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Gas Fires Gas Cookers Servicing

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! And welcome to the January issue of The Whitstable IMP... employed a new distributor for January, a reputable company with over 20 years in the business, and hopefully from 28th December for a 2-week period the January issue will have been delivered successfully into every Whitstable home. If you hear of anyone who has not received their copy, please be sure to let us know so we can make sure they get one. Our contact details are below. And the fact that so many of you did not see the mag means that we STILL have 10 PHILIPS MP3 players to give away to the first 10 people to send us in their feedback on the magazine! Send yours to the usual address to be entered into the draw (see below). WIN And finally a huge vote of thanks ONE OF 10 to our wonderful contributors, PHILIPS MP3 for making this such a featurePLAYERS! packed issue. They are all working extremely hard to bring this magazine to you and to help the Whitstable community in these ‘interesting’ times. If there is anything you think we should be covering, or anything you like or dislike, please let us know - email: or write to: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH. We have 10 MP3 players to give away to 10 lucky readers who give us their feedback - all you need to do is write in to be entered into the draw! Thanks for reading, and best wishes for 2009 from The IMP Team! If you are interested in advertising in The IMP please call Mel on 0800 44 88 309

All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole is prohibited without prior written consent from the Publisher. Opinions expressed in the editorial are not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher. IMP does not accept responsibility for the advertising contents, or endorse or recommend any of the companies or products featured; nor shall IMP be liable for any damage caused to or losses suffered by any person who relies on the information published in this magazine. (copyright ©) Independent Media Publications.



e have had very positive feedback from those who have seen the magazine, and we’re really enjoying the process of putting it together for you. This issue is all about energy - saving it, in terms of consumption and carbon footprint - and recharging it, in terms of your life! If you’re feeling a bit jaded after the seasonal festivities, or that you’ve overindulged and you need to make some changes for the New Year, why not try our Aromatherapy or Yoga tips? I definitely overindulged - so I’ll be starting my own fitness regime this month by going back to weekly Irish Dancing lessons - I’m a beginner, but it’s just so much fun that you don’t even realise that you’re working out, and for me that is very important! If you fancy giving it a go, or want to know about anything else that’s going on in Whitstable, have a look in our ‘What’s on’ listings. I hope you enjoy this month’s magazine. Sadly, for many of you, this may be the first copy of the IMP that you have seen. We can only apologise and explain why so many of you may not have seen the December issue at all. Unfortunately, the distributor we employed to deliver our launch issue let us all down badly, and many homes were missed. We have tried to make up for this by handdelivering some of the magazines ourselves, and with the help of some really kind friends; leaving magazines in local libraries, shops, cafes - even giving them to schools to send home in the children’s book bags, but even with all this, some people will still not have received a December issue. And now for the good news! We have


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THE IMP TEAM EDITOR Christina Birkett Christina started working in Media twelve years ago, and enjoyed a happy and varied career, leaving work to look after her children about 18 months ago. With three daughters under the age of five, work needs to be flexible these days, and Christina is delighted to have found the right balance between work and family - and to be covering a subject she loves – Whitstable! To Contact Christina about any aspect of the editorial, email or write to PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH. CONTRIBUTORS Liz Crudgington Liz has spent the last eight years writing about Whitstable for one of the town’s newspapers and is excited to be involved with The Whitstable IMP. She’ll be working on news and features, in between looking after her daughter Natasha, and is looking forward to making sure the whole town knows what’s going on. Andy Capon Andy has lived in Whitstable for several years, and is drummer and founder member of popular local band The Trouser Trumpets. He has written two as yet unpublished books, Gone But Not Forgotten and Does Humour Belong In Music?, as well as writing features for Viz and Empire magazine. He is also the author of The Trouser Press, a ‘puerile and meaningless magazine about our band.’ Currently unemployed ‘through illness rather than choice,’ he names his interests as music, writing, and Arsenal - and is obsessed with Marmalade. Stephanie Shanti Stephanie Shanti has been practising yoga for 12 years and teaching since 2000. She trained at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Montreal, Canada, and has taught classes to a wide variety of clients including children, families, patients in rehabilitation, the elderly, and those with special needs. She has studied many forms of yoga, including Sivananda, Integral, Iyengar and Astanga, and is qualified in Thai Yoga and Swedish and Indian Head massage. She now lives in Italy with her partner and two sons on their yoga retreat - Dominic Brice Married with 3 boys, Dominic has lived in Whitstable most of his life. He started out working for a landscape company 17 years ago and after 5 years decided to start his own company, Tranquil Earth Natural Garden Design, which specialises in creating traditional and contemporary gardens, built with respect for the environment and to encourage wildlife. Outside of work he is learning to sail and hopes one day to have his own sailing boat. Visit his website at for garden ideas. 


Malissa Taylor South African-born Malissa is passionate about three things; Mamahood, Music and Mother Earth. She spends most of her time consumed by these and feels that her responsibility is to ensure that each is celebrated by everything that she does. For the sake of her children, she recently moved to Whitstable from London where she hopes to submerge herself in the community, something which she believes is essential for her wellbeing and that of her family. She lives by the African adage, ‘Ubuntu’ which, roughly translated, means ‘I am because we are, and since we are, I am!’. SALES Mel Birkett FREEPHONE 0800 44 88 309

PRINTING Headley Brothers

DESIGN Adam Boreham

PUBLISHERS IMP (Independent Media Publications) PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH


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Energy is our theme for this month. Reduce your carbon footprint and the energy you consume

18 16


Energy-efficient lighting from Premier Electrics


Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish!

Find out how you can help raise money for the RNLI


Transition Town


Buy Local & Organic

The latest on the Harbour with Whitstable Harbour Watch

ENERGISE YOURSELF Breathe some new life into your January with our Aromatherapy and Yoga Features:



ENTERTAINMENT Whitstable’s Home-Grown Talent what is Ben Mills doing now?


X marks the spot


Yoga Page


Get out into the garden!



Adult Learning

Open Mic Night at The Smack


Cook up a storm with a Healthy and Hearty Winter Veg Stir-fry


Letter Box



Find out ‘What’s on?’




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Energising Arom Whether you’re feeling poisoned by the effects of overindulgence during the festive season, or just finding it all a bit of a struggle at the moment, aromatherapy could help to give you the energy boost you need. Debra Maybourne is an MICHT VTCT qualified aromatherapist here in Whitstable, and shares a few tips to help make January a bit easier for all of us...



romatherapy is not one of these new-fangled therapies; it has been around for centuries. In the last 20 years it has made a big comeback as we are more aware of the products and chemicals applied to our bodies, and more and more people look for natural alternatives. Essential oils come from the most natural source – plants. These oils are all made up of natural chemicals, containing different qualities which can affect separate areas of the body. Aromatherapy can help us in many ways. Simply add one or two drops of essential oils to your shower gel in the morning to give you a much-needed boost on these dark January mornings. Another way to get these marvellous oils into your body is in moisturising cream. You can add essential oils to vitamin E cream or Aqueous cream - it’s cheap too (always nice to hear in January when the pennies are scarce!). Simply add a few drops of your preferred oil, apply, and it will be absorbed into the bloodstream, moving around your body and stopping at the places where it’s needed.


After a long day at work, (or an even longer day with the kids!) set the mood by heating some oils in an oil-burner. Make sure you have enough water in the dish so it doesn’t burn dry or the only aroma you will get is the horrible smell of burning!

Here are a few energy-boosting oils to try for this time of year: Rosemary is an energising oil which is good for stimulating the brain, and a tonic for the liver. Grapefruit is an excellent detoxing oil and very uplifting; think of the fresh zingy taste of grapefruit and imagine it soaking into your body, and the repairing it will do. Lavender is great and will relax the kids without them even knowing... My daughter gets out of her bath saying it’s my fault she is so sleepy. It’s always easier to feel energetic when you’ve had a relaxing evening and a decent sleep the night before!

