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Missions Trip to Dominican Republic Summer 2011 Wires, Wires Every- 2 where A Recap of Grandparents Day


The OCC Packing Party


A Note From Mr. William Kane Principal


Soccer/Volleyball Battle it out


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“I advise no one to place their children where Scripture does not reign paramount. Any institution that is not unceasingly occupied with the Word of God, must become corrupt.” -Martin Luther

Back row; Adam Pahlsson, Kayla Mezick Havumaki, Leah Mezick, John Litevich, Ben McClain, Brian Mezick, Dan Litevich, Aaron Litevich, Matt Powers, Middle row; Kathleen McClain, Brianna Kane, Kate Guido, Erika Catalano, Josh Powers, Linda Kane; front row Haitian friend Caleb, Rebekah Powers, Apphia Harris, Leisha Hyde.

West Woods Christian Academy students (past and present) served the Lord together in the Dominican Republic this past summer. The total team of 82 people served faithfully to help dist r ib u t e food , con struct homes, evangelize and teach, and share the love of the Lord Jesus with all they served. The team is working to solve long-term poverty issues in the La Romana region of the DR. John and Aimee Powers, WWCA parents, have been instrumental in coordinating many mission trips to the Dominican Republic with their church. Their children Joshua ‘09,

Matthew ‘12 and Rebekah 7th grade, have been inspiring many WWCA graduates and present students to get involved in the missions work in the DR. Serving some of the poorest people in our hemisphere in

Matt Powers with Pepito

the Haitian sugarcane villages (bateyes), these trips have had a tremendous impact on those

who have travelled to the DR. Over the years, the DR Mission Team has helped build the Good Samaritan General Hospital, provided desperately needed medical clinics, built schools, churches and homes, installed hundreds of clean water filters, fed thousands of families, shared the Good News of Christ, and many other related projects. This effort extends far beyond the church doors. Many people from different churches, towns and states have joined us on our annual trips to the DR.

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That’s a Wrap! WWCA Has Great Success With First OCC Packing Party

WWCA’s first packing party for OCC.

WWCA completed the annual Christmas outreach program, Operation Christmas Child. Since 2004, WWCA has been donating shoe boxes filled with small gifts for children in need. Mrs.Caroleo organized a packing party on Nov. 17. A student group called S.O.S., Students Organized to Serve, ran the event.

The packing party made 75 boxes in one hour and individual families made 76 boxes for a grand total of 151. The fourth graders won the class competition for the most boxes made. Four fourth graders made 19 boxes, and won the chance to deliver the boxes at a collection station. "Making the boxes was so

much fun! It left me thinking that each child packing a box probably feels as much joy and excitement as the each child that receives a box. We were all so glad that a small school had the privilege of showing God's love to 151 children around the world," said Mrs. Caroleo.

Grandparents Go Back to School! On Wednesday, Oct. 26, WWCA invited students’ grandparents into the school.. At 8:30 a.m., grandparents gathered to experience Opening Exercises with Mr. Kane. Opening Exercises includes a Scripture reading and a short devotional from the book of Proverbs. After Opening, the grandparents were able to experience what it’s like to be a WWCA student. The Grandparents assembled into

the classrooms and were able to meet the teachers. Lastly, the grandparents enjoyed the singing performance of In Perfect Harmony, our 7-12 grade student ensemble. This special day gave grandparents an opportunity to play an active role in their grandchildren’s everyday learning.

Wires, Wires Everywhere! If you were present at Parent Orientation, then you heard a brief announcement about a Computer Upgrade Initiative WWCA is launching this year. The goal is to upgrade computer hardware and the availability of internet research capabilities throughout the building. The target goal for hardware and technology improvements is $10,000. For a number of years, WWCA wanted to provide hard wired or wireless internet research capabilities to each classroom in the building. The school has been looking at having some locations that provide the access. The construction materials of the building and the cost of running wires throughout was very prohibitive for a small school budg-

et. Access was provided for some central office areas; however, solid brick walls prevented even a wireless signal from going very far. When WWCA had done renovation work for furnaces, some closets were demolished and reconstructed in the process. In one particular closet, behind reconstructed sheetrock walls, we discovered a couple of huge harnesses of Category 5 wires. (installed prior to our purchase of the building) After consulting with our computer technician and looking above the classroom ceilings, we discovered that the closet with harnesses buried in the wall used to be a server room for a huge computer network. Our computer technician was able to figure out by

“toning” individual wires that, at no cost to us, the entire building has wires hidden everywhere, accessing almost every classroom. All WWCA needs to do is “trace or tone” each wire, put terminal hardware on it, and provide new computers so that classes can have hard wired access. God is amazing. If you would like to participate in this goal of raising $10,000 for upgrading the computer hardware, please make your gift out to WWCA and mail it to the school office, 2105 State Street, Hamden, CT. 06517.

