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WHKPASS AMG 2011-12 President Address By Anita Tam


Motto: Knowledge and Action

Public Affairs: Provide a platform to discuss local & international issues

Social Service: Encourage members to contribute back to society through voluntary work

Annual Report April ď‚— New Committee elected

Annual Report May ď‚— Investment banking talk, co-hosted with Warwick Hong Kong Society ď‚— Project manager: Anita Tam

Annual Report June  1st Cultural workshop for Exchange Students to Hong Kong  Project manager: Howie Chan 2nd Cultural workshop with Hong Kong Youth Ambassadors Exchange Students to Hong Kong  Project manager: Anita Tam 

Lunch Talk with Dr. Shen, a prominent scholar on international studies  Project manager: Anita Tam 

Annual Report July  Liannan Volunteering trip  Project managers: Yasmin Liu, Tracy Cheung; Quenie Chan - Recruited 15 volunteers  - Bought sports equipment for children 

Annual Report Aug ď‚— Pre-departure for post-graduates and exchange students ď‚— Project manager: Anita Tam

Annual Report Sept  Pre-departure for undergraduates  Project manager: Anita Tam  

Elite Navigation (Passcamp) Project manager: Anna Siu, Anita Tam - Involved around 20 participants - Explored urban renewal issues in Hong Kong

 

Imperial PASS Charity Concert Project manager: Lydia Yiu - assisted the running of the show and invited performers

Annual Report Oct  Cocktail Reception  Project Managers: All Committee - included a presentation by Anita and sharing by Ex-committee - introduced sub-committee scheme  

Sub Committee Recruitment Project Managers:Yu-xi Chau, Anita Tam, Yasmin Liu - Received over 70 applications - Recruited 27 sub committee based on interview performance - Aims to foster a group of interested members and let them organise some PASS events

Society Fair  Project Managers: All Committee - recruited over 100 members 

Annual Report Nov  Asia Summit  Project managers: Quenie Chan; Coordinators: over 30 - Offered provides a great platform for students to grasp an insight on Asian affairs - Included joint talks and panel discussion on the aftermath of japan earthquake, North Korea’s nuclear testing and comparing China and India. Cambridge Quiz  Project managers: Regina Yang (Sub Committee) - Awarded the Second in the Cambridge Quiz among 9 UK universities 

 

 

APASS Meeting in London Project managers: Anita Tam, Amadeus Lau, Samuel Tse, Yu-Xi Chau AO (Administrative Officer) Talk Project managers: Amadeus Lau

Annual Report Dec  Morocco Volunteering Trip  Project manager: Quenie Chan - involved 19 volunteers - Helped schools and orphanages plan and lead events for children Interview with Fredie Chan, an independent film maker  Project Manager: Alex Fok 

 

Christmas Party Project manager: Yasmin Liu

Annual Report Jan  S.A.T.E Programme (Student Assistant Teaching Experience: Local Chinese School)  Project Manager: Yasmin Liu - tailored to enhance student experience by providing a thoughtful and thorough preparation in the art of teaching 

Annual Report Feb  Model Legislative Council  Project managers: Amadeus Lau, Alex Fok - held in oxford with other APASS universities, including Imperial, UCL, LSE, Exeter and Oxford - involved 11 participants from Warwick  

   

 

PASSTIMES Publishing Project Manager: Alex Fok - Contains 11 articles with 7 in Chinese and 4 in English Constitutional Reform Project managers: Amadeus Lau Charity Night Project Manager: Holly Tang (Sub Committee) - Aimed to raise fund for children in need in China AGM Project Manager: Anita Tam, Steven Sze

Annual Report Feb Upcoming–  Volunteering in UKFCS Cultural Performance  Project Manager: Yasmin Liu - Aim to get to know about the Chinese community around our area 

Annual Report March Upcoming: LSE Forum  Project Manager: Alex Fok 

Project Little Dream Visit  Project Manager: Yasmin Liu - Aim to know more about the opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia 

Election  Project Manager: Amadeus Lau 

Annual Report March Upcoming: Romania volunteering trip ď‚— Project Manager: King Leung (Sub Committee) - recruited 19 volunteers - teach English for vulnerable children and contribute to their development ď‚—

Annual Report On-going projects  

 

Weekly Discussion Forum Project Manager: Alex Fok - One host to bring in a topic and moderate the discussion 家事國事天下事 Project Manager: Alex Fok - Is a new project involving posting up picture news with captions onto an album in WHKPASS facebook page - Aim to allow our members to get accessed to world news in a casual way.

