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Molly: A high school student’s new worst friend Devon Mitchell Editor-in-chief

“If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it to?” In the early years of childhood, kids get some version of this peer-pressure lecture. Now, 10 years later, parents find themselves facing a much more serious peer-pressure issue: “If all of your friends tried Molly, would you do it too?” Meet Molly: the average teenager’s worst best friend. Molly, also called MDMA or Ecstasy, is slithering its way into the daily lives of teenagers nationwide. Four recent teenage deaths in the Northeast in just under a week have sent shockwaves through the world of protective teenage parents and teachers. The main concern of parents, schools, and the Drug Enforcement Authority is that kids are so eager to try the synthetic drug that they are unable to identify what they are really taking. Also referred to as Scooby-Doo, K2, spice, plant food, and bath salts, Molly can be laced with other equally or more dangerous drugs like Cocaine. The majority of bad reactions and fatalities from the club drug are a result of laced batches. While authorities nationwide are attempting to determine the makeup of the drug and how to identify a bad batch, the surge in use of Molly continues to increase due to its odorless, easily concealable nature. The most popular scene for the drug is

at concerts and music festivals. The drug boosts the user’s serotonin and dopamine levels, both of which are natural stimulators for happiness and pleasure. However, these “pleasurable” effects are countered by physical consequences. Researchers have deemed that the drug has side effects ranging from dehydration to over-hydration. According to a report by NPR, over-hydration, also called Polydipsia, is a fatal reaction. Risks include cardiac abnormality or, in extreme cases, seizures. Even then, there are aftereffects. The post-Molly crash has been dubbed “Suicide Tuesdays” because of the severe hangover that can occur the day following abuse. However, despite these warnings, Molly reportedly has all the makings for a complete teenage outbreak. As a result of increased production in labs in China and Europe, Molly is incredibly easy to get very cheap, compared to the skyrocketing prices of other illegal substances. The drug’s immediate effect offers a euphoric high, bursts of energy, and occasionally mild hallucinations depending on the dose and setting. Additionally, parents and the DEA are holding the media partially responsible for the outbreak. Popular artists like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus glamorize the drug in their newest hit singles, and with over 100 million views on Youtube, leaders in national drug enforcement worry that such encouragement will just

Hannah Wilkinson/Staff Photographer High school students at a ‘Girl Talk’ performance at Northcoast in August of 2012 are surrounded by hundreds of flying streamers. Music festivals are the top venue for drug abuse. increase the use and abuse of the drug. “I was at Electric Forest for the music and there were a ton of overdoses and a few deaths from bad strains of Molly. It’s become so common that people are under the impression that you need to be on drugs in order to enjoy the music,” says Carter Coates ’15. Uninformed use is the most widely vocalized concern

Meet your new WY class officers Mardi Caminer News Editor

Hannah Wilkinson/Staff Photographer Senior class president Chris Pieper ‘14 presented his campaign speech during long division on Sept. 18.

After weeks of strong campaigns filled with t-shirts, posters, and more, class officers were announced Friday Sept. 20. Without any campaign, underdog, Chris Pieper ‘14 was elected Senior Class President. “I didn’t invest in posters or t-shirts, but in people and ideas instead,” explained Pieper. As Senior Class President, his goals include creating a greener school, keeping the Writing Center open, and unifying the Senior Class through

about Molly. Because of how easy it is to lace the drug and in turn, to buy a laced version of the drug, users are more likely to have a dangerous reaction than to have an enjoyable one. As a result of wide-sale laced drugs, the Lollapalooza 2013 music festival this summer in Grant Park was host to 10 drug arrests and 41 severe overdoses, which a vast number of WY students experienced

first-hand. “Last summer was my first time at Lollapalooza and it was really fun but this year I felt like I had to always watch my back. Molly water was so popular and I couldn’t walk ten steps without seeing someone passed out or tweaking,” says Jillian Fuller ’14. For more information or questions on MDMA and its effects, visit the DEA website or NPR.

social events. “The hardest thing about being a class officer is being able to take in so many different ideas, suggestions, and opinions and making sure they become something real,” shared Pieper. Julia Muhsen ‘14 was elected Senior Class Vice President after successfully getting water bottle fillers for the school and cupcakes for the end of last year. “I really just like being able to plan stuff and organize things,” explain Muhsen. Accompanying Pieper and Muhsen as Senior class officers are Greg Rudd ‘14 and John Franklin ‘14. Rudd is the Senior class secretary and Franklin serves as treasurer. Rudd served as the junior class secretary and had such a positive experience that he decided to run again. “Being a Dolphin has taken on a new meaning,” explained Rudd. Taking over for those students as Junior Class officers are Shawn Kim ‘15, Justin Lo

‘15, Jonathan Eng ‘15, and Ashley Davis ‘15. Kim, a member of the Beacon staff and boys soccer team, was elected as Junior Class President. Kim campaigned with the slogan “relatable, reliable, relentless”. Instead of making large, unachievable promises, Kim hopes to focus on the smaller things like fixing the bathroom sinks and providing vending machine snacks that are pleasing to the students. To help achieve these goals, Kim hopes to work closely with his Vice President Lo. They are already friends and are excited to make an impact on their grade together. As Junior Class officers, they are responsible for unifying the grade, providing test prep, and organizing other social events. “My goals for this year is for everyone’s opinion to be heard and for the junior class to have the best possible junior year,” said Lo.

WY Fall Play

WY Company students present “Summer Brave”, on Nov. 16 in the WY Theater. Admission is $8.

NEWS Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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Get to Know Your Principal

Principal Dr. Joyce Kenner opens up about her 19 years as the Queen of WY.

Q&A Band prepares for with the spring trip to D.C. Queen of WY Mardi Caminer News Editor

Jeremy Burton Editor-in-Chief Principal Joyce Kenner is the face of WY. Her students and staff all love her. On a busy afternoon, Beacon was able to sit down with our fearless leader and ask her a few questions. Q: How many years have you been principal at WY? A: I have been principal for 19 years, as of September. I served for 5 years as assistant principal on the second floor. Q: Do you think having been a cheerleader has helped you as principal? A: I absolutely do. I think that cheerleaders’ goals are to make the crowd enthusiastic about what we are doing. I think that I have been able to infuse that in this population and make us excited about what we are doing each and every day. Q: What is the craziest request that a student has come to you with? A: “Dr. Kenner, can we release chickens in the school?” I was like no, I don’t think so because who would catch them? Q: Why do you believe WY is the best school in the nation? A: I think we have it all. We have the best staff and faculty. We have the best students. I believe that in my heart. Q: Who is your favorite artist to listen to on your drive to school? Why? A: My favorite artist of all time is Luther [Vandross]. I just like ballads and he is just a swooner. His music is just nice and mellow and it relaxes me. Q: How do you spend your weekends? A: I am an avid competitive tennis player, so I generally have matches on the weekend. I also am an avid gardener.

