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19/04/2010 14:18

Holiday Home

From Home

Where do people who live in a ‘holidaytown’ go on holiday? Somewhere fabulous!


And it’s not all ‘buckets and spades’. Yes, there are idyllic homes in sun-drenched getaways - like Zauri View in Goa, which sleeps up to 12 - but there is also Chalet Verjus in the French Alps for the winter sports fanatics, and other locations include Lanzarote, Spain, Morocco, The Caribbean, and Cyprus - and the list is growing. Low-cost airlines have made organising your own holiday a very easy and affordable option, and having access to the property owner means you know exactly what facilities are available when you arrive. Local knowledge is worth its weight in gold - you can plan your stay before you depart, know what to do, where to eat and what to look out for. For details on what’s available, or if you own a suitable property and are interested in letting it, call Deborah on 01227 277883 or 0784 102 1207


eborah Mylcrist has been letting holiday homes through Hillcross Estates in Whitstable for several years and has built a thriving business with more than 50 properties on her books. But where do Whitstable locals go to get away from it all? The answer to this question was the seed of Deborah’s new business, holiday homes that were bought to be used by their owners. “It’s like a boutique holiday club, all the property owners are known to me personally,” Deborah explains, “and I have been to many of the properties personally. If the property is described as five minutes from the beach than it IS five minutes from the beach. The thing to remember is that these properties are used by the owners for their own holidays; they were bought because their owners fell in love with them, and wanted to return time and again to relax and unwind. The photos are honest pictures and the properties are as described.”


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16/04/2010 15:42



fter a promising start, the spring weather seems to have turned a bit chilly again but, ever the optimist, I’m sure by the time you read this that things will have warmed up a bit. And I hope this issue of the IMP will warm your cockles too - we have interviews and articles galore, an issue so overladen we didn’t use up precious space elsewhere and, instead, are listing all of our IMP draw winners here: MP3 players: Lindsey Goodbun, Rachel Richardson, K. D. Powis, Sharon Annoot, Joyce Philpott, Lynn Weston, Simon Barker, Ron Dolman, Michael Dennick and Dena Outram.

Jessica Resner (9) won Dosh Archer’s books for her twin brothers Reece and Ryan (5); Mr M Newell won Mrs Harris’ Book; and Bob Phillips, Antony Galt and John Baker each won a copy of Trials & Tribulations. Congratulations to all our lucky winners! As ever, keep the feedback and letters coming in it’s a much better magazine with your input. All the best from The IMP Team The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH

EDITOR Christina Birkett – Christina started working in media 13 years ago but had never truly immersed herself in editing, writing and publishing until she started work on The IMP. It was a steep learning curve but totally worthwhile, and she loves her job. It’s truly rewarding and, importantly, flexible enough to fit around her three young daughters. And it’s great knowing what’s on and when, so she can plan her days - and even the odd night out!

CONTRIBUTORS Chris Haydon – Chris is 19 years old and has lived in Whitstable his whole life. Currently studying Film at the University of Brighton, Chris is an avid film fan and buff, and plans to go to the National Film School after University to study Directing Fiction Film and Documentary. He loves writing film reviews, and will be writing reviews for the IMP between course work and writing for the university’s paper, ‘The Pebble’. Malissa Taylor – South African-born Malissa is passionate about three things; Mamahood, Music and Mother Earth. She spends most of her time consumed by these and feels that her responsibility is to ensure that each is celebrated by everything that she does. She recently moved to Whitstable, and she hopes to submerge herself in the community, something which she believes is essential for her wellbeing and that of her family.

Georgie Mind – Georgie is 18 and has lived in Whitstable most of her life. Currently studying A levels at Canterbury College in English, Art History, Philosophy and Psychology, she hopes to start a degree course in Art History next year. Georgie is very passionate about promoting arts in the community and thinks that the diversity of the wonderful Whitstable art scene should be celebrated!

Lucy de Pledge – Mother of two and erstwhile estate agent, Lucy is now forging a career for herself in PR and band promotion, looking after up-and-coming local bands. A metalhead who spends most of her her spare time at gigs (among other things) Lucy will be keeping IMP readers abreast of festivals in Kent this year. Contact her at or 07887 907 821.

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SALES: Mel Birkett FREEPHONE 0800 44 88 309


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15/04/2010 23:44

Back Fit welcomes Osteopath Amy Sabin

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. The well being of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues functioning smoothly. Soft tissue massage, manipulations of joints can be used to restore mobility and function in order to improve health, manage pain and increase mobility. Cranial Sacral therapy is a gentle yet effective from of treatment that is suitable for all ages, it’s a non invasive treatment that works with the body’s natural ability to self repair.

What we treat:

Why pick us

• • • • • • •

• Friendly and motivated team. • Passion for patient centred treatment approach. • Our treatments are holistic and remedial. • We are both fully qualified, insured. • Offer a combined experience of 28years.

Back pain Repetitive strain injury Pregnancy related posture Babies with colic and sleeplessness Problems related to posture Arthritis pain Sports injury

Pilates courses in Whitstable on Thursdays’ at the Horse Bridge and Wesley Hall Join in the fun while learning how Pilates uses the mind to control the muscles. The programme focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles. The combination of osteopathic treatment and Pilates gives you the greatest chance of making a full recovery.

For full details and special offers check out Clinic 01227 277 258 Liz 07748 988851 Amy 07843 972 652 Jagow House, Joseph Wilson Ind Est, Whitstable, Kent, England CT5 3PS

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19/03/2010 08:39




ut there’s politics, and then there’s Politics. It turns out that Kate is the wife of our MP, Julian Brazier. With the election looming, Kate seemed the perfect candidate for this month’s Day in the Life, and took time out from her various roles - part-time PA to Julian, mother of three, keeper of chickens, and wood-burning stove sales lady (among other things) - to talk to the IMP. Kate was introduced to Julian by her father, who had known the Braziers for many years, as both men had served in the same regiment. You might even have called it an arranged marriage of sorts, since Julian and Kate have known each other since she was eight and he was eighteen. They were married in 1984, moved to their home “in a windy valley between Chartham and Petham” in 1986, and Julian was elected in 1987. Their boys followed quite quickly; twins William and Alexander in 1990, and John in 1992. Since John started school in 1997 Kate has worked part-time for a small local company doing site visits for woodburning stoves, chimney linings, fireplace design, and range cookers. “It’s a

lovely job,” Kate explains, “as I meet lots of people and see over 300 houses a year. The work is quite seasonal, so I am very busy in the autumn and winter, and not so frantic in the spring and summer. I can also fit it around family life/politics and Julian’s work.” Work has always had to fit around school and holiday times - and has always involved about two days’ work a week for Julian - keeping his weekend and recess diary and handling all his constituency casework in several areas: City and County Council, education, housing and police, to name but a few. Julian stays in London from Monday to Thursday evenings (unless he’s on recess) and has done since his political career started - throughout the boys’ childhoods. “One of them once asked him why he wasn’t at home in the evening like other dads,” Kate recalls, “but he did get recesses. Now it’s the dog, the chickens and me until everybody comes home. I love having the boys’ friends to stay, and cooking enormous meals for hungry and appreciative teenagers.


You may or may not be aware that choirs can be very political organisations. Cliques, almost. It’s nerve-wracking joining one and having to learn all the politics from scratch. Kate didn’t seem to be political, though. She was the first person to speak to me when I joined the Canterbury Singers, she made me feel very welcome, and we’ve sat together ever since. And, as far as I was aware, Kate was apolitical.


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15/04/2010 15:34


“We took the decision that the boys and I would be based here, as our main home,” Kate explains, and she has always coped with this arrangement, even when the twins were small, and then, after John was born, with three children under the age of three. Even these days, with the boys grown and almost flown the nest, a typical day for Kate still starts early: “Whoever gets to the newspaper first has first go, so it pays to be up early.” Kate then lets the chickens out of the run (they have the run of the garden during the day) and when not working for Julian she goes on visits until about 3pm, trying to fit lunch in between somewhere. Kate’s chimney and stove work involves visiting people at home, working out what they want and pricing up the cost of installation. “Much of it is problem-solving - chimneys or fireplaces that don’t work, people who don’t know what they can have,” she explains. “I particularly enjoy designing fireplaces and recommending goodlooking and efficient stoves.” The constituency covers Canterbury, Whitstable and villages, and Kate’s stove work also takes her into many different places for visits, Whitstable being one of her favourites: “I love Whitstable. It has some fabulous shops, and it is always a place I like visiting for work,” she enthuses. And the first view of the sea from Borstal Hill always cheers her up. Afternoons are spent walking the dog, typing and emailing stove quotes or keeping up with Julian’s emails. If Kate’s alone in the evenings they are spent “out, doing things.” (‘Things’ being choir, pilates or TA.) If Julian and the boys are home, Kate will cook ‘proper food’. Last thing at night she checks the chickens are in bed, and Julian calls every night he is in London to catch up with the day’s events. Thursday afternoons and Fridays Kate gets all the typing done, as Julian is only home to sign letters on a Friday or Saturday. “I arrange visits for him on Fridays to get some peace in the office!” Kate admits. “He has surgeries every

third Saturday morning, and canvasses on those afternoons - election or no election. Evenings in are more relaxed. Weekends are spent signing letters, gardening, work phone calls and family visits.  When the boys are home, there are mountains of washing - last week I did 17 shirts in one go...” Home life really is feast or famine for Kate, and Julian’s work affects everything - what happens at weekends, when they can go on holiday, who has to play chauffeur during the week. “Work does not stop - letters and enquiries are continuous - the only time it stops is in the part of Scotland where there’s no phone coverage!” With the election approaching fast, Kate’s life is likely to change up a gear. “I will probably be canvassing with Julian, plus delivering leaflets, but my constituency casework and stove visits continue just the same. Julian will be home every night for supper, which means I’ll have to up my game on the food front,” she jokes. From what I know of Kate, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Christina Birkett

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15/04/2010 15:34

DO YOU OR A FAMILY MEMBER NEED ASSISTANCE WITH PERSONAL OR DOMESTIC CARE? Tender Loving Carers was founded in 1994 by Kim Grutzmacher, who’s mission was to provide care into the community to the highest of standards, and to provide care in a way she would want her own mother to be cared for, whilst maintaining Service User’s independence, choice and dignity and keeping them in their own homes.