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19/12/08 12:37:42

romatherapy Orange is fabulous as a stress-buster, and great to mix with lavender. It’s also a very good choice for the oil-burner if there are colds in the house, as it has anti-viral properties. If you do try some of these top tips, please check first that they are suitable for you (especially if you are pregnant, have sensitive skin or any other medical condition) and remember that you only need to use 1 or 2 drops of oil as it goes a long way - less is more with essential oils. Be very careful if using oils in the bath as it can become very slippery. For further information, email me at or call 07872 622 023. Happy new year to you all!



Article by Debra Maybourne


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Beat the Mortgage Credit Crunch Don FACT Mortgages/Remortgages are still readily available FACT Interest rates are available from below 4.00% (terms and conditions apply) FACT Up to 95% still available for First Time Buyers FACT Debt Consolidation still available FACT Self Employed schemes still available FACT Past credit problem help still available

Struggling with Loan a Following enquiries from Meridian are now offerin If you are getting behind way out. We Could: • Deal with all of your cr • Reduce your monthly o • Reduce or freeze intere • Stop demands from yo • Write off a proportion o • Help you regain contro

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Offices at 105 Tankerton Road Whitstable Kent CT5 2AJ Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority No 300486 Meridian Corporate are an appointed representative of Guardian Debt Management CCL 612496 Registered Please note that Debt Management Services are not regulated by the FSA.

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h Don’t believe all you hear and read!!

with Loan and Credit Card Payments!! nquiries from existing mortgage clients, now offering a fantastic new service. tting behind with your debts there is a e Could: ll of your creditors on your behalf ur monthly outgoings reeze interest charges nds from your creditors proportion of your debt gain control of your finances

lly confidential service to help anyone struggling, whether you own a property e talk to us: 01227 772587

o date quotation


ay be payable depending on your circumstances, an your home.Your home may be repossessed if you do

496 Registered Company Number 6413628.

The IMP January 09.indd 9

The Independent Mortgage Specialists 19/12/08 12:37:48



edicated, visible and accessible - that’s the vision behind neighbourhood policing. It’s a scheme designed to make sure everyone has access to a named officer and can report anti-social behaviour and other issues affecting their quality of life directly. Another key aspect is that the community can be kept involved about what action is being taken to solve particular problems, and can help to direct police resources. But do you know who is working in your neighbourhood - or what they are working on? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you. Details of police surgeries and meetings can be found at and the Inspector for Whitstable is Gordon Etheridge, with Sergeant Dave Brenchley. Both can be contacted on 01227 868028.

CHESTFIELD Neighbourhood officer: PC Steve Pope 01227 868028 PCSO: Mark Harriott 07772 226106 The priorities for the area are set by the Parish Council, with input from local residents, community groups and businesses. Officers are tackling anti-social behaviour, speeding along Chestfield Road, dog mess in the play park and irresponsible cycling.

GORRELL PCSO: Abi Symons 01227 868028


Residents in Gorrell ward in the town centre have asked their neighbourhood teams to focus on the Grimshill estate and problems of anti-social behaviour. Flytipping and litter at St Andrews Close is also one of the priorities.


HARBOUR Neighbourhood officer: PC Andy Camp 07980 683530 PCSO: Aaron Pedwell 07772 226035 The town centre PACT panel have identified antisocial behaviour on West Beach and the High

Street and Harbour Street as two of their priorities. Speeding motorists in the 20mph zone are another issue the neighbourhood team is tackling.

SEASALTER AND YORKLETTS PCSO: Aarron Newell 01227 868028 Litter and flytipping in Lucerne Drive tops the list of priorities for the community in Seasalter and Yorkletts. Speeding in Faversham Road and antisocial behaviour on the Beaconsfield Play Park have also been identified as problems.

SWALECLIFFE Neighbourhood officer: PC Steve Pope 01227 868028 PCSO: Graeme Downes 01227 868028 Families in Swalecliffe have identified anti-social behaviour, damage and graffiti to the beach huts and skate park, and parking and speeding in Swalecliffe Court Drive as their priorities.

TANKERTON Neighbourhood officer: PC Steve Pope 01227 868028 PCSO: Graeme Downes 01227 868028 Tankerton has a PACT panel - Partners and Communities Together - made up of residents, businesses and community representatives. Among the priorities for the area are damage and graffiti to the beach huts, anti-social behaviour within the castle grounds and on Tankerton Slopes, speeding on Marine Parade, and dog mess on the slopes and beach. By Liz Crudgington

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19/12/08 12:37:57


Panto Photos: Creative Venom

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He’s achieved his dream of touring the country with his music, but Whitstable’s own rocker Ben Mills tells Liz Crudgington why there’s no place like home.


s an X Factor finalist, Ben Mills has played in some of the country’s biggest venues. But it’s one of the smallest, right here in Whitstable, that will always hold a special place in his heart. The Neptune pub is where many people still picture him, before he came third in the television talent show two years ago. And despite the success he’s achieved since then, with his debut album entering the charts at number three and a string of sell-out gigs, it’s The Neptune where he believes he played some of his best music, alongside his band Benzego. “They were great days,” he said. “I had the best gig of my life at The Neptune and I still haven’t managed to top it.” He came close with a come-back concert at the Duke of Cumberland in December which netted more than £1,000 for Demelza House, a charity close to his heart. “It was really good to be playing back in Whitstable,” he said. “Sometimes I would have three gigs in town in one night, but I haven’t played there properly since X Factor. I was sitting exactly where I used to sit, playing the same songs we used

the spot

to play, although we did some of the new stuff from the album which went down really well. “I would like to have held it at the Neptune but we could only have got about 50 people in there and we wanted to raise as much money as possible. I did come last in a quiz there last week though!” Ben’s support of the charity grew after a visit to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital soon after his first album was released. He said: “It saved me, in a way. I hadn’t wanted to release my album at the same time as Ray Quinn (who came second in X Factor that year) and have all that battle. It was all about being number one and I was upset to be number three. I was mad about it all until I went there and saw just how bad it can be for some people. Then I was really cross with myself for being upset.” He decided to support Demelza House because it was close to home and didn’t enjoy the same profile as the London hospital, and said he was always touched by people’s support. “To get £1,000 out of the people of Whitstable in a credit crunch was amazing,” he said. “I’m going down next week to give them the cheque and that always reminds me why they need all the support they can get - they do a fantastic job there.” Some aspects of his life are more ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ than others he is passionate about cars and drives a new Jaguar, and has an army of dedicated fans who congregate at the unofficial site


X marks


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Photos: Glen Nash


they set up,, as well as his official MySpace site. But in other ways he has the same worries as everyone else, and the credit crunch is top of those. “It’s amazing to read about everything that’s going on financially now,” he said. “And when I open a letter from the bank which tells me the interest rate has gone down again and so has my mortgage I give a little cheer, like everyone else.” Financial pressures may ease this year as he hopes to release his long-awaited second album, this time featuring all original tracks, including one co-written with Take That’s Mark Owen. “It is definitely in the rock genre,” he said. “I would like to do a tour and release something. I wasn’t so happy with the last album because there were some songs I didn’t want on there but I had no choice. This time I’m doing it my way and I’m looking forward to doing what I want to do.” Ben’s decision to do what he wants also led him to accept the title role in Aladdin, which didn’t prove universally popular. Some of his die-hard fans fear the panto, which opens this month, could destroy the credibility he has worked so hard to build up post-X Factor. But it’s not something that worries Ben himself. “It is just one of those life experiences, and I get

to dress up!” he said. “I just think it’s fun, and it’s Christmas. I’m really nervous about it, more than I was about X Factor. I’m the one with the least experience yet I have the biggest part and I really don’t know what I’m doing. It is completely new to me. But for the last two years I’ve been touring and travelling all over the place so knowing that in January I am going to be in one place so close to home is very nice.” The role has already brought him some new experiences, like turning on Christmas lights alongside another famous Kent face, Sir Bob Geldof. “It was definitely weird doing the lights switch on, standing on top of a bus, dressed as Aladdin, next to someone as credible as Sir Bob,” he said. So if he could rub the lamp and make a wish, what would it be? “I would like in the future to be able to lose the X Factor stamp behind,” he said. “The whole experience was quite hard for me and now I would like to be known as an artist in my own right.” Ben is appearing as Aladdin at The Winter Gardens in Margate from January 16 - 25. For ticket details call the box office on 01843 296111. By Liz Crudgington

