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www.cariatherapy.com carrie@cariatherapy.com

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September - October 2016

Living W h o l e Journal


September October 2016

Living Living Happy Living Healthy

W h o l e Journal


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Dropping the Struggle Just Show Up

Founding Publisher & Editor (2003-2008) Kathryn Martin Ossege

BY Roger Housden

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BY Robin OK

Adventures of a World Traveler

BY Bob Wuest

7 Questions to Banish Negative Thoughts Home Sweet Home

BY Ora Nadrich

BY Kathryn Martin Ossege

Present Moment Power

BY Lori Mueller, LMT

Lessons from My Table

BY Jeanne Miller

5 Steps to Healing Your Relationships Embracing Your Infinite Identity

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Letter from the Editor

Tara L. Robinson, editor@wholelivingjournal.com

Values Based Living


ometimes life hits and we are left double checking our priorities. This happened to me recently when my family experienced several major life changes in a short period of time. To say the least, this past summer was not the summer-of-endless-sunshine I had expected it to be. By the end, I felt worn out and rung out from stress and heartache. To top it all off, I couldnʼt stop crying when we took my oldest daughter back to college in Florida. I cried through putting this whole issue together. If the pages had been designed on paper instead of on a computer, they would be soaking wet. Too wet to send to the printer. Now, on one hand, this makes perfect sense, right? A mother leaving her first born several states away...most everyone would expect that mother to cry. But, this was my second year leaving her, last year was her first year at college and isnʼt that supposed to be the hardest? Well, for whatever reason, maybe for many reasons, this year was much more difficult than last. When we returned home after the 16 hour drive, the tears started all over again with the pangs of seeing the empty space in the street where her car is usually parked. The sobbing got worse when I walked inside and there was her sweatshirt flung over the arm of the couch as a fresh sign of her energy having just been in our home. And, no, she didnʼt forget it. After all, sheʼs in Florida, she doesnʼt need her sweatshirt. Ugh. The feelings of sadness linger in the back of my heart. A void where her laughter should be. Heck, Iʼd even settle for glancing over only to see her roll her eyes at me. Anything that would indicate her physical presence is still accessible. A funny thing happens when a child leaves home, not just for college, but back-to-school in general, starting kindergarten or preschool even. At least historically it has been this way for me. Every year I go through some version of grieving lost time. But, as I mentioned, this year was worse. Every year at the end of summer, I find myself replaying in slow motion all the previous days with my children. And it seems like a spotlight is on all the opportunities I missed to connect with them. Admittedly, Iʼm not a fabulous cook so that tends to be one of my top regrets. I had fantastized about providing Betty Crockercaliber homecooked meals for my college daughter all summer long, but never did. Why oh why wasnʼt I born with the same natural skills, talents and interests as Martha Stewart?! Then I would be the perfect mother, making the perfect memories for my kids. The truth is, Iʼm a pretty engaged mother. I spend a lot of time with my kids. Often creating outside adventures, always snuggling at bedtime, helping with homework. But, by the end of summer, I still always yearn for more. Thereʼs a pressure point when I seem to only be able to think of the moments when they wanted my time, but I had to finish a chore or work first.

Yes, sometimes life hits and we do a mental assessment of whether or not we are living according to our values. Are we spending most of our time on what is most important to us? Values-based living is an intention that can help us make the most of each moment. When we are focused on making choices with our time, energy and money that reflect our top values, we find we have more good memories and fewer regrets. Most importantly, we enjoy the actual moment more when weʼre not trying to simply get through that moment in order to get to one that will hold more value for us. That being said, I assessed my own life values recently and decided to make some changes. I decided to scale back on some of my commitments in order to make space for what I love doing most of all, which includes spending more time with my family. I also love life coaching so I decided to move to a new office space so I can expand my coaching practice. I set the intention for the perfect space to appear, and it did. Iʼm excited to begin seeing clients in my new office in Historic Loveland near the bike trail. I love being outside so Iʼm thrilled that Iʼll be within walking distance of the park and river, especially since the location offers opportunities to do some coaching and group work outside. I plan to offer a Writerʼs Workshop, and begin a new weekly group focused on sharing in Soul Conversations. Iʼm expanding my practice to include working with families, couples and teens. If any of this speaks directly to you, Iʼd love to hear from you so I can keep you posted. In addition to my coaching practice, another values-based decision I made recently was to participate in An Evening of Grace and Conversation with some of my co-authors of 365 Moments of Grace. Encountering an act of Grace is my favorite experience. In fact, my book The Ultimate Risk, which will finally be published by Hay House in April, is all about finding passion and purpose as a channel for Grace. In brainstorming about this event, the other women and I agreed that instead of one at a time standing and speaking to the audience, it would be more reflective of our values to engage in conversation with each other and include the audience. Iʼm excited for Sept. 9th when weʼll be sharing our stories of Grace together. I hope youʼll join us. (More information can be found on page 24.) Lastly, Iʼd like to invite you to join me in making our shared values a priority. Whole Living Journal provides conscious, inspiring information in every issue. We rely on the support of those who share our values in order to make WLJ available to the community. If you find WLJ to be a valuable resource and you share our values, please partner with us and invest in your values by advertising with us or making a donation. Namaste,

September - October 2016

Living W h o l e Journal



Reader Feedback “Not sure if you get to see this mail, since you probably get lots of it, but I trust the universe that you will see it at the right time. Right now I’m over in Austria visiting my family for the first time in 8 years. It’s great, but I like to stay connected to my spiritual friends in America. So I heard (Taraʼs) talk with Marianne Williamson, yesterday, when I took my walk. I have to tell you, I had tears in my eyes almost through the entire conversation...so beautiful and my heart just felt it was right there with both of (them). So much truth, great insight and food for thought, I will listen to this conversation many more times and want to thank you for bringing it into this world. Blessings!” Susanne Wittrock Milford, OH

Gary Matthews, local shaman and owner of Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts, will host Infusion in July. Amanda Hendricks (Phoenix Sunshine) will accompany Gary for the music. Gary is a regular participant at Infusion and his sharings are always thought provoking so we can only imagine how ʽrevolutionaryʼ his topic will be! WLJʼs editor Tara L. Robinson will host Infusion in October. Known for her heart-centered presence and inclusionary style, Tara will present a topic then open the mic for conscious conversation. Also, join Tara on Sept. 9th for An Evening of Grace and Conversation; an Infusion-style event. Come Join the Brightest Game Changers in Town! Infusion Cincinnati is a free monthly gathering, open to the public, with discussions town-hall-style about living with passion and purpose. Infusion goers are adventurers and (r)evolutionaries who share aha moments and soul nourishment. The goal: shining powerfully together so we can light up this city! Infusion is revolutionary! Bringing powerful subjects to the stage for consideration, and allowing everyone to have a voice, Infusion is on the cutting edge of conscious collaboration. Each meeting includes music and a speaker to kick off the discussion. Then it’s open-mic and everyone has an opportunity to share what makes them light up inside. Infusion meets every 2nd Tuesday, 6:30-8pm at the Columbia Center, 3500 Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226. Be a part of the movement! Facebook: Infusion Cincinnati

“I just finished reading July/August WLJ, after it sat on my table this long. Your piece was awesome (Letter from the Editor, “A New Love Story”), and I take it to heart. So much wisdom and Truth. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep up the Good Work!” Larry Watson Received via email


Living W h o l e Journal


Dropping Struggle the

by Roger Housden


truggle happens for all of us, so it must have a place in the scheme of things, but I for one have spent way too much time struggling for what struggle can never accomplish. For struggle is not the same as effort — what is sometimes called “right effort.” We all need to make an effort in every area of our life, effort that allows us to fulfill an intention or that edges us toward what we know to be true, even if we don’t inhabit it now. Life doesn’t just provide us with food and shelter as a natural right. Roger Federer didn’t become the tennis champion he is without effort. If you are anything like me, you didn’t make it through college without effort. Effort is a natural exertion of the personal will toward a specified end. But struggle is an added push that is born of fear. Ultimately, it is born of the fear of not surviving, of dissolving and disappearing, not just as a physical form but as a psychological self. Struggle reinforces the ego’s identity. It is one of the ways the ego asserts its existence. Yet struggle will never get us the things we want most — love; meaning; presence; freedom from anxiety over the past and future; contentment with ourselves exactly as we are, imperfections and all; the acceptance of our mortality — because these things lie outside the ego’s domain. For these, we need another way. That way begins and ends in surrender, in letting go of our resistance to life as it presents itself. We struggle with reality when we lose touch with the dimension of our being that is not defined by our egoic identity. Who or what is larger than the ego? You are. This (article) is dedicated to that larger, indefinable you, to reminding you to rest back into the life you already have, just as it is. And I say “reminding you” because deep down we already know. It’s easier than you think, but it takes more than an hour-long yoga class. It takes an allowing, in the form of a persistent, deep, and courageous “Yes!” to life right now. That “Yes” doesn’t wave away the pain of the world as mere illusion; neither does it attempt to become some detached awareness or witness safely removed from the trials of life. It doesn’t mean not caring about what happens in the world or in our own lives. It means caring so much that the heart spills open. It means being willing to be fully here where we are, wherever we are, however dark or light it happens to be.