SERVICES AVAILABLE Personal Care Services Include:  Assisting with bathing / showering  Assisting with washing  Hair Washing  Shaving (wet or electric)  Assisting to access the toilet / commode  Dressing / undressing Domestic Care Services Include:

 Meal preparation  Bed making / changing  Shopping / pension collection  Basic household domestic

needs such as dusting vacuuming

 Washing and ironing  Blitz’ cleaning (spring clean)

Other Care Services Include:  Sleep or wake over  Peace of mind visit / companion service  Dog walking  Escorting the Service User to appointments, outings and visits  Assistance in organising bills and paperwork  Sit in service  Any other service requested would be considered. To arrange care or free no obligation assessment please do not hesitate to call the main office.

The IMP March 2010.indd 26


All of our care workers and office staff, are trained in aspects of care up to NVQ level and above.

In our rece nt inspection (Apr the Care Q il 09) ua lity Commissi on ga a quality ra ve us tin of ‘excelle g nt’


Due to the continual demand for people to stay in their own homes there are always employment opportunities in this sector. We can provide our employees with training (ongoing), supervision, a professional recruitment and induction process and a friendly working environment. If you are interested or would like any further information please contact the office on the number below.

TENDER LOVING CARERS DOMICILIARY LTD 108-109 John Wilson Business Park Whitstable, Kent CT5 3QT Tel: 01227 772515 Fax: 01227 772527 Web: Email:


18/02/2010 11:34

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TheIMP IMPMay March 2010.indd15 13 The 2010.indd

48 Harbour Street, Whitstable  Tel: 01227 273373 T: 07748 988


18/02/2010 16/04/2010 14:14 15:14

When comedy came to town You’ll have noticed some rather big names in comedy at The Playhouse recently, and it’s all thanks to one man - Nick Wilty. He took some time out from his hectic life to tell me about himself over egg and chips (his, not mine) in the Tudor Tea Rooms. And when you hear how he broke into comedy you’ll understand why he’s called the globe-trotting comedian...

as he didn’t realise you could ever repeat material - so he was constantly changing his act) he was entered into Yuk Yuk’s competition: ‘Canada’s best new comedian’ - and came second. “And that was my downfall,” Nick admits. “It was reported in the papers - ‘London Drifter wins Comedy Award’ - and the prize was a trip to America. I had my new passport by then but something raised a flag somewhere and there were suddenly work permit issues. I didn’t have one for Canada OR America,” he laughs. This was only a temporary setback for Nick, who still hadn’t caught on that you could repeat material and had taken to writing prompts on a white beer can: “Skol or Sapporo, so I could read what I’d written - but I didn’t like the lager so I’d take the top of with a can-opener and fill it with rum and coke...”



fter serving in the Falklands War, Nick left the Army and travelled the world for eight years, ending up in Vancouver in 1990, having lost his back-pack and passport. “I had $14 dollars and no way of doing anything else so I went to get drunk. As you do...” He met a bloke in the bar who was laughing within minutes - and suggested they go to a comedy club in town, Yuk Yuk’s: “In exchange for five minutes of stand-up you could get free drinks all night,” Nick remembers. “It was a case of’ I will if you will’ - he called the hostel where I was staying and said - Monday - we’re doing it.” Nick had a great time, despite not getting many laughs - and was completely relaxed, whereas his friend “got loads of laughs but hated every minute of it!” And it was a bit of a Eureka moment for Nick. After five weeks of doing stand-up every Monday and Wednesday (and quite exhausted by this time,


theimp 9-10 Entertainment WHIT.indd 1

15/04/2010 15:36


He’d also turn to newspaper cuttings for material - “Reality with a twist, always topical” and, once the work permit situation was sorted, was back to his globe-trotting ways. Nick has performed on every continent but Antarctica - in some 114 countries. After performing in Jakarta, Shanghai, Manilla and Borneo, he was in Bali on holiday with Bill Bailey when the bombs went off. He’s performed with all sorts of ‘big names’ such as Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard. And he’s even sung ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ by The Small Faces with Squeeze (the lead singer, Glenn Tilbrook, is also a friend and sang at Nick’s wedding reception) at a fund-raiser for Charlton Athletic’s new stadium. Normally he leaves the singing to his wife Maxine, though she sings locally as ‘Steve Boltz & Maxine’ and also runs the Hope Music Festival near Biggin Hill ( “I met Maxine at Glastonbury,” Nick explains. “We got on so well, I proposed the next day and we got married three months later. In leopard-skin. With about 350 of our friends, all in leopard-skin too!” After spending a romantic weekend in Bournemouth the couple agreed that they wanted to live by the sea, with Whitstable the obvious choice, and they moved here a year ago. Maxine manages the Sense charity shop in the High Street - and it was at the Sense fund-raiser in The Playhouse that I saw Nick for the first time. “It all came about by chance,” he explains. “We’d just moved here and there was an open day at The Playhouse. I was just interested, so I went for a look around, and asked if they did comedy.”

They’d had limited success when they tried comedy before, so Nick suggested that he hire The Playhouse himself - and take all the risk. He called friends Harry Hill and Jo Brand, they agreed to come, and the Sense fund-raiser which emerged was a sell-out. There have been more sell-out shows at The Playhouse since, with Paul Merton, Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden, and Nick has now been asked to do a show in the Hammersmith Apollo or The London Palladium, with some exciting comedians in mind. He couldn’t confirm anything but names such as Jack Dee, Michael McIntyre and Lee Evans came up in conversation... It seems that the seaside jaunt which indirectly brought Nick and Maxine to Whitstable was a good, good thing. There are more comedy shows booked at The Playhouse (Nick Wilty Presents OyOyster Comedy), Nick is co-ordinating comedy events for the Oyster Festival this year, and his PR arm, OyOyster Promotions, has already had enquiries from several theatres asking him to promote shows. And as well as all that, Nick comes across as a thoroughly good bloke - generous with his time, very chatty and easy to talk to, and with a genuine fondness for all things Whitstable. Look out for his next shows, you’ll definitely have a laugh. For more information on OyOyster Comedy, join the group on facebook. For shows at The Playhouse go to: To find out more about Sense go to: Christina Birkett

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15/04/2010 15:36

PURE indulgence by the sea

Come Come into a into world of complete sensory heaven where a world of complete sensory heaven wheretime is left is atleft theatdoor and and a new journey begins.... time the door a new journey begins.... Reiki Massage




Mothertobe Massage

Coming soon PURE

3 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AF

Hot Stones



Permanent Hair Removal

a new Kick Start Programme to help you put a spring in your step

01227 772176

E Tel. 07779 834 364 Email.


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Professional lawn

18/03/2010 16:55

Seasonal, locallysourced ingredients...



for Arrive re 6:30 fo e b r e dinn ay and M in any day er of your b em each m l receive a il party w tary glass en complim zz. of fi

ith its unassuming frontage and shabby-chic interior, Samphire doesn’t immediately jump out at you as somewhere for gourmet food. But Rob Taylor, the new chef, shares the same mantra as some of the most passionate, famous, and awardwinning chefs around: “Seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients...” Familiar words - because every chef worth their salt agrees - and the first words out of Rob’s mouth. Having recently taken the helm, Rob is keen to make his mark on the place, while remaining true to the modern British food which has been on the menu since its doors opened four years ago. Like the ingredients he’s so passionate about, Rob is also local, and trained in Thanet College before setting out to earn his stripes working in a number of fine dining establishments around the UK, as well as a stint in Australia. Today, between busy services, Rob is preparing new dishes and taste-testing with owner/manager George Lister and day to day manager Lizzie Sanders. “Consistency is important,” Rob explains. “Anyone can prepare a great dish, but can they do it over and over again in a busy service - to the same standard? By the same token there is no point in creating a masterpiece if it takes two hours


theimp 12-13 Samphire.indd 1

Samphire 4 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1BQ   Tel: 01227 77 00 75

16/04/2010 15:10

. and fig terrine? Or the whipped Wealdway goats’ cheese with beetroot and roasted walnuts? These are just the starters; mains include braised short rib of beef, panfried filet of smoked pollock with mussels, roast wild duck with lentils and shallots, or leek and Ashmore suet pudding. And it would be a crime not to mention the desserts - local rhubarb crème brulee, sticky toffee pudding, red wine poached pear with common ice cream or a selection of local cheeses. Samphire is familiar to locals and tourists alike in its enviable position between Wheelers and The Duke of Cumberland on Whitstable High Street.



to do,” he continues. “Presentation is important but we have a small kitchen here and our main focus is on the flavour - it has to be. Meticulous presentation does impress but the flavour is what you remember. And with the change in season the menu must be updated.” Michelin stars are not on the menu (not yet, anyway...) but watch this space - Samphire is one of the eateries that has earned Whitstable its foodie reputation. By day, the restaurant has a good mix of people popping in for coffee, mid-week tourists who have just happened upon the place, and locals who are in the know and come in for the superb full English breakfast, a wholesome fish pie, or whatever else tickles their fancy. When the sun goes down and the Supper Menu goes up, the place transforms to an altogether more intimate room - still nothing pretentious, just simple elegance. Reservations are written in chalk on the scrubbed pine tables, each illuminated with a flickering candle. The menu is a mixture of old favourites such as seared scallops, or potted white crab with a modern twist - this is not smothered in butter, rather served with toast and a sorrel salad. Or how about ham hock


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16/04/2010 15:10

A life of crime... Crime writer Leigh Russell visited Whitstable recently to research her latest book, and took time out of her hectic schedule to talk to the IMP over breakfast in Elliotts - before heading off to a live interview on BBC Radio Kent and a book signing at Waterstones.


eigh’s debut crime thriller, Cut Short, sold out twice in six months and the second in the series, Road Closed, will be published this

June, followed by Dead End - with a scene set in Whitstable - in 2011. Cut Short received glowing praise from many reviewers and a growing buzz on the internet, even attracting the attention of international best-seller

When you decided to write books was

Jeffery Deaver, who said: “Cut Short is a stylish,

crime fiction your first choice of subject?

top-of-the-line crime tale, a seamless blending

CUT SHORT is the first in my series of crime

of psychological sophistication and gritty police

thrillers and the first story I have ever written.

procedure. And you’re just plain going to love DI Geraldine Steel.” Leigh has personal connections to this area,

I’ve heard that most authors have to get past many rejections before finding a publisher.

having spent four years as a student living in

Was this the case for you?

Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay. She is

I sent my story to three publishers who specialise

booked to give talks and signings every weekend for

in crime fiction, without any serious expectation

the time being, but hopes to fit in a return visit after

of hearing back from any of them. Two weeks

Road Closed hits the shelves, so look out for her...

later a publisher called me to express interest and three months later I signed a three book deal. It all

Did you see yourself as a writer before you

happened very fast.

something you decided to do later on?

I’m sure that between your first concept of the

I studied English because I enjoy reading, without

story and final publication there were edits


chose to study English at UKC, or is writing

a clue that I would end up writing books myself.

and rewrites - so how similar is the final story

I had no ambitions to write but an idea occurred

to the one you first planned on writing?

to me one day, I started to write it down, and was

The only real difference is the balance of writing


hooked. It surprises me now that I didn’t discover

between my villain and my detective, Geraldine

my passion for writing sooner.

Steel. I was fascinated by my killer and wrote

theimp 14-15 Interview WHIT.indd 1

15/04/2010 15:38

pages and pages about him. Consequently I

going to reveal for now is that a character will walk

didn’t write enough about my detective. My

through the harbour area. I’ve made a sketch and

editor felt that, as the main character who will

lots of notes, so hopefully my description will be

continue through the series, my detective needed

reasonably accurate. Meanwhile, I hope residents of

to engage the readers’ interest more. I could see

Whitstable read Cut Short and Road Closed. Each

the sense in that, so I cut some of the detail about

of the books stands alone, as they follow different

my killer, and built my detective up more. I ended

police murder investigations, but the detective’s

up telling exactly the same story but different

character develops through the series. Readers will

elements of it are emphasised. I am very happy

feel they know my detective better when they read

to listen to criticism where it makes sense to me.

Dead End, with its Whitstable connection, if they’ve

How else can I hope to improve as a writer?

read the first two books in the series first.

There are two more books in the Geraldine

You can buy a copy from Amazon at: http://

Steel series so far - are you hoping for more?

Cut Short has been selling so fast, with two

Steel/dp/1842432710 and hear Leigh read an

reprints in six months, that it looks as though the

extract on Youtube at:

series will run for a while. The second in the series,


Road Closed, will be published in June, I am currently writing the third, and my publisher has

Leigh has kindly donated five signed copies of

already asked for a fourth book in the series.

Cut Short for IMP readers - to enter the draw, send your name and address to christina@

Finally, is there anything you can you tell us with the title Cut Short - or write

about the Whitstable scene in Dead End?

to PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH - we will

You will have to wait and see! I haven’t written the

announce the winners in the June issue.

chapters yet, but I know exactly what is going to Christina Birkett


happen, and I made copious notes today. All I’m


theimp 14-15 Interview WHIT.indd 2

15/04/2010 15:38

Photos by The Studio 01227 744441

Tree Tops Retreat Secluded Personal Relaxation HEALTH SPA RETREAT FOR PRIVATE HIRE MAY Specials • One hour spa use with back

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Hypnotherapy • EFT • Botox • Dermal Filler • Personal Trainer Treetops, Wraik Hill, Whitstable CT5 3BY 01227 280 265 / 07850 104 560 10:00 am – 8:00pm, 7 days The IMP May 2010.indd 11

16/04/2010 14:22

ARTS & EXHIBITIONS Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre


t’s not unusual for the Horsebridge to welcome more than a thousand people through its doors over an average weekend - and hundreds of people every day through the week. The centre is free to enter and open and accessible to everyone from 9am–9pm (6pm Sundays) every day except Christmas. Steve Clinton, Communications Co-ordinator for the Centre, said: “Over the past year more than 100,000 people have visited the centre to see and enjoy for themselves the many resources the centre provides, including exhibitions in the two galleries, balcony café, workshops, dance classes, baby and children’s classes, interest groups, Adult Education, Citizens Advice Bureau, music, comedy and poetry nights - the list just goes on and on! “Over the last six years the Horsebridge has firmly established itself in the rich tapestry of Whitstable society and has captured the hearts and minds of Whitstable’s locals,” he continued. When news came earlier this year the Horsebridge was facing further funding cuts the

community reacted: “The support the centre received was truly incredible,” Steve recalls. “The membership of the Friends of the Horsebridge scheme doubled in the space of a month, a tremendous feat and testimony to support among Whitstable’s residents. People recognise the Horsebridge as a great community resource, as Whitstable’s centre for the arts.” The Horsebridge is a charity with a voluntary board of trustees and is partly funded by Canterbury City Council. “Though this funding has been reduced year on year, the centre has actually increased its revenue,” Steve explained, “as it has established itself and become more popular and well-used. The centre has also managed to keep costs down,” he continued, “but it’s not been easy by any means! It’s accomplished by a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people and continues with the support and help of the community. The Horsebridge benefits greatly from a pool of volunteers and welcomes anyone who’d like to volunteer their time working in a positive, arts and community environment.”


On Saturday April 10 2010, Whitstable’s Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre celebrated its sixth anniversary by hosting a free community open day which, among other things, included taster classes, children’s activities and Arts and Crafts stalls, and attracted more than a thousand visitors on the day.


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ARTS & EXHIBITIONS The two art galleries at the Horsebridge are in great demand and are booked out well in advance. Unusually, the centre does not have a strict vetting procedure for shows; the galleries are a community resource for anyone to exhibit their work and with no commission taken on works sold. The centre will be taking gallery bookings for 2011 from July 1 this year and, like all the rooms and spaces in the centre, the galleries are available for almost half price for those living in the local CT1-6 postcode area - an offer the centre has provided to locals since they opened. Each year the Horsebridge reserves three weeks in its galleries over the Oyster Festival period for its A1 Open show. The A1 Open is an exhibition for anyone to enter artworks of any medium. The only stipulation is that works must be of A1 size when mounted or framed. With over 120 pieces of work submitted by as many artists this creates arguably the most exciting, diverse and largest collection of artworks in Whitstable! Entry forms for 2010 will be available from the Horsebridge from May 1. Similarly, the Horsebridge used the A1 format to host ‘A2 Open’ for 11-16 year olds in February this year, as reported in the IMP, to great success. Steve explained: “That offered a fantastic opportunity for young artists to showcase their work in a professional gallery environment. The centre is looking to repeat the A2 show on a much larger scale across both galleries later this year and offers an open invite to any schools or young artists to contact the centre if they are interested.”


Further information is available at: If you tweet, you can follow the Horsebridge at


There is also a Facebook group: Support the Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre and you can stay in touch with what’s happening by asking to join the centre’s free emailing list at Christina Birkett

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for Arrive 0 efore 6:3 b r e n din ay and M in y a any d f your ember o each m l receive a il party w tary glass en complim zz. of fi

Name: Address: Phone: email: Please do not contact me with special offers q

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The Marvellous

Mikey Hines Mikey Hines is seven years old, the youngest of three siblings, and for the last three years he has been suffering from Neuroblastoma.




iagnosed in 2007, since then Mikey has spent most of his time at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Soon after diagnosis he faced nine months of intensive chemotherapy - three days on, two weeks off. In 2008 he began his first three-week intensive course of radiotherapy. Three weeks of staying in hotels and being sick and tired, before going into remission that October. But following an ultrasound in March 2009, Mikey’s family was given the devastating news that the tumour had returned. After a failed attempt to remove it, chemotherapy started again. Mikey responded well but caught a fungal infection in his lungs - treatment had to stop and Mikey was very ill. In February of this year a scan confirmed that the tumour had returned and Mikey was back in hospital again. So far, all his illnesses and treatments have left Mikey 70% deaf and with not much energy to play or run around. Some days he can’t do much at all. Mikey’s mum, Kelli, explained the illness to me: “Neuroblastoma is very rare - a five in a million chance. The cells are four times more powerful than normal cancer cells, and the older diagnosis is reached the lower the chances of survival.” The government made funding available for 170 children but unfortunately Mikey didn’t get through. So now his family are facing the monumental task of raising the £250,000 needed to get Mikey the treatment he needs. His mum, Kelli Cullen, is cheerful and upbeat and you can tell that she draws a lot of her strength from her family. Aunty Gemma (Kelli’s sister) is heavily involved and looks after the website: as well as the facebook group. They are a close bunch, and all totally focussed on getting Mikey well. So far their efforts have been outstanding, from awareness bracelets which sell for £2

each, a sponsored walk from Sittingbourne to Teynham on May 1, gigs in the Upper Red Lion (Hernhill) and Coach and Horses (Whitstable) with Led Gremlin (Mikey’s mum Kelli is the lead singer) and even a production of ‘Funny Money’ at The Whitstable Playhouse. And people’s generosity has been amazing. A farm in Ashford has been providing free organic produce, air purifiers and light machines have been donated, and the wrist-bands frequently sell-out and have to be re-ordered. The family is doing everything they can to backup the hospital treatments as well, by keeping his home environment as free from chemicals, germs, and stress as possible. Kelli explains: “Mike has two nutritionists putting together the best supplements and food we can get him. Two air-purifiers drastically cut down his infection-risk, and a ‘fresh air buddy’ goes around Mike’s neck so when he goes out he also has the best protection from outside bugs.” This helps with the day-trips his family organises to help his emotional health and keep him happy and positive. Fund-raising events are happening locally all the time - keep up to date via the website or Mikey’s facebook group: I’M HELPING MIKEY HINES REACH 250K - ARE YOU? If you have any fund-raising ideas, Mikey’s family would love to hear from you. Contact Mikey’s Aunty Gemma at gemma.cullen977@ Find out more about Neuroblastoma at: Christina Birkett

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Camine – Acoustic driven Celtic music ‘Pure roots music... magical songs of passion... intoxicating.’ THE TIMES

‘Creating something of a stir on a large scale, stylish and imaginatively done.’ ROCK ‘N’ REEL MAGAZINE

‘It is clear the music is played with joy from the first to the last note.’ NEW FOLK SOUNDS (Netherlands)

‘…catch the band before their world tour.’ KENT ARTS NOW Twin sisters, Ramona and Zinta Egle, first emerged on the British acoustic scene as front women for innovative and seminal roots group Jacob’s Ladder, which joined Zinta and Ramona’s songs in splendid matrimony with influences from jazz, pop, European folk traditions and contemporary acoustic music. Jacob’s Ladder released the much-acclaimed album ‘Kite’ which was enjoyed by all kinds of people from all kinds of places.  