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19/12/08 12:38:13

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19/12/08 12:38:21

The RNLI is an integral part of any coastal town and Whitstable is no exception here’s what’s been happening along our coastline...




emand for lifeboat services remains high in Kent, despite the recent poor summer weather. Over the first half of 2008, launches to powered pleasure craft – jet skis, diving boats, small open power boats and large open power boats measuring over five metres – has seen the biggest increase, with 55 launches in ‘08, compared with 39 in 2007. Overall launches to vessels with machinery failure (42 out of 165 in ‘08) continues to account for roughly one third of the launches. Of the eight stations in Kent, three – Ramsgate, Sheerness and Dover – have shown increases and continue to be the busiest respectively across the county. Ramsgate’s launches are up by nearly 50 per cent from 29 for the first six months in ‘07 to 43 for the same period in ‘08, Sheerness has increased by 17 per cent – from 35 to 41, and Dover’s are up by 15 per cent from 19 in ‘07 to 22 in ‘08. RNLI East Divisional Inspector Andrew Ashton says: ‘Many of the launches were to boats with equipment failure, which demonstrates the need for owners to perform regular maintenance. The high level of rescues seems to show a growing national trend where more and more people are using the sea for leisure purposes. ‘As we are totally dependent on donations to help us continue providing a lifesaving service to

all, we are holding a national day of fundraising – SOS day – on Friday 30 January 2009. There will be a series of activities to raise funds, both at stations and in towns across the region. ‘This will support our crews who trade comfort and sleep to go the aid of others in distress. I am asking everyone to get involved and help us make this our biggest day ever. While fundraisers around the UK and Ireland are encouraged to use the SOS acronym to generate creative fundraising ideas, this year, our over-arching theme is ‘Sound Or Silence’. We’re particularly encouraging people to come up with fun and exciting ways that they can fundraise for the RNLI along this theme – perhaps they would like to take part in a sponsored silence, to host a disco for friends and family or maybe a seashanty sing-a-long!’

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19/12/08 12:38:27

IT’S an international project that has attracted the attention of David Milliband and the Government. And a year ago, Whitstable became the first Transition Town in Kent.


ut if the idea conjures up images of Geography teachers in tweed suits lecturing on climate change, think again. Although preparing for a future with less dependency on oil is a key part of the Transition Town movement, at its heart is a desire to have fun and involve people in making a real difference in their communities. Groups, which are spreading rapidly around the world, concentrate on finding ways locally to get results in reducing their carbon footprint by setting up projects and working together with existing groups. Locally this involves everything from a clothes swap to a masterclass with food forager Fergus Drennan.



Clare Jackson, from the Transition Town Whitstable steering group, said: “The events we have are organised with a lot of hard work by volunteers but the end result is always great fun. The wardrobe event was fantastic - about 20 women took clothes along and they were put up on rails according to size. Everyone went home with a new wardrobe and all for free! And the master class really was food for free, and for those concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, locally foraged ingredients have clocked up barely any food miles and come without any packaging.” TTW will celebrate its first birthday this month and the event is providing an opportunity for the volunteers to see just how far they have come. “When we started in Whitstable we had to explain to people what peak oil and climate change was,” said Clare. “We don’t have to any more because people are already aware of them. This is the solution. It is about having fun without spending lots of money.” And the credit crunch means even more people are keen to get involved. “I think it has helped us to understand that we are depending more than we think on a lot of things that are not sustainable, like oil and consuming things,” said Clare. “Maybe this is the time to have this eyeopener and create a more sustainable future.” Among their own plans for the future are an unwanted Christmas present exchange, book swap and exchanges of toys, music and baby clothes as well as more seasonal masterclasses focussing on locally-sourced food. The steering group hopes to set up more projects and always welcomes anyone interested in finding out more or getting involved.  For more information visit whitstable/whitstable or email whit.jack@yahoo. There will also be information boards on TTW at the Make Do and Mend exhibition at Whitstable Museum, which continues until February 21. By Liz Crudgington


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19/12/08 12:38:32

RUBBISH, RUBBI We live in a throwaway world. We keep very little for very long. Our planet is slowly becoming over-laden with unwanted things. It has been estimated that in excess of 26 million tonnes of rubbish is disposed of every year in the United Kingdom alone.


ever has it been more important to deal with our so-called rubbish in a responsible way. We are the custodians of our world until we hand it over to our children who, in turn, will take on the same momentous task. Malissa Taylor believes that the most obvious and achievable way of dealing with our rubbish is in a planned, conscientious way. She explores four principles to help us make a start in handling our waste problem...




On my way home from a weekly shop recently, I was amazed to see a whole council recycling sack filled with packaging material. Much of it was completely unnecessary. The next time you shop for vegetables or fruit at your local food outlet, why not try buying them loose and taking your own bags? The attractive packaging is not essential and can just be a way for the shops to increase the price of the food gratuitously. Keep the plastic bags that you get for you shopping and use them again, thereby reducing the need for new ones. Better still, get non-plastic carriers that you can reuse, thus reducing the need for plastic bags completely. Do you have a favourite place where you enjoy a coffee each day? Why not take your own cup?

RE-USE There are many ways in which you can reuse things, rather than throwing them into our

overloaded landfills. There is a delightful little shop on the High Street called, ‘Herbaceous’ which sells a well-known, environmentallyfriendly range of reasonably-priced products. “What is the catch?” you may ask. You need to take your own container. If you don’t have one, you could still buy the product and reuse the container the next time. For those of us who have been blessed by children, one of the most controversial issues is that of nappy disposal. Very large parts of our landfills are made up of ‘disposable’ nappies. They may be easy to throw away but they are hardly disposable, as they take ages to biodegrade. Though it does take careful planning, why not try using real nappies? They are much easier on the environment, as they are not simply shifted into landfill. For those of you who may be too busy to wash and dry dirty nappies, there are even some companies that will collect dirty nappies weekly. An incredible source of information is the Real Nappy Help Line - 0845 850 0606 or visit the Nappy Finder at www.realnappycampaign. com/nappyfinder

REPAIR When I was a girl, I remember my grandmother darning socks and hemming trousers. As a young, busy mother, it has never occurred to me to sit in front of the television while I darn my son’s school socks. For the most part, I simply throw them away and buy another pair. Why?

theimp The IMP January 09.indd 18

19/12/08 12:38:45


RECYCLE When I had my first baby boy, I spent so much money on toys that he looked at once and never looked at again. His favourite thing now, however, is to rummage through the recycling sack to find stuff “to build rocket ships with, Mama!” This does drive me mad from time to time, but nothing makes him prouder than when he produces his wonky rocket ship which, he is convinced, will launch tomorrow morning at half past eight. Of course, it is terrific to receive colourful, exciting new toys, but to make something himself stimulates his imagination, is vastly cheaper and, most importantly, is a start to saving our planet. At the risk of harking on too much about my past, I remember a delightful character called Zibi the Ostrich, whose sole task it was to educate all South African children about rubbish and disposing of it. I so wish that we had such a character here in the United Kingdom who would educate our children about these four principles that could help keep our planet safe. We may not have Zibi here in the United Kingdom, but perhaps we each could take on Zibi’s role.

