend your energetic roots down into Mother Earth.” This is how many meditations begin. It is the step that anchors the physical body so that the energy body can soar. This anchoring centers and calms us. Our connection to the earth is vital. Mother Earth gives us sustenance, comfort and confirmation of our physical incarnation. She provides the nutrient rich soil to grow plants that feed us and make the oxygen which allows us to breathe. We could not exist long without Her. Mother Earth tantalizes our senses and makes us feel alive. Imagine walking in the woods and meadows, wading in creeks and digging in the ground to plant flowers and vegetables. Nothing else quite compares to burying your hands in dirt or walking barefoot on cool, green grass. It feels like coming home. Through this grounding and connectedness, we feel safe, protected and cared for. Proof Date: 02/12/11 And all she truly wants is for us to be one with her and AllRef: Sal_021211_final That-Is. Designer: ads@wholeliving... Size We know there is more than physical pleasures and learnSize: 1/16 pg (3.5x1)" ings. In addition to connecting with nature, we also yearn for connection to the Divine, to Source, to the spirits in the heavens. For wo(man) is more than just a physical being. WE are a divine presence here on earth. Page inspiraAnd tuning into that divine presence, that internal tion, can lead us to better care for ourselves, our communities, and our earth. Taking time for our bodies, minds and spirits morning and evening will allow us to hear from our own inner wisdom what is most important. Finding the time to do so is easier than we often realize. Before sliding into sleep, take a few moments – even half a minute – to express gratitude for all you have and all that the earth offers you. Be specific, smile with love as you think about


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the beauty already present in your life – the pleasure of walking the dog in the park near your home, the feel of the bubble bath, that fresh smell when you open your door in the morning. As you’re waking up, while you’re stretching yourself into awareness, ask for the miracles you want to occur during this dawning day. The meeting you’ve been concerned about – picture specifically the outcome you want; the conversation with your sister that might be difficult – picture love pouring from your heart into hers; see yourself having the time to walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash, refreshing yourself and the community. All these are ways to bring heaven to earth, to mingle those energies in ways that will powerfully and subtly over time remake your life. The Chinese character for “Emperor” is a picture connecting the earth and the heavens. That’s our job, as well, and one of the main reasons we are here on this beautiful planet.

About the authors: Francine Haydon is an intuitive tarot and palm reader, energy worker, teacher, and owner of Sea Angels Cruise and 10663 Loveland-Madeira • Loveland, OH 45140 Inner Wellness Conference.Rd., SheSuite helps162 people 513.752.9288 • Fax: 513.722.0752 reclaim their personal power. Contact her at, 513.248.8772 and Patricia Garry is a spiritual reader, teacher, healer, and writer. She has been on her path and sharing her gifts since 1985, holding the vision of all of us as peaceful and powerful lightworkers. Contact her at 513.281.6864, patricia@patriciagarry. com and


Intuitive Reiki • Reiki I, II, III • Meditation Classes Hyde Park EN ALSTROM REIKI MASTER/TEACHER Cincinnati, Ohio (513) 869-0463


May-June 2012




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Spotlight Pam Doremus, owner of Peaceful Spirit, is excited to announce a second location. Doremus will be offering reiki, Hanna Kroeger and BioGenesis sessions in Blue Ash at WholeCare. She invites all to “experience the peace and vitality of all that energy healing has to offer.” 859.750.4720. A new school is opening in New Richmond, OH. Cynthia Day is a former school teacher and homeschool mom. She is opening a new school which will meet three days per week (M, T, TH) with the other two days (W, F) being work-at-home days. “I believe in teaching the whole child with an integrated curriculum,” says Day. The first year is open to ages 8–11 (grades 3–6). More information can be found at Day can be contacted at 513.843.4366.




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New Thought Unity Center is now under new management. The previous pastors have left for new adventures and NTUC is now a dynamic congregant led Center for spiritual seekers. Cutting edge speakers share their positive insights into the human condition. NTUC is a diverse community of thoughtful souls celebrating a positive universe. NTUC members are curious. Awesome music! Sunday Services 9am and 11am. 1401 E. McMillan, Cincinnati, 45206. Amelia Herold, RN, MBA and holistic wellness consultant is offering Greater Cincinnati business owners the chance to win a “Corporate Wellness Makeover.” “Healthy Works, LLC and a team of wellness professionals are giving businesses the chance to become the healthiest workplace possible,” says Herold. The services include: a wellness audit, design and coaching services. To nominate your company, explain how your company could benefit from a makeover. Areas to focus on include: health habits, stress, balance, safety and productivity. Nominations are due May 31st. 859.640.3904 or There is no fee to list your news. Email announcements by JUNE 1 to (100 words maximum, photo optional).

Everyone has a story worth sharing...

My Journey Finding My BLISS by Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA My journey of becoming amazingly healthy and happy has been an arduous adventure, filled with enough love and miracles to assure my faith forever. Numerous people have insisted I write an autobiography because it’s been a wild ride! All of it fuels my life-long passion for eliminating suffering and raising human consciousness. I died at age 19 from a heroin overdose – and had a very long talk with God that answered my questions about life, death, evil, the teachings of Jesus and much more, though it took years to integrate that experience. At 25, I suddenly developed extremely painful endometriosis. After discovering and clearing the underlying conflict, it was healed instantly with three simple sentences. My acceptance of an unwelcome, psychic revelation about a co-worker who had embezzled $60,000, and subsequently confessed, had triggered a subconscious conflict that created the endometriosis. This confirmed for me that what happens in life, especially in the body, is determined primarily by what we think and feel, most of which occurs unconsciously. Therapists call my family experiences with fundamentalist Christianity ritual abuse and/or psychological torture, resulting in Borderline Personality Disorder and severe depression. Sexual abuse by a beloved neighbor also happened in early childhood and created physical problems, along with irresolvable emotional, mental and spiritual conflicts. My first suicide attempt occurred at age 10. Fortunately I found drugs from ages 12-

