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Connect in a personal way, learn how to connect, what to do with it, and what not to do with it, and helping others with the information you receive. Gary will also give a demonstration.



“Connections” Gary connects with loved ones who have passed on into the afterlife.

An event with the medium at the


Sunday, April 22, 2012 • 1:00-1:45 • $25 Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 1 Atwood Drive, Northampton, MA


ary has been seen and heard throughout New England on many radio stations including his own program on Sunday evenings at 8-10pm. Many “Connections” have been made throughout New England with events at the Angel Expo in Cromwell, Ct. and the Natural Living Expo in Sturbridge MA. to name a few.

Gary follows the code of ethics in this profession, and your readings are your own and so is your free will. Suggestions may be made, and paths may be suggested, but the will to follow them are yours and yours alone. Let medium & psychic Gary McKinstry connect with your loved ones in gallery style readings.

Gary McKinstry G.V.M. Productions • (508) 943-9058 For upcoming events with Gary visit:



Gary McKinstry is as follows, Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot specialist, Doctor of Philosophy in religion, Universal Life Minister,Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach, and Radio Personality.

What: 27th Annual Northampton, MA Whole Health Expo Dates: April 21-22, 2012 Time: Saturday 9:30-6; Sunday 9:30-5 Location: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center One Atwood Drive, Northampton, MA From the Massachusetts Turnpike: Take exit 4. From I-91 North and South: Take exit 18, take a right at end of ramp. Hotel is 3 tenths of a mile on the right. Post rides wanted/offered at Showcasing the Pioneer Valley as the nation's hot spot for local, organic food and alternative healing! ~ Over 125 talks and exhibits (25% more talks than last year). ~ New exhibitors ~ $12/day; $20 weekend ~ FREE for children ~ FREE PARKING ~ $2 off for students/seniors ~ healthy food concessions featuring local, organic food Buy tickets at the door or at Invite your friends via Updates at (sign up for e-newsletter) Twitter: @wholehealthexpo Email: Phone: 413.584.0010

Chef Matthew, a veteran in the hospitality industry, will be preparing delicious local, organic, vegetarian and vegan food options for healthy food concessions during the expo (conventional options will still be available). Concessions will be 11:30am-3pm Saturday and Sunday. Regular full service breakfast will be served in the restaurant 7am-11am. Drinks and food served in the main restaurant and the lounge from 5pm-9pm.

Volunteers - we need you! Help make the expo a success and receive free admission. Email or call Jonathon at 413.584.0010 for more information

Visit us at the Whole Health Expo Booths 410/500 & 408 Offering Readings ~ Chair Massage ~ Acupuncture Exceptional Products ~ Special Expo Offers Saturday Lectures with: Diane Tellier, Douglas Wilk & Rachel Ginther

94 Chicopee Street, Rte. 116, Chicopee, MA 01013

3161472 3205968


Award winning therapists at your service! WHOLE HEALTH EXPO A3

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SATURDAY Saturday, April 21 10:00-11:45 Northampton Room Angelic Essence Healing Carmen Carignan The speaker will hold a sacred space for you as she gently leads you in a connection with the angelic realm for guidance, healing and clarity. There will be random angel readings interspersed throughout the presentation. Carmen Carignan owns Tranquil Healing in Keene, NH. She is a certified hypnotist, medium and Angeltherapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master, spiritual healer, past life reader and staff member for Doreen Virtue. See booth 310. 10:00-10:45 Southampton Room Make More Money: Clear Unconscious Self-Sabotage with HBLUTM Judith Swack, Ph.D. Regardless of conscious intentions, people’s negative emotions, limiting beliefs, or self-sabotaging behaviors can interfere with their success in making money. Witness how Healing From The Body Level UpTM HBLUTM will lead you to discover and eliminate unconscious self-sabotage about money. Judith A. Swack, Ph.D., is the originator of Healing from the Body Level UpTM, a unique and effective way to get unstuck and eliminate struggle by clearing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks to success. See booth 306. 10:00-10:45 Hampshire Room The Implications of Modern Brain Research for Learning Jeremy Seeger The findings of modern brain research and the practical implications for learning and teaching. Jeremy has been teaching workshops for over 40 years. He has tremendous interest in research on learning and the brain. See booth 702. The Loft Lounge Treatment of Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries Martin Benjamin 10:00-10:45 Martin will speak about and demonstrate the treatment of pain and sports injuries using acupuncture, PNT (pain neutralization techniques). Martin has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1989. He is the former Director of Acupuncture at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. See booth 408/410/500. Berkshire Room Tap Your Intuition - Change Your Life Amanda Limbert 10:00-10:45 Developing your intuition can be one of the best ways to handle life’s challenges. Let Amanda share with you how honing her intuition has positively changed her life. Ways you can develop your own intuitive abilities to dramatically change your own life will also be explored. A lifelong intuitive, she has the ability to connect with people who have passed on, in addition to spiritual beings such as ascended masters and angels. See booth 108. Southampton Room Intuitive Tarot: How the Cards Speak to You Nadine Nahabedian and David Erwin 11:00-11:45 This class is for anyone interested in tarot cards and how they work. Those who have never read tarot as well as those who read casually or professionally will enjoy this fresh approach. Gain insight from the cards without memorization. Bring along your cards and try it out! Nadine is owner and resident psychic at The Cosmic Cat in Putnam, Ct. David and Nadine read individually and together on the Cosmic Cat Psychic Panel. They teach classes in metaphysical topics such as spiritual empowerment, tarot, mediumship, Reiki and aromatherapy. See booth 713.