HERE ARE A FEW PLACES WHERE YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE: For help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace, including recycling electrical items, go to

WHITSTABLE COUNCIL SERVICES Recycling collections 0800 031 9091 Recycling information 01227 862 247 Recycling banks 0800 031 9091 Recycling sacks 0800 031 9091 Refuse collection (domestic) 0800 031 9091

REAL NAPPY HELP LINE Real Nappy Help Line - 0845 850 0606 Nappy Finder at www.realnappycampaign. com/nappyfinder If you have any more recycling tips or suggestions, please write in to The IMP and let us know - either at or at PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH. Article by Malissa Taylor


Well, it is time-consuming, and socks are really cheap. However, this excuse will not wash in light of the greater picture, which is that our planet is becoming increasingly unable to sustain our waste. Instead of throwing away something as soon as it gets a little hole, why not head down to the local haberdashery and buy some patches? I remember being so proud of the patches my grandmother put on my very worn jeans. While this may bring about a few pricked fingers, it surely does help in reducing waste!


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19/12/08 12:38:54


M&S Canterbury

theimp The IMP January 09.indd 20

19/12/08 12:38:58

How can you reduce your energy consumption? Perhaps you already walk rather than take the car, or you’ve reduced your thermostat by I degree to save 10% on your heating - but short of installing your own solar system, what other steps can you take to save cash without causing too much pain?


ighting typically accounts for 20% of household electricity consumption Premier Electrics take us through some of the options for making savings here... If a saving could be made here it would make a real difference. However, we have all experienced the shortcomings of energy-saving bulbs – they were the size of jam jars, took ages to ‘heat up’ and, even when they had, they flickered a dim honey-coloured light around the room. Buzzing

was an optional extra! It was only the die-hards who were willing to save the planet while going blind in the process! Another innovation which came in at around the same time was the halogen down-lighter. These typically replaced the traditional fluorescent tube in the kitchen, bathing the entire area in crisp, white light. It is not unusual for a kitchen to be equipped with 18 or more. What most people don’t realise is that these mains-powered lights are typically 50 watts each - so you could be looking at 900+ watts of power just to illuminate your kitchen (which is almost the same amount of power used by a one bar electric fire)! Is this the best replacement for the energy-efficient, but now unfashionable, fluorescent tube?  

For the kitchen and bathroom Aurora have brought out a low-energy fitting to replace the power-hungry halogen bulbs found in mains-powered down-lighters. These energyefficient replacements provide a similar amount of illumination to the 50 watt option, while only consuming 11 watts of power – a




theimp The IMP January 09.indd 21

19/12/08 12:39:05

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

saving of almost 80% - and they last, too. The manufacturer claims 8,000 hours in not unreasonable - that’s six years typical usage. The best news is that you need not replace the lot in one hit; simply stock up on the energy-savers, and replace the halogens as and when they naturally reach the end of their pitifully short lives.



There is the Sylvania Mini Lynx Fast-Start and the Compact. The most important features of MiniLynx Fast-Start and Mini-Lynx Compact lamps are:


n 80% energy savings, compared to standard incandescent light bulbs n Very small dimensions; gone are the unsightly protrusions from the shade n Instant ‘flicker-free start’, with no switch delay n Available in a variety of colours Homelight, Coolwhite and Daylight and in a wide range of wattages  

DON’T FORGET OUTSIDE You can cut your costs by 80% on your coach-light in the porch. Or if you use halogen security lights, these too can be improved by a couple of energysaving options. There is the a 24 watt option,

which can easily be fitted in place of the traditional 500 watt halogen, without changing the lamp. Or, if a new light is required, there is a ranger of options available, including integrated sensor lights. If reliability is a concern then you may take comfort from the fact that many airports, such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester, use Sylvania lamps, as well as M&S in Canterbury and Mc Arthur Glen Designer Outlet. Whitstable’s own Premier Electrical Supplies has been satisfying the needs of the community for almost 20 years, and is offering IMP readers exclusive discounts across the board: n Buy any 5 from the state-of-the-art Sylvania range and get another 5 free! n Buy 5 of the GU10 down-lighter range and receive an additional unit free! n You can save money while you save money!   To see how much money you can save, log on to and click ‘Do the test! Calculate your advantage’ and enter a kHw/h price of 10p (0.10).

Or call one of the helpful Premier Electric Team on 01227 282 386.

theimp The IMP January 09.indd 22

19/12/08 12:39:07

Having over 16 years in the electrical wholesale business, we pride ourselves on realising our customer needs on an individual basis

The company provide products and a level of service previously associated with a large ‘National Chain’, providing a comprehensive supply and service, but still maintaining the ‘Personal Touch’. We also offer a free design service for the following n Commercial Lighting n Fire Alarm n CCTV n Electric Heating n Ventilation n Control Panels n Switchgear n Data Networking

T: 01227 282386 n F: 01227 282387 Premier Electrical Supplies 131/132 John Wilson Business Park, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3QY

The IMP January 09.indd 23

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ost weekends see many Whitstable pubs throwing open their doors to followers of live music. On Friday through to Sunday The Old Neptune, Duke of Cumberland, The East Kent and The Coach and Horses (to name a few) will have audiences dancing to the many great bands that play there in the evenings. Many of the bands that play at these venues are homegrown talent, and venues staging live music are a vital springboard for local musicians to be heard. But one pub in Whitstable has bucked the weekend trend and now stages music on a weekday night, when many pubs are quiet due to the mid-week lull. Tucked away in Island Wall, just behind Somerfield, is The Smack, a small but appropriately intimate pub for staging Open Mic Night sessions every Wednesday. Run by Landlady Karen Turner and partner Steve Pearson, The Smack is one of Shepherd Neame’s outlets, and offers a performance opportunity to anyone who can sing, play guitar or simply wants practise their live performance to an appreciative crowd of regulars. Its 8 x 3ft stage in the corner of the back bar was also used as a platform for aspiring comedians during September’s Whitstable Winkle Comedy Festival, organised by local comic Steve Graham. The stage is barely large enough to hold three musicians and their equipment, but it doesn’t need to be any bigger than this as most participants are either solo acts or duos, and the tiny room ensures that the acts are enthusiastically received, rather than drowned out by audience noise. You cat sit back and enjoy a pint beside the log fire as regulars such as CJ, Paul The other one, and Chad Anton take to the stage to perform their latest compositions, or simply play an old favourite to the

regulars that return every week to listen to them. The talented CJ, who also plays drums with the likes of Whitstable-based Emily and The Beast and Lee Thompson (G ‘n’ T Experiment), not only performs, but also acts as inhouse sound engineer. Singers from some of the betterknown bands around Whitstable often take to the stage solo to deliver acoustic versions of well-known band songs, and are often joined by first-timers honing their performing skills. The stage wall is plastered with tattered posters bearing testimony to the performing alumni that have played at The Smack since Open Mic Nights began over ten years ago. Patrick Redford, Nigel Hobbins and the legendary Luke Smith once entertained the regulars, and even local folk performers The Whitstable Hoodeners have entertained there! Then, as now, every performer is welcomed by an audience eager to be a part of an event that invites you to “Come along and enjoy the evening – or just chat with other musicians.” Eleven spots are available between 8.30 and 11pm for performers keen to play in this quirky pub, which seems to have successfully avoided the modernisation that has diminished the character of so many pubs around Kent. Cover versions of old songs are played alongside self-penned numbers, and it seems that the musicians taking part don’t need any additional motivation to get up on the stage. That said, a poster promises a free drink for anyone performing original material – aspiring songwriters, take note! You’re guaranteed a relaxed evening’s entertainment here, and the different styles of music ensure that the evening never becomes predictable. Radiohead, whose live sound engineer Jim Warren has musical links with Whitstable, once sang ‘Anyone can play guitar,’ and in The Smack Inn on a Wednesday night, that rule applies – anyone can get up and play. By Andy Capon

theimp The IMP January 09.indd 24

19/12/08 12:39:16


19/12/08 12:39:18



he spectre of a supermarket on the harbour may have faded but that doesn’t mean the port’s future is certain. In fact, the group set up at the height of the public outcry into the council’s proposals for the south quay development is still as busy as ever. Liz Crudgington talks strategy, sponsorship and skills with Whitstable Harbour Watch. It’s a year since People-Power won the day in the battle of Whitstable Harbour. And it’s been a busy one for members of Whitstable Harbour Watch. The group did not fade away like the


ink on the 18,000 signature petition it handed to the council and, although its activities now involve more meetings than marches, there is still plenty to do.