When that “Yes” happens, we open our arms to life as it appears and disappears, moment to moment. We fall back into the larger aliveness that we already are, out of range of the ego’s dictates. This is true relaxation; it is what we are here for. About the author: Roger Housden is the author of Dropping the Struggle and numerous other books, including the best-selling Ten Poems series, which began in 2001 with Ten Poems to Change Your Life and ended with Ten Poems to Say Goodbye in 2012. He offers writing workshops, both in person and online, with an emphasis on self-discovery and exploration. Visit him online at www.RogerHousden.com. Excerpted from Dropping the Struggle: Seven Ways to Love the Life You Have. Copyright © 2016 by Roger Housden. Printed with permission from New World Library.

September - October 2016

Energy work • Breathwork

Living W h o l e Journal


Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith Gabrielle Bernstein has been named “a new thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey. She appears regularly as an expert on The Dr. Oz show, and was named “a new role model” by The New York Times. Gabrielle is the New York Times best-selling author of the books May Cause Miracles and Miracles Now. Gabrielle, a “spiritual activist,” recently teamed up with Deepak Chopra to co-host the Guinness Book of World Records largest group meditation. She was named one of Mashable’s 11 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Inspiration, and she’s featured on the Forbes List of 20 Best Branded Women. She has been featured in media outlets such as ELLE, OWN, the Today show, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, The Queen Latifah Show, Access Hollywood, SELF, Women’s Health, Glamour, Help Desk and more. In her latest book, The Universe Has Your Back, Gabrielle teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in order to live a divinely guided life. Readers will learn to stop chasing life and truly live. Making the shift from fear to faith will give readers a sense of power in a world that all too often makes them feel utterly powerless. When the tragedies of the world seem overwhelming, this book will help guide them back to their true power. Visit www.Gabbyb.tv or join her social networking community HerFuture.com for women to empower, inspire and connect.

You will never enjoy the fruits of good health by focusing on avoiding disease. You must turn your attention fully toward the incredible joy of health to actually experience it. - Jack E. Armstrong, D.C.

www.wholecarechiropractic.com 8

Living W h o l e Journal


Just Show Up by Robin OK


ind of crazy, really. Me? Writing an article called “Just Show Up”? Irony at its best! I have been hiding out, waiting for the “right” time, place, space - mostly feeling like a disappointment to friends, family, and my (truest) Self. But, hey, sometimes what we know and what we do are two different things. One of my greatest passions and accomplishments has been creating the Creative Collaborative Retreat weekend for women. Yet, when it came to planning this year’s 5th annual event, I struggled. I resisted. Something in me felt compelled to map out every minute, document every detail, make sure it was bigger, better - or at least AS magical as years past. Paradoxically, the mantra of the retreat weekend has always been “No Pressure, No Have To’s, No Shoulds” - coined by yours truly. Go figure. And here am I - “pressuring, have to-ing and should-ing” ad nauseam. See, even after four years of watching pure magic happen in the lives of the women who showed up for the weekend, I persisted in the suffocating illusion that the success was because of the planning, preparations, marketing, budgeting, etc. Paralyzed and angst-y, I seriously contemplated canceling. And then… faces began to flash across my mind… all the women who have shared the sacred circle. I revisited photos from years past and could hear the gleeful laughter as we slip-slid down shiny wood floors, dangled from a swing, danced in moonlight, discovering soul connection and safe community. And it hit me: What I refer to as the “magic” of the gathering rarely happened because of what we had planned! Au contraire - the real miracles happen in what could NEVER be planned - the

life altering friendships, healing conversations, poetry, art, a-ha moments and joy-full commUNITY happen simply because we SHOW UP. I do not write this as a commercial for the retreat weekend; I share because this is my story that illustrates a delusion I believe many of us share. So much is said these days about being “present to the moment”, “mindful,” “letting go” - all good stuff. Yet somehow, the more we dissect and discuss, the more these things become their own “pressure, have to, should.” Instead of easing stress, we add to the list. I do not have it “figured out,” I’m in process, as we all are. It’s interesting how many times what we feel called to give, teach and champion is what we ourselves lack and long for. As a Creativity Coach, I have a fierce desire to give people permission to lean into the process of creation, to trust they are where they are meant to be and it is enough to simply show up. Anyone who knows me would tell you I offer this consistently. Still, I forget. I preface “Show Up” with “Just” because sometimes it feels harrowing. After all, showing up means getting out of bed... and all the stuff that comes after. Yet, when I insert “just,” it somehow soothes the anxiety that comes from believing I must do more than “show up.” “Just” interrupts the edgy, critical voices of perfectionism insisting that to “show up,” I must be “ready,” “prepared,” “have it together.” “Just” renews permission to keep it simple and trust that when I show up, the rest takes care of itself. I invite you to join me in this game of “Just Showing Up” and eliminating pressure, have to’s and shoulds from your life. Grace & Magic await! Note: Tara L. Robinson will be speaking on Saturday at this yearʼs retreat.

September - October 2016

2016 Clarify Simplify Connect September 30 – October 2 Transfiguration Spirituality Center Glendale, OH

creativecollaborative retreats.com

Laughter Yoga Training October 1 & 2, 2016 ~ 9am-5pm

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Mason, OH $285 by September 1 ~ $299 afterward

Judi Winall

Pam Hall

513-899-3115 www.JoyfulHealingLaughter.com About the author: Robin OK is founder of Laugh & Dream Creative Coaching and Visionary for Creative Collaborative. She is Certified as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and Laughter Yoga Leader. She is an Active Dreaming Guide and Playwright. Robin seeks (and finds) connection, collaboration and community wherever she goes. http://laughndream. com http://creativecollaborativeretreats.com

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Adventures of a

World Traveler by Bob Wuest


t’s been five years since I left my many spiritual communities in Cincinnati. I’d like to share some of the experiences and key learnings I’ve acquired since traveling the world, living a life filled with trust, passion and purpose. I moved to Mexico in 2011, fulfilling a ten-year dream. I planned to simply move to a life more grounded in ease and grace, with less energy focused on earning a living. The greater truth was that I was following my heart’s calling, leading to deeper meaning than I’d ever planned. My move wasn’t without fear. I was afraid of not having the financial resources to support me when I left behind everything familiar to me, with no idea of what was coming next. Career, earnings, community, friendships, family - all gone in a moment. I held, though, two deep beliefs. First, that the Universal Law of karma responds with abundance for selfless giving and servant leadership. Second, clarity about my life’s purpose of helping and encouraging everyone to achieve their spirit’s greatness. From Mexico I moved to Bali; and I’m writing now from my new home in The Philippines. These last two moves weren’t planned; rather I went because my heart was invited, so I went along for the ride. With each move, I left “stuff” behind. I’ve learned that the less I own, the more free I am to respond to my inner callings. A home, car, furniture, unused clothing - these I now view as excess baggage. The ability to travel or move with essentially everything I own in a backpack and suitcase has been incredibly liberating. I’ll share a few experiences, where my role was simply to act upon inspiration presented by The Universe. Since 2001, I had sat in circles of men devoted to inner exploration and emotional healing as an active member for 10 years in The ManKind Project (www.mkp.org). So, shortly after arriving in my beautiful little Mexican village I started a men’s circle. In 2013, along with Mexican men who had already established MKP circles in other parts of Mexico, we brought the first MKP trainings to Mexico. It’s now one of the fastest-growing communities within MKP. I intuited that a MeetUp I created, Namaste! Events, was


Living W h o l e Journal

brought through me not simply as a platform for promoting events in Cincinnati, but for actually creating events. So, after moving to Mexico I organized a series of workshops there for Gary Renard and David Hoffmeister, both well-known teachers of A Course In Miracles. David and his group were guided to purchase a beautiful villa near my home in Lake Chapala, and operate it as a monastery. They’ve since shared ACIM teachings with perhaps thousands of Mexican people. I learned that when we cast a mission-centered pebble into the pond of The Universe, the ripples expand infinitely to thousands of people, in ways we’ll never know. I’ve continued to personally fund Namaste! Events (www. NamasteEvents.org) as a heart-centered gift to my Cincinnati community. It recently expanded to Singapore. In 2013, I joined with two others in bringing an amazing consciousnessexpanding technology - Focused Life-Force Energy – (www. bit.ly/flfebob) to the world. FLFE has since blessed thousands of subscribers in over 45 countries. I’ve participated in ManKind Project events in Australia and Singapore, and I’m helping expand its Southeast Asia community. I’ve facilitated men’s work in Mexico, Bali, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and soon in the Philippines. None of these life events are about me, except to the extent that I acted upon inspiration provided by The Universe. And in return, it’s blessed me with the resources and community needed to live comfortably, travel extensively, and experience many beautiful cultures. I encourage each of you to live a life you love. To step boldly into your life’s purpose, as a means of realizing profound joy and fulfillment that’s as unique to each of you as is your mission. Namaste! About the author: Bob Wuest lived in Cincinnati from 2002-2011. He created Namaste! Events as a vehicle for promoting spiritual and personal growth events in the Cincinnati area. He hopes that sharing his experience of living a life of passion and purpose inspires others. namasteevents@gmail.com


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Join us for these inspiring events! Mediumship Mastery Program w/rose


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7 Questions to Banish Negative Thoughts by Ora Nadrich


e have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and many of them are negative: I can’t do that. I’m not good enough. It’s never going to happen for me. I don’t deserve this. As we embark on a new venture or work toward a new goal, they pop up and wreak havoc on our plans and selfconfidence. Since thoughts create beliefs, which then create behaviors, negative thoughts can undermine us right into a standstill. But there’s a way to stop negative thoughts right in their tracks. All it takes is challenging them with seven direct questions, starting with: Says Who? Here are the seven questions we need to ask to disarm those negative thoughts:


Says Who? Whenever a negative though pops into your head, ask it: Says Who? The question exposes a negative thought for exactly what it is: a doubt that can disrupt your life and damage your sense of well-being.


