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pring is in the air... And March is even more noteworthy because this month we’ve also published the FIRST EVER Faversham IMP! You can read it online at:

although the two magazines are separate entities we’ll be including both Faversham and Whitstable in the Gig Guide from this month onwards - giving you even more choice.

To help celebrate, we have 10 Philips MP3 Players to give away! If you are interested in winning one please drop us a line (to the usual address) with your comments on the IMP, along with your Name and Address, to be entered into the draw. Winners will be announced in the April issue.

We hope you enjoy this month’s articles - and the spring weather which is, hopefully, just around the corner...

Also in honour of our new baby sister, we have a couple of articles this month about Faversham, and

Until next time - enjoy! from The IMP Team The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH

EDITOR Christina Birkett – Christina started working in media 13 years ago but had never truly immersed herself in editing,

writing and publishing until she started work on The IMP. It was a steep learning curve but totally worthwhile, and she loves her job. It’s truly rewarding and, importantly, flexible enough to fit around her three young daughters. And it’s great knowing what’s on and when, so she can plan her days - and even the odd night out!

CONTRIBUTORS Chris Haydon – Chris is 19 years old and has lived in Whitstable his whole life. Currently studying Film at the University of Brighton, Chris is an avid film fan and buff, and plans to go to the National Film School after University to study Directing Fiction Film and Documentary. He loves writing film reviews, and will be writing reviews for the IMP between course work and writing for the university’s paper, ‘The Pebble’. Malissa Taylor – South African-born Malissa is passionate about three things; Mamahood, Music and Mother Earth. She

spends most of her time consumed by these and feels that her responsibility is to ensure that each is celebrated by everything that she does. She recently moved to Whitstable, and she hopes to submerge herself in the community, something which she believes is essential for her wellbeing and that of her family.

Georgie Mind – Georgie is 18 and has lived in Whitstable most of her life. Currently studying A levels at Canterbury College in

English, Art History, Philosophy and Psychology, she hopes to start a degree course in Art History next year. Georgie is very passionate about promoting arts in the community and thinks that the diversity of the wonderful Whitstable art scene should be celebrated!

Anne Nacci – enjoys writing and was recently part of the editorial team at the Whitstable Times before their move to Margate. When not walking along the beach with her camera, Anne is busy renovating her Victorian house which provides a stimulating and ongoing creative challenge. Lucy de Pledge – Mother of two and erstwhile estate agent, Lucy is now forging a career for herself in PR and band promotion, looking after up-and-coming local bands. A metalhead who spends most of her her spare time at gigs (among other things) Lucy will be keeping IMP readers abreast of festivals in Kent this year. Contact her at or 07887 907 821.

Mary Henderson – Mary Henderson is 50-something, with a son and grandson and two step-children. Having lived in

Faversham for the last 30 years she has, among other things, been Mayoress, helped run the Hop Festival, and been involved with the Folk Club for about 15 years. She is an enthusiastic supporter of local live music in most shapes and forms.

Andy Capon – Andy Capon has lived in Whitstable for several years, was a founder member and drummer for The Trouser Tumpets and now drums with various local bands.He is working on his third book ‘How Do You Know It’s Love?’ and names his interests as Music, Cinema and is an ‘armchair supporter’ of Arsenal FC.

others) Celtic World Roots Trio Hot Rats. He was MD for the Faversham Hop Festival 2007-2009 and now helps promote local music by fixing live gigs for many of the local pubs & clubs (which is a great help when it comes to the Gig Guide). SALES: Mel Birkett FREEPHONE 0800 44 88 309 DESIGN: Adam Boreham

PRINTING: Headley Brothers PUBLISHERS: IMP PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH


Mike Peters – Having retired from the ‘Rat Race’ Mike has for the last 14 years continued a full-time musical career with (among


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ags wakes every day at 6am and gets up to make her husband’s breakfast and packed lunch. “I’ve always done it,” she explains with a smile. “He’s a contracts manager for a roofing company based in London, and doesn’t get back until 7 or 8pm so I like to know he’s having a decent lunch!” Once Peter has left for work, Mags has several mugs of tea to keep her going until her ritual cold toast breakfast at about 9.30am, in the shop. The mornings so far have been spent clearing, sorting, and trying to get everything ready for the grand reopening, but today Mags has found little time to sort or rotate stock: “It’s been very busy today - we’ve sold so many clothes,” Mags enthuses. And in the time that I was there, several donations also came in, one of which included a rather lovely travelling vanity case in a fetching shade of burgundy (which I resisted) and another of a pair of gorgeous, unused, Laura Ashley curtains (which I did not). Mags describes donations as ‘treasure troves’ and certainly has the eye for a find. As well as spending 25 years estimating and managing client relationships for a building supplies company, she also ran an Antiques Fair and Flea Market with about 20 stalls, which unfortunately became a victim of its own success when Mags couldn’t

keep up with her job as well. “In the end the job had to come first,” she reminisces. But that didn’t stop her passion for a bargain! A self-confessed clothes-aholic, Mags has ambitions for the shop which include building up the vintage sections, Sunday opening through the summer months and, most importantly, attracting new volunteers. The shop looks and smells fresh and clean since its decluttering and is certainly userfriendly, with defined ‘areas’ including vintage clothes, accessories and bric-a-brac; shelves full of books; linens, curtains and textiles, as well as the usual second-hand clothing and toys. Mags has aims to bring her antiques experience to bear too, and is hopeful that more of us will be clearing out our attics during spring-cleaning season, and donating any unwanted gems to the shop so she can start an antiques section. “Unlike many other charity shops, we only stock second-hand and donated items, so we are not competing with the existing businesses on the High Street. We need to build up our stock to help raise funding for Relate which, despite its reputation, does not only help with marriage counselling but also same-sex


After being closed for the past six weeks for a thorough spring-clean, the Relate charity shop in Harbour Street reopened its doors on February 1 to queues of would-be customers. This was a huge relief for new manager, Mags King, who took the time out on this particularly busy day to speak to the IMP and tell us what’s been going on behind the scenes, her plans for the shop, and her typical day.


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relationship counselling and, very importantly, counselling for children from breaking or broken homes. It’s a really worthy cause. “Relate is not such an emotive charity as some - people don’t tend to empathise as much as, say, an animal charity - so we don’t get much in the way of financial donations or bequests. The vast majority of our funding comes from the charity shops so, having been closed for six weeks, we have a lot to make up for.” And she is certainly kept busy. When I arrived it was 2.30pm and Mags had not yet stopped for lunch, but she reassured me that on normal days there would of course be official lunch-breaks. In fact, Line Manager Amanda Finch - there to support Mags on opening day - told me that it’s more usual for volunteers to work a morning or an afternoon shift, rather than a full day. Although Mags is finding the Shop is taking up most of her time at the moment (she was there until 10pm last night with Peter, perfecting the window display - and as I arrived she quickly shuts the door on bags of donations there just hadn’t been time to sort through yet) she would normally be leaving the shop by about 4.30 and home by 5pm - to her gardening in the summer months, or reading books in winter. And cycling for Mags is not weather-dependent - she is a self-confessed fanatic! She’d then make a start on dinner for herself and Peter, who returns between 7 and 8pm for a fish or vegetarian dinner (they don’t eat meat) after which she commandeers Peter’s email account for the evening (although she is not yet on facebook, being too scared she’ll become addicted) and usually has to wake Peter up to go to bed, she explains, laughing.

At the weekends she very much enjoys being Nanny Mags to grandchildren Felix and Daisy, helping son Laurie and daughter-in-law Helen so they can relax or work, and feels very lucky to live only 10 minutes away from them. All in all, Mags seems to be in her element. After what must have been an exhausting six weeks she has managed to open the shop on schedule, entice shoppers in with exciting window displays and fill it with many tempting bargains and a cheerful, welcoming vibe. And with any luck it won’t take long to make up for the loss of takings while the shop has been closed. To support Relate’s work, why not pop in and see what you can find? Quality donations are also welcome - apart from underwear (for obvious reasons!) and electrical appliances (which they are not allowed, by law, to sell on). Nothing is wasted. If it can’t be sold in the shop it is sent to developing countries via DEFRA, or in very rare cases, responsibly recycled. It can make life difficult, though, if donations are left outside the door outside of shop opening hours - mostly because they tend to be picked through or stolen before volunteers can get to them, but in the worst case scenario Relate themselves can actually be fined by the council for littering, through no fault of their own. To find out more about Relate go to:


If you have time to volunteer please contact Mags on 01227 266 175 If you think you would benefit from Relate counselling you can call East Kent Relate on 01227 766 094


Christina Birkett

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Jagow House Joseph Wilson Ind. Est. Millstrood Road Whitstable Kent CT5 3PS

T: 07748 988 851

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An Evening of Magic at The Playhouse Whitstable




sit in the front room of a pretty cottage in Wye sipping a rather large mug of coffee as Etienne Pradier bursts in, hatted and anoracked, and remarking on the extreme cold. To be fair, today is very cold, but also gloriously sunny, and Wye is in its element. And just as unassuming as his surroundings here, Etienne Pradier - magician and entertainer to royalty and the stars - warmly shakes my hand and puts me at my ease, checking I’ve been taken care of and flicking through back issues of the IMP with genuine interest and enthusiasm, before we turn to the subject of Etienne himself - and his upcoming show in The Playhouse. Etienne started out as a pattern-cutter and fashion designer in France, but when he moved to England and fashion wasn’t working out as he’d intended, he was unexpectedly offered a sevenmonth contract on a cruise-ship visiting Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia performing magic. Magic was something Etienne had dabbled with on and off since watching his grandfather, children’s magician, ‘The Great Clement’, as a child in St Uze. He went on the cruise, assuring his new employers that he could do a 15-minute stage show each night - secretly hoping all his assurances would prove true, as he didn’t have any actual experience of stage magic - yet! In the end, those first-night nerves in Singapore were unnecessary and when it came to the end of the seven months he was offered an extension - but declined: “You lose too many contacts when you’re away long-term,” he explains. So he returned to England, to Wye, where his girlfriend’s family lived (now his wife, Clare).

