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bOoSt yOuR iMmUnItY! The best way to feel good during the holidays is to keep your defenses up with supplements and wash your hands like it was your job.

GaIa HeRbS Organic Black Elderberry Syrup $29.99 5.4oz

RaInBoW LiGhT Men’s & Women’s One Multis $31.49 90ct

365 EvErYdAy VaLuE


Premium Foaming Hand Soap $4.99 18oz

Life Shield Immunity

$39.99 60ct

gEt rEaDy fOr aNyThInG! With all that running around you do, you can’t always make it through the holidays unscathed. These natural supplements can optimize your system’s functions.

BoIrOn Oscillococcinum



WhOlE FoOdS MaRkEt Vitamin C 1000mg



NaTuRe’S WaY Umcka



GaIa HeRbS Quick Defense



sAvE tHoSe sIcK dAyS! Make sure you take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. These supplements aid your immune system and help it recover.

RaInBoW LiGhT Get Well Soon



JaRrOw Jarro-Dophilus EPS

$29.99 120ct

SoUrCe NaTuRaLs Wellness Shot



yOu aTe tOo mUcH? dIdN’t sEe tHaT cOmInG... Iron wills tend to bend like paper clips during the holidays. If you find yourself lying on the floor surrounded by empty plates, make sure you have some digestive aids on hand.

SoUrCe NaTuRaLs

ReNeW LiFe

Essential Enzymes 500mg

Ultimate Flora





AxIa3 Heartburn Extinguisher Breath Mints



yOu wErE sErIoUsLy gOiNg fOr iT lAsT nIgHt. Luckily for you, there are a few healthier options you can use if you’re feeling fuzzy! Drink plenty of water and add some electrolytes if you’re feeling depleted.

ReBoOtIzEr Detox Shaker

$4.99 2.2oz

VeGa Electrolyte Hydrator



ea packet

FiNiSh StRoNg! The Holidays can feel like a marathon. Keep your energy levels high with natural energizers and plantbased proteins!



Energy Shots

Green Superfood Energy Bar



VeGa Performance Protein




60 gram

tHe wEaThEr iS fIcKlE This season you might find yourself bundled up in the snow, but then again it could be like in the 70s with tank-tops. Make sure your skin is well nourished no matter what it looks like outside.



WeLeDa Skin Food


71 grams

Maximum Moisture Lotion


DeViTa Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer


365 EvErYdAy VaLuE PrEmIuM



KeEp tHe YoUnGsTeRs HeAlThY When your kids get sick, it’s just a matter of time before the whole house is under the weather. Keep their hands clean and have some of the following on hand.

JaRrOw Yum Yum Dophilus

$12.49 60ct

NaTuRe’S WaY Sambucus Kids Syrup



HyLaNd’S Cold’n Cough 4 Kids



wAkE mE wHeN iT’s oVeR iS nOt aN oPtIoN Quality of sleep is super important for managing stress, so make sure the shut eye you get is high quality with our natural sleep aids and stress relievers.

SoUrCe NaTuRaLs


Melatonin, Orange Flavored $14.99 120ct

Stress or Energy Powder


NaTuRaL ViTaLiTy


Natural Calm



8 grams

Rescue Remedy Pastilles


50 grams

E z E e U Sq for



SiX tIpS

fOr kEePiN’ iT tOgEtHeR dUrInG tHe hOlIdAyS your hands whenever possible. Dirty hands · Wash spread the germs. you’re hitting the eggnog hard, make sure you drink · Ifplenty of H2O. you’ve stuffed yourself, go for a walk. It’ll · When make you feel better and it burns calories. all go off the rails a bit during the holidays, but · We if you supplement with proper nutrition you’ll keep on track.

wait till January 1st to start an exercise routine. · Don’t Even if you’re just doing something once a week, it’ll help keep off the “holiday handles”.

you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a · Ifmoment to be thankful for what you have. If that doesn’t work try a homeopathic stress reliever (or more eggnog).

The Holiday Survival Guide  

Boost your immunity and get ready for anything this holiday season!

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