The Whitney M. Young Wind Ensemble will travel to Washington, D.C. this spring to compete in the Washington D.C. International Music Festival held at the Kennedy Center. Band director, Anthony Lanzino, sent a recording from the 2011-2012 IHSA Band Contest to the Washington D.C. International Music Festival Audition Committee. From the hundreds of applicants, WY was chosen to compete against 11 other school ensembles. At the festival, the band will play “Song for Maya,” a piece written by Vince Oliver, a University of Southern California graduate and friend of Lanzino. Oliver has previously written two pieces for the WY band. This piece was written for Maya Barrera, a professional oboe player in Los Angeles who was one of Lanzino’s students when he taught in California. No money from the school’s music program is being used to fund this trip. After learning about the CPS budget cuts,

Hall of Fame coming to WY Ten years in the making, assistant principal Mark Grishaber is heading a committee to make the Whitney Young Hall of Fame a reality. Displayed on the brick wall adjacent to door #9 in the main building, the inaugural group of hall of famers will include 10-15 individuals as well as four sports and academic teams. According to Grishaber, inductees will be honored at the Spring Sports Booster party. Inductees will be honored for one of six categories: Medicine and Science, Business and Professional, Arts and Entertainment, Humanitarian

and Service, Athletics, and Lifetime Recognition. Teams will also be inducted under the Team Recognition category. All former students must be at least five years graduated from WY. All former teachers nominated must be retired or unemployed from WY for more than a year. The Hall of Fame committee will send out emails to teachers and alumni sometime this year to ask for nominations. Nominees will then be honored based on their “achievement, leadership, and contribution to society,” according to the guidelines set by the committee. WY’s fortieth year approaching quickly makes the Hall of Fame timely and

ent and suspect an uncertain future. Dan Winkler, drama teacher and play director, said he chose this play because “it is particularly challenging for the actors.” “It speaks to some of the things teenagers are going through, and we’re showing it through a classic American play,” shared Winkler. Inge’s “Picnic” was rushed to Broadway. About 10 years later he wrote “Summer Brave.” “With such a difficult play, you need a stellar cast. I try to pick out the best actors as well

as the best ensemble,” Mr. Winker said. The night before casting, he had three separate versions of the cast and he had to pick the best one. Jeremy White ’14 was chosen to star in the play. He joined company this semester. “I only auditioned because Ms. J made me do it but now I’m super excited to get to work,” he said. Students are planning to support. “I haven’t been to a Company play since eighth grade. I think I will check it out this year,” Danish Pulley ‘14 says. Company has put on many plays such “Hatfield and McCoy,” and “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum.” “Summer Brave” will open November 16.

Kasey Carolson Staff Reporter

“Summer Brave” to rock the house Devante Morgan Staff Reporter

“Summer Brave,” William Inge’s revision of his Pulitzer Prize winning 1953 play “Picnic,” is The Whitney Young Company’s next endeavor. “Summer Brave” is a play set in a small town in Kansas in the 1950s. It focuses on Hal Carter, played by Jeremy White ’15, an attractive young stranger who has drifted into town before the annual Labor Day celebration. He sets off a chain of events that causes the neighbors to reflect on the pres-

Lanzino discussed withdrawing from the competition with principal Joyce Kenner. “We are so lucky to have a principal that encourages us to compete,” stated Lanzino. Lanzino will make the trip with his 67 students and 11 chaperones. Kenner and programmer Anne Sherry plan on going. They both accompanied the band to New York. While in New York, Kenner “felt important in the eyes of the students,” she explained and is so excited to feel like a “superstar” again. This will be Lanzino’s fourth trip out of state with the WY band. In 2008 they went to Nashville, Tennessee. In 2010 they flew to southern California and played in a recording studio in Disney Land. In 2012 they competed in a festival at Carnegie Hall in New York and received a gold rating, the highest possible. The group performs college level pieces and is recognized at city and state levels each year. “We work on three songs for months fine tuning them to perfection and staying after school to do workshops. Going on a trip like the one

Mardi Caminer/News Editor The WY Wind Ensemble practices their music during 4th period in order to be ready for their trip in April. we took to New York and finally performing the songs is rewarding because it allows us to demonstrate our talent and hard work and spread the Whitney Young name,” said Zach Nandapurkar ‘14. The 67 individuals in the top ensemble are responsible for paying the cost of roughly $1600 for the trip. There will be fundraising opportunities for the students to offset some of the costs of the trip. “It is definitely more dif-

ficult finding the money at a CPS school, but I will do everything in my power to send all the kids that deserve to go,” explained Lanzino. Families can sponsor a student by making a donation. The student will then send pictures and notes about the trip to show how the money is making a direct impact on a student’s life. If interested, send an email to

seemingly necessary to showcase the notable alumni that have come out of the school. Grishaber hopes that every year the school will be able to induct new former students and teachers, making it a tradition at WY. “It’s going to be very cool,” says Principal Joyce Kenner. Though many students like Malik Williams ’15 are unaware of the plans, he says that the Hall of Fame “sounds like a cool thing” and that he would “probably go to see it”. Though there will be many obvious inductees like first lady Michelle Obama and actor Craig Robinson, the school’s inaugural principal, teachers and students and teachers are also likely candidates to be included in the WY Hall of Fame. Be on the lookout for the display, which should be up later this year.

The Beacon’s WY Hall of Fame Picks - Joan Higginbotham, female NASA astronaut - Lucas Neff, “Raising Hope” writer and actor - Russell Maryland, former NFL pro player - John Tobias, creater of the Mortal Kombat series - The Wachowskis, directors, writers, and produces of films like The Matrix and Cloud Atlas -Quentin Richardson, NBA pro and New York Knicks teammate

Genevieve Sachs/Staff Photographer “Summer Brave” characters Allan and Flo, played by Evan London ‘14 and Maddy Modehack ‘15, practice their lines.

Divvy in the City

Divvy Bikes are a great new addition to city life, but many WY students have safety concerns.

NEWS Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo opinions What are some of the best Halloween costumes you’ve seen at the school?

Do you prefer going to homecoming with or without a date?

Divvy bikes question safety Devante Morgan Staff Reporter

I think Ms. Smith looked really funny last year when she dressed up like a pageant queen because apparently all of the science teachers had that theme. -Antonio Arana ‘16

Without because I don’t want to be restricted to one person and get annoyed with them. -Will Lewis ’15

Divvy bikes are a convenient way to bike around the city, but many bikers have safety concerns. This summer Divvy bikes were introduced in Chicago. You can purchase a 24-hour pass for just $7. Then you get an unlimited amount of 30 minute rides. If you don’t return the bike by the 30 minute deadline, late fees begin occurring. Late fees start at $2 and can rise to $150. You can also get an annual membership. For $75 you have unlimited 30 minute trips. Late fees are also reduced for

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New Beacon Header

Meet Elise Porter ‘15, the designer of our new ‘Beacon’ Header. Thank you, Elise!

members. The annual plan also offers monthly payment installments of $6.25. Getting a Divvy bike can be very simple. You walk to the kiosk and follow the onscreen instructions. After completion, the bike is yours for the half of an hour. Divvy says “At just $7, Divvy’s 24-Hour Pass is roughly the same cost as a 1-mile taxi ride in regular traffic.” But in Chicago, biking is not always the safest mode of transportation. reported 4,931 bicycle crashes in the city of Chicago from 2007 to 2009. 502 of those accidents resulted in an incapacitating or fatal injury. Evan London ’14 rides to school fairly often and says, “It can get pretty hairy out on the streets.” According to cityofchicago. org there are more than 200 miles of buffered, on-street protected bike lanes and more than 13,000 bike racks. Chicago seems to be a great place to ride your bike and explore but you must also stay safe.