Soon after this a contact introduced him to the Royal Family, and Etienne’s favourite element of his career began - celebrity and corporate entertainment, private functions and weddings. Etienne explains: “It’s different from a stage show because it’s more intimate, and it’s a fun job to do. I take people as friends - I’m going to have fun with my friends. I relax and that takes the pressure off. I’m not worrying that a trick might go wrong.” Conversely, although Etienne doesn’t suffer from nerves any more, stage shows are definitely more pressured: “You only get one chance on a stage - you need to get an immediate connection with the audience and if you don’t get it exactly right you spend the whole show trying to catch up with yourself. You need to be very experienced to get people back on-side.” For Etienne, despite his membership of the Magic Circle with gold star (there are only 200 gold star members worldwide) and numerous awards, it is not all about the magic. “We’re all entertainers,” he explains. “People have paid me to make sure their guests are happy, enjoying themselves and relaxed. It’s not about fooling them for the sake of it, and there are only so many tricks - everyone does the same ones. It’s more about the persona and the entertainment.” And his persona is obviously very effective at making people - and their guests - happy and relaxed. He is extremely busy, performing at 60 weddings a year and frequently flown out to Europe overnight for one-off events. He says it’s all to do with first impressions - and making people laugh. The testimonials on his website say it all - and

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and was very disappointed not to be able to get tickets to the last two shows when they sold out so quickly. He talks about how the qualities of the Playhouse lend themselves to his brand of magic - allowing a real connection with the audience so that the comedy, close-up work and illusions all play to their best effect: “A lot of the show involves audience participation, so it’s good that they won’t have too far to come to get to the stage!” And he’s just as enthusiastic about the cause: “It’s very exciting about the New Marlowe. I feel privileged to be part of the next chapter of the Marlowe theatre’s history and I’m happy to have been able to help in some way.” Etienne works with Paul Martin, his business partner and mind-reader in the show. “It’s actually like mind-reading and comedy,” Etienne explains. “Sometimes there’s an additional act, with tricks like cups and balls...” Even his nine-year-old son Clement (named after Etienne’s grandfather) is part of the show. Etienne shows me a strange box which he and Clement will use for an illusion on the evening at the Playhouse. “Clement enjoys being involved but he doesn’t want to do it as a job, I think he just likes the excitement, and helping his dad.” And is the magic still there for Etienne? He smiles: “Of course! I work all the time. I couldn’t do it if I didn’t love the job.” To see Etienne Pradier at The Playhouse Whitstable on May 22 and help raise funds for the New Marlowe, call 01227 272 042 or go to To find out more about the Friends of the Marlowe or the New Marlowe Development Trust go to To book Etienne for a private function contact Alison on 01233 811952, email, go to or Etienne’s agency website:


the pictures of him with celebrities show how widespread his appeal is. Alison Shepherd, Etienne’s PA for the last 8 years, jokes: “Etienne’s very good at celebrity parties because he honestly doesn’t know who anyone is - and I think they like that!” Etienne undoubtedly has bags of charisma and talent but today, one of his few days off, it’s partially obscured behind a layer of modesty and self-deprecating humour. He jokes: “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, next week - or even later today. Without Alison I think I’d be dead, I wouldn’t survive!” And to hear him tell it, his big breaks and popularity are all down to chance meetings and luck, more than anything else. Perhaps his biggest break came in Paris, browsing in a magic shop with Clare. David Copperfield and Gerard Magax walked in together (Gerard is like a French version of Paul Daniels, I’m told). “I was wondering who the guy with the long hair was - I had no clue - and then Clare started talking to him in English, introduced us, and we talked, and after that he gave me lessons and books. At that stage I was still working in fashion but was practising magic for about five hours each day.” Etienne has worked all over the world. His most enjoyable contract to date took him, in First Class comfort, to 15 countries on an MSN corporate tour. He also lectures in magic, has many DVDs and books to his name, runs an entertainments agency Butterfly Trix and will be recording a pilot for a TV spot soon with ‘Magic Ink’. And he is looking forward to his evening at The Playhouse, enthusing: “It’s like a proper oldfashioned theatre. It will be good to do a stage show where I am close to the audience and can get a connection with them.” The closeness and intimacy of The Playhouse has undoubtedly helped make the recent Nick Wilty comedy evenings so successful. Etienne is a big fan of both Harry Hill and Paul Merton


Christina Birkett

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Local talent


Dosh Archer That’s Another Story


Twelve years ago, clearing out my dad’s house after his death, I heaved a heavy cardboard box from his attic into our car to bring home. At that point I was teaching, and spent my evenings marking, so I didn’t find time to peer in the box for several weeks. When I finally spread the contents on the carpet, I caught my breath. In front of me were long forgotten illustrated novels and stories, all by my childhood self. I decided right then to try writing and illustrating children’s books. At first I wrote and my husband and I illustrated together. We began posting ideas to publishers. Several years later a huge folder of rejection letters sat on my shelf, but we struck lucky with ‘Yellow Bird Black Spider’, published by Bloomsbury in 2004. Set in Whitstable, the book has photographs of the sea and other images from the town throughout. Since then my husband has found pastures new composing music (that’s another story). I carry on with the books, seeing seven more published to date. The latest ones are called ‘Urgency Emergency’ a series of medical dramas for four-to-six year olds, described as “a cross between ‘The Muppets and ‘Casualty’”. Francoise Sagan, the French writer, said “Writing is just having a sheet of paper, a pen and not a shadow of an idea of what you are going to say.” True for me. Sometimes a phrase or fleeting incident can trigger an idea. Once I have the story I work on the images.

Picasso said “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.” I try to remember this; after all, the pictures are for children, so I want them to be lively, vibrating with bright colours. I wish I could draw with the abandonment of my little girl. She is working on a book about an Elephant trapped in a vat of gloopy liquid (but that’s another story). Last Wednesday I perched on a small chair in front of her class to do a reading. It was a thrill when the children laughed and asked questions about the books, and then went off to be creative themselves. When I saw their work I remembered the contents of that box. Thanks to my dad for keeping it. He was a great storyteller himself, my dad. (But that’s another story.) If you are interested in buying any of Dosh’s books you can find them on Amazon or Dosh has kindly donated a signed set of ‘Urgency Emergency’ and ‘Yellow Bird, Black Spider for IMP readers. To enter the draw write in with your name and age to: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, CT5 9AH or email

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Friendly faces in local branches; personally run, privately owned Superior Care is a personally run, privately owned homecare agency with a 3* Excellent grading from the Care Quality Commission. Whether or you, or a relative, requires care or support to remain in your own home, we can tailor a care package for your individual requirements. We can assist with tasks such as: • • • • • • •

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Or visit our website for more information:

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For more information or for a no-commitment visit to discuss the services that we can provide, please contact the friendly faces in your local branch.

Folkestone (01303) 221666 Maidstone (01622) 230800 Whitstable (01227) 771122

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ARTS & EXHIBITIONS Ian Dury Photo Exhibition at The Old Neptune




he recent Ian Dury biopic Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll opens with the classic song Billericay Dickie, during which Dury sings “I’d rendezvous with Janet, quite near the Isle of Thanet.” This wasn’t a case of artistic licence, as Dury was indeed a local figure to Kent in the 60s. Prior to finding fame as lead singer with The Blockheads, Dury taught art at Canterbury Art College which saw Whitstable artist Mick Hill amongst his students. Whilst studying graphics at college, Dury asked Mick to illustrate some lyrics for him and so began a friendship that lasted up to Dury’s death in 2000. Mick told us: “After I left college in 1972, I moved back to my parents’ place in Wellingborough and Ian was busy with his new band, Kilburn and The High Roads. One day, he phoned me and asked if I would be a roadie for him - he couldn’t afford to pay but offered free art tuition!” It was whilst roadying with Dury that Mick’s talent as a photographer emerged, and some of the most iconic early shots of Dury and his band were taken by Mick. However, Chris Gabrin took over as photographer as Dury formed the Blockheads, and Gabrin was responsible for the famous shot of Dury and his son Baxter for the cover of 1977’s New Boots and Panties. “I was still friends with Ian at this point and heard the master recordings of the album before it was released. I thought the album was good, but many of us thought that popularity of the album lay in the opening of Plaistow Patricia!” Mick joked. Mick eventually left Dury’s circle of friends and musicians to pursue his career as an artist / photographer, but kept all the photos of Dury, along with other memorabilia. “When I left roadying, Ian wrote me a poem ‘Ode to Mick Hill, In Lieu of Gold Watch Ceremony’, and gave me a box of water colours.” This was typical of Dury’s generosity, according to Mick, who was

disappointed that Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll dwelt more on the darker side of Dury’s character: “In the film, Ian came across as quite callous and ruthless, but he was actually a lovely, down-to-earth bloke. He had his funny edges, but he certainly wasn’t an outrageous drug user. He was a writer - a wordsmith, more than a pop star.” Mick kept in touch with Dury and would catch him at a gig at least once a year. He last saw him at The Forum in Kentish Town about a year before he died. Mick joked: “If I’d known that Dury would become so famous, I’d certainly have taken more pictures in the early days!” He still has the poem, along with every photo of Kilburn and The Highroads, and is exhibiting these snaps at The Old Neptune pub, Whitstable, on Sunday March 21 in an exhibition entitled ‘Mourn his decline’. “The poem is not for sale, but the photos will be. They’re all original shots, including the original of the Kilburn and the High Roads ‘Bus stop’ profile shot that they re-staged in the film.” The exhibition features Ian Dury photos by Chris Killip and Ed Baxter and will run for three weeks. It will also feature a performance on Sunday March 28 at 5pm, from The Blox, an Ian Dury tribute band from Dartford. This performance will mark the tenth anniversary of Dury’s death. “They’re a great band, the singer’s a dead ringer for Ian - but he moves around too much! I suggested he stuck a broom stick down one trouser leg to limit his movements, just like Ian.” Mick is now a self employed artist with The Original Artists Of Kent, which undertakes commissioned work for pubs and restaurants, and can be reached for commissions and other work on 01227 752751.

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Photos by The Studio 01227 744441

Tree Tops Retreat Secluded Personal Relaxation HEALTH SPA RETREAT FOR PRIVATE HIRE March Specials

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Treetops, Wraik Hill, Whitstable CT5 3BY 01227 280 265 / 07850 104 560 10:00 am – 8:00pm, 7 days The IMP March 2010.indd 11

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s you probably already know, the town of Faversham holds a rich history and boasts a wealth of wonderful facilities. Home to one of England’s oldest existing breweries, famous for its annual Hop Festival and a huge amount of pubs, the town has attracted many a famous face. Rumour has it that Henry VIII once stayed in the town and resident celebrity Bob Geldof can often be glimpsed strolling through the marketplace. But… tucked away next to the swimming baths The Arden theatre is raising its own budding stars - the Faversham Players! The Arden Theatre was founded by The Faversham Players in 1947. After 25 years of using various premises for their rehearsals and performances the group began a search for somewhere more permanent. Project ’74 was the outcome of their quest for a place of their own, the aim being to establish and equip the players with their very own theatre. The Players’ vision became a reality when generous local solicitor Leslie Smith donated his old coach house, located in the Faversham central car park, to the group. Humble as it was - with a painted bed-head for a sign, 72 seats and a dressing room the size of a wardrobe - it was somewhere to call their own. And so the Arden Theatre was born. Following the swimming pool redevelopment in 1992 the coach house was demolished and a purpose-built 98-seat ‘studio’ theatre was made possible by Swale Borough Council and the support of the Faversham community. Since then the theatre has flourished and improvements have continued to be made. The garden was given a

revamp in 2003 and two years later a mezzanine floor was built for costume and props storage. Fund-raising by the dedicated people of Faversham continues to make further improvements possible and The Arden has plans to provide workshop and rehearsal space in the near future. This year the theatre already has a production of the much-loved story of Aladdin, and a hugelysuccessful fund-raising event in aid of the victims of the Haiti earthquake under its belt. A variety of talent, including music and comedy, took to the stage to raise money for everyone affected by the disaster. Up-and-coming bands such as The Dukes and Rob Gambell gave energetic performances and pulled in the crowds. The event was so successful that the tickets sold out and in total The Arden raised a whopping £788! As for the theatre’s plans for 2010, up-andcoming productions are ‘Blithe Spirit’ from March 17 – 27, followed by a farce in May, an Agatha Christie in August, ‘Glass Menagerie’ in September, and ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ in November. The Arden has hopes to host up to six productions a year, with a healthy membership. If you fancy yourself as something of a thespian, or would just like to be involved in the excitement of running a theatre please don’t hesitate to call 01795 534479 or 531600 for more information. Faversham Young Players, for young people from the age of nine, meet during term-time on Saturday mornings. The emphasis is on drama workshops, leading to full length performances. For further information call 01227 450528 or 07745 178505. Georgie Mind

