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Seminars to be offered as seventh class alternative Charlotte Carroll Beacon Staff

As usual, a new school year brings with it plenty of changes for new students and old alike. For the freshmen, this year is a change of perspective entirely. For the upperclassmen, however, there is another change, besides switching grade levels and positions in the food chain, that lurks ahead. This year, WY, in response to the longer day proposed by CPS, has offered seminars as another way to fill the required time. Not exactly a class, but rather an opportunity to try new things or follow your own passions, seminars give students a new alternative to a seventh class. “Students will be able to pick a topic that interests them and therefore have structured time to do this. There will be a teacher present and most importantly other students around with the

same interests. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills or further pursue old ones,” shares Matthew Swanson, former Academic Center Director, on what the initial idea was behind these seminars. Coming as a response to the longer day, these seminars will give students the option of something more. All students will have to attend school for a certain number of instructional minutes so seminars will help fill the time. Seminars will have an instructor, attendance will be taken, and no credit will be given. For now, seminars will be 30 minutes per day; however these minutes are based on current contract negotiations. Therefore seminars could be longer, shorter, or potentially nonexistent. Those who can’t take a seventh class will have to take a seminar. During the first week of school, students will receive a list of seminars they can choose from to take.

September 5, 2012 v These seminars range from academic related to athletic to really any personal interest students may like. Proposals submitted have included ACT/PSAT prep, college essay writing, current events, Asian and Latino literature, freshman study skills, and even one called From Blues to Bieber, about the evolution of music’s effect on culture. Another submitted proposal is a Simpsons TV show seminar that would be sponsored by English teacher Josh Locks. Though it may sound like an excuse to watch cartoons, Locks instead takes a different look at a pop culture phenomenon. “Through this, students would be able to see the subtleties incorporated that make it relevant and therefore we would especially watch and discuss episodes that satire pop culture. My theory is the best reason to know stuff is for telling and understanding jokes, so why not do so in such a manner,” states Locks. Although they don’t wish to stay in school longer, students do see a benefit as well. However, once again this schedule is based on current negotiations between the Board of Education/Chicago Teacher’s Union and is subject to change with the contract. So be on the lookout for scheduling.

WY Carnival to return for its third year of fun, music, and food Amelia Rockhold Beacon Staff It’s that time of year again everybody! The Friends of Whitney Young is sponsoring their third annual carnival. So get ready to ride the rides, listen to some great music, eat some elephant ears, and spend your weekend at WY. The Carnival is from Sept. 20-23. “My favorite memory of the carnival was during the carnival two years ago. I was bouncing on the bungee jump and it was late so the stars were out. I hope they bring those out this time. Those were literally the best, worth every single ticket,” stated Matt Burdick ’14. For those students who are looking to get a head start on their service hours in the beginning of the year, contact FOWY. Usually jobs consist of putting up posters


around the community and passing out flyers around the neighborhood. Don’t sign up late to be a volunteer though, because one may end up on clean up duty! Different than last year there is an extra day added to the schedule. Rather than the carnival kicking off the weekend on Friday, Thursday now marks the beginning of the festivities. There will be bands playing throughout the carnival. School bands will also be on the stage set up by the FOWY. “I remember last year was an absolute blast! The bands were fantastic, some that I had never heard of. It was a surprise to me that a school organization could generate an event like this. It makes me proud to go to WY, not a lot of other Chicago Public Schools generate this great of an event,” states Sofia

Katsaggelos ’13. Not only will there be rides, games, and music, there will also be room for student booths. If clubs or student organizations want to fund raise they should contact FOWY Carnival Chair Member, Kirti Patel. While the weather the past years has not been ideal, students, families, the community, and FOWY have still managed to put on a successful event to kick off the year. Hopefully the third time is the charm and the weather is beautiful! Purchase the Mega Pass during lunch periods during the week before the event, and also on parent night. If you plan on riding more than five rides, even just on one day, the Mega Pass is a great way to save money. So get out all four days and get your fill on carnival food, friends and fun!

Soldier Field rematch is a win Charlotte Carroll Beacon Staff On a warm summer evening, the Dolphins took down St. Ignatius in a highly anticipated rematch at Soldier Field. After losing to the Wolf Pack last year, the WY football program had been training for this match all summer. “Practice during the day was so intense. We all wanted this win so badly and I guess that was finally reflected on the field in the end,” said an ecstatic Philip Reuve ’14. During regulation time, the Dolphins were able to hold off St. Ignatius on defense. Yet, the Wolf Pack were able to do the same forcing the game into overtime. However, all that preparation paid off when the Dolphins beat their rival in overtime with a touchdown pass caught by Garland Gay ’13 thrown by quarterback Casey Ford ’13. At that moment cheers erupted from the orange and blue clad fans who had been ferociously cheering on the team all game and chants of Go Dolphins could be heard echoing throughout the

entire stadium. Although the win proved to be the icing on the cake, the hype for this game had been building for weeks in advance. A facebook group invite with the information grew to just short of a thousand students who pledged to attend the game. On the page itself, a fan battle roared with dozens of posts cheering on either team and students couldn’t keep from sharing their feelings of angst over the outcome of the game. “All anyone could talk about was this game and it was just so crazy during the week leading up to it,” shared Dolphin super fan Karli Krok ’13. Tickets being sold at registration quickly sold out forcing students to buy them at the gate before the game. Even teachers made an appearance at the game showing off their school spirit. “It was just a really great day to meet up with everyone and root for the Dolphins before things get crazy school starting” said Grace Zarzecki ‘15. The game proved to be a fun activity to see friends and cheer on the Dolphins before school started.

Amelia Rockhold/Beacon Staff

A view from the ferris wheel shows all the exciting possibilities that the 2011 carnival had to offer.

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beacon • sports


New Ideas

With the 2012 Olympics coming to an end, there were phenomenal performances throughout.

With the Olympics over, the search is on for new sports to watch or participate in.

•South African Sprinter Oscar Pistorious became the first double-amputee to compete at the Olympic Games after taking part in the 4x100m heat relay and 400m heat.

