Whitworth Admissions Career Booklet: 2022-23

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After the cap and gown Whitworth graduates and their career paths

We all start somewhere. If you’re like most students, you’re thinking about college with a big question looming overhead: What will I do with my life? For some, that answer is clear from day one. For others, it’s completely unknown and maybe a little nerve-wracking. And for many, the answer falls somewhere in between.

At Whitworth, you won’t go it alone. College is your great chance to explore. And when it comes to preparing for a career, your community at Whitworth takes its role seriously in connecting you with opportunities to try things out, narrow things down, and find what all this is leading toward. Our whole-person, community-centered approach to learning sets you up for lasting success in the workplace.

DID YOU KNOW? Research shows that lifetime earnings for graduates of liberal arts colleges exceed that of graduates of all colleges, including four-year engineering, business and technical universities. (Source: Center on Education and the Workforce, 2022)

Art & Design RECENT ALUMS Carly Hirai is a graphic designer,

web designer and owner of Panda Pacific Designs.

Andrew Weeks is a data analyst for

BDA – Seattle Kraken Team Store and is working toward a master of education in student development administration at Seattle University.

Ruth Campbell is an elementary art specialist at Spokane Public Schools.

Olivia Newman is a graphic designer at Yakima Valley Hops.


MAJORS: ART, ARTS ADMINISTRATION CURRENT POSITION: Hirano is the assistant registrar for rights and reproductions at the Seattle Art Museum.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I love painting and drawing, and

I had enjoyed volunteering for a community art center while in high school. I wanted these majors when I first applied to Whitworth because I couldn’t imagine not making anything or not having a studio background, and I wanted to be a self-sufficient artist. I thought they would also help me gain a broader understanding of the cultures of different types of arts organizations, and they definitely did.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I was a member of the

Whitworth Symphony Orchestra for four years, and I was the art editor for Script, Whitworth’s student literary journal.”


department faculty members have been wonderfully influential through classes, advising, mentoring, sharing their artwork, and being in conversation with me at any hour. Most of the things I love about art – the practice

in making, learning history, the act of viewing – grew through my discussions with professors and by listening to them. They cultivated in me a desire for depth in my understanding and a will to action to be a decent human being.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “During my junior year I had the opportunity to take Power & Politics in Art, a Jan Term study program in Europe. In this class we were able to wrestle with the questions of art’s purpose in and value to culture.”

CAREER GOALS: “I’m excited by the sea change in

cultural heritage as a field, as museums revisit their approaches to and their understanding of material and digital culture, value, labor, and collections practices. Continuing to work in fine art museums in collectionsfocused roles is key for me, and I am taking supplemental professional development opportunities exploring digital media and fair use.”

Biology RECENT ALUMS Alex Hoffmann earned an M.D. from the University of Washington School of Medicine and is an internal medicine resident at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Jenna Morris is a graduate research assistant

at the University of Washington College of the Environment, where she is working toward a Ph.D.

Ben Crews is a post-baccalaureate research

assistant in the Electron Microscopy Unit of the Research Technologies Branch at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Mont.

Meghan Bristlin is an associate dentist for LC

Smiles Dentistry in Lewiston, Idaho. She earned her doctor of dental medicine at Midwestern University in Arizona.


CURRENT POSITION: Marrujo is a research associate at Parse

Biosciences, a growing biotech company based in Seattle. As part of the research and development team, she conducts experiments to explore applications and improve the chemistry of Parse’s single-cell RNA-sequencing kits.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth because of the solid programs, quality of education, intersection of faith, and affordability.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I spent a lot of my free time

working part-time jobs. I worked as a biology lab teaching assistant for multiple semesters, where I helped students with lab skills and scientific concepts. One of my favorite memories is holding office hours for my students. Additionally, I enjoyed being a Warren resident assistant. Other than jobs, I liked being an active attendee in a variety of club events.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSOR: “Dr. Aaron Putzke brings a lot more than just biology to the classroom. He speaks on social issues and is a big advocate for many students. He also facilitates great ethical discussions focusing on scientific research on organisms. He is very passionate about students and has meaningful conversations with them, myself included.”

CAREER RESOURCES UTILIZED AT WHITWORTH: “I utilized the career center for résumé feedback and appreciated oncampus career events to see positions offered in the nearby communities.”

CAREER GOALS: “I would love to be in a role to teach and

continuously engage with both people and science. Perhaps I will pursue a professional degree to practice as a physician assistant or earn a Ph.D. to teach and explore biological systems. For now, I am very content working in industry.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “There’s a lot of advice I would give

– mostly because I’ve learned it from experience or talking with professors. I’ll narrow it down to a few: 1) Challenge yourself to generate questions. They can range in complexity; to connect themes or for clarification. You don’t need to ask out loud, but start practicing. 2) Take classes that interest you – it will enrich your studies, and you’ll be passionate about those classes. 3) Finally, a lot of your time as a student is dedicated to school, friends and family. Be sure to make time for yourself daily to do a needed chore or a fun activity.”

Business RECENT ALUMS Kody Davis is a procurement manager-Asia structures at Boeing in Everett, Wash.

Taylor Burnight Daggy is a financial accounting

manager for The Walt Disney Company in Glendale, Calif.

Jocelyn Chen is an HR generalist at Moss Adams in Seattle.

Kyle McEachran works in sales strategy and insights for travel advertisers at Google in Seattle.