Students upset with Ventra system Aram Wilkinson Staff Reporter Ms. Gordon always has the best costumes. Last year she was an Umpa Lumpa. -Rachel O’Donnell ‘14

When Phillip Rueve was Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad that was awesome. I love that show and his costume was on point. -Sam Sodolski ‘14

Less is more ;) -Andrew Wicklin ‘14

With because you don’t want to feel lonely when everyone else has a date. Hopefully I’ll get one! -Chris Ngeuyen ‘18

By myself because I love dancing with different people and showing off all my moves. -Patrick Moran ’15

I like going with a date because then you get someone to hang out with the whole night without just wandering around. -David Barry ‘14 Source: Hannah Wilkinson

On Sept. 9, the city of Chicago implemented a new way of paying for the CTA. The blue cards that everyone came to know and love are no longer the way to pay for train and bus rides. The CTA is dispersing Ventra cards and will move everyone to this payment program by the end of 2013. The CTA made this change to make the whole process of paying and boarding trains and busses faster. The Ventra card allows people to monitor their balance online and connect it directly to their credit or debit card. Benjie Barclay ’15 said, “It’s nice to be able to hook it up to my parent’s credit card, that way I don’t have to pay my own money and I don’t have to worry about filling up my card.” Ventra claims that this new form of payment is “tap and go” referring to the way a user can just tap their card on the turnstile and get on their way quickly. Some students actually believe the new Ventra cards have been a huge help in saving them time going to and from school. One of those students is Rebecca Litton’14. “I love the Ventra card. Unlike most of my friends, I have had no problems with it and the fact that I can just touch my card to the reader saves me a bunch of time,” said Litton. Riders can also buy a Ventra paper ticket Ventra paper tickets are $3 and include a ride and transfer. The usual Ventra cards are a flat rate of $5. Money can be added to the card or the card can be directly linked to a debit or

credit card. The last payment type is a contactless debit or credit card which can be used to directly pay the fares. Although the new Ventra system is meant to make things easier, a lot of students believe it is making things more difficult. Many people have had problems with Ventra such as the system charging them, but not allowing them to go through the turnstile. Zac Weller ’15 complained about the Ventra card saying, “Pretty much every time I use the card, it charges me but the thing doesn’t turn. It’s just a huge hassle.” Another problem students have had with the Ventra card is double charging. Some students who swipe their whole wallet in front of the sensor have been charged twice for one ride. This happens because the sensor picks up the Ventra card and the debit or credit card in the wallet, leading to a double charge. “The fact that I have gotten charged twice for one ride, and can’t get my money back is just absurd,” said Will Arndt ’15. These problems have also been noticed by others that have had to transition to the Ventra card. There have been many complaint emails sent to Ventra. Among those emails, one of the things users are unhappy about is the fact that they cannot load their card online. If the $5 card is bought at the retail store, money has to be put on immediately. Ventra has taken these emails and letters into consideration and are doing what they can to fix all of these problems.

“The Divvy bikes themselves are safe enough, but since few people wear helmets when they use them, they encourage unsafe riding,” said London ’14. Divvy bikes have had a good response and make it easy to get around, but not everyone likes the Divvy program. Kendall Johnson ’16 says, “I like the way it is set up, but you can only ride for 30 minutes. It takes me more than half an hour to bike home from school.” Divvy bikes also seem to be disrupting some property owners. The Huffington Post wrote about condo owners that do not like Divvy stations in front of their buildings. Lakeview owners complain that the bikes are ugly, and attract strangers. They think that Divvy bikes bring unwanted guests to the area and they are trying to get them removed. “The way I see it, Divvy bikes are good for tourists who don’t have bikes, but other than that , it makes it more fiscal to just get a cheap bike from a place like Working Bikes,” said London.

How to use the new Ventra card Confused on how the strange, new Ventra card works? Here’s step-by-step instructions for all of your Ventra needs: 1) Purchase a Ventra card from the school store for $5. It is important that you buy it there so you can get the student discount of 75 cents as opposed to paying $2.25. 2) Go online and register your Ventra card. It is a very easy thing to do and takes about 2 minutes. The website requires you to add your basic information and gives you the opportunity to link your Ventra card to a debit or credit card. 3) If you do not wish to link your card, you can manually add cash to your card at any train station. 4) If you decide to link the card to your debit or credit card, you do not have to worry about monitoring the balance of your card, but if you load it with cash you have to keep an eye on your balance and make sure you do not run out of money. If done properly the Ventra can be an easy and quick way of riding the CTA. Source: Aram WIlkinson

WY TV Production

The WY TV Production Class went live Wednesday Oct. 2 for the first time in WY history.

NEWS Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WY Alumna Shuya Gong ‘13 discusses transition to Harvard University

Students excited for new TV show

Jeremy Burton Editor-in-Chief

Matt Burdick Graphics Editor

The transition to college is often one of the hardest transitins for students to make. Unlike the transition to high school, when you go to college, you must say goodbye to family and friends to go live on your own with strangers. WY Alumna Shuya Gong ‘13 reflects on how here time spent at WY prepared her for an easy transition to Harvard University. Q. What courses taken at WY do you think prepared you the most for your college course load? A. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the AP classes. The AP classes definitely gave me a head start on knowing the material and things like that, but honestly it’s the way classes are structured that is the biggest shock. Honors Advanced Mathematics was the class most like a college class, in that you weren’t told exactly what you needed to do and exactly what you needed to review, the material was just there, and it was up to you to take the initiative to go and extend your learning beyond the classroom; that’s really the best way to describe how college classes work. Q. What was your favorite WY class and why? A. I don’t think I can quite say “class” and leave it singular. There are several that stick out in my mind as massively influential. I’ll list them in no particular order: AP Biology with Ms. Gallardo, Honors Advanced Math with Ms. Au, Precalculus BC with Mr. Moran,

English Literature with Mr. Scotese, AP Government with Ms. Lent, AP Human Geography with Ms. Heesemann, American Literature with Ms. Graf, AP Economics with Mr. Waller, all of my Chinese classes with Mr. Luo and Ms. O’Mara, just to name a few. Q. While at WY, you were very involved in student government, have you continued your involvement in college? A. Not really. I wasn’t involved in student government my freshman year at WY in the slightest, and it was really because I didn’t know what needed to be done on campus, what was lacking, or any of that. I think it’s rather pointless to try and change things when you don’t have a good grasp of what needs to be changed, so I’ve just become super involved in various areas of life here at Harvard and figuring out what’s absolutely perfect and what could use a bit of tweaking. Q.What advice would you give to current seniors applying to college? A. Breathe, really. Breathe and don’t worry about it so much. Know when your deadlines are, apply everywhere you want to, don’t make it a ridiculously large number, but also don’t apply to so few that you limit your options in the end. The only thing that should prevent you from trying out a college is if you don’t like it. Don’t think a college is too expensive, or you’re not good enough for it, or it’s not good enough for you, or distance, or geography, or weather really deter you. You can apply to it, check it out, and have the option to say no later.

Credit: Shuya Gong Gong ‘13 has continued to pursue her love for music by joining ensembles on campus.

Every Wednesday during long division, DUB TV broadcasts their student-created show. Mr. Rehak’s second period TV production class set out with a goal to be one of the most informative classes at WY. The class is divided up into groups of three or four students, each of which are responsible for recording, editing and covering all aspects of TV production. After learning the fundamental techniques and tools, students create their own news telecast. “We wanted to create something that would be interesting and informative for school, and have some fun with it at the same time,” stated Zach Hayes ‘14, a student in the TV production class. These groups have a week to prepare a few 2-3 minute segments. The short time can cover a variety of topics like sports, skits, teacher interviews, advice, birthdays of the week and general school news. One of the groups is

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Harvard Insider

WY Alumna Shuya Gong shares her thoughts about her first semester at Harvard.

