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Life Loves You

BY Louise Hay and Robert Holden, PHD

The Divine Joy of Letting Go Silver Linings

Living Living Happy Living Healthy

BY Panache Desai

BY Jennifer Flick

Feel Better Fast

BY Becca Vaughn BY Shakti Sutriasa, LCSW

10 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

BY Leah E. Mccullough

Grounding: The Key to Ascension


What Does Your Desk Say About You?

BY Kac Young, PHd

by Julia Cat Martin

Columns 6 EnlightenMeant Cartoon 20 Herbs ‘n Such 23 Intuitive Insights

by C. Pic Michel.

by francine haydon & patricia garry


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Letter from the Editor

Tara L. Robinson,

We Did It!


his is a letter of celebration and gratitude...and awe.

On December 17th (it was a Wednesday, the Wednesday before Winter Solstice, and the Wednesday right after we had gone to print with the Jan/Feb issue, which is why you’re just reading about this now) my phone rang as I was dashing out the door to meet my husband for Christmas shopping. I was in my garage, halfway in my van, juggling my purse, my shopping list, a library book and my phone when I looked down at my ringing phone and froze. The call was from California. From a number I didn’t recognize. I had been waiting for days for a call from California from a number I didn’t recognize. I was frozen in place, but knew I had to pull it together quickly because I definitely didn’t want to miss this call. “Hello, this is Tara,” I said in my most confident, professional, and forcefully relaxed voice. Time stopped for the briefest moment as I realized I was not in the ideal environment for this to be happening. I was standing in my cold garage with my arms full and I was out of breath from rushing out the door. But, oh well, I guess this was how I was going to remember it forever because I definitely didn’t want to miss this call. A laid back voice, with a slight southern drawl that sounded like butter, if butter had a sound, said, “Hi Tara, this is Reid Tracy from Hay House calling to let you know The Ultimate Risk is the winner of the Ft. Lauderdale Writing From Your Soul contest.” OMG! Reid Tracy, President and CEO of Hay House, was calling to tell me I won! I won a $10,000 advance and publishing contract. Hay House was going to publish my book! My thoughts tumbled into each other so fast I completely lost all sense of etiquette and I replied...okay, actually I squealed into the phone, “I’ve been waiting for this call!” You see, I had very much been waiting for the call, but I had started to have my doubts about receiving it. I had known the winner was going to be announced on Winter Solstice, Sunday, December 21st and I knew they would notify the winner before making the announcement. On Monday I had started to feel nervous, and by Wednesday I had been feeling certain they would have contacted the winner already. I had come up with all kinds of reasons why they would have chosen someone else. “My website isn’t good enough, I don’t spend enough time on it. Darn, why haven’t I spent more time on my website? I’m not good about posting blogs regularly, they would want to see a healthy up-to-date blog. My book proposal wasn’t unique enough. They couldn’t pick me because I spoke at the conference, it would seem an unfair advantage.” The voices in my head went on and on. However, I also had a voice of faith in my heart and it kept telling me, “It’s not over until it’s over.” And suddenly I found myself pacing my garage and nearly screaming into the phone to Reid Tracy, “I wish you knew what it feels like to be ME right now!” He laughed.

I asked him to give me a second because I wanted to breathe and remember everything about the conversation. I didn’t want to lose my mind in the excitement and think of questions after we hung up, or wish I would have said something, or couldn’t remember a word he said after “I’m calling to tell you The Ultimate Risk is the winner.” I said, “I can’t believe I’m talking to you right now.” And he replied, (this is the best part!), “Well, now you can talk to me anytime you want. You’re a part of the family.” I knew I would be part of the Hay House family someday, I just knew it. I didn’t know when and I didn’t know how, but for many years it was my vision…my ultimate goal. As a writer, Hay House is my first choice of publishers, by far. However, as a writer, I also know the plight of getting a first book published. Dr. Seuss’ first book was rejected 26 times. So words can’t express the depth of gratitude and awe I feel for being given this gift and opportunity of having my first book published by my first choice publisher, without having to suffer a single rejection. What? That’s crazy. And beautiful. And humbling. And magnificent. And it says a lot that I don’t have words to express my feelings because I’m a writer, I always have words. Like I said, I didn’t know when and I didn’t know how, I just knew what. However, the “how” part of this story still blows my mind. If you haven’t followed the saga over the past year, it has been quite a journey. Most of it can be found in previous issues of Whole Living Journal. I’ve done my best to chronicle the main parts as they’ve unfolded in my Letter from the Editor beginning with the MarApr ’14 issue. The adventure began with me almost missing an interview with bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer. One man decided not to commit suicide as a result of the interview, and Dr. Dyer published my story in his newsletter. My co-host Judy Peace set the intention to “hold the light for each other.” She organized a fundraiser that sent me to Florida last May for the Hay House Writing From Your Soul workshop where I met Dr. Dyer in person and spoke at the event from my perspective as an editor/publisher. After that, countless lives were changed as I accepted submissions from aspiring writers at the conference and published many of them in WLJ. A business, Chakraful Expressions, was born after one writer wrote an article for us (see article page 12) and now Hay House is going to publish my book. The Ultimate Risk: Living with Passion and Purpose will be released in 2016. Thank you to everyone who has supported this venture financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and by sending good vibes my way. It has been a community effort and now it’s a community celebration. I’ll be telling my story and sharing more behind-the-scenes details at Garden Park Unity March 29th during the service. I᾿ll present the first seminar on my book at Victory of Light in April. In gratitude,

March - April 2015

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Come Alive in Tuscany!

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er Training om

“WOW! I honestly got chills of excitement reading about your call from Reid Tracy (President, Hay House)! Thanks sooo much for sharing. Here’s the thing, Tara, I want you to know I had the same reaction when I got the call from you that my article was going to be published in your magazine! I was (and have been) dancing on air ever since! You see, in many ways, you gave me the gift Reid gave you - opportunity along with validation of passion, effort and competence as a writer. I know what you’re feeling - and thank you for that! You᾿re amazing, Tara - and now you᾿re going to have a book published by Hay House. Along with your talent and brilliance as a writer and entrepreneur, you have an incredibly generous spirit. All that to say, what goes around comes around, and I think that your talent, brilliance and generous spirit combined make you an obvious choice for the winner of the contest. I just had to take a moment and respond to your newsletter email with this because I want you to know - you soooo deserve it!”


Infusion Cincinnati is a free monthly community gathering open to the public with discussions every month town-hall-style about living with passion and purpose. Join the brightest game-changers in town as we explore how to live with passion and purpose, in the flow. Infusion goers are adventurers and (r)evolutionaries who get together to share aha moments and soul nourishment. The goal: shining powerfully together so we can light up this city! Each meeting includes music and a speaker to kick off the discussion, but then the mic is open and everyone has an opportunity to share what they think about the topic, or what makes them light up inside. What are your passions? What᾿s on your heart? We want to know! Prefer not to talk? That᾿s okay, we invite you to listen and be inspired. In February, Liz Loring and Gary Pennington led a discussion about Circling Love. Wayne Adkins provided the music. In March, Bob Pawlowski will introduce the topic Hacking Happiness: What the Science of Happiness is Telling Us About How to Live with Higher Consciousness. Larry Gross will sing. Infusion meets every 2nd Tuesday 6:30-8pm at Rohs Street Cafe, 245 W. McMillan St, 45219. Please leave extra time for parking, and plan to stay after for coffee and conversation. Enjoy reading Whole Living Journal? You᾿ll LOVE Infusion! Be a part of the movement and let YOUR light shine! Join the conversation on Facebook: Infusion Cincinnati

Avery 5371

Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby (Ontario, Canada)

Living W h o l e Journal

Avery 5371

Life Loves You

7 Spiritual Practices

to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and Robert Holden, Ph.D.

Knowing that life loves you is the secret to loving yourself and to living a life you love.” ~ Louise Hay

Louise Hay, 88-year-old author and founder of Hay House, has been crowned ‟Queen of the New Age” and named the ‟Doyenne of Self-Help.” She has been an inspiration to millions since her best-selling book You Can Heal Your Life was published in 1984. She recently joined creative forces with Robert Holden, best-selling author of Shift Happens! and Loveability, to write a new book in which readers will delve into the power of one of Louise’s most loved affirmations: Life Loves You. Together, Louise and Robert look at what “Life loves YOU” really means—that life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you. Life is on your side. And when you understand and live in line with this philosophy of basic trust, you open yourself up to countless opportunities to experience greater happiness, creativity, prosperity, and love. But the authors don’t expect readers to take their word for it. In fact, they outline seven practical and straightforward experiments that will help readers experience the loving universe for themselves. These practices include:

• Look in the Mirror ~ learning about Mirror Principle and self-love • Affirm Your Life ~ creating a Personal Manifesto of affirmations for your life • Follow Your Joy ~ trusting your inner wisdom and creating an Affirmation Board • Forgive the Past ~ healing your future, releasing the past, and living in the present.