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The IMP March 2010.indd 13

48 Harbour Street, Whitstable Tel: 01227 273373 T: 07748 988


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Photographer: Angelo Dros




mily and the BEATS are a collective of Kent-based musicians who come together in various combinations to perform Filthy Funk and Reggae and Soul and Blues and Jazz... Sounds exhausting, but judging from what I have heard seems effortlessly beautiful! Fronted by Emily Peasgood, a somebody who not only sings enchantingly but also plays a plethora of instruments, Emily and the BEATS includes: Brendan Power (Harmonica, Vocals), Joe Barker (Keyboards), Lee Wilson (keyboards),  Richard Rozze (Guitar, Vocals), Paul Smith (Guitar, Vocals, Beats), Richard Bates (Bass), Harry Evangelou (Bass), Thierry Rousseau (Kit, Percussion) and Alan King (Kit).

theimp 16 WHIT IMP 0310.indd 1

Emily and the BEATS play throughout the Kent area, especially in Canterbury and Whitstable and have supported Hamish Stuart Band (Summer 2008) and performed at the Faversham Hop Festival (2008), Lounge On The Farm (2008) and Headlined the main stage at Ramsgate Water-skiing Championships (2008). They perform their funky, jazzy sounds regularly at Orange Street Music Club, The Old Neptune and Deco 5 Jazz Bar, Whitstable.  Ever-evolving, Emily and the BEATS welcome fellow musicians to join them at gigs and play with them - making for a truly diverse and eclectic sound... Learn more about them at:  Malissa Taylor

18/02/2010 14:18

Tel. 07779 834 364 Email.


Professional lawn mowing and edging

The whole experience can be very stressful, and I’m sure you do not want to risk an argument with your partner. Now, wouldn’t you rather put your feet up after a hard week at work, or take the kids to the beach and let somebody else build your furniture?

Call John on 01227 283 572 or mobile 07749 833 883

Hedge Cutting, Weeding, planting & general garden maintenance

RHS Trained in General Horticulture Regular and reliable service



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CHRIS Folk traditions are popular in these parts. And Chris Wood - a man with strong links to both Whitstable and Faversham - appreciates folk more than most. And it seems that appreciation for his own brand of folk is strong as well.




warded ‘BBC Folk Award Singer of the year’ and ‘BBC Folk Award Album of the year for 2009’, it’s not unusual read rave reviews in the national press: ‘Gentle, powerful and classy... the finest and most original singer-songwriter to have emerged from the British folk scene since Richard Thompson.’ – The Guardian And his first solo album, The Lark Descending, was released in 2006 to wide acclaim: ‘A lyrical, pensive album... possessed of a timeless quality.’ – The Observer Music Monthly ‘Chris takes a traditional song and has you absolutely gripped... He makes it really obvious why it is of contemporary relevance. On the flip side, he has managed this magical thing, writing songs on contemporary themes, or putting music to Hugh Lupton’s words, that absolutely fit hand in glove with traditional songs, but are totally modern.’ – Ian Anderson Born in Whitstable, Chris began his musical career as a choirboy, and years spent with the likes of Bach, Handel and Gibbons are evident in much of his music. He describes his latest album, Handmade Life, as ‘church music with drums’. But he didn’t stop at singing. He taught himself guitar and violin, and this single-minded, independent streak shines through in his composition and studio work; balanced throughout his career by collaboration with artists such as Billy Bragg, Andy Gangadeen, Andy Cutting, Jean Fran√ßois Vrod and Hugh Lupton. Wood and Lupton’s ‘One in a Million’ won ‘Best Original Song’ at the BBC 2 Folk Awards in 2006, and more recently


WOOD he has worked alongside Martin and Eliza Carthy and others in The Imagined Village: ‘Cold Haily Rainy Night’, performed by Chris and Eliza Carthy, took the award for Best Traditional Song at the Folk Awards in 2008. Chris set up RUF Records in 1992 and also founded The English Acoustic Collective, a movable feast of musicians, writers, photographers and choreographers who look to England’s traditional arts as their inspiration. And he takes a keen interest in the developing music scene and opportunities for young people: “One of the most innovative things I’ve heard of lately is that my son’s school has just started its own record label! How cool is that? They are writing and playing their own stuff, learning about the recording process, then pressing, preparing for download, advertising and marketing and, I guess, eventually touring and tour production. There is so much more to music than just gigging. Live concerts are almost the tip of the ‘burg. The net is where music is at its most creative and vibrant. That may come as sad news to many live music fans but I believe the net is feeding the live sector, loads of young musicians are coming out of their darkened bedrooms because they have received encouragement from their virtual fans.” It actually sounds like welcoming some new musicians up through the ranks would be something of a relief: “I have far too much on. I am exhausted after producing the album Handmade Life and the subsequent tour at the end of last year. The project had me forming and leading a band for the first time and was immensely rewarding and has enabled me to produce what I regard

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River Meadway. Faversham finds its way into loads of my music, it’s what keeps me straight, stops me faking it and pretending I’m from Nashville.” And it also seems to be instrumental in allowing Chris to relax and unwind: “The allotment is the thing for me. I don’t understand why but it seems to drive the artifice and cerebral elements of music making out of me and I get to hear myself think. Everything slows down and the seasons get to have their say. It’s such a relief to find a place where it’s not all about me and what I think and make. I like the people there as well, it’s very social, not like having a vast private garden. I would recommend it to anyone. There have been some studies done and they have found that allotment gardening quite simply increases life span ad adds health and happiness to that longer life. No wonder the waiting lists are so long!” If you want to see and hear Chris - gigging, that is, rather than on the allotment - you will have the opportunity very soon. He is performing at Faversham Folk Club, The Chimney Boy, Preston Street, Faversham, on Wednesday March 10. Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 8.30pm. For details and reservations call Mary Henderson on 07980 203992. Handmade Life is due for release from RUF later this year. The band is made up of: Chris; Andy Gangadeen - drums; Barney Morse Brown - cello; and Robert Jarvis - trombone. For more information on Chris, his music, and tour dates, go to To find out about the Faversham Folk Club contact Mary Henderson on 07980 203992 Christina Birkett Thanks to Mary Henderson, Chris Wood, Alan Bearman Music and Tom Oldham Photography.


Chimney Boy (Faversham Folk Club)


as easily my best album yet. I have just come off the road again with The Imagined Village - which was a blast, but compounded my tiredness - and have three weeks before another solo tour. Later this year I hope to make a short tour with Andy Cutting and I shall also try to work on Listening To The River and move it closer to commercial release for (maybe) spring next year. I also have some expensive guitar experimenting to do... all may be revealed later.” When he’s not touring Chris now lives in Faversham, but is obviously a restless soul: “I dunno what’s wrong with me. Tried living in Canada but had to come home ‘cause I’d outstayed my welcome. Even tried living in Canterbury but that was a mug’s game...” So how does he feel about his hometown? “On Saturday Market I love the way the middle class has no choice but to mix with the hoy polloy. You see commuters in waxed cotton country jackets troughing away with the rest of us at Tiffany’s Food Court. I love those occasions where all the tribes get mixed up and don’t care who’s who. That is what Faversham does best.” It’s not all good though: “I hate the way the police helicopter seems to have taken up residence in the skies above Faversham (it’s up there now). And will someone please explain to me why the Council encourages the Rugby Club to drive their cars onto the recreation ground? When you think of the amount of health and safety nonsense there is around it beggars belief to see the Council sanctioning vehicles driven in such close proximity to children at play.” This area has undoubtedly shaped his music, though: “The only story I can tell is my own. In this way my neighbourhood has sculpted my music on many levels and in varied ways. I’ve written songs about the allotments, about finding a hanged man in the recreation ground, about Oare, about Whitstable, about the eleven plus and a major piece for radio about the


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The Dove Inn


A few minutes’ drive from Whitstable or Faversham a quaint, traditional village pub sits unassumingly in the middle of the pretty village of Dargate, just off the Thanet way at Lychgate.




un by young couple Sarah and Phill, The Dove is something of a hidden gem, with a welcoming atmosphere, good selection of traditional and local beers, and a diverse gastro-pub menu. Proprietor/chef Phill explains: “We want it to be somewhere you could come for everyday food or a special occasion. That’s why we leave the lunchtime menu available all evening. You could come in and have a quality meal mid-week for about a tenner. We want to do something for everyone.” And their recent beer-matching event - six courses, each with its own matching beer and the beer expert from Shepherd Neame to provide some information on the beverage selection – certainly proved very popular, and was terrific value at only £17.50 a head. Sarah looks after front of house and switches effortlessly between socialising and serving food

and drinks to the locals at the bar, and efficiently catering for the needs of guests in the dining room. The mantra from the kitchen is quality, local ingredients expertly prepared and cooked to perfection. Phill runs the kitchen solo. His main focus is on flavour, with presentation a close second - no miniature peeled veg or dry-ice here, just really delicious food, pleasantly presented. Starters on the a la carte menu include Foie Gras Terrine with goats cheese and hazelnuts, seared scallops with pancetta and parsnip puree or potted brown shrimp and toast. Mains such as Gurnard with chorizo and borlotti beans, confit belly of pork with roast black pudding or, for the less adventurous how about a grilled scotch rib-eye with potato gratin and horseradish? The lunch and casual evening menu consists of lighter dishes starting from £4.50 like French

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REVIEW We went to The Dove on a Wednesday and from the moment the bread was served, on a rustic wooden board with creamy, unsalted French butter, we knew it was going to be every bit as good as we’d hoped. And we were not disappointed. We moved our way through starters of scallops and goats cheese (perfectly proportioned so that we had plenty of room for our next course), mains of braised venison in a delicious, rich sauce (from the lunchtime chalk-board) and gurnard (a white fish with a taste and texture somewhere between monkfish and halibut) with its wonderful chorizo, clam and borlotti bean accompaniment, eating far more than we should have and desperately hoping to have room for dessert (especially after we’d seen the chocolate fondant and apple crumble our neighbouring diners had ordered). In the end, however, due to our extreme fullness we opted for cheese and the selection of home-made sorbet, and again were very satisfied with what we’d ordered. The coffee was really very good, and all in all it was a lovely evening’s food and entertainment. We will definitely be going back very soon. Highly recommended.


onion soup, smoked salmon and horseradish on rye to Kentish ale bangers & mash, whole plaice with garlic and herb butter or smoked haddock macaroni with poached egg. The ingredients are as local as possible from the home grown vegetables and eggs from the Doves own ‘small holding’ to Romney Marsh Lamb and Steve’s apple and acorn fed pork. All this attention to detail has not gone unnoticed - the Dove has featured in Good Food, AA, Alan Sawdays and Michelin Guides - however they still recognise the importance of the local community and are proud to be a social hub for the area. “There’s always something going on here,” one of the locals told us. “There’s live music in the beer garden in the summer months, family games nights and the last Sunday of the month is ‘Roast Sunday’ - three different roasts with all the trimmings at a fixed price. I don’t know how they do it, shame it’s not every Sunday!”