Matt Burdick/Graphics Editor Jeremy White ‘15 interviews a student for their long division broadcast. responsible for creating a newscast during a certain week and then it is aired on Wednesday during long division. The TV production class hopes students will remain interested on a weekly basis because of the variety of newscasters and their perspectives on topics of their choice. “I think the newscast was great. It is a good way for students to stay occupied during long division; especially if they don’t have homework to do. It makes me wish that I took that class!” explained Tori Ferman ‘14. So far, the TV production class seems to be gaining popularity among the WY student

Safe Passage makes changes Jeremy Burton Editor-in-Chief In September, Chicago was named the murder capital of the United States, according to a study held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The city had the highest number of murders across the nation, with 500 murders recorded in 2012. In response to the city’s rise in crime and the relocation of nearly 50 school closings, CPS has revamped the Safe Passage program. Safe Passage is a program that emphasizes safety for Chicago Public School students on their daily commutes between home and school. It was created in 2009 after the death of CPS student, Derrion Albert, as he left his South Side high school. But what does the revamping of the program really mean for CPS students this year? It means a new $15.7 million budget for the 20132014 school year. It also means that in the areas where schools were closed, students can expect to see 1,200 Safe Passage supervisors on routes to schools. The goal of the program is to provide the 13,000 students that were transferred with an extra layer of security as they pass through new, and sometimes

dangerous, routes to school. The program’s funding supported the addition of 53 schools in the Safe Passage program, bringing the total number of schools in the program to 88. The program has received both positive and negative feedback. When schools opened in late August, the Safe Passage Program suffered an immediate decline in number of supervisors. The program blamed the extreme heat for the loss. “I think that it is a sad statement that this is what we have to do in our city. I am questioning how they are going to keep the program up when so many supervisors quit due to weather conditions in late August,” adds dean Lynn Zalon. Over a month later, students continue to report the lack of supervisors at assigned locations. The Safe Passage supervisors are unarmed but trained to respond to student disputes. “I think it is good thing that CPS is taking the initiative to improve safety but I’m not sure what they are actually doing to make it safer,” says Zita Chan ’14. The allocation of CPS funds remains a topic of debate across the city with schools such as Walter Pay-

body, teachers and faculty. Almost all divisions were able to stream the broadcast from their rooms. Students are encouraged to share their ideas. If they would like to be featured on the show, students can talk to a member of the TV production class. “We’re always looking for interviews, ideas, opinions and things of that nature. It’s a light look into students’ school views. Feel free to get in touch with one of us!” Zach Dietz ‘14 said. So tune in every Wednesday to get the latest scoop!

Feeling Safe? Safe Passage is a citywide program that provides safe routes to and from school. However, the feasibility and efficency of the program have been questioned. Here’s how WY students feel about traveling between home and school:

Do you feel safe traveling to and from school? Yes : 40% of students No : 16% of students Sometimes : 44% of students Source: Devon Mitchell

ton and Jones College Prep receiving funding for the construction of new buildings. The construction of the new Jones building costs $120 million. Likewise, the Walter Payton College Prep recently received $17 million dollars for construction of an add-on. With Chicago being named the murder capital of the country, CPS violence is under a larger microscope than ever before. Chicagoans will have to wait and see if Safe Passage and other programs like it are able to improve the safety of the CPS system and lower violence rates citywide.

Marijuana allowed in Illinois As of Jan. 1, medical marijuana will be legal to prescribe in the state of Illinois.

NEWS Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Illinois legalizes medical marijuana Aram Wilkinson Staff Reporter

Many believe that a huge medical achievement was reached when Governor Pat Quinn signed “The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act” on Aug. 1. This act made Illinois the twentieth state to legalize medical marijuana. The Act will be effective on January 1, 2014. Then the Executive branch will have four months to implement rules for the state program. With Illinois being the twentieth state to legalize, officials will be able to take advice and learn from other states where marijuana has been legal for a while now. Figuring out how to monitor who gets a medical marijuana card and who will get access to the dispensaries is something Illinois officials have to take a deep look into. There are several things

about the laws for medical marijuana in Illinois. The first is that there will be no more than 60 dispensaries. This is important to allow the distribution from not getting out of control. Also, to monitor the production of the marijuana, there will be only 22 cultivation sites. These sites will all be located at state police districts. There are dozens of medical conditions that will be eligible for medical marijuana. Some of them are, cancer, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s, and patients will only be allowed to buy 2.5 ounces per week. It is important to look at these laws from an economic standpoint. The legalization is not only something that will help many patients, but it is also something that will bring in economic gain. Patients will be taxed at 1 percent for the marijuana while the growers and dispensaries will be

taxed at 7 percent. Researchers in Quinn’s office also think that this will bring hundreds of new jobs. People will be need to be hired at growing sites and dispensaries. In a few weeks, meeting put together by The National Cannabis Industry Association to discuss potential businesses and investors getting involved. The public generally has a regular negative view of medical marijuana. It is just recently that the opinions of doctors and important figures are changing about medical marijuana. Many people wonder exactly how medical marijuana helps. Patients who use marijuana are usually the ones who are immense pain. Medical marijuana helps by calming the body. It is also known to improve life for people who are otherwise quite helpless. The people who are able to obtain medical marijuana will be the patients that are seriously ill. The patients also need to have a longstanding relationship with their doctors to make sure they will be using it for the right reasons.

Medical Marijuana 1996: 2011: 2013:

Through the Years:


Commonwealth California of Massachu- becomes first setts becomes state to first state to legalize mediban cannabis cal marijuana in the US

Payton funded for addition Zoe Davis Copy and Op-Ed Editor Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced that Walter Payton College Prep would receive a $17 million addition.

Gallup reports record 50% of Americans support legalization

This will create almost 400 new seats at the school. Two other schools, Raby High School and Wildwood Elementary, are slated to receive about $20 million in funding for upgrades, and a $35 million elementary school will be constructed on the Southeast side of Chicago. These plans come after Jones College Prep opened a $115 million addition earlier this fall and after debates and protests about school closings and teacher layoffs. The mayor praised the upcoming addition for Payton, saying that anyone who is qualified to go to a selective enrollment school should have the opportunity. Last year

Zoe Davis/Staff Photographer Walter Payton College Prep recieved $17M to expand.

Illinois becomes twentieth state to legalize medical marijuana

Payton accepts 220 out of 6,200 applicants. Payton students hope that the expansion will allow more students to be accepted. “I know a ton of Chicago students want to go to Payton because it is such a great school, but its very small and can only accommodate so many kids. With this expansion we can extend our Payton family and give students a better chance at getting in,” commented Payton student Dominique Jackson ‘15. The mayor had a similar response to the new Jones campus, which gives the school an additional 125 seats for incoming freshmen. Despite the recent push to expand selective enrollment schools, WY has not been mentioned. While the Chicago Tribune in a September article referred to Payton as “neck and neck with Northside College Prep as the city’s most academically competitive public high school”, WY was not compared to the two schools. This leaves some WY students wondering what this will mean for the future. “Hopefully it won’t throw [WY] down in any rankings due to lesser funding,” said Lauren Bennett ‘15. However, many WY students are confident that WY will remain competitive with the other selective enrollment schools. “Payton won’t be as exclusive anymore so maybe more people will want to come to Whitney Young,” commented Claire Fridkin ‘17.