Annual Report On-going projects  

PA Blog Project Manager: Alex Fok - contain brief details of discussion forum, debate forum, news, PA discussion, history (當年今日), PASSTIMES articles, and家事國事天下事 - Is expected to be a useful support in terms of creating a record of past event, organizing and gathering on-going projects, and seting up an atmosphere which can nurture PA discussion

Unity Academy  Project Manager: Tracy Cheung - Establish a solid incentive structure for WHKPASS 

Annual Report Undergoing project  Round-table Dinner  Project Manager: Arthur Lam, Steven Sze

Appendix 

Report from Amadeus Lau, Vice President

Internal Affairs

This part is largely concerned on internal affairs. It can be broken down into three parts: overall performance, constitutional reform and subcommittee respectively. To start with, all kind and pleasant words in commendation of their efforts and unwavering supports shall be to all members of the Executive Committee. Throughout the year, they have conducted themselves in an extremely professional manner. Many of our projects including the Asia Summit, Charity Concert, discussion forums, career workshops and two overseas social service trips have been proven greatly successful. In line with our aims and objectives, we have also introduced a new annual plan which consists of two large scale projects (the Asia Summit and Charity Concert), one for each academic term internally called the “秋祭” and “春祭” (“春秋二祭” in general). We would recommend this plan and terminologies are to be continued next year.

The Vice-President had proposed the three-pillar system of the Society which consists of projects, supports and “Unity Academy”. But no formalised plan has been adapted to include the proposal in the daily operations.

We fail to commence the “Unity Academy” scheme. This scheme was first decided to become one the most important Society’s assets that provide incentive to our members to actively participate in our events and initiate their own projects. To report on the progress, we will prepare a draft proposal, invitation letters and a list of potential external advisors. However, the actual operation of the scheme is still under developed. Above all, we strongly recommend the Executive Committee 2012-2013 to continue develop the scheme and make it possible in next year.

Appendix (Continue) Report from Amadeus Lau, Vice President Constitutional Reform  The constitutional reform has been finalised in our term of office. The project-based society is our main concern. One significant reform last year was the introductions of Public Affairs Director and Social Service Director. It is to note that these two new positions were decided to be the facilitators of new projects. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that every member can initiate their own projects. We, the Executive Committee members are acting as facilitators and coordinators instead of initiators. The Executive is still working very hard to achieve this even though the results so far are very disappointing.  Moreover, to answer the needs of marketing, the position of Marketing Director was created to facilitate the Society’s effort in marketing and publicity. The pre-departure presentation, Societies Fair and introductory cocktail reception have all shown that the importance of having good and positive first image amongst potential members. As a whole, even though we need more time to review the contemporary structure, we can declare that the structure has been stabilised, and the reform was a success. 

Appendix (Continue) Report from Amadeus Lau,Vice President  

 

Sub-Committee One concern is that our Society could not attract all competent Hong Kong students to join us. We are lacking IT and design people.The Sub-Committee was designed to attract capable people to be our active members. Throughout the year, several problems were discovered. First, members of the Executive have shown insufficient care to members of the Sub-Committee, and thus the Sub-Committee fails to build up a close bonding which is necessarily needed for an organisation to survive. Second, the nurturing plan has to be reviewed. It is good to have experienced people to share their experience in ordinary people but what important is the guidance given to members when they are running a project like the charity concert. The Committee should also give more effort to supervise the operation of project and boost Sub-Committee’s confidence very often. Lastly, the number of Sub-Committee should be contracted. Career Talks This year we have successfully held an AO Talk. The event was happening because of our special relationship with other London PASS societies which have been providing many opportunities like social events with government officials for us to get in touch with the speakers. Although the number of attendances is not very satisfactory, this event has shown that our Society has the ability to organise career events. We shall continue to seek more opportunities to hold career talks and workshops.