32, which kept me miserable but alive… until I discovered Divinity within. In 1987 I finally got clean and started graduate work in Holistic Psychology and Spiritual Systems at JFKU’s School of Consciousness Studies. A poor Appalachian gal miraculously managed to attend an expensive California school – the best gift I ever gave myself. Although I’ve studied many things since, even cocreating an Energy Psychology called WOW Processing, two things have fulfilled my passion most – learning to read the Akashic Records and BLISS Work. I’ve created websites (,, to teach others about Akashic Records, WOW Processing, and my other offerings. But the BLISS book was never completed because the process changed so significantly. It began as a form of shadow work that healed the core of my borderline split. After studying everything written by Dr. David Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, three enlightened beings, teachers and authors, BLISS is now Divine Light Work. The concept is shared here in hopes others will use it. At our core we are Divine Beings. As Jesus and other spiritual masters have taught, the Kingdom of Heaven lives within us. We are also humans who have thoughts and emotions that are extremely negative – primarily fear, guilt, anger and shame, much of which is unconscious. By focusing inward and connecting more fully with our Divine core, sometimes called the Higher Self, we can experience the Presence of God. Experiencing Presence automatically increases peaceful awareness, raises our consciousness, and gives us unconditional love, which holds the power of true healing. By accepting Divinity within, we stop judging ourselves and can offer the healing love of Divine Presence

May-June 2012

to any beliefs, emotions, or bodily processes that hold negativity and generate suffering. When we do, all suffering we are willing to release is transmuted and healing simply happens. One can begin this process by getting still, focusing inward, and allowing awareness to rest in the heart. BLISS Work is my structured, guided way of accessing the unconditional love of Divinity within, allowing it to reveal and heal negative thoughts and feelings. Since healing the endometriosis, I’ve used kinesiology to know the truth about anything and everything, for myself as well as clients. Acknowledging the truth quickly raises our consciousness and alleviates suffering. If you’d like my help finding your BLISS, just call 513.248.0069 or email info@louisadyer. com. (See ad on page 9.) have a story to share? We’d love to hear from you. Email your contribution to

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Tr a n s f o r m a t i o n a l

Astrolog y

May and June 2012



Special Offer! Mention this ad and receive a full consultation for


May 5: Full Moon. What is needed to build a more secure future is instinctively known. Social risks enhance efforts to garner much needed support for an innovative project. Well-crafted plans complete the picture. May 9: Mercury in Taurus. The mind works beautifully with the reigning need to get things done. Efforts pay off. Excitement runs high and the mind knows what’s important. Although group efforts go well, stay alert for reckless behavior. May 12: Fourth Quarter Moon. Escaping into your own world helps relieve tensions; are you being too many things to too many people? Partners offer a reality check with their point of view. Avoid upheaval by meeting responsibilities. May 15: Venus Retrograde. Relax; Venus is taking off her glittering gowns for a bit of a retreat and so can you. Has some recent risk-taking gotten you into hot water? Is some major truth about a relationship dawning on you? Take time to absorb this then make adjustments. The world won’t end, but your illusions might. May 20: New Moon, Sun in Gemini, and Solar Eclipse. A red-letter day! It should be noted in your calendar. Assess plans and expect rebirth and a possible major restructuring of your life. Friends assist in plans and strategies for the future. Soon your plans will be made public with much fanfare. May 24: Mercury in Gemini. New ventures in life promise emotional satisfaction. However, success comes with a price and you do need to slow down and adjust. Set limits around the amount of energy you’ll expend. Emotionally, you’ll have only so much juice. Keep a clear mind concerning pros and cons involved. May 28: First Quarter Moon. A new venture needs careful consideration. Idealism right now conflicts with the need to do some fact checking. Avoid running out of gas in the middle of the project by knowing the project’s scope. June 4: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Neptune Retrograde. An issue involving core truths and/or possible deception requires investigation. Several options tug in one direction and resistance from someone who perhaps doesn’t have the whole picture tugs from the other. Action can be difficult -- you might not have all the facts. In the end, getting behind this new dream of yours could lead to positive social changes. June 7: Mercury in Cancer. Aimlessness becomes an issue if you aren’t sticking with your game plan. A friendly, caring soul could provide just the right encouragement to get you back on track. June 11: Fourth Quarter Moon and Jupiter in Gemini. Be alert to mood changes that run hot and cold. There could be a need to reset goals as new opportunity arrives from all directions. If changes are needed, they are most likely for the best. W hole

Astrological Consultations by Diane Samsel Over 10 years experience. Trained by Noel Tyl.

by Diane Samsel





June 19: New Moon. This Moon begins a new cycle that can

best be enjoyed through serious study. Friends and community can be inspired by your thoughts. Motivation, discipline and the right plan empower a new project. June 20: Summer Solstice and Sun in Cancer. This is an exciting and celebratory time when the Sun stands still in the sky as it prepares for its journey South. We’re in the mood and motivated to make dramatic changes. Taking care of oneself in the process might require going off the beaten path and making a break with an old, familiar pattern of behavior. If you embrace the risk, you’ll find the rewards, recognition and sense of belonging you seek. June 25: Saturn Direct and Mercury in Leo. Emotions can be wrapped up in some serious mental gymnastics that could put a damper on things. Make it a priority to take care of yourself today; take a chance on doing something unique that jolts you out of a rut. Happiness hinges on knowing the right strategies that put priorities into place. Friends help you figure out how to get a new start. June 26: First Quarter Moon. A sudden urge to be the life of the party flings you out of your comfort zone and into an exciting day. Watch out for other people acting out your feelings. Own up to all that you are for a most wonderful experience. June 27: Venus Direct. The revolution is coming to town and Venus is putting on her best costume to celebrate as the excitement build. Social contacts are powerful, exciting and help you breakout of stale relationship patterns. A new you will also be a you that is right at home with the changes.