Emily Carney is a digital marketing specialist for Medical Teams International in Beaverton, Ore.



at Yardline, a proprietary trading firm based in Phoenix that specializes in moving event tickets in the secondary markets. Prior to his current role, he worked in investment banking at Guggenheim Partners and Piper Sandler.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth because I wanted

to get a well-rounded education at a liberal arts school that allowed me to take classes that encompassed more than the specific field I was studying. I also wanted to learn from professors who had real-world experience in applying the concepts they were teaching.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “The best decision I made at

Whitworth was joining the Whitworth Student Investment Group (WSIG). The second I heard about a group of students meeting at 6 in the morning every week to pitch stocks and discuss the global financial markets, I knew I had to get involved. The WSIG continues to evolve and produce students who are well-equipped for the real world, whether they’re pursuing a career in financial services or anywhere else in the business world.”


was very influential during my time at Whitworth and beyond.

Whether it was learning from him in his classroom, in WSIG, or just chatting in his office, every teachable moment was through real-world application. Duff prepared me for a seamless transition into starting my professional career.”

CAREER RESOURCES UTILIZED AT WHITWORTH: “I heavily utilized the alumni network while I was at Whitworth. This connected me to graduates from all sorts of industries who held day jobs I was interested in. I have found that Whitworth’s alumni are very welcoming to any student who reaches out. Giving back is a huge part of the culture at Whitworth.”

CAREER GOALS: “I spent my first two years out of undergrad

working on Wall Street and have since pivoted to a management and operator role. Long term, I would love the opportunity to combine these two experiences by working as an investor who is also heavily involved in building great businesses.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Leverage your network, take

initiative and be curious. I still remember setting up calls with people at odd hours of the night who were working at global banks in Hong Kong because that was what I was interested in during a great deal of my time at Whitworth. It gave me great insight into what their day jobs are like, but most importantly, I think taking those types of initiatives always goes a long way.”

Chemistry RECENT ALUMS Chris Frick is a scientist at the Allen Institute for Cell Science in Seattle. He earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biophysics from the California Institute of Technology.

Bret DeGraaff graduated from the

University of Washington School of Medicine and is a resident in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of California, Davis.

Kristin Wucherer completed her Ph.D.

in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, San Francisco.

Nadia Sarfraz received a full scholarship

to Georgetown University, where she is currently completing a Ph.D. in chemistry and plans to next earn a J.D. in law.


CURRENT POSITION: Regalado is a process engineer in Spokane at Kaiser Aluminum, which produces fabricated and semi-fabricated aluminum alloys for the aerospace, transportation and defense industries. He develops stable manufacturing processes, provides technical oversight for the laboratories, and ensures final product conformance to customer and industry specifications. He has a master of science degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Washington.

WHY WHITWORTH: “The tight-knit community,

Whitworth’s core values and the (then) brand-new Robinson Science Hall. It was clear to me that the professors were there first and foremost for their students. I was really drawn to that, especially after visiting much larger universities.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I threw javelin for the track & field team. I stayed really busy between school, track and work, but I did attend the Spanish Club (H.O.L.A.) and Science Club meetings when I had the chance.”


Stevens. She did an awesome job explaining physical chemistry in layman’s terms and made it applicable to

everyday life. I’ll always remember her enthusiasm for the subject and her willingness to work one on one with me when I was struggling in quantum chemistry.”

CAREER GOALS: “I’m really enjoying the aerospace

and manufacturing world and can see myself eventually working into a management role. Right now I’m working toward my NDT Level III certification for phased array ultrasonic testing. My wife (also a Whitworth grad) and I are happy to be back in Spokane where we’re raising our daughter. I’m challenged both at work and home, so I’m pretty content with where I’m at right now.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Stay involved in

extracurricular activities. Not only will they strengthen your résumé, but you’ll enjoy a more balanced college experience, and they provide key opportunities to discover your interests and strengths outside of the classroom. Second, find an industry that excites you – learn as much as you can about it and the skills those employers (or grad schools) are looking for. Chemistry provides a really strong foundation for the applied sciences. If you’re able to demonstrate an aptitude toward the specific skill set in the job posting, then you can find employment just about anywhere.”

Communication Studies RECENT ALUMS Katelyn McLean is a sports multimedia

journalist at NonStop Local Billings and SWX Montana in Billings, Mont.

Maria Paxson is the marketing coordinator at Alliance Machine Systems in Spokane.

Sam Henson is a web and digital media

specialist at Amphitheater Public Schools in Tucson, Ariz. He is also the director of marketing and PR, stage manager and assistant director at Spotlight Youth Productions.

Emma Much is pursuing a graduate degree

in speech and hearing sciences at Washington State University Spokane. Esther Brown, right



Desautel Hege (DH), an integrated communications agency based in Spokane and Seattle. She helps manage and works on a number of health equity related campaigns, creating positive change in communities through social marketing.

WHY WHITWORTH: “While Whitworth’s generous

financial support was the main driver for me choosing Whitworth, there were several other factors that drew me. I appreciated the small size of classes, the opportunity to connect one on one with professors, and Whitworth’s mission to educate the mind and heart.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “The opportunity to get

involved in various activities I’m passionate about was core to my growth at Whitworth. As a staff writer and editor for The Whitworthian for three years, I experienced a look inside a potential career path and grew my journalistic skills. Being part of student leadership as a cultural-diversity advocate and the ASWU cultural events coordinator allowed me to form meaningful connections with peers and pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. I’m also incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be involved in

the music department during my four years at Whitworth – playing in the symphony orchestra and taking violin lessons – which let me pursue and grow my musical passions.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “Participating in Diversity Monologues as a poet scholar was an experience I’ll always remember. Diversity Monologues empowered me to speak my truth and invited me to listen and learn from others. It was a truly powerful experience.”