• “LaCrosse because WY jumped on the bandwagon, so it’s only a matter of time until it’s played on the world stage.” - Gordon Bentley ’13

•US Women’s Forward Alex Morgan scores the winning header in extra time, as the US eliminated Canada in a thrilling match. The Women’s Soccer team would go on to win the Gold against Japan. •US Swimmer Michael Phelps set the record for most Olympic medals, and becomes the most decorated Summer Olympic Athlete of all-time. •Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt keeps his title as “The World’s Fastest Man” after winning the 100m and 200m races respectively. He also helped Jamaica win the 4x100m men’s relay and defeat the US. •US Women’s Gymnastic Team, called the “Fab Five”, wins Gold in the team competition for the first time since 1996.

WY Sports It’s time to let other schools know who is boss on the fields!

“Monsters of the Midway” look to improve for season

• “It’s a tie between hotdog eating and NASCAR. ” David Craan ‘15

The last time the Chicago Bears took the field, they secured an easy victory over an abysmal Minnesota Vikings team. However, there wasn’t much to celebrate as that victory ended a five game losing streak that inevitably tarnished their hopes of making the playoffs. After a long preseason, the Bears are looking towards a bright future that lies ahead of them. There is no denying that Quarterback Jay Cutler’s thumb injury late into the season was the beginning of the end for the Bears 2011 season. With a healthy Cutler, the Bears increase their chances of getting a victory every time they take the field. “I’m excited to see what Cutler can do for an entire season, while being healthy,” remarks Giovanni Duarte ‘13.

• “Golf because it would be interesting to see who would watch it.” - Sophia Sodolski ‘14

Jorge Buendia Beacon Staff

Cutler will also have new targets to throw to as wide receiver Brandon Marshall was acquired via a trade and wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey was drafted. Marshall is the number one receiver Chicago has needed for years and Jeffrey has had an outstanding training camp. “I can’t wait to see Cutler hail mary Marshall all the way to the Super Bowl,” says Omar Ortiz ‘13. The Bears will be just as dangerous with their rushing game as running back Matt Forte agreed to a long-term extension and running back Michael Bush signed on via free agency. Forte provides the flashy, quick moves that lead to missed tackles and long touchdown runs. Bush will bring the power that’s needed to get those few yards for the crucial first down. However, the key to a successful Bears offense will

be the offensive line. The last couple of years Cutler has taken a beating, after being sacked multiple times in games week after week. The most worrying position is at left tackle, which must protect the quarterback’s blind side. J’Marcus Webb is set to be the starter, all be it with much criticism for his lack of improvement. The Bears defense has shockingly looked weak. Linebacker and leader Brain Urlacher has missed the entire preseason with a recurring knee injury, which has many fans worried. There will be no excuses once the regular season begins on Sept. 9. Chicago will have high expectations for this year’s squad and will cheer them on all the way. “All I want the Bears to do is win the division and beat those Green Bay Packers!” adds Josue Salgado ’13.

•At our very own WY courts the girls’ tennis team will be swinging for gold against Northside on Sept. 11 at four pm •The boys varsity soccer team will score plenty of goals against Kelly on Sept. 12 at Marquette Park at four pm Come watch it happen! •On Sept. 13 the girls varsity volleyball team will have a match against Washington High School at 4:30 pm in the east gym. •Cheer for blue and orange at the girls golf game on Sept. 18 at Indian Boundry as they battle Taft at 4:30 pm. •Let’s show some school spirit at the boys’ football game on Sept. 21 against Dunbar at Rockne Stadium at 4:15 pm.

Amelia Rockhold/ Beacon Staff The 2012 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was seen live throughout the entire world and received rave reviews for its originality and fantastic coverage of British History and Culture

MLB teams make last push to playoffs Jorge Buendia Beacon Staff

Summer has almost ended and the fall has arrived. Similarly, the playoff hopes of many MLB teams have been shattered, but few are still battling it out and hoping to extend their season into October. “The final month is a nail-biter because you just never know what’s going to happen at the end of the season,”

remarks Carlos Solis ’13. Two surprising teams still in contention are the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics. Both have been among the leagues worst in recent years and haven’t offered much to be excited about. However, both teams have been dedicated to grooming young prospects into exceptional major leaguers, which has finally begun to pay off. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates are two teams eagerly looking to push towards the playoffs. The Dodgers, along with new ownership, are all in, with the additions of former AllStars First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez, Pitcher Josh Beckett, Third Baseman Hanley Ramirez, and Outfielder Shane Victorino. The Pirates are looking to reward their loyal fans with a playoff berth, after years of constant rebuilding. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one team acquire such quality players in that span of time,” says Alfredo Gutierrez ’13. The Chicago White Sox have been another major surprise to everyone. With

a resurgent season from slugging hitter Adam Dunn and a Cy Young deserving season for young Pitcher Chris Sale, the White Sox have been among the American League’s top teams the entire season. “I still can’t believe how dominant the White Sox have been this season so far,” adds Jose Salazar ’13. With so many teams still having their sights on the postseason, the Washington Nationals have still managed to take much of the spotlight. Rookie Bryce Harper made his much anticipated Major League debut this season and has no doubt impressed. Star Pitcher Stephen Strasburg has also had a dominant season but is set to sit down soon. After going through Tommy John surgery last season, the Nationals organization is set to shut him down for the year, to prevent further injury. Whatever ultimately happens, the regular season will end on an exciting note.

• “Cricket because it’s the second most popular sport in terms of participation worldwide.” - Justin LaBonte ‘14

• “Toe wrestling because it’s a really competitive, fightto-the-death sport where mixed emotions often translate onto the battlefield.” Tom Wesolowski ‘13

Tennis stars shine at US Open Jorge Buendia Beacon Staff Every summer, the world’s elite Tennis Players gather in New York City to compete in the annual US Open Tournament. As one of the four major tournaments throughout the year, all the players bring their best and ultimately look to lift the championship trophy. This year is no different, with many interesting story lines coming into play. “Year after year the US Open never fails to provide excitement and great endings,” remarks Danny Manrique ’13. After a spectacular 2011 in which Novak Djokovic reached the number one ranking in the world, he experienced disappointment after losing at the French Open Final and Wimbledon Semi-Finals. A national hero of Serbia, Djokovic will look to bounce back and be on top once more. For the last decade, Roger Federer has been considered the best tennis player to ever play, as he now holds the record for the most major championships. He further solidified his position after impressively winning Wimbledon in 2012. “I’m a big fan of Federer and hope he continues to perform well,” says Miguel Murillo ’13. On the women’s side, Serena Williams has taken the tennis world by storm, after dominant victories at Wimbledon and the 2012 Olympic Games. It’s all the more impressive because of all the problems Williams endured in recent years, ranging from physical injuries to personal issues. She is the clear favorite to win but Agnieszka Radwanska and Maria Sharapova will also be looking to earn victories.