In Camine Zinta plays guitar and vocals, Ramona plays whistles / low whistles, fiddle, Celtic harp and

sings. Andy Renshaw is on percussion - bodhran, darabuk and djembe – and regular guests with Camine include Tim Edey of Lunasa on melodeon and Chris Taylor on melodeon and bouzouki. Camine’s sound has been described as ‘acousticdriven Celtic music’. It is firmly rooted in the traditional music of the Celtic nations, and the songs and tunes from Ireland and Scotland. Camine also flirt with traditional European musical, with the result that the music oscillates between energetic jigs and sublime songs with a sense of seamlessness, played out on an ancient stage set in a modern world. Camine play regularly locally, and throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, and have built a loyal following. Their live performances are spell-binding and during these performances, it is clear that Zinta and Ramona expose their incredible closeness and awesome energy. When they play, it is almost as if they are the only ones in the room. Their relationship, musically and in all other aspects, is electrifying. What an honour to be privy to their world - a playful world filled with beautiful music from all parts of the globe. Please be sure to check the gig guide to find out when Camine are playing next. Thanks to Camine’s website which is:


Malissa Taylor

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A Pain-Free, Stress-Free Birth… Is it possible? It is with HypnoBirthing®

Taking the birthing world by calm hypnobirthing

Tel: Lisa on (01227) 280522 With HypnoBirthing® you will learn: • How the mind and emotions affect the body • Why labour hurts and why it doesn’t have to • To release fear, the enemy of labour • How to avoid artificial induction and episiotomy • How to tap nature’s own relaxant • How to breathe your baby down for birth • How you and your birth companion can achieve a gentle, calm birth for yourselves and your baby

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Whip it Cert: 12A




t’s fairly common nowadays that Hollywood greats have a go behind the camera rather than in front. Many of our favourite stars have tried their hands at directing, including Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Mel Gibson and Tim Robbins. But now it’s the lady’s turn, and what better woman to show her newly obtained skills than Drew Barrymore? She has starred in many of our best-loved films of the 90s - will her debut picture, ‘Whip It’, which boasts fairly big stars and an interesting narrative, live up to our expectations? The film follows Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page), a young teen who’s fed up of the constant pressures her mother Brooke (Marcia Gay Harden) places upon her. She’s pushed into various fashion and beauty pageants that only lower her self-esteem. When she gets a flyer to see a Roller Blade Derby in nearby town Austin, she rushes to see the action. The rollers are called the Hurl Scouts, an all-female sports team who love crashing, bashing and having a ball. Bliss tries out for the team and is accepted. She becomes her roller alter-ego ‘Babe Ruthless’. Her fellow team-mates ‘Smashley Simpson’ (Drew Barrymore) and ‘Maggie Mayhem’ (Kristen Wiig) help and guide her into becoming the ultimate roller girl, but ‘Iron Maven’ (Juliette Lewis), leader of a rival roller gang has other ideas. I was incredibly excited to see this film; it’s a picture I’ve looked forward to for a while. I’m a huge Barrymore fan but I’m an even bigger fan of Ellen Page. In every picture she’s left me lost for words. Her delivery, timing and acting skills are uncanny. Her most famous picture ‘Juno’ (2007) is one of my all-time favourites. So I entered this picture with high hopes, and I wasn’t disappointed. Barrymore has clearly taken her time with this movie; her direction looks stylised and practised. and she seems just as elegant off-screen as she is onscreen. ‘Whip It’ is a warm and funny film, a small and quirky comedy that’s a pleasure to watch. I was deeply impressed by the way it’s meant to empower women, and show that you don’t have to settle for good looks, you can strive for more - a positive and important message for the modern young woman. The film doesn’t waste time, it throws you in and out of the action like a boomerang, and a dull moment never really seems to appear. It also sports a killer soundtrack that will have you nodding your head while you watch. The performances are a knock-out. Page is as wonderful and entertaining, as always. Barrymore and Wiig are loveable and amusing, and Lewis is fantastic as the sinister yet amusing villain. ‘Whip It’ is a film that many probably won’t see - it’ll get caught under the waves of other films filling our screens at the moment. But if you get a chance to go to the cinema, I hugely recommend this little diamond that’s hiding in the rough of Hollywood.


VERDICT: 5 out of 5 – It’s fun, fast-paced and extremely entertaining. Smiles all round for all ages and interests. Chris Haydon

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Friendly faces in local branches; personally run, privately owned Superior Care is a personally run, privately owned homecare agency with a 3* Excellent grading from the Care Quality Commission. Whether or you, or a relative, requires care or support to remain in your own home, we can tailor a care package for your individual requirements. We can assist with tasks such as: • • • • • • •

Assistance with personal care Assistance with getting up or going to bed Meal preparation General company Domestic duties Live-in or respite care Palliative care

Visits of ½ hour through to 24 hour care can be provided and each member of our team is an experienced and dedicated professional. Every member of our team has undergone Enhanced CRB screening, extensive training and a formal induction process.

Or visit our website for more information:

The IMP March 2010.indd 15 The IMP March 2010.indd 15

The IMP April 2010.indd 14

For more information or for a no-commitment visit to discuss the services that we can provide, please contact the friendly faces in your local branch.

Folkestone (01303) 221666 Maidstone (01622) 230800 Whitstable (01227) 771122

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10% off all food

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IMP scoop: Musical Director Emily Peasgood performs every Thursday at Deco 5 Wine Bar on Whitstable High Street, where she features a local guest musician to perform alongside her each week. On April 29 she hinted at the possibility of 30 extra special guests! You heard it here first...


The Oyster Singers are based in Whitstable and are a Choir of 30 people, aged from 25-90 years old. Local musician Emily Peasgood is their Musical Director and they have a fantastic repertoire which includes Coldplay, Rod Stewart and Jules Buckley, Songs from around the World and Classic Musical Theatre, as well as the more traditional Choral Repertoire. Over the last three years every performance has been fully booked to bursting point! BUT - they are in desperate need of men. They currently have five regular gents (four of whom are pictured here) who sing Tenor and Bass between them, and who would love some more company - especially in light of the choir’s plan to enter the ‘Top Choir Kent 2010’ competition next year. If you are interested, call Emily on 01227 282 556. Their next concert is Monday 26th July at St John’s Methodist Church, Whitstable at 7.30pm (as a part of the Whitstable Oyster Festival). Check out our Oyster Festival Listings and gig guide nearer the time.

Are you a local band or venue in need of more live gigs? Local Lucy de Pledge has set up and runs new venture LDP promotions from her home in Chestfield. A newlyformed company, LDP offers a professional promotional and gig-booking service for musicians and bands. Currently working with many well-known local artists including Thunderbuggs, GristleFridge, and Emily & The Beats, LDP are also able to offer a gig booking service in the area for bands from further afield. They have a portfolio of both covers and original music of all genres of top quality music. Further information at:, ldppromotions, join the group on facebook or email

The Lindley Players present - HOTEL PARADISO, by Georges Feydeau - May 11 – 15 at 7.45. This play is The Lindley Players entry into the 2010 Kent Drama Festival and will be adjudicated after the Saturday night performance, and is directed by Peter Hunt: ‘A Door-slamming French, Farce’.

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Transition Town Whitstable Nurture Group is gearing up for its wine making workshop on Saturday May 8 at 7pm. It will give a step-by-step, handson demonstration of all the processes involved in home winemaking. The workshop costs £15 with limited places, so call Helen on 01227 772874. TTW has also launched a monthly business mentoring and networking group, run by Yvonne Fuchs, a business adviser to small business and social enterprise. For more information contact her on 07782 210304.

Whitstable Folk Club sees Po’Girl come to town - stopping at the Royal Native Oyster Stores, The Horsebridge, on May 15, during their 23-date UK tour in May and June. Hailing originally from Canada, Po’Girl weave a blend of musical influences, sweetness, grit and soul into their fresh and original sound. Since the band’s birth in Vancouver, BC in 2003, they’ve been winning devoted and growing

numbers of fans across four continents and thirteen countries with their powerful, passionate and spirited live shows. Po’Girl showcases a wide array of instruments - from gutbucket bass, accordion, clarinet, banjo, dobro, guitar, to electric bass, glockenspiel, piano, harmonica, bicycle bells, drums - and they all frequently trade off instruments with each song. Their fluid and joyous musicality is one of the group’s most endearing and irresistible features. Catch them May 15, from 7.30pm. Tel: 01227 277670. £12/£10.