CAREER RESOURCES UTILIZED AT WHITWORTH: “During my internship search, meeting with a representative from career services was definitely helpful in figuring out my options. I also made use of Handshake during both my internship and post-graduation job search.”

CAREER GOALS: “With only a little over a year of work

experience in my field, my current goal is to become a well-rounded communications professional, growing my knowledge and expertise in marketing, advertising, public relations and branding. Eventually, my goal is to find a niche to specialize in, while continuing to make an impact in communities through social change marketing.”

Education RECENT ALUMS Sureetha McCain is a sixth grade teacher in

the Kent (Wash.) School District. She earned a master’s degree in comparative education at University College London.

Skyler Lamberd is a high school math teacher in the Mead (Wash.) School District.

Nathan Page is a middle school art and

photography teacher at Duval County (Fla.) Public Schools.

Jordan Fearer is a first grade teacher in the Santa Barbara (Calif.) Unified School District.



the College Success Foundation who works with ninth and 10th grade students at North Central High School in Spokane. He coaches and supports students from low socioeconomic backgrounds to prepare for and graduate from college as transformational leaders in order to forge a just and equitable society. He works with students individually and collectively to discuss the importance of pursing a postsecondary education.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth because of its

mission of pursing an education of the mind and heart. Whitworth University has historically valued students and staff who invest in and serve their communities – something I have always been drawn to. I also chose Whitworth because of the Act Six scholarship, which made my college experience affordable and provided me with a cohort of students who came from similar backgrounds to tackle the difficulties of going to college as a first-generation student. I also chose Whitworth because as an athlete I was able to play the sport I loved while also pursing my degree.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I was an Act Six Scholar, varsity men’s soccer player, Black Student Union member, and was a part of the Whitworth School of Education.” INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSORS: “Lisa Laurier was an influential professor for me because she is one of the hardest working women I know. She helped guide me through getting my degree, and laid out resources and support every step of the way. Lisa is incredible at what she does as a professor, mentor and friend. Without Lisa, I would not have made it through my education degree.”

CAREER GOALS: “As an educator, I have a few goals – get

my master’s degree, continue being a part of my school’s community by being a coach or community volunteer, and my end goal is to become an administrator at a school district in Western Washington.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “My advice would be build

community, and pursue any opportunities that people give you! You never know where you will end up, and ultimately it is all about who you know!”

Engineering & Physics RECENT ALUMS Nick Brunner is a software engineer at The Johns

Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. He earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

Katie Olleman is a bridge designer for the Washington State Department of Transportation. She earned master’s degrees in civil engineering and mechanical engineering at the University of Washington.

Caleb Bertolini is a spacecraft attitude control

engineer at Lockheed Martin in Colorado Springs. He earned an M.S. in astronautical engineering at the University of Southern California.

Hayden Wisniewski is a Ph.D. student in optics/ optical sciences at the University of Arizona.


MAJOR: ENGINEERING CURRENT POSITION: Grady is a mechanical systems engineer

at Lockheed Martin Space in Denver. He works with a team that integrates satellites from many different programs onto rockets like SpaceX’s Falcon 9. He designs and manages the mechanical, electrical and other relevant interfaces that enable satellites to be safely launched into orbit.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth because it felt like

home to me when I visited. I felt welcomed and seen, and saw so many opportunities for immense personal growth and community!”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I was on the varsity swim team

and was a member of Hosanna and led a Hosanna worship team. Both were incredible opportunities that I am so grateful for. Through swimming I learned so much about myself, met my girlfriend and friends who I love more than anything, and made so many quality memories. Hosanna was a consistent spiritual rhythm and practice, a place of rest amidst crazy class schedules and the ups and downs of life, and a place to foster intentional community.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSORS: “I have two. One was Dr. Steven Zemke, who was instrumental in developing

my love of engineering and problem-solving. I had so much fun in his classes, and his advice and encouragement inspired me to persevere through difficult assignments. The other is Dr. Keith Wyma (professor of philosophy). Taking his Core 350 immigration section totally transformed how I view policy and politics, and gave me a much more well-rounded perspective of the world we live in.”

CAREER RESOURCES UTILIZED AT WHITWORTH: “I went on several career trek days with the engineering & physics department. They were super valuable experiences to meet engineers in the workforce and see some of the amazing things that those companies are working on.”

CAREER GOALS: “My goal is one day to become a systems

architect. You get to look at problems from a 30,000-foot view, and up close in the details. I love to learn, and as an architect, you get to do that and apply it to designs that are big and small.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Go and build stuff! Dive into projects in classes, use the machine shop, and get hands-on experience with creating things. Some of my best memories as a student were getting to apply what I’d learned to hands-on projects.”

English RECENT ALUMS Jennifer Rudsit is an associate production

manager at Sasquatch Books in Seattle. She has a certificate in publishing from the University of Denver.

Bryn Cavin is the marketing and content manager at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wash.

