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EO is Pointless

By Sven Wolf

Okay, so all over the inter-web you hear about SEO this and SEO that. This time I will share my experiences and also pull some nuggets from a call with my partner and friend, David. And when you finished reading this article, you should have a grasp on how much you would want to focus on SEO.

Well, to be honest, I am a lazy MF. I hate doing SEO. Now, at this point I should probably tell you shortly what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means content optimized for the search engine crawler. You make your article, blog post, content, and whatever easy for the crawler bots to read.

I know, getting in to strange words -- Crawlers, bots, search engine, bla bla bla. This article is not here for you to learn about those things. What I suggest is that you go to your favorite search engine. Type in ”search engine crawler”, or ”google bot” and you'll find some good info on that.   Now, I'm sneaky here. Because not only am I making you look for info, I'm also showing you an example.

The top pages in the results are probably SEO'd. Â The search engine you just used has crawled the pages. And through advanced mathematics determined whether or not the page/content is relevant and ordered the results accordingly.

To make your article or blog post show up in the top results you make your content search engine friendly.

Now that is a truth with modification. You are competing with all other content creators who are also SEO-ing their content.

At this part of the article, it's time to talk about how much focus you want to put in SEO. In all of my testing and working content creation, I have focused a lot on SEO and even gone through real hoops to get my content super search engine optimized. Now, I hate doing SEO and it's because it takes a really long time and a lot of work. And I know a lot of people who agree with me that you should outsource this to someone who loves SEO, breathes SEO and eats SEO.

SEO is so deep. And to really super optimize, you need to live it. Now, do you really need to do this? NO.   Actually in all of my SEO experiences and delivering content, I have gotten more visitors to my site/blog through other things: Uploading my articles to the right directories, submitting content to different hubs, sharing on social networks. These do not take much effort. It's just a “go do what you do” anyway.   Organic searches which mean you have been picked up by the search engines and someone found your page through typing in a search phrase.

Be honest. Where do you find most of your content and articles? Is it really using a search engine or like me, do you go to your social network, or directories where you have found great content before?  My point is. You really don't need to focus on SEO. Do the foundation. Put in the keywords and make your summaries and use Wordpress and plugins for automating the SEO work.  

Now…we realize that this article has just scratched the surface of SEO. I, Sven Wolf has written a created a blog post series where we go deeper into what you should actually do and what you can skip when working on SEO. Click here to continue reading... I hope you enjoyed. Good luck! Check my website below for more info. And check out my other presentations.

Seo is pointless  

This article talks about my reasons why netizens should not focus on SEO more than creating real content.