A Runaway success? Following her success in training 20 male and female beginners to successfully complete the Canterbury Sports Relief event on March 21st, Canterbury Sports Development Council have asked Sarah Hinton, the group leader, to run another series of beginners’ groups to help men train for the Man on the Run event on June 6 and women to train for the Race for Life events in Canterbury (June 27) and Herne Bay (July 4). The new series of beginners’ groups started in April but still has spaces, and the programme aims to build up gently from walking to being able to jog for 30 minutes without stopping. Sarah says of the club nights: “Anyone can join, whatever age, size or ability they are. The best thing about us is that we don’t put any pressure on anybody and never judge anyone by their level of fitness. If we can get a few more men and women jogging then the group will have been a success!” For more details call Sarah Hinton on 01227 830984 or email


‘The farces of Feydeau are as implacable and forthright in intention as a child with a peashooter. They concern the comic horrors that beset ordinary men and women in their determined pursuit of their follies and foibles’. For more information contact The Playhouse Whitstable on 01227 272042 or at


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Dear Editor w good the Firstly can I say ho ky Whitstable luc w ho d an is P IM ething that som ve is to finally ha able. itst Wh on s use foc e Whitstable Our association [Th ] is on iati soc Twinning As er you would eth wh g erin nd wo e in the IMP like to do a featur uld particularly about us. We wo t the myth res to like to to lay d the same about being labelle llies’ as Jo on ors as ‘councill f-funded we are a totally sel have an events organisation and list to prove this. cretary WTA

Gillian Godley, Se

g in to Thanks for writin happy to be uld wo us, we le Twinning feature Whitstab ure issue, fut a in n tio Associa . ch and will be in tou

I hope you will find this local community gro up notice interesting! Please find below, a press release from Whitstable Wome Writers, which I think n readers will be interes ted to know about: Whitstable Women Wri ters’ successful stall at the Horsebridge Op Day on April 10th attr en acted lots of interest and new members. Lea poems and information flets, were given out, with visitors enthusiastical taking part in writing ly exercises and creatin g stories and poems on the walls. to post The group began in Whitstable nearly a dec ade ago and has bec established as a vib ome rant part of the com munity arts scene, wit the aim of promoting h and enhancing local wo me n writers’ creative writing, performance and publishing projec ts. Constructive feedba is on offer, along wit ck h writing exercises, shared ideas and info and encouragement rmation in setting individual targ ets. The atmosphere is supportive and info rmal, and writers in all genres – scriptwritin articles, poetry and g, prose of every kind - are welcome. WW hold writing workshop W also s with guest tutors and public readings; in August they will hos t an evening of poetry and flash fiction in Canterbury featuring visiting author Caroli ne Gilfillan. The group is taking advantage of the new self-publishing and Prin on-Demand technolog ty to produce a new series of publication first off the press is s; a novel, ‘Dreamboat’, by Frankie Green, with cover by local artist Trish Flynn, and poe try collections and an anthology are in the pipeline. ‘Dreamboa t’ is available from the local section of Whitst able’s Harbour Books , online through Amazon or direct from dreamboat@meteorit The group meets reg ularly on the first Mo nda y of every month and welcomes new members. If you are interested in knowin more, have a look at g their blog: http://whits tablewomenwriters. Whitstable Women Wr iters are contactable via Jill on 01227 771126 Please don’t hesitat e to get in touch if you ’d like any further information. Sincerely


Ms Frankie Green for

Whitstable Women


Write in with your points of view, questions or feedback, email or write to: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH We print as many of your letters as we can each month, but cannot guarantee to include all letters we receive, and may not be able to print letters in their entirety. The views expressed in the Letter Box are the readers’ own and not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher.


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Any letters or emails sent in to the IMP may be included in The Letter Box – if you would not like your letter published, please state this clearly.

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CHRISSIE’S KITCHEN Delicious cakes and local delivery for: Special occasions • Message on a cupcake Special dietary requirements wedding cakes from £200 call for a quote or to arrange a free tasting t: 07511 009 757 e: w: The IMP Oct 09.indd 33

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Your move becomes single largest estate agency brand in uk Local estate agents, Your Move, is celebrating following the announcement that it is now part of the single largest estate agency brand in the UK today and will join 335 other branches across the UK in a combined effort to support local customers. Matthew Curd, Valuations Manager for Your Move in Whitstable commented: “It’s very exciting news for Your Move but also for the local team. The fact that our parent company LSL has managed to weather the storms of recent times and has reported industry leading trading results means we clearly benefit from being part of a bigger organisation - as do our customers in terms of the competitively priced products and services and significant marketing opportunities we offer. “We’ve already got together a great local team who, because of their individual knowledge and experience of the local market, have a proven track record of success. Now, however, because we are part of a bigger concern we can work with colleagues in other branches across the country in selling or renting our properties and attracting customers from further afield to our branch. “Your Move itself has embarked on a massive nationwide advertising and PR campaign, as many would expect from an agency of our size, which we are supporting at local level too. It means even more people will get to know the name and come to appreciate the value of dealing with a larger agency and, as a result we should have even more buyers and sellers coming ‘on board’ which benefit each other. The sheer fact that we have good geographical coverage, for example, means we have a greater appreciation about what is happening in the market as a whole and how it could impact on the local market. Added to this we also, of course, pride ourselves on making sure we keep up with the changing legislation and government developments to ensure customers can take advantage of any opportunities that arise or react, in time, to any imminent changes in the market. We build our reputation on trust and good quality customer service and this is one way we can demonstrate this. “Our commitment to the development of our products and services has already been acknowledged with the recent announcement that we won three Gold Awards at the highly regarded Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2009 where we won Gold for Best Large Estate Agency, Best Large Lettings Agency and Best Technology/Web - complimenting the fact that we already have the most visited estate agency website in the UK today. We’re now not only bigger but, we believe, we’re even better. “All in all 2010 has started on a high point for Your Move and it’s a position the local team certainly want to build on - we’ve got the support of LSL, the recognition of the industry and the size and stability to succeed and we simply can’t wait to tell even more Your Move customers why bigger can be better.

If you’d like to find out how Your Move can help you, simply contact your local team at Whitsable or telephone them on 01227 367161 YOUR MOVE - Triple Gold Award Winners - Estate Agency of the Year 2009 Estate Agent of the Year 2009 : Gold Winners : Best UK Large Agent Estate Agent of the Year 2009 : Gold Winners : Best UK Large lettings Agent Estate Agent of the Year 2009 : Gold Winners : Best/Technology/Web Estate Agent of the Year 2009 : Silver Winners : Financial Services Estate Agent of the Year 2008 : Gold Winners : Financial Services Estate Agent of the Year 2008 : Gold Winners : Marketing Estate Agent of the Year 2008 : Silver Winners : Best UK Large Agent Estate Agent of the Year 2008 : Silver Winners : Financial Services Winner Best Estate Agency Chain and Silver Winner Scotland (Dalgety Bay)

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Are you thinking of selling or letting?

Our unrivalled knowledge of the local area and our experience in both selling and letting property means we can help you make your move. SELLING. An unbeatable package which makes selling your home easier • Experienced and enthusiastic staff • Proven marketing expertise and local knowledge • Professional marketing material including sales particulars,displays, and press advertising.

• An effective 3 point approach to letting: market, advise, protect. • Quicklet, our bespoke system, gets your property on the market in hours. • Fully referenced tenants means less hassle later. • Choose from 3 service levels: Tenant Find, Rent Collect or Fully Managed.

YOUR MOVE is a member of the following regulatory bodies: Ombudsman for Estate Agents and Association of Residential Letting Agents. Our code of practice is approved by Office of Fair Trading.

Whether you are selling or letting, you’ll get extensive internet coverage on (the UK’s most visited estate agency website*) and selected leading property portals. *Source:

Hitwise March 2009.

For more information 01227us367161 contact today on <insert tel no>

EAL1423 04/2009

LETTING. A comprehensive and flexible service for all landlords.

YOUR MOVE is a trading name of: Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FRN:310467) for mortgage and non-investment insurance advice. Registered Office address: Newcastle House, Albany Court, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7YB. Registered Number: 01864469. VAT number GB842795983. We are founder members of the Ombudsman for Estate Agents, there to protect your interests.

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34-35 Fosters DPS.indd 1

18/02/2010 11:00

34-35 Fosters DPS.indd 2

18/02/2010 11:00

1 2 Y R U T N E


The IMP May 2010.indd 30

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Broad Oak 5 Bed £525,000

Chateaneuf France 250,000 euros

Chestfield 4 Bed £450,000

Herne Hill 3 Bed £475,000

Ramsgate Hotel £450,000

Chestfield 5 Bed £579,995


The IMP May 2010.indd 31

16/04/2010 15:03

Tankerton £19,000

Whitstable 2 Bed £159,995

Whitstable 2 Bed £179,995

Whitstable 2 Bed £205,000

Whitstable 4 Bed £325,995

Whitstable 5 Bed £445,995

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Make a fresh start Sell through the worlds No1 Estate Agents • Free Home Information Pack (HIP) when instructed on our standard fee

• Already have a HIP ? We will provide solicitors fees FREE to act on your sale

• Your own personal Estate Agent and business owner who will act for you throughout the entire sales process

• More exposure for your property locally using multiple window displays

• More exposure for your property locally by advertising in multiple publications & newspapers covering Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury & Faversham

• More

exposure for your property nationally by advertising through our network of over 55 UK Century 21 offices including Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury, Folkestone, Maidstone and nationally through Greater and Central London and the North.

• More exposure for your property nationally by using multiple

web sites including,, Propertyworld, and Globrix

• More exposure for your property internationally through Century and our 8000 offices worldwide

Terms & Conditions apply to the free hip and free legal offer

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the gig guide This information is intended as guide only, and may be subject to last-minute changes. Contact details are provided for all venues. MAY Faversham 2 - The Carpenter’s Arms - JAZZ SUNDAY - 4.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234 2 - The Anchor - RADLERS - 7-10pm, FREE entry, 01795 536 471 5 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - JOE BROUGHTON & KEVIN DEMPSEY - (£^/7)- 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992


6 - The Carpenter’s Arms CARTER’S ALIBI - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234


16 - The Bull Inn - KARAOKE - 8pm, FREE entry, 01795 534740 16 - The Anchor - 29 WAYS 7-10pm, FREE entry, 01795 536 471 19 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992

2 - The Old Neptune - FLUTATIOUS - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 2 - The Smack - KARAOKE 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056

21 - The Plough - TIM HAY FREE - 9pm. 01795 890256

2 - Whitstable Brewery Bar CROW - 8pm, £5 on the door. 01227 772157

23 - The Anchor - IVAN & THE ALLSTARS - 7-10pm, FREE entry, 01795 536 471

2 - The Duke - JAZZ POLICE 3-5pm, FREE entry 01227 280 617

26 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992

7 - The Red Lion, Baddlesmere THE THUNDERBUGGS - FREE entry, 9.30pm, 01233 740 320

27 - The Carpenter’s Arms AON - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234

9 - The Anchor - LIVE MUSIC 7-10pm, FREE entry, 01795 536 471


13 - The Carpenter’s Arms SELKIE - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234