11:00-11:45 Hampshire Room Protecting Your Energy Field Lyra Learn different techniques that will effectively protect your energy field around stressful situations, places and people. Different energy types manage their energetics differently. There are energy-givers, takers, blockers, cravers, and holders. Which energy type do you favor? Techniques will be covered for a variety of situations. Elizabeth (Lyra) Fernandez has over 30 years experience in massage, energy and intuitive work assisting others develop their own personal skills. See booth 700. The Loft Lounge Tarot “Tai Chi” Deborah Yaffee 11:00-11:45 Come to the Tarot “Tai Chi” demonstration and learn about this fun series of flowing movements to help you physically experience the spiritual teachings embodied by the 22 major arcana of the Egyptian Tarot. Deborah Yaffee is “The Planet Whisperer”®. With 30 years experience in hermetic astrology and Egyptian tarot, and her expertise as an instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists, she teaches you how to rule your stars! See booth 601. Berkshire Room Discover Light, the Medicine of the Future! Jane Smolnik, ND 11:00-11:45 Discover how light therapy infused with many vibrational frequencies, can quickly relieve pain, inflammation, stress, relaxing the nervous system, restoring health, connecting with nature, removing blockages, opening intuition, and raising our consciousness. The body responds and renews quickly to this multi-dimensional healing modality. Truly the medicine of the future! Jane has been a pioneer in the holistic health field for over 30 years. Living both in Asheville, NC and Northampton, MA, she travels to many cities teaching the “Science of Light” and “Vibrations for Healing.” See booth 400. Northampton Room How Your Body Can Heal Itself Gary Blier 12:00-1:45 Learn a new, simple, safe, and natural self-healing process that thousands have used at home to overcome Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Advanced Arthritis, Migraines, CFS, common allergies and more. This process teaches a behavioral modification program to correct cellular misbehaviors of the autonomic system. Entertaining, relevant, and groundbreaking. Gary founded Advanced Cell Training and “Alternative Solutions Health Digest.” after healing himself of Ankylosing Spondylitis, which has been described as “Rheumatiod Arthritis on steroids,” cancer, chemical, airborne, and food sensitivities, etc. See booth 309. Southampton Room Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel Kathleen Peterson 12:00-12:45 This workshop will help you recall memories of past lives and see truth and insight in your dreams. It will also introduce soul travel as a technique to view life from a practical and spiritual perspective. Tap into the wisdom and love of your inner worlds. Kathleen Peterson has a degree in education, is a DDCG Instructor, a senior yoga teacher, educator, and member of the ECKANKAR clergy. See booth 303.


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SATURDAY (CONT’D) 12:00-12:45 Hampshire Room Uncover Barriers to Greater Fulfillment Judith Silverstein. Ph.D. Learn how to go beyond just positive thinking. This task includes an experiential meditation and visualization exercise designed to increase awareness of our internal barriers to self-improvement. Judith is a Positive Psychologist (30+years) and certified (ICF) life coach, offering techniques to improve state of mind. See booth 703. The Loft Lounge Seashells: Spiritual Guides to Self-Empowerment Michelle “Shelley” Hanson 12:00-12:45 Seashells are master teachers. They serve as guides for navigating through life, by allowing hidden thoughts and feelings to rise to the surface for healing. As the “shell with a voice,” Michelle translates their language, and explores how seashells can act as powerful divination tools along the path to enlightenment. As an international author of “Ocean Oracle,” Michelle’s scientific expertise and intuitive insights meld beautifully into that which she has discovered as her life’s mission—ambassador of the seashell kingdom. See booth 301. Berkshire Room You Are the One You Are Looking For Janet Savage 12:00-12:45 Why can’t I find a good relationship? Discover some tools to help you find or re-find that special someone. Your hands contain the secrets to healthy relationships. You might be surprised by what you hear. Certified as a Hand Analyst by the International Institute of Hand Analysis, she is now a Master Teacher at the Institute. Janet consults with and coaches individuals and groups worldwide and trains others to use the IIHA system, which combines the ancient art of palmistry and the contemporary science of fingerprint analysis. The focus is on life purpose discovery, and personality style and strength, rather than prediction of the future. See booth 712. Southampton Room Nine Amazing Natural Ways to Heal Pain Quickly! Douglas Wilk 1:00-1:45 What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Douglas Wilk will show you natural healing techniques and methods that often get quick, safe and effective results reducing pain without drugs. Douglas has a comprehensive background researching many different natural remedies for health and wellness from around the world. He has an extensive background in Western and Eastern Medicine. Starting his career as a pharmacist, then shortly after, experienced the positive results of a successful holistic wellness journey. See booth 408/410/500

1:00-1:45 Hampshire Room Mastering the Law of Attraction: Crystal Bowl Experience Rhys Thomas Mastering the law of attraction is mastering inner peace! To become successful and fulfilled in life begins with understanding your life purpose and your chakra system. Rhys shows you how your human energy field is your law of attraction magnet. Then he plays the crystal bowls to awaken your chakras to attract the abundance you were born to attract. Don’t miss this talk and crystal bowl sound healing experience. Rhys is a visionary, speaker, author, sound healer, owner and founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, and developer of the Rhys Method®. See booth 514/516. The Loft Lounge Healing the Whole Person: An Interactive Presentation Panel 1:00-1:45 The Greater Amherst Healing Network will offer an interactive presentation on health topics including psychotherapy, massage, dentistry, cranial-sacral therapy and yoga. Audience participation is strongly encouraged. Ana Bennett, LCMT; Richard Martin, D.Min.; William Mastroianni, Ed.M.; Joyce Mastroianni, A.B., John K. Rhicard, D.M.D.; Mary Wing R.N. See booth 815. Berkshire Room Yoga Benefits Brain Development and Well Being of Children Nichole Rich, Ph.D. 1:00-1:45 The presentation will provide listeners with information regarding the benefits of yoga on the brain development and overall well-being of children. Research will be presented, as well as ways that schools and private practitioners can integrate yoga into the classroom setting. Nichole is the owner of Breathing Room, a yoga and wellness studio and is a principal for the Abington Public Schools. She has been in the field of education for over 12 years, with a focus in the area of special education and early childhood development. Nichole is a certified yoga instructor, fitness coach, and 4th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and founder of Yogarate, nutritional counselor, and lifestyle coach. Her purpose is to help others on their path to being well. See booth 296. Northampton Room Magdalene and The Keepers Of The Light Brenda Edwards 2:00-2:45 Join Brenda Edwards as she channels Mary Magdalene and the Keepers Of The Light with insight and awareness for 2012. In the year of the dragon, learn to align with the magic of your soul and manifest your intentions and your dreams. This will include lecture and meditation. Brenda Edwards, Director of Quantum Life Management Center, has been a workshop facilitator and teacher for over 20 years. She has traveled extensively sharing her knowledge and wisdom of many topics. See booth 207/606. Southampton Room Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind! Diane Tellier 2:00-2:45 Diane acknowledges the fact that everyone has a story and we can make the changes we need to succeed in our own happiness, health, wealth and relationships. The subconscious mind is like a computer hard drive. Using the same principles as the “Law of Attraction” you can change the programming! Diane Tellier, founder of “Full Spectrum Reiki”, has an extensive background in meditation, stress reduction, hypnotherapy, PLR training, Reiki Master Teacher, Therapeutic Massage, Craniosacral, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and Yoga. See booth 408/410/500 Hampshire Room Chinese Medicine: the Magic and the Science Jennifer Nery 2:00-2:45 Chinese medicine is criticized by some as ineffective or occasionally as a danger to patients’ health. However, there is a lot of good science supporting Chinese medicine’s efficacy and safety. We will discuss how Chinese medicine can be understood from a scientific point of view, while remaining open-eyed to its poetic concepts of the body and health. Jennifer Nery, LAc, has been practicing Chinese medicine in Northampton for two years, and just opened CLINIC Alternative Medicines, a multi-disciplinary wellness center. She earned her MAcOM at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland. Prior to that, she was in academic philosophy. See booth 507/509.