Members have held several discussions with the harbour’s management board about options for the future, along with the Whitstable Improvement Trust and Whitstable Society, and held their own successful forum at Whitstable Umbrella Centre in September. So what has been the outcome of all these discussions? Well, no grand decisions have been made, but those behind the successful campaign to scrap the supermarket scheme - along with other options for a pub and hotel - believe that is no bad thing. Spokesman Maureen Smith said: “What is evident from the meetings is that there is no clear vision in either the Harbour Board or the Council as to how to develop the harbour for the greatest benefit of the people of the town.


theimp The IMP January 09.indd 26

19/12/08 12:39:23

with the regular events like Harbour Day and the Oyster Festival held there. Maureen said: “A wide range of possibilities was floated during the day - recreational and social projects, supporting the growing creative sector in the town, developing renewable energy projects. But it was clear to all participants that we cannot sensibly develop a strategic vision for the harbour without having a comprehensive plan for Whitstable.” The group’s next step is to present their findings to the Harbour Board and the Council, in a bid to encourage them to come up with such a plan, tackling everything from transport to employment issues. “We hope it will be accepted as a contribution to thinking strategically about the harbour, and its central role in the life of the town, and help kick-start the process for developing the wider vision for the whole of Whitstable,” said Maureen. For more information on the group or to get involved, visit


Discussions at our forum quickly illustrated how deeply the harbour engages the imagination and concerns of people. What they articlulated was the desire for a vision for the harbour which would encompass its many possibilities.” Among the 60 people at the forum were representatives from Whitstable Improvement Trust, Whitstable Society, Whitstable Chamber of Commerce, harbour users and Transition Town Whitstable, as well as pupils from Swalecliffe Primary School. They all agreed that such a vision should include three key elements, of which the most important was preserving the working aspects of the port and maybe even expanding them with more support for the fishing industry. The forum also felt that the harbour should be a focus for education, developing skills in marine, renewable and creative industries, including formal apprenticeships. And its place as a valuable community resource was also highlighted, particularly by the children, along


theimp The IMP January 09.indd 27

19/12/08 12:39:25

Reduce Energy - Use the ‘Local & Organic’ Way It’s easy to reduce energy usage every time you buy your food if you make informed choices. Ripple Farm Organics show us how... Reduce Food Miles Buying direct from a local producer cuts out the food miles associated with supermarket produce. Take the example of a carrot grown 5 miles from you. If you buy your carrot direct, at your local Farmers’ Market, for example, or through a local box scheme, the carrot travels 1 mile from field to packing shed and 5 miles from packing shed to you. But if you bought the same carrot from your nearest supermarket, it may well have travelled to a packing shed, then miles to a distribution depot before travelling back to your local supermarket - one well travelled carrot! But looking at ‘food miles’ on its own is a very simplistic way of measuring the energy used to get your food to your table. The growing methods and packaging are just as important...

Organic Growing Organic Farming uses less energy per kilo of food produced. Organic farmers do not use synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, which uses huge amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture. Instead, organic growers use ‘green manures’ for building fertile, nutrient-rich soils. With good organic management of soils, CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and accumulated by increasing levels of organic matter in the soil, a process known as carbon sequestration.

Seasonal, as Nature Intended


There are other choices you can make when buying your food to reduce energy usage, such as avoiding excess packaging and looking for seasonal produce. If you’re buying strawberries for your New Year detox, remember that they must have either been grown in the Southern Hemisphere and therefore travelled a great distance, or that they’ve only travelled from Spain but they have been grown in a heated greenhouse.

Ripple Farm Organics


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Canterbury Golf Club We have membership vacancies for 5 Day Members @ £680 before March First 20 – No Joining Fee Call 01227 453532 for details

Does your membership include discounted golf at Ashford, Walmer and Kingsdown, Sene Valley and new for 2009 – Tenterden? Ours does! Limited 7 day membership vacancies Less than 25 minutes from Whitstable town centre Canterbury Golf Club

A Harry Colt Designed Course. Quality Since 1927

The IMP January 09.indd 29

19/12/08 12:39:35


Wondering what to do with your garden now that the days are drawing in? Garden Designer Dominic Brice shares some wintry gardening tips...


e have been rather spoilt in recent years with mild winters - I remember last year, some trees were still in leaf at Christmas time. Alas, this year we are back to a traditional English winter of rain, hard frosts and even snow. But as always there are still lots of jobs to be done in the garden! So don your wellies and put on that Christmas woolly, because work done now will pay dividends later in the year.

Hedge your bets January is the perfect time to plant a hedge. Bare root or root-balled hedging is much cheaper than pot-grown plants, so take advantage of the saving and get bigger plants for the same price! Just make sure that you secure the plants with stakes while the hedge establishes itself. Most good nurseries will be able to supply bare-root hedging to order. Remember to keep the roots from drying out and plant it as soon as possible into a wellprepared trench.

Apples & pears


At this time of year, apple and pear trees are dormant and so it’s a good time to do a bit of pruning and thinning out. Cut back the new growth to one or two buds, and thin out branches that are twisted or rubbing other branches. Doing these jobs will increase light and promote a good flow of air through the tree, thus rewarding you with a healthier crop.


Galanthus Nivalis (Snowdrop)

What’s looking good? The Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis) is the first of the flowering bulbs and brings welcome cheer in the depths of winter; its skinny, smooth green leaves with lanterns of pure white always make me think of the

If you have any questions, feedback, or interesting garde email or write to P theimp

The IMP January 09.indd 30

19/12/08 12:39:39

There are many Dogwoods to choose from to add colour to your garden

Quick tips for January n

Don’t forget to break the ice in your pond and remove ice from birdbaths to give birds and wildlife somewhere to drink.


Order your summer bulbs ready for spring.


If you need landscaping work done for the summer, start planning now; landscapers are always busy in the Spring.


Remove all debris from borders, cut back and tidy up Perennials, and dig in your home-made compost.


Remove heavy snow from conifers and shrubs, as well as from your greenhouse roof.

By Dominic Brice

ing gardening stories or tips, please share them with us – write to PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH


approaching spring. Clumps of Snowdrops should be regularly divided after flowering in late winter, to prevent congestion. Dogwoods are also now standing out in the garden, with their brilliant displays of colour, especially Cornus alba ‘sibirica’, a Dogwood that has bright red winter shoots and red autumn leaves. Dogwoods should always be pruned back hard in the spring to encourage new growth. The bright colour comes from the new stems that grow during the summer. My favorite Dogwood is Cornus Sanguinea (Winter Beauty). it has a wonderful mix of colours that remind me of of a cozy fire. It really stands out on frosty mornings, creating a focal point when everything else is lost under an icy layer.


theimp The IMP January 09.indd 31

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Energise your New Year


anuary is here, and what better way to start the year than by blowing some fresh energy through your system. It is more than likely that we will all have overindulged in some way or another during the festive holidays, whether it be drinks, rich foods (or the company of in-laws!) and January is the time for putting it all behind us and starting over. Renew, rejuvenate and refresh body, mind and soul with my three simple steps this month, and feel the energy start to flow back into your life...