• Practice Gratitude Now ~ appreciating the good in your life • Live with Prosperity ~ living with an abundance mindset • Paint the Future ~ visualizing and creating the life you want

As readers go through the book, they will see more and more clearly that they are supported in all they do. They will understand that they live in a friendly universe. And they will begin to see life in a new way so they can heal themselves and the world around them. About the Authors: Louise Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 40 million books sold worldwide. For more than 30 years, Louise has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. Louise is the founder and chairman of Hay House, Inc., which disseminates books, CDs, DVDs, and other products that contribute to the healing of the planet. Robert Holden, Ph.D., is the creator of the Loveability program. His work on psychology and spirituality has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, and a PBS special called “Shift Happens.” His corporate clients include Dove and its Campaign for Real Beauty. Robert hosts a weekly show on Hay House Radio called Shift Happens!

March - April 2015

Living W h o l e Journal


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Michelle Griffith Equine Gestalt Coach (937) 725-5703


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The Divine

Joy of

Letting Go by Panache Desai


f only I were a size 4.” ‟I should have married someone who was wealthy and successful.” ‟I can’t get healthy. I’m too busy taking care of my family.”

Are you guilty of prequalifying how your life needs to show up, mired in ‘if only’, ‘can’t’, and ‘should have’? Is your way getting in the way of the Divine’s plan? The Divine is an infinite energy, the source of all things, continually at work in your life to bring you all that you need: not what you want, but truly what you need. The people, places, situations and scenarios that are a part of your highest good are consistently placed in your path and, in some cases, right in front of you. The blinders of predetermined expectations and outcomes hinder your capacity to be present to the coincidences and synchronicity provided at the hand of a limitless universal presence.

Perspective Eludes Us From our limited perspective, the Divine’s ways are impossible to understand. There is no crystal ball in which to gaze, and we can’t fast forward five years to view the outcomes of what’s placed in our path right now. The only quality required of each of us is TRUST. Trust how life is unfolding rather than limiting your capacity to be open to a life more miraculous than even you can imagine. I continue to be awestruck by the unexpected and unforeseen ways I’m being moved through life. While I knew I would facilitate something to support humanity, I never anticipated or expected that it would look the way it does today. I am the most unlikely of messengers, and in my mind I was the last person God would choose to convey its love vibrationally. In giving my life over to the Divine, surrendering control and releasing expectations, I have become the benefactor of countless blessings. I have traveled the globe, met world leaders, gathered together a global community, found my life partner and am now the father of four beautiful children. In all of this, I have never forgotten the source of it all, the sweet beloved presence that lovingly guides me in every moment.

Release Expectations It’s time to birth a new way of being. Spirit is inviting you to reconnect with your higher self. Surrender your will, live from your soul, and allow the Divine to bring you the unlimited possibilities you were born to experience. If you need a little help letting go of limitations that don’t serve your greater calling, here is a simple yet powerful tool you can use each morning. Affirm out loud: I am open to receive and trust in all you have planned for me. The spark has ignited. Pay attention as your angels and guides will come in the unlikeliest of forms and, above all else, follow and trust your heart. Your willingness to remain connected and ready to receive increases your awareness of a life beyond your wildest dreams. About the author: Panache Desai is a contemporary thought leader and author who has appeared with Oprah Winfrey on the Emmy® Award-winning OWN series, Super Soul Sunday and was featured on the season finale, Soul 2 Soul: Asking Life’s Big Questions. He is a featured speaker at OMEGA Institute for Holistic Studies and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. He has addressed the United Nations Enlightenment Society and has collaborated with internationally recognized spiritual teachers including Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Ram Dass and Neale Donald Walsch. In May 2014, he published his first book, Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33Day Path to Purpose, Passion, and Joy (Random House/Spiegel & Grau). Panache will be speaking at Conscious-Con in May.

March - April 2015

Living W h o l e Journal




by Jennifer Flick ight years ago a significant lesson presented itself in my life. It started with the letter C and rhymed with the reindeer named Prancer. I never attach this word to myself anymore because it and its energy are gone from my life. Whenever I speak of this time, I use a different C word. I refer to it as a c-hapter in my Book of Life. What a chapter! Its pages detail the full spectrum of emotions and bring some of my life’s greatest awakenings. I thank God daily I was open to them. My children were 10 and 5 years old when this chapter began. At first blush, it would be easy to think, ‟Oh, how horrible!” But, actually, it was pivotal to my salvation. They infused childlike energy and innocence into the journey and they created within me a deep passion to survive. Words like “chemotherapy” and “radical double mastectomy” appear on the pages of this chapter. I learned, however, to be my own dictionary. Words are just a series of letters strung together. We can actually choose the meaning and the power we give them. So for me, the word “chemotherapy” translated into “a time for reflection, transformation, and rebirthing.” “Radical double mastectomy” came to mean “Evolving Warrior Goddess.” About three-fourths of the way through this chapter, the word “radiation” appeared. Miraculously this word needed no revision. It held true to its authentic meaning. Radiation: the act of shining or glowing. During the weeks of radiation, my hair slowly began growing back. It was painfully apparent it was coming in mostly grey. I could not color it because my scalp still was visible through the tiny, emerging strands of hair. As this was the spring of my daughter’s final year in preschool, and I was “radiating” five days a week for six consecutive weeks, Olivia often accompanied me to my sessions. One day after a treat-


ment, my daughter and I left the building hand-in-hand and walked out into the brilliant April sunlight. Olivia stopped in her tracks, drew a loud breath and exclaimed, “Oh, Mama! Your hair!” All I could think was, ‟I know…it’s completely grey.” When I looked at Olivia, she instead was staring at me in total wonder. I asked her, “What is it, Sweet Pea?” She answered in amazement, “Your hair! It’s SOOOO sparkly!” Through His grace, God handed me a silver lining. That moment with Olivia lifted me beyond healing. It was truly transcendent. Any pain or sadness or angst I had been feeling evaporated. All that remained were feelings of pure love, joy, and an indelible acceptance of the here and now. There, in the radiation parking lot, I puffed out my chest (which ironically had been removed a month prior), and with a heart full of pride and gratitude, trotted to my car with my darling daughter’s hand in mine as “The Shining, Glowing Woman with the Sparkly Hair.” About the author: Jennifer Flick is a writer, an avid student of metaphysics, and a firm believer in integrating traditional medicine with holistic treatments to achieve optimum health. She received Reiki treatments during her healing journey and is now a Reiki Master Practitioner. Jennifer Flick sees clients at 3620 Glenmore Avenue in Cheviot, Ohio.

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    

Psychology of the Paranormal w/ victor Paruta. Friday 3/6, 7 - 9:30 pm. Unlocking the Mysteries of Akashic Wisdom & Power weekend w/ sharon Anne klingler. Friday–sunday, 3/27 - 3/29. What’s Your Ray? w/ Joanne franchina. saturday 4/18, noon – 3:30 pm. Message Circle Event w/ Joanne franchina, rose vanden eynden, guest Mediums. friday 4/24, 7 - 9 pm. Higher beings Wisdom Circle w/ Joanne Franchina, Rose vanden eynden. 2nd mondays, 7 - 9 pm. Best Year ever! Life coaching circle w/ Joanne franchina. 1st Tuesdays, 7 - 9 pm. Mediumship development Circle w/ Rose vanden eynden. 2nd wednesdays, 7 - 9 pm. tarot Clinic w/ Rose vanden eynden. 3rd Wednesdays, 7 - 9 pm.

10901 REEd HARtMAN hWY CiNCiNNAti OH 45242 . tarot Clinic w/ Rose biZ vanden eynden. 3rd513.587.9855 wednesdays, vAndeneYnden. 7 – 9 pm. YOURi NNER COMPAss.COM 513.405.1626 Psychology of the Paranormal w/ victor Paruta. saturday 2/28, 10 am – 12:30 pm.

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Better Fast

5 Minute Chakra Balancer by Becca Vaughn


oes your energy ever feel scattered and your stress level high? Do you spend all your time taking care of everyone else and run out time for yourself? If you are a person on the go and short on time then this handy 5 minute chakra balancer is for you! I have used it in the car, while I’m on a conference call, and I have even locked myself in the bathroom to use it and regain a sense of peace. There are seven chakras, or energy centers, that are in alignment with the spine. Each chakra represents a different trait and color. When they are balanced, life harmoniously flows in joyous directions. When they are out of balance we are likely to feel chaotic and stressed. Whenever you feel out of whack or off track, look to the below meaning of the chakras and center yourself with a quick meditation. This meditation will help you balance each chakra and give you a fast way to battle daily stress. I guarantee you will feel better. Quick tip: If you want more positive energy from a specific chakra, you can wear that chakra᾿s associated color. Let’s begin. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale visualize releasing all your stress, repeat 3 times (and really let it go). Then breathe at a pace that is comfortable and natural for you. We will repeat these steps at each chakra center:

1. Inhale and envision an energy ball (the color and location will change according to each chakra). 2. Exhale and imagine this glowing energy begin to spin in a clockwise direction. 3. Then on your next breaths repeat the chakra᾿s mantra 3 times silently or aloud. Here are the chakra centers, their locations, colors and affirmations. They are listed in order from first to last for this meditation:


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Root Chakra ~ Center of abundance and security Location: Base of spine - Color: RED Affirmation: “I am Abundant” Sacral Chakra ~ Center of creativity and emotions Location: 2 inches below navel - Color: ORANGE Affirmation: “I am Creative” Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Center of self-esteem and power Location: 2 inches above navel / abdomen Color: YELLOW Affirmation: “I am Bold” Heart Chakra ~ Center of love/wholeness Location: Heart - Color: GREEN Affirmation: “I am Love” Throat Chakra ~ Center of speaking truth Location: Throat - Color: BLUE Affirmation: “I am Free” Third Eye Chakra ~ Center of wisdom Location: Center of forehead Color: INDIGO Affirmation: “I am Awake”