Have I heard someone say this thought before? So many of the voices in our head are actually echoes. They’re old words we heard someone else say to us, such as a parent, spouse, or boss. By identifying the originator of the thought, you can find out if it really belongs to you. Many times, it doesn’t.


Do I like this thought? Go ahead and ask yourself: Is this thought desirable or appealing? If not, then ask yourself: why are you thinking it? If you don’t like what you’re hearing, you don’t have to listen.


Does this thought make me feel better? Negative thoughts tear us down instead of build us up. They seep into our psyches, wreaking havoc. Ask yourself: Is this thought making you feel better or worse about yourself? If it doesn’t enhance your self-esteem in any way, why are you thinking it?



Does this thought work for me? Is this thought useful or productive for you? With this question, you can take a look at whether or not a thought supports your desires or goals. If not, why are you thinking it?



Living W h o l e Journal


Am I in control of this thought? – Does this thought have any kind of hold or power over you? Or, are you in control of it? If not, ask yourself why you would let a thought have power to control you. Remember, you are the commander of your own thoughts, not the other way around.


Do I want to keep this thought or let it go? With this question, you’re finding out if you want to hold on to a thought that serves no useful purpose for your well-being. If it’s not doing you any good, it’s probably doing you bad. So let it go. Make it habit (like brushing your teeth) to ask these questions every day. Soon you will find yourself on the way eliminating the negative thinking that slows you down, and turning those hecklers into your own cheering squad. Then you can get on with your life. You can identify your goals, attain improved inner awareness and realize more fulfillment — in your life, career, and relationships. It all starts with a question: Says Who? About the author: Ora Nadrich is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, and author of: Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change The Way You Think Forever. Learn more at http://www.oranadrich.com

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"Working with Tara was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’d already sought the support of many other coaches, teachers, healers, but my deepest fears and doubts were still alive in my psyche. Tara held up the Light, so I could see the light within me too. The loving gaze she reflected back to me was a game changer, and exactly what I needed to transform my life." ~ S.M.

Life and Relationship Coach

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by Kathryn Martin Ossege


hen I was young, my Barbie dolls had beautiful rooms I spent hours decorating. My trolls lived in a magical lake I assembled in the bathtub using shells and decorations I ʽborrowedʼ from my brother’s aquarium. My love of interior decorating and landscape design has remained with me. When friends and family ask for decorating advice, I tell them the latest trends--gray is the new neutral; copper and rose are the current hip metals. I offer decorating guidelines—the width of a dining room chandelier should be half the length of the table over which it hangs; display items in uneven-numbered groupings. I share Feng Shui practices-include the color red on your front door; mount a mirror above the stove so the cook never has her back to the room. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to this: guidelines are, as their name implies, just guidelines. Donʼt be

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Living W h o l e Journal

afraid to make your home a unique expression of who you are. Your history. Your passions. Your family. Dig Grandmaʼs quilt out of the cedar chest and toss it over a bed. Make a collage of those awards you earned during high school or college. Gather family memorabilia and display it in a cabinet. Frame your kids’ artwork. Surround yourself with things you love collecting: seashells from last summerʼs visit to the beach; Coke bottles; feathers; crystals; coffee mugs. You get the idea. Your home will become a warmer, more welcoming, place embracing you each morning like an old friend. About the author: Kathryn Martin Ossege fills her days observing the wonders of everyday life and hanging out with her dog Chessey. Follow Kathrynʼs musings on Facebook.


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Present Moment

Power by Lori Mueller, LMT

“To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.” ~ Stephen Levine


his quote by Stephen Levine is written on the back of an envelope and taped to my bedroom mirror. I’ve gone to it often for inspiration as I’ve walked my path of healing. Along that path, I’ve encountered my own fear, repeated patterns of illusory behavior and thinking, reflected back at me through the people and situations in my life. While it was often frustrating, I eventually surrendered to it and found that the path itself, when embraced as a mirror, is rich with opportunities for self-awareness and personal power. Now, as I walk in this world, the current moment is my practice, my meditation, my opportunity to heal. When I choose to live like this, the space created within me is endless. With each reflection I encounter, I am invited in deeper. An invitation into an empowered discovery of my own capacity for transformation. It is not a process of searching for answers from without. It is a journey within to meet all parts of self; physical and emotional; to touch what’s left to be healed with love. Embracing the reflection of the current moment is not always easy. But, the inner desire to love thyself with fierce conviction sustains me. Around each corner, in the mirrors of the people, places, and scenarios I meet, I continue to dive deeper within because I firmly believe that to love thy-whole-self is to heal thy-whole-self. Often, the scene being played out in front of me and within me is familiar. It’s a reflection of the past that brings up old feelings. My first response is typically one of disappointment and exasperation; to be having the “same experience” once again. But, on a deeper level, I have come to trust that these emotions are here now because they are what is left to be fully felt and digested. These are the emotions that I could not digest “back then.” No need to dig into the past to find them. Here they are now, perfectly wrapped up in the experience of this very moment. It’s my intent now to feel it fully, whether it be sadness, anger, joy...etc. It’s my intent to sit and feel it without escaping...without attaching any stories of past, present, or future. My job is to simply surrender to the body-felt sensation of whatever is here to be felt. I do so with the awareness that this is simply what’s left unfinished...like a half-eaten bowl of soup. If I finish the bowl of soup, what happens? Will I move for-

ward, beyond, above? Those are all just more stories of future. What I see clearly is that any story creates corners and crevices for emotions to hide, waiting to be experienced at a later date. I yearn to feel the emotions of the current moment; to experience my soup the first time around. So, I ask the stories of “moving forward, above, and beyond” to let go of me. I even ask the stories of “enlightenment, freedom, and healing” to let go. I ask the stories of what happened in the past to let go as well. And just for this moment, I sit… with the simple intent of feeling what I haven’t fully felt before. These emotions are simply energies that are stuck; waiting to be felt and digested. The reflection always shows me where to look for what’s stuck. So, I thank Spirit, my Brothers and Sisters, and mySelf for the co-creation of this moment, for this current reflection of the past that taps and loosens this vital energy. This vital energy that simply has been waiting to be touched by love so it could move again and be healed. About the author: Lori Mueller is a Licensed Massage Therapist, mother, student, and fearless explorer of the inner depths. She provides therapeutic massage and wellness care in NKY and Cincinnati. www.lorimuellerlmt.com

September - October 2016

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My Table

relax restore


by Jeanne Miller 016 marks my 40th, joyful year of practicing as a Massage Therapist in Cincinnati. Over these forty years I figure I have given 20,000 sessions, and listened to as many life stories. My desire has always been to learn about what really helps, and how to be truly helpful. The following are some things I’ve learned.


* * ** * * * *

renew re-energize

Everyone Matters. All people are innocent, worthy, and holy. All people have the ability to be happy.

is to let them know that they are not alone with their pain. The second is to assure them that I do not judge, ridicule, or gossip.

Willingness is the Door, Compassion is the Key. All of us experience some resistance to being happy and feeling good. “The prison door is open but we won’t walk out.” When we are stuck, endless compassion is needed. Being happy takes willingness and practice.

All Pain originates in the Mind. The culprits are: anger, guilt, shame rear, a sense of unworthiness, depression and anxiety. Worrying and complaining makes our problems real and unrelenting. And self-condemnation is a hard place to live. Yet, by simply telling the truth about how we feel, we can begin to heal ourselves. Because it is from here, that we can


Living W h o l e Journal


* *

good laugh, a good cry, or a good nap, will always make us feel better. Iʼve always intended for my table to be the safest place to cry in Cincinnati.

Do Not Judge. The first thing I do with another person


Massage Therapy • Spiritual Alignment 513.351.7551 • jeannemiller@fuse.net

influence people into allowing themselves to feel good. I know that pleasure, encouragement, and listening are deeply therapeutic.

The Best Solutions are the Most Simple. A



Others want to feel Good. Overall, my aim is to

or neglected by our Creator.



Know Thyself. Years ago a wise man said to me, “Jeanne, the only thing that you will really have to offer another person, is the work you have done on yourself.”

Creator Loves Us. We are never being tested, punished,



choose a new, better feeling thought.