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BUBBLE BITS AND BOBS Paint the Town Yellow. Each March Marie Curie encourages everyone in the UK to give a donation in return for a daffodil to wear in support of Marie Curie Nurses. All money raised will help Marie Curie Cancer Care provide free nursing care for people with cancer and other terminal illnesses in their own homes and the charity’s hospices. Marie Curie Cancer Care’s services are free to patients, their families and carers, but the charity can only provide these with your support. Franky Henley, Marie Curie Nursing Ambassador, Kent said “Most people would want to be cared for at home if they were terminally ill. Marie Curie Nurses like me working in Kent allow people this choice because we provide end of life care, totally free to patients in their own homes. “I’ll be out collecting this March to ensure more people get to die peacefully at home surrounded by their family whilst receiving the very best care. After all, everyone should have that choice.” To volunteer for the Great Daffodil Appeal and help Marie Curie Cancer Care provide care for terminally ill people and support for their loved ones, visit http://www. or call the Daffodil Hotline on 0845 601 3107. Collection dates are: Whitstable Tesco March 26 & 27, Faversham March 5 & 6; Canterbury March 12 & 13 in the High Street, 19 & 20 Asda, 26-28 Sainsbury’s.


Local singer and multi-instrumentalist Emily Peasgood will be starting a Thursday night residency in Deco 5 wine bar & gallery in March called ‘Jazz Femme’ - where each week she will be joined by a female guest singer or instrumentalist. Emily explains: “There really aren’t that many female musicians out there at the moment. Hopefully this will give more people an opportunity to perform and showcase their talents - as well keeping things fresh for the audience.” Find out more at Deco 5 on a Thursday - or call Emily on 07749 115484.


Transition Town Whitstable have some exciting new events coming up, including a women’s clothing swap - a great way to revamp your wardrobe and enjoy a social night out - a homemade Wine Workshop (Sat May 8, 6-10pm including FREE wine tastings of last year’s bounty) and a

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If you secretly harbour a desire to play percussion and you’re up for a bit of musical fun, then leave your inhibitions behind and come along to experience some Samba by the sea. Anne Nacci went to find out more about our local percussion phenomenon... Better known as Samba Pelo Mar, Whitstable’s open access, non-profit Community Samba band, is currently going from strength to strength having received lottery funding in April, 2009 enabling expansion of the band under the expert advice of maestra Ann Day. Anne spoke to band co-ordinator Sue Grogan who has been a part of the 50-member group now for almost three years. “Being part of a large team” is what inspires Sue to play the Surdo, a large but light authentic samba bass drum guaranteed to bring out the rhythm in anyone, and as Sue pointed out: “If you’ve got a heartbeat you’ve got rhythm.” Under-12’s must be accompanied by an adult but as Sue said: “Often it’s the adults who bring their children along to the taster sessions that end up in the band.” And among the 50 diverse members there is a framework of other skills in place overseeing the administrative and financial side of things, as well as the making up of the colourful and vibrant costumes. “It’s a real community within a community,” added Sue. An outreach-type project towards the Cultural Olympiad Inspire Mark, a four year developing programme of cultural activity is now at the heart of the group and extra tuition such as technical and recording sessions have been added to the weekly twohour practice sessions normally held at Whitstable Junior School, Tuesdays from 7-9pm. There is a joining fee of £12 then a further £12 per month payable in advance. New members are always very welcome. And with another Oyster Festival and carnival on the agenda this summer - as well as numerous other exciting annual events, what better way is there to nurture pride in the community? So, if you can beat it, join it! For more information visit, where you can watch a video (also available on as well as see some photographs of the band in action.


series of Recycled Whitstable Events. Do you like making things and enjoy craft activities? Or have you always wanted to know how to knit, use a sewing machine, paint on glass, or make jewellery? TTW will be holding workshops where they will be using various skills to give new life to old clothes and objects. Suitable for all, from the complete novice to the experienced crafter. For any of the above, to find out more email


Anne Nacci

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Up in the Air Cert: 15




ith the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild behind us, everyone is waiting for the Academy Awards. And Jason Reitman’s ‘dramady’ Up in the Air has six nominations: Actor in a Leading Role (George Clooney), Actress in a Supporting Role (Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga) Writing (adapted screenplay), Best Picture, and Directing. Reitman burst onto the scene with his brilliant 2005 satire ‘Thank You for Smoking’, but his real success arrived in 2007 when he directed the fabulous indie comedy ‘Juno’. Now he’s back in fighting spirits, with George Clooney alongside him, and clearly flying high once again. Ryan Bingham (Clooney) is a corporate downsizer; he fires staff whose bosses are afraid to get their hands dirty. He loves his job and his life but, most importantly, he loves his home - every airport and hotel in the United States. A loyal member of every airline, he’s treated like a travelling king because of it and is desperate to reach his goal to be the one of only seven people to have flown 10 million air miles. He meets Alex (Vera Farmiga) in a hotel; she’s a beautiful but strong lady who shares his world view and lifestyle. Enter Natalie (Anna Kendrick), a young, smart Cornell graduate who is wrapped up in today’s digital age. She wants to change the way Bingham’s company works and fire people over the internet, jeopardizing Ryan’s beloved air mile dream. The group embarks on a tour across America to truly discover their careers, and themselves. Laced with messages and signifiers of today’s society like instant messengers and swipe cards, Up in the Air hits the nail on the head. It has the perfect grasp of consumer capitalism and lifestyle. Reitman has managed to capture the purity of the characters and their development - making this film so involving for the audience - but, unlike other directors, he doesn’t play up the obvious emotive notions that make genre films feel stale. The performances are great. Clooney has his trademark suave attitude but, as the plot develops, we see something he has rarely shown - his vulnerability. Farmiga is also very good as Alex; Jason Bateman is hilarious, as always, playing Bingham’s boss; but the star of the show is Kendrick. From a much smaller part in the Twilight Saga, she has had her break. Her portrayal of Natalie is a believable adaptation of a post-modern young woman. She is outstanding, especially alongside one of the world’s most loved actors. Despite the nominations, I doubt the film will take home anything big, because most of the other films it’s up against are Drama/Biopics which always do better than comedic titles. But don’t let this put you off. Everything about Up in the Air works brilliantly the delicate narrative, ripe with light-hearted humour; a killer cast; great direction - this film is worthy of its Oscar nominations.


VERDICT: 5 out of 5 – A brilliant film led by stellar performances with a narrative setting which is unusual and just fantastic. A great film to kick off 2010. Chris Haydon

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DO YOU OR A FAMILY MEMBER NEED ASSISTANCE WITH PERSONAL OR DOMESTIC CARE? Tender Loving Carers was founded in 1994 by Kim Grutzmacher, who’s mission was to provide care into the community to the highest of standards, and to provide care in a way she would want her own mother to be cared for, whilst maintaining Service User’s independence, choice and dignity and keeping them in their own homes.

SERVICES AVAILABLE Personal Care Services Include:  Assisting with bathing / showering  Assisting with washing  Hair Washing  Shaving (wet or electric)  Assisting to access the toilet / commode  Dressing / undressing Domestic Care Services Include:

 Meal preparation  Bed making / changing  Shopping / pension collection  Basic household domestic

needs such as dusting vacuuming

 Washing and ironing  Blitz’ cleaning (spring clean)

Other Care Services Include:  Sleep or wake over  Peace of mind visit / companion service  Dog walking  Escorting the Service User to appointments, outings and visits  Assistance in organising bills and paperwork  Sit in service  Any other service requested would be considered. To arrange care or free no obligation assessment please do not hesitate to call the main office.

The IMP March 2010.indd 26


All of our care workers and office staff, are trained in aspects of care up to NVQ level and above.

In our rece nt inspection (Apr the Care Q il 09) ua lity Commissi on ga a quality ra ve us tin of ‘excelle g nt’


Due to the continual demand for people to stay in their own homes there are always employment opportunities in this sector. We can provide our employees with training (ongoing), supervision, a professional recruitment and induction process and a friendly working environment. If you are interested or would like any further information please contact the office on the number below.

TENDER LOVING CARERS DOMICILIARY LTD 108-109 John Wilson Business Park Whitstable, Kent CT5 3QT Tel: 01227 772515 Fax: 01227 772527 Web: Email:


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n incredibly sad day has arrived for the film industry; one of the world’s most beloved distributors has been forced to close by the company who first gave it life. The Walt Disney Company has shut down Miramax Pictures. The multi award-winning company was famous for creating and distributing Indie and Arthouse pictures, along with foreign language films which appealed to wider Western audiences. It was founded by 1979 by Harry and Bob Weinstein in New York. The duo approached the Disney Corporation and, by the late 80s, they were in partnership promoting some of the finest films to ever grace our multiplexes. Even though the company was under the soft wing of Disney, the Mickey Mouse founders never interfered with their works, leaving the Weinsteins completely to their own devices. Miramax distributed such pictures as Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape’ (1989), Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994) - and, more recently Rob Marshall’s ‘Chicago’ (2002), The Coen Brothers’ ‘No Country for Old Men’ and Greg Mottola’s ‘Adventureland’ (2009). The closing of this distributor is a huge blow to the American independent cinema market and a massive disappointment to film fans across the globe. Miramax has been at the forefront of rising cinema. It’s given new and brave filmmakers the opportunity to create something that’s rare and special, and this has now gone.