Crown Chakra ~ Center of Divinity and miracles Location: Top of head - Color: VIOLET Affirmation: “I am Miraculous”

About the author: Becca Vaughn is a former Fortune 500 sales and marketing leader turned writer, speaker and yogi after a life changing shift in perception. She is the creator of a clothing line called Chakraful Expressions that is all based on the chakra system. The shirts correspond in color to its matching chakra and each shirt has a supporting “I AM” mantra. ( She can be reached at

The Wisdom to Know the


by Shakti Sutriasa, LCSW

he Serenity Prayer says, ‟God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.” I was at a conference recently when a journalist (Tara L. Robinson, editor of Whole Living Journal) spoke about her interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer. She’d asked about the Serenity Prayer and wondered how we know the difference? A few days later I found myself pondering this same question. How do I know when to surrender and when to act? And then it hit me. I can only change one thing. ME. My words, my actions and my thoughts are the only things truly within my control. When I decide to take control, I’m in charge and responsible for my life. From this place I feel empowered because I can indeed affect change and evolve myself. Accepting the things I cannot change is harder. We all want other people to change. And being a recovering perfectionist, I was always attempting to improve my spouse. Of course it never worked, instead it only created more tension, ill will and frustration for both of us. But even more than wanting to control the people in my life, I felt compelled to heal the world, vacuum up all the smog and carbon in the air, single handedly clean the oceans and rivers. Every time I heard about a natural disaster somewhere my heart just hurt and I felt responsible. I felt I had to do something about it. Then it dawned on me one day that I couldn’t. I couldn’t magically make everything better (at least not yet). Focusing on all of the negativity oppressed me too, and made me feel helpless. That’s when I had to re-think what I can and cannot change. I still care about our environment and about the people in my life but now instead of allowing myself to be overwhelmed, I ask, ‟What can I do?” I can love and accept my family. I can recycle, buy local or sustainable products, donate my time or money, drive a hybrid, ride a bike or walk. I can pray and envision the world I want for my children. The wisdom lies in the knowing – that all I have control over is me. At first it can sound limiting and limited. But in reality, when we change ourselves and how we show up in the world, we can change the world. So next time you’re wondering how to know the difference, ask yourself, “Is this about me, or about my need to control or save someone/something else?”


About the author: Shakti Sutriasa, LCSW is a life coach and counselor, author, educator and founder of Decide Differently, a personal development company whose mission is to engage people in the work of self transformation.

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Laughter Yoga Training May 2 & 3, 2015 ~ 9am-5pm

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Mason, OH $285 by April 18 ~ $295 afterward

Judi Winall

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YOU DON'T NEED A DOCTOR᾿S DIAGNOSIS! In the January/February issue of Whole Living Journal we announced the debut of a new book titled Out of Our Minds Onto Paper. There was a brief description of what it was about and why we were asking YOU to submit YOUR STORY – people really do want to share their stories and people want to know your story/poem. Since then we are happy to say YOU heard our call to action. But, we still need VOICES if we are to meet our goal of 500 stories/poems. Although submissions are ongoing, we hope to meet our first goal by Mental Health Awareness Week, May 11-19, 2015. Only YOU can make this happen. Only YOU and YOUR story can inspire, heal, and empower others. A few people have said, ‟I want to tell my story, share my poem, but I haven’t had a formal diagnosis by a doctor. However, I did have a traumatic experience that left me numb for years.” We aren’t doctors and you don’t need a diagnosis to submit your story/poem. Your story can be hopeful, happy, should be something heartfelt. One story we received was from a woman who was married for 43 years and out of nowhere her husband had a breakdown and what she learned about mental illness from her experience. The term mental illness emotionally ill/addiction/recovery/hope - encompasses much more than we can list. Our message, your message is to keep the talk going. We also have received inquiries about why we are collecting these stories/poems. 14

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We’re doing it: • Because there is power in numbers. • Because our society doesn't like to talk about “crazy,” but we must have these conversations to help people receive the assistance they need to heal. • Because, though we hear about celebrities with mental illness, thousands of nameless people also struggle with these conditions. • Because we strive to give a voice to the voiceless who suffer or have suffered from mental illness. They need our understanding. • Because I know Bipolar/PTSD and thrive ~ I am not my disease! Years ago, the television show The Naked City told viewers, “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.” I know there are at least eight million stories of mental illness to be told, and those stories begin and end with you—thank you to those of you brave enough to share your story/poem for the benefit of others. Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” We hope you will be part of the groundswell of people who choose to change the landscape of mental illness in the United States. STOP THE STIGMA. SHARE WITHOUT SHAME.

10 Steps



Your Dreams by Leah E. McCullough


ven though my most “famous” accomplishment is recovering from the supposedly incurable disease of fibromyalgia (plus a whole host of other issues), I feel I have done a lot of other “impossible” things in my life. Just to name a quick few: • I lost over 100 pounds • I became pregnant over the age of 40 without medical intervention • I quit smoking after 10 years • I found true love over the age of 30 • I finished the US Air Force Half Marathon Race

Now those things aren’t “impossible” in the truest sense of the word, but they are highly unlikely. I have studied books on success and metaphysics for over 20 years. All reports of success, including my own, seem to have a similar path of steps in common. Below are the major steps to achieving your “impossible” dreams:


Action! You can’t course correct a ship that is still at the dock. Get started with what you have right now: You do not necessarily know what you will need. The people, opportunities and equipment you need will come along. Excuses be gone! (Money, time, age, experience, etc.)

7. Include Other People

Only share your goals with people you are close to and are interested in similar goals. Be as careful about who you choose as you would be choosing someone to babysit your children.

8. Let Go and Let God


Problem – Solution: Two Sides of the Same Coin Figure out the main problem. Then ask, ‟What is the opposite of the problem?” You'll find the answer is the solution.

Practice detachment. This is the difference between owning the goal and the goal owning you. You can still care about the goal and invest in it, but go with the flow enough to let the magic happen. Leave room for something better than what you can envision. Let your heart be your guidance system. Stumbling blocks can be just directional markers.

2. Develop a Definite Major Purpose/Goal

9. Celebrate Small Victories Along the Way

Write it down! Remember doubts, fears and worries are natural obstacles. Write them out too.


Ignite Your Imagination Take some time for prayer, visualization, meditation, meridian tapping and affirmations to really explore your Definite Major Purpose.


Gather Information Possible sources are: the internet, seminars or courses, interviews with successful people, and books (try the private libraries of those successful people).

5. Develop a Plan

A bad plan is better than no plan, and any plan can be made better along the way. (95% of all battle plans go out the window once boots hit the ground.) As author Jack Canfield says, ‟Chunk your big goal into small actions.” And be sure that your plan is loose enough to allow for changes.

The mind remembers situations that have strong feelings attached, if you celebrate the small wins, you are building up a foundation of great feelings, which will attract more and more positive outcomes.

10. Teach What You Have Learned to Others

Be sure to take notes along the way. When you teach a subject, you learn it on a deeper and more thorough level. About the author: Natural healing expert Leah E. McCullough, affectionately known as The Fibro Lady, teaches people around the world how to regain their optimal health and energy levels. She is a speaker and author of the groundbreaking book Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery. She can be contacted at or Leah@TheFibroLady. She developed the workbook Owning the Goal without the Goal Owning You: 10 Steps to Achieving Your “Impossible” Dreams.

March - April 2015

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Grounding the by DAK

Key to Ascension

t has been twenty-eight years since the world wide Harmonic Convergence was held August 16 – 17, 1987. We are now completing the gateway of transition, 1987 – 2015, from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, mapped out by ancient seers and interpreted by contemporary scholars. Frequencies are the basis of everything in existence. Everything in this creation is made of light vibrated by sound to create various frequencies. Lower frequencies appear as dense matter. Our own physical bodies and all else in our 3-D physical world are holograms of light. Scientists now confirm this is true.


A Great Misconception about Ascension

A great misconception of the New Age Movement is that ascension is an escape from our physical 3-D Earth experience. Many have expected extraterrestials (ETs) to arrive in space ships to emancipate us from our “3-D imprisonment.” However, the truth is, achieving enlightenment actually requires us to anchor our light bodies, which hold our true potentials, into our physical bodies, raising our frequencies so we may access multi-dimensions. Grounding enables us to see dualities and to feel the oneness of creation, bringing us into the present moment. When we embrace duality, it ceases to affect us, freeing us to operate in the fifth dimension. This is not some grand concept for the future…it is happening now whether one is aware of it or not.