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Walter Payton College Prep Expanding Mayor Emanuel granted the high school a $17 million budget to expand.

Phillip Rueve/Illustrator

Chicago is most murderous city Mardi Caminer News Editor

Chicago leads the nation in the number of homicides in 2012, according to the FBI. Angelys Torres ‘14 is interested in one day joining the Chicago Police Department. Right now, she does not think Chicagoans are taking the severity of the crime in the city seriously. “Murders and shootings have become common small talk when they should be taken more seriously and heavily,” explained Torres. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were 70 more homicides in Chicago in 2012 as compared to the 430 in 2011. New York murders were down 100 from the 515 reported in 2011. Even with these top numbers, Flint, MI and Detroit were reported as the least safe cities by percentage of homicide victims. There was a recent Northwestern study examining the correlation between living near a liquor store or tavern in Chicago and gunshot wounds from 1999 to 2009. The results show that a person living in the South or West sides of

Phillip Rueve/Illustrator

Chicago is 500 times more likely to be shot than others in these neighborhoods. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department Garry McCarthy are working together to keep the city safer. They both agree that they need help keeping the streets of Chicago safe. Other leaders, such as Governor Pat Quinn have suggested allowing state police and/or National Guard to help the Chicago Police Department. McCarthy declined help. He and Mayor Emanuel would prefer tougher gun laws. However, for now, the added police presence in the more violent neighborhoods is all McCarthy has changed. “If people don’t go to jail for possession of a firearm, they don’t learn not to carry a firearm,” McCarthy said in a CBS article. In the first nine months of the year, the Chicago Police Department has already taken over possession of five thousand guns from off the streets.

Halloween @ WY

Match the friendly faces of WY teachers with those in silly Halloween costumes below!

INTERACTIVE Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Page 6

Ask Hannah

Advice columnist Hannah Wilkinson addresses issues faced by teenagers schoolwide.

WY adults dress up too May Poon Staff Reporter Halloween is the one time of the year where students and teachers get to embrace their inner child and dress as whacky as they please, and every year there are always a couple of teachers that really go all out. Students all know which teachers they can expect to see dressed up. Teachers always find a way to surprise their classes with whatever costume they pull out of their closet. Last year, there was a teacher that dressed up as an Oompa Loompa from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” and there are always the signature evil scientists from the science department. Even with all the crazy costumes, hair, and make-up, see if you can identify which teacher is which character?

May Poon/Staff Photographer Which friendly teacher hides behind these lenses?

May Poon/Staff Photographer Halloween brings out the dark side in some teachers.

Match the Teacher

Dr. Kang Mr.Peek Ms. Gordon Ms. Walters

May Poon/Staff Photographer This Halloween hippie rocks out on his guitar.

Across 1. These are found in the corners and ceilings of a haunted house. 7. A witch’s pet (5-3). 11. Bloody and gross. 12. A monster made from bones. 14. A monster from Egypt. 16. Another word for scary. 18. She wears black clothes and rides a broom. 21. It looks like a mouse but much bigger. 22. What kids wear on Halloween. 24. The creature that makes cobwebs. 25. Have a ghost inside. 27. The Cyclops has one. 31. What you get on your skin when you’re scared. 32. These slam shut or creek open. 33. Witches ride this. 34. Vampires hate this. 35. Another word for strange. 38. October 31st. 39. What a ghost says. 40. A big black bird. 41. A monster with stitches on his face. 45. What children carve. 46. The month of Halloween. 48. Sharp teeth. Down 1. What children get at Halloween. 2. Flying animal found in haunted houses. 3. The kind of bullet you need to kill a werewolf. 4. A place with many tombstones. 5. Where you get goose bumps. 6. The weather around haunted houses. 8. The walking corpse. 9. The color of blood. 10. Dracula.

13. You can hear these in the hallways of a haunted house at night. 15. Little animals with long tails. 17. This wears a patch and has a sword. 19. This wears bright colorful clothing. 20. A big black pot that witches use to make potions. 23. The kind of light that vampires hate. 26. The monster _____ the stairs. 28. What vampires drink. 29. The time when werewolves come out.

30. What kids say on Halloween. 31. Something that haunts houses. 36. A Monster that changes from human to wolf. 37. Makes me scared; gives me the ______. 42. A monster from space. 43. The opposite of good. 44. Frighten. 47. A night bird.

May Poon/Staff Photographer Guess the umpa lumpa!

Ask Hannah Hannah Wilkinson Staff Reporter

Q: One of my teachers completely favors other students in my class and acts like I don’t even exist, what do I do? This is a tricky problem and a common occurrence within a lot of classrooms. Even though this teacher’s approach isn’t necessarily fair, the best thing you can do is make yourself known in the class. Talking to the teacher about it could come off offensive and make the situation worse. Try coming up to their desk after class and asking if you can help grade papers during your lunch for service learning hours, or often just putting a little more effort in during class can make a huge difference! Q: I’m a little bit shy so I haven’t really had the best of luck making friends, but I really want to make friends with a few people I see sitting together in my lunch, what’s the best way to approach them?

High School is a place where everyone comes to meet new people and be open to other friendships, especially at Whitney Young. When I was a freshman I went through the same issue and was very afraid to approach other students because it seemed like everyone had already made friends. In reality it might seem that way, but everyone is actually in the same boat. Even though it might be hard, try and approach one of the kids individually so it’s less intimidating. Just let them know you noticed they had the same lunch and wanted to see if they would want to eat with you. Even though it doesn’t seem very easy, everyone has to make friends some way and you have to be willing to put yourself out there in some way.

Parking Passes

“I go to a public school, I shouldn’t have to pay $85 to park my car in the WY lot.”

Beacon Staff Jeremy Burton

Devon Mitchell Editors-in-Chief

Mardi Caminer

Rebecca Gaeta Features Editor

Nikki Pietrus Sports Editor

Andrea Gomes Entertainment Editor

Hannah Wilkinson Photo Editor

Ruby Keutzer Health & Back Page Editor

Matt Burdick Phillip Rueve

Graphics Editors Reporters/Photographers

If you park at the WY student parking lot, you surely know you have to pay for a sticker. At first, this may seem like a bad idea, but in reality, it’s the smartest thing the school could ever do. The $85 sticker not only gives you the right to park in the student parking area, but it also provides snow removal of the parking lot. This is very important in Chicago Another reason why parking passes are a great idea is organization. Without them, security would never find an efficient way to figure out which cars belong there, and which don’t. Outsiders would take advantage of the school parking. Imagine if one day

parking con

Zoe Davis

Op/Ed and Copy Editor

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fees pro

News Editor


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There’s a school under the trash

Many WY student drivers know the feeling of dread that comes with the words “they’re stickering.” According to school regulation, any vehicle parked in the WY parking lot must have a WY registered parking pass. Seems simple enough. However the process can be quite lengthy. To obtain a parking pass, the student driver must seek out Lynn Zalon, WY dean of students, and provide a copy of their driver’s license, insurance, and a scanned copy of their registration. After that, the student will be presented with a form to fill out and bring back. However, the complicated process isn’t the only thing holding

tables. The custodians can’t be expected to clean it all up. It’s also our responsibility. It doesn’t take that much effort to throw away your food after you finish eating it, and besides, it’s common courtesy. Would you leave trash