A Disney spokesperson has said that the company will still keep its logo but will no longer be distributing content. There’s a comedy picture out in the next few months called ‘Everybody’s Fine’ starring Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore, but after this we will not be seeing the beautiful New York skyline at the beginning of our movies anymore. It’s ironic that, while all this is happening, the Sundance Film Festival is in full swing. The festival is arguably the main reason this company existed. Sundance was created to screen and promote American independent cinema, and Miramax wanted to distribute these pictures. With this company’s passing, Indie pictures from the west will depend on Fox Searchlight, Paramount Vantage, Sony Pictures and Focus Features for promotion and distribution - four companies that are dependent on Hollywood major studios - something that wasn’t a problem for Miramax. So, this article is my way of saying goodbye to one of my favourite film distributors. Miramax helped restore my faith in American film, by putting its own faith in the hands of new and exciting filmmakers. My respect for the Weinsteins is huge; two men who have consistently devoted themselves to cinema and to its loyal audiences. They knew America needed an Arthouse circuit, and not only did they give it one, they gave it the best. Goodbye Miramax, I’ll miss you and your moon-soaked New York City. Chris Haydon

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Wedding Singer Classically-trained soprano soloist adds that special touch to your day. Call: 07511 009 757 or listen at: available for weddings, christenings, funerals, concerts and any special occasion

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Dear IMP,

I’m a carer for Philip wh o is blind. He wrote this poe m [Snowflakes] and I hav e sent it to you on his behalf. Vivienne Newell


Snowflakes I am a snowflake fluttering gently down. Hooray! I have landed on Whitstable town. World-famous for its oysters and festival week, where thousands of summer visitors descend on this small coastal town, so unique Whitstable has a small harbour, hundreds of years old.

hall owned their own District W.I. have ney mo se rai The Seasalter and to rd ha are now working We . ars e ye Th ny . 00 ma 5,0 for out £3 , which will cost ab ders for our roof repair laced before it ren rep ely let mp co be to s ed ne f roo the hall unusable. nefits about 350 many clubs and be The hall is used by our rental fees ep ke every week. We people of all ages hall. groups can use the very low so small al and national to local people, loc We wish to appeal Roof fund. the ise nate to our Ra d businesses, to do and are a registere raising ourselves We do much fund. charity, no. 228392 ase kind donation ple ation or to make a 9. 14 2 For further inform 28 7 7 281 779 or 0122 phone Pat on 0122 Many thanks, Pat, Secretary Dear IMP,

Many boats of all sizes shelter there to protect them from the icy cold.

I took this photo in my garden this morning [Feb 10] – a sign of spring! It might be covered by snow before the end of the week [It was]. Perha ps you can use it.

It has a black windmill which sits proudly on top of the hill. The museum which is councilowned contains all the records of this ancient town. When the visibility is good and on a nice day.

Cynthia Merriman, Tankerton

You can see the Essex coastline which is some 20 miles away. Well, cheerio, I have enjoyed my stay. The warmer weather is here and I have melted away.


Philip Tophill

Dear IMP, ep it up. I love this magazine. Ke all. And thank you. That’s Jeremy, Regent Street

Write in with your points of view, questions or feedback, email or write to: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH We print as many of your letters as we can each month, but cannot guarantee to include all letters we receive, and may not be able to print letters in their entirety. The views expressed in the Letter Box are the readers’ own and not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher.


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Any letters or emails sent in to the IMP may be included in The Letter Box – if you would not like your letter published, please state this clearly.

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10% off all food at the Dove Inn Dargate, ME13 9HB 01227 751 360 Simply present this voucher at the end of your meal to have 10% discounted from your bill. Offer valid Monday to Friday for the months of March and April 2010, excluding Bank Holidays. The coupon must be completed to be valid. There is no cash alternative Promoter: The Dove Inn, Dargate, ME13 9HB.

Name: Address: Phone: email: Please do not contact me with special offers â?‘

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Century 21.indd 1

Architect designed, Sea Views £425,000

Baddlesmere Road - 5 bedroom detached with swimming pool

3 bed newly refurbished Herne Bay £199,995

Queensbridge 3 bed bungalow Herne Bay £259,950

4/5 bed detached Whitstable £450,000

4 Bed, Sea Views, Joy Lane £449,950

18/02/2010 15:47

What do we do for our sellers... • FREE HIP when instructed on our standard fee (Terms & conditions apply)

• A  lready have a HIP? We will provide solicitors FREE to act on your sale (Terms & conditions apply) • Y  our own personal Estate Agent who will be with you throughout the entire sales process • M  ore exposure for your property locally using multiple window displays • More  exposure for your property by advertising it in the Whitstable IMP which is hand delivered to over 15000 Whitstable households giving greater coverage than any other publication in the town • M  ore exposure for your property by advertising it in the local papers covering Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury and Faversham • M  ore exposure for your property by advertising it through our network of over 55 UK Century21 offices including Canterbury, Maidstone, Folkestone and Whitstable and Nationally through Greater and Central London and the North  • More exposure for your property nationally by using multiple website listings

01227 266 644 Century21 Meridian, 105 Tankerton Road, Whitstable CT5 2AJ

Century 21.indd 2

Tel: 01227 266 644

Smart Move.

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34-35 Fosters DPS.indd 2

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A Pain-Free, Stress-Free Birth… Is it possible? It is with HypnoBirthing®

Taking the birthing world by calm hypnobirthing

Tel: Lisa on (01227) 280522 With HypnoBirthing® you will learn: • How the mind and emotions affect the body • Why labour hurts and why it doesn’t have to • To release fear, the enemy of labour • How to avoid artificial induction and episiotomy • How to tap nature’s own relaxant • How to breathe your baby down for birth • How you and your birth companion can achieve a gentle, calm birth for yourselves and your baby

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the gig guide This information is intended as guide only, and may be subject to last-minute changes. Contact details are provided for all venues. MARCH Faversham 3 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - JUDY COOK - £5/£6, 8pm. Call Mary on 07980 203992 4 - The Carpenter’s Arms LEARNING CURVE - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 6 - The Bull Inn - KARAOKE - 8pm, FREE entry, 01795 534740 7 - The Anchor - DAVID MIDGEN 7-9pm, FREE entry, 01795 536471 7 - The Carpenter’s Arms - JAZZ SUNDAY - 4.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 10 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - CHRIS WOOD - £7/£8, 8pm. Call Mary on 07980 203992 11- The Carpenter’s Arms JAVA JAM - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234

18 - The Carpenter’s Arms CRADLE - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 19 - The Bull Inn - KARAOKE - 8pm, FREE entry, 01795 534740 20 - The Bull Inn - KARAOKE - 8pm, FREE entry, 01795 534740 21 - The Anchor - BLUES BANDITS - 7-9pm, FREE entry, 01795 536471 24 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - ANGLES - £6/£7 - Call Mary on 07980 203992 25 - The Carpenter’s Arms - HAPPY TRAILS - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 27 - The Three Horseshoes - FAT RIVER BAND - FREE entry, 8.30pm 01227 750842 28 - The Anchor - FAT RIVER BAND - 7-9pm, FREE entry, 01795 536471 31 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992

5 - Coach & Horses - JAZZ 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 5 - Deco 5 - STANDARD 5 01227 770079 5 - Duke of Cumberland - RUN VT 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617 5 - East Kent - BODAGAS - 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018 6 - The Old Neptune - BILL CLIFT 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 6 - Deco 5 - JEAGER GRACE TRIO - 01227 770079 6 - Horsebridge - BUBBLE CLUB KATE WALSH - £10 (£8 conc) 01227 281174 7 - The Old Neptune - ZINTA & THE ZOOTS - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 7 - The Two Brewers - MEL HARRIS - 9pm, FREE entry 01227 272150


7 - Chestfield Barn - LANDLORD & TENANT ACT - 2.30-5pm, FREE entry - 01227 793 086

14 - The Anchor - BLUE DEVILS 7-9pm, FREE entry, 01795 536471

3 - The Smack - DAVE FERRIS 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056

7 - Duke of Cumberland - TBC 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617

16 - The Phoenix - POETRY NIGHT 8pm, 01795 591462

4 - Deco 5 - JAZZ FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079

7 - The Barn, Chestfield LANDLORD TENANT ACT 01227 793086

4 - Whitstable Labour Club - JIGJAW - £7 / (£5 members) 07895 683567

10-13 - Whitstable Playhouse PLAZA SUITE - 7.45pm 01227 272042

4 - The Ship - OPEN HARP SURGERY - 01227 264740

11 - The Ship - LANDLORD TENANT ACT - 01227 264740

17 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992 17 - The Anchor - TIM EDY & LUCY RANDALL - 7-9pm, FREE entry, 01795 536471


13 - The Three Horseshoes - STEVE WHALLEY & NIGEL HARDY - FREE entry, 8.30pm 01227 750842


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11 - Deco 5 - JAZZ FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079 12 - The Monument - MIDLIFE CRISIS - 7.30pm, FREE entry, donations to All Saints Nursery. 01227 264155 12 - East Kent - HENRY ROCK BAND - 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018 12 - Deco 5 - URBAN CAFE 01227 770079 12 - Coach & Horses - ZINTA & THE ZOOTS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 12 - The Old Neptune - STEVE MATT & AL - BLUES ABUSE 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 12 - Duke of Cumberland - ANDY LESTER’S BLUE TRAIN - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617 13 - Deco 5 - THE GOOSEBUMPS - 01227 770079 13 - The Old Neptune MERCURIALS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 13 - Coach & Horses - TROUSER TRUMPETS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 13 - The Smack - TVC - 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056


14 - The Barn, Chestfield - CHRIS MANLEY (pianist) - 2.30-5pm, FREE entry - 01227 793 086


14 - The Two Brewers - KIT CURTIS 5 - 9pm, FREE entry 01227 272150 14 - The Old Neptune - STEVE BOLTON - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 14 - Duke of Cumberland THE HOT RATS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617

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16 - Whitstable Playhouse COMEDY NIGHT - Nick Wilty, Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden. 7.45pm 01227 272042 17 - The Whistlestop - CHICORY TIP - 01227 272725 17 - Coach & Horses - RELIG ORAN St Pat’s night special - 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 264732 18 - Deco 5 - JAZZ FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079 19 - Horsebridge - BLUE RHYTHM KINGS - 8pm, £6/£8. 01227 281174 19 - Duke of Cumberland DRIVING SIDEWAYS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617 19 - Deco 5 - FABULOUS 6Ts01227 770079 19 - Coach & Horses LAS BRAGAS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 20 - Deco 5 - THE SANS FRONTIERS - 01227 770079 21 - Duke of Cumberland - GREG MCDONALD - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617 21 - The Old Neptune - JIM & GEOFF - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 21 - The Two Brewers - FAT RIVER BAND - 9pm, FREE entry 01227 272150 21 - The Barn, Chestfield JEFF MARTIN - 01227 793086 25 - The Ship - KEV REYNOLDS DUO - 01227 264740 25 - Deco 5 - JAZZ FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079 25-27- Whitstable Playhouse THE DAY AFTER THE FAIR Canterbury Players. 7.45pm 01227 272042