All Healing begins in the Mind. A mind that is intentionally filled with thoughts of love appreciation, forgiveness, and understanding can facilitate unlimited healing. The kinds of thoughts we think matter a lot! Breathe. Breathing is the fastest way to redirect the momentum of stress of any kind. Many people think it is difficult, weird or even scary to deliberately breathe. However, in taking fuller breaths more often, the increased oxygen allows tight muscles to begin to soften. It will slow down an agitated mind, and allows us to feel more connected to the Source of our life. The more we breathe the better we feel. Soon I will be 64. My hands are healthy, work still feels like a blessing, and I have no plans to retire. I honor all of you whose desire and purpose is to be a Beneficial Presence. Spread Your Love. The world needs you. About the author: At age 18, Jeanne Miller was introduced to the philosophies and practices of spiritual healing. In 1976 at age 26, she was the first young person to become a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in Cincinnati. She has always maintained her private practice in her home. www.jeannemillermt.com 513.351.7551. jeannemiller@fuse.net


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…and so excuse me for annoying you with my positive comments… You attempt to degrade me into submission with saying that I am not realistic…that I live in a dream world of idealism and false hope…that I am some sort of blind twit with sunshine coming out of my ass. Those who say this know nothing of me. Couldn’t it be that I am making a conscious choice…a focused effort to not be eaten alive by the bad in the world. That I refuse to let others lie to me, trying to make me believe that there is no good left in the world. I know differently. That hope is often the only thing I can hang onto... with no apologies…because so much of my life has been spent hopeless. That I have walked thru the fire and been beautifully burned because that is a great part of what made me who I am today. Why does it bother you that I should like to cool my burns with that which is pretty…calming…peaceful in Life…that I would like to lend it to others as well…even for just a second? Don’t you know that it so often takes all off my effort to not constantly ache for the world’s injustices? That I could die within the pain that I can see all around me. That images of world sorrow haunt me daily, and that I utilize… rightfully…gratefully…that other light side of life. Can you not see me…can you not see my tears beyond my smile… or hear the screams behind my raucous laughter...or feel the loneliness in my embrace? For I am Human. For I am You. “You are always so ridiculously happy,” I have been told. That is because you do not see me when I am alone in my darkness. I have had plenty of dark in my life, as we all have. And I think if you look more closely…you can see that I embrace it...I just morph it into something perhaps more constructive… creative…cathartic. I just refuse to live there and wallow. I simply choose to dream because I have spent enough time in the nightmare. Perhaps it annoys you because you cannot...or choose to not to…feel Light…that you have become too comfortable in your darkness and self-pity…clinging to sameness due to fear of rejection. But what ever happened to possibility? Regardless of how you feel about me…know I still love you. And I will always hope for you…for me…for all of us. Perhaps you should choose a different battle. For you are fighting against someone who is perpetually on your side. ~ Sue Smith

We are often surprised when love falls apart. It makes no sense to us—how can something so beautiful turn so ugly? But we should not be so surprised, because few of us are ready to hold love safe. Few of us are trained in the art of love. The entire world has been organized around masks and defenses. Adaptation and disguise are our specialty. But love is a different world—an unmasked, surrendered landscape that few of us have explored with any great depth. It’s easy for most of us to articulate concepts, but to hearticulate feelings is another planet altogether. We are only at the beginning of an enheartened way. We haven’t downloaded the ways of the heart. We are learning as we crawl. Best we stop beating ourselves up when it doesn’t work out. There is so much left to learn. ~ Jeff Brown

“Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to.” It works! This advice used to vex me because it seemed impossible and didn’t come with any instructions. My journey started several years ago when I began to pay attention to the ways I was hard on other people by judging, criticizing, and projecting. That exercise in attention/intention slowly morphed into seeing only the Light in others (self), being super duper gentle with others (self), and being bathed in the Grace of inner knowing that “It’s All Perfect.” ~ Julie Otter Friend We love knowing what inspires our readers. If you see something you ʽLikeʼ on Facebook, OR if you have written something youʼd like us to ʽShareʼ on this page, please ʽTagʼ us.

September - October 2016

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Understanding the Dynamics of Relationships 5 Steps to Healing by Veenaa Saynana


ur entire lives are about relationships: we start out in relationships with our parents and siblings, then peers, spouses, colleagues, etc.. The relationship we have with ourselves is, by far, the most important. If we are beset with self-criticism, judgment, fear and worry, it affects the way we relate to all the others. Cultivating a better relationship with ourselves will invariably improve the quality of our other relationships. Let us explore the dynamics behind relationships - what makes some work and some not? How do we heal connections that are filled with anger, recrimination, blame and shame? 99.5% of the population has been shown to suffer trauma. Physical, verbal or emotional abuse, strict discipline styles, neglect, parental conflict, betrayal and abandonment can all cause trauma. Trauma of any form causes the human body to contract and tighten. This contraction creates a compression that is called the magnetic imprint (MI) and is individualized. The MI continuously attracts people, places, circumstances and events in an effort to heal and open the heart. The MI is at work 24/7, at full force, working its magic, attracting people or circumstances into our lives. Chances are that we will find these people or circumstances very attractive and be very drawn to them. The stronger the attraction is, the greater the potential and power is for healing. When we open up and become vulnerable, our core wounds may become triggered. Signs of this happening are increased heart rate, anxiety, high levels of stress, and feeling victimized or angry at the other’s behavior. When trauma is in an active state, the potential for healing is high. The unfortunate fact is that many people unwittingly bypass this healing potential.

Here are a few powerful steps you can take.

1 2 3 4

Through relaxation and deep breathing, practice the opening and softening of your heart. Recognize that the person in front of you is in fact the catalyst and not the cause. Recognize that this person is a mirror to your own long-held MI.

Trace the incident to the first time this trauma you are feeling happened, thereby identifying the root cause.


Keep breathing deeply, softening your whole body.

You will notice that your MI loses its harsh edge. There will be an improvement and over time, you will not be so triggered. In fact there may come a time, when the old triggers have less or even, no effect on you. You will simply remain calm and balanced. Consciously shifting your MI can transform your entire life. Energy healing, shamanic journeying, psychic surgery, dietary shifts, exercising, conscious movement and dance can all contribute towards shifting your MI. The end result is greater peace, enhanced well-being and a pervading sense of joy. This is our true nature. About the author: Veenaa Saynana, founder of Laughing Dolphin Tantra Yoga, is an international facilitator, and has trained with Indian mystics from the age of 10, studying Sanskrit, Vedic texts and devotional music. She is available for private sessions over Skype or phone. www.veenaasaynana.com


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Embracing Your Infinite

Identity by Amar Jacqueline Steinbeck dor


e are living in times of great change and transformation. While it’s reassuring to know that chaos is a sign we are letting go of the old ways, it’s also frustrating for many that the new paradigm is still not in place. For myself, a couple of perspectives have evolved in my spiritual practice over the last 15 years. During that time I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga, and have established a professional practice as an Emotional Healing Practitioner. I would like to share how this has deepened my experience with Self. First of all, the very nature of human experience is about change, transformation and evolution. To participate in this powerful process that living on Earth is offering us, we need to understand exactly where we are energetically. How are we playing our roles in this lifetime? Are we identified with fear, worry, confusion, self doubt and other limiting ideas? In order to keep up with the Soul Agenda that brought us here, we must transform our own energy and evolve. We must actively engage in the creation of our own reality. We are the creators of whatever is showing up in our lives. And yes, we also participate in a consensus reality. One of the truths agreed upon by both science and spirituality, is that the reality we see is only 5% of our identity, and the rest, the other 95%, is unseen. The infinite unseen energies are both subtle in nature and available to us as we shift our attention and our identification. Kundalini teachings explain that our human technology is hardwired for divinity. As we learn to identify with the fact that we are sacred eternal beings, and not limited to the roles we play, we can begin to get to know ourselves as infinite. We are a quantum unified energy field of light. Through the Kundalini teachings we learn about the ten bodies of light, which in reality are not separate spheres of light. They permeate one another throughout our energy fields and, in order to understand them, we can study their individual natures and come into resonance with them. In 2016, it is the resonance of the subtle body which is coming up as significant in our ability to change, transform and evolve. The subtle body requires us to live from the empowerment of mastering the mystery of who I am. At this time the subtle body is making us deeply aware of our own inner conflicts. It tells us that if we use the messages coming to us from the world, we can use those messages to release our own inner conflicts. Now we are creating a touchstone for our own individual evolution, as well as participating in the consensus reality. In addition to this commitment to inner transformation and

allowing more love to permeate our fields, this is a commitment to changing our minds. We empower ourselves to live our truths and play our roles in new ways in the world. This is real freedom and freedom cannot be gained without some discipline. This is the time for deeper commitment to our spiritual practices. Make a divine appointment with yourself to know your Infinite Self, to drop old identifications that are keeping you in the lower, fear-based frequencies. My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, used to say, “When I call on my infinity, everything becomes possible.” It takes discipline to sit with this intention every day and change our identification. It takes discipline to follow the messages the world is sending, to go in and let go of chaos, inner conflict, enemy patterning, poverty consciousness, addiction and racism. It takes discipline to make quiet time for meditation and contemplation of the 95% you cannot see, and know it is the infinite and available to you. You can draw upon this energy to become the conscious creator of your own life and contribute to the beauty of the world. As we make this commitment to create from the infinite love we are, we begin to live in our true identity and experience more love, and more joy. The transformation of every challenge becomes an experience of personal victory. In the old paradigm we were trained to control the future and we were defined by our possessions. As we begin to live the new paradigm of infinite love, we define our lives by our vision. We accept and claim our own status and this is shown in our lightness of being. Our work will become our play. As we continue to give power to the Infinite Self and use our subtle energy to let go of inner conflicts, our lives will unfold in new and unlimited ways. Everything in life is created from love or fear. It takes courage to step up and choose the loving direction to go inward, to face and release our own inner conflicts. This is the time for mastery of the finite self. This is the time to merge the finite with the infinite for change, transformation, and evolution, individually and collectively. It is time. Please join me on this journey to the Infinite Self. About the author: Amar Jacqueline Steinbeck is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, Emotional Healing Practitioner, visionary artist and creativity coach. She is here to serve, and is available for appointments, private coaching, meditation as medicine, workshops and retreats. 513.871.0838. jacquelines@fuse.net