About the author: Diane Samsel is a practicing astrologer with over 10 years experience and trained by Noel Tyl. Please contact her at diane@ or 828.859.5912. Consultations: $125. Follow-ups: $50/half hour. All major credit cards accepted.

Soul-filled Sounds & Conscious Conversation FM

Tuesdays, 3:00-5:00pm with Tara JudyL.Peace Robinson and Ron Judy Esposito Peace

Streaming audio online at

Diana L. Hooker


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Judi A. Winall, M.Div., CIH, CLYT The Center for Soul Empowerment 513-899-3115

Judi facilitates the awakening, awareness and alignment of the divine presence within each individual through insightful, intuitive services in person and by telephone.

Payroll • Bookkeeping • Tax Preparation Financial Needs Analysis • Mortgage Loans Debt Consolidation and Management Life Insurance • Investments


Book Review Twixt by Diane J. Reed (2012) ISBN-13: 978-0984912902 Twixt is a modern fairy tale about a woman who must face her magical past life in order to heal her present and find real love. Roseʼs spiritual journey towards wholeness sparks remarkable transformations—and helps her discover the “gold” that was in her life all along. Everyone in Ophir Creek, Idaho knows the wild legend of Corvine O’Dannan, a mysterious Irish woman with “fairy powers” who came to town during the gold rush to find her fortune, only to be betrayed by her lover and meet a tragic end. Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and her descendent Rose doesn’t have time for such nonsense! After a crash-and-burn marriage, she’s returned to renovate her father’s gold-panning business and to start over. But everything changes on her 30th birthday when her friend talks her into doing a love spell. Unbeknownst to them, they conjure the spirit of the very same man who once tormented her ancestor. Why? Because Rose was Corvine in a past life—and her really bad habit of attracting Mr. Wrong still haunts her, and now jeopardizes her life. What Rose doesn’t realize is that along with this dark curse comes an extraordinary blessing—in the form of a soul guardian named Chance Murphy who’s been protecting her for centuries. But this time around, the evil spirit that plagues Rose has stolen Chance’s body. So the only way that Chance can reach her is late at night in her dreams, when he appears a magical raven who escorts her to an enchanted island off the coast of Ireland. There, Chance becomes a man again, and he shows Rose how to heal her past through the fairies’ special brand of magic. But will Rose finally be able to forge a new future and make the man of her dreams become real? Only if she can once again believe. Local author, Diane J. Reed, holds a Ph.D. in English & Creative Writing, and the research and development of Twixt was supported in part by a year-long writing grant from the Taft Foundation Fellowhip. Twixt is her first novel.

Art of Alchemy-Discover the Wizard Inside You


2nd Wednesdays (May-August) 6-9pm WholeCare in Blue Ash ONLY $35 Register: 513-489-9515 or May-June 2012

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t: 9.1335

resource Directory

MIMI TAGHER, LAc. Also Craniosacral, TCM. Cincy & N-Ky. 859.525.5000.


CLASSIFIEDS ART C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Art Commissions, Murals, Illustration, Classes. 513.549.4607.

Business FOR Sale AMETHYST BOOKS & GIFTS is looking for its new owner. 513.677.0220.

SPACE AVAILABLE BEAUTIFUL, ENERGIZED SPACE FOR RENT. $15/hour for lovely consult room, classroom and therapy rooms at WholeCare. www.wholecarechiropractic. 513.489.9515. ENERGETIC SPACE FOR RENT, Cincinnati, for workshops, groups and more. Lots of parking, Close to Expressway, Contact 513.888.7421 or LECTURE ROOM AVAILABLE TO RENT. Amethyst Books & Gifts. 513.677.0220. ROOM(S) FOR RENT. Florence, KY. Appropriate for private sessions, meetings, classes, & gatherings. Spacious with wonderful energy. Please call 859.525.5000. Synergy Holistic Health Center.


Donna Lynne Strong Brott, LAc

ACU PU NCTURI S T Ancient Healing Arts

practiced with compassionate understanding 513-324-0955sPOKYU MACCOM KLIMICK ACUPUNCTURE. Five Element, Balance Method, TCM. Monthly Detox Day with chair massage! 513.834.8173.




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family memories 513-239-8615 513.774.9882

BOWEN THERAPY BERNITA WILSON. Certified Bowen Therapist. 859.750.6790. TUE/WED/THUR. BREATHWORK GAY PURPURA. Certified Transformational BreathÂŽ Coach, 513.376.6944.

CHIROPRACTORS DR. JACK ARMSTRONG. Beyond the back for 30 years. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515.

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS Encourage the Potential

w/Catherine Dwyer Seminars, Study Groups, Private Healing Sessions. Tap into the ďŹ eld of inďŹ nite possibilities.


Mindfulness Meditation Introductory Workshops Weekly Practice Group Individual Coaching

Sophia Paparodis

INNER COMPASS. Workshops, group circles, events. Joanne Franchina, guest instructors. 513.587.9855. C. PIC MICHEL. Art and Creative Practice. 513.549.4607.