26 - Coach & Horses BONA TUNES - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 26 - Deco 5 - GEOFF EVERETT BAND - 01227 770079 26 - Duke of Cumberland - MUDDY SHOVELS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617 26 - Horsebridge - COMEDY WITH BEN TRAVIS & MATTHEW CROSBY£7 (£5 conc) - 01227 281174 26 - East Kent - LOST WEEKEND 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018 27 - Coach & Horses - BLUES FUSION - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 27 - Deco 5 - FLETCH 01227 770079 27 - East Kent - LOST WEEKEND 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018 28 - Duke of Cumberland LANDLORD TENANT ACT - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 280617 28 - The Two Brewers - MATT BROOKS - 9pm, FREE entry 01227 272150 13 - The Smack - KARAOKE 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056 27 - The Old Neptune - GREAT MATES - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 28 - The Old Neptune - IAN DURY TRIBUTE (photo exhibition) - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262

APRIL Faversham 1 - The Carpenter’s Arms - GROOVE CHASERS - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 3 - The Bull Inn - KARAOKE - 8pm, FREE entry, 01795 534740 4 - The Anchor - UNDER THE WOOD7-9pm, FREE entry, 01795 536471

18/02/2010 15:49

4 - The Old Neptune - BRENDAN POWER - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262

7 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992

4 - The Two Brewers - BLUE DEVILS - 9pm, FREE entry 01227 272150

8 -The Carpenter’s Arms - WILDFIRE - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 9 - The Carpenter’s Arms JAILBIRD - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 11 - The Anchor - TBC - 7-9pm, FREE entry, 01795 536471 14 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992 21 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - FRASER NIMMO - £5/£6, 8pm. Call Mary on 07980 203992

Whitstable 1 - Whitstable Labour Club MIKE SILVER - £7 / (£5 members) 07895 683567 1 - The Ship - WILSON FORD 01227 264740

8 - The Ship - WHITE PEPPER 01227 264740 8 - Deco 5 - JAZZ FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079 9 - Coach & Horses - SELKIE 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 10 - Coach & Horses - LED GREMLIN - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 10 - The Smack - TVC - 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056 11 - The Old Neptune - CAMINE 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 16 - Royal Native Oyster Stores MICHEAL CHAPMAN & BRIDGET ST JOHN - £8 / (£6 members) 07895 683567 28 - The Two Brewers - THE RIDDICKS - 9pm, FREE entry 01227 272150

1 - Deco 5 - JAZZ FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079


1-3 - Whitstable Playhouse FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - UKC Musical Theatre Society. 7.45pm 01227 272042

12 - CANTERBURY SINGERS - Canterbury Cathedral Quire 6.30pm (immediately after choral evensong). A recital of a number of unaccompanied 15th-17th Century sacred pieces. FREE, with retiring collection.

2 - Deco 5 - THE STRAWS01227 770079 2 - Coach & Horses - TBC- 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 3 - Deco 5 - THE VIOLET JIVE 01227 770079 3 - The Old Neptune - CROOKED STYLE - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 3 - East Kent - LEE - 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018

37-39 WHIT IMP 0310.indd 3


13 - Faversham Choral Society, FAVERSHAM PARISH CHURCH, 7:30pm. Rutter: Requiem and Gloria 01795 538882

20 - WHITSTABLE CHORAL SOCIETY - St Bartholemew’s Church, Herne Bay, Dvorak: Stabat Mater; Mendelssohn: Psalm 114. Tickets £TBA. 01227 750950 20 - ASHFORD CHORAL SOCIETY, Wye Church. Bach: St John Passion. Conductor - Mark Deller. http:// 01233 660559 21 - CITY OF CANTERBURY CHAMBER CHOIR - 7.30pm, The Chapel, St Edmund’s School. Walton, O’Regan, McDowall, Finzi, Britten, Dubra, Rutter, Jackson, Elgar. Details uk. Tickets £12 (£10 conc) 01227 700673 27 - St. Paul’s Church, Canterbury, 7.30pm - CANTEMUS - Mozart: Requiem (with the Cantemus Orchestra) http://www.cantemus. 27 - Final of TOP CHOIR KENT 2010 - Shirley Hall, King’s School, Canterbury. 6.30pm Tickets £12£14, 01227 787787 or info@

APRIL 2 - FRIENDS IN HARMONY (with Diana Whybrow) - St John’s Methodist Church, Argyle Rd, Whitstable - 3pm, FREE entry with retiring collection for charity, refreshments served afterwards. Details: 01227 265349 To publicise your gig here please email christina@the-imp. or write to The IMP, PO Box 290. CT5 9AH. Deadline for the April issue will be March 15.


4 - The Carpenter’s Arms - JAZZ SUNDAY - 4.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234


theimp 18/02/2010 15:49

Kent festivals for 2010 We know you don’t mind travelling a bit to see and hear your favourite bands - so here’s a quick guide to the festivals in Kent this year to help you plan for sunnier times... APRIL 2-5 - CANTERBURY HOCKEY FESTIVAL Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury hockey/easter Email: 8-10 - GURKHA FESTIVAL OF MUSIC Duke of York’s Royal Military School, Dover

MAY 1-3 - ROCHESTER SWEEPS FESTIVAL rochester-sweeps-festival High Street Rochester Kent ME1 1LX 01634 843666

JUNE 5 - ROCKFEST www. Details TBC 11-13 - SELLINDGE MUSIC FESTIVAL Band bookings – Jamie Boyd email:


18-27 STOUR MUSIC FESTIVAL Boughton Aluph, Nr Ashford


19-20 - MARGATE’S BIG EVENT on_news/margate_big_event.aspx 01843 577167/577638

19-25 BROADSTAIRS DICKENS FESTIVAL www. c/o Miss Sylvia Hawkes 01843 861827. 10 Lanthorne Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 3NH 19-Jul 4 - WHITSTABLE BIENNALE

JULY 2-11 - HYTHE FESTIVAL 9-11 - LOUNGE ON THE FARM Merton Farm, Canterbury 18 & 19 - ASHFORD FESTIVAL IN THE PARK 22-24 - CANTERBURY BEER FESTIVAL gillandgerrykeay@ Gill Keay 01227 463478 24-30 - WHITSTABLE OYSTER FESTIVAL Michelle 01227 862267 25 - RAMSGATE CARNIVAL 07999419623 MARGATE JAZZ FESTIVAL Details TBC 31-Aug 1 - WHITSTABLE REGATTA Tankerton Slopes 01227 274313 31-Aug 1 - MARGATE CARNIVAL margatecarnivalgroup@btinternet. com 01843 293733


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6-8 - HEVY MUSIC FESTIVAL Folkestone

6-13 - BROADSTAIRS FOLK WEEK 01843 604080 14-15 - DOVER REGATTA 16-21 - RAMSGATE REGATTA www. 21-29 - HERNE BAY FESTIVAL 01227 862406 SEPTEMBER 3-5 - ASHFORD BEER FESTIVAL Ashford Rugby Club 01233 647274 4-5 - FAVERSHAM HOP FESTIVAL 01795 417426 11-12 MAIDSTONE BEER FESTIVAL 01622 621242

OCTOBER 16-30 - CANTERBURY FESTIVAL Kent’s International Arts Festival, Canterbury www.canterburyfestival. 01227 452853 info@

NOVEMBER 11-13 - MEDWAY BEER FESTIVAL If you run a festival which you’d like to see included here, or if you have more details on any of the events above, please email Lucy de Pledge

18/02/2010 15:49

what’s on? Whitstable what’s on? Whitstable March 4 - 10-week course of sing and sign Swalecliffe Children’s Centre. Age 7 months to 2.5 yrs. Please book at Reception: 01227 272103. March 6 - 9.30am onwards. North-east Kent Methodist Circuit Eisteddfod at St John’s Methodist Church, Argyle Road.  Come and listen to competitors of all ages in music and the spoken word. Exhibition of art, handicrafts, writing and much more. Refreshments served all day, and Winners’ Concert at 6pm. All welcome. March 12 - Whitstable & District Horticultural Society. Laurie Manser on general vegetable growing. Competition prize: 6 daffodils in a vase. U.R. Church, Middle Wall, 7.30pm. 01227 265503 March 20 - Spring Sale at St John’s Methodist Church, Argyle Rd. 9.30am onwards. Nearly-new clothes, books, bric-a-brac. 20p admission for charity. March 20 - Seaside Brocante - 10am-4pm, St Mary’s Hall (Umbrella Centre). Wardrobe theme, vintage & designer clothes, accessories, jewellery. Homewares & small furniture. £1 admission, next fair April 3. Cindy Mainwaring: 01227 773037.

Baby Massage - Joy Lane Children’s Centre Thursdays 12.00-1pm. 01227 564421 Baby Massage – Whitstable Health Centre – 5-week courses, Friday am. 50p per session, bring your own massage oil. Call Carol Fellowes on 01227 594417 Health Visitor 1-1s - appointment only, through GP/Health Clinic, Swalecliffe Children’s Centre 01227 272103 PIPS - Joy Lane Children’s Centre - for families with children 0-5 with additional needs - Fridays 10am-12. Call 01227 263998 for more info Parent and Toddler Twinkle Twinkle music group, fun action songs and instruments for children up to 3 years. Fridays 9.30 and 10.30am, the parish social centre, 15A Castle Road, Whitstable. Call Ava for more info on 01227 772893 St Alphege Carer & Toddler group - Monday 9.15am at the school (Oxford Street) 01227 272977. Arts & Crafts - Mondays 10-11am term-time only, prebook at Swalecliffe Children’s Centre 01227 272103

March 20 - Kent Kids Quiz Night - Whitstable Labour Club, 12 Belmont Rd, 7.30pm prompt. Call 01227 272171 0r 780796 to enter a team at £5 per person including buffet platter per team at half-time.