Hug a Tree, Go Barefoot and Play with Stones One can ground by observing nature, even if only for several short sessions a day. This brings one into sync with Earth’s original intentions and organic harmony. Hugging a tree or sitting on its roots gives an instant energizing grounding, especially good for meditating or connecting with wise tree spirits. With intention, a campfire outside or a candle flame inside can act as an acupuncture of grounding into the Earth. A slow steady beat of a drum simulating the Earth’s heartbeat can add to this connection. Placing bare soles of one’s feet upon the Earth – soil, grass, stone, moss or sand – to connect with her 900,000 volts, energizes and animates our physical bodies. Particularly grounding foods are roots and nodules (e.g. carrots, beets, potatoes, ginger, turmeric, and radishes) and any plants rich in iron (e.g. red or purple foliage, berries or fruit). As a result of measuring and tracking global earthquakes, scientists have reported that the Earth probably contains a hexagonal crystalline iron core. All iron crystals are cubic. Any


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cube, of any material, placed in one’s environment, acts as a stabilizing connection to the earth. Coming from Earth’s crust, all stones, crystals, and minerals are two – dimensional elemental beings who can assist us in grounding, particularly if they contain iron. Many are red, ochre or black in color. One may interact with them by holding them, communicating telepathically, or sending mental images of desired results. Some stones good for grounding are Amber/ Copal, Amethyst, Arragonite, Black Agate, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Dalmatian stone, Golden Quartz, Iron Pyrite, Hematite, Mookaite, Obsidian, Petrified Wood, Smokey Quartz, Shungite and Tiger Eye/Tiger Iron. Children naturally gravitate to stones and crystals, I believe, to ground for counter-balancing detrimental electro-magnetics and the chaos found in today’s world.

A Grounding Meditation Here is a simple meditation for grounding. Imagine being surrounded in a vertical tube of light. Send vibrant green roots from the base of your spine or from the soles of your feet downward into the core of the Earth. Visualize drawing up rich dark brown nutrients from her core into your heart. Feel the grounding connection to the Earth. Then send light from your heart, beaming it in all directions, making you heart centered. One can perform this while driving, waiting in a line, or when life gets a little bumpy. The connection to the Earth gives a euphoric increase in frequency, and a feeling of empowerment and well being in the now. One can ground anywhere, any time, whenever one remembers to do it. Grounding anchors in our true divine essence, and assists our ascension into a multi- dimensional world …our true divine destiny.

About the author: Dak is a stone carrier and information giver at his shop BLUE ROCK MEDICINE SHOW in Historic Findlay Market in OTR. His stone shop is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. His Blue Rock Medicine Show Troup will perform at Conscious-Con May 16th and 17th. (See ad page 13) 513.349.9189.


Earth Day 2015

45 Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day


Saturday - April 18th 12:00pm – 5:00pm Sawyer Point - Cincinnati

FREE Admission 8/22/14 cCull082214 Live Music ds@wholeliving...Great Food 4 pg (3.5x4.75)" Exhibitors Beer Garden Animals



And Much…Much More Recycled Costume Recycling Games Environmental Awards Lecture Series

10663 Loveland-Madeira Rd., Suite 162 • Loveland, OH 45140 513.752.9288 • Fax: 513.722.0752 Schedule of Events

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Learn the steps to quickly make the Healing Quantum Leap in your health. Natural healing expert, speaker and author Leah E. McCullough, affectionately known as The Fibro Lady, will show you how she went from “I can barely get out of bed!” to “I want to go for a run!” Visit Leah᾿s website for the FREE report ‟Lose Up to 15 Lbs. in 30 Days Without Exercising, Starving or Stressing.”

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What does Your Desk Say

About You?

5 Tips for

Clearing Clutter by Kac Young, Ph.D.

re you the kind of person who needs to keep things in sight so you᾿ll remember to accomplish them? Or, are you able to file things out of sight and still remember to complete them, or where you put them? Are you a list maker or a post-it freak, or are you 100% electronic? Pam Young and Peggy Jones, The Sidetracked Home Executives wrote: ‟You᾿re either born organized or you᾿re born sidetracked;” it᾿s genetic, they believe, like having blue or brown eyes. Your DNA might very well influence what your desk looks like. There is also a psychology profile behind how you work. Is your mess preventing you from being your best and most efficient self? Are you hiding behind stacks of work in order to appear like you᾿re busy and valuable? Or, no matter what it looks like to others, are you able to put your hands on exactly what you need with speed and clarity making you appear sleek and efficient? On the other hand, Albert Einstein had a very messy desk, as did Mark Twain and Steve Jobs. Does that mean that if your desk is messy, you᾿re a genius? You can certainly try to promote that concept, but you᾿re the only one who knows if this is true or not for you. Consider this quote from Albert Einstein, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” You᾿ll have to really give that some thought. In the meantime, unless your IQ is over 160, clear your clutter. Every disorganized stack on your desk requires space in your head to remember what it is and where pieces of information are located. If you file things in an orderly fashion, you free up memory cells and psychic space. Which leaves more room for creativity. If you᾿re always looking for paperwork, reports, or ‟stuff” then you᾿re wasting valuable time backtracking instead of moving ahead. These five actions will keep you organized so you can be more efficient and creative.



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5 tips to solve your desk clutter: 1. Take everything off your desk and put it on the floor. (Yes, the floor.)

2. Sort through the stuff. Find two wastebaskets and throw out everything that isn't essential to your work.

3. Think of your desk as a pilot sees a cock pit: keep

only those things in front of you that you frequently use.

4. Buy a two-tiered tray for your paperwork and a create a to-do list in a spiral note book or electronically. Label each tier: 1) ACTIVE paperwork; 2) COMPLETED paperwork (ready to send on or file). Follow the to-do list to accomplish Active tasks. 5. Calendar a time to file once a week. Put your favorite music on, turn off the phone and file for 15 minutes. Don᾿t put this off. About the author: Kac Young has a PhD in Natural Health,

a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a former television producer/director, a licensed Religious Science Minister, a spiritual counselor and the author of 11 books. Please visit

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Workshop RISING WLJWOMAN AD v5 WORKSHOP AT HARMONIOUS ENERGIES. ECOonsciously founder Crystal January/February 2015 issue Judge is on a mission. She is holding an empowerment event with the intention of Waking up the Divine Woman. Beginning on March 3rd a series of eight workshops celebrating the personal power of women presented Tuesdays from 6-8pm through 1/2 will pagebefull color:on7.25w x 4.75h April 21st. Topics to be covered include: Wisdom of the Deep Feminine, Truths, Flourishing, Nourishing, Any Problems withThriving, file please Creativity, Compassion, andcall Prosperity. dp Design, Diana Puppin This workshop series will support ECOonsciously, originally an online information guide for living green in 513.389.1335 Cincinnati. Crystal says, ‟If we are living in a conscious way we are balancing our own personal ecosystem. Living ECOnsciously, means integrating all aspects of life into awareness so that we can be as fulfilled as possible.” ECOnsciously is donating 20% of the workshop profits to VITALITY Cincinnati. You can learn more about VITALITY at To register for the workshop: please email Crystal at


When each morning finds you awake and ready to take in the fragrance of yet another day in this body form, by Cezarina Trone each petal of your heart rose trembles with delight, allowing The Beloved, the Breath of Life, to pass through and gently kiss the edges of each petal within this heart rose of yours. Did you know that with each inhalation you are being kissed from within? And then the Beloved waits... So tell me now, are you a good kisser? And are you ready to exhale the magic that you have been given in each of those 20,000 breaths you take in each day? A good kisser of Life cannot count how many times over their heart melts into lava of joy with just one glimpse of the Beloved.

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Register for a FREE video series, designed to shift your energy to allow you to receive the experience you seek! Visit: “Star has an uncanny ability to help people discover who they really are, what they’re here to accomplish and how to get started. She manages to do all of this without actually telling you what to do. I’m pretty sure it’s some weird Jedi-mind trick. You will shortchange the world if you don’t see what I’m talking about.” Andrew Chirch, Virtual CFO,

Ignite Redefining Magnificence

Star Staubach Transformation Strategist, Energetic Coach, Motivational Speaker

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Sunshine Herbs ‘n Such, by Mimi Tagher

heatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine. It is often referred to as “Liquid Sunshine” because of its very high content of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that harnesses the sun’s energy. When it is consumed fresh it is a living food that has bioelectricity - a high vibration life force held within the living juice that feeds your body on a cellular level. It is also called “Miracle Juice” or “King Juice” because of its many health benefits. Whatever you call it, there is no denying that it is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables. Wheatgrass is a superfood. It is highly energizing, alkalizing, and detoxifying. It is an excellent source of vitamins C, E, K, and B complex. It has abundant minerals such as calcium, cobalt, germanium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur and zinc. It is also a complete source of protein, supplying all of the essential amino acids in a form that is easily used in the bloodstream and by the tissues.