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SATURDAY (CONT’D) 2:00-2:45 The Loft Lounge Born Perfect: Alchemical Transformation through Energywork Leta Herman The Daoists believe that we were born perfect and eternal. They developed many methods of pursuing immortality through energy work and meditation. This workshop will focus on the 13 Ghost Points and the 9 Stages of Alchemy to enable you to be free and fly in your life. Leta is a dynamic teacher of Chinese Medicine and Daoist philosophy. She has a thriving acupressure practice in Belchertown, MA and teaches classes on the five elements, alchemical healing, and acupressure. See booth 205. Berkshire Room Primitive Reflexes and Childhood Learning/Neurobehavioral Disorders Dr. Megan Hudson 2:00-2:45 Primitive reflexes play a critical role in childhood learning and development, and neurobehavioral disorders such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and Tourette’s syndrome. Once identified, remediation will promote appropriate childhood development. Come learn more to support your child. Megan is a chiropractor with post-doctoral training in childhood developmental disorders and functional neurology. She supports children’s development through natural integrative approaches. See booth 708.


Northampton Room

Energy Management: Jackie Woodside, CPC, LICSW Being Meaningfully Productive -- Not Chronically Busy! Energy management is a revolutionary new system that teaches you to manage your self in relation to your values and commitments rather than experiencing life as a series of tasks to be accomplished and trying (unsuccessfully) to manage time. Enhance your productivity, reduce stress, and live a life of meaning. Jackie Woodside is a dynamic speaker and expert coach helping people move from being crazy busy to meaningfully productive. Her signature courses are Energy Management and Life Design. See booth 600. Southampton Room Simple Gentle Natural Ways to Detox your Body! Rachel Ginther 3:00-3:45 Every day we’re exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment resulting in hazardous heavy metals that get stored in our body. Benefits of detoxifying: releases toxins & heavy metals like mercury and lead; enhances your immune system; assists in weight loss. Learn about the many different ways to detoxify naturally. Rachel Ginther, alchemist, has done over 10,000 private sessions, helped found a school of energywork, has traveled extensively worldwide and brings a background of sacred living to all she does. See booth 408/410/500 Hampshire Room Life, the Truth, and Being Free Steve Maraboli 3:00-3:45 Steve shares the powerful insights and strategies that have gained him world-wide recognition as a leader in personal enhancement and human potential. This dynamic event will be filled with timeless wisdom, side-splitting humor, and practical strategies that will inspire you to release your greatest self. Bestselling author, radio show host, TV personality, and award-winning philanthropist, Steve has risen to international prominence as a recognized leader in personal enhancement, peak performance, and human potential.

3:00-3:45 Berkshire Room Soul Color Messages Elizabeth Harper Through the language of color you can create specific energies within your life, awaken special gifts, and celebrate the uniqueness of your rainbow body. Discover how color can reveal and heal the “bigger picture” of your current path and connect with guides to receive the gift of a color message. Elizabeth is a popular and inspiring teacher, color intuitive, visionary artist, the award-winning author of “Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires,” and creator of the pioneering ColorScope Oracle. See booth 502. Southampton Room LuSTARA Energy and Light Body Activation Cathy Pedevillano 4:00-4:45 LuSTARA Energy is a high vibrational matrix that carries encoding for a new humanity and a new earth. It clears and activates the light body, uplifts, unifies, is mentally calming, physically healing, emotionally balancing and spiritually expanding. Cathy will transmit and channel information from the “Realms of Light.” Cathy practices energy medicine and Shamanism. For 20 years, she has facilitated healing and transformation for hundreds of people through individual and group sessions, trainings and workshops. See booth 711. Hampshire Room Detoxification and Balancing of the Immune System Melanie Ryan 4:00-4:45 Learn the importance of detoxing the body and balancing your immune system to keep illness and disease from getting the upper hand. Melanie has been involved in the health/wellness industry for over a decade. See booth 307.

4:00-4:45 Berkshire Room The Power of Playing by the Rules Rev. Stacy Lee Goforth Most of the world’s religions have a single axiom for living on this planet. When we understand the similarities of these axioms, and the importance of living by these rules, we can develop deeper, truer relationships with each other and with God. Stacy Lee Goforth is an Interfaith Minister, author, and speaker, whose passion is to promote peace by sharing the similarities of the world’s religions to elevate understanding and decrease fear. See booth 204. 5:00-6:30 Northampton Room KEYNOTE: The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating and Relationships Amy Leigh Mercree You are spiritual and sexy! Step into your conscious power and sacredness! Unravel your inner self and learn techniques to make over your dating life and current relationships. Explore ways to be a dating non-conformist. Align your mind, heart, and soul to make-over your love life! Amy is an expert spiritual dating coach and medical intuitive who has been practicing for eleven years. Author of an array of books and e-books, she is a specialist on spiritual dating, and frequent speaker at events. She offers us a view of our deepest, most beautiful selves, helping us step into our own joyful truth. See booth 701. $25 5:00-5:45 Southampton Room Communicating with the Spiritual World Rosie Pearson Clairaudient? Clairvoyant? Clairsentience? Claircognizant? We all have the capacity to connect. What’s your way? Come learn more about the communication byways available to us to connect with our own intuitive voice and the ever present help from the spiritual world for guidance and the highest healing. Try it out! Rosie, a Reiki Master who regularly communicates with the spiritual world through her guidance, practices and teaches Usui and Karuna Reiki® and is the editor of the Reiki News Magazine. See booth 203.