COLONICS COLONICS OF NORTHERN KENTUCKY. Tired, bloated, constipated? Certified Colon Hydrotherapists. 859.344.9997.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Mary Ellen Moore, VCSW, BCT Craniosacral practitioner & teacher

859-525-5000 GINA PERRY, N.D. 513.582.3671. gina@

Transformational Bodywork Acupuncture Craniosacral Therapy


859.466.4900 859.525.5000

ENERGY HEALERS & HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS ALL TRUTH IS KNOWABLE. For help in knowing yours, visit www.louisadyer. com and or call Rev. Louisa Dyer, MA, Metaphysical Minister/Coach, 513-248-0069. (See ad on page 9) ANDREA CIAFARDINI. EPT Practitioner. 513.257.6391. CINCINNATI HEALING CLINIC. Energy Healing. Monthly Clinic. Appointments and Walk-ins Welcome. Donation based fee. For dates and information:, 513.426.6075. CAROL SUE FLOWERS. Transformational Healer. Inspirational Speaker. Integrated Ascension. 513.706.2966. CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEALING, LLC. Regina Viars, Advanced Emotional Polarity Technique Practitioner (EPT). Gently eliminate that which no longer serves you. 513.520.6300, REV. FRANCINE HAYDON. Reiki, Kolaimni, Crystal Energy Work. 513.248.8772,


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Ad Proof

ERIKA DUNCAN-LUCKETT. WHOLECARE.10663 Dr. Jack Armstrong, VISIONS OF SUCCESS COACHING. Loveland-Madeira Rd., Suite 162 • Loveland, OH 45140 Holistic Chiropractor. Dr. Gina Perry, Emotional Polarity Technique Practitioner Page bar on excellence. Enhance your 513.752.9288 •Raise Fax: the 513.722.0752 & Reiki Teacher. 513.478.9408. personal organization and improve your Ash. directory – “energy healing”. Please Naturopath. Babies to grandparents. Blue business writing and speaking skills. Judy 513.489.9515. place a box around it. Durham. 513.233.8514. VALERIE LOUIS. Energy Healer & HERBALIST Spiritual Consultant. 513.426.6075, SHELTON HENDRIEX, Herbalist ND. The Herb Shop. 513.451.9176. LYMPH DRAINAGE THERAPY GINA PERRY, N.D. 513.582.3671. PranicHealing HealingTM™ Pranic HOLISTIC COUNSELING AAmajor breakthrough PURPLE PHOENIX. Individual Counseling, major breakthrough ininEnergy EnergyHealing Healing Gender Identity, Self Development, MASSAGE *illnessMiller specific protocols* Joanne - 513-899-4616. Acupressure, Energy Work and Yoga. Candace GLORIA ESENWEIN, LMT. Miller - 513-687-7465 Aulick, L.P.C.C, 859-653-1320, Revive-Restore. 513.481.7400.


Vibrational Healing Healing Sessions Rainbow Children Classes 513.240.1602

TESS OLSON. EFT. 513.860.3156. PAMELA PARKER. Psychic healer. Reiki, readings, channeling. 513.520.3365.

FENG SHUI CONSULTANT A CHANGE OF CHI. Feng Shui Seminars, Parties or Consultations. 513.625.6623.

HYPNOTHERAPY Mary Ellen Moore, CCHt. Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing®

859-525-5000 TESS OLSON, CCHT. 513.860.3156. SWEETDREAMS HYPNOSIS, LLC. 632 Main Street, Milford, Ohio. 1.800.385.0765. Custom Hypnosis CDs, Smoking, Weight Loss, Addictions, Past Lives & more.



DIANA HOOKER. Keeping you financially healthy! 513.374.8135.

JUDI A. WINALL, M.Div., CIH, CLYT. Awaken to the divine presence within you. 513.899.3115.

FItness SABRA BOTNER, CPT. Certified personal trainer, fitness instructor. Pounds & Inches Weight Loss Center. 157 Lloyd Ave, Florence, 41042. 859.282.0022.

HEALING CENTERS SIGNIFICANT HEALING Holistic Well Care Practice: Victoria Smith, Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, Iridologist. Fitness, Nutrition and Massage also available. 157 Lloyd Ave, Florence, 41042. 859.282.0022. STILLPOINT CENTER FOR HEALING ARTS. Massage Therapy, Yoga, Shamanism, Counseling. 11223 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 302. 513.489.5302.

LIFE COACH RON ESPOSITO. Certified life coach. Enneagram teacher/trainer. Addiction recovery facilitator. 513.621.3600. INNER COMPASS. Intuitive life coaching, business coaching. Joanne Franchina. C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Toltec Master Teacher. 513.549.4607. TARA L. ROBINSON. 513.752.9288.

RANDIE FLETCHER, LMT at Pounds & Inches/Significant Healing. Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish and relaxation massages. TAMMY GRIMES, LMT. Certified Reflexologist at Pounds & Inches/ Significant Healing. Medical Massages include reflexology, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, relaxation, deep tissue. 157 Lloyd Ave, Florence, 41042. 859.282.0022. ANDREW LANVERMAN, Licensed Massage Therapist, Jane Lanverman, Certified Reflexologist, Peaceful Gardens Massage & Reflexologysm Cincinnati, OH. 513.325.1772. KENDRA NIESE, LMT. Holistic, rejuvenating, deep, yet gentle. Blue Ash, OH. 513.646.3689. STEPHANIE PERRY, LMT. Rehabilitation and relaxation work. 513.404.2455. REV. BAREFOOT. Thai massage. Dimdem. 513.485.5965. ROSE POGGIOLI, LMT, DOULA. Intuitive massage releases muscle tension and emotional pain, specializing in fertility and pregnancy. Blue Ash. 513.886.2347.

LARKIN SELL. Transformational Speaker, Relationship Facilitator & Coach. 513.432.4297. DAVID WETMORE. Transformative Life Coaching.513.543.6596.

May-June 2012



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t: 9.1335

ORGANIZING SPACES The Mess Mender Polly Giblin Hands-on, non-judgmental help with de-cluttering 513-305-0401

RADIO PROGRAMS MY POWERFUL CHOICES. 6-7pm Mon&Wed.Transformational/LOA talk shows. VOICES4theSoul-WNKU. 89.7-104.1105.9FM. 7AM Sundays.



PATTI LIGHTFLOWER. Palmistry. Tarot. 513.836.3853.

MARY WHALEN LMT. 513.561.8246.


Are you sick & tired of feeling “old” & tired? ASEA Signaling Molecules could be the answer!

