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reasons to buy


1. Supporting Creatives: buying local and handmade supports local artists, designers and small businesses. 2. Individuality: the items on offer are usually not available elsewhere. 3. Enjoy Yourself: shopping at craft fairs and exhibitions makes a welcome change from overcrowded shops full of panicked shoppers! There’s usually a pop-up cafè, too, so you can enjoy some refreshments whilst shopping. 4. Longevity: handmade items are usually made to last, as they are not designed just for christmas. 5. Customisation: a lot of craft fairs will have items that can be personalised to make your gift even more special. 6. Sustainability: it’s much more environmentally friendly - locally made items haven’t travelled as far for you to buy them, and you’ll often find up cycled items

7. Personal: meeting the person who made the items on sale brings something special to the shopping experience. As well as buying someone a gift that they’ll love, you also get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’ve just helped encourage someone creative to follow their passion 8. Someone awkward to buy for: there is something for everyone at most craft fairs Brighton is lucky enough to have a huge and diverse crafting community, so each fair is likely to have a broad spectrum of goods on offer! 9. Made with love: the item you’re buying has been carefully handmade by a person, not a machine! 10. Community: Brighton has a rich arts community, but it needs supporting! By buying locally handmade items you are helping to keep Brighton’s arts culture alive. Designed by Betty Shek Etsy store: designedbybettyshek


Issue 87  

Welcome to the 87th edition of WHM. In this issue we interview Brighton born actress Dakota Blue Richards, we get to the root of raw juice d...

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