Benefits of Wheatgrass anti-inflammatory - the high alkalinity properties make wheatgrass juice the perfect choice for people suffering from inflammatory problems such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

anti-oxidant - wheatgrass juice has a very high anti-oxidant content that helps neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress. anti-cancer - the chlorophyll, beta-carotene and flavonoid compounds contained in wheatgrass are very powerful anticancer agents. anti-bacterial - wheatgrass has a strong anti-bacterial effect which creates an unfavorable environment for the growth of yeast and bacteria, preventing and treating candidiasis. Gargling wheatgrass juice will help prevent tooth decay, relieve toothache, and treat bleeding gums. Soaking your feet in distilled water with a few ounces of the juice will relieve the itching from athlete’s foot. detoxifying - wheatgrass helps detoxify the lymphatic system and the gastro-intestinal system. Because of this it also helps eliminate bad breath and body odor. It is also one of the few juices that can help remove heavy metals from the body, thus reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. blood tonic - the high grade content of iron in wheatgrass juice will increase your red blood cell count and help regenerate and reactivate red blood cells, supplying fresh oxygen to the body. Grow your own To obtain the benefits of wheatgrass it must be juiced. According to my assistant, Tommy Hughes (future naturopath and acupuncturist), fresh wheatgrass is the best, and it is very easy to grow in your own kitchen. All you need is a growing tray or pot, some organic soil (preferably a potting mix or light soil), and some organic wheatgrass seeds. Soak the seeds overnight in water; rinse in the morning and allow to sit for 4-5 hours to drain. Repeat. When you see small root “tails” appear plant them in the soil and within no time you will have your own fresh wheatgrass. Keep well watered and in indirect sunlight. Trim with a scissors and allow to keep growing. Juice and enjoy “the elixir of the gods” shot is more potent than a cup of coffee! About the author: Mimi Tagher, LAc, LMT is nationally board certified in acupuncture, Chinese herbology and Oriental Medicine. She practices at Synergy Holistic Health Center in Florence, Ky., and in Blue Ash. 859.525.5000,


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Holding Space by Julia Cat Martin


e all want to be heard and understood. Can you make the extra effort to listen today? Or if you are in need of being listened to - make sure to think about who would be supportive. Ask for support and let them know that you just need an ear. Sometimes, we offer advice with good intent but that᾿s not what most people need. Most of the time, others simply need a witness. This means we need to learn to be okay with feeling uncomfortable to some degree, because when our loved ones are in pain, as loving companions, we want to ease their suffering. Remember that our pain as individuals gives us the pressure and experience we need to grow into who we are to become. We must not try to take anyones’ pain from them. Sometimes that means we shouldn’t even touch a person so that we

don’t interrupt the flow of emotion until all that is ready to be transformed can come through. This is not an easy task, but so rewarding once we mindfully pause for our loved one and see the gift of growth through the process of releasing pain. This is called holding space. We will never understand completely where someone is coming from or how they feel, just as we will never be fully understood, but we can share our experience as an olive branch to let others know that we have been in similar situations, all while still honoring the differences of individual experience. Be a witness, be clear when you need to be heard. On the other hand, consider the source from whom you are asking for support when you need an ear and remember that you are the only one who will ever completely understand yourself. Be mindful of when you have expectations of others that may be unrealistic and instead allow them be who they are as you ask for support.

About the author: Julia Cat Martin is an artist, teacher, healer and owner of The Flying Cat in Northern Kentucky where she teaches Shamanic Journey Sessions. You can find her online at and

You will never enjoy the fruits of good health by focusing on avoiding disease. You must turn your attention fully toward the incredible joy of health to actually experience it. - Jack E. Armstrong, D.C. March - April 2015

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A Full Service Salon and Wellness Spa

Garden Park Unity Church 3581 West Galbraith Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45239


Sunday Service 10:50 am (513) 385-8889 •


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The Power of


Imagination Intuitive Insights, by Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry


ust imagine…imagine yourself feeling fabulous, in good health, fit, agile and loving life. Imagine waking up to a job and career you love. Imagine being in a wonderful relationship in which each of you cares deeply for the other, where you enjoy each other’s company and you encourage and celebrate each other’s growth. It all starts with a picture of what you want to manifest in your life. You are the orchestrator of your life. Many believe that we come into life with a pre-destined plan of what we want to accomplish or learn in each lifetime. However, in choosing to incarnate in human form, we also are blessed with the unique concept of free will – the option to choose – each and every moment of our life. This is the important part. Choices are what determine the outcomes in our lives. We are not victims. We are co-creators. If we want a change in some aspect of our life, we first have to paint the picture in our mind of what we are going to manifest. This is not a wish or a want, but a positive interpretation (meditative thought, written account, verbal or artistic expression) of what we are going to create in our life. Next, take an action step to make it happen. If you want a partner, go out to meet people and talk to that person who has a similar interest as you.

Use this Power Wisely - Don᾿t Imagine the Negative You already spend a lot of time imagining. The trouble is, most of us are hard at work on worst-case scenarios. With lots of emotion thrown in, which really revs up the power of our imaginations. Just push those negative images out of your brain. Instead, picture that great beach; those palm trees, your partner, kids, friends all playing in the warm sand under that blue sky. Doesn’t that make you feel relaxed, happy and upbeat? That’s the kind of emotion you want to put your energy toward. If you think about that for a minute, you will realize you are doing the world a powerful lot of good that way as well.

When you are creating positive thoughts, you are increasing the supply of good energy on the planet. And you are reducing the fear account, while adding to the love. Since energy is real, you are definitely making a difference focusing your brain on happy outcomes. So go ahead, give yourself a better life just by using that human ability to see life differently. Whatever is going on in your life, picture it better, brighter, more fun. See the family laughing and having fun at Disney World, and don’t figure out how to make it happen. Just watch your kids having a great time on the train, and then on the rides, relaxing at the hotel after a great meal. After you finish that visualization, put a $5 bill in that bowl in the china cabinet, and tell the Universe that you’re confirming your intention. Keep going, keep smiling, and let all that good unfold in front of you. You are definitely on the right track! About the authors: Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry are the authors of Right Brain/Left Brain: Use Everything You’ve Got to Create a Great Life! They facilitate workshops based on their popular book. Francine is an intuitive tarot and palm reader, energy worker, teacher, and owner of Sea Angels Cruise and Inner Wellness Conference. francine.haydon@, 513.248.8772, Patricia is a spiritual reader, teacher, healer, and writer. , 513.281.6864,

Patricia Garry • Spiritual Coaching • Reiki Energy Healing • Intuitive Tarot Reading • Dream Interpretation • Teaching Personal Growth Classes

(513) • (513)281-6864 281-6864 ~

Rev. Francine Haydon

Reiki ~ Kolaimni ~ Crystal Energy Healing Medicine Wheel ~ Tarot Reader ~ Palmist • 513.248.8772

March - April 2015

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Sp tlight World Laughter Day was created in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement. The celebration of WLD is a positive manifestation for world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. This year it will be celebrated on May 3rd (1st Sunday in May). What better way to celebrate WLD than by being trained in laughter yoga to help spread joy throughout the world. Join Judi A. Winall and Pam Hall for the next CLYL training on May 2 & 3, 2015. For more information visit or 513.899.3115. Deb Hackett, Nancy Baxter, and Michelle Vondrell are unveiling a new and improved workshop previously named Logical Lessons: Practical Steps to Living in Your Power, now re-branded Authenticity: How Hard Can it Be? The focus of the seminar is utilizing one’s characteristics to take off the mask and becoming successfully authentic in all relationships. Authenticity builds a free and genuine life. The concepts presented in this seminar will apply to both personal and professional endeavors. The next seminar is April 9th-11th, 2015; Thur & Fri 6:30-10 & Sat 9-4. Contact Nancy at 513.260.4225. Linda Stulz, nurse and health and wellness coach, is proud to collaborate with The International Nurse Coach Association (INCA) as an Associate Faculty. Linda is bringing the INCA program to Cincinnati with hopes of introducing more nurses to this powerful way of partnering with people and communities to create better health and well-being. Now is the time for nurses to lead in the transformation of heathcare from sick care to whole healthcare. The Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program is a six month program and will begin in October. Contact Linda at and A new store founded for the twofold purpose of serving the community with attractive, low-cost clothing and other goods and contributing to the support of New Thought Unity Center is now open. Angels’ Wings Resale Shop is located at 2409 Grandview Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206, next to New Thought Unity Center. All stock is donated and the shop is operated by volunteers. The shop is open three days a week: Wed. 10-6pm, Sat. 10-4pm and Sun. 11:45-3pm.


Living W h o l e Journal

Nest Yoga School announces the next cycle of its 200 Hour Foundational Yoga and Teacher Training Program, starting in September 2015. Led by Pam Painter, Janet Nash, and Jen Schaefer, Nest is a holistic and synergistic learning opportunity for students to enrich their understanding of this ancient system of health and Self-realization in a heart-centered environment. Inviting those with a calling to teach or simply to deepen their practice, Nest will host an open house on Monday, March 9th from 5:307:30pm. at GraceTree Studio; 8933 Cincinnati-Dayton Road in Olde West Chester. Details at Cincinnatians Cezarina Trone and Brenda Zechmeister are joining Krista Moore of Canada and Santari Green from England in leading a magical retreat in Tuscany, Italy from July 12 – 19th. Participants will rejuvenate and partake in amazing energy work. $1,500 includes all healing experiences, day trips, certification for kids yoga teacher training, all meals and accommodation at a five star enchanted villa (airfare additional). Cezarina is a certified yoga teacher trainer through Yoga Alliance and her Mirador Yoga & Creativity School is the first Accredited Kids Yoga Training School in Cincinnati. 513.432.4886. cezarina. Renee Groenemann of Spirit(ed) Growth, is proud to announce the first Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) 8-week group program in the Cincinnati area. Zapped to Zen is serious self-care for caregivers and world changers who are zapped yet recognize their important work in world. Participants will grow their resiliency, find calm in chaos, reduce judgment and shame, and refocus and reenergize life vision. Faculty for PRYT’s international training program, Renee merges her skills as a mental health counselor and 20-year group facilitation experience with PRYT’s unique approach to embodied mindfulness. Group starts March 11. Please contact 513.289.6759 or for details. The mission of a new Cincinnati IANDS chapter (International Association of NearDeath Studies) is to provide education and support concerning near-death experiences (NDE), out-of-body experiences (OBE), and spiritually transformative experiences (STE). Cincinnati IANDS encourages thoughtful, non-judgmental discussions and recognizes these experiences as genuine and significant events of rich meaning. The Cincinnati chapter is affiliated with the worldwide IANDS non-profit organization. The gatherings are open to experiencers and non-experiencers, such as someone related to an experiencer, pastoral and spiritual care communities, or anyone who may have lost a friend or has an aging parent that wants to better understand what happens as death of the physical body approaches and occurs. Facebook: CincinnatiIANDS