Luke Eldredge is a staff writer for And Sons Magazine, which he co-founded.

Hanna Malmoe is a senior account manager

at Strategy Labs, a digital marketing agency in Spokane.

Izze Scourey is a high school English teacher in the

Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) School District and a graduate of the Whitworth Master of Teaching Program.


MAJOR: ENGLISH (LITERATURE TRACK) | MINOR: PHILOSOPHY CURRENT POSITION: Clements is a copywriter for J.Schmid, an advertising agency in Kansas City, Kan. He also volunteers as the public service director for the Ad2KC council, advocating for the Kansas City marketing community with a focus on pro bono agency work with nonprofits. WHY WHITWORTH: “Having been born and raised in Missouri, I knew I wanted to attend university somewhere on the West Coast. In addition to the geographic considerations, I was adamant about receiving a liberal arts education, preferably at a school with a great faculty-to-student ratio. I threw these variables together, created a short list of schools, and fell in love with the photos of Whitworth’s campus and the university’s reputation for strong academics.” WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “Aside from the various activities, events and readings sponsored by the English department, I spent time playing intramural soccer, co-founding and serving as vice president of Generation Action, and working for the Whitworth Composition Commons.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSOR: “If I had to narrow it down, John Pell was particularly influential during my years in the hallways of the English department. He helped me look at the world, and writing, in a layered and nuanced way. After beginning with his Introduction to Rhetoric course, I ended up devoting my studies to rhetoric and composition, taking a variety of courses from him culminating in an independent study my senior year.” INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “One of those moments that changed me as a writer forever, and surely made an impact on me the day it happened, was the first time Professor Caraway critiqued a poem I had written for one of his classes. I had (have) a bad habit of being grandiose, vague and purposefully ambiguous in my creative writing, and to put it plainly, he wasn’t going to have any of that in a student of his. He showed me where authenticity exists, how to find it, and in the famous words of Virginia Woolf (or Faulkner, Wilde, etc.) and then Thom Caraway, how to ‘kill my darlings.’”

Health Sciences RECENT ALUMS Megan Colwell is a pediatric occupational therapist at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Ore.

Corey Burt is a chiropractor and owner of Elite Upper Cervical in the Portland, Ore., metro area.

Misikir W. Adnew is international field staff (health programs) for Samaritan’s Purse International Relief. She earned a master’s in public health with a concentration in health care management from Yale University.

Jessica Thoens is the director of operations at

ITZ Sports Performance in Spokane Valley, Wash.


MAJOR: HEALTH SCIENCE CURRENT POSITION: Callan is a physician assistant at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Surgery in Walla Walla, Wash. She earned a master in physician assistant studies from Creighton University.

He had a nickname for every student he encountered. The intentionality was something that really stood out to me. The faculty at Whitworth truly want to know you and support you in your journey. To this day, I am still in contact with the faculty.”

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth for the incredible


health sciences department and the opportunity to compete on the track & field team.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “Participating on the track team led to some of the best experiences of my life, and the lessons I learned from track and collegiate athletics were invaluable. The opportunity to be led by coaches who support spiritual, physical and academic growth on and off the track was a gift. They were experiences and lessons that will serve my teammates and I the rest of our lives. Coach Toby Schwarz capitalized “TEAM” in every email to emphasize that we truly are a TEAM – a family to serve one another and support each other to reach goals. This is a perspective I still take with me today whether that be in the workforce or other areas in life.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSOR: “The health science leadership at Whitworth is top-notch. My advisor Matt Silvers played a significant role throughout my time at Whitworth.

the health sciences department faculty for career resources whether that be learning more about different professions or connecting with alumni out in the workforce. Mike Ediger connected me with several alumni who are practicing PAs across the country. The Whitworth community is a family, and I am so grateful to be a part of it!”

CAREER GOALS: “I am honored to be practicing as a PA in my hometown. I would love to continue gaining skills and knowledge within the field of dermatology. I also would love to participate in the growth of upcoming PAs in some capacity – through mentorship, shadowing opportunities or becoming a preceptor for PA students. I remember how many supported me in my journey to becoming a PA, and I would love to have the opportunity to pay it forward!”

History RECENT ALUMS Keegan Shea clerks under Judge Kathy Seeley in the First Judicial District Court in Helena, Mont. He earned a master’s in teaching from Whitworth and a juris doctor from the University of Montana’s Alexander Blewett III School of Law with an environmental and natural resources law certification.

Alex Fergus is an assistant reference

archivist at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane.

Noah McDonald is a middle school

history and ELA teacher in the Cheney (Wash.) School District.


MAJOR: HISTORY | MINORS: PUBLIC HISTORY, SPANISH CURRENT POSITION: Ramsey is a project manager at Design and Production Incorporated, a museum exhibit fabrication company in Lorton, Va. She manages the multitude of moving parts required to build a new museum exhibit and works with clients, designers and other stakeholders to make sure projects are completed successfully. She has a master’s degree in museum studies from The George Washington University.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth

because I wanted to attend a school that would help me grow academically as well as spiritually and personally. I knew Whitworth would help me do all three because it is a Christian liberal arts college with an excellent academic reputation. Whitworth also has public history courses, which are rare at liberal arts colleges and were important in helping me achieve my goal of working in the museum field.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSOR: “I had so many influential professors at Whitworth, but one who stands out is Dale Soden. He taught some of my favorite history courses and is one of the most joyful and wise people I have

ever met. He, and the entire history department, constantly encouraged and challenged me in significant ways, and I think about the lessons I learned in his classes often. I also now have an encyclopedic knowledge of 1960s protest songs thanks to him.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “One influential experience I had at Whitworth was getting to work in the university archives, helping research and find materials for the book Torchbearers, which celebrated Whitworth’s 125th anniversary.”