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SUNDAY (CONT’D) 11:00-11:45 The Loft Lounge Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy and Authentic Movement Heidi Ehrenreich Movement work allows memory to come forward to be seen and heard while opening your body’s wisdom to be celebrated. Come explore movement as a source for sensation communication, personal narrative, community, creativity, and joy. Heidi Ehrenreich, M.S.,. Dance/Movement Therapist and Speech Pathologist, taught movement and dance at Antioch New England Graduate School. She maintains a private practice. See booth 104. 11:00-11:45 Berkshire Room The Melt Method Kerrie Bodendorf Melt is a revolutionary approach to pain-free longevity that helps you stay healthy, youthful and active for a lifetime. New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide whole-body support, protection, and mind-body communication. Kerrie is a fully certified Melt Method instructor. She has been teaching the method for 2 years and believes that everyone can benefit from this amazing self-treatment technique. See booth 704. 12:00-12:45 Southampton Room The Four Agreements: Transform Your Everyday Life Gayle Franceschetti The Four Agreements as revealed by Don Miguel Ruiz is a practical guide to personal freedom. Gayle Franceschetti explores this powerful code of conduct that moves us beyond self-limiting beliefs to new levels of freedom, happiness and love. Consecrated Toltec healer and founder of the L.O.V.E. Institute, Gayle has studied privately with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements,” and his mother, Toltec shaman Madre Sarita. See booth 506. 12:00-12:45 Hampshire Room Let’s Start Thinking About Sustaining Ourselves John G. O’Toole An overview of what it takes to live sustainably in cooperation with nature. Learn what you can do today to move toward greater independence and safety in a rapidly changing world, including food, water, shelter, energy and medicine. John has studied sustainability for over ten years in a continuing pursuit of new methods and technologies. He has developed and built practical systems to live in cooperation with nature. See booth 304. 12:00-12:45 The Loft Lounge Intimacy and You Susan Lazar Hart Are you fed up in being in a relationship that doesn’t work? Have you noticed how quickly you give up yourself in favor of someone else’s demands, desires and reality? What if there were some simple tools you could take home right away that would change your life in every way? As an international speaker, relationship counselor and facilitator with Access Consciousness™, Susan Lazar Hart has helped hundreds of people experience profound connections, fostering awareness and possibilities for the future while spurring growth towards really rewarding, nurturing relationships. See booth 404. 12:00-12:45 Berkshire Room BioAcoustics: New Technology or Ancient Mysteries Revealed? Robert O’Leary When you sooth a crying child; pick out your clothes for the day; select a particular CD to listen to, and when you choose your romantic mate(s), you are using BioAcoustics. Don’t miss the exciting debut of this powerful modality - for the first time in the Northeast. Be there! An attorney, singer/songwriter and martial artist, with a long-term interest in natural healing, his life path led me to become a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner. See booth 505. 1:00-2:45 Northampton Room Connections Gary McKinstry Many of us feel that we have not made closure before our loved one has passed away. The deceased may have their own need for closure, need to give us information, or help us just by knowing that they are still around. This event is about connecting spiritually with them. Gary is a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, tarot specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist. He holds a Doctorate in Religion, is a Universal Life Minister, and is a nationally-known radio personality. $25 1:00-1:45 Southampton Room Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Phyllis Brooks Shamballa is a gift to humanity from Master Germain, through John Armitage/Hari Baba Melchizedek, meant to awaken people to their true selves, to mastery, to love without conditions. We will do a brief meditation to let you feel some of the energies available in Shamballa classes. Phyllis has taught Shamballa Multidimensional Healing since 1999 and recently published a book on it. She also does remote energy clearings, and has been making vibrational remedies since 1984. See booth 302. 1:00-1:45 Hampshire Room Plant Spirit Medicine Jewell Greco Welcome the spring with an exploration of Plant Spirit Medicine, a powerful and effective healing modality. Experience ways to connect with the spirit of the plants all around us. A journey into the mystery of this medicine. Jewell is a Shamanic Healer with over 30 years of experience, who loves to share the medicine of the plants. Her healing practice is at The Source in Shutesbury, MA. See booth 308. 1:00-1:45 The Loft Lounge How to Become Irresistible to Men Ronnie Ann Ryan Are you newly single? Has it been a while? Do you know how to attract men? Any woman can become irresistible with these simple tips. Discover how to turn up your feminine charm, flirt naturally and attract men like a moth to a flame. Let your inner Goddess come alive. Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan, is a speaker, workshop leader and author of MANifesting Mr. Right. She has helped thousands to transform their love lives and find the love they want. See booth 512. 1:00-1:45 Berkshire Room Skeletal Balance and Health Richard M. Opper, D.C. Dr. Opper will discuss the importance of a balanced body and the direct health benefits of skeletal balance. Richard has been a chiropractor for 42 years. He specializes in bio-mechanics of the spine and musculoskeletal balance. His research specialties are idiopathic scoliosis and changes in spinal curvatures due to injury. See booth 710 2:00-2:45 Southampton Room Relationships: Lies and Authenticity Steve Maraboli Steve shares the powerful insights and strategies that have gained him world-wide recognition as a leader in personal enhancement and human potential. This dynamic event will be filled with timeless wisdom, side-splitting humor, and practical strategies that will inspire you to release your greatest self. Bestselling author, radio show host, TV personality, and award-winning philanthropist, Steve has risen to international prominence as a recognized leader in personal enhancement, peak performance, and human potential.


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SUNDAY (CONT’D) 2:00-2:45 Hampshire Room Thriving on the Local Harvest Leslie Cerier Eating local, seasonal, organic foods are not just good for you, but also pleasurable, delicious and good for the planet. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or omnivore, join gourmet organic chef/teacher and cookbook author Leslie Cerier to learn how easy and fun it is to mix and match our local fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and more for meals that will enhance your immune system, give you energy, rejuvenate your senses, keep your bones strong, and help you maintain an active lifestyle. Leslie Cerier, “The Organic Gourmet,” chef, teacher, nationally-known cook for health and vitality focusing on eating local, seasonal, organic foods that are not just good for you, but also pleasurable, delicious, and good for the planet. The Loft Lounge Weight Loss through Hypnosis Jan Bartrop-Babbitt 2:00-2:45 Weight gain and loss is a behavioral issue. Come experience a free session of cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy designed specifically to address issues of weight. You will be amazed at how good you feel...and how easy it is to lose weight. You do not have to fight yourself to succeed. Jan has worked in the field of cognitive behavioral psychology for over 20 years. As a licensed, certified hypnotherapist she has had marked success helping people overcome substantial behavioral issues. See booth 106.

Dr. Alya Shabunin 2:00-2:45 Berkshire Room The Real Cause of Cancer and Nature of Solutions Chronic dehydration, toxic acid build-up, stress, and nutrient deficiency are the underlying causes of most modern health problems. Where toxins build up beyond what a body can bear, a crisis occurs. The basic recipe for eliminating diseases, in many cases, is quite simple: stop poising the system, good nutrition, hydration, rest, and detoxification. Doctor of alternative medicine, holistic health practitioner with 30 years of experience in Europe and USA. Member of American Holistic Health Association, Member of International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. See booth 518. Northampton Room Meet Your Guardian Angel Karen Paolino Correia 3:00-3:45 Can you imagine never feeling alone again? Come and experience a powerful meditation where you will connect with your guardian angel--everyone has at least two. Learn how to communicate with them to receive messages of divine guidance to help you in every aspect of your life. Karen teaches others how to connect and communicate with the angelic realm. She is the published author of “The Everything Guide to Angels” and “101 Ways to Meet Your Angels. See booth 504. Southampton Room Soul Retrievals Rev. Sandra Harrick 3:00-3:45 Soul Retrievals offer completion with relationships, feelings, loss, knowledge of who you are, where you are going. spirit and soul tenderly collecting all you have given or has been taken from you. Bring home all you are by healing what no longer supports you. Be all you are and shine.” “Sandra has touched thousands of individuals around the world with her amazing way of bringing spirit and soul into people’s lives for insight and transformation, awakening all you are and all you can be.” See booth 207/606.

