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3 Steps to Effective List Building I had the privilege to have a conversation with my good friend and mentor. The world renowned speaker, coach and author of the million-selling masterpiece ”The Greatest Networker in The World”. John Milton Fogg I took out the golden nuggets related to building list/following from our talk and here it is. List Building #1: Connect The first step to connect with someone is to ask questions. Asking questions is really the key. If you want to build your list you need to find people and connect with them. First Out of Five Right Questions What do I ask? Well, how about... ”Where do you live?” Simple enough? Then what. Next questions could be. ”What's it like?” or ”What do you like most about living there?” Next step is the most important one. LISTEN to their answer. Really indulge in what's coming out of their mouth. That's why I call it List (ening) Building. Because it really is all about listening to build your list. List Building #2: Engage Now, we have already started to touch base on engaging. Simply by asking questions and listening to the answer. Now the 5 Right Questions Formula is constructed to build positive energy and that is done by asking ”What's right?” and following up with ”What makes that right” Here's an example that John did with me. ”John: Sven, what’s the best thing that happened to you this week? Sven: What’s the best thing that happened to me this week? I must say, today is a very great day. I had a couple of friends that I have not seen in a year. John: Very cool! And what makes that very special to you? Sven: We had a pretty great relationship. We’ve been friends for like, forever. Friends always make me feel good t good to hang out, relax, sit in the sun and have a nice conversation. John: Did you experience a difference in your two answers – a difference in

energy?” I sure did. The point is. I knew what John was going to ask next. Still I really felt good by those questions. Because it made me think about the good time that I had and really dig into and focus on what I liked. That way, it built positive energy. This is a great way to make people (as John puts it) ”fall in like” with you. And that's where you've really engaged the person you are talking to.

List Building #3: Enroll Now, there is of course and agenda in all this. We want them to sign up to our list/newsletter, follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook fan page. If you've done step 1 and 2 you wouldn't have to actively enroll them. They'll be ready to do it themselves. The selling of the idea is over. They will want to know more from you and they'll think you are the coolest most interesting person in the world. In this phase they will be probing you about where to get more from you. If they could sign up to you list somewhere or even your course. In this stage you don't have to worry about being happy on the trigger. They'll pull it themselves.

So I created a series of blog posts for you where we will go deeper into each aspect of list building. Click here to continue reading...

3 steps to effective list building  
3 steps to effective list building  

I had the privilege to have a conversation with my good friend and mentor. The world renowned speaker, coach and author of the million-selli...