CAREER GOALS: “I enjoy working in museum

exhibit creation because I love helping museums tell new stories in exciting new ways and supporting institutions’ efforts to connect more with their communities. My ultimate goal, however, is to be the director of a major history museum.” ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Learn to be an excellent writer and to communicate clearly. You can achieve little if no one understands you.”

Kinesiology RECENT ALUMS Brianna Pace is an athletic trainer at

Quarterline Consulting Services. She is pursuing a master’s in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

DJ Tripoli is an assistant professor in the

School of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

Justin Maxwell is a strength and

conditioning specialist at U-District PT in Spokane.

Katherine Melka is a cheer coach and PE teacher at Mead High School in Spokane.



massage therapist at Built to Move Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation in Spokane, where she works one on one with people to help them recover so they can flourish in the activities they love. She works alongside chiropractors, trainers and more whose goal is to help people sustain their active lifestyles. She is also the head gymnastics coach and assistant track coach at Mead High School. She loves being part of her athletes’ high school journey.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I transferred to Whitworth

my second semester. Like many, I was drawn to the community. Whitworth provided exciting academic opportunities and allowed me to pursue coaching opportunities I had off campus.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSOR: “Kirk Westre is the absolute best professor and an incredible person. He frequently told us that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. He lived these words by greeting us by name in each class, encouraging us in the classroom, and by caring about our personal interests. The content he

taught, as well as who he is as a person, made a great impact on me as a coach and a person in society. I am very thankful for Kirk and his continued support.”

CAREER GOALS: “After working hard to get to this

point in both my jobs, I am simply just enjoying where I am at for a bit. One aspect that I love about massaging and coaching is there is always something new to learn or a way to grow. I hope to continue to elevate myself as an LMT and coach.” ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “When it comes time to do an internship, find one you truly enjoy and not just something to check off the box. The hands-on and immersive experience is valuable.”

Math & Computer Science RECENT ALUMS Kaysee-Li Tomkins is a senior program manager at Amazon in Seattle.

Eli Min is a software engineer at Garmin in Kansas City, Mo.

Flannery Ho is a high school math teacher for Huntsville (Ala.) City Schools.

Madi Binyon is a hardware test engineer at F5 Inc. in Liberty Lake, Wash.

Hannah Gamiel is a development director at Cyan, a games studio in the Spokane area.

Kat Duarte is a technical program

manager for Google in Mountain View, Calif.



roles at PACCAR Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Wash., since graduation and is currently an embedded systems software engineer. His role involves rapid controls prototyping of new software for the digital display used in the latest generation of semitrucks.

WHY WHITWORTH: “As a strong Christian who was

planning on majoring in STEM, I knew I wanted a place where I could thrive in my faith and get a quality education at the same time. I explored a few options, but I fell in love with Whitworth from the first time I visited campus. The students and professors I met during visits were welcoming and made it clear early on that they were there for me.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I was involved in a variety of

activities, both personally as well as through on-campus jobs. During my junior year, I worked as a campus ministry coordinator in my home hall of Oliver. I also worked for the theatre department helping run lights and sound for shows and performances. I was also a lead in the student-led CubeSat project started by the physics department. I was a part of multiple International Collegiate Programming Contests held at Whitworth.”


research project creating a resin 3D printer with Dr. Measor in the engineering & physics department. While the research itself was also interesting and informative, the most influential part was the presentation skills I learned at the culmination of the project during the poster and slide presentations. I can credit these presentation skills as part the reason I was able to get the position I currently hold.”

CAREER RESOURCES UTILIZED AT WHITWORTH: “Most of the career development I did during my time at Whitworth was done through professors and advisors. I spent many hours discussing my future career with professors across multiple departments. This was some of the best advice I have ever gotten since each professor knew me personally and was able to tailor their advice to my strengths and weaknesses.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “While your hard skills in

algorithm design or theoretical mathematics are incredibly useful in the private sector, do not skimp out of the liberal arts side of your education. Skills like writing and presenting will give you a huge edge in industry as you will be able to discuss complex topics with stakeholders or executives where some of your compatriots will not.”

Music RECENT ALUMS Ben Barker teaches high school and middle school band in the Enumclaw (Wash.) School District.

Sarah Fazendin is working toward a master’s

degree in violin performance at New York University, where she teaches undergraduates as an adjunct faculty member.

Sarah Nadreau is a freelance singer and a

singing instructor/mentor in San Francisco. She earned a master’s degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has performed with the San Francisco Opera Extra Chorus.

Ryan Worthington is a Marine musician with the United States Marine Corps.



composer and educator. He performs in the Denver area with groups and musicians including the Colorado Symphony, Brad Goode, Zach Rich, Drew Zaremba, and his own ensembles. He also teaches at the University of Northern Colorado, where he is completing a doctorate in jazz studies. Koch holds a master’s degree in jazz and contemporary media from the Eastman School of Music, as well as a certificate in arts leadership.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth because

of the stellar reputation of the jazz department, the amazing faculty, the environment on campus and the great financial aid package I received. I was very fortunate to attend a school that felt like home to me and had a music department that has the strongest sense of community you’ll find anywhere.”


