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“The vital work today is to re-weave people and the land with the specific intention of creating a more resilient community, one that cannot be achieved through fencing people out but only through the far more challenging work of inviting people in.” — Peter Forbes THE NEED

Conservation efforts everywhere in the United States

If significant steps are not taken now to diversify

face a strategic challenge to methods, delivery systems

conservation groups — whose supporters are over-

and constituencies. This challenge has emerged from

whelmingly white and aging — who will support

a combination of factors including the changing demo-

these institutions in the next generation?

graphics of our nation coupled with the narrowing of

Many leading conservation organizations are realiz-

constituent groups for conservation organizations.

ing that to succeed and become the powerful force

How do conservationists engage with a changing

in American culture they can be, they must build

American public?

bridges, find common ground among diverse groups,

Demographers predict that by 2042 — in one generation—people of color will be the statistical majority in every metropolitan region of the United States. Today, 40% of all North Americans under the age of 16 are people of color. These demographic changes should be celebrated for many reasons, including that people of color have traditionally been strong supporters of conservation. But, today, conservation and environmentalism include far fewer people of color. How can conservation




September 1 1 – 1 3, 2 0 1 2


Essex Conference Center, Essex, MA Peter Forbes and Stephanie Kaza

$750. – $1,200.

will steward conserved lands in the future? Who will

We are committed to making all of our programs available to as many environmental and social change leaders as possible. Program tuition is determined on a sliding scale to accommodate individuals from organizations of all sizes. All of our workshop prices include room and board.

support bond acts? Who will support land use policies?

Group rates and scholarships are available.

groups adapt? What needs to evolve within conservation so that more people of color see themselves in the story of conservation? All of these factors beg important questions: Who




and unite ecological and social healing. The skills needed in this practice of conservation include story, dialogue,


intercultural competency, political agility and movement

Center for Whole Communities workshops are

building. The opportunities for change are an expanded

offered at Knoll Farm in central Vermont and at

membership, greater public engagement and under-

other locations around the country throughout

standing, deeper collaborations, more funding, more

the year. For a full calendar of our programs, please

legislative victories, and the chance to move beyond

visit our website at

“landscape–centered” to “culture and landscape cen-

On our website you will also find our sliding scale

tered” conservation. This is the extraordinary opportunity

of fees. Through the generous support of our fun-

for conservation groups today: to help create healthy

ders we are able to substantially underwrite the

whole communities, while at the same time building

cost of many of our programs.

stronger, more resilient support for conservation.

F O R O R G A N I Z AT I O N S :

Today, those who care about land conservation and biodiversity are remaking themselves by partnering with non-traditional groups with allied interests. This workshop addresses just how to make those critical steps in focus, strategic planning, and on the ground innovation. W H AT W E O F F E R

Center for Whole Communities leads workshops for organizations seeking greater effectiveness or looking for new tools to help them catalyze broader change. We bring our faculty and curriculum to you and tailor our workshop to your specific concerns and goals. To talk further about how we can serve

In response to this need, we offer this three-day

your organization through one of our programs,

intensive workshop for conservation organizations

please contact:

and individuals to take a broader look at the strategic benefits of leveraging difference for future innovation. It is a chance to talk openly and safely about

Alex Bauermeister, Senior Program Manager 802.496.5690

how to diversify in order to maintain strong and current leadership and how to collaborate with facets of all communities, thereby broadening bases of support, developing meaningful new relationships and engaging more public citizens on the issues. You and your conservation group will explore and

About CENTER FOR WHOLE COMMUNITIES Center for Whole Communities (CWC) fosters

develop a greater understanding of the role of land in

inclusive communities that are strongly rooted in

shaping healthy and prosperous human communities.

place and where all people — regardless of income,

You will practice the skills most needed in this new

race, or background — have access to and a

model of conservation. And you’ll be familiarized

healthy relationship with the natural world.

with Whole Measures, a tool that will help you create

Founded in 2003, Center for Whole Communities

the most positive change possible in the communities

has earned a national reputation for encouraging

and organizations you serve. Whole Measures is the

new movements for change by working directly

first community-based standard on the ethics and

leader-to-leader to create the conditions, tools and

ecology of healthy, whole communities

experiences to foster stronger, more innovative

( see

change-making efforts. CWC is based at Knoll Farm,


an organic working farm and learning center that

We have conducted this workshop for dozens of

overlooks the Mad River Valley of central Vermont.

private conservation organizations as well as state

Whole Thinking Retreats, Advanced Leadership

and county public agencies concerned with the land.

Workshops, and trainings are held at our learning center, as well as nationwide.


www . 802.496.5690


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