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Find Your Peace

Tame the Mental Fear Monger

Herbs ‘n Such, by Mimi Tagher


s everyone heads back to school this fall, apprehension and discontent can be felt in the air. Of course there is the normal “back to school” anxiety with new places, new faces, new plans and goals for both students and their parents alike. But also, with what is happening in our world today, worry is rampant in our society. Sometimes, what used to be a little butterfly in the stomach turns into a whirlwind that feels more like we are battling to stay aboard a ship sailing rough seas. If anxiety has started to interfere with your normal daily activities, herbs and other natural remedies can help tame the “Mental Fear Monger.” Meditation and self-relaxation techniques are very helpful in quieting an overactive mind and helping people stay grounded or centered. Acupuncture can help to balance the body and is very, very relaxing to the central nervous system. If you feel you or your child might need a bit more to calm the storm, try some of the relaxing herbal remedies listed below:

1. Xiao Yao Wan (Free and Easy Wanderer) - a Chinese herbal formula that is thousands of years old and helps to balance the energies of the liver and the spleen. It is both balancing and relaxing, and helps with anxiety and depression.

2. Min-Tran - a combination of mineral complexes from Standard Process that support emotional balance and help ease

LIVING Living Happy

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the effects of temporary stress. It is a mild calmative that supports a healthy nervous system and the actions of neurotransmitters that regulate mood.

3. Magnesium - an essential mineral that is often missing from the modern diet due to depleted soil and water. When you are under stress, your body creates adrenaline, which causes a cascade of physical effects, all of which consume magnesium.

4. Kava Forte - an herbal supplement from MediHerb that calms the nerves and eases the effects of everyday tension and stress. It also promotes relaxation and sleep and supports the relief of muscular tension.

5. Lavender - an essential oil that has been used for thousands of years to help reduce anxiety and emotional stress. 6. Peace and Calm - an essential oil blend from Young Living that helps calm and uplift the spirit. It can be diffused in the air or applied to the skin (try it on the bottoms of your feet during the day for anxiety and before bed to help you relax and go to sleep). This product also works very well for children! During these changing and tumultuous times, remember to just breathe, and to be the peace you would like to see in the world! About the author: Mimi Tagher, LAc, LMT is nationally board certified in acupuncture, Chinese herbology and Oriental Medicine. She practices at Synergy Holistic Health Center in Florence, Ky., and in Blue Ash. 859.525.5000, www.synergyholistichealth.com


Michelle Christine Garza In Cincinnati Oct 24-Nov 1 Using sound, ceremony, movement & sacred conversation to uplift and transform each other and the earth.

Available o!erings during her stay:

*Kundalini Yoga & Meditation *Conscious Concert *Heart!Opening Workshop *Private Consultations

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New World Dawns by Betsy Whitfill


ince 1977, when Maitreya the World Teacher for this new Age of Aquarius came into London, England, certain plans and actions have been prepared and carried out all over the world. One man, Benjamin Creme, responded to Maitreya’s invitation to tell the world about this changing of the ages and to forecast a future for humanity that few would believe possible: that men and women everywhere would live in happiness and peace, sharing Earth’s resources so that everyone has the basic necessities of life: nourishing food, safe shelter, effective medical care and all the education needed for self-sustainment and development. Creme traveled the world for over 30 years lecturing and founding Transmission Meditation groups, while delivering Maitreya’s blessings of love and healing to all who would receive them. From 1977 until 1982, Maitreya gave 140 messages through Creme, which Share International published as Messages from Maitreya, the Christ. In 1982, Creme held a Press Conference in Los Angeles, CA, telling the assembled major media representatives that if they would, even symbolically, look for Maitreya in London, Maitreya would come forward, present His credentials and take up His open mission. The media did not respond. From 1988 to 1993, Maitreya appeared miraculously to soldiers on both sides of the first Iraq war and gave forecasts of world trends and events, published in the book The Laws of Life, including the release of Nelson Mandela and détente in South Africa. He forecast that the voice of the people would change the course of history, a forecast that found fulfillment in the fall of the Berlin Wall, the breakup of the Soviet Union, the “Arab Spring” and today the waves of citizen protests calling for justice and freedom sweeping the world. All the while, Maitreya appeared to everyday people world wide, healing and comforting. Share International magazine continues publishing Letters to the Editor describing these encounters. In 1990, Maitreya held a conference near London, having invited around 200 leaders in government, business, science, religion and journalism to meet each other and report


Living W h o l e Journal

6:30-8pm @ Columbia Center 3500 Columbia Pkwy 45226

their experiences to others in their fields. In 2001, Maitreya manifested His handprint on a mirror in Spain. Copies of that print are available to all at Share-International.org: put your hand on it and ask for what you need and, if karma allows, it will be so. In 2008 huge spaceships began to be noticed around the world, dancing and flashing colors, announcing the presence of this Titan in our midst, Maitreya, known by differing names and expected as their returned Teacher by all traditions, religious and nonreligious. Videos of “Maitreya’s Star” fill the Share International channel of Youtube.com. Miracles continue, but in July 2016, Maitreya began a significant new phase of emergence, a response to the call for help in the wakes of terror bombings. He has begun blessing increasingly large sections of humanity with His energy of Divine Love. Absorb love, and watch as the the new world dawns. About the author: Betsy Whitfill is a National Coordinator for Share International Media Service; Correspondent for Share International magazine; public speaker on esoteric subjects and the reappearance of the World Teacher for the New Age of Aquarius. For more information, please visit www.Share-International. org or contact info@Share-International.us/mw 800.860.8035 (See ad page 31)


How to

Clean Up Your

Energy Field Intuitive Insights, by Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry


re you exposed to a lot of different people throughout the day? Perhaps you work in the Returns Department of a store or the Claims Department of an insurance company or health care facility. These situations can expose you to a lot of anger, frustration, pain and illness that are not your own – but yet you feel as if it is. You may come to work in the best of moods, but by the end of the day, you might feel exhausted, maybe even ill. If so, you probably aren’t cleansing and protecting your energy field. But you can. Each of us has seven energy layers which comprise our aura or energy field. These energy layers sense and pick up characteristics of those around us. In fact, you may even take on those characteristics without even realizing you are doing so. You may think you’re just sensitive, but you are probably clairsentient and an empath – a person who senses and takes on the pain of other people – as well! How to To prevent taking on others’ pain, it is wise to cleanse and protect your energy field at least twice a day: once in the morning to prepare for the day, and again at night to clear away anything that is not your own. If it’s not for your highest good, then you need to release it. Just imagine yourself surrounded by divine white light of love and protection. Call in your guides, guardians and angels to insure that only those things for your highest good come through. It only takes a few moments and will help you experience a happier, healthier and more productive life. One easy method is to think of the times after a rain when you have seen, off in the distance, the sun breaking through in a pillar of white light from the clouds to the earth. Standing still and breathing easily, close your eyes and picture that pillar of white light coming in your crown chakra, right on top

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of your head (where your soft spot was as an infant). The light streams in, filling your fingers, toes and all the rest of you. You may feel a tingle from all this energy pouring in, or you may not. It doesn’t matter either way. After a while you will be full of energy, so while it continues to pour in, it is also pouring out at the same time, and you are the center of a fountain of glorious white light - silver, gold and white sparkling energy surrounding you. Take a minute or two to settle in, feeling peaceful and calm. Now say to Spirit - “I want the information and not the energy.” You are now protected from receiving the negative energy / bad moods / headaches of others. White light can be fun to play with – and can get rid of many daily irritations. Pay attention to how you feel after you’ve done the meditation, notice what changes in your day and your surroundings. You don’t have to see it to believe it - you can feel the energy. Enjoy!