beacon • opinions

9/11 should be kept fresh in our minds Charlotte Carroll Beacon Staff September 11 is another that “will live in infamy” in the lives of the American people, quoting FDR. It is impossible to escape and it is everywhere you turn. The image of the Twin Towers burning in the Manhattan skyline is one that everyone has seen and has never forgotten. I was in first grade when this attack changed my life and the lives of every other American. No longer secure in a world that threatened our peace, a new view was taken by America that completely altered society with differences such as the Patriot Act and having to arrive at the airport at least two hours early. But the effects are broader spread than just my wait time at the airport. Terrorism has become as commonplace as a morning cup of coffee. Unfortunately, Americans have learned to live with the fear of another bombing, one that th

Derrick Rose and the BullsRose rehabbing has everyone on their toes for this 2013 season.

only pops out again if there is a bomb scare on the train. Growing up with such a day has become common, yet it’s still important to remember why. Nearly 3000 innocent people lost their lives on a day that forever changed America’s course in history. These people need to be remembered as they are most definitely a part of why America is what it is today. It may be true that once an event occurs and the generation who experienced it die out, the date will become no more than a blip on a calendar. Yet, this is precisely why we can’t let 9/11 do this. These 3000 names are the reason there is hate towards different looking people and why another 6000 US citizens have died in the War on Terror. Something has to be learned from such a horrific event. Not only have families been altered, but a nation as well. This feeling shouldn’t be used negatively; rather, in a way that can make the world a better place to live.

Burning Up

People always remark that they happen to glance at their clocks at just the right time every day to see the digits 9:11. It is a constant reminder that on Sept. 11, 2001 our country experienced a terrorist attack, and people today still suffer from the effects it brought upon our nation. What is known as 9/11 will soon become a date in a textbook for our children’s generation. Not to say the terrorist attack will be forgotten, but as students we have lived through the initial attack, as well as the war on terror in the Middle East. It has become much of our everyday lives and just as we learn about assassinations in history, our


by Five Amelia Rockhold Beacon Staff

What is your favorite part of the fall season?

children will hear about 9/11 in the classroom. As children born a few years earlier than the 2001 attack, we were young and weren’t able to comprehend the tragedy our country had undergone. However, we have also seen our country rise above this horrific event and growing up with that nationalistic mentality will hopefully allow future generations to thrive and gain respect for the United States. As young adults, it is now our job to uphold our country’s reputation as well as support the people who will be serving our nation, though this tragedy will be something that will become a part of a backbone of history rather than in the forefront of our children’s’ minds.

Margaret Zahrah‘14

Slaughter House- After a year of hiatus, IT’S BACK! Presidential CampaignCharlotte Carrol is drawing on her ballot. Fall- Boots and scarves season! Oldies- Oldies station never gets old! 104.3! College Apps- Seniors better buckle down and get busy this semester.

Modern Family- America’s favorite ABC sitcom is back in action!

Coldplay- After Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay’s coming out with a new album this fall.

College Football- Waking up to College Gameday on a Saturday morning!

Fixing an old bike- Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it isn’t worth anything. Plus, once the bike works, it means more than just a new one.

Phone Cases- Not having to worry about your stomach dropping when your phone does.

Going to the Water TowerWe’re not in fifth grade anymore.

9/11 beginning to fade Amelia Rockhold Beacon Staff

editor/designer: Rielle Walker

Burnt Out

Lebron James- After winning the MVP, NBA Finals, and the gold medal Lebron has nothing to look forward to this season. He’s still 5 more to go. Friendship Bracelets- These are just a constant reminder that summer is over. SnapBacks- Your mother wouldn’t approve!

Hipsters- Your beard and cuffed pants don’t make you different than the rest of us. Shark Week- Discovery Channel just re-runs everything from previous years! The Cubs- There’s always next year...

Lollapalooza- The hype is OVER. Bring it back once February hits. Dip Dyed Hair- The trend is as died out as the hair. Summer- Unfortunately. Food Instagram PicturesNo one needs to know your daily menu. We don’t care!

Werewolf Media- Robert Pattinson did it big enough.

Tori Wilbur ‘13

Rhiannon Holzman ‘13


Is iPhone 5 worth it? Rielle Walker Beacon Staff

Picture this: you’ve just decided to upgrade your beloved iPhone 3GS to the newer, sleeker iPhone 4S, and you feel better than ever about your purchase. Three weeks later, Apple announces the release of their newest iPhone model, the iPhone 5—and now you, whose ink is still wet on that new twoyear contract and who hasn’t even removed all the included accessories from the box yet, are stuck with a soon-to-be outdated version of the phone that everyone knows and loves. When it comes to the iPhone, Apple never skips a beat come time for a new release. With the introduction of the 4, the 4S soon after, and the highly anticipated 5 coming any day now, consumers may find themselves confused about what’s worth the buy. The big question on everyone’s mind: is the iPhone 5 worth it? Simply put, it really depends. For those who have been holding out on purchasing an iPhone or upgrading their current device to snag the 5 when it finally drops, it may very well be worth the buy. But for those who recently purchased the 4 or the 4S, don’t bother. Without contract or upgrade discounts, Apple’s iPhones tend to be wildly expensive, and it would be less than practical to purchase the 5 so soon after purchasing the 4 or the 4S, especially considering the frequency with which iPhones are released; before we know it, the iPhone 6 will be unveiled and waves of déjà vu will surface. When it comes down to it, it just depends on each specific buyer’s preferences. Some may enjoy staying up-to-date with all the latest gadgets, while others may be perfectly fine with letting the devices they have run their courses. Also, you can’t forget factors such as phone features when determining its worth. This being said, are you ready to purchase your new iPhone 5?

Matt Burdick ‘14

Alex Mitchell ‘13

I no longer need to shave my legs because bathing suit season is OVER. Lebanon.

The food. Yum.

I don’t have a favorite The smell of new text part. Summer is over. books.

College Football starts. Go Blue!

Somewhere where no one could ever find me.

Ann Arbor.

Would you take a date to Homecoming?

No way. I can’t be contained to one person.

Only if it were Ryan Gosling.

I would probably venture across the pond to Europe. Just like prom, only for pictures.