Live younger longer! Call 513-368-1994 Actively Seeking Business Partners ~ Marion Corbin-Mayer

CARING TO HEAL. Carol Keeney, RN, Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki sessions, classes. 513.256.5886. ETERNAL ENERGETICS. Intuitive Reiki healing and instruction. Jen Salstrom, Reiki Master/Teacher,513.869.0463. PEACEFUL SPIRIT. Reiki, Biogenesis, Hanna Kroeger. Pam Doremus. 859.750.4720.

PSYCHICS & CLAIRVOYANTS INNER COMPASS. Readings, development circles, parties. Joanne Franchina. 513.587.9855.

VETERINARY ACUPUNCTURE TRACY DAVIS, DVM, MMSc, CVA. Acupuncture, TCVM. Northern KY, Cinti. 859.866.3683.



CELTIC TAROT CARD & PALM READINGS/PARTIES. Francine Haydon. 513.248.8772, francine.haydon@,

TESS OLSON. RMT. 513.860.3156.

DR. MARYANN BARNES. Offering a holistic approach to weight management and nutrition. POUNDS & INCHES WEIGHT LOSS CENTER, offering holistic well care, massage, fitness and nutrition programs. 157 Lloyd Ave, Florence, 41042. 859.282.0022. RAPID WEIGHT LOSS. Doctor supervised and supported. Non-drug. Permanant results. 513.489.9515.

WEDDINGS REV. ANNE BECKER. Weddings, blessing ceremonies. 513.591.2942.

Victor Paruta Psychic Medium “Accurate & compelling readings” -Cincinnati Magazine 513-929-0406

SHAMANISM PSYCHICS & CLAIRVOYANTS are available at Amethyst Books and Gifts in a professional atmosphere. 513.677.0220. ANNE STEFFEN. Readings, Intuitive energy practitioner, 513.888.7421, by appointment.

PSYCHOTHERAPY JUDY HARRISON, LISW. Licensed Independent Social Worker. Treating adolescents and adults. Evening and Weekend hours. 513.378.9561. TERESA OLSON, PSY.D. 513.860.3156. CAROLYN ZAHNER, MSW, LISW. 513.697.0260. Integrative Psychotherapy, Systemic Constellation Work, Mediation Services.




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GARY MATTHEWS. Counseling, journey, soul retrieval, empowerment, bodywork. Call 513.722.1917 for appointment. ALISON VODNOY WOLF. Ordained Shamanic Priestess and Registered Yoga Teacher offering bodywork, counseling, breathwork, and shamanic journey. 219.928.8685.

STRUCTURAL BODYWORK KELLY CHADWICK, LMT. KMI Structural Integration, Stillpoint Center. 513.582.5713.

REV. MARY LYNN CRAWFORD. Custom weddings and commitment ceremonies, blessings, other ceremonies. 513.648.9892. REV. TERI DODD. Any size wedding. Available also at my home. Ceremonies personalized to the couple. 513.625.6623. REV. FRIEDA HUGHES. Prayer support, weddings, baby blessings, life celebrations. 513.621.2060.

next deadline: JUNE 1


for July/Aug issue. Email listings to

GARDEN PARK UNITY CHURCH. Rev. Kathy Engelhardt. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. 45239. ALL ARE WELCOME. Sundays at 11am. 513.385.8889.


$2/word (website & email each count as 3 words). We accept check, visa, mc, amex.


calendar of Events ONGOING EVERY MONDAY

Kundalini Yoga, w/Catherine Skyrm, 10am. Florence/Union. 859.384.4476. Kundalini Yoga, w/Pat Schultz, 6:30-8pm, $12/$54/6 weeks. Alexandria, KY. 859.781.6505. My Powerful Choices Show, w/Larkin Sell, 6-7pm, free. Living beyond struggle/empowerment w/LOA. Yoga, w/BevySue, 10-11:15am. Fitton Cntr for Creative Arts, 101 Monument, Hamilton, OH. 513.863.8873.

Introspective Perspectives Show, w/Larkin Sell, 6-7pm, free. Living beyond struggle/empowerment w/LOA. Kundalini Yoga, w/Catherine Skyrm, 7pm. Florence/Union. 859.384.4476. Yoga, Anusara, w/Gloria Siry, 7:30pm, $60/6 wks. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. RSVP. 859.525.5000. Yoga, w/BevySue, 6:30-7:30pm. Ellijah Morgan Mansion in Gilbert Farms Park, Ross Rd, Fairfield, OH. 513.867.5348. Yoga for Everyone, w/Melisa Lindsay, 9:30-11am, $12/session/$60/10 sessions. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale 45246. 513.307.3132. Yoga for Everyone, w/Stephanie Herrin, 6-7:30pm, $12/session/$60/10 sessions. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave. Glendale 45246. 513.503.4770.


Art Lessons, w/Keith Klein Art Studio, 6:30-9pm. 251 Main St. Florence, KY. 859.525.7052.


Come Experience the Light, 3-7pm. Call for appointment Kundalini Yoga, w/Catherine Skyrm, 7pm. Baker Hunt, Covington. Pilates, w/Heather Sommer, 5:30-6:30pm, $20/ single session/ $90/6 sessions. Glendale New Church 845 Congress Ave. Glendale OH, 45246. Heather Sommer 858.752.7578. Tai Chi for Health, w/Betty Lubrecht, 1pm/ beginner/2:30pm/intermediate, $60/6 wks. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. RSVP. 859.525.5000. True Movement, w/Heather Sommer, 6:30-7:30pm, $20/single session/$90/6 sessions. Glendale New Church 845 Congress Ave. Glendale, OH 45246. Heather Sommer 858.752.7578. Waves of the New Age, WAIF/88.3FM, w/Tara L. Robinson & Judy Peace, 3-5pm. Soul-filled sounds and conscious conversation. Listen online: Call show to join the conversation. 513.749.1444. Yoga, w/BevySue, 6-7:15pm, 1st class free, 1/$9, 3/25, 8/50 to be used anytime. Mother Earth, 5158 Plesant Ave. Fairfield, OH 513.894.1131. Yoga for Everyone, w/Melisa Lindsay, 9:30-11am, $12/session/$60/10 sessions. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave. Glendale 45246. 513.307.3132. Yoga, w/Pam, 10-11:30, $5. Saint Timothy Church Basement, 10272 US Hwy 42, Union, Ky. 859.384.1317.


