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Knowing the

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by Rev. Louisa A. Dyer


ll truth is knowable. Seriously–anything that is or has ever been can be known: no hocus pocus or intuitive guessing, but scientifically proven fact. Truth is accessible– about any person, situation, condition, project, teacher, business, medical treatment, politician, spiritual teaching, or anything at all. What do you want to know? Is that person telling the truth? Is this a beneficial supplement for me to take? Given what I want in this situation, does it serve me to….be in or leave this relationship? Take that job? Make a move? Work with this teacher/doctor/friend/project? For 25 years, it has been verified by millions of worldwide experiments that truth is quickly discernable. It has nothing to do with being psychic, or reading the Akashic Records, or any other form of divination. It is about the willingness and ability to tell truth from falsehood. Knowing the difference could save us lifetimes of suffering, and fortunes in wasted time, money or shattered dreams. How can we know if something is true or beneficial? First, be willing to know the truth and release all fears associated with it. If we accomplish that, and have integrity in our questioning, then a very simple process of muscle testing, called kinesiology, becomes a powerful tool for success. The basic idea is simple – if the muscle stays strong, the answer is “yes” or “true.” If the muscle goes weak, it is a “no” or “not true” answer. Kinesiology has been in common usage since the 70’s and numerous schools teach its application. Machaelle Wright




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of Perelandra (www.perelandra-ltd.com) teaches various methods, specifically so anyone can improve their own health. In 1995, Dr. David Hawkins published Power vs. Force, in which he teaches kinesiology and substantiates its scientific validity. Most importantly, he discovered that it isn’t the body’s wisdom that answers, as previously thought, but the field of consciousness in which the body exists. Dr. Hawkins is a world-renowned author, psychiatrist, spiritual teacher, and enlightened being. His astonishing scale for understanding both human experience and spiritual enlightenment, The Map of Consciousness, uses kinesiology and was originally published in Power vs. Force. Both have been translated into 25 languages and can be found at www.veritaspub.com. In Dr. Hawkins’ numerous publications and worldwide lectures, he speaks beautifully about higher consciousness, truth, power, and how to heal from all afflictions. He offers kinesiology as the first opportunity for humanity to reliably tell the difference between what does and does not benefit well-being. To hear archived radio shows focused on his spiritual research, The Map of Consciousness and kinesiology, visit http://louisadyer. com/books.html. Learning kinesiology is easy, but doing it well requires practice and devotion to truth. More specifically, attachments to particular answers must be released, and questions must be posed correctly, in order to perceive truth instead of subconscious beliefs or feelings. Especially for those using pendulums instead of actual


muscle testing, staying focused on knowing the truth while being free of attachments is vital. Sometimes, testing for another is easier than for oneself, since we often seek answers in situations where we have hidden preferences about outcomes. Kinesiology does not require what we are asking about to be physically present, since it is the omnipresent field of consciousness that actually answers. The body’s muscle response (or the swinging of a pendulum when used in specific ways) is merely the tool that registers a response in that field. Everything that occurs–every word, thought, deed, feeling, action or reaction that has ever happened–leaves an imprint in consciousness, throughout eternity. Muscle testing accesses that information in a simple yes/ no format. The field of consciousness has been described by prophets, sages, and spiritual teachers throughout human history and called various things. Those of us who read the Akashic Records, for example, know it as the Akashic Field, or in the Bible as the Book of Life or Book of Days, where every moment is recorded so it can be reviewed when we leave this life. Scientists might explain it with the Unified Field Theory, which states that everything in the universe continuously interacts with everything else. Quantum physics has proven there is a benevolent energy that is within and surrounds everything that exists. I personally call that God, and it is also the field of consciousness, through which all truth is knowable. (Note: Tara L. Robinson will interview Rev. Louisa A. Dyer on March 6th, 3:30-4:30pm on WAIF 88.3FM or www.waif883.org.)

About the author: Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, Metaphysical Minister with Masters in Holistic Psychology, has used kinesiology since 1980. She is a CoCreative Scientist, communicating with Nature Intelligence to facilitate health on every level of being, co-creator of WOW Processing (www.thewowprocess.com), and Akashic Records Reader. Rev. Louisa teaches truth as shared by enlightened beings, does Energy Clearings, and consults nationally by phone: 513-248-0069. Visit www.louisadyer.com or email info@louisadyer.com. (See ad on page 15).

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