Appendix (Continue) Report from Amadeus Lau, Vice President  

APASS Affairs Last year is the year to be celebrated by all PASS societies. The establishment of the Association of Public Affairs and Social Service (APASS) provides a platform for even closer relationships between PASS societies across the UK. This February, the Model Legislative Council held by the APASS at Oxford has been proven a huge success. The APASS will continue to coordinate its member societies and organise more valuable and gorgeous activities for our members, and our involvement in it will never stop. In the foreseeable future, the APASS will definitely represent Hong Kong elite students studying in the UK as more and more PASS societies had been established across this country. At Warwick side, it is worth to pinpoint that the survival of APASS shall be one of the most important duties for our society. To review our involvement in the APASS, as founding member our Society has both the largest member base and active members amongst all other PASS societies. Our innovative advices and unwavering supports have provided the APASS with the blueprint of this APASS Year annual planning. These are our strengths. For this reason, our reputation in APASS is deeply rooted. Even during the harsh period, with the help of other PASS societies and the APASS our Societies can sustain that and come though at the end of it. Nevertheless, as far as our weaknesses have been concerned, our Society is geographically isolated from London universities. The reputation of the University of Warwick and the social connections of our society are so disappointing in the sense that they are affecting our ability to negotiate sustainable financial sponsorship and invite notable people to be our advisors. All these things are essential to raise our profile. Our Society needs a strong and well-respected APASS to achieve it. To end this part, we lack contact with our PASS societies especially those in London for all sorts of reasons, one could be the reason of Warwick as a campus university and large number of Hong Kong students at Warwick. Undoubtedly, the APASS will be strategically centred in London. More efforts have to be put to improve the relations with London PASS societies.

Appendix 

Report from Alex Fok, Public Affairs Director

Discussion forum

We can see very good response in the first term. On average we have about 20 people coming to the forum which is quite a satisfying number. But this year we still encounter the same old matter – losing of people in term 2. I believe there are two reasons for that. The first one is that structurally people are usually more occupied in term 2; the second one is that our society is also occupied by events such as the MCL, charity concert, and debate. Hence I would like to suggest that we can keep on doing discussion forum every week in term 1, and decrease this frequency in term 2 into, say, 1 to 2 in the whole term with higher quality (eg. more recent, PA-related issues). Concerning the content of the forum, we have set up a more systematic approach to raise discussion. After the host has raised the concerned issue, participants are divided into 2 to 3 groups each discussing a question related to the topic. A brief reflection by each group will then be done. This allows participants to join into discussion effectively and hence my suggestion is that next year’s discussion forum can still follow this approach.

 

家事國事天下事 album This is a new project which its aim is to allow our members to get accessed to world news in a casual way. By now we have 59 pictures with captions in the album. My first target is 5 pictures a week which is basically achieved in term 1. The lack of participation in term 2 remains to be a problem. It is possible that this project can be merged into the PA blog.

Appendix (continue) 

 

 

PASSTIMES This year’s PASSTIMES will be published in this week as proposed.The late issue, containing 11 articles within which 7 are in Chinese and 4 are in English, are more diverse in topics. The layout has also been improved. The matter to be concerned is whether or not we should keep recruiting PASSTIMES members from sub-committee. As be seen from this year, the publication has been delayed since we can only start after the selection of sub-committee. And if financially possible, I would like to suggest that we can pay students studying design in IVE (for example) and ask them to create a layout for us. Debate forum A very late start since this year we cannot find an instructor (last year we have Michael Tam) to guide us. Hence sadly this forum is reduced to merely a recruitment and preparation section for the LSE forum. Since we will not be occupied by the Asia Summit next year, I would like to suggest that we can start our recruitment earlier in term 1 and organize a small debate competition. This may also require next year’s marketing team’s contribution. PA Blog Basically this blog will contain brief details of discussion forum, debate forum, news, PA discussion, history (當年今日), PASSTIMES articles, and perhaps 家事國事天下事 as well. My vision is that this blog will become a useful support in terms of creating a record of past event, organizing and gathering on-going projects, and seting up an atmosphere which can nurture PA discussion without bringing burden to our facebook page. This is what I have set up and I do hope next year’s PA director can bring about development based on it. As I suppose this year-long project will require more than 5 people (sub-comm) to be responsible and hence should be treated as seriously as to PASSTIMES recruitment.

Appendix 

Report from Quenie Chan, Social Service Director

During the year, I dedicated myself into the projects I initiated, including planning on several volunteering trips and provided advice to subcommittees to start planning on volunteering trips. Also, I successfully organized the project proposed during election-Warwick Asia Summit. Meanwhile, I gave advice on projects such as Charity concert and volunteering teaching programme.

