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Whole House Fan Quiet Cooling System: Saving Energy, Saving Money This article describes how whole house fan quiet uses thermal mass to cool a home before exploring its energy-saving and quiet characteristics.

Growing concern over energy conservation has led to an increasing number of homeowners installing the whole house fan quiet. Normally a home gradually heats up throughout the course of a day as the sun beats down on the exterior walls and roof. This heat is absorbed by the home’s materials, most of which have a high thermal mass, meaning they can retain heat all through the night and into the following day. This heat radiates back into the home, leaving the interior air stiflingly hot and you and your family sticky and uncomfortable! The innovative whole house fan quiet cooling system keeps your entire home cool by pulling fresh clean air in through open windows. This delightfully cool air is then drawn up into the attic, forcing the home’s accumulation of hot and stale air through ventilation fans installed in the attic. As the air within the home is in constant circulation, you and your family can stay entirely cool and comfortable throughout the day and night (! Using Thermal Mass to Cool Your Home Concrete, bricks and the other materials from which your home is built all have one thing in common (other than putting a roof over your head!) They all have the ability to hold a lot of heat! Throughout the day, these materials absorb heat and slowly release it again even hours after sunset. In a home without energy saving fans, this heat accumulates in the attic before radiating back into the house. With the installation of whole house fan quiet, you can capitalize on your home’s thermal mass by using it to keep things cool rather than warm. This is done through the fitting of energy saving fans in the attic of your home, which help to pull fresh, cool air in through open windows and to circulate it before expelling it outside. Because cool air is constantly being circulated, a cool, steady temperature is maintained, thus reducing the need for expensive and energy draining air conditioning. Start Saving Energy Today!

Because the whole house fan quiet can lower the room temperature in a home by up to 20°F, skin temperature by up to 10°F and attic temperature by up to 50°F, it dramatically reduces the use of air conditioning in the home. The whole house fan quiet is among the most energy-saving home cooling innovations on the market and costs just a few pennies per hour. This is as opposed to air conditioning, which in many homes is the biggest electricity user. A reduction in the consumption of energy not only helps you to save on your electricity bills, but it has a positive impact on the environment. While not all homeowners who fit energy saving fansdiscontinues using air conditioning altogether, many save up to 75 percent on their electricity bill! Whole House Fan; Quiet or Not? Before installation, many people ask: “Is the whole house fan quiet?” As the name suggests, it is whisper quiet - to the point of being unnoticeable! You won’t have trouble sleeping with whole house fan quiet. In fact, you won’t even know it is there while it quietly works away at dispelling heat in your home. In fact, whole house fan quiet is so quiet that you can install it in your bedroom! Whole House Fan Quiet: A Final Note If you previously thought of energy saving fans as noisy, expensive and ineffective additions to a home, think again! The whole house fan quiet is among the quietest fan types on the market; it is affordable and it ranks as one of the most effective ways to cool a home ( So what are you waiting for? Start saving on your bills and energy use by installing whole house fan quiet – the quiet way to save energy and save money!

Whole House Fan Quiet Cooling System: Saving Energy, Saving Money  

This article describes how whole house fan quiet uses thermal mass to cool a home before exploring its energy-saving and quiet characteristi...