About the authors: Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry are the authors of Right Brain/Left Brain: Use Everything You’ve Got to Create a Great Life! They facilitate workshops based on their popular book. Francine is an intuitive tarot and palm reader, energy worker, teacher, and owner of Sea Angels Cruise and Inner Wellness Conference. francine.haydon@ fuse.net, 513.248.8772, www.foresthouseofhealing.com Patricia is a spiritual reader, teacher, healer, and writer. patricia@patriciagarry.com , 513.281.6864, www.patriciagarry.com

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September - October 2016

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Sp tlight The #2 best seller Thriver Soup: A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer Journey has been featured on New York City’s CBS radio station, Fox19’s Morning Show, The Radiant Health Show with Dr. Christine Horner, Cincinnati.com, Notmilk. com, Fearless Fabulous YOU!, WAIF 88.3, and several other shows; in Miracle Survivors by Tami Boehmer and The Radical Remission Project; and at Conscious Con, Victory of Light, the National LMS Foundation Conference, Infusion, Cancer Support Community, Cancer Care, LIIFT, and others; and is slated for more appearances. Contact local author Heidi Bright to speak at your event about “Subduing the Disease Dragon.” 513.444.0190, www.thriversoup.com. Rev. Pat Williamson is coming to Unity of Garden Park Sunday, September 4, 2016! Rev. Pat is currently the senior minister at Unitey of Minneapolis and also served at New Thought Untiy Center in Cincinnati. Please join Rev. Pat and Rev. Kathy for a joyfilled Sunday morning service. Sing-a-long 10:50am, Service 11am. www.unityofgardenpark.org The 1st annual Ohio Valley Witches Ball will take place on Oct. 8, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel. The Ohio Valley Witches Ball will be raising money for the James Sauls Homeless Shelter, The League for Animal Welfare, and Brighton Center. There will be live music, drinks and dancing. This event is 18+ only. The theme of the evening is Rocky Horror so don on your best fishnet, high heels and red lipstick! There will be a costume contest with categories for Most Creative, Best Couple, Best Rocky Horror, Best Witch, Best Female, and Best Male. Judges will be picking the contestants throughout the night and the contest will be held at midnight. Local DJ Tony Nickol, live bands including Nighthawk and belly dancing performances are among the scheduled entertainment. There will also be a selection of readers who vary in style and an array of vendors. There will be raffles and a Split The Pot as well as catered Horsd’oeuvres, and cash bar. A few Sponsors are desired for this event. For information, please contact www.circleofmotherearth.org The wildly popular and powerful womenʼs workshop the Art of Alchemy - Discover Your Wizard Within held in the magickal Crystal Cave at WholeCare in Blue Ash begins a new class in October. The facilitators, Christine Miller and Tara L. Robinson, are working on a new project for the spring so this will be the last time this experience is offered for a while. For info and to register email Christine at camiller15@yahoo.com.


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An Evening of Grace and Conversation Sept. 9th, 7-9:30pm Please join best-selling authors Jen Flick, Amy Gage, Carrie Kondor, Sophie Maya, Mary Meston, Tara L. Robinson, Star Staubach for a soul connecting event with live music and Conversations of Grace on Friday, Sept. 9, 2016 at New Thought Unity Center, 1401 E. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45206, 7-9:30 pm. Followed by a reception and book signing of the #1 Amazon bestselling book 365 Moments of Grace. This will be a powerful and magical evening of music, connection, and conversation. Grace is a mysterious and abstract term. Grace speaks of a miraculous and elevated state of love. It is something that we feel into and let it flow through us. It’s a surrendered and revered state. Grace can be a profound moment of sacred realization, connectivity, or gratitude. Grace can be a humbling experience of spiritual intervention and magic. It is all those things and more. The authors will engage in a panel discussion and invite the audience to ask questions and share some of their stories of grace in their lives. For tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/an-evening-ofgrace-and-conversation-tickets-26331137140 Tickets are only $25, children are free. (No one left out, if the ticket price is a problem, donations will be accepted.) A Raffle ticket will be included with each admission ticket. Among the raffle prizes are: One pre-paid author spot in the next 365 book series! Plus free coaching sessions with the authors, clutter clearing, energy work sessions, a meditation gift bag…and more! More information can be found on the event page on Facebook. For any questions or to reserve your copy of the book contact Star Staubach at star@igniteradiance.com



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September - October 2016

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CARRIE KONDOR. Breathwork, family constellation and sound coding practitioner. Supporting clients in unlocking their Truth to their truest potential. 513.549.6445. www.cariatherapy.com. carrie@cariatherapy.com


CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Transformational Bodywork Acupuncture Craniosacral Therapy

ART C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Art Commissions, Murals, Illustration, Classes. 513.549.4607. www.enlightenmeant.com


BLUE ASH AREA. Massage therapy room for rent in an established office. $525/mo. 7351 E. Kemper Rd., Ste. A, call 513.520.8429 for more info.



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SPACE AVAILABLE BEAUTIFUL, ENERGIZED SPACE FOR RENT. $15/hour for lovely consult room, classroom and therapy rooms at WholeCare. www.wholecarechiropractic.com 513.489.9515. lisahjames@yahoo.com

WHOLECARE. Dr. Jack Armstrong, Holistic Chiropractor. Babies to grandparents. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515. www.wholecarechiropractic.com

Mary Ellen Moore, VCSW, BCT Craniosacral practitioner & teacher


INTEGRATIVE LIFE HEALING JUDI A. WINALL, M.Div., CIH, CLYT. Re-claim the power and authority of your own life. 513.899.3115. www.SoulEmpowerment.com

 www.synergyholistichealth.com  www.dynamicstillness.com         INTUITIVE READINGS       BY PHONE. SAGE WOMAN.    Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic. ENERGY HEALERS &  HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS Be Empowered. 513.490.4693.

REV. FRANCINE HAYDON. Reiki,  Kolaimni, Crystal Energy Work.  513.248.8772, francine.haydon@fuse.net ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹ď€Œď€? www.foresthouseofhealing.com Proof Date: 04/18/15

sagewomen61@gmail.com. www.connectingwiththegoddesswithin.com


INNER COMPASS. Intuitive life ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ coaching, spiritual leadership. Joanne Ref: Mil041815_ďŹ nal ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? Franchina. ACUPUNCTURE KONDOR. Breathwork, family 513.587.9855. Designer:CARRIEads@wholeliving... ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ constellation sound coding practitioner. www.YourInnerCompass.com MIMI TAGHER, LAc. Also Craniosacral, Size Size: 1/32 and page (2.25â€?x1)" ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? Supporting clientsď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚ in unlocking their Truth TCM. Cincy & N-Ky. 859.525.5000. to their truest potential. 513.549.6445. C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, www.synergyholistichealth.com    www.cariatherapy.com. Toltec Master Teacher. 513.549.4607.    carrie@cariatherapy.com www.enlightenmeant.com Astrology 10663 Loveland-Madeira Rd., Su  Page          513.752.9288 • Fax SIVA: Self-Insight via Astrology. Use         ROBERT       TARA L. ROBINSON. astrology to inspire creative action. & LINDA VOGES. Energy Life and ads@wholelivin       Healing       Siva.appalachia@gmail.com Relationship Coach. Women, Family, Systems. Certified ThetaHealing  https://sivanappalachia.wordpress.com/ Couples, Teens. Also helping Writers and Practitioners/Teachers; Certified Reiki   Speakers. Ongoing Soul Conversations Master Teachers 812.594.2705. rbtvoges@  Women Circle. See ad page 13. yahoo.com www.risingsunwellnessspa.com CHIROPRACTORS   LifeDynamicsTara@gmail.com DR. JACK ARMSTRONG. Beyond the   back for 30 years. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515. ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹ď€Œď€? ď€Œď€? www.wholecarechiropractic.com KENDRA WILBURN. Certified ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹  ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ Mind Body Bridging Practitioner; Life ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? & Career Coach. Stress Management CLASSES & WORKSHOPS ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? Specialist. 513.314.9659 ď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? kendra@careerbydesignllc.com C. PIC MICHEL. Art and Creative Practice.   ď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚ 513.549.4607. www.enlightenmeant.com   HEALING CENTERS  MASSAGE  INNER COMPASS. Meditation, STILLPOINT CENTER FOR  GLORIA ESENWEIN, LMT.Revive mediumship, manifestation, metaphysics. HEALING ARTS. Massage Therapy, Restore. 513.481.7400.   Joanne Franchina, guest instructors. Yoga, Shamanism, Counseling. www.ahealingplacemassage.com   11223 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 302. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com   513.489.5302. www.stillpointtherapy.com KENDRA NIESE, LMT. 513.646.3689. See ad on page 11.   W h o l e  

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ROBERT REPASKY, LMT. Oncology Massage. DancingHeartMassage.com. 513.505.5737.

ORGANIZING SPACES The Mess Mender Polly Giblin Hands-on, non-judgmental help with de-cluttering 513-305-0401 www.pollygiblin.com


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CLARK ECHOLS. Licensed Therapist. Specializes in depression, anger, anxiety using cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and spiritual, techniques. Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. 513.791.5990. www.clarkechols.com

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Reflexology MARY WHALEN. Certified Reflexologist 513.561.8246

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TAROT CARD READINGS CELTIC TAROT CARD & PALM READINGS/PARTIES. Francine Haydon. 513.248.8772, francine.haydon@fuse.net www.foresthouseofhealing.com


UNITY OF GARDEN PARK. Rev. Kathy Engelhardt. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. 45239. ALL ARE WELCOME. Sundays at 11am. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org



“Accurate & compelling readings” -Cincinnati Magazine 513-929-0406 VictoryofLight.com

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GARY MATTHEWS. Energy work, Breathwork and Shamanic techniques. Call 513.722.1917 for appt. www.ShamanicCounselor.com

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ANNE STEFFEN-RUSSO. Readings, Intuitive energy practitioner, 513.473.7447, by appointment. www.EnergeticAnswers.com

oaching - Reik i



COLLEEN DOHERTY. Evidential Medium, Intuitive Psychic. 513.515.1751.