Come experience the Light, 4:30-7:30pm. Call for appt. 513.484.4731. Kundalini Yoga, w/Catherine Skyrm, 9:30am. Baker Hunt, Covington. 859.384.4476. Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons, 6-7:15pm. Mother Earth, 5158 Pleasant Ave. Fairfield, OH. 513.894.1131.


A Dance Of The Heart, 7:30-9:30pm, $11. Cincinnati Yoga School, Pleasant Ridge. 513.729.7074.


Come Experience the Light, 12-5pm. Call for appt. 513.484.4731. Free Yoga, TriYoga, w/Lisa Igo, 9:30-10:45am, donations accepted. Centennial Barn, 110 Compton Rd. Wyoming 45215. Therapeutic Yoga, w/Stephanie Herrin, 1011:30am, $12/session/$60/10 sessions. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave. Glendale 45246. 513.759.0025. Transmission Meditation, w/Linda Fulton, 9:3010:30am, love donation. New Thought Unity Cntr. 1401 E. McMillan St. 513.688.1171. Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons, 10-11:15am. Fitton Cntr for Creative Arts, 101 S Monument Ave. Hamilton, OH. 513.863.8873.

May-June 2012


Center for Spiritual Living Greater Cinti, 10:30am. See ad. 5701 Murray Ave, 45227. 513.218.2128. Center for Spiritual Living, WRRJ internet radio. Sunday celebration services/music & inspirational programming. Garden Park Unity Church, w/Rev. Kathy Engelhardt, 11am. All are welcome. See ad. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, 45239. 513.385.8889. New Thought Unity, 9 & 11am. All welcome. 1401 E. McMillan, E. Walnut Hills 513.961.2527. Teens Expressing Spirit, 11-12pm.Positive teen discussions. 4100 Benfield Dr. Kettering, OH. USCL, United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, 9:50-10:20am/healing, 10:30am/service. 9772 Princeton - Glendale Rd. Cinci, Ohio 45246. Voices4theSoul Radio, WNKU/ 89.7FM, 104.1FM, 105.9FM, w/Lori Holladay, 7am. Featuring songs expressing a more spiritual side of life. Worship, w/Clark Echols, Preacher, Christian Swedenborgian, All Welcome. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress. 513.772.1478.


Spirit Talk 101, 7-8:30pm, love donation. No experience necessary. Doors lock at 7:05pm. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, USCL.


The Pink Tent, supportive, fun enlivening gathering for women. Info


Art of Alchemy-Discover the Wizard Inside You, w/Tara L. Robinson and Christine Miller, 6-9pm, $35/class, $140 total (4-class series). Will meet May-Aug, 1st class May 9th. This is a pilot group w/reduced pricing, space is limited. WholeCare in Blue Ash. RSVP required 513.489.9515 or info@ (See May 9th listing for more info.)


A Course in Miracles Study Group, w/Jeanne Uhl & Mary Claybon, 6-7:30pm, love offering. Montgomery area. For info. 513.309.8377.


Meditation class, w/Gary Matthews, 7-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Fri. Shamanic Journey class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302, Blue Ash 513.489.5302. journal


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Friday Night Lecture, love donation. Upcoming lectures, Animal Medicine & Runes. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, USCL. Shamanic Journey class, w/Gary Matthews, 6:30-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Thurs. Meditation class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302. Blue Ash 513.489.5302.


Non Violent Communication Intro Drop In, w/ Tina & Maria, 6:30-8:30, free, donations accepted. Aquarius Star and Om Café. 859.802.4555. Facebook, Cincinnati NVC.


Group Healing, w/Patti Kessler, 7-8:30pm, $40. 10979 Reed Hartman, 135A, Cinti, OH. Appt reqd. 513.240.1602.


All Message Service, $10/Messages from the Spirit World, $15/Gala. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, USCL. Read & Feed, Lunch & 1st 10 min. reading $10. Each additional 10 min. reading $5. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, USCL.


12:12 Messages of Mastery, w/Patti Kessler, 7-8:15 pm, $12. Group healing & messages. RSVP for location. Cinti, OH. 513.240.1602.

MAY TUE • MAY 1, 8 & JUNE 5

Pet Loss Support Group - Adults, w/Tammy Wynn, 6-7:30pm, free. Angel's Paws, 11341 Grooms Rd. Blue Ash. RSVP. 513.489.7297.


Yes to the Universe Class: Psychic Abilities, w/Patti Kessler, 6:30-9pm, $35. 10979 Reed Hartman, Rm 225, Cinti. 513.240.1602.


Spiritual Trip to Guatemala for 2012, w/Mayan Elders & more. With group of 10 to 20 people. Call Kay, 859.341.1911.


Exploring Past Lives, w/Victor Paruta, 7-9pm, $35. Inner Compass, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855.




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The Keys to Your Heart/Venus Transit experience, 10-2pm, $20. School of Metaphysics, 14 Sheehan Ave. Cinci. 513.821.7353. cincinnati@


Energy Consciousness, w/Dan Snyder, 10:2511:30am, love offering. NTSC, 7829 Cooper Rd. 45242. 513.891.4434. Ingnite Your Elemental Powers/Empower your Home & Body, w/ Paula York & Judy Keating, 10-5pm, $99. Lifepath Ctr, Crescent Springs, Ky. 859.653.7298.