July Liannan Volunteer Trip  -Established a good relationship with a Charity Organisation in Guangdong, China  -Planned on volunteering trip details including transportation, accommodation and teaching content.  -Recruited 15 members to attend the Volunteering trip to Liannan, China  -Donated fund raised in Charity Concert last year to a primary school for helping the children in need. November  - Organised the one of the biggest Asian events at the University of Warwick –Warwick Asia Summit. As a dialogue-based event, it aims to enhance cultural influx between local and international students through dialogue and cultural exchange. It offers a large variety of hot topics and issues in Asia, which provides a great platform for students to grasp an insight on Asian affairs at a geo-economical level and international relations on a global limelight.

Appendix (Continue) Report from Quenie Chan, Social Service Director   

December -Started to plan for the volunteering trip to Morocco, North Africa in May 2011. -A group of 19 students went on the volunteering trip on 10th December 2012 -Great experiences were gained and visited various kinds of orphanages

   

Easter Volunteering Trip -Led sub-committees to plan for Easter Volunteering trip to Romania -The trip is based in Cristuru Secuiesc, a small town in Romania. It will allow you to discover the beauty of the country and the friendliness of its people. More importantly, you will get insights into the issues facing vulnerable children and have a valuable opportunity to contribute to their development. -A group of 19 students will be going on the trip on 17th March.

Appendix ď‚—

Report from Steven Sze, treasurer


Throughout this year, I have been managing the budget of Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society. This was a harsh year for being a treasurer as WHKPASS is growing rapidly and running considerable amount of new events. We are entitled to the greatest expenditure in the history of WHKPASS, and my task was to ensure events were generating sufficient amount to over the huge sum of cost. Given the event-based nature of our society, this requires extra effort and communication among committee members. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all committee members, without their understanding and support; it is impossible for us to have a positive balance for most events organized. Regarding sponsorship, this year we received 1100 pound and most of it was spent in organizing Asia Summit. With the help of Marketing Director and sub-committee, I am organizing a Round-Table Dinner event, which should raise the profile of WHKPASS. As a non-profit organization, I tried to sponsor members to participate in Public Affairs and Social Service activities whenever the society has a surplus. Also, we spent over 300 pound in marketing this year, which is a huge sum of amount for our society. However, I believe it is worthy of investment in marketing as the profile of WHKPASS is much stronger after this year. After all the events organized, we end up with 1724 pound positive balance, which is a higher amount than last year.With this promising result, I believe WHKPASS can develop an even healthier financial position next year to support members to utilize their ability in Public Affairs and Social Service.

Appendix 

Report from Tracy Cheung, Secretary

It has been nearly a year since I become the Secretary of WHKPASS. As a secretary, I have to take minutes for meetings, responsible for the booking of rooms and also writing the newsletter. Also during the summer, I have been given the task to write the proposal of the Unity Academy. As I did not go through the formal election process and did not involve in many of the PASS events last year, I struggled a little at the beginning to familiarize myself with everything. To be honest, at the beginning I was not enjoying what I was doing and even getting a bit frustrated because what I have been doing seems trivial and I thought I could contribute more and make bigger impacts. However, looking back I am glad that I have joined the WHKPASS family and coordinated the Liannan trip with Yasmin, getting involved in Asia Summit, Charity Concert and joining different social service trips.

There are a few things that I know I haven’t done well and can make improvement on. I should have uploaded the minutes immediately after the meeting (instead of taking 1 or 2 weeks), so that everyone can keep on track of everything. I have spent longer than I should to do the Unity Academy proposal mainly because I don’t have a clear vision on the project. I sent out the proposal looking for feedbacks however did not do well in the follow up. Overall speaking I could be more efficient on dealing with tasks and projects.

Appendix 

Report from Lydia Yiu, Executive Committee

PASS camp Make phone calls to invite both freshers and master students. Invite a guess professor to give us a speech Organize the booking of accommodation

           

IC Charity concert Communicate between IC and Warwick Organize and manage the progress of performances from Warwick Stage helper Suggestion: -Open to nomination of performances and try not to reject even when there are similar shows in early stage. - Always have performances as backup plans. -Keep close contact with the progress of show by the host university.

Appendix (Continue) Report from Lydia Yiu, Executive Committee Cocktail reception  Set the rundown for the reception  Suggestion:  -Be flexible on the number of attendees when ordering for food. 