PC or Mac?



What are you most excited for this year?

I am finally an upperclass- SENIORS 13! man, meaning I get to torture the freshmen come soccer season.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Definitely Mac, I love my apples. June 14th. Graduation.

Kokomo. Yes, it exists... in Indiana.

I would go with anyone Well, if it meant I that wanted to take me. would always have someone to dance with, then yes, of course. PC. My Mac, I’ve got a sick UM wolverine sticker on it. Baseball season.

Michigan getting their chance to play in the BCS Championship. Boo Ohio State!


Ackies ready to rule this year

Academic Center students take time to unwind.

WY Polls

Hannah Lacava Beacon Staff Welcome to high school, ackies! Yes, you’re the youngest students at WY. Make it count, take advantage of all the opportunities available, work hard, and have a good attitude! “I remember as ackies, we were all super cocky, just because we were in the Academic Center and we thought that made it okay for us to go around the school

like we owned the place. Now I realize how annoying we were,” reminisces former ackie Sydney Novalez ’13. But just because you can’t be cocky, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time as 7th and 8th graders here at WY! “Being an ackie was fun. My classes weren’t too hard yet, so it was basically like a nonstop party,” says Justyna Chojnowski ’13. You get to enjoy things that other kids your age will have to wait for, like pep rallies and homecoming games. So make the most of it! Cheer on the dolphins! “At my first pep rally, I was amazed at how many people there were, and how good all the dance teams and the choir were. It was really exciting for all of us,” says Jeremy Burton ’14. But while you’re having fun in high school, don’t forget about your classes! You are

in an accelerated program after all. You better keep up! Especially in math. “Math was definitely my hardest class in both 7th and 8th grade. You have to remember that you’re taking the same level of math as freshmen and sophomores. Don’t expect it to be easy,” advises Sajwani. It is imperative that you keep up with your grades. Just because you already got into high school, that doesn’t mean your grades don’t matter anymore. The grades you get now will count toward the GPA you will send to college in a few years. It may seem far away, but that time will come, and then you’ll regret slacking off! As ackies, your journey at WY is just beginning. Your classes are going to get harder, your days longer. Be sure to appreciate this precious time. You’re at a great advantage, remember that!

Wise words for freshmen

Harry Belden Beacon Staff

Welcome class of 2016! Here at WY, we all strive to make our incoming freshmen feel welcome and at home. Here, you will feel the warm sense of family that all of our students identify with this great school. “I love Whitney Young,” says Henry Mosher ’13. “I am super stoked about being a senior this year, and can’t believe I’ll be leaving in just a few short months.” Mosher isn’t the only one who has let the time get away

from him. “Cherish these moments guys,” exclaims Tori Wilbur ’13. “Freshmen and sophomores should try to make as many wonderful memories at this school as they can before becoming upperclassmen, because that’s when the workload really becomes a bear!” Here are a few general guidelines to follow in order to make it the best experience possible. “First of all, you should never be late to PE.,” says Sami Hart ’15. “It’s always a good idea to get to your classes either on time, or a little early, especially if you have a teacher who gives tardy slips everyday.” Another popular piece of advice for new students is to be yourself. Find some students who share your interests (they don’t necessarily have to be freshmen!) and spend some time getting to know them.

• “Ping pong skills will earn you respect.” –Joseph Wang ’14.

• Do learn the direction that people travel in the halls. Being caught on the side that’s trying to walk down the stairs while you’re walking up will just cause trouble.

• “Don’t fall behind in your classes. It makes things difficult.” – Silas Helm ’13.

• Don’t forget to take a break. Stressing about grades isn’t going to help. When you become overwhelmed, just take a break to calm down.

• “Refrain from saying YOLO. You’ll lose a lot of friends…I learned that the hard way.” – Tom Wesolowski ’13.

• Do get involved. Colleges are going to care about extracurricular activities. It’s not quantity or quality.

• “Get service hours. Don’t say YOLO, don’t dougie in the halls, and please don’t yell out Pocahontas to Mr. Starr.” – Sophie Traven ’15.

Andrew Wicklin ‘14 & Matt Burdick ‘14 show school spirit for the WY vs. St. Ignatius football game.

• Don’t wear the color of upperclassmen during Spirit Week. We will find you. You will be a target. • Do think about your future. Sadly, every year counts, so try to keep those grades up!

• “Prove to the community that you are not a robot. Laugh, create, think! Interact in a nonself-serving way with the people around you. In the end, if all you are is an exam score and a resume, then you have failed in your proof.” – English teacher Ian McCarthy.

Marlene Lenthang Beacon Staff Alas, the summer is gone and another year has already begun. Heading into the third year of high school may seem like a drag, but be wary to refrain from catching senioritis. Junior year is arguably the most important year of the high school career with a plethora of standardized tests and AP classes, in addition to juggling normal school work and extra curriculars. The wisest piece of advice to adhere to may seem obvious, don’t slack! If you maintain a high grade in the beginning of the year it will

Freshmen should consider getting involved in extracurricular activities, like dance. Several now-freshman perform in the dance show last year.

When the first bell rings at eight am one thing is known to WY students: school is back in session. An issue unfortunately arises for the freshmen who have no clue how to handle a new life in a new school with a set of seniors that parade around in black, ready to prove that the year of their graduation is the best yet. No need to fear class of 2016! Here are a few guidelines that will guarantee success in the crowded halls!

• “Be open to try new things. Join different clubs, try out for sports and stick with the ones you enjoy!” –Rahat Sajwani ’13.

Juniors be wary!

“Make sure you get a good lunch table the first day with lots of other kids,” says Hart. “Nobody wants to eat alone in one of the houses!” Speaking of houses, freshmen should be aware that there is no eating in Blue House whatsoever, but the other three (Green, Gold, and Red) are all very happy to accommodate the incoming freshmen. Green house is also home to the Green house café, which offers students a greater variety of food choices for only a slightly increased sum of money. “I love the café,” says Mosher. “Sometimes I get sick of the food in the lunchrooms but I don’t want to go outside. It’s perfect!” This essentially sums up what the incoming freshmen should know. Have fun, and don’t get lost!

Do’s and Don’ts of High School

Advice for all High School Students

• “Word of advice: if you want to get on Mr. Fanning’s good side, tell him how great Spongebob is.” – Zachary Hayes ’14.