SUN • MAY 6, 13 & 20

New Thought Spiritual Co-op, May Theme is “Ways to Deepen the Spiritual Self,” 10:25-11:30am, love offering. Wright Brothers, Inc. 7829 Cooper Rd. Laurie Arshonsky,


Mastery of Consciousness, weekly, 7:30-10:30pm, $20/wk+daily exercises. School of Metaphysics, 14 Sheehan Ave. Cinci. 513.821.7353.


Meditation & Pranic Healing Clinic, w/Joanne Miller, 6:30-9pm, free/donations accepted. St Paul's UMC, 8221 Miami Rd. Madeira. 513.687.7465.


Art of Alchemy-Discover the Wizard Inside You, w/Tara L. Robinson and Christine Miller, 6-9pm, $35/class, $140 total (4-class series). Will meet 2nd Wednesdays May-Aug. This is a pilot group w/reduced pricing (extended workshop value $750), space is limited. Topics include: The Quest for the Holy Grail, Experiencing Divine Love, Manifest Your Destiny, Living Backward in Time, The Nature of Identity, The Wisdom of Uncertainty, Living the Mystery and Claiming Your Power. All Wizards-in-Training will meet at the ʽCrystal Caveʼ at WholeCare in Blue Ash. RSVP required 513.489.9515 or What in the World Are They Spraying? The Chemtrail Geo-Engineering Cover-up, documentary film showing and discussion w/co-producer Michael Murphy, 6-9pm. The Farm, 239 Anderson Ferry Rd. RSVP Karen 513.623.6903 or

THUR - SAT • MAY 10, 11 & 12

Biodynamic Cranial Touch, w/Mary Ellen Moore & Mimi Tagher, 9am-6pm. 24 CUE’S. Pre-Reg Reqd.Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525 5000. RSVP.

SAT • MAY 12

College Hill Spring Fling Art Show & Sale, 10-2pm, free, rain dt May 26. Rear parking lot, 6128 Hamilton Ave. behind College Hill Coffee 513.542.2739. Gentle Touch Reflexology w/Sue Ricks, 10am – 5pm, Columbus, OH. Contact Jane Lanverman at 513.708.6104 or I Love Mom 5K Walk to Fight Breast Cancer, 9am, $15/$20. Winton Woods.

SUN • MAY 13

Spiritual Connection Through the Labyrinth, w/Pat Springer, 10:25-11:30am, love offering. New Thought Spiritual Co-op, 7829 Cooper Rd. 45242. 513.891.4434.

MON • MAY 14

Mindfulness and Yoga, w/Dr. Richard Sears, 7-9pm, free. 1st in ongoing series. Union Institute & University, 440 E. McMillan St. Reg. 513.487.1168 or

TUE • MAY 15 & JUNE 19

Pet Loss: Mid-month Social Gathering, w/ Tammy Wynn, 6-7:30pm, activity cost. Doing life/dinner/movie, etc. RSVP. 513.489.7297.

WED • MAY 16

Be Happy Now/The Fundamental of Happiness, 7-8pm, free. School of Metaphysics, Cinci Main Library room 3B. 513.821.7353. Yes to the Universe/Plugged Into the Abundance Frequency, w/Patti Kessler, 6:30-9pm, $35. 10979 Reed Hartman, Rm 225, Cincinnati. 513.240.1602.

SAT • MAY 19

Forever Fit Info Session w/Gina Perry N.D, 2-3:30pm, $15. Pre-reg. WholeCare. Vision Board Class, w/Lea, 3pm, $5. Symmes Library. Questions/Pre-reg reqd.

SAT & SUN • MAY 19-20

Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training, w/JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, $600. Louisville. 16 Nursing contact hours. 502.777.3865. Working with the Ascended Masters, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina, Sat 10-4pm, Sun 1-4pm, $130. Light Journey Enterprises, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.405.1626.

SUN • MAY 20

Cincinnati Healing Clinic, 2-4pm, $15 donation. Lightpath Discovery Cntr, 5207 Madison Rd. 513.426.6075. Evergreen Holistic Learning Center, w/VeganEarth, 2:30pm, donations. Vegan potluck. Clifton United Methodist, 3416 Clifton Ave. 45220. 513.929.2500. Hypnosis and Meditation, w/Mary Beth Lodge, 10:25-11:30am, love offering. New Thought Spiritual Co-op, 7829 Cooper Rd. 45242. 513.891.4434. Massage fundraiser, 10-2pm, $50 per session, bring a friend 2/$80. Proceeds go to Women Helping Women. 4434 Carver Woods Dr. Blue Ash. Pre-reg reqd. 513.886.2347.

WED • MAY 23, 30 & JUNE 6

Understanding Your Chakras, w/Trish Mckinnley, 6:30-8pm, $20. Enchanted Moments.

FRI • MAY 25

How to Build & Maintain Rapport Rapidly & Effortlessly, w/Larry Wells, 1-4pm. 4138 Hamilton Ave. Ste B. 513.541.5720. Mystic Message Event, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina, Guests. 7-9pm, $15. Light Journey Enterprises, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.405.1626.

SAT • MAY 26 Reiki I&II, w/Pam, 9-6pm, $75/per level. 2019 Morningside Dr. Florence, Ky. 859.750.4720. SUN • MAY 27

New Thought Spiritual Co-op, No Program Summer Recess begins. Next Program Sept. 8th.

SUN • MAY 27 & JUNE 24

Reiki Share, w/Pam, 2-4pm, free. 2019 Morningside Dr. Florence, Ky. 859.750.4720.

MON • MAY 28

Women Singing In Sacred Circle, w/Shelley Graff, 7pm, free. First Unitarian Church, Linton Street.

JUNE FRI • JUNE 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29

Animal Communication, w/Carla Whitaker, 7-9pm, $310. Inner Compass, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.587.9855.