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you woke up late for school and drove as usual. As you enter the student parking lot, you realize that all the spots are taken, and the rest of your morning is spent finding somewhere to park. Parking passes eliminate the amount of outside cars from parking in the student parking area. Less outside cars, less WY anger. Now how about the snow. If you decide that you’re too good for a parking pass and park outside, good luck finding someone that would get your car out of the snow. Part of the fee goes to the staff who clear out

“Why is it so difficult for people to clean up after themselves? It’s your school, take care of it.”

all the snow from the parking lot. The money would also help with the school’s budget. Bigger budget, bigger opportunities. Say if, you decide to not pay the $85 for the parking pass to save money and simply decide to park your car elsewhere. After school, you come back; and a $150 ticket is lying on your car. Not getting the permit could cost you more than what you wanted to save. Don’t risk getting stickered. You might park in front of a fire hydrant without even realizing it, so why risk it. If parking permits were repealed,


students back from purchasing a parking pass. The student must also bring $85. This is of course a very large sum and many student drivers are hindered by it. It’s not fair that students aren’t able to conveniently park in their school’s parking lot just because they don’t have the funds to purchase such a large investment. Often, this may lead to difficulty finding street parking. Parking far away from the school can sometimes even results in tardiness to class. Many students don’t drive everyday because they know they’ll have to deal with finding street parking, since parking in the lot is so

lying around at home? The issue isn’t a lack of trash cans or an issue with overcrowding of the lunchrooms. It is an issue with the attitude of apathy that plagues our student body. We are all lucky enough to

expensive. Lynn Zalon notes that “in this obvious time of economic difficulty, the parking passes are a financial resource that help pay for the upkeep of the school and the parking lots.” Alternate systems could easily be set up to distribute parking passes for those who are in need of them and don’t have the means to obtain one. Since the school relies so stubbornly on the parking passes’ income, some sort of system should at least be installed for the hardship cases, so that every member of the student body can have equal access to the privileges provided.

attend one of the top schools in the state, and we treat it as a dumpster. We are lucky to have facilities to get a great education and have a good high school experience, and we come off as ungrateful. Seriously, everyone makes

Cole Riley Staff Reporter Have you ever taken a look around school at the end of your lunch period? I will save you the time. It is filthy. With the introduction of Instructional Support, WY students are now confined to either Red or Blue house if they choose to eat their lunch inside. This has led to some issues with available eating space, and has magnified the existing issue in these houses. With the lunchrooms more packed than ever, all sorts of trash littler the floor and

Cole Riley/Staff Photographer Piles of trash sits on tables in Blue House.

Dirty School

Cole Riley/Staff Photographer Students sit in Green House and study among clean tables.

there would be more competition for parking spaces, and more time being stuck in parking traffic. We’ve all heard those announcements: the owner of the white Sedan leaving their lights on, or someone’s car alarm going off. Security would leave the cars out of their responsibility, if parking passes were removed. So if and whenever you get your driver’s license, be sure to get the student parking permit. It’s just a onetime $85 fee, and it lasts for the entire school year. So stop by the school store and get your student parking pass soon. You know you’ll need it. According to administration members, parking passes are also in place to manage the high demand for a parking spot in our lots, since these demands come not only from students but also from staff, faculty, visitors, and neighbors of the school. However, since students spend almost every day here at school, they should have priority over neighbors and visitors. This would also open up more spaces. The establishment of the parking passes discriminates against students who are lucky enough to be able to drive to school but don’t have the extra funds to pay for the ability to park in their own school parking lot.

keeping your school clean seem like climbing Mt Everest. It’s not that hard. Just leave the school like it was when before you came here, and if you see someone littering, either throw it away, or tell them to clean up. If anyone should be responsible for keeping our school clean, it should be us. And if you aren’t doing your part to keep the school clean, you don’t have the right to complain about the poor conditions in our school. If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. There’s no room for neutrality here. Our school should be something we can take pride in, and it reflects on all of us, just like we reflect on the school. If we continue to treat the school like our school sponsored trash bin it will reflect poorly on the other areas that make our school great. We have a great school that we should all be proud of. If you do your part to keep it clean and presentable, it can stay that way, and can be a place we can all be proud of.

Paying for College

“Should you choose a school that offers you a lot of scholarship money, or the school of your dreams?”

opinions Wednesday, October 9, 2013

College Economics 101 for students Zoe Davis Copy and Op-Ed Editor Welcome to College Econ 101. Class is now in session. While it is extremely important for seniors and juniors to sit up and take notes, underclassmen should wake up too. While some people might advise us to go where our heart is, or to apply to that expensive private school of our dreams, the truth is that money can be a huge factor in college applications and decisions. Many students across the nation are forced to pick a college based on cost. Economics plays a huge role on how students make decisions for college.

There are many debates about what is cost-effective when applying for and making decisions about college. There are also many choices involved in the college application process. For example, should you choose a school that offers you a lot of scholarship money, or the school of your dreams? Is living at home a money-saving alternative for those considering a school such as UIC? Are private colleges even worth it? These questions are all important to consider when deciding where to apply. A big issue can be the decision of whether to choose an expensive dream school over a more economical state

school that offers more money. This is a personal decision for me, because the school of my dreams is currently ranked ninth on Forbes’ America’s Most Expensive Colleges report. The estimated tuition for Northwestern University is $56,406. That will make a huge dent in any bank account. In a case like this, it is important to know that the price tag of a college isn’t as relative as the net price, or the price of the college minus grants and scholarships. Not too many people have the cash to pay for a school like Northwestern out of their pockets. Due to this, most students would turn to government loans, scholarships and grants. Federal loans are cheaper than other alternatives and provide more flexible options for repayment. Also, even if you think that your family would not qualify for financial

“The dress code changes depending on the day and the person wearing the outfit.”

aid, apply anyway. You definitely won’t receive any money if you don’t apply. Filling out the FAFSA form can provide you with gift aid, which is money that you don’t pay back, as well as loans. Another option for paying for college is applying for private scholarships. While many scholarships require writing an essay, submitting a transcript, or acquiring a recommendation, many do not. There are many scholarships that can be won simply by sending a text or a tweet. Scholarships like these can award up to $4,000. Sometimes a college decision must be made based on the cost-effectiveness, which can mean forgoing the dream school for a cheaper alternative. The lesson of today is simple--there are easy ways to get to college without selling limbs. And there are ways to achieve the education you have dreamed of.