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Editor/Designer • Aaliyah Gibson, Aaron Atchison, Marlene Lenthang

• Don’t yell out your graduating year if you’re a freshman. Yelling a year that’s four years away will cause evil stares. You’ve been warned. • Do have fun! Make each year memorable.

be easier to keep it rather than struggle to catch up with late assignments. Junior year grades are imperative. Colleges consider these grades when reviewing applicants. The best way to impress is to not slack and stay motivated. The most daunting aspect of junior year is the ACT exam. Prepare yourself early on with programs such as Academic Approach, The Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Study Point. “It was helpful because the sessions were three hours long and I learned helpful tips, especially in English and Reading,” shares Caitlyn Ryan ’13. Colleges consider extracurriculars, sports, and organization work in addition to grades. Participating in clubs not only provide an opportunity to explore new fields but also allow colleges to see your

work outside the classroom. Furthermore participating in sports can bring in scholarships and athletic opportunities for the future. No matter what your endeavors may be, always seek a leadership position. Colleges want leaders to attend their schools. Promote yourself by taking charge or join an organization that encourages leadership projects such as National Honor Society or Key Club. “Give it a shot, balance your plate. Even if things don’t go your way, it’s nothing of consequence, it went someone else’s way. Don’t be afraid to fail,” asserts Student Council and National Honor Society President Shuya Gong ’13. Strive for good grades, leader positions in extracurriculars and ACT preparation and this year can be a successful one. Good luck!

Plan for the second year Amelia Rockhold Beacon Staff This is an important year. Freshman year is finally over, but you aren’t upperclassmen yet. Thus, students tend to take it as a bit of a blow off. To the contrary, sophomore year sets you up for your success, or lack of, for the next two years

Source: Aaliyah Gibson of high school and beyond. Taking PE as a sophomore you will be taking Driver’s Education. Get on top of scheduling Range and Traffic as soon as you get your card. And please, study from the little handbook. PE is nothing to mess around with and getting a grade lower than an A because of the challenging quizzes that students must pass for Driver’s Ed, stinks. Don’t blow it off and take the class seriously. Be the cool sophomore with their license by the end of the school year! Another thing to keep in mind as a sophomore is plan out your next two years of high school class wise. As a sophomore, students are more familiar to the school and staff. Thus, the time has come to think about what classes you want to take prior to applying for college. The ques-

tion to answer as a sophomore is to figure out, “Where am I headed with the classes I am taking?” Get your service hours and clubs in check. In order to transition smoothly from sophomore year to junior year, students must also have at least 20 hours of volunteer service. Clubs are very important and students who are in them have a better chance of getting into college. So apply for National Honor Society and other clubs with service opportunities. Aside from that, sophomore year is great, make the most of your time in high school, because time flies and soon one will be working toward college and then suddenly one will be walking across the stage in a cap and gown.

Seniors, make your last year count Aaron Atchison Beacon Staff

The time is finally here, seniors! After three years (or 6 in some cases) of hard work, it has paid off. But even though it may seem like the time to kick back and relax, the class of 2013 needs to know that one shouldn’t slack off too hard, some precautions should be noted. Preparing for the upcoming school year should be relatively fun and easy, but it can also be a time of redemption if one has slacked off in the past three years. Some universities and colleges accept transcripts from a “seventh semester”, or the first semester of senior year, to help give the applicants a better chance of admittance to their prospective college. This is the make or break point of borderline students, so this semester should be taken very seriously. Be sure to keep on top of those grades! But by staying calm and stress free, this could be the time of one’s life. “Senior year was the best year of my high school career,” says Anesha Buchanan ’12. “After putting in so much work throughout the past school years, graduation and prom were great ways to celebrate the feat!” However, before all of the play comes work. College applications, letters of recommendation and deadlines are things that seniors need to keep in mind before they

begin to sit back and relax. Generally, most early decision applications must be submitted by the end of October and then a decision will be received in Mid-December. By applying for early decision, it somewhat increases the rate of admittance and allows a less stressful rest of the year. “When you apply for early decision, it will ultimately give you more free time in the long run,” Kendall Mason ’12 explains. “Applying by November gives you the rest of the year to relax instead of worrying about meeting deadlines and wondering if you got into your college of choice.” Aside from college applications, this is the year for the Class of 2013 to relax. There’s no more standardized testing or fussing over test scores, so the only thing to worry about is maintaining your grades and avoiding procrastination. As long as one can do that, they are in store for one of the best years of their life. “I’m really looking forward to senior year,” Keelan Miskell ’13 exclaims. “This will be my sixth year here, so I have to make it my best one.” As long as the Class of 2013 stays calm and meets application deadlines, it’s sure to be a stress-free year to remember.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Damen Student Council senior members help decorate the gym.


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editor/designer • Amelia Rockhold


The Campaign Aaliyah Gibson Beacon Staff Remember that long summer day where there was nothing to do? Long days at the beach and nights spent enjoying every minute were forgotten as boredom took hold and television was the only source of entertainment. Every five minutes the next big blockbuster was advertised and, whether it’d been “The Dark Knight,” “Prometheus,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” “The Amazing Spiderman,” or the infamous “Magic Mike,” each movie made an impact upon society somehow. One movie, however, stood out from the rest by adding a comical gesture to an important matter that will be hitting every US citizen starting in

January. That movie is the “The Campaign”. Starring two comedic geniuses, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, “The Campaign” highlighted two southern participants in a presidential campaign that would do anything it took to become the leader of the nation. Receiving mid-high remarks from movie critics, the movie managed to unite comedy and a bit of reality with our nation’s political system and highlight how, when put to the test, politicians will do what it takes to beat the competition. The hilarious realization that will be faced when viewing the movie is that some characters are a bit relatable. A highlight of the movie is the hilarious “baby-punching” scene that is often in commercials. The perk is that the former scene is not the only one that is sure to cause some giggles. Every scene has a moment that is sure to be noted as comedic genius. The next time there seems to be nothing to do, go check out “The Campaign.” You’ll be stating lines from the movie in no time.

The Beacon rates this...