    

   

Asia Summit Head of marketing Organize the timeslot and venue for lecture promotion Assign the team members into different role and timeslot Approach possible societies to co-host the event Suggestions: -Provide details of speech to them. -Ticket booth could be in Art Centre instead of outside SU -Keep closer contact with different participating societies to guarantee the presence of their members. -Approach the societies as co-host during the societies fair is efficient

Appendix (Continue) Report from Lydia Yiu, Executive Committee Charity Night:  Contact possible performances eg violin solo and piano solo with appropriate piano accompanist and equipment.  Suggestions:  -Contact the more possible performances and start as early as possible in term 2.  -Make sure their availability to perform and are clear with the details before reporting to the committee. If not, there’d be misleading no. of performances. 

Appendix    

 

Report from Anna Siu, Executive Committee Expectation: Last year, when I run for the position of Executive Committee, I was told the role of this position is to initiate my own projects and work as a facilitator in the team. What I’ve done: PASScamp came into my mind during the election period. The purpose of PASScamp is to raise our profile and members’ awareness in urban renewal issues. I have started organizing it since March last year. I did research on camp sites, heritage sites and potential speakers. I made the bookings for venues and activities. I also did the budgeting for the event. During the process of organizing the camp, other execs have contributed useful suggestions which are really helpful. During summer, the Execs did an intensive marketing campaign including facebook and pre-departure promotion. The event was organized successfully with 20+ participants. Although the number of people participated was not as high as I intended. I am still happy with the whole process because it has successfully exposed participants into the urban renewal issues in Hong Kong and created bonding among members of the society. I have faced some difficulties during the organization period. Fortunately, I have a team of helpful and brilliant Execs who supported me throughout the process. >>>Special Thanks to ANITA!!!! I have also contributed as a facilitator in other events and administrative work of WHKPASS including Asia Summit and Recruitment of Sub-Committee etc. Reflection: Run for the Exec of WHKPASS is one of the best decisions I have made last year. It has not only provided me with happy memories, but also skills which are useful at work and most importantly the precious friendship.

Appendix 

Report from Yasmin Liu, Exective Committee

Insight with MPs The concept behind this programme Promote an understanding of political system in the UK First-hand knowledge of everyday work of local MPs Discussion sessions provide students a scope for after thoughts and raise awareness of such issues in the future However, it fails at the end! Since no MPs have responded to us. Suggestions:Try not to merely approach those in Coventry; it will be even better if you can try to approach those in central London as well. Start early!! Phone them whenever necessary!! Multiculturalism talk aiming at promoting and celebrating different cultures an activity that is incorporated with OWW However, it fails at the end! Since the proposed speaker hasn’t responded to us. Suggestions:Approach to more speakers across the country Start early!!

       

      

Appendix (Continue) Report from Yasmin Liu

      

 

 

S.A.T.E Programme (Student Assistant Teaching Experience: Local Chinese School) **This is a programme specially tailored to enhance student experience by providing a thoughtful and thorough preparation in the art of teaching.** Things we have done there:Visiting Assisting in different classes Organising workshops Suggestions for next year:Could initiate some interesting workshops (eg. Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival etc.) in Chinese School Could invite the Chinese Orchestra Society to perform (perhaps in Chinese New Year’s Party) Be more organised in terms of assigning people into different time slots. Always good to have some regular social events; aiming at getting people to know more about each other.

Appendix 

(Continue) Report from Yasmin Liu

Volunteering in UKFCS Cultural Performance Aims:- Getting to know about the Chinese community around our area

 

Project Little Dream Visit (10/3- Sat) Aim:- providing opportunities for members to volunteer in Cambodia

Other social activities  including: Welcoming Cocktail Reception  Christmas Party 

Appendix 

Report from Arthur Lam, Marketing Director


The position of Marketing Director at Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs & Social Service Society (thereafter the “Society”) was not created until the office term of 2011-2012. Some of the duties of Marketing Director were carried out by the President and other committee members of the Society before its establishment. As a relatively new position under a relatively new society, there is not any solid framework in defining or specifying the duties and responsibilities of the Marketing Director. But after one year in this position, I am in a better position to outline in this report the general responsibilities of Marketing Director and I shall also evaluate my input to the Society for future references.

General roles and responsibilities

In general, the Marketing Director should be responsible for formulating marketing strategies for the Society to steadily increase the member base and active participants in activities. Attached to this is to also ensure a positive public image of the Society. The Marketing Director should therefore interfere and prevent any actions or activities that could cause possible harm to the image of the Society and in case of any adverse situation that the actions cannot be prevented, formulate and implement necessary plans and actions to rebuild and safeguard the image of the Society. It is ideal, but not necessary, that the Marketing Director is good at design, so as to remain a coherent identity of the Society in all publicity materials. In short, the Marketing Director not only has to take up the marketing role, but also to take care of publicity, public relations and internal and external communications when necessary.