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PSYCHICS & CLAIRVOYANTS INNER COMPASS. Evidential, insightful readings. Joanne Franchina. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com


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HAPPY SPINE, KRISTEN FRYER. Pilates, Alexander Technique, Theta Healing. Northside. 513.401.0668. www.happyspine.us

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JACCOLIN FRANCHINA. Certified regressionist; alsopast-life readings. 513.528.5185. www,jaccolin.com

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JUDY PEACE-PALMISTRY, ASTROLOGY & TAROT. Tools for transformation and self understanding. In service for 22 years. Available for personal sessions or entertainment. 859.491.7885. silvorwing@aol.com

RADIO PROGRAMs WAVES OF A NEW AGE, WAIF88.3FM. Hosts Tara L. Robinson and Judy Peace. Tuesdays, 3-5pm on WAIF 88.3FM or WAIF app, or listen live at www.waif883.org. Soul-filled sounds and conscious conversation. Archived show recordings on Facebook. www.WavesofaNewAge.org

*Individual 30 minute sessions * Love Offering Basis When: 3rd Sunday of each month Time: 12:30 - 2 pm Where: Unity of Garden Park 3581 West Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 Info: www. unityofgardenpark.org

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Weekly Radio Show - Waves of a New Age Tuesdays, 3-5pm on WAIF 88.3FM

Conscious Conversations with Today᾿s Leaders LISTEN LIVE ONLINE www.waif883.org Links to recorded shows on FB

calendar of Events September THURS • SEPT 1-22

Neck in Alignment/Bones for Life, w/Cynthia Allen, 6:30-7:45pm, $60/ 4 classes. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

THURS • SEPT 1 - 29

Madeira Farmers' Market, 3:30-7pm. Local. Farm. Fresh. Live Entertainment. Corner of Dawson & Miami, Madeira. 45243. www.madeirafarmersmarket.com


Helping Parents Heal, 7pm. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, White Oak. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org Rev. Pat Williamson, 11am. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, White Oak. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org


Honor Your Elders Day, Madeira Farmers' Market, 3:30-7pm. Donations for Hospice, Seniors Shopping. www.madeirafarmersmarket.com


An Evening of Grace and Conversation, w/ authors of #1 bestseller 365 Moments of Grace, music, panel discussion, Q&A, book signing. 7-9:30, New Thought Unity, 1401 E McMillan. Info star@igniteradiance.com. See ad page 21


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Toy Swap & Toy Drop-off, 5-7pm, free. New Church of Montgomery, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale. www.NewChurchofMontgomery.org


Toy Swap & Exchange, 9-12pm, free. New Church of Montgomery, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale. www.NewChurchofMontgomery.org


Subduing the Dis-ease Dragon, 7pm, free. The ABCs of Creating Conditions for Healing. Northside LIIFT, 4251 Hamilton Ave. Cinci. 45223. 513.444.0190. www.thriversoup.com

TUES • SEPT 13 – OCT 11

Living Life in the Flow ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 1-2:30pm, $50/pre-reg discount. Centennial Barn, 110 Compton Rd. Cinci, OH 45215. 513.405.1514. www.harmonicpulsewellness.com


Healing/Drumming, 7-10pm, w/Bob Laake Healing Drummer, love donation. All Welcome, several healing practitioners & tables. Grace Episcopal Church, College Hill, 5501 Hamilton Ave.

WEDS • SEPT 14 – OCT 12

Engage Your Inner Healer ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 6:30-8pm, $50/pre-reg discount. Gather Studio/College Hill, 6110 Hamilton Ave, 45224. 513.405.1514. www.harmonicpulsewellness.com

THURS • SEPT 15 – OCT 13

Pure Potential ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 9:30-11am, $50/pre-reg discount. Gather Studio/College Hill, 6110 Hamilton Ave. 45224. 513.405.1514. www.harmonicpulsewellness.com



Radio interview w/Thriver Soup, author Heidi Bright, 10-11am. Women’s Hour–Giving Voice to the Feminine. www.conscioustalk.net. More at www.thriversoup.com

FRI – SUN • SEPT 16, 17 & 18

Silent weekend retreat/Mini-Sesshin, w/Zen master Ama Samy, all-day/$250/single room, $150 for commuter. St. Anne Retreat Center, 5275 St. Anne Drive, Melbourne KY. www.lovelandzen.org


Introduction to Essential Oils, 1pm, free. Hyde Park Branch Library, 2747 Erie Ave. 513.369.4456. www.programs@cincinnatilibrary.org Reiki I Certification, w/Pam Bronner, 10-4pm, $75. Learn to heal yourself & others, lunch included. Erlanger. 859.391.0522. PamAnn49@gmail.com

SAT & SUN • SEPT 17 & 18

Mediumship Mastery Program Year One, w/ Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, $2050. 1st of 8 wknds in 2016-2017. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com (See ad page 11)

SAT • SEPT 17, MONS • SEPT 26, OCT 24 & NOV 7 & 21

Talk to the Angels Class, w/Patti Kessler, Sat 9-12:30pm, Mons 7-8:30pm, $188. 10501 Success Lane, Dayton OH. 513.240.1602. www.patti@pattikessler.com

MON – SAT • SEPT 19 - 24

Silent meditation retreat/Sesshin, w/Zen master Ama Samy, all-day/$460/single room. St. Anne Retreat Center, 5275 St. Anne Drive, Melbourne KY. www.lovelandzen.org


Shamanic Journeying, 7-9pm, w/Larry Crockett, shamanic practitioner, $15. Bring light snack. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH 45040. RSVP Req’d. 513.702.4589.

WED • SEPT 21 & 28

Stress Less, Sleep More, w/Larry Wells, 6-8pm, $35. Bring a mat & pillow. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

WED • SEPT 21 & OCT 19

Joyful Healing Laughing Yoga, 7pm, free. Symmes Township Branch Library, 11850 East Enyart Rd. 513.369.6001. www.cincinnatilibrary.org/programs


Fall Rummage Sale, 9am. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, White Oak. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org

Live Concert GuruGanesha Band, w/ Spirit Voyage founder GuruGanesha, benefit concert for Ramana’s Garden, 7pm, only $25 in advance/$35 at door, Fath Auditorium at Cincinnati Arts Museum. Tickets can be purchased at: https://tickets. brightstarevents.com/event/guruganeshaband-cincinnati (See ad page 11) Usui Reiki Master IIIa, w/ JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, $225. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours. 502.777.3865. www.joannutley.byregion.net

SAT • SEPT 24 & OCT 8

Yoga, w/Gina Belew, 10:30am, free. Resv reqd. Anderson Township Branch Library, 7450 State Rd. 513.369.6030. www.cincinnatilibrary.org/programs


Holistic & Wellness Fair, 12-6pm. 20+ local & area vendors. East Cincy Yoga, 503 W. Main St. Batavia, Oh 45103. www.eastcincyoga.com


World Service Meditation, 7-9pm, w/Jim Wachter, Minister/Meditation Leader, love donation. Bring snack. RSVP Req’d. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 45040. 513.702.4589.


Hypnotherapy, w/Pam Bronner, 7-9pm, free. Learn how hypnotherapy can help you & experience a group session. Erlanger. 859.391.0522. PamAnn49@gmail.com


Raising Backyard Chickens, 6:30pm, free. Westwood Branch Library, 3345 Epworth Ave. 513.369.4474.www.cincinnatilibrary.org/programs Thriver Soup book signing and soup tasting, 3:30-6:30pm. The Bookshelf booth, Madeira Farmers’ Market, downtown Madeira, Ohio.

FRI – MON • SEPT 30 – OCT 2

5th Annual Creative Collaborative Retreat, special Saturday session w/Tara L. Robinson. Clarify Simplify Connect. Write ON. Transfiguration Spirituality Center, Glendale, OH. www.creativecollaborativeretreats.com (See ad and article page 9)


Meditation for Spiritual Seekers, w/Joanne Franchina, 1-5pm, $45. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com (See ad page 11)

SAT & SUN • OCT 1 & 2

Laughter Yoga/Certified Training, w/Judi A. Winall & Pam Hall, 9-5pm, $285/by Sept. 1, afterward $299. Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Mason, OH. 513.899.3115. www.JoyfulHealingLaughter. com (See ad page 9)


Learn about Teas & Herb, 6pm, free. Make three tea bags. Sharonville Branch Library, 10980 Thornview Dr. Resv reqd. 513.369.6049. www.cincinnatilibrary.org/programs

FRI – SUN • 0CT 7, 8 & 9

Celebrate a Greater Flow of Love & Connection, w/Francesca Mason Boring, 9-6, $400. Jesuit Spiritual Center. Info: annebbecker@gmail.com

SAT • OCT 15

Day in Spirit, w/Pam Bronner, 3-9pm, $20. Sharing, learning, prayer, Reiki, & full moon meditation, dinner included. Erlanger, 859.391.0522. PamAnn49@gmail.com

SAT & SUN • OCT 15 - 16

Spirituality and You. Joyful, restorative weekend for women. Workshops, private healing sessions, delicious meals. At Historic Veraestau estate, Aurora, Indiana, 25 miles from downtown Cincinnati. Come for the weekend or one day. Ann 812.290.6090. spiritualityandyou.vpweb.com

SUN • OCT 16

Open House/The New School Montessori, 2-4pm. 3 Burton Wood Lane, North Avondale. 513.281.7999. www.newschoolmontessori.com

WED • OCT 19

NLP for Better Relationships, w/Larry Wells, 6-8pm, $40. Neuro Linguistic Programming. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com


Fall Festival, Madeira Farmers' Market, 3:30-6:30pm. 8000 Miami Ave. Madeira. 45243. www.madeirafarmersmarket.com

THUR • OCT 27 – NOV 17

Walking with Trekking Poles, w/Cynthia Allen, 6:30-8pm, $80/4 classes. Learn to walk with power & ease. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

FRI • OCT 28

Mystic Message Event, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, guest presenters, 7-9 pm, $20. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com (See ad page 11)

SAT & SUN • OCT 8 & 9


MON • OCT 10 – NOV 7

PiYo, Pilates, Yoga & Cardio, w/Becky Perkins, 6:30-7:30pm, $10. Performing Arts Academy, 4400 Lewis St. 45044. 513.594.7242. Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons RYT, 10-11:15am, members 6/$65 others 6/$85. Fitton Cntr. for Creative Arts, 101 S. Monument St, Hamilton, OH. 513.863.8873, cell 513.259.4317. ombevysue@yahoo.com

Certifiied Laughter Yoga Training, w/Patrick Murphy Welage, 9-5pm, $200/lunches included. Vitality Cincinnati, 3925 Montgomery Rd. Norwood, OH 45212. 513.607.1830. www.WorldPeaceLaughter.com Usui Reiki I & II, w/JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, I-$135, II-$185. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours daily. 502.777.3865.