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From the Principal’s Desk This year marks the 37th year of West Woods Christian Academy. God has provided for, and protected this work in special ways. It is with grateful hearts that we strive to be faithful to the call that He has placed on this ministry. West Woods Christian Academy truly is a treasure and a blessing available to Christian families in our area. Even in these challenging economic times, parents have repeatedly said that they will gladly forego lesser things to ensure their children have an education that puts Jesus Christ and Biblical values at the core. It is a joy to see our graduates now returning to enroll their own children. The school year has been packed with numerous activities that have challenged the students scholastically and spiritually. You will read in this newsletter about some of these activities. A very special Fall Retreat for grades 9-12 was held at The New England Keswick Camp. Mr. Mark Harris, a WWCA parent, gave solid Bible teaching and relevant challenges to the high school students. He focused on II Timothy 3:16 and spoke of the balanced diet Christians need to stay spiritually healthy. All Scripture is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and inMr. Mark Harris struction in righteousness. He detailed each one of those segments and why they are profitable. Mr. Harris has a unique way to let the Scripture speak powerfully, while making it relevant to young people.

Mr. William Kane

ACSI District Spelling Bee

Elementary students selected to participate in the ACSI regional spelling bee came home with several ribbons and certificates for winning top placement. Parents and teachers who were present reported their excitement to the office. The spelling bee coordinator commented , “West Woods is doing a great job, we have to find our what they are using for curriculum.” A newsletter, emails, texts, Facebook, or whatever method we use, cannot keep up with the exciting things that are happening everyday at West Woods Christian Academy. It is pure joy to see students, both young and old, flourishing in an environment that strives to honor Jesus Christ. It is a blessing to work with families and students who sincerely want to do what is right and please God. It has been said that the best way to spend your life, is to pour it into the lives of those who will outlast your own. At WWCA, there are caring people doing that everyday. Please pray for God’s protection and provision for this great work of His. Blessings, W.H. Kane

Did you know ?

Each month students at WWCA are given the opportunity to memorize and recite a section of Scripture. This year the verses have been. September: Matthew 18:1-5 October: Psalm 27:1-5 November: Psalm 100 December: Isaiah 9:6-7 January: Psalm 25:1-5 February: I John 3:1-5 March: Psalm 103: 11-14

In K-12, so far this year an average of 90% of students have recited all 7 sections.

Fall/Winter Notes Thursday/Friday Sept. 29-30 Fall Retreat 9th-12th grades New England Keswick Camp Mr. Mark Harris– Speaker Thursday, Nov. 17 7-8:30 pm at WWCA Operation Christmas Child Packing Party Open to parents, students, and teachers. Help WWCA pack shoe boxes filled with gifts for children in need. Wednesday, Dec. 21 Noon Dismissal Whole school assembly for Christmas gathering. Student ensemble/chorus will perform and lead in the Christmas worship. Thursday/Friday January 26-27 Winter Retreat grades 9-12 New England Keswick Camp Mr. Mark Sharnick– Speaker Tuesday / Thursday Intramural Volleyball and Basketball at the CT Sports Center. Tuesdays for basketball, Thursdays for Volleyball. All students 7th grade and up are eligible. December-March. Spring Events partial list March—TBA ACSI Math Olympics Indoor Soccer Tournament—Simsbury Soccer indoor play dates– intramural April 2– Third quarter ends April 16-20– Spring recess April 23-27 Achievement testing