Mediumship Clinic/Spiritual Counseling, w/Jane DeVore, 1-4pm, $55. Inner Compass, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.587.9855. Message Circle Event, w/Joanne Franchina, Guest Mediums, 7-9pm, $20. Inner Compass, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.587.9855.

SUN • JUNE 3, 10, 17 & 24

Mediumship 101: Everyday Intuition & Spirit Communicatiom, w/Joanne Franchina. 1-3:30pm, $160. Inner Compass, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.587.9855.


Youth Summer Camps, 9-12pm, $220. Whistle Stop Clay Works, 119 Harrision, Loveland, OH 45140. 513.683.CLAY (2529).

MON • JUNE 4, 11, 18 & 25

Meditation Sampler, w/Trish Mckinnley, 6:30-7:30pm, $15. Enchanted Moments.


The Tao of You/practical application of Eastern teachings, 7-8pm, free. School of Metaphysics, Cinci Main Library room 3B. 513.821.7353.


Women and Children Health Expo, 10am-2pm, Free. Vendor reg. only $10. 5170 Winneste Ave. Cinti, 45232. or Lauren Wales 513.886.6439.

SAT & SUN • JUNE 9 & 10

Usui Reiki I & II, w/JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, I-$135, II-$185. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours daily. 502.777.3865.


Gaia Intentional Community, w/VeganEarth, 2pm, donations. Vegan potluck picnic. ImagoEarthCenter, 700 Enright, Price Hill 513.929.2500.


Meditation & Pranic Healing Clinic, w/Joanne Miller, 6:30-9pm, free/donations accepted. St Paul's UMC, 8221 Miami Rd. Madeira. 513.687.7465.

May-June 2012

Advertise with Us! Ads start at $59 Pet Hospice Support Group - Adults, w/Tammy Wynn, 6-7:30pm, free. Angel's Paws, 11341 Grooms Rd. Blue Ash. RSVP. 513.489.7297.


A Magickal Day with Merlin, w/Rose Vanden Eynden. 10-4pm, $85. Light Journey Ent, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.405.1626.


The Spiritual Meaning of Summer, 7-8pm, free. School of Metaphysics, Cinci Main Library room 3B. 513.821.7353.

FRI • JUNE 22- SAT • AUG 4

Art Show: “Kaleidoscope,” Colerain Artists group, Opening Reception: Fri, June 22, 6-8pm, viewing Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm, Sat, 9am-1pm, closed Sun. Fairfield Community Art Center, 4011 Wessel Dr, Fairfield, 45014. Info. Heidi Schiller 513.867.5340.


Forever Fit Info Session, w/Gina Perry N.D, 7-8:30pm, $15. Pre-reg. WholeCare.


Women Singing In Sacred Circle, w/Shelley Graff, 7pm, free. First Unitarian Church, Linton Street.


Complete Palmistry, w/Mike Mellott, 10-5pm, $90. Light Journey Ent, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash 513.405.1626.

next deadline: JUNE 1 for July/Aug issue.Email listings to events@wholelivingjournal. com. Format: day of week, month date, title, presenter, time, cost, location, contact info. We will list 5 events, up to 20 words ea., for FREE as part of our commitment to support our community. journal


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           

               


        COMPLETE FAMILY DENTAL CARE ontgomery Dental Medicine is like no dental office you’ve visited. Dedicated to your total wellbeing, our staff forms long-term relationships with you and your family built on open, honest dialogue and a thorough knowledge of all the factors that impact everyone’s health. Our approach is successful because it’s a more sensitive process of listening to your thoughts, questions and concerns.


AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO BETTER HEALTH o you wake up exhausted? Are you fatigued during the day even though you get a “good night’s sleep”? Do you suffer Insomnia and CFS? Do you wake up with a headache? Do you have head, neck or jaw pain? For 27 years, Dr. Bosma has enjoyed marked success relieving headaches and migraine symptoms, TMJ pain and dysfunction, stiff and painful neck and shoulder muscles, and an extremely successful natural sinus regimen to ease nasal breathing effort. Our integrated approach combines multiple preventative medicine disciplines. Since our healthcare professionals have over 60 years of combined experience, we’re able to exceed your expectations and achieve our goal of improving your quality of life.





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BREATHE MORE LIFE INTO YOUR BODY noring and sleep apnea lead to low oxygen levels in the body. In turn, this leads to physical problems people don’t usually associate with sleep issues. They affect your life at home, on the job, and your relationships. Dr. Bosma helps patients who snore through a unique system of evaluation and treatment called Oral Systemic Balance. Breathe more life into your body! Call us for information or to schedule your sleep evaluation.




oes your smile make you feel confident and attractive? Or, do you cringe when you have your photo taken? Have you lived with discolored teeth, chips or cracks, or mottled coloring for long enough? Transform your smile in as few as one or two visits to Montgomery Dental Medicine. Find new confidence and take years off your looks!

New Patient Offer

We’ll repair your older bridgework (cracks, chips and discoloration), and we can close up gaps between teeth. We are committed to making you feel and look your best. WHY CHOOSE MONTGOMERY DENTAL MEDICINE? ur practice is different. Yes, you’ll see us for routine checkups, cleanings, x-rays, whitening, fillings and, yes, sometimes for serious work. But we also are laying the groundwork for a long-term relationship with you and your family—one that will help you all enjoy better health for life. We’re treating you, not just your teeth!


Go south out of Old Montgomery. Cross over Ronald Reagan Hwy. Turn left at 1st light into Montgomery Station Office Condos. Right at 1st stop sign into our lot. Still not sure? Please feel free to call us for directions. 513-891-5860.

New Patient Offer

Free Consult

$159.00 VALUE

$125.00 for Exam

Headache, Jaw & Neck Pain, Snoring, Sleep Apnea and

Cleaning and 4 Bitewing X-Rays

C-PAP Intolerance Some restrictions may apply.

Free Home Care Kit Some restrictions may apply.

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