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BR GHT concepts

Heidi Bright, M.Div. 513-386-9480

Explore the Edgar Cayce information on the nature of the soul. Understand the process of hypnosis and experience guided imageries and group regressions.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hilton Greater Cincinnati Airport 7373 Turfway Road Florence, KY 41042 Tuition: $74/$84, add $20 at-door Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

CODE 3 4 E F 1540


Harmonious Energies A community of Metaphysical and Holistic Healers for body, mind and soul

Reiki Healing Touch™ Beautifully appointed therapy rooms and ThetaHealing™ class room for rent: hourly, daily, weekly Hypnotherapy LED Light Therapy 513-401-5254 Craniosacral Therapy Mediumship 2852 Boudinot Avenue Intuitive Readings Cincinnati, Oh 45238 Past Life Regression

March - April 2015

Living W h o l e Journal



resource Directory CLASSIFIEDS ART C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Art Commissions, Murals, Illustration, Classes. 513.549.4607.

SPACE AVAILABLE BEAUTIFUL, ENERGIZED SPACE FOR RENT. $15/hour for lovely consult room, classroom and therapy rooms at WholeCare. 513.489.9515. PEACEFUL, RELAXING, SPACE FOR RENT on the West Side. $15/ hr for consult rooms, therapy rooms and meditation room. $25/hr for large meeting/classroom. New customers get the first hour FREE! 513.401.5254

DIRECTORY ACUPUNCTURE MIMI TAGHER, LAc. Also Craniosacral, TCM. Cincy & N-Ky. 859.525.5000.

AromaTHERAPy RAINDROP TECHNIQUE, using Young Living Essential oils with Mary Whalen. 513.561.8246


BOWEN THERAPY BERNITA WILSON - A TIME FOR STILLNESS. Bowen Therapy, Acupressure, Flower Essence Therapy, Reiki. TUE/WED/THUR. 859.750.6790.

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DR. JACK ARMSTRONG. Beyond the back for 30 years. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515.

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS C. PIC MICHEL. Art and Creative Practice. 513.549.4607.


PranicHealing Healing ™ Pranic TailorAyour healing program to major breakthrough in Energy your personalHealing needs

JoanneMiller Miller- -513-687-7465 513-899-4616. Joanne


Mary Ellen Moore, VCSW, BCT Craniosacral practitioner & teacher


Transformational Bodywork Acupuncture Craniosacral Therapy


859.466.4900 859.525.5000

ENERGY HEALERS & HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEALING, LLC. Regina Viars, Advanced Emotional Polarity Technique Practitioner (EPT). Gently eliminate that which no longer serves you. 513.520.6300. REV. FRANCINE HAYDON. Reiki, Kolaimni, Crystal Energy Work. 513.248.8772, CHRIS MCLAREN. Qigong classes for groups, individuals and sports teams. Personalized, individual energy healing sessions. Half-day and full-day workshops. 513.200.9667.


Rainbow Children Classes

A CHANGE OF CHI. Feng Shui Seminars, Parties or Consultations. 513.625.8888.

Living W h o l e

directory – “energy healing”. Please Healing Sessions place box around AngelaAcademy Classes it.


GAY PURPURA. Certified Transformational Breath® Coach, 513.259.7284.




INNER COMPASS. Meditation, mediumship, manifestation, metaphysics. Joanne Franchina, guest instructors. 513.587.9855. (See ad page 11.)

TESS OLSON. EFT. 513.860.3156. ROBERT & LINDA VOGES. Energy Healing Systems. Certified ThetaHealing Practitioners/Teachers; Certified Reiki Master Teachers 812.594.2705. rbtvoges@



Vibrational Healing

LIVE LIFE AT YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL. Abundance, health, relationships, career. Healing and Growth Feng Shui. Contact Angela at 216.288.4398.

HEALING CENTERS STILLPOINT CENTER FOR HEALING ARTS. Massage Therapy, Yoga, Shamanism, Counseling. 11223 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 302. 513.489.5302. WHOLECARE. Dr. Jack Armstrong, Holistic Chiropractor. Babies to grandparents. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515.

HYPNOTHERAPY BEHRS NECESSITIES. Seleka Behrs provides Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Wellness Coaching services. 513.602.4416. TESS OLSON, CCHT. 513.860.3156.

Mary Ellen Moore, CCHt. Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing®


INTEGRATIVE LIFE HEALING JUDI A. WINALL, M.Div., CIH, CLYT. Re-claim the power and authority of your own life. 513.899.3115.

LIFE COACH RON ESPOSITO. Certified life coach. Enneagram teacher/trainer. Addiction recovery facilitator. 513.621.3600.

Declutter your Life the Easy Way    

INNER COMPASS. Intuitive life coaching, spiritual entrepreneurship. Joanne Franchina. 513.587.9855.


JUDY PEACE-PALMISTRY, ASTROLOGY & TAROT. Tools for transformation and self understanding. In service for 22 years. Available for personal sessions or entertainment. 859.491.7885.


TRANSITIONAL GUIDANCE. Life Coach for Life Changes. Licensed Social Worker. First session free. Contact Maureen at 513.205.9169. KENDRA WILBURN. Certified Mind Body Bridging Practitioner; Life & Career Coach. Stress Management Specialist. 513.314.9659

MASSAGE GLORIA ESENWEIN, LMT.ReviveProof Date: 06/16/10 Restore. 513.481.7400. Ref: Giblin06_16_10

Designer: Size:

JACCOLIN FRANCHINA. Certified regressionist; alsopast-life readings. 513.528.5185. www,

PET SERVICEs PET SERVICES BY DESIGN. Weekly / Daily / Occasional Home Visits. Jennifer 513.310.5797.

PILATES HAPPY SPINE, KRISTEN FRYER. Pilates, Alexander Technique, Theta Healing. Northside. 513.401.0668.

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KENDRA NIESE, LMT. Rejuvenating, deep, yet gentle. Blue Ash. 513.646.3689.


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ORGANIZING SPACES The Mess Mender Polly Giblin Hands-on, non-judgmental help with de-cluttering 513-305-0401

COLLEEN DOHERTY. Evidential Medium, Intuitive Psychic. 513.515.1751.

Victor Paruta

C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Toltec Master Teacher. 513.549.4607. TARA L. ROBINSON. Now accepting new clients. Specializing in spiritual evolution coaching and working with those who want to develop a coaching/ writing/speaking career. Supporting others in the quest for something more. 513.752.9288.

INNER COMPASS. Evidential, insightful readings. Joanne Franchina. 513.587.9855.


Psychic Medium “Accurate & compelling readings” -Cincinnati Magazine 513-929-0406

ANNE STEFFEN-RUSSO. Readings, Intuitive energy practitioner, 513.473.7447, by appointment.


             

                      LIIFT healings by Brian Eastman Call today: 513.541.1257

CLARK ECHOLS, Licensed Therapist. Specializes in trauma, depression, anger, grief, anxiety using cognitive behavioral, mindfulness and spiritual techniques. 513.284.1236. TERESA OLSON, PSY.D. 513.860.3156.


WAVES OF A NEW AGE, WAIF88.3FM. Size Hosts Tara L. Robinson and Judy Peace. Tuesdays, 3-5pm on PRODUCTS WAIF 88.3FM or listen live at Soul-filled sounds and conscious conversation. 10663 Loveland-Madeira Rd., Suite 162 • Loveland, OH 45140 Archived show recordings on Facebook. 513.752.9288 • Fax: 513.722.0752

GIFT BASKETS MADE BY DESIGN. Wedding, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Any Occasion. Jennifer 513.310.5797 PATTI KESSLER. LIQUID LIGHT ELIXIRS. 513.240.1602.


March - April 2015


MARY WHALEN. Certified Reflexologist 513.561.8246

REIKI TESS OLSON. RMT. 513.860.3156. MARY WHALEN. Reiki Master 513.561.8246

Living W h o l e Journal


Weekly Radio Show - Waves of a New Age Tuesdays, 3-5pm on WAIF 88.3FM

Conscious Conversations with Today᾿s Leaders LISTEN LIVE ONLINE Links to recorded shows on FB

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Writing & Editing

GARDEN PARK UNITY CHURCH. Rev. Kathy Engelhardt. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. 45239. ALL ARE WELCOME. Sundays at 11am. 513.385.8889.

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BR GHT concepts

Heidi Bright, M.Div. 513-386-9480




SHAMANISM GARY MATTHEWS. Counseling, journey, soul retrieval, empowerment, bodywork. Call 513.722.1917 for appt.


Living W h o l e Journal

next deadline: APRIL 1 for May/June issue. Email listings to


REV. TERI DODD. Any size wedding. Available also at my home. Ceremonies personalized to the couple. 513.625.8888.