Music Festival: Lollapalooza Aaliyah Gobson Matt Burdick Beacon Staff The summers most highly anticipated music festival, Lollapalooza, was sub-par thanks to enormous thunder storm that caused officials to evacuate Grant Park. With artists like The White Panda, Madeon, Passion Pit, M83, The Shins, Wale, Bassnectar and The Black Keys performing on Friday the founder of Lolla (Perry Ferrel) did a fine job organizing the acts on the opening day. As mash-up music is on the rise The White Panda started the day off on a good note featuring many common songs like Call Me Maybe and their own single Midnight Life. Many festival goers felt the early afternoon was a bit weak but as the night went on time whizzed by as some concerts had conflicting times. However the high light of Friday according to Amir Patel ’14 was the Black Keys, “… they came out on time and took time to appreciate their fans that came out to support them and put on a great show”. As the partying rolled over to Saturday August 4, the energy radiating from the musicians and crowd never ceased; even when the worst possible outcome occurred. Beginning at 12 on the dot, Stage, preparing the crowd for rap’s new sensation Chief

Keef strolled onto stage with over ten people as wing-men performing his known song “I Don’t Like.” Disappointment hit all fans alike when everyone was forced to flee the Lolla scene and find cover before an approaching storm, As the sky turned green and rain belted down upon anticipating fans, all hope seemed lost and fans searched for another way to be in the music scene. Around six pm the gates of Lolla were reopened, allowing a multitude of people to sneak in, but guaranteeing ultimate fun. Though some performers were pushed back, and even some such as B.O.B. were cancelled, the crowd happily jumped into puddles of mud and danced along to Calvin Harris, FUN, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Covered in crusted mud and sweating from the overwhelming heat, fans prepared for Sunday’s onslaught of performers. Sunday brought a new wave of heat as J.Cole, At The Drive-In, Zed’s Dead, Florence and the Machine, and Jack White all paraded unto different stages. Each performer added a new wave of energy to its audience and promoted having a good time, no matter the circumstances. Lollapalooza of 2012 was one to be noted, let’s see what 2013 has to offer August 2 through the 4.

Hannah Lacava/Designer

If you like that, try this • If you like Phoenix, try tuning into the band Carolina Liar. With their latest album, “Wild Blessed Freedom”, Carolina Liar has proven to be a promising band. They have also produced many hit singles such as “Show Me What I’m Looking For” and “I’m Not Over”. • If you dig the timeless tunes of artists John Mayer, Five for Fighting, and Gavin DeGraw, check out Mat Kearney. Much like John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw, Mat Kearney has great vocals and powerful song-writing skills. However, Mat Kearney has a beachy tone to his music. In his latest album “Young Love” his biggest hit was “Ships in the Night”. For those who plug their headphones into a Mat Kearney playlist are into a summery and upbeat treat any time of the year. • For those who enjoy the beats of MGMT, check out Beach House. They are a great indie band and provide a calm, easy listening experience to their audience. Check out their hit, “Take Care”.

Book: Go Ask Alice Aaliyah Gibson Beacon Staff One quick question: When was the last time you picked up a book? Not books such as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “The Odyssey” because, to be completely honest, who really reads them? When was the last time a book was placed into your hands, read from start to finish, and actually enjoyed? For some, the answer may be last night, but for others it is impossible to think back that far. It would be much easier if a book with great reviews and relatable concepts was placed right in front of the eyes. That being said, reading “Go Ask Alice” by Beatrice Sparks would be a simple solution to this issue. “Go Ask Alice,” the tale of a socially troubled teen, manages to leave the reader consistently guessing how someone of that age could possibly deal with such traumatizing, yet relatable events that lead a life filled with chaos. As Alice’s life spirals towards a dead end, the amount of compassion that the reader can begin to feel for the main character makes this book stand out amongst the rest. After moving into a new town and trying to bond with new friends at a new school, the main character, addressed

as Alice, begins to feel the heavy pressure that accompanies not being immediately liked by fellow peers, an issue even students at WY learn the very first year here. We travel with the main character as she attends her first party in the new environment and accidently ingests Lysergic Acid Diethylamide in a glass of soda. Alice experiences a very first drug trip and the worst possible outcome happens: she likes it. Alice’s life takes a turn for the worst as she meets fellow peers that enjoy drugs such as heroin, sleeping pills, and the “almighty” marijuana. Pregnancy even pops into the equation when it seems that things could not become even worse. The reader is forced to the very same emotions that Alice conquers. It is quite amazing. Though the book was released in 1971, the poetic style in which each diary entry is written, allows a personal bond to be developed that throws the reader into the midst of each sticky situation. Each page is filled with anticipation and hope for the main character to rise above the rest. Give the book a try before school assignments start to rise!

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Source: iTunes

The Beacon rates this... Matt Burdick/Beacon Staff The Passion Pit takes the Bud Light stage at Lollapalooza on Friday August 3, 2012.

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3D movies add depth at the cinema Harry Belden Beacon Staff As many people have no doubt become aware by now, there have recently been several movies being re-released in three dimensions. Many films such as Star Wars: Episode I, the Phantom Menace, and Disney’s: The Lion King, have already been shown in theaters again with the addition of another dimension. “All of my friends and I went to go see The Lion King when it hit theaters again,” says Wilson Faeh ’14. “We all really loved that movie growing up and it was great to see it again, with the full movie theater experience. In a way, the 3D was just a bonus. What I enjoyed most was the experience of going to the theater to see it. Of course, there is more being done to the movies than making them 3D. “We have been working on rereleasing these movies for some time now, enhancing the audio, sharpening the picture, and of course, making it a great 3D experience for the viewers,” says Alec Bergman, president of Disney. Disney has been working on making all of their past classic animated movies available for 3D re-releases in theaters, many which have already been slated with a 2013 release date. These films include Beauty and the Beast, as well as The Little Mermaid. With their hard work at sharpening the picture and sound, movie companies hope to create a new enough movie experience that will bring people into the theater, while maintaining the old fashioned feel of the movie that people fell in love with in the first place.

WY Polls What’s your favorite summertime hit of all time? 60% California Girls by Katy Perry

15% All Summer Long by Kid Rock

15% Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira

5% Summerscent by Kid Rock

5% Yeah! by Usher feat. Lil Jon

Join our Facebook page “The Beacon (WY Newspaper)” to participate in polls and more!