Celina McMahon 3:00-3:45 Hampshire Room Mandalas, Meditation, Manifesting, and More Are you overwhelmed by transforming your life? Our lives are not segregated pieces of a pie. Our career, relationships, emotions, and spirituality are all intimately connected to one another. In this lecture we will discuss how to create transformation in all areas of your life by focusing on one change. Celina McMahon is a life coach, modern day Priestess and spiritual alchemist who supports others in tapping into their creativity and creating the life they desire. Berkshire Room Healing and Self-healing: How To Do It Lucinda Gallela 3:00-3:45 This talk discusses the conscious mind versus the non-conscious mind in the process of healing. Your personal operating system stores your beliefs, memories, and habits. You carry the weight of this lifetime and your past lifetimes in the energy field of your body’s structure. Clear your electro-magnetic field through self-help methods. Holistic healer with over 35 years experience, Lucinda holds a master’s degree with a concentration on alternative medicine. She has specialized training in yoga, meditation and hypnosis. She is is a retired special education teacher who taught students with all types of disabilities. See booth 820. Northampton Room Multidimensional Awakening Kristin Kirk 4:00-4:45 Open to the exquisite bliss of being both everything and nothing, and discover the multidimensional nature of your existence. Come remember who you are and the ecstatic bliss of being. Dialog, energetic transmission, and QA. Kristin Kirk offers awakening support, transformational healing, and meditation embodiment classes, for individuals and groups, locally and long distance. She is a LMT, practices Zen Shiatsu, and has maintained a professional healing practice since 1989. Southampton Room Living From Your Core: Trancending Your Limited Self Kate Siner Francis, Ph.D 4:00-4:45 Do you wish for a more dynamic, more authentic life? Do you find yourself getting stuck in doubt, confusion, rationalizations, or blame instead of being able to step fully into your life? This presentation introduces an important tool to access your potential and bring your work fully into the world. Kate Siner Francis, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, writer, and educator who has been practicing integrative psychotherapy, holistic success coaching, and running programs and workshops in the Providence area since 2005. She calls her work the Life Fulfillment Formula and has dedicated her work to helping people find and develop their own fulfillment. See booth 501. Hampshire Room Feng Shui: Holistic Health Care for the Environment Eileen Jager 4:00-4:45 What is Feng Shui? How does energy in a space affect our well being? Explore the basics including the Bagua and 5 element theory. Learn about Laser Feng Shui focusing on specific goals. Create a powerful tool for healing and transformation by aligning energy in your home with your intention. Eileen Jager is a certified practitioner of Interior Alignment Feng Shui and a visual artist. She transforms living, working, and playing spaces by aligning energy and intention. Berkshire Room Hearing the Call to Your Next Adventure Boysen Hodgson 4:00-4:45 Learn about the essential role a modern rite of passage can play in helping men and women nurture and maintain healthy personal power, mature relationships, and supportive communities. Are you ready to take risks to improve your world? Boysen Hodgsen is the Marketing and Communications Director for the ManKind Project USA. He is the creator of Open Men, a men’s circle in Springfield, MA open to all men. See booth 811. WHOLE HEALTH EXPO A9





Dear Friends, We look forward to your joining us again for the 27th Annual Northampton, MA Whole Health Expo™ on April 21-22, 2012. We are pleased to announce that we have increased our number of talks by over 25%, reinstated the largest speaker room (Northampton Room) and added a new exhibit area. Thanks to our longstanding relationship with the Clarion, and the flexibility of their staff and management, we have been able to utilize alternative areas at the facility for additional exhibit space. That means that for most of both days there will be 5 concurrent presentations, allowing even more people the opportunity to learn from the stimulating talks for which the Expo is known. This increased capacity will go a long way towards alleviating the over-crowding experienced last year when we lost exhibit space due to renovations; the Deerfield Room, which we used to use for exhibits, was remodeled and is now a popular lounge. We use it for talks during the day but can’t set-up exhibits that would get in the way once the lounge opens in the afternoon. We appreciate the ongoing support of the Clarion Hotel, still the only venue in the area large enough to accommodate the varied aspects of the Expo (at least 6-7000 sq. ft. for exhibit space, nearby multiple “break-out” rooms for talks, and free convenient parking). We have researched other options extensively and no other venue both offers all of the above and is willing and able to accommodate us this year. Demand is growing, and if there were an appropriate venue, we could have more exhibits. We hope for this to happen soon, in order to keep the expo in the local area, and for it to be economically viable. Currently it is largely a labor of love and makes very little money. We appreciate your continued support of the expo, the oldest and largest event of its kind in Western Massachusetts. If you have any comments or questions, please email me at or call 413.584.0010 Sincerely, Jonathon Podolsky Producer, Whole Health Expo

Experience a Healing Touch chair treatment located by the pool area at the Whole Health Expo. Attend a workshop on healing on every third Sunday at 4pm at Clear Point Acupuncture, 35 Main St. in Florence, MA.

Pre-register by calling (413) 627-1352. Chair treatment is by donation, workshop is free.





Melanie Ryan 207-356-6999 WHOLE HEALTH EXPO A13




Lobby ~ start here; registration Ballroom ~ booths in the 200’s-700’s The Loft ~ delicious food The Loft Exhibit Area ~ booths in the 800’s Exhibits overlooking pool


Northampton Foyer ~ booths in the 100’s Hampshire Room ~ talks Berkshire Room ~ talks Southampton Room ~ talks Northampton Room ~ talks


ORANGE= Exhibit halls. PINK= Speaker Rooms YELLOW= Restaurant

handicap lift

Stairs B





116 102

114 104

112 106 Stairs

110 108




GlassroomCeltic Harp & Crystals





Phones & ATM

Stairs B




















700 511






THE LOFT LOUNGE Talks until 3:45pm Lounge 4pm-close



200 c







702 509 303 703 301

704 507 305 705

706 505


307 707



712 501


708 503


309 709


311 713





809 807 805


















Stairs A


LIST OF EXHIBITORS Northampton Foyer


100 Readings-Mystical/Intuitive w/Love Intuitive sessions with Mother Mary, CD’s, and the book, “The Wounded Chalice” (also available as e-book and audiobook).

200 Diamonds And Crystals, fossils, gemstone jewelry, tumbled stones, carvings, unique gifts, sterling silver rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, neck chains, and photographic artist prints/cards.