“Performing in Rome with the Whitworth Jazz Ensemble was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever gotten to do. Playing with master Italian musicians like Rosario Giuliani drove home the point that there are people all over the world who love jazz and are striving to get better at it every single day, just like I am.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I played in the jazz

ensemble, jazz combos, wind symphony and symphony orchestra. I participated in the Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference and performed in the Unplugged shows. I also played in the Spokane Jazz Orchestra and the Bob Curnow Big Band.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “My advice is twofold. First,

make it a point to get to know all of the faculty. You will be amazed at what they can offer you as musicians and people, and, when you’ve graduated and are in my position, they become invaluable resources and connections that you can draw on to help your own career. Second, when the semester gets rough and you get to the section of Professor Brent Edstrom’s theory class when approximately 18 projects are all due at the same time, remember why you fell in love with music in the first place and revisit that memory/idea often. Working in the music industry is like being in a constant cycle of ‘seven projects at a time,’ but if you remember why you love it and master the things you are taught in school, you will never ‘work’ a day in your life.”

Philosophy RECENT ALUMS Briana Nolasco is a staff attorney

at Northwest Immigrant Rights Project in Granger, Wash. She earned a juris doctor from Seattle University.

Krista Harper is the sponsorship director at Lahash International, a child sponsorship organization based in Portland, Ore.

Matt Ferris is assistant director

of student leadership and college at Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina, Minn.


MAJORS: PHILOSOPHY, SPANISH LANGUAGE & LITERATURE | MINORS: PSYCHOLOGY, LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES, THEOLOGY, WOMEN’S & GENDER STUDIES CURRENT POSITION: Langdon is a student at USC Gould School of Law, where she is pursuing her juris doctor and a certificate in public interest law. She is a law student representative in USC’s Immigration Removal Defense Clinic, a staff member of the Southern California Law Review, and the professional development chair for the Public Interest Law Foundation. Before law school, she worked at the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law, a nonprofit organization that offers free legal aid to low-income clients.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth because I wanted

to invest my time at a place where I felt comfortable pursuing challenging questions and exploring my faith. The small class sizes and student body allowed me to become very connected with my peers and professors, which in turn blossomed into the most meaningful relationships I have.” INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “During my senior year, I participated in the Central America Study & Service Program. While staying in Nicaragua, I worked at a feminist nonprofit where I collaborated with Nicaraguan coworkers to develop a citywide campaign against femicide in the country. I was deeply impacted by my time abroad in Guatemala and Nicaragua, which compelled me to connect with social justice causes in the United States.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSOR: “Kim Hernández pushed me to continue learning and practicing my Spanish, which inevitably led me to the career path I have today. If not for her continual guidance and mentorship, I never would have continued in my Spanish studies and chosen to work at a law firm after Whitworth in order to continue speaking Spanish!” CAREER GOALS: “After law school, I hope to pursue a oneyear clerkship working under a federal judge in the Central District of California. After this, I intend to return back to a legal aid nonprofit in Los Angeles as a staff attorney and specialize in either family law or immigration law.”


“I heavily utilized the résumé review service at the career services office, which was incredibly helpful in polishing my résumé.” ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Do not worry if you don’t know what you want to do with your degree! I had no idea I wanted to pursue law until 1-2 years after graduation. Follow the opportunities that excite you, and your ‘perfect’ career path will naturally reveal itself to you in time.”

Political Science RECENT ALUMS Chloe Becker is the manager for state legislative affairs at Portland General Electric in Portland, Ore.

Roland Báez is a youth engagement officer at UNICEF Paraguay in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Justin Botejue is a physician relations liaison for

Shriners Children’s Spokane. He earned an MBA with a concentration in executive leadership from Whitworth.

Hannah Sabio-Howell is an account manager at

Team Soapbox in Seattle and previously worked as a communication specialist for the Washington State Legislature.

Morgan Hamrick is an associate attorney at a private firm in Denver. She graduated from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.



specialist for the U.S. Department of State, where she has worked since graduation. She was first offered a position at the State Department during her final semester at Whitworth.

WHY WHITWORTH: “I chose Whitworth because it gave me so many opportunities not only to grow as a person, but also to grow as a global citizen and a follower of Christ.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I rotated through a lot of

activities at Whitworth, and that’s part of what made my time memorable. As a freshman, I was in band and German Club. Then I studied abroad for a year: half a year in Marburg, Germany, and half a year in Belfast, United Kingdom. My junior year I was a resident assistant in Baldwin-Jenkins, and my senior year I was part of the American Studies Program through the political science department. I tried to do everything I could in the time I was there!”

CAREER GOALS: “My current career goals haven’t

changed much since I was 13. I’ve always wanted to work for the Department of State. Currently, I am studying for the Foreign Service exam. Once I’ve passed that (which I’m hoping to do in the next few years), I want to be a political foreign service officer somewhere overseas.” ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Always seek opportunities. That might be asking a professor for coffee to discuss ideas and plans, or engaging with your fellow classmates, or getting internships: It all helps shape your future. There is a wealth of knowledge at Whitworth, but I’d say that the political science department will truly give you tenfold what you put into it. Don’t be discouraged by roadblocks; there is someone at Whitworth who can help you.”