2 - The Plough, Swalecliffe - EMILY & THE BEATS - 8pm, FREE entry, 01227 792 428

20 - The Carpenter’s Arms GOOSEBUMPS - 8.30pm, FREE entry, 01795 890234

7 - The Plough - GET CARTER- FREE - 9pm. 01795 890256

12 - The Chimney Boy - FOLK CLUB - 8pm. Call Mary on 01795 534 368 or 07980 203992

1 - The Old Neptune - COMPLETE UNKNOWNS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262

1 - Deco 5 - RICHARD ROZZE’S BEARING EDGE TRIO 01227 770079 1 - Coach & Horses - MICHAEL KERR - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 1 - East Kent - BLUES FUSION 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018

2 - Two Brewers - TORTILLA ARMY FREE entry, 9pm, 01227 272150 3 - The Duke - MOVEABLE FEAST 2-5pm, FREE entry 01227 280 617 5 - The Smack - OPEN MIC 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056 6 - Deco 5 - MUSIQUE FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079 6 - Whitstable Labour Cliue - FOLK CLUB - ROY BAILY - 8pm, £7/5. 07895 683567 6 - The Ship - KELLY’S HEROES FREE, 9pm. 01227 264740

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15/04/2010 21:35

15 - Deco 5 - ZED HEADS 01227 770079

7 - The Duke - BAD PENNIES 9pm, FREE entry 01227 280 617

15 - The Old Neptune - STEVE BOLTON - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262

7 - Coach & Horses BLUES FUSION - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 7 - East Kent - METROPOLIS - 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018 8 - Deco 5 - TIFFANEY WELLS 01227 770079

29 - The Old Neptune - DONE TOL’ MAMA - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262

16 - The Old Neptune - MATT BROOKS - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262

30 - Two Brewers - KIT CURTIS 5 FREE entry, 9pm, 01227 272150

8 - The Smack - TVC - 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056 2 - Two Brewers - LED GREMLIN FREE entry, 9pm, 01227 272150

16 - The Smack - KARAOKE 9-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 273056

9 - The Duke - MIGDEN & GIBSON 3-5pm, FREE entry 01227 280 617

16 - Two Brewers - ONE LOVE FREE entry, 9pm, 01227 272150

9 - Coach & Horses BONA-TUNES - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732

20 - The Ship - CHICORY TIP FREE, 9pm. 01227 264740

13 - Deco 5 - MUSIQUE FEMME Emily Peasgood and female guest 01227 770079 13 - The Ship - ESSENTIAL DUO ACOUSTICS - FREE, 9pm. 01227 264740 14 - Coach & Horses - JAZZ 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 14 - The Old Neptune - JONES BOYS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 14 - The Duke - BLUES BANDITS 9pm, FREE entry 01227 280 617

27 - The Ship -CROOKED STYLE FREE, 9pm. 01227 264740

15 - Royal Native Oyster Stores WHITSTABLE FOLK CLUB - PO’GIRL - 7.30pm, £12/£10, 01227 277 670

16 - The Duke - DAVE PEABODY & BRENDAN POWER - 3-5pm, FREE entry 01227 280 617

9 - The Old Neptune - TENER DUENDE - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262

28 - Coach & Horses BOW STRINGS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732

21 - Coach & Horses BLUE IMP - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 22 - The Old Neptune - CANARY WHARF - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 22 - Coach & Horses MUDDY SHOVELS - 9-11pm, FREE entry 01227 264 732 23 - The Old Neptune - JIM & JEFF - 5-8pm, FREE entry 01227 272262 23 - Two Brewers - RUN VT - FREE entry, 9pm, 01227 272150 25 - East Kent - LEFT OF THE DIAL 9pm, FREE entry, 01227 272 018

CLASSICAL MAY 8 - ASHFORD CHORAL SOCIETY Beethoven: Mass in C; Bernstein: Chichester Psalms; Poulenc: Gloria. Saga Pavillion, Enbrook Park, Folkestone CT20 3SE. 15 - WHITSTABLE SCOUT GROUP BRASS BAND - Methodist Church, Argyle St, 7pm, £4.50 01227 262210. 7-16 Sounds New Festival, Canterbury Christ Church University, ‘Symbolism and Numerology in Music – The Number 7’. Info at 01227 782244 (24 hour booking line). 14-16 - Sacconi Chamber Music Festival at St Mary & St Eanswythe’s Church, Folkestone. Tickets: 01303 858500. To publicise your gig here please email christina@the-imp. or write to The IMP, PO Box 290. CT5 9AH. Deadline for the June issue will be May 10



7 - Deco 5 - KIT CURTIS 5 01227 770079


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15/04/2010 21:35

Kent festivals for 2010 We know you don’t mind travelling a bit to see and hear your favourite bands - so here’s a quick guide to the festivals in Kent this year to help you plan for sunnier times... MAY 1-3 - ROCHESTER SWEEPS FESTIVAL rochester-sweeps-festival High Street Rochester Kent ME1 1LX 01634 843666

JUNE 5 - ROCKFEST www. Details TBC 11-13 - SELLINDGE MUSIC FESTIVAL Band bookings – Jamie Boyd email: 18-27 STOUR MUSIC FESTIVAL Boughton Aluph, Nr Ashford 19-20 QFEST Quex Park, Birchington


19-20 - MARGATE’S BIG EVENT on_news/margate_big_event.aspx 01843 577167/577638


18 & 19 - ASHFORD FESTIVAL IN THE PARK 22-24 - CANTERBURY BEER FESTIVAL gillandgerrykeay@ Gill Keay 01227 463478 24-30 - WHITSTABLE OYSTER FESTIVAL Michelle 01227 862267


11-12 MOARE MUSIC Three Mariners, Oare 01795533633

31-Aug 1 - WHITSTABLE REGATTA Tankerton Slopes 01227 274313

11-12 MAIDSTONE BEER FESTIVAL 01622 621242

31-Aug 1 - MARGATE CARNIVAL margatecarnivalgroup@btinternet. com 01843 293733 MARGATE JAZZ FESTIVAL Details TBC


6-13 - BROADSTAIRS FOLK WEEK 01843 604080

9-11 - LOUNGE ON THE FARM Merton Farm, Canterbury

3-5 - ASHFORD BEER FESTIVAL Ashford Rugby Club cjakers@ 01233 647274

25 - RAMSGATE CARNIVAL 07999419623




4-5 - FAVERSHAM HOP FESTIVAL 01795 417426

19-25 BROADSTAIRS DICKENS FESTIVAL www. c/o Miss Sylvia Hawkes 01843 861827. 10 Lanthorne Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 3NH


21-29 - HERNE BAY FESTIVAL 01227 862406

6-8 HEVY FESTIVAL - Change of location! Now being held at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.


OCTOBER 16-30 - CANTERBURY FESTIVAL Kent’s International Arts Festival, Canterbury www.canterburyfestival. 01227 452853 info@

NOVEMBER 11-13 - MEDWAY BEER FESTIVAL If you run a festival which you’d like to see included here, or if you have more details on any of the events above, please email Lucy de Pledge


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The IMP May 2010.indd 8

19/04/2010 14:30

what’s on? what’s on what’s on?on? whitstable what’s on? what’s whitstable THE MONTH AHEAD... 1 & 29 (bank holiday weekends) - Seaside Brocante - 10-5pm, St Mary’s Hall (Umbrella Centre). Masses of rustic seaside chic. Bigger stands in vintage garden. Furniture, Homeware, Vintage Designer clothes, jewellery, accessories & haberdashery. £1 admission, Cindy Mainwaring: 01227 773037

Parent and Toddler St Alphege Carer & Toddler group - Monday 9.15am at the school (Oxford Street) 01227 272977.

14 - Whitstable & District Horticultural Society, 7.30pm Janet Bryant - Growing in tubs & containers. UR Church, Middle Wall.

Arts & Crafts - Mondays 10-11am term-time only, prebook at Swalecliffe Children’s Centre 01227 272103

31 - Bank Holiday Spring Fair - The Umbrella Centre, Oxford Street. Free Entry. To book tables call 01227 274880, £10/table. June 1 - Family Fun Morning at Seasalter Christian Centre, 10-12, £2 per child, everyone welcome! Enq: Jane 01227 276923 SEE GIG GUIDE p37 FOR GIGS AND CONCERTS

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES Activities and times may change, please check before you arrive. Babies Breast Feeding & Weaning Peer Support Group – Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Mondays from 12:15 -2:15pm. 01227 263998 Baby bounce and rhyme – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street, first Tuesday of each month, 1111.20am. 01227 273309 Breastfeeding Clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Tuesdays, monthly, appointment only. 01227 263998 Baby Massage - Swalecliffe Children’s Centre, Wednesday 9.30-11, 21st April for 4 weeks. Bookable at Reception 01227 2727103 Drop-in baby clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre Thursdays 9.30-11am, no appointment necessary, call in to see the health visitor, chat and have your child weighed. Call 01227 263998 Baby Massage - Joy Lane Children’s Centre Thursdays 12.00-1pm. 01227 564421


Breastfeeding Peer Training - Friday 12-3pm, Joy Lane Children’s Centre - call 01227 475550

3 - Whitstable Museum - Canterbury & Whitstable Railway 180th Anniversary Event - 10-12.30, all ages.

