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HYDRANGEA CENTERPIEC ES DIY Weddings definitely are an expensive affair. One has to spend a lot of money on affairs such as catering and venues. In such a situation if some simple DIYs can help curb the expenses wouldn’t you want to try them out? And that to DIYs that lead to gorgeous end products. Primarily you are required to look for available flowers online or with the florist. Do not forget to get hydrangeas. I suggest this because as pricey as they might appear to be, they are really affordable. Do not believe me? Check the price on websites that offer you to buy flowers online. To add to it, these flowers are fluffy, hence give a fuller look to the centerpiece. Moreover, they are not season-specific. We have multiple reasons to include the beautiful shades of hydrangea, like blue hydrangea and white hydrangea in this DIY. Material required:

• What you need to arrange is a plastic lined vase made of wood. • You will also need scissors. •

And the most important are the flowers

you want to include in the centerpieces. It is advised to use three different flower types, one being the hydrangea. These flowers can be in sync with the color theme of the wedding. You will also require filler stems for layering.

And half of your work is done!


Follow the following easy steps to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

The first step is to remove the extra and dry petals from your flowers. Also, ensure that you take care of

thorns that might cause injury.

• The next step is to pour water into the box. Fill about half the box with water. This level will make it easier to move the vase without any spillage.

• To build the perfect look, chose a filler type that you will want to use for a slightly hanging effect. Use this filler as the first layer. Add around four pieces of these stems. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is one of the suggested filler stems.

Now it is time to add hydrangea stems. Place two hydrangea stems on two opposite side creating space

for the other flowers in between. Also, rearrange the filler leaves such that become appear to be intermixed with the blooms. Trim the stems of the flowers so that they are in level with the lip of the wooden vase.

It is time to insert the second flower of choice. This flower stem must have more height than hydrangea.

Trim this flower’s stem such that there remains a little height difference between these flower types. Use about three stems of this flower type. Flowers such as Alstroemeria are a suggested choice. Now add these blossoms in the centerpiece. Try to fill as many as gaps.

Now use the third flower type. Insert the flower stems in the slightest of gaps. The stems of even these

flowers should be a little more than that of hydrangea. If required you can add more filler leaves or adjust the ones that have already been inserted.

Once the centerpiece is fully in place, you should add some water. This is required to ensure proper hydration of the stems. And your task is fully completed! Be ready to enjoy the sight of those multi-colored or pure white hydrangeas on the special occasion.

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Hydrangea Centerpieces DIY  
Hydrangea Centerpieces DIY  

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