Button Tots – Lucerne Neighbourhood Centre, Faversham Road. Mondays 10am-12, call Jane 01227 282732

March 28 - THE OYSTER SINGERS - Concert at Swalecliffe Community Centre - 3pm. Tickets at door £5 including refreshments. 01227 793155

3 Years Plus Family Group – Westmeads Infant School, Cromwell Road, Mondays 1.45-2.45pm. 01227 272995

March 29-April 5 - National Cask Ale Week

Little Alfies – Seasalter Christian Centre, alternate Mondays 1.45pm, call 07733070933

Second and fourth Saturdays of each month Whitstable Farmers’ Market - St Mary’s Hall (Umbrella Centre) 9.30am-2pm - meat, eggs, fruit & veg, drinks, cakes, crafts & Fair Trade cafe. 01227 770836

Story Time – Swalecliffe Library, Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Mondays 2-2.30pm, drop in or call 01227 792645


Messy Play Sessions – Mondays 12.45- 2.45pm. Bring old clothes! Free of charge. Joy Lane Children’s Centre – 01227 263998

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES Activities and times may change, please check before you arrive. Babies Breast Feeding & Weaning Peer Support Group – Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Mondays from 12:15 -2:15pm. 01227 263998 Baby bounce and rhyme – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street, first Tuesday of each month, 1111.20am. 01227 273309

Art & Crafts 10-11am, term time only, prebook at Joy Lane Children’s Centre, 01227 263998 Playmates – Christian Fellowship Hall, Harbour St – Tuesday mornings 9.30-11.30. 50p per family. 01227 263393 Tots @ TEC – Tankerton Evangelical Church Hall, Northwood Road, Tankerton, Tuesdays 10-11.30am, ages 0-5, £1 per family. 01227 794328 Seasalter Christian Centre parent and toddler group – Tuesdays, 1.30-3pm, £1 per family. 01227 770257

Breastfeeding Clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Tuesdays, monthly, appointment only. 01227 263998

Baby Bounce and Rhyme - Whitstable Library, 1st Tuesday of the month, 11-11.20am - 01227 273309

Drop-in baby clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre Thursdays 9.30-11am, no appointment necessary, call in to see the health visitor, chat and have your child weighed. Call 01227 263998

Parent & Toddler Group - drop in Wednesdays 9-11.30am, Toy Library every fortnight from September 16 - 10.30-11.30 - Swalecliffe Children’s Centre - 01227 272103






18/02/2010 15:55

what’s on? what’s on what’s on?on? whitstable what’s on? what’s whitstable Little Lights – St Alphege Church, High Street, Thursdays, term time, 1.45-2.45pm, call 01227 770221 All Saints Parent and Toddler Group – Shirley Hall, Church Street – Wednesdays 1.15-2.45pm. 50p per family. Term-time only – Call Sue Smith 01227 471325 St Alphege Drop-in group - Wednesday 1.30pm at the school (Oxford Street) 01227 272977. Rock-A-Bye-Music from Wed Feb 24 - 1.45-2.30. Book at Swalecliffe Children’s Centre - 01227 272103 Little Oysters Pre-school storytelling and craft activity, Last Wednesday, 1.30-2.30pm. Whitstable Museum. £2 per child. To book: 01227 276 998 Parent and Toddler Group – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Thursdays 9-10.30am and 11-12.30. 01227 263998 Messy Play - drop in Thursdays 12.45-2.45pm, Swalecliffe Children’s Centre - 01227 272103 Heuristic Play - Joy Lane Children’s Centre, Thursdays 1.45-2.45pm. Drop in. 01227 263998 Chatterbox Baby and Toddler Group – St John’s Church Centre, Swalecliffe. Fridays 9.30-11.30am. 01227 792835 Story time – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street. Fridays, 2-2.30pm, call 01227 273309 Friday Fun Group – Middle Wall United Reformed Church – 9.30-11.30am. Waiting list 01227 771766 or 263959 Dads’ group - Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Fridays 1-3pm. 01227 263998 Locomotion - Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Friday Feb 26-Mar 26. 2-5 yrs olds 10.00-10.45, 6 months to 2 yrs 11.00-11.30. 01227 263998 Pre-school Children Whitstable School Transition Group for children starting school at 4. Fridays 1.30-3pm. Penny: 01227 773155 School Children/After-School Clubs


Cricket - Saturday Colts - ages 6-11. 9.15am, £1 per child, including drink. Register at http://www. or at Belmont Road ground on Saturday morning.


Joy Lane/Langton Lane Swimming Clubs. All ages and abilities, qualified instructors. Joy Lane Primary/ Simon Langton School pools. 07817 171 524  MUSIC LESSONS WITH EMILY - Lessons for Adults and Children in: Singing, Piano, Flute, Recorder, Guitar, Theory, Sight Reading / Singing and Songwriting. £14/30mins, £26/hour, first lesson 1/2 Price, 10% Discount on block bookings. Call Emily on 01227 282 556 or 07749 115 484.  Whitstable Home Education Group Tuesdays 1.303pm. Penny: 01227 773155, uk, Whitstable Majorettes and Pom Teams - age 5+, St Peters Church Hall, Cromwell Street, Whitstable, Monday 4-6pm, £2 per session. 07900 478863

FITNESS NEW Adult ballet/contemporary dance classes starting from Feb 23 at 8pm. Tap, yoga & pilates also available - contact Helena for details: 01227 275 375 American Square Dancing at the W.I. Hall, Chestfield. Fridays 7:30-9:30pm. 01227 275455 Aqua Aerobics Mondays 4.45-5.45pm, Fridays 9.3010.30am - Tree Tops Retreat, Wraik Hill, £4.50/class inc tea or coffee. Booking essential. 01227 280265, 07850 104560 Badminton courts at CCW available to hire Saturdays between 9am and 5pm. 07751 307708 Ballroom & Latin American Dancing, Tuesdays 1.303pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880 Fitness to Music with bums, legs & tums - Mondays 12.15-1.15pm, Tree Tops Retreat, Wraik Hill, £4.50/ class inc tea or coffee. Booking essential. 01227 280265, 07850 104560 Irish Dancing for adults - Women’s Institute Hall on Joy Lane. Mondays term time 8-9pm. Janice: 07895 457020 KEEP FIT BELLYDANCE - Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable. Fridays 10am-11am. MAKE EXERCISE FUN WITH BELLYBEATS: a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT with bellydance moves. Improve your posture, body awareness and build up confidence. Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable. Fridays 10am-11am. ALL AGES AND ABILITIES WELCOME. £5 (£4 concessions). 07979 553789 or email

Dance classes from preschool age upwards. Contact Helena: 01227 275 375

Keep Fit for over 50s and less active - Wednesdays 12.30–1.30pm, and 1.30-2.30pm - Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880

Homework Club - age 8+ - Whitstable Library - 3.305pm - 01227 273309

Low impact keep fit - Mondays 12.15-1.15pm, Umbrella Centre, Suzi: 07702 386176

Homework Club - age 8-14 - Seasalter Christian Centre - 4-6pm - 07733070933

PILATES CLASSES - Mondays 5:30pm-6:45pm at the Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Oxford Street, Whitstable.

Irish Dancing - ages 5+ at the Parish Social Centre, Castle Road. Tuesdays from 3.30pm, Saturdays 10.30-12. Call Janice for details on 07895 457020


Qualified and experienced Pilates teacher, specialising in postnatal and rehabilitation. £7 drop-in class or £35 for a block of six. (£5 concessions). I am also available for private sessions. 07979 553789 or email

18/02/2010 15:55

hat’s on? whitstable what’s on? whitstable what’s on? Yoga and Relaxation with Chrissie - Monday and Tuesday evenings 7-8pm and 8.15-9.15pm, Longfield Court Garden Room, Swalecliffe. Thursday mornings 9.25am. Whitstable Youth and Community Centre, Tower Parade. Friendly drop-in classes £6. Please ring Chrissie on 01227 275000 Yoga - Mondays 1.20-2.20pm, Umbrella Centre, Suzi: 07702 386176 Yoga - Mondays 1.45-2.45pm & 6.30-7.30pm, £4.50/ class inc tea or coffee. Booking essential. Tree Tops Retreat, Wraik Hill, 01227 280265, 07850

Whitstable and District Horticultural Society - United Reformed Church, Middle Wall, 7.30 pm on second Fridays. 01227 265503 Whitstable Indoor Bowling Club - open 9.30am10pm. 01227 277 692 Whitstable Over 60s Centre, Waterloo Road (next to Baptist Church). Mon-Sat, 10am-1pm. Refreshments available. Drop in or call 01227 272093. Whitstable Photographic Group – 1st & 3rd Friday each month, 8-10pm, Methodist Church Hall, Argyle Road. 01227 275936 Whitstable Short Mat Bowls Club - Fridays & Sundays 7.30pm, Umbrella Centre. 01227 794600


Whitstable Stroke Club - Fridays 3.30-5.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 266827


Whitstable Twinning Association - 01227 793212 or

Arts and crafts for adults - Thursdays 10am-12, Umbrella Centre: 01227 274880 Book club - NEW! - 3rd Thursday of the month, 7.30pm, Shirley Hall. Friendly group, new members welcome. Next book: ‘Smileys People’ by John Le Carre. Tim Mason 01227 272127. Book club - 1st Thursday of the month, 6.30-9pm, Umbrella Centre. Movie every other month. 01227 274880 Canterbury Photographic Society - photographic competition in aid of Help the Aged (Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable) and Save Canterbury Cathedral. Tourism theme, £500-worth cash prizes plus all expenses paid photographic oneday workshop with www.authenticadventures. Closing date March 8 2010. More info: www.

Whitstable Women Writers, first Monday of the month, 8pm, new members welcome, 01227 771126 Health SWINE ‘FLU TELEPHONE ADVICE LINE: 0800 1 513 513 WEBSITE: Chestfield Medical Centre – 0844 477 3073 Saddleton Road Surgery - 01227 272809 Seasalter Surgery - 01227 772327 Whitstable Health Centre – 0844 477 2566 Estuary View Health Centre - 01227 284300 Seasalter Community Pharmacy - 01227 277744

East Kent Model Railway Society - Wednesdays 7.30pm, Club house in the Old Dairy (by Castle Stores), Castle Road. 01227 275157

Estuary View Pharmacy - 01227 277488

Flowers and Crafts Club - Tuesdays 7-9.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 281138

NHS Direct - including Out of Hours Pharmacies 0845 46 47

Needles and Natter - Thursdays 2.30-4.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880

Blood Donation – 08457 711 711

Oyster Lacemakers - Mondays, 4–7pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 276921

Out of Hours service – 0844 800 1234

Stop Smoking Service - 0800 849 4444 Disability Information and Advice Line Tel: 01227 771155

Oyster Singers - Every Monday (except Holidays) 7pm at CCW, old and new songs in 4 part harmony. 01227 793155

NHS Patient Advice and Liaison Service 0800 085 6606

Reading Group - Swalecliffe Library, 01227 792645

Police surgeries and meetings:

Samba Pelo Mar samba band, Tuesdays 7-9pm at Whitstable Junior School. Call 01227 281838. Scrabble Club - Mondays 10.30-12.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880 Short Mat Bowls - Friday and Sunday evenings, Umbrella Centre, 01227 794600

Local Policing Whitstable: Gordon Etheridge, with Sergeant Dave Brenchley on 01227 868028 Chestfield - PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Abi Ellis 0777 222 6106 Gorrell - PCSO: Mark Harriott 0777 222 5966


Walk and talk - Wednesdays 10.30am from Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre: 01227 274880



18/02/2010 15:55

what’s on? whitstable what’s on? whitstable what’s on Harbour - PC: Andy Camp 07980 683530; PCSO: Aaron Pedwell 0777 222 6035 Seasalter & Yorkletts - CSO: Aarron Newell 01227 868028 Swalecliffe & Tankerton - PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Graeme Downes 01227 868028 Volunteer Services Elderly or disabled and can’t access public transport? Whitstable Volunteer Car Scheme: 01227 264743 Volunteers Needed Whitstable Volunteer Car Scheme - drivers needed to take elderly or disabled to appointments. If you have time to volunteer please call 01227 264743 Whitstable Volunteer Centre - Volunteers recruited to work in many different charities. Contact or call 01227 772248 Age Concern Whitstable need volunteers for: befriending, escorting on their mini bus, day centre helper or health walk leaders. 01227 787313, 07735556811,