102 Robin Does Miracles Robin Distiso is a clairvoyant medium. She receives information from spirit guides and angels.

201 Rescom Exteriors, Inc. FREE Annual $36,000 Sweepstakes, free prize wheel, lollipops, and beads.

104 Embody Center Stop by our booth for information on the Embody Center for Dance. Movement therapy, bodywork and expressive & healing arts. 106 REAL Change Hypno Therapy Behavior doesn’t change based on willpower. Discuss the benefits of custom cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy with a pioneer in the field. 108 Mediumship By Amanda Provides tarot and oracle card readings, mediumship contact with deceased loved ones, and energy work through several modalities. 110 The Crystal Lotus Healing Center Intuitive Readings & Healings. 112 Insight Readings by Lisa Through the enchanted tarot, her readings will guide, inspire, and reveal your path in finding and enhancing your love life! 114 Urja Psychic Originally from Paris, France, Urja taps into her unique gift to offer energetic readings using tarot, palmistry and Reiki. 116 Transmission Meditation An informational booth where you can get free spiritual information about The Ageless Wisdom Teaching and Transmission Meditation.

202 The Healing in Harmony Center CD’s, DVD’s, card decks, artwork and gift items. Providing intuitive, angel and mediumship readings. 203 Enter the Flow Karuna Reiki ®/Readings Offering Usui and Karuna Reiki ®, Matrix Energetics, and intuitive readings. 204 Books, Crystals & Transformation Pearls of Wisdom book signings and sales, Crystal bessings jewelry, Access Consciousness body healing, bars, and Chakra clearing and balancing 205 Leta Herman, Acupressure Acupressure based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. Leta also offers Source Alignment Alchemical Energywork for emotional/spiritual health. 206 Goldylocks Temple of Healing Reiki, crystal and Tibetan bowl healings, tarot/oracle readings, and spiritually inspiring gifts and essentials. 207/606 Quantum Life Management Center Tools for self-healing and self-empowerment. Gifts for awareness and balance, including energy mats, organite tools, and healing gifts.

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshops™

RECENT UFO SIGHTINGS and the Ageless Wisdom Teaching

Robin A. Davis, M.A., CCC-SLP • 413-575-8682

Certified Facilitator of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshops™ Certified Hypnotherapist 3207707


Learn Mind-Body Techniques to: � Reduce anxiety before surgery � Use less pain medication � Heal faster � Lessen side-effects of chemotherapy

Prakasa Yoga Studio

Confluence Healing Arts Streaming breath, awareness, and myriad energetic frequencies with your intent to clear, to expand, and to make whole. 3208007


Come discover and grow in our beautiful 12-sided studio, nestled among trees and sky, 25 minutes west of Northampton, MA. Lynne Paterson, certified Anusara Yoga instructor George Nager, yoga instructor, breath and energyworker 413-268-7151

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching tells us the many recent UFO sightings are heralding the World Teacher who is active in the world today and helping humanity enter the new age of Aquarius. Check for more info.

George Nager 413-268-7151 WHOLE HEALTH EXPO A15

LIST OF EXHIBITORS (Cont’d) Ballroom 296 Isagenix Samples of all natural products that enhance health and wellness. 298 Silverleaf Resorts Vacation packages to the Berkshires. Stop by to learn more and chance to win prizes! 300 My World of Magnets Magnetic therapy, an alternative treatment for various ailments, is natural, effective, inexpensive, and noninvasive. Positive results with no side-effects! 300b Science of Spirituality A global, nonprofit, spiritual organization dedicated to helping people transform themselves through meditation. 301 Heaven Seas: Wings and Harps Offering inspirational messages from the angelic and oceanic realms for spiritual guidance, growth and enlightenment. Seashell books, kits and CD’s. 302 Taliloquay Essences & Shamballa MDH Flower & gem remedies, information on Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, silk scarves. 303 ECKANKAR Recall memories of past lives. Understand your dreams. Explore techniques to view life from a spiritual perspective. Create your universe. 304 It’s easy to Sustain Yourselves! Demonstration of simple means of preserving food and supplies. Living off-grid power possibilities. GoFoods dehydrated foods packaged for 15 years. 305 Body-Centered Therapies Kristen Chamberlin, Beth Dennison, and Gary Blaser offer alternatives to talk therapy, for anxiety and chronic pain, to trauma and relationships. 306 Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) Connect with your deepest wisdom, find the interfering patterns and learn techniques for lasting healing. 15 min. sessions to clear phobias, curses. 307 It Works The Ultimate Body Applicator infused with a botanically-based formula. Lose inches, tightens, firms, diminishes cellulite & stretchmarks in as little as 45 min! 308 Plant Spirit Medicine Esalen® Massage. Jewell, Shamanic Healer, is offering Plant Spirit Medicine and Lee Edelberg LMT is offering Esalen Massage. Information and sessions available.

309 Advanced Cell Training Discover how your body can heal itself by training the autonomic systems. Free magazine and DVD. 310 Tranquil Healing With Angelic Essence Readings, healings, angel oracle cards, a coloring book, Doreen Virtue’s latest books, info on workshops, and meditation CD’s. 311 MasterPath Information on the Divine Teachings of Light and Sound. www. 400 Ultimate Healing Lights Mini eye readings of holistic iridology, soul level issues, time lines, emotional patterns, physical health issues, and toxicity. 402 The Sanctuary Animal Clinic Veterinary clinic offering Chinese 5-Element Medicine, including herbs, acupuncture, and nutrition. (413) 532-2175 404 Access Consciousness Access Consciousness bars & body-work, browse through books, ask about tools, techniques and philosophies of Access Consciousness. Change most every area of life. 406 GROUNDINGS Reiki, sound healing, tarot, oracle, and gifts. 408/410/500 Abundant Wellness Center Offering intuitive and pet psychic readings with Kathi Munson, chair massage, exceptional products and special expo offers! 501 Life Fulfillment Formula Programs, workshops, and sessions designed to help you live a richer, happier, more deeply fulfilled life. 502 Sealed With Love Gifts designed to heal, transform and empower, with color intuitiveElizabeth Harper and life coach-Win Harper. 503 ROUND SKY MUSIC Grammy-nominated Paul Avgerinos and his gentle healing ambient New Age music. 504 Heaven on Earth ~Karen Paolino~ Angel and inspirational books, angel cards, meditation CD’s, and jewelry. 505 RoMaYa //\\ Soundhealth BioAcoustics considers the body as a mathematical matrix & uses vocal prints to determine special tones needed for optimum health. 413-297-5026 506 Return 2 Love with Gayle Guided meditation CD’s, workshop and spiritual journey information, hematite jewelery, and copies of the best seller “The Four Agreements.”


507/509 CLINIC Alternative Medicines A multi-disciplinary wellness center in the center of Northampton. Client-oriented, whole-health services and lifestyle guidance.


508/510 Inner Traditions Bear & Co. A leading publisher of books on indigenous cultures, visionary art, ancient mysteries, spiritual traditions, sexuality, and holistic health and healing.