$2/word (phone, website & email each count as 3 words)

WED & THUR • MARCH 11 & 12

calendar of Events March SUN • MARCH 1

Spiritual Healing/Introduction, 2pm, free. Center for Spiritual Living, 5701 Murray Rd, Cincinnati. Joy 859.816-8918.


7-day Challenge Walk in Spring Grove, w/Cynthia Allen, daily walk at 12:30pm, free.Train heads at main entrance. 513.541.5720.


Homegrown Tomatoes, w/Civic Garden, 6-8pm, $10. Civic Garden Center, 2715 Reading Rd, Cinti. 513.221.0981.


Psychology of the Paranormal Lecture, w/Victor Paruta, 7-9:30pm, $45. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855.


Solutions to Stress Related Health Problems, 11am, free. Hyde Park Branch Library, 2747 Erie Ave, Cincinnati. 513.369.4456.


Open House/Nest Yoga School, 5:30-7:30pm. 200-Hour foundational yoga & teacher training program. Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio.


Mindfulness Meditation Course, w/Mary Ellen Moore, 6-7:30pm, $180/$120 if pd by 3/6. Pre-reg reqd. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000.

Proof of Heaven Lecture & Booksigning, w/ Dr. Eben Alexander III, 11-12pm, $45. Montgomery Assembly of God Church, 950 Pfeiffer Rd. Montgomery, OH 45242. 513.684.1632.

WED • MAR 11- MAY 6 & SUN • APR 12

Zapped to Zen/Caregiver Yoga Therapy, w/ Renee Groenemann, 9:30-11:30am & 9-5pm. The Healing Space, 217 Wyoming Ave, 45215.


Plan Your Healing Garden, w/Civic Garden, 6-8pm, $10. Civic Garden Center, 2715 Reading Rd, Cinti. 513.221.0981.

THUR - SUN • MARCH 12-15

Mastering Interpersonal Communication/Life/ Love/Success, w/Larry Wells, 22 hours, CEUs, $435. NLP workshop. Future Life Now, 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720.


Backyard Composting, w/Civic Garden, 1-3pm, $10. Civic Garden Center, 2715 Reading Rd, Cinti. 513.221.0981. Fruit Tree Care, w/Civic Garden, 10-12:30pm, $10. Civic Garden Center, 2715 Reading Rd, Cincinnati. 513.221.0981. Usui Reiki Master IIIa, w/JoAnn Utley, 106pm, $225. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours. 502.777.3865.

SAT • MARCH 14 & 28

Yoga with Rosalie, 10:30am, free. Anderson Branch Library, 7450 State Road, Cinti. 513.369.6030.

TUES • MAR 17,24 & APR 7,14

Relax & Move On/Meditation Training for Tweens, w/Renee Groenemann, 4:30-5:30pm. The Healing Space, 217 Wyoming Ave, 45215.


TUES • MARCH 10-24

Joyful Laughter Healing Yoga, 7pm, free. Symmes Twp Branch Library, 11850 East Enyart Road, Cinti. 513.369.6001.


3rd Friday Wyld Womyn Drumming Circle, 7:309pm, donation $5-$10. Feel Welcome to Join Us. Elemental Om, Lebanon.

Stress Less, Sleep More, w/Larry Wells, 1011:30am, $60. Future Life Now, 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720.

Proof of Heaven Lecture & Booksigning, w/ Dr. Eben Alexander III, 8-9pm, $45. Sycamore Junior High, 5757 Cooper Rd. Blue Ash 45242. 513.684.1632.


FRI - SUN • MARCH 20 - 22

Intro to Biodynamic Cranial Touch, w/Mary Ellen

March - April 2015

Moore & Mimi Tagher, 9:30- 6pm, $600 24 CE’s for LMT. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. Pre-reg reqd. 859.525.5000.


Mediumship Exploration & Trance Class, w/ Rev. Jane DeVore, 9:30am. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church/USCL, 11006 Reading Rd, Ste. 202, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.


Getting Hip(s), Feldenkrais series, w/Cynthia Allen, 6-7:15pm, $90. Future Life Now, 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720.


Astrology/NCGR Meeting, 7pm, 1st meeting free, Maderia Municipal Bldg.

FRI – SUN • MARCH 27-28

Unlocking the Mysteries/Akashic Wisdom & Power Workshops, w/Sharon Anne Klingler, Fri 7-10pm, Sat 10-1pm & 2-5pm, Sun 10-1pm, $75/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855.


Divinity Spiritual Healing Level I, w/Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm, 10-4pm, suggested donation $50. 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, OH. 513.892.0623. Super Saturday Sampler, 11-5pm, $20 or 3/$50. Harmonious Energies, 2852 Boudinot Ave. Cinti. 513.401.5254.

SAT & SUN • MARCH 28 & 29

Feel the Love Expo, Spirit/Mind/Body Event, w/ Lisa Smitley, 10-6:30pm, $7/day-$10/weekend. Brown Gym, 100 S. Broadway St, Madison Indiana. 812.599.4440. Usui Reiki I & II, w/JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, I-$135, II-$185. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours daily. 502.777.3865.


Last Sunday Guided Meditation, Soul Crafting, 10:45-11:15am, donations for Food Bank welcome. Join us. Elemental Om, Lebanon. Spiritualism Birthday & Tea Leaves, 12:30-1:30pm. Celebrate birthday/read tea leaves. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, 11006 Reading Rd. Ste. 202 Cincinnati 45241.


ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 1-2:30pm, $50/pre-reg discount. Centennial Barn, 110 Compton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45215. 513.405.1514.

Living W h o l e Journal



Green Cleaning, w/Civic Garden, 6-8pm, $15. Civic Garden Center, 2715 Reading Rd, Cinti. 513.221.0981.


Beg/Int ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 9:3011am, $50/pre-reg discount. Grace Episcopal, 5501 Hamilton Ave, College Hill 45224. 513.405.1514.


The Brain's Way of Healing, w/Cynthia Allen,12:30pm, free. Brown bag book discussion. Clifton Cultural Arts Center. 513.541.5720.


ChiKung, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 6:30-8pm, $50/ pre-reg discount. Grace Episcopal, 5501 Hamilton Ave, College Hill 45224. 513.405.1514.


Authenticity, How Hard Can it Be, w/Deb Hackett, Nancy Baxter, Michell Vondrell, Thur/ Fri, 6:30- 10pm, Sat, 9-4, $199. 10945 Reed Hartman Hwy, Rm 105, Cinci, OH. 513.260.4225.


Intro to The Bruno Circle of Friends, w/Joy Hart, 2-4pm. 5701 Murray Rd. Cincinnati, OH. 859.816.8918. Spiritual Healing/Introduction, 2pm, free. Center for Spiritual Living, 5701 Murray Rd, Cincinnati. Joy 859.816.8918.


3rd Friday Wyld Womyn Drumming Circle, 7:309pm, donation $5-$10. Feel Welcome to Join Us. Elemental Om, Lebanon.


What’s Your Ray/Workshop, w/Joanne Franchina, 12-3:30pm, $65. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855.

TUE • APR 21 - SAT • APR 25

Hypnotherapy/NATH/Certification Class, w/Linda Thunberg, 9-6pm daily. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church/USCL. 11006 Reading Rd, Ste. 202, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.


Yogamazing Yoga for Kids, 4pm, free. Wyo-


Living W h o l e Journal

ming Branch Library, 500 Springfield Pike, Cinti. 513.369.6014.

THUR – SUN • APRIL 23-26

Raindrop Technique etc. CEUs, w/Dr. Joy Rohrer DMD CCCI, $650 or less. A Time for Stillness. Ft. Thomas, KY. Info.


Message Circle Event, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, guest mediums, 7-9pm, $30. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855.


Divinity Spiritual Healing Level II, w/Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm, 10-4pm, suggested donation $50. 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, OH. 513.892.0623.


Blessings for the Child, w/Rev. Mary Margaret, 2pm, donation. 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, OH. 513.892.0623. Last Sunday Guided Meditation, Soul Crafting, 10:45-11:15am, donations for Food Bank welcome. Join us. Elemental Om, Lebanon.

MAY FRI & SAT • MAY 1 & 2

Understanding the Birth Chart, w.Kevin Burk, author of Astrolgy. Friday lecture, Saturday workshop.

SAT & SUN • MAY 2 & 3

Laughter Yoga/Certified Training, w/Judi A. Winall & Pam Hall, 9-5pm, $285 rec'd by April 18, after $295. Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Mason, OH. 513.899.3115.


Chair Yoga, w/April Aloisio, 12:30-1:30pm, $5. Sycamore Senior Cntr, 4455 Carver Woods Dr. 45242. 513.205.6353.


Chair Yoga, w/April Aloisio, 10-11am, $5. Church of the Redeemer, 2944 Erie Ave. 45208. 513.205.6353. Let Your Yoga Dance, w/April Aloisio, 12-1pm, $5. Springfield Twp, Senior Cntr, 9158 Winton Rd. 45231. 513.205.6353. Pilates, w/Heather Sommer, 12pm, $20. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale, OH 45246. 858.752.2578.