Psychology RECENT ALUMS Alanna Feltner earned master’s degrees in public

administration and social work from the University of Washington. She is a research scientist at the UW School of Medicine, where she serves as the evaluator for the Parent Child Assistance Program and the Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center.

Debora Calderon is earning her Ph.D. in cognition and neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Kirin Casteel is a school counselor at Camas (Wash.) High School. She earned a master’s degree in school counseling at Eastern Washington University.

Tiffany Yamase-Patricio is a legal advocate manager at YWCA Spokane and is working toward a master of social work through the University of Denver.

Natalie Ramm is a residential manager for Morning Star Boys’ Ranch in Spokane.


MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY | MINOR: SPEECH COMMUNICATION CURRENT POSITION: Werner is a mental health counselor at Breakthrough Recovery Group in Spokane Valley, Wash. She earned a master of science in clinical mental health counseling from Eastern Washington University and is a certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate. She is also working toward certification as a Substance Use Disorder Professional.

professors. We looked at the correlation between anxiety and art therapy, and how art therapy can be used to help ease anxiety. I was able to look in-depth at a topic that is important to me and important to the counseling field. It was incredible to get to see what it is like in the professional world and see the payoff from a semester-long project.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I was involved in band and Psi


Chi, which is the psychology honor society. I also worked at Whitworth Church and got to be a teaching assistant for a couple of psychology professors. I also would play Frisbee for fun.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSORS: “Bethy Campbell and Mark Baird were both very influential professors for me. They taught me how to have more empathy and compassion for clients. I also learned that it’s important to treat people as individuals with their unique qualities.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “An influential experience I had was getting to research my senior thesis with a classmate and present it in front of my classmates and

the career center to chat with a couple of the career counselors. I also utilized different career and personality assessments that allowed me to recognize what careers I was interested in and would be a good fit.”

CAREER GOALS: “I want to continue working at an agency

until I get fully licensed and then go from there. I want to work with college students and maybe one day become a professor.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Take as many psych classes as you can. It was amazing to gain a wide range of knowledge from the various professors because I was able to figure out what I wanted to do and have been able to implement a lot of the material in counseling.”

Sociology RECENT ALUMS Malia Cross is a therapeutic courts case

manager for the Spokane County District Court Therapeutic Courts.

Courtney Bagdon-Cox is a senior research manager for the Washington State Department of Corrections. She earned a Ph.D. in criminology and criminal justice from Washington State University.

Alannah Price is the human resources director at WestGate Church in San Jose, Calif.

Alma Aguilar is the Washington Immigrant

Relief Fund program coordinator for quality assurance at Washington Community Alliance.


MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY CURRENT POSITION: Blanco is a business analyst

at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Seattle. His main responsibility is to work across departments to standardize and automate processes as AWS continues to grow. When not managing projects, Blanco mentors new “Amazonians” as they adapt to the fast-paced and competitive corporate environment. Outside of work, Blanco helps local high school students from underrepresented backgrounds pursue a college degree and a career in the tech industry.

WHY WHITWORTH: “Out of all of the universities I

visited in high school, Whitworth was the only school that had me hooked the second I stepped on campus. After meeting faculty and staff, I knew I would be able to earn an education that would prepare me for whatever career path I decided to pursue.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I participated in varsity

football and intramural sports, and I was an active member of the International Club.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSORS: “Mike Ingram and Jason Wollschleger influenced me the most. They were the toughest on me academically, but also the ones I had great, meaningful conversations with regardless of the topic. Without knowing it at the time, they prepared me to be successful in an industry where delivering results and being the best at what you do is expected.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “My most influential experience was traveling and studying in France for a semester. My passion for the French language, as well as my desire to study in France and learn about its rich history, made this experience one that influences me to this day.”

CAREER GOALS: “My career plan includes attending law school to become a corporate or patent lawyer at a tech company.”

Theatre RECENT ALUMS Alanna Hamilton is an individual giving manager at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle.

Caleb Klein is an event manager at SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, in Bellingham, Wash.

Reid Tennis is a production

electrician for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.


MAJOR: THEATRE – PRODUCTION TRACK | MINOR: BIOLOGY CURRENT POSITION: Sheller is a freelance stage manager based in Chicago. Her recent clients have included Chicago Opera Theater, Grant Park Music Festival, Intermountain Opera (Bozeman, Mont.) and Opera Idaho. She also teaches stage management for Idaho State University.

WHY WHITWORTH: “Whitworth’s ‘mind and heart’ message spoke to me very personally, especially at a stage in my life when I felt pulled in opposite directions. Professors and students at Whitworth told me that what I was thinking of as inverses could actually be the perfect combination; I could pursue science, music and theatre, and one subject would expand my understanding of the others. Today I use skills from all of those interests in my career, and they make me an asset anywhere I work.”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: Sheller was involved in theatre productions and the Cool Whip improv troupe and played in the wind symphony, orchestra and chamber winds.

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH PROFESSORS: “The entire theatre department had a hand in making me the professional I am now. Maria Sorce, Aaron Dyszelski, Kim Dawson, Brooke Kiener and Diana Trotter (now retired) gave me all the tools I needed for my career and went above and beyond with their support. I was also thankful for Lee Anne Chaney, my advisor for my biology minor, for supporting my pursuit of the arts.”

INFLUENTIAL WHITWORTH EXPERIENCE: “Taking Diana Trotter’s Performance Theory class taught me so much outside of performing. That class taught me how to accept criticism, how to work creatively in a group and how to present my ideas.”

