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Ello the Elephant

By Bruktawit Tigabu & Sileshi Demissie English adaptation by Shane Etzenhouser Illustration by Abel G. Tsadik Š2012 Whiz Kids Workshop and Emmanuel Development Association.

Ello the Elephant loved to dance and sing. 2

A zebra from the Southern Region, I hear, Said “I’ll get my friends. Have no fear!” 11

A cheetah said, “I’ll get my friends from Afar.” Then off he ran, as fast as a car.


A red fox from Oromiya, who was really quite smart, Said, “I should leave now, to get a good start.” 13

From all of Ethiopia, there must have been millions. All the animals came; there must have been billions. With ants on their backs, there must have been trillions. They all came to help; there must have been zillions! 19

ከነሀሴ 19 ጀምሮ በኤግዚብሽን ማEከል የፀሀይ መማር ትወዳለች ዲቪዲዎች፡ መፀሀፎችና ቲሸርቶች በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ ይዘን Eንጠብቃችኋለን፡፡ ለልጅዎ ወይም ለወዳጅ ዘመድዎ በኩራት የሚሰጡት ስጦታ!

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Ello the Elephant-English  

In this tale, ants band together from all over Ethiopia to get the attention of their friend, Ello the elephant.

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