Student bodies in the student body Genevieve Sachs Designer

Five by Five

Page 8

Dressing Distress

If you have even the slightest curve to your body, you better start covering up. In addition to being notoriously stricter for female students, in warmer months it has become apparent that the WY dress code has a double standard for body types as well. While the dress code for girls’ requires that any skirt, dress, or pair of shorts must be at the level of your fingertips or longer, this tends to only be applied to students with certain body shapes. The rule goes unenforced for tiny girls and girls with very petite

figures, but is then applied to the girls with naturally longer legs or curvier body shapes. A tiny girl built with less curves can sail past security guards in barely-there shorts or a miniskirt, while a curvier girl will come in with a more modest outfit and still be pulled aside. In addition to being unfair in that the rules are not applied consistently, this enforcement pattern suggests that the intent of the rule is to repress overt or traditionally defined sexuality, rather than being about neatness, notions of standards, or appearances overall. Although it’s understandable that a school will issue di-

Lucy Teruel ‘14

Harry’s Watching Even though he has graduated, Harry Belden will continue to watch over the halls of Whitney Young like always. Kind of like Batman… •“Since when has blue house become a trash can…” –everyone in the school •“Why are these study halls taken more seriously than our actual classes?” –senior boy • “Whose really nice black Camaro is that in the parking lot?” –jealous boy that can’t drive •“I miss being pestered by that guy that really closely resembled Batman from last year” -sad history teacher Source: Ruby Keutzer

rectives around what they consider inappropriate dress, they should be applied equally across the entire student body. Certain students shouldn’t get special privileges--or harsher treatment--based on the bodies they were born with. If the school starts enforcing rules, or not enforcing them, based on types, appearances, height, weight or figure, then very central values related to equality are compromised. WY would not allow taller students to cut class or break another basic rule, so why should exceptions be made for this one. If rules are in place, they need to be enforced fairly.

Ferris Brennan ‘15

Jacob Buterbagh ‘16

How are you dressing up for Halloween?

George Costanza.

Scary Harry Carrey

Miley Cyrus

I’m gonna go as Channing Tatum from Magic Mike.

I’m going to be an M&M.

How do you show your school spirit?

By occasionally smiling during school days.

Go to games to cheer my classmates on!

I don’t!

Sometimes I do my homework.

I love being a Dolphin! I wear WY underwear!

With all the buzz about Insidious 2, what’s your favorite scary movie?

Marley and Me was pretty traumatizing.

The Wolfman.

Scary Movie 2

Sharknado still makes me sleep with a night light.

Monster House always gave me the spooks.

What’s your favorite part about homecoming week?

Football boys ;)

Getting a hot date.

The after parties.

The concessions at the dance.

What do you like most about fall?

Stealing sweatshirts from all my male friends.

Halloween and football Sweaters and Uggs! of course!

Getting turnt at the dance and watching dance circles. Soccer and sweaters.

Zac Weller ‘15

Yoga pants.

Eric Thompson ‘17

The Class Clique Issue

“Why can’t all of the grades just hang out together instead of being broken up by class?”

opinions Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Page 9

Senior Blackout

“It’s our senior year; we love our school and we just want a chance to show our school spirit.”

Bulls-With the return of D-Rose and the addition of three new shooters, the Bulls look to have a promising season. Hopefully they will stay injury-free.

Sweaters and yoga pants- The best way to stay warm , comfortable, and fashionable during the fall months.

Kanye West Concert- His ‘Yeezus’ tour comes to the United Center on November 7.

Beds- Every student’s paradise; we long for it during a long day of school.

Team Shirts-Show your love for your sport by proudly wearing WY team apparel not just on game day

Halloween- Grab a costume, some friends and a bag and go trick-ortreating.

Fall Drinks- Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte or hot Apple Cider to warm up on a chilly morning or evening.

Fall accessories- Since the weather is getting colder, layer up with fashionable scarves and boots

Da Bears- Already a month into the season the Bears have had an electric start to the season so far.

Homecoming-Enjoy one of the most fun weeks of the school year by going to the pep rally, game and dance.

School- Can summer just come back???

White Sox and Cubs-Whether you cheer for the Southsiders or the Cubbies, both teams put on a disappointing show this season. Maybe next year.

hard to get work done in Green House.

Shorts-Wearing tights under shorts is not the equivalent of pants. Please put some clothes on. Ventra- All the glitches have taken away the excitement of having a fancy new card. This shiny system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. IHSA grade checks- Teachers do not want to sign this every week.

Bandeaus as tops-They’re really not shirts Dressing up for school-Unless it’s a dress for success kind of day, it’s perfectly okay to be comfortable.

Blackhawks-Keep calm hockey fans. The Stanley Cup champions are ready for another thrilling season. Return of D-Rose-Lebron watch out. Chicago’s MVP is back.

The Messiness in Blue House-Come on guys, it’s not that hard to clean up after yourselves. Blackberrys-Where did these phones even go? Not trick-or-treating-You are never too old for free candy.

Study Hall-Let’s be real. It’s really

Break down the Seniors just wanna have funsocial hierarchies what’s so wrong with that? Andres Silva Designer We all see it: seniors hanging out with seniors, and ackies talking amongst themselves. It is an everyday sight at WY, and it seems normal, unless you actually think about it. Most people would know what I mean when I say “Hierarchy.” The school can be “ruled” by the upperclassmen. How? If a senior tells an “ackie” to do something for them, they would most likely do it, not out of courtesy, but out of fear. Another example of “senior”-ity could be how people in the same club only communicate with each other, not letting anyone else near their ranks. In reality, no senior would want to be seen even walking next to an ackie, right? That senior would probably get made fun of. And nobody would want that, would they. How about if you were the ackie? Wouldn’t you be scared to death thinking that the senior would embarrass you? That wouldn’t be healthy for your life. Okay, so you know why people don’t interact with each other now. But in reality, we should all be working together to fix the problem. Why? Remember when you first stepped into this school, you wanted someone to tell you where your first class was, or where to eat lunch? Yes, almost everyone has had this experience. Upperclassmen, wouldn’t you want to be that one person that can help them out. Wouldn’t you want to be their mentor? You would gain more friends and this will greatly boost your self-esteem. Classmates, teachers, even staff would respect you and they would gladly write those recommendation letters for you. Underclassmen, accept their offering with open arms, just give them a chance. We’re not all

that bad; there are people out there that actually care for others--believe it or not. Also, if you ever “adopted” someone on Shadow Day, remember that feeling you had when you showed him around the school? Remember that feeling of graditude? Well, how about you keep this in mind: Pretend that the incoming freshmen are “Shadows” but this time, they’re staying here. You’ll get the same satisfaction helping them as you did with the 8th graders. Besides freshmen, ackies should also be provided with help too. They are people with lives you know, and they want to live and grow up just as successful as you upperclassmen are. Eventually, there’s a time in every underclassmen’s life when they decide that it’s time to move on. They realized that they can survive by themselves, and they finally got the hang of what it is to be in high school. But just because they move on doesn’t mean that it was all for nothing. They would always have that special someone to look up to when they need help with their biology, or even their life problems. By the way, who cares what everybody else thinks. If you get made fun of for helping someone out, keep in mind, at least you were the person strong enough to assist the needs of your underclassmen friend. Underclassmen, if you ever need someone to talk to, or you need help, talk to someone. Don’t only try to talk to people of your own posse, but also try to communicate with juniors, even seniors. They might understand your problems better than your peers. Upperclassmen, make an impact on someone’s life. Invite that one person sitting by themselves in lunch to your table. If you make them feel special, you will feel special too.