Meditation Sitting Made Easier/Feldenkrais, w/Cynthia Allen, 6-7:15pm, $75/5 classes. Sit better.4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

September - October 2016



Chair Yoga, w/April Aloisio, 10-11am, $6. Church of the Redeemer, 2944 Erie Ave. 45208. 513.205.6353.

Living W h o l e Journal


Tai Chi, w/Pamela, 6-7pm, first class free, dropin $12. East Cincy Yoga, 503 W. Main St. Batavia Oh 45103. 513.331.9525. www.eastcincyoga.com Waves of a New Age, WAIF/88.3FM, w/Tara L. Robinson & Judy Peace, 3-5pm. Conscious Conversations with leading authors and teachers. Listen online: www.WAIF883.org or via the Free WAIF app for all smart devices. “Like” us on Facebook! Archived interviews on FB.


Chair Yoga, w/April Aloisio, 4-5pm, $45 unlimited. Harmony Healing Arts, LLC, 7146 Office Park Dr. 45069. 513.424.4730. Eat, Pray, Share for a Deeper Connection, 6pm. NTUC 1401 E McMillan, Cincinnati. www.ntunity.org Gentle Yoga, w/April Aloisio, 5:30-6:30pm, $45 unlimited. Harmony Healing Arts, LLC, 7146 Office Park Dr. 45069. 513.424.4730. New Thought Unity Center, 6pm. We are here to experience Spirituality & food. 1401 E McMillan, Cinci. www.ntunity.org Yin Yoga, w/Linn, 7-8pm, first class free, drop-in $12. East Cincy Yoga, 503 W. Main St. Batavia, Oh 45103. 513.331.9525. www.eastcincyoga.com Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons, 6:30-7:30pm, members 6/$50 others 6/$55. Elisha Morgan Mansion, Gilbert Farms Park, Ross Rd. Fairfield,OH. 513.867.5348, cell 513.259.4317. ombevysue@yahoo.com


Madeira Farmers' Market, 3:30-6:30pm. Local. Farm. Fresh. Live Entertainment. 8000 Miami Ave. Madeira. 45243. www.madeirafarmersmarket.com

Divinity Spiritual Service, 11am, love offering. Divinity Spiritual Church, 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, Ohio 45014. 513.289.2914. Divinity Spiritual Service Online Your Location, 7pm, love offering. 513.289.2914. Experience Spirituality, 10:30am. Come for the message, stay for the love. NTUC 1401 E McMillan, Cincinnati. www.ntunity.org New Thought Unity Center, 10:30am. Universal Wholeness through spiritual healing & transformation. 1401 E McMillan, Cinci. www.ntunity.org United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church/USCL, 9:50-10:20am/healing, 10:30am/ service. 11006 Reading Rd. Ste 202, Cinci. OH. 25241. www.uscl.org Unity of Garden Park Church, 9:30-10:40am, adult learning & sharing mastermind prayer group, service w/Rev. Kathy Engelhardt, 11am. All are welcome. See ad. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, 45239.513.385.8889.www.UnityofGardenPark.org

Search for God, w/Jeff Gaunce, 6:30-8:30pm. Improve your relationships, grow in your spirituality. Reading, discussion, prayer, meditation. Erlanger. 859.746.1019. soloflight@fuse.net

Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons, 6-7:15pm, 1st free, 1/$9, 3/$25, 6/$50 to be used anytime. Mother Earth, 5158 Pleasant Ave, Fairfield,OH. 513.894.1131, cell 513.259.4317. ombevysue@yahoo.com


Angel's Wings Resale Shop, Wed/10-2, Sat/ 10-4, Sun/12-3. Shoppers & donations welcome. 2409 Grandview Ave, E Walnut Hills.



Book Circle for Soul Searchers, w/Diane Sears, 7-9pm, $10/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com (See ad page 11) Infusion Cincinnati, 6:30-8pm, free, donations accepted. Talk + Music + Connection. Join the brightest game-changers in town to light up the city! Columbia Center, 3500 Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226 Facebook: Infusion Cincinnati



Center for Spiritual Living, w/Rev. C. Dee Coy, Sun 10:30-11:30am, Wed 6:30-7:30pm. We honor & welcome everyone, whatever you are on your spiritual path. 5701 Murray Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45227 office 513.218.2128. www.cslgc.org


Living W h o l e Journal


Shamanic Journey class, w/Gary Matthews, 6:30-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Thurs. Meditation class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302. Blue Ash. 513.489.5302. www.StillpointTherapy.com

Healing Energy Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, Guest Presenters, 7-9pm, $10/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com



Mediumship Development Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, 7-9 pm, $20/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com (See ad page 11)

PiYo, Pilates, Yoga & Cardio, w/Becky Perkins, 8-9am, $45 unlimited. Harmony Healing Arts, LLC, 7146 Office Park Dr. 45069. 513.424.4730.


Meditation class, w/Gary Matthews, 7-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Fri. Shamanic Journey class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302, Blue Ash. 513.489.5302. www.StillpointTherapy.com




Chair Yoga for Parkinson’s & Special Populations, w/April Aloisio, 11-noon, $6. Springfield Twp. Senior Center, 9158 Winton Rd. 45231. 513.205.6353.

Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20/ session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com Reiki Circle/Sharing the Light, w/Pam Bronner, 6:30-9pm. Discussion, prayer, meditation, Reiki. Erlanger. 859.391.0522. PamAnn49@gmail.com


Higher Beings Wisdom Circle, w/Joanne


Laughter Yoga/Joyful Healing LY Club, w/Judi A. Winall & Pam Hall, 7pm, free. Symmes Township Library, 11850 Enyart Rd. 513.899.3115. www.JoyfulHealingLaughter.com (See ad page 9) Womenʼs Whine Group, w/Maureen Hollmeyer, 6:30-8:30pm, $10 cover at Mio Vino Winery. 513.205.9169. www.transitional-guidance.com Tarot Clinic, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20/session, 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.405.1626. www.vandeneynden.biz (See ad page 11)


Mediumship Development Circle, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.405.1626. www.vandeneynden.biz (See ad page 11)

next deadline: OCT 1 for Nov/Dec issue. We will print 5 events up to 20 words each for FREE as part of our service to the community. Email listings to events@wholelivingjournal.com. All Ongoing events MUST be renewed each issue by the deadline. Please follow our format to ensure accuracy: Day of Week, Month Date, Title, Presenter, Time, Cost, Location, Contact info.

September - October 2016

Living W h o l e Journal


project Xpress PH: 513.900.8150 | service@proxusa.com | www.proxusa.com

Creating home solutions to fit YOUR needs and lifestyle. Dear Valued Customer,

Services Provided • Electrical • Plumbing • Decks • Drywall Repair • Baths • Ceramic Tile • Window Repair • Exterior Trim Repair • Grab Bars • Cabinets & Shelving • Doors & Hardware

Special Offer Ceiling Fans

$80.00 ea. Special includes labor only for replacing existing ceiling fan.

(Additional work may be required if switching from light fixture to ceiling fan) expires 12/31/16


Living W h o l e Journal

Customers are a vital part of our team. Many are repeat clients and refer their neighbors, family and friends. We have been providing professional service and excellence in the home and commercial industry for over 10 years. We would like to present to you this exclusive offer. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to be of service. Please see details below!

$ Special Offer Special Offer Decks & Baths

10% off all Labor:

Plumbing, Electrical, Cabinets, Flooring, Trim, Doors & Windows expires 12/31/16



Paint 1 Bedroom

(Approx. Size 12'x12') Porter Paint® & Sherwin Williams®

Special includes labor for walls only (Paint & Trim separate). expires 12/31/16

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Whole Living Journal SeptOct16  

Living Happy, Living Healthy! A healthy-living magazine supporting whole wellness in body, mind and spirit as well as the search for somethi...

Whole Living Journal SeptOct16  

Living Happy, Living Healthy! A healthy-living magazine supporting whole wellness in body, mind and spirit as well as the search for somethi...