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They Have America in Their Heart

Whitney Smith

“You’d be surprised just how many of those people around you have served our country. People you would never have guessed have served.” -Major Sean Strope There are many around us today who have served our country. All of these men, and women, no matter their age or race, deserve our appreciation and recognition. They have given their lives to help save ours. The next time you come in contact with a serviceman, please thank them.

“At age six my parents took me out to a dirt strip in Rock Springs, Wyoming. And I watched the first air mail by the Army Air Corps, this old twin-winged aircraft came down with a liberty engine. And the pilot got out and it was snowing and rainy and he came down through the clouds, the engine sputtering, and he landed and he patted me on the head and he said, ‘Son, you’ll fly one of these days.’ And I knew what I wanted to do.” -Jack Tueller

Colonel Jack Leroy Tueller Army Air Force

“At age 13 I found my other love. And that was music. And it was later on that I found that flying and music are very similar. They both use the principle of vibrating strings.� Fought in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Met his wife at Brigham Young University in the band room, where they both played the trumpet. Two weeks after D-Day, while up against a German sniper in the middle of the night he decided to play a German love song, which kept the German from firing and saved his life. After serving, he came home to work in the Pentagon.

Master Sergeant Gary Major Army National Guard

“I never did finish my degree. They [UVSC] didn’t have the program I wanted to go into. I made the National Guard my career.”

Joined at age 18. Fought in Operation Iraqui Freedom for one year and Desert Strom for five months. Joined the National Gaurd to help pay for school. Continues to work for the National Guard today.

Navy Diver 2nd Class Paden Pigalow Navy

“I wanted to see the world, and this [joining the Navy] was how I was going to do it.�

Joined at age 18. Served from 2005-08. Never fought in any wars, but served in Japan, which was a non-combat area. Now works for Cornerstone Show Foundation in Orem.

“I was going to win the war. I didn’t need any help.” -Donald W. Pullan

General Donald W. Pullan U.S. Army

Joined at age 17. Fought in World War II and served at Utah Beach. Awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded in the war. Became an electirican after returning home and continues to help family friends with their electical needs in their homes.

Major Sean Strope Air Force

“I knew I’d waste time in college, so I decided to join the Air Force.”

Joined at age 17. Enlisted for 12 years and then became a Physician’s Assistant. Depolyed to Saudi Arabia (1991), Kuwait and Iraq (2004), and Afghanistan (2007-08). Retired in November of 2010 and is now a Physician’s Assistant at the Hunstman Cancer Institute.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Scott Evans Navy

“I always had a desire to serve.”

Joined at age 19. Served for four years from 1999-2003. Fought in The Gulf Iraq War and Operation Southern Watch. Now works for Cornerstone Show Foundation in Orem.

“We went into the pub [the local meeting house] in Wellington. He came in and I was standing there with two other girls. I noticed there were some Americans there, but it didn’t affect me at all. And then he asked me to dance. He couldn’t dance. He couldn’t dance at all. I danced with him and then he asked if he could see me again.” -Betty Allen

Sergeant Farrell Allen Army Air Force

“I walked into the pub and I told my friend, ‘I’m going to take that one [Betty].’ And I did.” -Farrell Allen

Drafted on his birthday at age 21. Fought in World War II. Met his wife, Betty, while serving in England. After writing letters to one another for a year while he served in France, they were married.

They Have America in Their Heart  

war veterans

They Have America in Their Heart  

war veterans