CAREER GOALS: “I hope to continue stage managing opera, especially at a large house like Chicago Lyric Opera. I am also interested in outreach programs that help make opera more accessible to people who have never experienced it.”

CAREER RESOURCES UTILIZED AT WHITWORTH: “The biggest resource for me was the professional connections that my professors helped me make, including working with guest directors on several productions.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Have a goal, actively pursue it, but stay flexible. You should set your sights on a specific dream to keep yourself moving, but don’t be afraid if an opportunity presents itself that feels like a detour; sometimes where you are meant to be is somewhere you never expected to find yourself.”

Theology RECENT ALUMS Christina Melahn is the outdoor school

director at Calvin Crest, a summer camp ministry, conference center and outdoor school in Oakhurst, Calif.

Michelina Cozzetto is the case manager for

The Jonah Project, a nonprofit in Spokane that advocates for survivors of sex trafficking.

Michael Bouterse is the director of Thrive

Ministries, a multi-church ministry for young adults in Gig Harbor, Wash. He earned a master’s degree in theology and a postgraduate diploma in applied theology at University of Oxford.

Phil Moore is the pastor at The Garden, a church in Spokane.


CURRENT POSITION: Kuuskvere is the youth


ministry director for Colbert Presbyterian Church near Spokane. Her favorite part of her job is seeing students learn new things about God as they grow up. option and, for that reason, was very low on my list of schools. I had a huge change of heart after I attended a Why Whitworth Day and saw firsthand how different the student-to-faculty relationships were from the other schools I was visiting.”

“Jonathan Moo was my most influential professor. I think it was a mixture of the way he taught and what he taught. I was just becoming aware of the marriage of ecology and the Bible when I took his Tall Timber Jan Term class, and I fell in love with thinking deeper about God’s creation. Even after our concentrated time together over Jan Term, that group met regularly to discuss different topics and ideas outside of any class requirements. It is amazing what can happen when a passionate professor inspires their students!”

WHITWORTH ACTIVITIES: “I wasn’t the fastest

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “Talk to your professors.

WHY WHITWORTH: “Whitworth was my local

or the best, but my time at Whitworth was marked by Ultimate Frisbee practice and wind symphony rehearsal. I loved music and athletics in high school and enjoyed participating in so many extracurriculars in college even though I knew I was never going to pursue them past my undergrad. At Whitworth I was able to be a theology major but also pour my heart into so many other passions.”

Each one of them is a master of their field, and even though it can be intimidating, they work at Whitworth for the joy of the students. They want to know you and help you succeed, so take full advantage of meeting over coffee, walks or just stopping by their office.”

World Languages & Cultures RECENT ALUMS Cheyenne Scherf is an English teacher’s assistant in the North American Language and Culture Assistants Program in Granada, Spain, and is enrolled in a master’s program in international education and bilingualism at Universidad Camilo José Cela in Madrid.

Lindsay Delaney is a bilingual youth services

librarian at Tigard (Ore.) Public Library. She earned a master’s degree in information from the University of Michigan.

Katelyn Baddeley is a middle school Spanish teacher for the Mead (Wash.) School District.

Erik Blank is pursuing a bilingual master of social

work from Loyola University Chicago and is a youth specialist for SAFY of Colorado in Fort Collins, Colo.


CURRENT POSITION: Bareither is the development coordinator

for Story International, a Christian non-governmental organization that advances family-based solutions for children in crisis in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. He lives in Guatemala for most of the year and spends the rest of his time stateside.


Mike Ingram for pushing us to have difficult debates in his Communication Ethics course, Katherine Karr-Cornejo for pushing us to really use our Spanish academically in her Spanish and Latin American Women Writers course, Gordon Wilson for teaching me new artistic concepts and techniques and encouraging me, Jonathan Moo for helping me see the intersection between Christianity and the stewardship of creation, and Ron Pyle for teaching me interpersonal relationship skills that I will benefit from for the rest of my life.”


Whitworth I had the opportunity to study abroad in Nicaragua. This experience challenged me in countless ways, and helped me to grow as a Christian, a student and a global citizen. It also helped prepare me for the many years I have spent abroad in Guatemala since then – something I probably would not have been brave enough to do had it not been for my time in Nicaragua.”

CAREER GOALS: “My time working in international development

(specifically in the world of orphan care/family-based care and deinstitutionalization) has been an incredible time of personal and professional growth. I could see myself continuing in the nonprofit world, or perhaps working as an ESL teacher. But even if I don’t continue directly in this line of work, I imagine in some form or another I’ll always be involved in working to support vulnerable children and families. The call to ‘honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity’ will guide me for the rest of my life, in whatever God calls me to.”

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: “‘The limits of my language are the

limits of my world’ is a quote that has always stuck with me, and even though I believe it was more philosophical than foreignlanguage oriented in its original intent, it has nonetheless helped me gain perspective on what learning a foreign language truly offers – an entire world of people, art, food, literature, music, movies and places that otherwise would have been inaccessible. Most people either under or overestimate how hard it is to learn a language. While it takes hundreds, even thousands of hours to learn it well, it is doable! I started at Whitworth in Spanish 101, and now much of my work is done primarily in Spanish. My advice would be to make learning the language a part of your lifestyle – not just something you do in the classroom.”

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