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This article describes whole house fan installation and its effectiveness as well as air conditioning being an unattractive alternative way to cool a home.

If you are tired of suffering from oppressively humid afternoons, sticky evenings and uncomfortable nights in your home, then whole house fan installation could be just the innovation to help keep you cool. Whole house fan installation, works by drawing cool air into your home through open windows, which is then circulated through the house and pulled into the attic where it is ventilated out through quiet fans. Not only will you, your family and your pets be comfortably cool with a whole house fan installation, but you can say goodbye to lingering cooking smells, tobacco smoke, and the growth of mold and mildew. How effective is a Whole House Fan Installation? Simply understanding how a whole house fan installation works through the use of quiet fans isn’t enough to encourage most home owners to rush out to install such a cooling system. First, it is necessary to know just how effective whole house fan installation is in keeping a home cool. Here are the facts you need to know:    

Lowers room temperature by up to 30°F Lowers attic temperature by up to 50°F Lowers skin temperature by up to 10°F Constant feed of cool fresh air

Not only does a whole house fan installation have an impact on temperature within a home, but the installation of this energy-efficient way of cooling leads to significant savings on your electricity bill through the vastly reduced use of air conditioning. Most homes even find air conditioning to become redundant once whole house fan installation has taken place! Are you still asking yourself if you can really benefit from a whole house fan installation? Alternatives to a Whole House Fan Installation Air conditioning is one of the most widely used methods of cooling the home, yet this expensive alternative to a whole house fan installation can see home owners shelling out a fortune in electricity bills. The natural air flow created by a whole house fan installation and the use of quiet fans give home occupants the comfort of a soft cool breeze while also reducing energy use by 75 percent or more as compared to the cost of powering an air conditioner! Air conditioning does not solve the problem of trapped heat in the attic; you simply have to turn the thermostat down even lower to counteract any radiated heat which passes through your home’s walls and floors as it accumulates throughout the day. For homeowners who are conscious of the environmental implication of using air conditioners, whole house fan installation is one of the most affordable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to enjoy a deliciously cool home. Whole House Fan Installation: A Final Note With electricity prices set to increase the world over, whole house fan installation is something that shouldn’t be delayed. Considering the savings you will make on air conditioning bills, these quiet fans will pay for themselves quickly, after which time you can begin to reap the benefits of life-long reduced electricity bills. Once a whole house fan installation is complete, you can start to capitalize on this cost-effective means of cooling your home while saving energy.

Whole House Fan Installation: Looking for that Perfect Cooling System