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This article explores what whole house fans are, their benefits and how they compare with traditional air conditioning. Every year, more consumers switch from traditional air conditioning to house attic fans. Whole house attic fans are not only energy efficient, but they are also a great investment for the consumer who is environmentally conscious. A house attic fan is a high volume ventilation system that is installed in the attic or on the roof of your home. This simple, yet highly effective, low energy cooling system generally takes no longer than two hours to install. Whole house attic fans can be controlled by simple remote controls or hardwired to timer and switches, but either way helps you enjoy to their maximum cooling benefits! Understanding How Whole House Attic Fans Work The main purpose of a house attic fan is to maintain a constant flow of clean, fresh and healthy air into the living space while simultaneously flushing out all that old, hot and stale air. This continuous circulation inside the home ensures that the air you and your family (and pets) breathe is always fresh and as unpolluted as possible. It is this and the incredible cooling benefits that whole house attic fans make possible that set this innovative technology well apart from traditional air conditioning. So, how does the whole house attic fan work? The system essentially sets up a powerful indoors circulation that sucks fresh air in through open windows and doors and expels hot stale air from vents that are

installed in your attic. So, by opening windows during the cooler hours of the day (early morning, early evening and night), whole house attic fans are able to permanently remove that incredible source of heat that sits in the attic, radiating heat back down onto your home’s occupants. This results in an average 20ºF reduction in household temperatures, in addition to the cooling effects of a beautiful fresh breeze that circulates throughout your home. Whole House Fans and Traditional Air Conditioning Traditional air conditioners may cool the inside of your home, but they are using the same old and stale air to do so! By cycling the air over and over again, the air in your home slowly but steadily accumulates pollutants and odors that directly put your family’s health at risk. Whole house attic fans use fresh outdoor air to cool the home and are capable of up to 20 fresh air exchanges per hour! By doing so, these high volume ventilation fans flush out air contaminants, drastically lower indoor temperatures and prevent mold and mildew, as well as the accumulation of pet, smoke, cooking and bathroom odors. Even better, whole house attic fans achieve all of this at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning, which costs home owners dollars per hour to run! Using whole house attic fans to cool your home not only reduces cooling bills by an average of 75% across the country, but in some climates, it can totally negate the need to use traditional air conditioning. Improve the quality of the air your family breathes and create a luxuriously cool, fresh and healthy environment indoors with whisper-quiet whole house attic fans!

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Whole House Attic Fans: The Smarter Energy Efficient Home Cooling Choice  

This article explores what whole house fans are, their benefits and how they compare with traditional air conditioning.

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