Practice Kappalabhati Breathing – ‘Bellows Breath’


where you don’t need to inhale after snapping in the belly, by just relaxing the abdominal muscles, air will be drawn naturally like the bellows allowing you to exhale again and snap in the tummy. Each day, try to do 3 rounds of about 30, and then sit calmly and notice how you feel. It really does give you a lift! Do not practise during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure. If you feel dizzy at any time return the breath to normal and sit calmly until the dizziness passes.   Bellows breath

What better way to refresh the system than by clearing out the old stale energy and replacing it; boosting oxygen supplies to the brain and detoxing the entire system. Kappalabhati should be practised on an empty stomach, sitting upright, either on a chair, sitting on the heels, or crossed-legged. Relax the shoulders, relax the legs and keep the back nice and straight. Breathe in deeply, pushing the stomach out as far as you can like a balloon, then snap the belly in suddenly, pulling in the tummy in one quick, sharp movement. Then breathe in again, pushing the belly out fully, then again snap the belly in, breathing out sharply as if someone has just punched you in the stomach. Repeat this exercise, and when you feel comfortable with the pattern you can speed up a little and, eventually, you may get the the stage

theimp The IMP January 09.indd 32

19/12/08 12:40:26

Sphinx pose

Practice the sphinx The sphinx yoga pose increases energy, boosts the immune system, improves circulation, improves posture and cleans out the stale air in the lungs. Try to do this pose each day to get the most benefit. Lie on your tummy with tops of the feet flat to the floor and legs together. Lift your upper body and place your elbows under your shoulders, upper arms vertical, with the arms in to the body. Don’t sink into the shoulders, rather push into the floor with the elbows so the shoulders are away from the ears. Look straight ahead with the neck nice and long and breathe deeply here 10 to 20 times, with your awareness on the centre of your chest. Rest in the child pose afterwards, bottom on the heels and forehead to the floor, relaxing the spine.  

months. The market these days is saturated with spa breaks, walking holidays, art holidays and of course yoga holidays - it depends on your budget and where you want to be, but here are a few websites to start you off: And finally at we are offering half-price Yoga Holidays for May and September! Maybe see you there! Article by Stephanie Shanti

Of course Whitstable folk are never far from the sea, and the lovely fresh seaside air can be very energising. Sometimes though, a change of scene can be very refreshing and uplifting planning a relaxing getaway will give January a great boost of energy, as you will feel you have something very special to look forward to to keep your energy flowing through the winter


Plan a relaxing break

Child pose


theimp The IMP January 09.indd 33

19/12/08 12:40:33


If the credit crunch is squeezing your industry, learning new skills can be a great way to protect your job or equip you for a new career. The Learndirect centre at the Community College, Whitstable, is perfectly placed to provide a range of courses for adult learners, who have been flocking there as the effects of the recession deepen. Liz Crudgington found out more...




pensioner learning how to email his grandchildren, a mother brushing up on her skills before returning to work or an employee earning more qualifications - these are just some of the people you might bump into during a visit to Whitstable’s Learndirect centre. It offers more than 500 courses in everything, from Maths and English to business skills, including giving presentations or communicating more effectively. And as the credit crunch continues to bite, staff at the centre say they are seeing more and more people who want to give themselves the edge in a competitive jobs market. Centre coordinator Pauline Smith said: “We have been

working with the local jobcentres for some time to help offer skills to jobseekers. However, not only have we seen an increase in the number of jobseekers accessing courses, but we have also seen a large increase in local employees looking to improve their skills and protect their careers, or create new opportunities.” All courses are delivered online, meaning they can be accessed in the centre, or from home or work. Learners visiting for the first time receive a free information, advice and guidance session to help determine what courses will meet their needs, and they then develop an Individual Learning Plan, which Pauline believes is a crucial step in matching people to the right courses at the right level. “We’re very proud of the effectiveness of this service and were pleased to be awarded the Matrix standard earlier in the year, which is a quality mark recognising the high standard of information, advice and guidance at the centre,” she said. Among the most popular courses are Maths and English, which lead to Nationally-recognised awards in Adult Literacy and Numeracy. These are equivalent to GCSE-standard, which is now a requirement for many jobs, or to access Higher and Further Education courses. Computer courses are also very popular and there is one for everyone, from beginners to seasoned surfers and the Learndirect centre is fully-accredited by the British Computer Society to deliver the European Computer Driving Licence, which is an Internationally-recognised qualification covering all the major Microsoft Office software. To find out more about the courses on offer or how the centre can help with business or personal training needs, call 01227 278310, email or visit By Liz Crudgington

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Ripple Farm Organics LOCAL & ORGANIC Organic Vegetable Box Scheme Weekly delivery to 4 collection points in Whitstable (& Other Deliveries within East Kent) 95% home-grown (approx.) Boxes cost £7, £9 & £12 01227 730898 (answer-phone) Also at Whitstable Farmers Market, 2nd and 4th Sat. of each month ORGANIC • SEASONAL FRESH • LOCAL Ripple Farm Organics Crundale, Canterbury CT4 7EB

Specialist home pattern service for all carpets, vinyls, laminates, woods and rugs Call us for a free Free underlay, grippers, door bars and fitting ON ALL CARPETS

The IMP January 09.indd 35

estimate on: 01227 265544 or 07860 358552 Family-run business Est.1971

19/12/08 12:40:41

recipe recipe recipe RECIPE recipe recipe recipe RECIPE

Stir-Fried Winter Veg... It’s amazing what you can put in a stir-fry when you use your imagination...


Start by frying the onions and/or leeks, and add some thin slices or sticks of carrot, swede, and celeriac.



When they’ve started to soften add parsnip and squash (these take less time to cook than the carrots etc and both add sweetness to your dish). Slice them thinly or shave off slices with a peeler.


Then, when you’re nearly there (some people like their veg crunchier than others!) add your shredded or grated greens, which could be any


of the following: cabbage, chard, kale, spinach, winter salad greens, such as pakchoi or mustard greens, or even slice up a few sprouts finely; and throw in.

INGREDIENTS • Onions and/or Leeks chopped • Carrots, Swede, Celeriac - thinly sliced • Parsnip, Squash thinly sliced • Winter Greens shredded or grated • Garlic/Herbs & Spices • Oil for frying


Stir in some crushed garlic at the end and any extra herbs or spices you fancy, and you’re done! Delicious and nutritious on its own, or as a quick and easy-to-prepare vegetable side to your main meal. January’s recipe was supplied by Ripple Farm Organics

If you have any favourite recipes you’d like to share, please send them in, with any relevant, good-quality photos, to: or PO Box 290 Whitstable CT5 9AH

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Save energy, save money, save the penguin.






A comp W! lete ran ge of small e nergy saving lamps.. .includin g the smalle st fast s t art in the m arket



t Instant light t Premium small size t Up to 80% energy saving t Average lifetime 6000 hours t Extended range of color and wattage

The IMP January 09.indd 37



Mini-Lynx Compact

19/12/08 12:40:48


e tried to cycl council ever e th r fo g yi in work keep sa ng Has anyone roads? They e th f o y an on what n along etting spent with childre g st ju is it t t oney, bu rbon footprin there is no m urely with ca S t. an er rt th o o p o im ads sm they think is make the ro ld u o sh u ey q e th le and ite such an issu uncomfortab ry ve is It riders? n! for our bike r our childre especially fo s, u o er g an d

Dear IMP, We just wanted to say WOW! And

a mag dedicated to Whitstable. I re it and so did my children. The size , feel make it different to anything els wait for the next issue!