LOCAL SERVICES Alternative Therapies Acupuncture - Nathalie Bachet - Member of the British Acupuncture Council - Gift vouchers available for acupuncture and facial revitalisation acupuncture. Please call Nathalie on 01227 265 708 Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Ear Candles, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage. In the comfort of your own home or in Debra’s therapy room. Call Debra Maybourne, Holistic Therapist, 01227 276 881 or 07872 622 023 FOOT FRIEND - Caring Chiropody, the sole mate for your feet. The gentle foot health service in your own home. Visits within a 5 mile radius of town centre. Call Rochelle Lewis on 07974008120 


Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage. Treatment room in Whitstable; home visits within 3 mile radius. Gift vouchers, taster sessions and pamper events. Contact Liz Compton on 07931201148 or email Hypnotherapy at Q Hypnotherapy, based in Whitstable. Details at Call Lisa Barnett on 0800 612 8153 Hypnotherapy for Smoking is the least expensive within a 20 mile radius. Based in Chestfield. Call Peter Corrigan on 01227 792359 or email: peter.corrigan@


Psychodynamic Counselling, Coaching, Clinical Supervision - Jacqueline Sirota MSc MBACP Senior Registered Practitioner, UKRC Registered Independent Counsellor. For more information call 07866 471412 or email Reflexology at Body Mind and SOLE - Denise Fasulo, MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists). Professional treatment in pleasant surroundings. Call Whitstable 01227 275855 Reflexology at Sole Indulgence for stress reduction, relaxation & better health. “If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must do.” Sarah, Whitstable.  Gift vouchers available. New - Hot Stones Reflexology. Call Alison on 01227 272131 THE ACUPUNCTURE PLACE, WHITSTABLE Acupuncture for pain relief, migraines, sciatica, back pain. Specialising in gynaecogical, fertility and IVF support. Member of BAcC. Contact: Amanda Thomas Tel:01227 265082 Mob:07763 566710 THE HOLISTIC HEALTH PLACE, WHITSTABLE - Treatments available for adults & children. Homeopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, QX Allergy & Health Testing. Contact: Annette Stein - Tel:01227 265082 Mob:07813778027 Beauty bbeautiful mobile beauty therapy & beauty room.  Bridal make-up packages, Facials, O.P.I Manicures & Pedicures, UV Gel nails, Lash/Brow tints, Waxing, Individual lashes.  Pamper parties and Teenage makeup parties. Gift vouchers available. Insured and a member of Associated Beauty Therapists. Call Rachel on 07784223287 Emphasising Beauty - Semi-permanent make-up. Eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Eyelash extensions individually applied (silk and coloured available). Creative nail extensions, Jessica Manicures and Pedicures. Over 13 years experience. Qualified, insured and licensed. 07902877309 01227 264001 Mobile Hairdressing for all the family. Cuts, colours, foils, children’s cuts and hair for special occassions. Call Vicky for an appointment on 07833 664 691/ 01227 272154. Business Opportunity British PLC now recruiting to assist with ongoing expansion program. Full training and support provided call 0800 0934 995 for free DVD. Cake Making Chrissie’s Kitchen - Beautiful, delicious cakes for birthdays, weddings, christenings - any special occasion, or just because you fancy a treat! Gluten-free (as seen in Elliotts coffee shop on Harbour Street), egg-free and dairy-free available. Organic and Fair Trade ingredients used wherever possible. or call Chrissie on 07511 009 757


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what’s on? whitstable what’s on? whitstable what’s on? Tender Loving Carers Domiciliary Ltd – Providers of Personal and Domestic Care to the elderly and younger less able within the community. For a FREE, no obligation assessment and enquiry, please call on 01227 772515. For employment opportunities please also call the number above. Childcare Little Treasures Childminding - with 18 years experience as an Infant teacher and a registered childminder, I have excellent facilities and provide a wide range of fun and educational activities, tailor-made to address the needs of each individual child. For further information please call Janette on 01227 264681. Fully-qualified local childminder - see thechildminder. or call Vicky on 077645 898 959 Jo Jo’s Day Care Nursery – Full Day care for 2–4 year olds. Open Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00 for 47 weeks of the year. Sessions and Full day care available. For a no obligation visit, please feel free to come to a ‘Play and Stay’ session. Call: 01227 264213 or 07834421171. DAISY CHAIN NURSERY SCHOOL - we are open every day during term time from 9.15 to noon with extended hours on Mondays and Thursdays 9.15 to 3.15. We welcome visits - please phone for appointment, 07947 819 348 (nursery hours) 01227 773059 Computer Repair Whitstable Computer Repair - All types of help with your PC, no call-out fee within 10 mile radius of Whitstable. Very competitive rates. www. or call 0800 224 8824 HDG Networks: the only Trading StandardsApproved and Microsoft-Certified computer repair and IT support company in East Kent, based in Whitstable. / 08000 434638 / 01227 280282.  Quote “IMP” for a £5 discount off your first callout Counselling Whitstable Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre.  Feeling unable to cope and need somebody to talk to and think things through? Confidential, UKCP & BACP Registered with 15 years experience. Contact Deborah Gibbons on 01227 261159. Reduced rates for those on low incomes. WHITSTABLE COUNSELLING SERVICES - strictly confidential experienced face to face counselling or telephone counselling to anyone 18 years or over anywhere in UK or EU - 01227264643.  Frankie Hall MBACP Dip Couns. Dip E.D. For further details, including reduced charges see

Cromwell Road Counselling & Meditation Centre – Do you need to find different ways of coping with life? Do you need someone to listen? Counselling, Psychotherapy or Meditation could help; for Adults and Children. Phone Karin Heinitz/Christine McAllen, Tel: 01227 273580 Curtain Making Affordable bespoke curtain and blind making service. Free estimates and measuring service. Co-ordinated soft furnishings, kitchenware and fabric gifts. Fabric also available to buy. Call Karen Mansfield Originals 01795 535348 or 07903 193390 Dress Making Silver Belles and Cockle Shells - Bespoke couture, beautiful and elegant gowns for every occassion, for all ages, shapes and sizes. Hand made to order. Contact or call 07864 112294 Home Maintenance Flat Pack Rescue, a fast and efficient flat-pack furniture assembly service. Don’t risk DIY, call an expert! Paul 07801814511 Swann Plumbing Services is a small familyrun plumbing & heating firm. We undertake all plumbing work from a leaky tap to a new boiler, please check website for a full list of services and local testimonials. Trading Standards Approved, OFTEC and Gas Safe Registered. 01227 262 585 Family History Who do you think you are?  Would you like some help tracing your family history? Why not call me, Richard on 01227 281771 or e-mail rhove@tiscali. and I will be happy to discuss how I can help. Gardening Gardening/Property Maintenance - No job too small. Whitstable area only. Tree pruning, lawn mowing/tidying, hedge trimming, fencing, carpentry/ woodwork projects for gardens. Call 07835 665 707 Parties Candles and Home Accessories? Quality fragrant candles in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. TriGlow Reed Diffusers. Have an evening/coffee morning with friends and host a candle party. Monthly Hostess/Guest specials. Call: Karen 07956 575980





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what’s on? Whitstable what’s on? Whitstable Recycling/Waste Reduction


Stay in our yurt, in the hills of Andalucia, southern Spain. 1hr Malaga, 30 mins coast. Perfect for walking, exploring local white villages, horse riding, relaxing. Outside BBQ eating area, small inside kitchen and bathroom, plus yurt for sleeping. Pool and internet 2mins walk. More info and Council Services - Recycling Information: 01227 862 247; Recycling Collections, Banks, Sacks; Domestic Refuse Collection; Dog Fouling: 0800 031 9091 Retailers *Ripple Farm Organics* ORGANIC &  LOCAL Crundale, Canterbury  CT4 7EB. Boxes delivered to your area. 01227 730898 (answer-phone) Sunlock Blinds - Blinds for home conservatory or office. Made to measure, vertical, venetians, wooden, rollers, fly-screens, outside canopies. Home visits arranged, free no obligation quotes. Free fitting service. Family-run business 32 years, 01227 281191; 07828 564082 Weddings Wedding Singer - Make your day really special with beautiful classical music - available for weddings, christenings and any special occasion. Call Christina on 07511 009 757 or listen at christinabosanko

£100 off 2010 Yoga Holidays in beautiful and unspoilt rural Italy, booking and info or 003 9 085 870 8273 ‘Introduction to Art and Yoga’ break in luxury accomodation with stunning mountain scenery, Abruzzo, Italy. Learn to use watercolours, pastels and oils each morning and relax with massages and yoga on the terrace each afternoon. Info on www. or 003 9 085 870 8273 Holiday rentals in Abruzzo, Italy: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, swimming pool, all mod cons. Stunning location. info on or 003 9 085 870 8273 Residential Italian Language course in Abruzzo, Italy: 18-24 July, £350 half board. Email laksmi_bee@ or call 003 9 085 870 8273

To be included contact Non-profit listings free of charge, subject to space. Deadline for the April issue will be March 15 2010.

INTERIOR DESIGN JUDARTdesigns for the residential and commercial markets accessible for all affordable for all a very personal touch nothing complicated or scary communication does not mean obligation… contact me now for a chat JUDE ADAMS 07795 424070

As seen in EKOne..”Hey Jude”


Calling all artists and artisans

♣ The Artisan Bazaar is a new event designed to embrace all the amazing talent that we have in and around Whitstable. If you are interested in exhibiting and selling your work in a vibrant atmosphere then please contact or telephone 07740 783351 The first Bazaar is on Sun 4th April at St Mary’s Parish Hall Pitches £15

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PURE indulgence by the sea

Come Come into a into world of complete sensory heaven where a world of complete sensory heaven wheretime is left is atleft theatdoor and and a new journey begins.... time the door a new journey begins.... Reiki Massage




Mothertobe Massage

Coming soon PURE

Hot Stones



Permanent Hair Removal

a new Kick Start Programme to help you put a spring in your step

3 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AF

01227 772176

Specialist home pattern service for all carpets, vinyls, laminates, woods and rugs Call us for a free Free underlay, grippers, door bars and fitting ON ALL CARPETS The IMP March 2010.indd 40

estimate on: 01227 265544 or 07860 358552 Family-run business Est.1971

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Call us now: 01227 281648

TRIBUNE SUITE Pan, Cistern, Seat



Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal


g Hours Openin .30-5.30 on-Fri 7 M

-4.00 Sat 9.00

The IMP March 2010.indd 48


Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal



Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal



Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal



Back to wall Pan & Seat, SemiRecess Basin with 1 Tap Hole

ALLBITS Plumbing Supplies


ALL Price Include VAT at 17.5%

Unit 60, John Wilson Industrial Estate, Kent, CT5 3QT Whitstable

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Whitstable IMP ­ ISSUE 15 MARCH 2010  

Whitstable IMP ­ ISSUE 15 MARCH 2010