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Post-16 Learning @ the Whitworth  


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Contact Us Bespoke Practical Workshops Workshop: Drawing from Source Materials Workshop: Experimental Printmaking Workshop: Pattern and Process in Textiles Workshop: Sculpture in the Environment Workshop: Artists’ Books FREE Exhibition Tours: The Knowledge Series TACTILE Self Guided Visits Educator’s Evenings Supporting Resources 2  

Contact us Whitworth Art Gallery The University of Manchester Oxford Road Manchester M15 6ER t:

0161 275 8455

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Work with artists and the Whitworth’s collections and exhibitions to inspire and explore exciting ways to develop ideas.  


Bespoke Practical Workshops Select from one of the 5 workshops working with experienced creative practitioners: •  •  •  •  • 

Using Sketchbooks Experimental Printmaking Pattern and Process in Textiles Sculpture in the Environment Artists’ Books

•  Maximum 20 students per workshop Cost: £90 half day, £180 full day

Workshops work well when they are tailored to fit into your coursework or to develop new skills.   5  

A great way to get a real understanding of the importance of sketchbooks as a playful tool    


Workshop: Using Sketchbooks Explore the potential of using and personalising your sketchbook by: •  Developing drawing techniques, including automatic drawing •  Exploring line •  Working at different speeds •  Using positive and negative space


Learn a variety of printmaking techniques  


Workshop: Experimental Printmaking Research the collections and transform your drawings into prints.   Choose from: •  Multi-colour and intaglio printing •  Dry point engraving •  Perspex printing •  Mono-printing


Vicki Wheeler delivers made-to-measure textile sessions 10  

Workshop: Pattern and Process in Textiles Research pattern, design, traditional and Contemporary techniques and processes.   Choose from: •  Mark-making with stitch •  Experimenting with layers and textures •  Using the collections for research and contextual references



Cyprien Gaillard, Obelisk, 2011


Workshop: Sculpture in the Environment   Draw inspiration from the Whitworth Art Gallery’s sculptures sited in the grounds of the gallery and park. Work with an artist to look at the difference between 2D and 3D work. Students will: •  Take an idea on paper through to 3-dimensional form •  Consider the importance of location for sculpture •  Look at the decision-making process around selection of materials


Opportunities to make a variety of Artists’ Books


Workshop: Artists’ Books   Look at different ways to create artists’ books using a range of techniques and materials. There are several designs to choose from. Use your personal book to record images and ideas from the current exhibition. Your artist book can be used as a sketchbook or displayed as an artwork.


Pascal Grandmaison, Fake Imagery of a World Upside, 2009 16  

FREE  Exhibi)on  Tours:   The  Knowledge Series The Knowledge Series are tours provided by University undergraduates from a variety of courses The tours are developed in partnership with Learning and the Curatorial Team. The specialist undergraduates can offer unique, tailored insights into the exhibitions which are quirky and informative for Post-16 students. Please contact Denise Bowler to book a tour.


Michael Brennand Wood

(Detail from TACTILE Handling Resource)


TACTILE Explore the totally unique hands-on TACTILE resource as part of your visit to The Whitworth Art Gallery. Select from 11 contemporary textile maker, analyse inspiring techniques and approaches, and find out more about career paths. “The Tactile experience was just amazing and so inspirational. Students who do not normally show much interest were totally absorbed! Just brilliant.”


Catherine Yass, High Wire, 2008


Self-Guided Visits We want you to have the best possible visit. We can provide: •  Information on current and forthcoming exhibitions •  Advice on planning a visit •  Introductory Tours •  Resources It is advisable to book in advance.


Educator Evenings @ the Whitworth  


Educator’s Evenings Educator’s Evenings are now part of the exhibition previews. Please sign up for these events as places will be limited. Join our e-mail contact list to be updated about forthcoming exhibitions. Contact Denise Bowler to book a place on 0161 275 8455 or via e-mail These are opportunities to get an insider’s guide to our exhibitions.


FREE Exhibition Resources •  Exhibition Educators’ Resources •  Post-16 Portfolio Development Days: Opportunities for KS5 students to work with an artist.

On-line Resources Learning blog: Textiles blog: W:



Whitworth Art Gallery Post 16 Programme 2011 - 2012