Tai Chi for Adult Beginners, 5:30pm, free. Madisonville Branch Library, 4830 Whetsel Ave, Cinti. 513.369.6029. Waves of a New Age, WAIF/88.3FM, w/Tara L. Robinson & Judy Peace, 3-5pm. Conscious Conversations with leading authors and teachers. Listen online: “Like” us on Facebook! Yoga, Core Strength, w/Glo Siry, 6-7pm, $10/$50 unlimited classes per month. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. Pre-reg reqd. 859.525.5000. Yoga for Everyone, w/Melisa, 9:30am, $60/10 sessions. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale 45246. 513.307.3132.


Inner Divinity/ Knowing the Source Within Radio Show, w/Rev. Louisa Dyer, MA; & co-host Sage Woman, 2-3pm, 88.3FM & live on Archived shows at Yoga for Everyone, w/Melisa, 9:30am, $12/session, $60/10 sessions. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale 45246. 513.307.3132. Yoga, Yin then Flow, w/Glo Siry, 5:30-6:30pm, $10/$50 unlimited classes per month. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. Pre-reg reqd. 859.525.5000.


Fitness Bootcamp, w/Betsy Carter, 5:30pm. Call for introductory rates. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale 45246. 513.253.7625. Let Your Yoga Dance, w/April Aloisio, 12-1pm, $5. Sycamore Senior Cntr, 4455 Carver Woods Dr. 45242. 513.205.6353.


Chair Yoga for Parkinsons & Special Populations, w/April Aloisio, 1- 2pm, $5. The Centennial Barn, 110 Compton Rd. 45215. 513.205.6353.


Yoga For Life, w/Stephanie Herrin, 10am, $12/session, $60/10 sessions. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave, Glendale 45246. 513.759.0025.


Center for Spiritual Living Greater Cinti, 10:30am. See ad. 5701 Murray Ave. 45227. 513.218.2128. Divinity Spiritual Church, 11:30am, w/Rev. Mary Margaret. 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, OH 45014. 513.892.0623 Garden Park Unity Church, Adult Learning & Sharing Mastermind Prayer Group, 9:30-10:40am, Service w/Rev. Kathy Engelhardt, 11am. All are welcome. See ad. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, 45239. 513.385.8889.

Rising Woman Workshop March 3rd Wisdom of the Deep Feminine • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Movement; Moon salute practice / chakra chart poses • Discussion; Moon guides and cycles • Balancing Chakras with stones & aromatherapy (stones kits and oils provided) • Mediation

Shana Seifert Studios

Commissioned Fine Art & Creative Development Coaching

*if you have special stones that you prefer to use feel welcomed to bring them. March 10th Truths (Spirituality) • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Movement; Easy Yoga • Chakra Connection; Healing Touch • Discussion; What spirituality means to you / energy fields • Journaling (journals will be provided) • Mediation- Chakra • Song- Nakho (Lend You Ears) *if you have a special journal bring it with you. March 17th Flourishing (Well Being & Self Care) • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Massage • Movement • Discussion; Mirrors- what do we see? / daily & weekly routines • Mediation; Loving kindness *optional supply kit $35.00; includes; body brush, infused oils, bath salts, body scrub, and herbal tea kit.

Loveland Studios on Main 529 Main Avenue Studio 202 Loveland, OH 45140

March 24th Nourishing (Earth & Water) • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Massage • Movement • Discussion; Herbs, vitamins, hydration, nourishment; chakra eating & ayervedic diets (eating for your dosha) • Energy: Physical activity / connecting with nature • Meditation; Interdependence March 31st Creativity • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Myofasial release • Art; (supplies provided) let your creativity flow • Meditation April 7th Compassion (Security & Peace) • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Healing Touch; for you and for others • Discussion; Root chakra • Meditation; Heart to Heart

Sunday Service, 9:50-10:20am/healing, 10:30am/ service. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church/ USCL, 11006 Reading Rd. Ste 202, Cinci. OH. 25241. Yoga, Anusara, w/Glo Siry, 9-10am, $10/$50 unlimited classes per month. Pre-reg reqd. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000.


New Thought Unity, w/Reverend Michael Brooks leading the services, Sun service 10:30am, Wed 6:30pm. All are honored and welcome. Spiritual & Not Religious. This may feel like coming home. 1401 E McMillan.

10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855.


Infusion Cincinnati, 6:30-8pm, free, donations. Talk+Music+Connection. Join the brightest gamechangers in town to light up the city! Rohs Street Café, 245 W. McMillan St. 45219. FB: Infusion Cincinnati


Meditation class, w/Gary Matthews, 7-8:30pm, $20/ class, $30/incl. 2nd Fri. Shamanic Journey class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302, Blue Ash. 513.489.5302.



Shamanic Journey class, w/Gary Matthews, 6:308:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Thurs. Meditation class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302. Blue Ash. 513.489.5302.


Religious Recovery, w/ Mary Lynn, 7-8pm, free. Check website for current locations. mcrawford10@ or

Best Year Ever/Life Coaching Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, 7-9pm, $35/session, $90/3 sessions. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855.

Higher Beings Wisdom Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20.


March - April 2015

April 14th Thriving (Community) • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Movement • Discussion; Earthing & Relexology • Involvement; Connections • Meditation; All beings • Song; One Eskimo (Amazing) April 21st Prosperity (Business / Providing) • Clear energy; burn sage, create alter • Movement • Discussion; The dark side- bringing the dark to light / doing what you love / fulfillment • Meditation; Woman Sisterhood *handicap accessible

8 Weeks- $175 (sliding scale & barter options possible) Not able to come to all classes but still want to participate? Join us for one date- $30 Registration required; details sent via email contact Crystal Judge


A Course in Miracles Study Group, 6-7:30pm, w/Jeanne Uhl & Mary Claybon. Montgomery. 309.8377.


Laughter Yoga/Joyful Healing LY Club, w/Judi A. Winall & Pam Hall, 7pm, free. Symmes Township Library, 11850 Enyart Rd. 513.899.3115. Meditation Circle, w/Colleen Doherty, 7-8pm, suggested Love Offering $10. Harmonious Energies, 2852 Boudinot Ave, Cincinnati. 513.401.5254.


Read-N-Feed, 12:30-2:30pm, $10 lunch/reading, $10/additional reading. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church/USCL, 11006 Reading Rd. Ste. 202, Cinci, Ohio 45241.

next deadline: APR 1 for May/June issue.Email listings to

Living W h o l e Journal


           

               


        COMPLETE FAMILY DENTAL CARE ontgomery Dental Medicine is like no dental office you’ve visited. Dedicated to your total wellbeing, our staff forms long-term relationships with you and your family built on open, honest dialogue and a thorough knowledge of all the factors that impact everyone’s health. Our approach is successful because it’s a more sensitive process of listening to your thoughts, questions and concerns.


AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO BETTER HEALTH o you wake up exhausted? Are you fatigued during the day even though you get a “good night’s sleep”? Do you suffer Insomnia and CFS? Do you wake up with a headache? Do you have head, neck or jaw pain? For 27 years, Dr. Bosma has enjoyed marked success relieving headaches and migraine symptoms, TMJ pain and dysfunction, stiff and painful neck and shoulder muscles, and an extremely successful natural sinus regimen to ease nasal breathing effort. Our integrated approach combines multiple preventative medicine disciplines. Since our healthcare professionals have over 60 years of combined experience, we’re able to exceed your expectations and achieve our goal of improving your quality of life.



Living W h o l e Journal

BREATHE MORE LIFE INTO YOUR BODY noring and sleep apnea lead to low oxygen levels in the body. In turn, this leads to physical problems people don’t usually associate with sleep issues. They affect your life at home, on the job, and your relationships. Dr. Bosma helps patients who snore through a unique system of evaluation and treatment called Oral Systemic Balance. Breathe more life into your body! Call us for information or to schedule your sleep evaluation.


TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE oes your smile make you feel confident and attractive? Or, do you cringe when you have your photo taken? Have you lived with discolored teeth, chips or cracks, or mottled coloring for long enough? Transform your smile in as few as one or two visits to Montgomery Dental Medicine. Find new confidence and take years off your looks!


New Patient Offer

We’ll repair your older bridgework (cracks, chips and discoloration), and we can close up gaps between teeth. We are committed to making you feel and look your best. WHY CHOOSE MONTGOMERY DENTAL MEDICINE? ur practice is different. Yes, you’ll see us for routine checkups, cleanings, x-rays, whitening, fillings and, yes, sometimes for serious work. But we also are laying the groundwork for a long-term relationship with you and your family—one that will help you all enjoy better health for life. We’re treating you, not just your teeth!


Go south out of Old Montgomery. Cross over Ronald Reagan Hwy. Turn left at 1st light into Montgomery Station Office Condos. Right at 1st stop sign into our lot. Still not sure? Please feel free to call us for directions. 513-891-5860.

New Patient Offer

Free Consult

$159.00 VALUE

$125.00 for Exam

Headache, Jaw & Neck Pain, Snoring, Sleep Apnea and

Cleaning and 4 Bitewing X-Rays

C-PAP Intolerance Some restrictions may apply.

Free Home Care Kit Some restrictions may apply.

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Whole Living Journal MarApr15  

Whole Living Journal is a healthy living magazine, honoring the seeker and the sacred in all, and supporting the search for something more....

Whole Living Journal MarApr15  

Whole Living Journal is a healthy living magazine, honoring the seeker and the sacred in all, and supporting the search for something more....


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