29 - Messy Church@Seasalter Christian Centre, 3.306pm. Enq: Jill Freeman 07733 070 933


PIPS - Joy Lane Children’s Centre - for families with children 0-5 with additional needs - Fridays 10am-12. Call 01227 263998 for more info

Baby Massage – Whitstable Health Centre – 5-week courses, Friday am. 50p per session, bring your own massage oil. Call Carol Fellowes on 01227 594417 Health Visitor 1-1s - appointment only, through GP/Health Clinic, Swalecliffe Children’s Centre 01227 272103

Button Tots – Lucerne Neighbourhood Centre, Faversham Road. Mondays 10am-12, call Jane 01227 282732 3 Years Plus Family Group – Westmeads Infant School, Cromwell Road, Mondays 1.45-2.45pm. 01227 272995 Little Alfies – Seasalter Christian Centre, alternate Mondays 1.45pm, call 07733070933 Story Time – Swalecliffe Library, Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Mondays 2-2.30pm, drop in or call 01227 792645 Messy Play Sessions – Mondays 1-3pm. Bring old clothes! Free of charge. Joy Lane Children’s Centre – 01227 263998 Art & Crafts 10-11am, term time only, prebook at Joy Lane Children’s Centre, 01227 263998 Playmates – Christian Fellowship Hall, Harbour St – Tuesday mornings 9.30-11.30. 50p per family. 01227 263393 Tots @ TEC – Tankerton Evangelical Church Hall, Northwood Road, Tankerton, Tuesdays 10-11.30am, ages 0-5, £1 per family. 01227 794328 Seasalter Christian Centre parent and toddler group – Tuesdays, 1.30-3pm, £1 per family. 01227 770257 Baby Bounce and Rhyme - Whitstable Library, 1st Tuesday of the month, 11-11.20am - 01227 273309 Parent & Toddler Group - drop in Wednesdays 9-11.30am, Toy Library every fortnight from September 16 - 10.30-11.30 - Swalecliffe Children’s Centre - 01227 272103 Little Lights – St Alphege Church, High Street, Thursdays, term time, 1.45-2.45pm, call 01227 770221 All Saints Parent and Toddler Group – Shirley Hall, Church Street – Wednesdays 1.15-2.45pm. 50p per family. Term-time only – Call Sue Smith 01227 471325 St Alphege Drop-in group - Wednesday 1.30pm at the school (Oxford Street) 01227 272977.

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hat’s on? whitstable what’s on? whitstable what’s on? Little Oysters Pre-school storytelling and craft activity, Last Wednesday, 1.30-2.30pm. Whitstable Museum. £2 per child. To book: 01227 276 998

Whitstable Home Education Group Tuesdays 1.303pm. Penny: 01227 773155, uk,

Parent and Toddler Group – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Thursdays 9-10.30am and 11-12.30. 01227 263998

Whitstable Majorettes and Pom Teams - age 5+, St Peters Church Hall, Cromwell Street, Whitstable, Monday 4-6pm, £2 per session. 07900 478863

Messy Play - drop in Thursdays 1-2.45-pm, Swalecliffe Children’s Centre - 01227 272103

Adult Education

Chatterbox Baby and Toddler Group – St John’s Church Centre, Swalecliffe. Fridays 9.30-11.30am. 01227 792835 Swalecliffe Children’s Centre - Locomotion 9.3010.15 (2-5) Baby Loco 10.20-10.50 (6 months-2) from 23rd April. Bookable at Reception 01227 272103. Story time – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street. Fridays, 2-2.30pm, call 01227 273309

Story Sacks - Wednesday mornings, 10-week course starts in May, bookable at Joy Lane Children’s Centre, Reception - 01227 263998

FITNESS NEW Adult ballet/contemporary dance classes starting from May 4 at 8pm. Tap, yoga & pilates also available - contact Helena for details: 01227 275 375 American Square Dancing at the W.I. Hall, Chestfield. Fridays 7:30-9:30pm. 01227 275455. Beginners Mondays 3-4.30pm.

Friday Fun Group – Middle Wall United Reformed Church – 9.30-11.30am. Waiting list 01227 771766 or 263959

Aqua Aerobics Mondays 4.45-5.45pm, Fridays 9.3010.30am - Tree Tops Retreat, Wraik Hill, £4.50/class inc tea or coffee. Booking essential. 01227 280265, 07850 104560

Sing & Sign - Joy Lane Children’s Centre, Friday 1.45-2.20 for 7months - 2 1/2 years. 10 week course from 23rd April. 01227 263998

Badminton courts at CCW available to hire Saturdays between 9am and 5pm. 07751 307708

Dads’ group - Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Fridays 1-3pm. 01227 263998 Pre-school Children Whitstable School Transition Group for children starting school at 4. Fridays 1.30-3pm. Penny: 01227 773155 School Children/After-School Clubs Cricket - Saturday Colts - ages 6-11. 9.15am, £1 per child, including drink. Register at http://www. or at Belmont Road ground on Saturday morning. Homework Club - age 8+ - Whitstable Library - 3.305pm - 01227 273309 Homework Club - age 8-14 - Seasalter Christian Centre - 4-6pm - 07733070933 Irish Dancing - ages 5+ at the Parish Social Centre, Castle Road. Tuesdays from 3.30pm, Saturdays 10.30-12. Call Janice for details on 07895 457020 Joy Lane/Langton Lane Swimming Clubs. All ages and abilities, qualified instructors. Joy Lane Primary/ Simon Langton School pools. 07817 171 524  MUSIC LESSONS WITH EMILY - Lessons for Adults and Children in: Singing, Piano, Flute, Recorder, Guitar, Theory, Sight Reading / Singing and Songwriting. £14/30mins, £26/hour, first lesson 1/2 Price, 10% Discount on block bookings. Call Emily on 01227 282 556 or 07749 115 484. 

Ballroom & Latin American Dancing, Tuesdays 1.303pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880 Fitness to Music with bums, legs & tums - Mondays 12.15-1.15pm, Tree Tops Retreat, Wraik Hill, £4.50/ class inc tea or coffee. Booking essential. 01227 280265, 07850 104560 Irish Dancing for adults - Women’s Institute Hall on Joy Lane. Mondays term time 8-9pm. Janice: 07895 457020 KEEP FIT BELLYDANCE - Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable. Fridays 10am-11am. MAKE EXERCISE FUN WITH BELLYBEATS: a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT with bellydance moves. Improve your posture, body awareness and build up confidence. Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable. Fridays 10am-11am. ALL AGES AND ABILITIES WELCOME. £5 (£4 concessions). 07979 553789 or email Keep Fit for over 50s and less active Wednesdays1.30-2.30pm - Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880 Low impact keep fit - Mondays 12.15-1.15pm, Umbrella Centre, Suzi: 07702 386176 PILATES CLASSES - Mondays 5:30pm-6:45pm at the Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Oxford Street, Whitstable.  Qualified and experienced Pilates teacher, specialising in postnatal and rehabilitation. £7 drop-in class or £35 for a block of six. (£5 concessions). I am also available for private sessions. 07979 553789 or email Walk and talk - Wednesdays 10.30am from Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre: 01227 274880


Heuristic Play - Joy Lane Children’s Centre, Thursdays 1.45-2.45pm. Drop in. 01227 263998


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what’s on? whitstable what’s on? whitstable what’s on Yoga and Relaxation with Chrissie - Monday and Tuesday evenings 7-8pm and 8.15-9.15pm, Longfield Court Garden Room, Swalecliffe. Thursday mornings 9.25am. Whitstable Youth and Community Centre, Tower Parade. Friendly drop-in classes £6. Please ring Chrissie on 01227 275000 Yoga - Mondays 1.20-2.20pm, Umbrella Centre, Suzi: 07702 386176 Yoga - Mondays 1.45-2.45pm & 6.30-7.30pm, £4.50/ class inc tea or coffee. Booking essential. Tree Tops Retreat, Wraik Hill, 01227 280265, 07850


Whitstable Stroke Club - Fridays 3.30-5.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 266827 Whitstable Twinning Association - 01227 793212 or Whitstable Women Writers, first Monday of the month, 8pm, new members welcome, 01227 771126 Council Services Recycling Information: 01227 862 247; Recycling Collections, Banks, Sacks; Domestic Refuse Collection; Dog Fouling: 0800 031 9091

Needles and Natter - Thursdays 2.30-4.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880

Health SWINE ‘FLU TELEPHONE ADVICE LINE: 0800 1 513 513 WEBSITE: Chestfield Medical Centre – 0844 477 3073 Saddleton Road Surgery - 01227 272809 Seasalter Surgery - 01227 772327 Whitstable Health Centre – 0844 477 2566 Estuary View Health Centre - 01227 284300 Seasalter Community Pharmacy - 01227 277744 Estuary View Pharmacy - 01227 277488 Out of Hours service – 0844 800 1234 NHS Direct - including Out of Hours Pharmacies 0845 46 47 Blood Donation – 08457 711 711 Stop Smoking Service - 0800 849 4444 Disability Information and Advice Line Tel: 01227 771155

Oyster Lacemakers - Mondays, 4–7pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 276921

NHS Patient Advice and Liaison Service 0800 085 6606

Oyster Singers - Every Monday (except Holidays) 7pm at CCW, old and new songs in 4 part harmony. 01227 793155

Local Policing

Clubs/Societies Arts and crafts for adults - Thursdays 10am-12, Umbrella Centre: 01227 274880 Book club - NEW! - 3rd Thursday of the month, 7.30pm, Shirley Hall. Friendly group, new members welcome. Next book: ‘Smileys People’ by John Le Carre. Tim Mason 01227 272126. Book club - 1st Thursday of the month, 6.30-9pm, Umbrella Centre. Movie every other month. 01227 274880 East Kent Model Railway Society - Wednesdays 7.30pm, Club house in the Old Dairy (by Castle Stores), Castle Road. 01227 275157 Flowers and Crafts Club - Tuesdays 7-9.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 281138

Reading Group - Swalecliffe Library, 01227 792645 Samba Pelo Mar samba band, Tuesdays 7-9pm at Whitstable Junior School. Call 01227 281838.

Scrabble Club - Mondays 10.30-12.30pm, Umbrella Centre, 01227 274880 Short Mat Bowls - Friday and Sunday evenings, Umbrella Centre, 01227 794600 Whitstable and District Horticultural Society - United Reformed Church, Middle Wall, 7.30 pm on second Fridays. 01227 265503


Whitstable Indoor Bowling Club - open 9.30am10pm. 01227 277 692

Whitstable Over 60s Centre, Waterloo Road (next to Baptist Church). Mon-Sat, 10am-1pm. Refreshments available. Drop in or call 01227 272093.