Lucy, Micah and Saphia, Whitstable

table ourne, Whits Debra Mayb Dear IMP,


f The IMP, e launch o th n o s n o ti solely for congratula zine that is a g First of all a m a ve that we ha how lovely wn. to ly ve may our lo ht that we and about last fortnig e th f o s e b w ne have en Given the olworths, I o W r dy u o g ut this han ith losin cope witho be faced w ill w n a w ve to n to ha how the tle campaig lit wondering a rt ta o s the wh le if we could w that on o n k I store and . n w to o love all Spencer in ble and I d ta s it h Marks and W in eep res hich help k e chain sto outiques, w we don’t lik b ift are g h d n ic a h , and w & crafts Whitstable of our arts f o r ve te lo c d ra ere an orlde cha ple move h o e p the Olde W y n a s m is reasons so at we will m one of the r, I think th ve e w wn, o to H . in h o muc ain store h c d d o the town s e ely, eed th the gap nic s and do n Woolworth ncer will fill e p S d n o a to buy ut at Marks proposing re and feel th a o h w , an Iceland rather than e stores. some of th have er readers Do any oth on this? an opinion








my ren


ble roy, Whitsta


Heather C



theimp The IMP January 09.indd 38

19/12/08 12:40:52

Dear IMP,

say WOW! And thanks for giving us

Whitstable. I really enjoyed reading

ldren. The size, layout and glossy t to anything else out there - can’t


phia, Whitstable

I love living in Whitstab le, but the one thing that ru ins it is dog po o! Why can ’t the guilty dog o wners be m ore responsible and carry a ‘poop-scoo p’ or a plast ic bag whenev er they walk their dogs? It get s everywher e - on the w the kids’ sh heels of pra oes (and is ms and then no dou the schools b t traipsed ar ). So come ound on, please h the poor ch ave a thoug ildren and th ht for eir poor par unenviable ents left with task of scra the ping off this needless filth smelly, unhyg ! ienic, Kristin, Whits table

Dear IMP, When I moved

to Britain ten ye

ars ago I prom ised complain abou weather (I love t the rain!), never to complain abou transport (ther t public e is not such a thing in South and never to co Africa) mplain about th e NHS (again, system does no such a t exist in South Af rica). Having m these resolutio ade ns, I thought th at I had absolu to complain ab tely nothing out and that I in deed lived in a country... Then great , about three m on th s ag o, I moved to this magical to wn and, while I was perfectly in London, I re happy alised that life could get even Whitstable is tru better. ly the loveliest place I have ev in. The people er lived are kind and fri en dl y. Th e sc ho my son to is lo ol I send vely and being so close to the renewed my ze oc ean has st for life. Now m or e th an ev er I have absolutely NO THING to com plain about. myself three th

Malissa Taylor,


Write in with your points of view, questions or feedback, email or write to: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH


ings; never to


theimp The IMP January 09.indd 39

19/12/08 12:40:58

JANUARy HOROSCOPES CAPRICORN December 22 to January 21 January is a time for healing yourself and rifts that may have come between you and people around you. To help heal these situations try to see the other people’s points of view with compassion. Try to renew your spirit, as you are being called to confront heroic tasks. Old patterns can be burnt away this month, leaving new horizons visible, but you must be able to bear the heat. It is a good time to visualise clearly what you want from the year. 10 is your special number this month.

AQUARIUS January 21 to February 19 You are the creator this month, you can make whatever you want to happen, happen. However, don’t jump in too quickly; in some situations caution is warranted. Look deeper before proceeding. You can appear to be the hanged man, the notions of sacrifice and suspension may seem to be holding you down, but you will slowly see that when you turn your attention to your inner unconscious patterns you can be released from these and become the creator of your own destiny. The number 12 is significant this month.




February 19 to March 21 You need to tune into a bit of silence. Your life has been loud and hectic. Find the silence within and you will again be able to charge ahead, not taking no for an answer. Expect miraculous solutions to appear this month. You may be about to leave familial ground and encounter life outside your safety zone, in which you may unwittingly replay familial patterns.

Take care to practise acceptance to the feelings that love may ignite. Your special number is 3.

ARIES March 21 to April 20 Now is the time to learn, study and gather information. Be patient and enjoy being a student because in the future you will be called to turn your knowledge into action. So sit tight this month and meditate on the concept that you are the world and it is you. Clarity and discrimination are needed and new strategies will slowly emerge to birth a progressive way of understanding the current situation. 1 is your number of the month.

TAURUS April 20 to May 21 You have been locked into your mind of late and it is time now to break free and become a lighter being, shining your rays onto the earth and its inhabitants. You are being called to imagine new ways of being. Uncertainty, confusion and ambiguity may be present, as you are swimming in unknown waters. But guidance will come from a lighter mindset. You should feel lighter by the 18th.

GEMINI May 21 to June 22 The festive season has brought you to a place of exhaustion. This in turn has led you to question many things. But this month you should feel that all is well once again, you will once again start to feel that loved ones you have lost are at peace and you can begin to let go of your worry. The wheel of fortune is turning in your life now, and the fates are choosing new fortunes for you, so release your worries and enjoy the ride. Your number of the month is 10.

theimp The IMP January 09.indd 40

19/12/08 12:41:01

June 22 to July 23 This month, you are called to let go of all that you are suppressing. Take some time out to pamper yourself. When you look after yourself, everybody benefits. This month you will benefit greatly from indulging yourself in massage, or other treatments, they will help you to release what you are suppressing. This month augurs recognition and rewards for a job well done. Through concentration, hard work and focus you will manifest something of great value and worth. Your number this month is 3.

LEO July 23 to August 22 January calls you to seek compromise in every part of your life. When this has been achieved, abundance will reign. You will receive the money that you need, have faith. You will benefit from becoming more worldly and accomplished in your chosen field of endeavour, and you can become responsible and successful this month. Your lucky number is 12.

VIRGO August 22 to September 22 Have faith and hope because there is something positive on the horizon that you cannot see yet, but should be with you by the fourth week of January. The key is to find your receptivity, to be open to new and exciting opportunities as they present themselves to you. This month you are given the permission to have dominion over current situations and the empowerment to be in control, but you may need to be more assertive to truly feel alive this month. Your number of the month is 4.

LIBRA September 22 to October 23 This month you need to let go of miserly feelings and associates. Feel free and rich with whatever you have and January will run smoothly for you. A happy change or addition is coming to your family. You must exorcize the past and accept responsibility for what has happened so that you can truly move on. This will unleash a wealth of self-empowerment, leaving you free and lifted to enjoy the rest of the year. Confront your demons head-on and richness will come to you. The numbers 4 and 20 are significant.

SCORPIO October 23 to November 22 This year gives you the opportunity to be the master of your own destiny. Starting midJanuary you will feel the power of mind enabling you to create your dreams and make them reality. You have a gift this month for working with young people. Through nurturing and focussing talents, you can gain security and stability. Reliability and precision are called for though, so don’t skimp on detail. Your number of the month is 12.

SAGITTARIUS November 22 to December 22 This month you have a unique opportunity to become the master of your own destiny. A happy move to a new place of employment or home is on the cards, which will usher in positive new energy. You will feel optimism and courage this month, helping you move forward, taking a new course of action and instigating new plans in the world of travel, career, creativity or study. 3 is your special number this month. Article by Stephanie Shanti




theimp The IMP January 09.indd 41

19/12/08 12:41:03

what’s on? what’s on? what’s on? WHAT’S ON? wha ART AND ENTERTAINMENT Lindley Players Pantomime, Dick Wittington Performances are from Tuesday, January 20. Call 01227 272042. CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES Many of these activities may be term-time only, and some have waiting lists or need to be booked. Contact details are included for each listing, so please check before you arrive! Babies


Enjoy Your Baby – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Tuesdays – New mums should receive an invite through their Health Visitor. Call Carol Fellowes on 01227 594417 for more info. Baby bounce and rhyme – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street, first Tuesday of each month, 11-11.20am. Call 01227 273309.


Breastfeeding Clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Tuesdays, monthly, by appointment only, through midwife Ursula. Call 01227 263998. Drop-in baby clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Thursday mornings, 9.30-11, no appointment necessary, just call in to see the health visitor for a chat and have your child weighed. Call 01227 263998. Baby Massage – Whitstable Health Centre – 5-week courses, Friday mornings. 50p per session, massage oil provided. Call Carol Fellowes on 01227 594417 for more info. Baby Massage – Joy Lane Children’s Centre. Friday mornings, drop-in from 10-11.30. Call Jo on 01227 594419.

Parent and Toddler Button Tots – Lucerne Neighbourhood Centre, Faversham Road, Seasalter. Monday mornings 10-12, call Jane 01227 282732. 3 Years Plus Family Group – Westmeads Infant School, Cromwell Road, Monday afternoons 1.45-2.45. Children can play while parents chat and the sessions provide a gentle link to school. Call 01227 272995. Little Alfies – Seasalter Christian Centre, Faversham Road, fortnightly on Monday afternoons at 1.45, call 01227 276795. Story time – Swalecliffe Library, Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Monday afternoon 2-2.30, call 01227 792645. Messy Play Sessions – Monday afternoon 12.45- 2.45. Old clothes a requirement! Term time only. Free of charge. Joy Lane Children’s Centre – 01227 263998.

