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The Different Types Of Packing Tape When you are sending those special packages in the mail, you'll want to make sure that it is done correctly. Not everyone has the time and energy to take all their packages somewhere to have it all packaged for them. For people like this, it may be essential to have the right packaging materials readily available in your own home. Packaging tape is an extremely important supply to get. The tape is crucial because if it won't stick, the package might be damaged when getting shipped to the next destination. Tape designed for packaging is generally quite strong and seals up the edges of the box or other package quite nicely. You may recognize this tape as coming in a transparent variety that conveniently fits on a dispenser. There are other types of tape designed for packaging that can be used as well. Flatback is one and looks precisely the way it sounds. It is a kind of tape that is made with a flat back. One of the reasons for this tape is to prevent tearing on the edges or corners of the package. This tape will keep all of the edges of the package reinforced. There are numerous grades or classes in the flatback tape, so be sure you select the one which is ideal for the task you have it for. Lots of people may choose the class or grade by the manufacturer of the tape, so look at all of the available options from the brand you like best before you purchase anything. You may also get a water activated tape that has a very good seal on the package once you get the adhesive moist. This type of packaging tape is very strong, and it becomes clear if the seal is broken before it should be. The effectiveness of this tape make it excellent for use in any type of environment, even if it's a dusty one. Next is filament tape that's made up of a lot of filaments. You might not consider this tape as being a great option when you first see it. But, when you've got a package that's oddly shaped, this is actually the ideal tape for that task. This may not be the best tape to use for a standard box, but when you are trying to tape something that's a little more difficult, filament tape will be a great option. Security tape can be a very useful choice if you want to make absolutely certain that your package is not tampered with or opened before it reaches whomever it needs to get to. This tape is generally red with certain diagonal lines and wording printed on it, such as “Check Seal Before Accepting." Because of the red lines it contains you'll easily be able to determine if someone has resealed the package. Pre-printed tape is very comparable to the normal pressure-sensitive tape that people use every day for packages. You can order pre-printed tape rolls with all sorts of items written on them. “Fragile Handle With Care,” “Keep Refrigerated,” and “Stop If Seal Is Broken,” are just a few instances of what you can get with this kind of tape. Even though you might have thought that packaging tape only came in one variety, there are plenty more options available than you realize. Flatback, water activated, filament, security, and pre-printed are just a few types of the available kinds of tape used for packaging. So when you are sealing a package for shipping you might want to consider the kind of tape that will work best for the job.

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The Different Types Of Packing Tape