There have been a few conflicting opinions regarding the re-releasing of older movies in 3D however. “Obviously this whole thing is just a way for the movie companies like Disney and Lucasfilm to make a lot of money off of people who might feel a little nostalgic or who never got the chance to see these particular movies in theaters,” says Mike Sockol ’13. “Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to go and watch a couple of them with my friends!” Some students have been expressing similar and yet even more cynical views on the subject. “Why should I care at all if a movie is in 3D?” questions Henry Mosher ’13 furiously. “If I’ve already seen it, why would I pay money to go see it ‘come at me?’ I can just get closer to my TV at home if I really want to!” Others have a more optimistic view towards these movies stepping back into theaters. “I’m super excited to go see the Disney movies when they hit theaters again,” exclaims Sydney Hart ’13. “I love the whole experience, especially those goofy glasses! I grew up with a lot of those classic movies, so it will be a really great experience to go through them again as an adult in a theater. Plus they’re in 3D!” It seems as if overall, movies being re-released in theaters in 3D is a very successful business strategy by Disney and other movie companies. With many already scheduled for a 2013 release date, it might not be a bad idea to get a few friends together and go re-live the lost childhood years of the past!

editor /designer • Harry Belden

Coming Soon: 3D Movies Here are some movies that are going to be re-released in 3D in the near future: • “Finding Nemo” - This Disney/ Pixar family classic will be re-released in 3D on Sept. 14, 2012 • “Monsters Inc.” - Another Disney/Pixar classic film slated to be released on Jan. 18, 2013 • “The Little Mermaid” - This tale of love from afar will be shown in 3D on Sept. 13, 2013 • “Independence Day” - This Sci-Fi adventure flick will be shown on the silver screen once again on July 3, 2013 • “Jurrasic Park” - Another Sci-Fi classic will be larger than life starting July 19, 2013. Here are some new movies coming out in 3D soon: • “Bait 3D” - When a freak tsunami traps a group of strangers, they discover that great white sharks are stalking them. Released in 3D on September 14 • “Hotel Transylvania” - At Dracula’s lavish resort, where he entertains the world’s most famous monsters, trouble ensues when an ordinary man falls for his daughter. Released in 3D on September 28 • “Frankenweenie” - After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor uses science to bring his best friend back to life Released in 3D on October 5


• “Wreck-It Ralph” - Wreck-It Ralph sneaks into a video game to seek heroism and happiness, instead causing havoc for every game in the arcade. Released in 3D on November 2 • “Life of Pi” - After a disastrous shipwreck, a young boy embarks on an epic journey of survival and adventure, accompanied by the only other survivor—a fearsome Bengal tiger. Released in 3D on November 21 • “Rise of the Guardians” - This film tells the story of a group of well-known childhood heroes, including Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost and Sandman, each with their own extraordinary abilities. Released in 3D on November 21 • “The Hobbit” - This prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy follows Bilbo Baggins on a dangerous but grand adventure Released in 3D on December 14 • “Cirque de Soleil: Worlds Away” - This film is based on the following premise: “There are worlds beyond dreams, illusion and imagination, where human beings are capable of anything. Where love rules, and everything your heart yearns for is beautifully, incredibly real.” Released on December 21 Source http://www.movieinsider. com/movies/3d/2012/

Best albums released Fall shows during summer 2012 to watch Aaron Atchison Beacon Staff

Harry Belden Beacon Staff

When it came to music in the summer of 2012, albums that were released topped the charts. To begin with, “Looking 4 Myself” by Usher was released and was critically acclaimed, “Believe” by Justin Bieber went Platinum, Frank Ocean dropped his long awaited debut album “Channel Orange”, and rapper 2 Chainz dropped “Based on a T.R.U. Story”, his first solo album since being with Def Jam. To begin with, Usher released “Looking 4 Myself” on June 12 and it sold 128k in its first week. Its a very upbeat, almost pop album, with many party hits and dance songs. Many critics believe that he’s making the transition from R&B to pop, smoothly, although some die hard fans may not approve. “It was a good album, but I miss the R&B Usher,” says Miranda Adams ’13. “Once he gets back to his roots, I’ll be happy.” On June 15, Justin Bieber dropped his third studio album “Believe.” With the lead single “Boyfriend”, this marks Bieber’s transition from “tween” pop to R&B and soul. The album received generally positive reviews and sold approximately 375,000 records in its first week. Despite his desire to transition, some fans will miss the young Justin Bieber. “I love the Biebs, but he will always seem like a cute little boy to me,” Gabriella Wiltz ’13 explains. “I’ll remember “Baby” before “Boyfriend”.”

Although the primary focus of any high school student should, of course, be managing their school work and study load everyone knows we could use a break now and then. In order to plan and coordinate one’s “study breaks” this year, get familiar with the fall TV schedule, filled with shows for all types of people. The most popular comedy show that will return this fall is “How I Met Your Mother,” which will air at 8:00 on Monday nights. “I am a huge HIMYM fan,” says Mike Sockol ‘13. “The story keeps getting more interesting and the jokes are even funnier!” HIMYM revolves around five friends who often hang out in a bar. Before immediately accusing the show of ripping off “Friends” or “Cheers,” give the show a watch. “This show really has very clever humor that I find to be significantly funnier than several other sitcoms,” says Sockol. For those viewers who are in the mood for a more serious show, there exists one very well suited program capable of getting any viewer’s, whether first timer or season one veteran, heart pumping with anxiety: ABC’s “Revenge.” “I love Revenge,” exclaims avid fan of the show Sydney Hart ‘13. “It really keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I never know what’s going to happen next!” As it is fairly easy to guess from the title, this show revolves around a woman’s quest for revenge upon those who have wronged her. Without giving anything away, this show should definitely be checked out. So take a break from all of the hard work of high school every once and awhile and check out these two quality programs that will be returning for the fall of 2012 season.

With great marketing and promotion, singer Frank Ocean dropped the critically acclaimed “Channel Orange” on July 10. With song themes including love and desire, and with the help of great imagery, “Channel Orange” tells a very descriptive story of how Ocean felt while writing the album. It told the dark and light points, which made for a sure fire hit, selling 131,000 in its first week. “It was truly a beautiful album,” Talia Koylass ’13 expalins. “Based on a T.R.U. Story” by 2 Chainz was one of the albums that many patiently awaited for. Selling over 140,000 in its first week and sparking three top charting singles, 2 Chainz made sure not to disappoint his fans. “I wish I was 2 Chainz,” Everett Oliver ’13 says. “That man is my idol, I swear.” Summer 2012 proved to be the season of great albums. Can next summer top this?


editor/ designer • Hannah Lacava

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Fab Five Visit Millenium Park

It’s fun to spend a day frolicking in the water, people watching, and simply enjoying the architectural beauty. But there’s no need to spend 20 minutes taking pictures of yourself in the bean.