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ON? what’s on? what’s on? what’s on? WHAT’S ON? Little Lights – St Alphege Church, High Street, second Wednesday of each month, 1.45pm, call 01227 272798.

Tots @ TEC – Tankerton Evangelical Church Hall, Northwood Road, Tankerton, Tuesday mornings 10-11.30, £1 per family, open to children from 0-5, call 01227 794328.

Little Oysters story time – Whitstable Museum and Gallery, last Wednesday of each month, 1.30-2.30pm, £2 per child, adults free, stories and crafts for under fives, materials and refreshments provided. Call 01227 276998.

Seasalter Christian Centre parent and toddler group – Faversham Road, Seasalter, Tuesday afternoons, 1.30-3, £1 per family, call Jane Myhill 01227 770257

Parent and Toddler Group – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Thursday mornings, 9-11.30 in the large crèche room. All welcome. Free of charge – 01227 263998.

All Saints Parent and Toddler Group – Shirley Hall, Church Street – Wednesday afternoons, 1.15-2.45. 50p per family. Term-time only – Call Sue Smith 01227 471325.

Chatterbox Baby and Toddler Group – St John’s Church Centre, St John’s Road, Swalecliffe. Friday mornings, 10-12, 50p per person including drink and biscuits, open to all with babies or preschoolers, call Sharon Braddy 01227 792835.

Story time – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street. Friday afternoon, 2-2.30, call 01227 273309. Friday Fun Group – Middle Wall United Reformed Church – 9.30-11.30am. £1 per family. Waiting list, spaces from Spring/ Summer ’09 – Contact Pat 01227 771766 or Rita 01227 263959. FITNESS Irish Dancing for Adults – Women’s Institute Hall, Joy Lane. Come along, get fitter and help shed those Christmas pounds! Mainly adults, Mondays 8-9pm. Call Janice on 07895 457020. MARKETS/ MEETINGS Whitstable Farmers’ Market , Second and fourth Saturdays of each month. St Mary’s Hall, Oxford Street, 9.30 2, selling meat, fruit, vegetables, drink, cakes, crafts and with a Fair Trade cafe on site. Becky Richards 01227 770836.


Playmates – Christian Fellowship Hall, Harbour St – Tuesday mornings 9.15-10.30 or 10.3011.45. 50p per family. Currently full but spaces expected in New Year – call Diane Wilkin 01227 263393.


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what’s on? what’s on? what’s on? WHAT’S ON? wha COMMUNITY GUIDE

Gorrell PCSO: Abi Symons 01227 868028

Health Blood Donation – 08457 711 711 Out of Hours Dispensing Pharmacies 0845 46 47

Harbour PC: Andy Camp 07980 683530; PCSO: Aaron Pedwell 07772 226035 Seasalter and Yorkletts PCSO: Aarron Newell 01227 868028

Drs’ Surgeries Whitstable Health Centre – 0844 477 2566


Chestfield Medical Centre – 0844 477 3037

Swalecliffe PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Graeme Downes 01227 868028

Out of Hours service – 0844 800 1234

Tankerton PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Graeme Downes 01227 868028

Local Policing


Details of police surgeries and meetings: Inspector for Whitstable is Gordon Etheridge, with Sergeant Dave Brenchley on 01227 868028.

Alternative Therapies

Chestfield PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Mark Harriott 07772 226106


Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Ear Candles, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage. In the comfort of your own home or in Debra’s therapy room. Call Debra Maybourne, Holistic Therapist, 01227 276 881 or 07872 622 023.

Hypnotherapy at Q Hypnotherapy, based in Whitstable. Details at www.Qhypnotherapy. Call Lisa Barnett on 0800 612 8153. Financial Meridian Consutants, Independent Mortgage Specialists - Beat the Mortgage Credit Crunch. Don’t believe all you hear and read. Mortgages/ Remortgages readily available. Call for an independent, unbiased, up-to-date quotation on 01227 266644. Landscaping Tranquil Earth Natural Garden Design Specializing in creating traditional and contemporary gardens, built with respect for the environment and to encourage wildlife. Visit for garden ideas. Retailers Allbits Plubing Supplies Ltd - visit our showroom or call now for great bathroom offers: 01227 281 648.

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ON? what’s on? what’s on? what’s on? WHAT’S ON? Crackin’ Glass FREE ESTIMATES on replacement single pane glass of all types. To book a free quotation, call 01227 711151. Herne Bay Mobility Fantastic January Offers. Visit the showroom or call for a free catalogue or to arrange a free demonstration on 01227 710055. Home Choice Carpets - Specialist home pattern service for all carpets, vinyls, laminates, woods and rugs. Free underlay, grippers, door bars and fitting on ALL CARPETS. Call for a free estimate on 01227 265544 or 07860 358552.

Invicta Gas Ltd - Save up to 40% on your gas bill with a new boiler. Call today for a FREE home quotation: 01227 770 510. The Kitchen Door Company - Why buy a new kitchen when you can change your doors? Over 30 designs in 45 different colours. Doors made to measure. Call 01227 791 850 or 07872 610 326. Premier Electrical Supplies - Comprehensive supply and service with a personal touch. Call 01227 282 386.

Non-profit listings are free of charge. Business listings work out at £5 per month or less. If you were not included this month, please mail us your listings –

Ripple Farm Organics - Local and organic vegetable box scheme - weekly delivery to 4 collection points in Whitstable (& other deliveries in East Kent). Visit www. or call 01227 730 898 and leave a message. FURTHER AFIELD Relaxing breaks Yoga Holidays at - halfprice holidays available in the beautiful Italian mountains for May and September 2009. Go to for further information or to book your place.


For display advertising please contact or call freephone 0800 44 88 309. In all cases, if you would rather write, our address is: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH. ALL LISTINGS AND ADVERTISERS in the magazine will also appear on our website directory at: free of charge.


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The Cheese Box in Whitstable is a relatively new phenomenon - but what used to be there? If you think you know, write in with your answers to be included in our prize draw. The ďŹ rst person with the correct answer to be pulled from the draw will receive a Philips MP3 Player! To enter, email: or write to PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH with your answer. The lucky winner will be announced in the February issue. Good luck!

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.¬jW‰?Ëa‰ÄWÖ™ÍjaËÁ?ÍjÄËwÁË#±±+ÄË?™aË͆jËa‰Ä?Mjaˉ™Ë͆jËW””Ö™‰Íß 8j˝wwjÁË?ːj?ajaË݉™aÝËÁj¬?‰ÁË?™aËÁjM։aËÄjÁ܉Wj^ˬj?ÄjËÁ‰™~ËwÁË?˶֝Íj ® ËÍ߬jÄ˝wËĉ™~jˬ?™jË~?ÄÄËÄÖ¬¬‰jaË?™a w‰ÍÍjau ® -j¬?Wj”j™Í˝wËߝÖÁËaÖMjË~?ãjaË֙‰ÍÄË‰Ä ™ÍË?ÄËjÞ¬j™Ä‰ÜjË?ÄËߝÖ˔?ßË͆‰™u ®Ê:ÖËaË™Íˆ?ÜjË͝ËÁj¬?WjËߝÖÁËÖ+7

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ÖÄÍË~‰ÜjË Á?W‰™¾ ?ÄÄË?ËW?Ë™Ëå¤ÔÔÈËȤ¤¤y¤Ë +†™jː‰™jÄ˝¬j™Ëš?”ˈy¬”Ë ™ˆÁ‰ËÊ˚?”ˈˤÔË.?Í


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The Whitstable IMP ­ ISSUE 2  

The Whitstable IMP ­ ISSUE 2

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