Whitstable Short Mat Bowls Club - Fridays & Sundays 7.30pm, Umbrella Centre. 01227 794600

Whitstable Photographic Group – 1st & 3rd Friday each month, 8-10pm, Methodist Church Hall, Argyle Road. 01227 275936

Police surgeries and meetings:

Whitstable: Gordon Etheridge, with Sergeant Dave Brenchley on 01227 868028 Chestfield - PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Abi Ellis 0777 222 6106 Gorrell - PCSO: Mark Harriott 0777 222 5966 Harbour - PC: Andy Camp 07980 683530; PCSO: Aaron Pedwell 0777 222 6035 Seasalter & Yorkletts - CSO: Aarron Newell 01227 868028 Swalecliffe & Tankerton - PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Graeme Downes 01227 868028 Volunteer Services

Elderly or disabled and can’t access public transport? Whitstable Volunteer Car Scheme: 01227 264743 Volunteers Needed Whitstable Volunteer Car Scheme - drivers needed to take elderly or disabled to appointments. If you have time to volunteer please call 01227 264743

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what’s on? whitstable what’s on? whitstable what’s on?

LOCAL SERVICES Alternative Therapies Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Ear Candles, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage. In the comfort of your own home or in Debra’s therapy room. Call Debra Maybourne, Holistic Therapist, 01227 276 881 or 07872 622 023 CHANGE YOUR LUCK – CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Do you feel you could make more of life? Whether you want to supercharge your confidence, become more relaxed or gain more control so that you can focus on creating the life YOU want, we can help. www. ; 0845 579 4262 FOOT FRIEND - Caring Chiropody, the sole mate for your feet. The gentle foot health service in your own home. Visits within a 5 mile radius of town centre. Call Rochelle Lewis on 07974008120  Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage. Treatment room in Whitstable; home visits within 3 mile radius. Gift vouchers, taster sessions and pamper events. Contact Liz Compton on 07931201148 or email, Hypnotherapy at Q Hypnotherapy, based in Whitstable. Details at Call Lisa Barnett on 0800 612 8153 Hypnotherapy for Smoking is the least expensive within a 20 mile radius. Based in Chestfield. Call Peter Corrigan on 01227 792359 or email: peter.corrigan@ Reflexology & Massage at Body Mind and SOLE Denise Fasulo, MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists). Professional treatment in pleasant surroundings. Call Whitstable 01227 275855 Reflexology at Sole Indulgence for stress reduction, relaxation & better health. “If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must do.” Sarah, Whitstable.  Gift vouchers available. New - Hot Stones Reflexology. Call Alison on 01227 272131 THE ACUPUNCTURE PLACE, WHITSTABLE Acupuncture for pain relief, migraines, sciatica, back pain. Specialising in gynaecogical, fertility and IVF support. Member of BAcC. Contact: Amanda Thomas Tel:01227 265082 Mob:07763 566710 THE HOLISTIC HEALTH PLACE, WHITSTABLE - Treatments available for adults & children. Homeopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, QX Allergy & Health Testing. Contact: Annette Stein - Tel:01227 265082 Mob:07813778027

Beauty bbeautiful mobile beauty therapy & beauty room. Bridal make-up packages, Facials, O.P.I Manicures & Pedicures, UV Gel nails, Lash/Brow tints, Waxing, Individual lashes.  Pamper parties and Teenage makeup parties. Gift vouchers available. Insured and a member of Associated Beauty Therapists. Call Rachel on 07784223287 Emphasising Beauty - Semi-permanent make-up. Eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Eyelash extensions individually applied (silk and coloured available). Creative nail extensions, Jessica Manicures and Pedicures. Over 13 years experience. Qualified, insured and licensed. 07902877309 01227 264001 Mobile Hairdressing for all the family. Cuts, colours, foils, children’s cuts and hair for special occassions. Call Vicky for an appointment on 07833 664 691/ 01227 272154. Carers Tender Loving Carers Domiciliary Ltd – Providers of Personal and Domestic Care to the elderly and younger less able within the community. For a FREE, no obligation assessment and enquiry, please call on 01227 772515. For employment opportunities please also call the number above. Childcare Little Treasures Childminding - with 18 years experience as an Infant teacher and a registered childminder, I have excellent facilities and provide a wide range of fun and educational activities, tailor-made to address the needs of each individual child. For further information please call Janette on 01227 264681. Fully-qualified local childminder - see thechildminder. or call Vicky on 077645 898 959 DAISY CHAIN NURSERY SCHOOL - we are open every day during term time from 9.15 to noon with extended hours on Mondays and Thursdays 9.15 to 3.15. We welcome visits - please phone for appointment, 07947 819 348 (nursery hours) 01227 773059 Computer Repair Whitstable Computer Repair - All types of help with your PC, no call-out fee within 10 mile radius of Whitstable. Very competitive rates. www. or call 0800 224 8824 HDG Networks: the only Trading Standards-Approved and Microsoft-Certified computer repair and IT support company in East Kent, based in Whitstable. / 08000 434638 / 01227 280282.  Quote “IMP” for a £5 discount off your first callout Counselling Whitstable Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre.  Feeling unable to cope and need somebody to talk to and think things through? Confidential, UKCP & BACP Registered with 15 years experience. Contact Deborah Gibbons on 01227 261159. Reduced rates for those on low incomes.


Whitstable Volunteer Centre - Volunteers recruited to work in many different charities. Contact volunteering@ or call 01227 772248


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what’s on? Whitstable what’s on? Whitstable Cromwell Road Counselling & Meditation Centre – Do you need to find different ways of coping with life? Do you need someone to listen? Counselling, Psychotherapy or Meditation could help; for Adults and Children. Phone Karin Heinitz/Christine McAllen, Tel: 01227 273580 Psychodynamic Counselling, Coaching, Clinical Supervision - Jacqueline Sirota MSc MBACP Senior Registered Practitioner, UKRC Registered Independent Counsellor. For more information call 07866 471412 or email Curtain Making Affordable bespoke curtain and blind making service. Free estimates and measuring service. Co-ordinated soft furnishings, kitchenware and fabric gifts. Fabric also available to buy. Call Karen Mansfield Originals 01795 535348 or 07903 193390 Home Maintenance F.T.S. Electrical Installations, all aspects of electrical work undertaken. Home Buyers/ Landlord surveys and reports, and periodic inspections. Door entry and alarm systems. Fully Qualified and Part P and Napit registered, Call Paul Fletcher on 01795 539302 & 07885 587350. Flat Pack Rescue, a fast and efficient flat-pack furniture assembly service. Don’t risk DIY, call an expert! Paul 07801814511

High Quality Painters and Decorators.With her skilled team, can transform your house, and work with you to create the look you want. 18 years experience, including Special Paint Finishes,Painted Furniture,Kitchens, Colour and Design Advise. Call 01795 539302 & 07970303610


Retailers *Ripple Farm Organics* ORGANIC &  LOCAL Crundale, Canterbury  CT4 7EB. Boxes delivered to your area. 01227 730898 (answer-phone) Sunlock Blinds - Blinds for home conservatory or office. Made to measure, vertical, venetians, wooden, rollers, fly-screens, outside canopies. Upholstery Foam also available. Home visits arranged, free no obligation quotes. Free fitting service. Family-run business 32 years, 01227 281191; 07828 564082 Weddings Beautiful wedding cakes made to your specification. Go to or call Chrissie to arrange an appointment on 07511 009 757. The ultimate bespoke bridal hairdresser, make-up artist and facialists in the comfort of your boudoir & hotel room. It’s like having your very own fairy godmother on your wedding day. For a consultation contact us on 07807 892 857 Wedding Singer - Make your day really special with beautiful classical music - available for weddings, christenings and any special occasion. Call Christina on 07511 009 757 or listen at christinabosanko

Lady Painter & Decorator, 30 years’ experience, clean & tidy worker, no job too small. Call Kim on 01227 791 524 or 07792 195 411


Swann Plumbing Services is a small familyrun plumbing & heating firm. We undertake all plumbing work from a leaky tap to a new boiler, please check website for a full list of services and local testimonials. Trading Standards Approved, OFTEC and Gas Safe Registered. 01227 262 585

Emerald Quays, Shoreham-by-Sea Nr Brighton ‘Quayside’ is a 2 bedroom luxury apartment with indoor heated pool, spa and gym Sleeps up to 5. American fridge/freezer, dishwasher etc. £450pw April-June. For availability, pictures and rates visit all year: www. Shoreham Beach. Call 07799 263765 /07771 858889

Family History Who do you think you are? Would you like some help tracing your family history? Why not call me, Richard on 01227 281771 or e-mail rhove@tiscali. and I will be happy to discuss how I can help.


Jamie at Home - Forget tupperware its now Pukkaware! Have a fun evening with quiz, exclusive recipe (dvd) plus receive great benefits for hosting. The Jme range includes many lush but affordable house & home essentials. For party bookings, catalogues or further information. Call: Charlotte 07794120829 or E-Mail:

Gardening Gardening/Property Maintenance - No job too small. Whitstable area only. Tree pruning, lawn mowing/tidying, hedge trimming, fencing, carpentry/ woodwork projects for gardens. Call 07835 665 707 Parties Partylite - Candles and Home Accessories? Quality fragrant candles in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Tri-Glow Reed Diffusers. Have an evening/ coffee morning with friends and host a candle party. Monthly Hostess/Guest specials. Call: Karen 07956 575980


Abroad Stay in our yurts, in the hills of Andalucia, southern Spain. 1hr Malaga, 30 mins coast. Perfect for walking, exploring local white villages, horse riding, relaxing. For more info please visit our website: Email jackyfaulkner@, tel 0034 951321861.

To be included contact Non-profit listings free of charge, subject to space. Deadline for the June issue will be May 10th 2010.

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15/04/2010 21:35

ÂŁ10 Bring in this voucher or quote CODE 2646 Cannot be exchanged for cash or used with any other voucher. Valid for one test booked on or before 26 June 2010 Present at time of test. One per person, at named Specsavers stores only.

Whitstable 22 High Street Tel 01227 773 890

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18/03/2010 18/03/2010 08:52 16:05

Call us now: 01227 281648

TRIBUNE SUITE Pan, Cistern, Seat



Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal


g Hours Openin .30-5.30 on-Fri 7 M

-4.00 Sat 9.00

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Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal



Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal



Pan, Cistern and Seat, Basin with Pedestal



Back to wall Pan & Seat, SemiRecess Basin with 1 Tap Hole

ALLBITS Plumbing Supplies


ALL Price Include VAT at 17.5%

Unit 60, John Wilson Industrial Estate, Kent, CT5 3QT Whitstable

18/02/2010 11:22



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