Wander into a fancy hotel and explore

Charlotte Carroll Beacon Staff

Chicago White Sox v. Kansas City Royals: Sept. 8-9 Be sure to check out some of the last baseball games of the year.

Visit Lincoln Park Zoo


Trattoria Trullo - Italian Ristorante - Lincoln Square

Around the town and looking for a bite to eat? When on the Northside of Chicago, a good place to search would be in Lincoln Square. Tucked into the lovely corner of the timeless Lincoln Square is Tratorria Trullo. The restaurant specializes in traditional Italian cooking with dishes from the distinct town of Puglia in Italy. “I love Trattoria Trullo. They are so friendly and the food is always so yummy! They never let me down. Go Trullo!” enthuses Cali Leeds ’15. The menu consists of salads, calzones, various seafood dishes, soups and pastas. The pasta menu is a great way to go with options such as ravioli, stuffed shells, and cavatelli. The dishes themselves are exquisite. Each meal is served hot, adorned with garnishes. To compliment the dish there is

that you get out and do something.

Beacon shows you five fabulous ways to have fun in the city...for free!

Most of us haven’t visited this Chicago tourist spot in a long time. And most of us One of the perks of living never realized as children that in such a world-class city is it’s free! Lions and tigers and the plethora of fancy, beautiful bears, oh my! hotels. Get on the elevator and let it lift you into a world of Go glamour. You could end up in a ballroom, a bar, or even to an occasionally a beautiful expensive store patio. Just make sure to and try things on be conspicuous. Wearing an expensive gown is usually a pleasure reserved Open for the 1%. But who says you a lemonade can’t share that experience, if or cookie stand & only for 10 minutes? Just be donate the proceeds sure to be covert, otherwise you’ll be in for an awkward to charity conversation with the When was the last time you store owner. did a good deed? Well now you can help the unfortunate, have fun, and develop your entrepreneurial Hannah Lacava skills all at once! Beacon Staff

Marlene Lenthang Beacon Staff

Top Ten Beacon recommends

always a little bottle of olive oil, freshly grated Parmesan, and homemade bread. “My favorite dish is the Trofiette Pugliese. I know it sounds foreign but its apparently a traditional Pugliese dish. It is fantastic. I promise you will not regret it, its heaven for the taste buds!” shares Rahat Sajwani ’13. The raving reviews do not stop there. The desserts are so tantalizing, you may just come for the sweets! Trattoria serves many flavors of gelato, a raspberry cake, and a delectable flourless chocolate cake. Prices for appetizers range from $7 to $10. Main meals range from $8-$15 with prices cheaper for the lunch menu. It is advisable to split a meal as the portions for dinner can overwhelm one stomach. “The food is so good and the atmosphere is very authentic you forget you’re in Chicago. Bellissimo!!” states Tori Wilbur ’13.

Chicago Bear’s Season Opener: Sept. 9 Get your tailgate on with your favorite snacks, face paint, and jerseys as you watch the hometown team take on the visiting Indianapolis Colts.

fashionicon Always accessorizing with a smile, Monique Maher, social studies teacher, discusses her style. How would you describe your style? Colorful, comfortable, but professional. How has your style evolved since you were in high school? I am more feminine now. When I was in high school, I was more into athletic wear. Now my style is more mature.

What are some wardrobe essentials? A couple of pairs of jeans that fit well, some dress pants, skirts, and you can be more adventurous with tops. Tops cost less and there is a lot of variety.

What is your take on accessories? I love accessories. They are a good way to change up an outfit. I really like statement necklaces right now - big and colorful necklaces.

26th Street Mexican Independence Day Parade: Sept. 9 Go see the most colorful parade in Chicago featuring plenty of floats and dancing in the streets celebrating Hispanic culture. Jason Mraz Concert: Sept. 15 With his soothing vocals, who doesn’t love Jason Mraz? Firefly Run: Sept. 15 With a costume contest and other events, run either a 5K or a 10K in an illuminated nighttime race that benefits many charities. WY Carnival: Sept. 20-23 Back again for its third year, the WY carnival promises to once gain be a top notch event filled with food, games, rides, and fun.

Who are your fashion What are your shopping icons? recommendations? Sienna Miller - she looks I like Marshalls, Nordstrom professional, she is smart Rack, and anywhere that with accessories, and she is World Music Fest: Sept. has a sale. I like to see a a trend setter. I also admire Font: 21-27 Check outapple musicians chancF variety of clothes and those Julia Roberts; she tends to from countries around stores have a lot of selection wear comfortable the globe featuring Back toflowing School School Back to without paying top dollar for sweaters and dresses, notBacka to traditional and recent trends. skin tight. contemporary mix. How do you manage your Oktober Fest: Sept. 21wardrobe? 23 Pull out your favorite I don’t always buy new lederhosen, eat plenty of clothes every year. I can bratsFont: and pretzels, and chancF apple recycle clothes year after get ready for all things year and mix them up. I in the west Back to to School Back to School BackGermanic take care of my clothes and Lakeview neighborhood. they last for years. First Day of Fall: Sept. 22 It’s time to put those short shorts away and bring out the jackets and jeans.

Playlist: Playlist: Playlist

Playlist: Playlist: Playlist

Font: apple chancF Playlist: Playlist: ChicagoPlaylist Marathon: Oct. 7 Find a club to volunteer Back to School

Backfortoservice School Back to hours or just go check some of the most athletic people in the world.

Hot for Teacher


Going to class is nowhere near as bad when you have a hot teacher to stare at all period.

Dance the woes of school away with this catchy classic.

Van Halen

Spanish Lesson Madonna

Learn with Madonna, who knows how to make anything provocative...even simple Spanish!

Teenage Dream Katy Perry

High school is the perfect place to meet your next teenage dream.

Earth Wind & Fire

Party at a Rich Dude’s House Ke$ha

Play your cards right and you just might end up at one of these this year.

Parents Just Don’t Understand Will Smith

It doesn’t matter that you failed that test... everyone else did too!

Mama Told Me Not to Come Three Dog Night

Listen to your mama before you head off to one of those crazy high school parties!

Cooler Than Me Mike Posner

This one goes out to all the freshmen feeling intimidated by those cool seniors

I Love College Asher Roth

Study hard and you’ll make it there!

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