Appendix 

(Continue) Pre-departure meeting

Although the real challenges usually start during summer, it is vital to have detail planning, ideally a year plan before summer. Name cards for committees, bookmarks, newsletters and leaflets were designed and produced for the pre-departure meeting in mid-August. In addition, a presentation using Prezi was also prepared. The whole promotional package at the meeting was highly rated from freshers and has established a professional image for the Society. As a result, we had attracted a lot more members for the year and also participants in activities. In this regard, a highly professional and distinctive image has to be established among freshers as early as possible as this will have a profound impact for the year thereafter.

Elite Navigation

The second event during summer was Elite Navigation. I personally opposed the idea as with the nature of the activity was too similar to the orientation camp of the Hong Kong Society. Without surprise, the outcome is exceptionally disappointing, with only two freshers attended, which came no way near to the original aim to have closer contacts with freshers. I admit that I have to take up some responsibilities for the failure as the promotion campaign for the event was very minimal and did not work as planned, but as mentioned, this also has to do with the nature of the event itself. Therefore, it is recommended that a more thorough consideration has to be made before holding any event.

Appendix 


Warwick Asia Summit

Then it was one of the highlights of the year - Warwick Asia Summit. Tickets, posters, booklets and banners were designed and produced for the event. It is worth to note that the printing costs could be as high as 50% more in the UK than in Hong Kong, there it is recommended that printing of any promotional materials should be in Hong Kong whenever possible. The event was successfully held with over 200 audiences attended despite an over budget marketing cost due to the high printing cost in the UK.


Although the Public Affairs Director should be the Chief Editor of the PASSTIMES, the Marketing Director should also be ready to give advice and help out with regard to design, typesetting and the layout issues of the official PASS publication.

Annual Charity Night

The charity night this year was organized by the sub-committee. But the Marketing Director should also be ready to monitor and help out anytime when necessary as all of the actions made are directly affecting the Society, including its reputation and image.

 

 

(Continue) Round Table Dinner The Marketing Director and the Treasurer of 2011-2012 committee initiated a Round Table Dinner to be held at late September of 2012 aiming to build up a stronger relationship with freshers and also with existing members. It is also a flagship event in summer to replace the Elite Navigation. Not much to remark at this stage as the planning process is still underway, just that there was a worry of communication problems when the next batch of committee take over the Society. Others: There are other smaller activities that the Marketing Director should be ready to offer a helping hand in terms of promotion if necessary like the Cocktail Reception and Service Trips. As the inappropriate approach or promotion would cause direct harm to the society’s reputation and image. Also, as part of the Society Identity programme, the Marketing Director should coordinate the production and design of materials such as Name Cards for committees, Letter Paper, Envelop, souvenirs and committee hoodies to name a few. Finally, watch the spending unless you have got huge sponsors!

Appendix 


Conclusion and preview:

In short, basically all the society’s promotion work are related to the Marketing Director, and it is just the matter of extend of involvement, participation and dedication. We have made a great step forward by increasing the number of members and establishing a very positive society identity. To take the society further and to new heights, it will have to be bringing in more participants in our Public Affairs related activities as it is an unarguable norm that people are more interested in Social Service activities than Public Affairs. A suggestion to continually increase participants and differentiate more from the Hong Kong Society would be joint university/PASS activities like those of APASS. There are a few direction as to where future activities should go. First it should be interesting and with little commitment. This is because we can segment the students into three groups, those who only join Hong Kong Society’s activities; those who join most of WHKPASS activities and those in-betweeners and what we have to do is to extend our market share to those people who might also want to join WHKPASS activities if they are interesting and do not require much commitment. Another direction of activities should be go towards a high-profile way to be more distinctive from Hong Kong Society. An example would be LSE HKPASS, which often able to invite prominent speakers for talks. This way, the value of members in participating in our activities could be raised. Either way, please bear in mind that our aims and targets are different from Hong Kong Society and in theory, there does not exist competition between the two societies. But as an expanding society, the situation is inevitable and sometimes uncontrollable and therefore it is the responsibility of the Marketing Director and other committees to take a right balance and act carefully in this regard.



Annual Report 2011-2012  

WHKPASS Executive Committee for year 2011-2012