INTERSQUAD GAME Volleyball ruled the court while soccer dominated the field

On Tuesday, Nov, 8 at the Connecticut Sports Center in Woodbridge, the girls volleyball team at West Woods Christian Academy took on the boys soccer team in an intersquad competition. This is a first event between the two teams, but there has always been a friendly competition between the soccer team and the volleyball team. At 3 p.m. both teams got ready and discussed strategy for the upcoming event in which volleyball would be played for an hour followed by soccer. Leading up to this event, friendly banter over who would win had been going on, but after two hours of play both teams came out on top in their own game. The girls on the volleyball team, coached by Mr. Kane and his wife, Linda range from grades seventh to twelfth. The first game started with the soccer team playing strong, but it was not enough

to beat the girls. The girls swept the boys all three games, winning the first set 25 to 9, the second 25 to 5, and the third 25 to 14. After volleyball, the boys took on the girls on the soccer field. The soccer team consists of players ranging from seventh to twelfth grade and has one girl on the team, Danielle Fisher. This intersquad match would be the final ending to the fall season. Mr. Kane made sure to recognize all of the graduating seniors on both teams. The three volleyball seniors are Rachel Wittman, Sierra Saunders, and Sarah Rieger. The soccer seniors are Matthew Powers, Joshua Fisher,

The girls volleyball team dominated the court.

Tyrone Ewing, and Mark Sharnick.

Volleyball and Soccer Players in a pre-game prayer

The soccer portion of the event began with much energy and excitement from both teams. Although the girls tried to keep up, they were no match for the well-trained soccer team.

At one point the boys pulled their goalie and a parent shouted, “Boys, you don’t have a goalie!” Tyrone Ewing simply responded, “We don’t need one.” The girls hoped to make a comeback by placing Mr. Kane as their goalie, but nothing could stop the boys from their scoring streak. With a final score of 17-0, the boys received the victory they were hoping for. A special thanks goes out to the parents and friends who were enthusiastically cheering on both teams from the sidelines. Overall, the event was a success and full of friendly competition!

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Alumni Corner: Where Are They Now? Tyler Dean, ‘05 Tyler Dean was a student at WWCA since he was five years old. Due to the small class sizes, Tyler was able to make many close friends. His fondest memory is going on the senior trip to Block Island where they enjoyed renting bikes and playing volleyball on the beach. His favorite courses during high school were his math classes. “I really enjoyed having Miss Cook as my teacher,” said Tyler. “She challenged me in my math and science classes, and I know that she helped me establish a work ethic and study skills that I carried on to my college and graduate education.”

Emily Hollywood, ‘02 Emily Hollywood first enrolled in WWCA when she was in fifth grade. It was the same year her mother accepted a position as a 3rd grade teacher at the school. Emily was involved in basketball, volleyball, and the singing group during her time at WWCA.

WWCA provided Tyler with much more than just a quality education. “Mr. Kane would begin our school mornings by reading from the Proverbs. I learned a lot from the simple 10 minute study on a verse every morning.” Tyler believes the encouragement he received from all his teachers helped him continue to work hard throughout college and graduate school. He feels WWCA greatly prepared him for furthering his education. In 2009, Tyler graduated from Messiah College, a Christian college located in Grantham, Pa., with a degree in business information Emily’s greatest memory was when the team won the basketball championship in eighth grade. She is thankful for the opportunities that were presented to her in extracurricular activities throughout her time at WWCA. “I’ve always been grateful I was able to join in and learn without a background in it or needing to audition.” While she enjoyed her extracurricular activities, she took full advantage of all the academic opportunities the school offered her as well. Emily also spent some of her free period teaching the 5th graders spelling in her senior year. She also fondly remembers her time spent singing hymns in Mr. Merkle’s Bible class. One of her most memorable times

Emily Hollywood, Class of 2002

systems. He continued his education at Carnegie Mellon University in New Tyler and his wife Emily Y o r k where he received a Master’s degree in computer security this year. Tyler now lives in Albuquerque, N.M. He works for Sandia National Labs as a member of the technical staff. He and his wife Emily were married at the end of May and have a dog named Luna. Tyler enjoys ice hockey, volleyball, hiking, and snowboarding. at WWCA included the year she took calculus. Miss Cook had trained in AP calculus for Emily’s senior year, and Emily was the only student in this new class. Emily thanks Miss Cook for giving her incredible preparation for her college science and math courses. Emily’s love for biology led her to major in Biology/Pre-Medical with a minor in Chemistry at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA. She graduated in 2006 Magna Cum Laude and went on to medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. She graduated medical school in 2010 with her MD. Emily is currently in her Emergency Medicine Residency and is expected to finish in 2013. Emily and her husband, Peter Clouser, reside in Syracuse.

The West Woods News  

Newsletter for West Woods Christian Academy 2011/2012

The West Woods News  

Newsletter for West Woods Christian Academy 2011/2012