LIST OF EXHIBITORS Ballroom (Con’td) 511 Becca Chambers Becca Chambers, naturopath, presents breakthrough energy therapy: Whole Body Vibration, and her new book, Beyond The Great Abyss. 512 Easthampton Chiropractic Balance and posture screenings to determine the functioning of your nervous system, followed by exercises to fight pain and fatigue. 512 Meet The Dating Coach Single? The Dating Coach is in! Listen to dating mini-workshops every 30-minutes. Your burning questions answered all day. 514/516 Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Med New England’s premier Energy Medicine Practitioner Certificate Program. Take your journey as a healer to the next level. Free energy healings. 518 Holistic Retreat and Institute Kangen water, whole body detoxification and weight loss programs, Amazon herbs, private detox retreats, cancer prevention education, and free weekly seminars. 600 The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating Have your copy of “The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating” signed by the author, Amy Leigh Mercree, spiritual dating coach! 601 The Planet Whisperer® Like no other astrology you’ve experienced! Teaching you to rule your stars with a unique integration of mind-body-spirit power tools.

706 Spiritual/Past life Readings Spiritual Readings Life’s Path. (413) 772-0629 . 707 SEIMEI = ACTIVATED LIFE FORCE Experience Seimei, a powerful, non-invasive healing art from Japan that relieves pain, stress, and discomfort in minutes. Free demonstrations offered. New to USA. www.PainReliefWithSeimei. com 708 Brain Balance Achievement Center A holistic brain-based, after-school program serving kids (ages 4-17) with learning and neuro-behavioral issues, such as ADHD, Asperger’s and dyslexia. 709 Ormus Ormus-- newly rediscovered alchemical products with phenomenal healing potential. Where spirit and science converge. A must visit! 710 Prescription Foot Balance, Inc. Free digital foot scanning. (413) 283-3668 711 Heart Of Shamanism Shamanic Journeying CD for sale. 15 minute sessions of Chakra clearing and balancing, shamanic healing, and clairvoyant readings. Also, LuStara Energy Treatment. www.heartofshamanism. com 712 HandTales It’s in your hands! Discover your personal map to a life of meaning through Life Purpose Hand Analysis. 713 The Cosmic Cat Psychic Readings Nadine’s psychic abilities accurately bring forth past, present, and future events, messages from spirit and souls who have crossed over.

602 QIVANA - to your health & wealth QIVANA is an exciting new Nutraceutical company using pharmaceutical standards; QORE for optimal aging, METABOLIQ to reset your metabolism. 603 Hps. Ellen Donovan Townsend & Keli Maines Psychic readings by Ellen and Keli. 604 Ada Rios Beauty & Health Products Organic personal care products for hair, face, and bath. Multi-use ergonomic pillows for face, keyboard, neck and back. www.adarios. com 700 Monroe Products-Hemi-sync/All Paths Hemi-Sync CD’s for learning, meditation & sleep. Powers Forms, energetic jewelry and stones for ones energetics. 701 Jackie Woodside: Books, Tools and Resources to Empower your Body, Mind and Soul 702 Creative Expressive You Patterned ball bouncing, sandbags, and balance board strengthen pathways between the right and left hemispheres. 703 State of Mind Products Products and processes to improve well being created by a psychologist and life coach. 704 Melt Method Melt Method helps to restore your body’s natural balance and function. Learn simple techniques to make you live pain free, naturally. 705 AwenTree Magickal gifts and healing arts for spiritual transformation and healing, tarot readings, past life regressions, Reiki, workshops, metaphysical-pagan shop.

Lobby Area 801 NOFA/Mass- Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association A community of farmers, gardeners, landscapers, and consumers working to educate and advocate the benefits of local organic food. 803 Aura Photography by Bennu (508) 748-0065 Aura imaging photo with 2 page print out and personal reading. 805 Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster™ Learn to use mind-body techniques to prepare for surgery, reduce side-effects of chemotherapy, reduce anxiety, and cure insomnia. 807 Avada Hearing Care Centers 809 Confluence Healing Arts Confluence healing arts blends energy work, breath, and yoga to achieve greater flow and health for body, mind, and spirit. 811 ManKind Project & Women Within Personal growth trainings and groups, for men and women, that transform lives and improve relationships. 813 Astrology Readings & Past Life Intuitive astrology- strengths, weaknesses, gifts and challengespast, present and future. Past Life regression; break free in your present life. (860) 573-0410 WHOLE HEALTH EXPO A17

LIST OF EXHIBITORS Lobby Area (cont’d) 815 The Greater Amherst Healing Network A close-knit group of practitioners, offering cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, health education, yoga, massage, mercury-free dentistry, psychotherapy, couple counseling, and mediation. 818 Jerry Marchand Crystals and Minerals Celtic harp recordings for meditation and relaxation. Natural minerals and crystals, many are self-collected and unusual specimens, and handmade jewelry. 820 Healing Touch Plus Healing touch lifestyle counseling, including yoga for health and healing based on your assessment. Hypnosis available in private sessions. 822 Magic Hands Therapeutic Massage Specializing in Swedish, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Reiki/Polarity Energy Work is brought to you by the team that produces Whole Health Expo. We are a full service marketing company that provides graphic, print, web, smart apps, social media, and mailing solutions at fantastic prices. Check us out online or call 413.586.NOHO sm

L. O. V. E.

Lightworker Of Vibrational Energy LLC

27th Annual Northampton, MA Whole Health Expo Gayle Franceshetti, MEd., CHt.

April 21-22, 2012

Intuitive Counselor & Healer Inspirational Speaker


Clarion Hotel and Conference Center 3208413 Email:

American Society of Dowsers

Ancient Mysteries...Dowsing... Pathways to the Future June 6 - June 11, 2012 Lyndonville, VT Over 60 workshops and classes! 3207882

Support your local dairy farmers! Our Family Farms is a cooperative of farmers who are your neighbors. Farming is our way of life. By buying Our Family Farms milk, you are helping our Massachusetts farmers earn more for their efforts. Our Farmers’ Pledge: No artificial growth hormones


Michael Tellinger or call (802) 684-3417 A18 WHOLE HEALTH EXPO


Keynote Speaker Author of “Temple of the African Gods” For more information and to register:


Artfully Home Feng Shui ~ 1/2 hour blueprint consultation. Life Fulfillment Formula ~ 30 Minute Clarity Breakthrough Session. (Value $150) Ultimate Healing Lights ~ 45 minute Light Therapy Session with Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND - $65 value. Return 2 Love with Gayle ~ Intuitive counseling session Books, Crystals & Transformations ~ “Pearls of Wisdom: 30 The Sanctuary Animal Clinic ~ trad. Chinese medical exam Tranquil Healing ~ 1/2 hour angel reading ($65 value) Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now” signed by CLINIC Alternative Medicines $80 Gift Certificate Stacy Lee Goforth Melt Method ~ A Hand and Foot Treatment kit The Golden Light of Love and Healing 20 minute energy ROUND SKY MUSIC ~ Lots of CD door prizes as usual ! healing with Valinda Salva, owner. The Cosmic Cat Psychic Readings ~ One fifteen minute My World of Magnets ~ $20 gift certificate reading with Nadine at The Cosmic Cat, Putnam, CT Advanced Cell Training ~ $205.00 value for the first 15 READINGS-MYSTICAL/INTUITIVE W/LOVE ~ attendees at the seminar. Taliloquay Essences & Shamballa MDH ~ 1 Taliloquay Es- Mystical reading with Mary Grace Isagenix ~ Pillars of Health Pak sences “Aura Cleanse/Room Cleanse” essence spray (2 oz.) Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine ~ The 12 GateContained Within ~ 3 Sessions Coaching Package Meet The Dating Coach ~ 45-minute Find an Amazing Man ways to your Life Purpose DVD ($167 value) Ormus ~ three bottles of Ormus Free Consultation Enter the Flow Karuna Reiki®/Reading ~ Two certificates Heaven on Earth: Karen Paolino ~ A copy of each of her for a Reiki session or a Reading at Enter the Flow Healing. books, “The Everything Guide to Angels” and “101 Ways to Meet Your Angels” It Works ~ A free “Ultimate Body Applicator” Heaven Seas: Wings and Harps ~ Adriana will conduct a Heaven Seas reading--combination angel/seashell reading. This will take place via telephone at a later date. Michelle will offer her book/CD entitled “Ocean Wisdom.” Leta Herman ~ an initial acupressure consultation Brain Balance Achievement Center ~ copy of the book “Disconnected Kids” by Dr. Robert Melillo Goldylocks Temple of Healing ~ $30 Gift Certificates


Come �n� �elebrate the B�d�, Min� & Spi�it � �he Ho�se!

• Keynote speakers Dr. John Perdrizet, DVM Five Element Theory in Chinese Medicine Nan Martin, LSH/CRTS Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer and Goddess of Essential Oils • Wellness practitioners, demonstrate their skills hands-on in acupressure, equine rehabilitation, massage, chiropractic, Flowtrition, natural hoof care, … and so much more • Products with your horses’ wellness in mind


A full day of fun and inspiration for $15 if you pre-register at, $20 at the door. Blue Star Equiculture Herd Members pay $10 for the Expo. Learn more about „Join the Herd“ at

APRIL 29th 10am – 5pm UMass Hadley Farm a m h e r s t, M A

If you are an equine wellness practitioner and want to participate or if you offer products that foster equine wellness and would like to sponsor the event, please contact us through our website:


Artfully Home




Feng Shui for your world Eileen Jager, CPIA Certified Practitioner Interior Alignment速 413.527.9808

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT Discover LIGHT THERAPY... the NEW Medicine of the Future! Light and Vibra�onal frequencies allow the body to respond faster than anything I have seen!

Sat. 11:00 am

What if you could relieve pain, inflamma�on, stress, increase circula�on, energy, and have an�-aging and spiritual openings—at the same �me?


Jane Smolnik, ND, Iridologist, and Light Therapy Instructor

Come find out how this is Mul�-Dimensional Healing! 3206517

Kristin Kirk Healer, Teacher since 1989



Awakening Support Inner transformation & healing Zen Shiatsu (413) 586-8444







Karen Paolino-Correia, CHT, ATP


Jewell 49 Montague rd. Shutesbury MA 01072

*Plant Spirit Medicine*


Shamanic Healing * Medicine Walks Phone: 413/259-1814 Massage Therapy *Qigong Instruction * Shamanic Art/Theater/Dance * * Ceremony * Email:



(781) 857-1444


270 Washington Street Pembroke, MA 02359


International Author � Angel Readings � Soul Coaching � Hypnotherapy � Past Life Regression � Inspirational Speaker �


SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT * Accepting New Patients *



Range of Movement




Intuitive counselor, Healer, medium and so much more.


Private Sessions call 603.399.7152

(413) 584-0034 39 Main Street • Northampton “Serving the Pioneer Valley Since 1989”

A groundbreaking after-school learning center offering a brain-based, drug-free program for kids (ages 4-17) with learning and neurobehavioral disorders such as ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger’s and Tourette’s. Our center serves families from western MA, northern CT, eastern NY and all of VT. 3207135 Email:

Be all you can be.

Related Injuries

� Acute and Chronic Illness � Pain and Stress Disorders � Balance Health

Dr. Megan Hudson, Center Director 413-737-5437 (KIDS)



Energy is what I am all about. Through sessions, classes, lectures and over the air waves, energy is what I bring allowing you to connect with the magical light of awakening into who you are and where you are going for your amazing soul to continue in it’s mystical journey of life. I read it, see it and transform it, bringing you information for making the difference you need and desire.


Soul Awakenings

� Sports and Exercise


� Eliminate Pain � Resolve Injuries � Peak Performance � Increase Flexibility &

Help Whole Health Expo support these worthy organizations that help educate and feed our community, in healthy and sustainable ways! $1 of each ticket is donated towards one of these organizations. You will receive a donation coupon at expo registration. The Northampton Education Foundation (NEF), established in 1991, is a non-profit organization created to fund projects and programs that expand educational opportunities, foster creativity, and enhance academic experiences in Northampton’s public schools.

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts works with an emergency food network of 350 agencies in Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire Counties. These agencies report seeing more new families seeking food assistance, and more families relying on help for longer periods of time. Food prices go up while government funding is under threat. Help from community members like you is critical, whether it’s through donations, volunteering, or calling your government representative to advocate for fair food policy.

The second day of the expo falls on Earth Day! Check out these talks that will help you along the path to an environmentally-friendly life style: Hamsphire Room, Sunday: 10:00-10:45 Ada Rios The Hidden Added-value in Natural Products

12:00-12:45 John G. O’Toole Living Sustainably

11:00-11:45 Dr. Matthew Raider, MD Vegetarian Diet for Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Grow Food Northampton blossomed from a small group of concerned citizens to a vibrant, community-driven non-profit organization that owns a 121acre community farm, including a vibrant CSA: Crimson & Clover, sustainably growing fruit and vegetables, supplying local markets, and a large community garden for citizens to grow their own food organically. A significant portion of food produced at the Farm is subsidized for lowincome households & seniors, and donated to local hunger relief agencies.

Human Resources Unlimited serves workers who may have physical and mental disabilities, or are disadvantaged by poverty or lack of housing, by enabling them to perform appropriate work. Whole Health Expo employs these people whenever possible, giving them a chance to earn money, gain experience, be active, and feel pride in their work.

2:00-2:45 Leslie Cerier Thriving on the Local Harvest WHOLE HEALTH EXPO A23



27th Annual Northampton MA Whhle Health Expo Program Guide  
27th Annual Northampton MA Whhle Health Expo Program Guide  

Over 125 talks & exhibits