Phillip Rueve Graphics Editor Every year seniors highly anticipate the moment they have been waiting for: the blackout. Waiting four years, and for some even six, they have sat through class after class, stayed after school for meeting and practices, studied until the early hours to pass insurmountable number of exams, and are finally ready to celebrate their accomplishment of finally making it to senior year. Each class tries to make their blackout more chaotic then the last, and every year the staff cracks down by closing the bridge, keeping the street on close watch and punishing the students most clearly involved. Every year the staff cracks down harder, the senior class tries to be even more rebellious. When does the battle between seniors and staff

become too much? I think the staff should not get involved; it is the one chance seniors get to come together and run the school. Staff intervention will only lead to more insane and potentially disruptive blackouts. The school is not interested in enforcing disciplinary action toward an entire class; the punishment in turn then will not be taken seriously. Although I see why the staff is just concerned about our own safety, they should still have a little faith in us. If the staff took a chance with our trust they might be happily surprised of how responsible we can actually be. Students should have a chance to prove themselves and their good intentions; all we want is to show our school pride and have some fun while doing it. It is a time for our class to work together and plan something incredible. But because

of the threats of punishments, there are seniors not willing to participate. The point of the blackout is to unify the senior class but the admistration is getting in the way. Whatever happened to the bridge being open for senior blackout? As an underclassman, it didn’t bother me. I just arrived late to division, but my teacher understood. I got pushed around a little on the bridge, but nothing to fret about. It was all something that I could deal with because I knew that one day it would be me delaying people’s arrival to division and pushing a few people here and there. I would get my chance to show my senior spirit. Now that the time has come for all of the seniors, we are simply hoping our senior blackout, and the rest of our time at WY will turn out as truly amazing as we have imagined it.

Courtesy of Charlotte Caroll The class of ‘13 enjoys the annual blackout under the bridge on Jackson.

How Old is too Old?

“We will never be too old for Halloween; I want to celebrate it and eat candy until I’m 70 years old!”

Substitute teacher haunts the halls of WY Samantha Hart Staff Reporter There was once a substitute teacher who worked at Whitney Young fifty years ago. His name was Mr. Horris, and the students absolutely hated him. He was always asking students questions and getting into intense off- topic discussions that nobody appreciated. He had horrible body odor and when he reached

over to help students they nearly passed out. He would embarrass students that did not know the answers to his questions and make them feel bad about it. He had a strange, creepy, broken-down car and picked certain students to annoy during class. He was, to say the least, very disliked at the school. Kids would walk the other way when they saw him in the halls,

Discover the origins of Halloween Shawn Kim Staff Reporter Due to all the fanfare about Halloween every year, it’s easy to believe that Halloween originated in America and is only celebrated here. However, Halloween derives from All Saints Day which dates back to the 7th century. “In the Philippines, people show a more respectful celebration to their deceased relatives, after trick-or-treating, by celebrating a day of Halloween in the graveyard,” Justin Sopharanat ‘14 explains. This process involves decorating graves and putting foods, such as pulatan and pata, on them. This is somewhat similar to Dia de los Muertos, but Alex Garcia ‘15 is quick to point out the difference between the Day of the Dead and Halloween.

“Although Dia de los Muertos may seem to be a Mexican Halloween, it isn’t. Dia de los Muertos is more of an honoring of and praying for deceased friends and family,” Garcia states. The Day of the Dead takes place on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, corresponding to All Saints Day. Children are given sugar skulls which they can decorate and eat Andreas Komissopoulos ‘15 says that there is also a holiday in Greece that has some similar aspects to Halloween. “It’s called Apokries, which is basically a costume party, but it’s [the date] close to Christmas, and doesn’t have anything to do with Halloween,” says Komissopoulus. Greece dresses up during the carnival season and participates in parades, masquerades, floats, treasure hunts, and hosting many events for children. In China, the Hungry Ghost

October 9, 2013

and tried to keep their heads down in class to avoid making eye-contact. But, on Halloween Day, he was especially bad. He told kids they could not eat candy and argued with them about bizarre Halloween facts. He would make them write papers and make fun of their costumes. All the kids tried not to get him as a substitute because they could not handle him. If you got him on Halloween you were a very unlucky person. One year on Halloween Mr. Horris snapped. He had caught one of the kids passing out candy. When the student refused to stop he got extremely mad and freaked out at the children. He yelled at them at the top of his lungs telling them they were disrespectful and threw their candy across the room. The students in that class said that he went insane.


They had never seen a sub or teacher ever act like that. Most of them were actually scared of the way he acted that day. When the administration found out, the kids added extra details to the story. They said he threw the candy at them and started telling kids they were dumb. Mr. Horris was sent packing. As he walked out of the school he said, “I swear one day I will come back to punish you kids at Whitney Young for what you did.” The students celebrated and were glad to see him go. The next Halloween a new substitute teacher appeared. He had a strange resemblance to Mr. Horris. He also had a similar stench that kids immediately recognized as he walked down the halls. He often rambled and asked questions, just like Mr. Horris, and his last words

instantly replayed in the students’ minds. Halloween day was filled with horribly dry jokes, no laughter or talking, and extremely pointless arguments and discussions for the kids unlucky enough to have him in class. The next day, the kids wearily walked into school for the first time in a while, praying not to have a substitute teacher. By the end of the day the students had realized the sub had not returned. But every Halloween, the vile substitute teacher returns to torment the students and make their Halloween miserable. All the students that knew Mr. Horris are reminded of him every Halloween. They tell his horrible tale and tell the new freshman to beware of the substitute teacher that never fails to spook the students every Halloween day.

How-to: create your own costume Rebecca Gaeta Features Editor

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for you and your friends? Whether or not you have the time or budget to buy a new costume, here are some fun costume ideas that are easy to put together. Winnie the Pooh: Grab a big orange sweatshirt and a large red t-shirt together.

Paint the word “Pooh” on the red shirt and layer the clothes with a pillow. Paint your face yellow, and knot your hair into two buns on your head. Wear orange shorts and black tights. Grab a few other friends complete Winnie the Pooh gang. Box of Crayons: Get a group of your friends together and have everyone pick their own color. Have each person dress in their color from head to toe. Buy party hats in each

Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar, which is on Oct. 15. Families perform services in remembrance of their ancestors, laying out intrinsic meals and burning incense. Lanterns and paper boats are released in order to give directions to ghost ancestors who need to find their way back to the land of the dead. Variations of this holiday also exist in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. These holidays all have something to do with the dead, ghosts, or aspects of Halloween as they are known today. In Ireland and Scotland, children also participate in trick-or-treating (or guising as it’s called there). Instead of making lanterns out of pumpkins, make lanterns out of turnips. What is now a day filled with candy, costumes, and horror was once based on reverences for the dead and remembering ancestors for what they had done. Halloween has evolved through cultural exchanges throughout the modern era and has been influenced by many other holidays. The carryingover of holiday traditions from one culture to another, have added to the Halloween as known and characterized today.

For those of you looking to enjoy the Halloween time with a delicious and festive dish, tempt party guests with a delectable dip at your next Halloween soiree, and impress them with some delicious and festive flavors. What you will need:

used color or use construction paper to make your own cone hats. Use black paper to spell ‘crayon’ for each person and cut the letters out. Tape the letters onto each shirt and now you have a box of crayons. Pretty Little Liars: Get inspiration from the hit television series for a fun costume. Ladies gather your friends, preferably three brunettes and two blondes, and have everyone wear a black dress and heels. Four of you should cover yourselves in fake dirt and the other girl should wear a red trench coat with a hood, and you have Aria, Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and A, (Red Coat). No matter what you choose as your costume, if you look in your closet you’re bound to be able to create a cheap but fun costume that’s perfect for a party or trick-ortreating.

Does age really matter? Shawn Kim Staff Reporter

Frightfully delicious Halloween dip Samantha Hart Staff Reporter

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-1 pumpkin, about 3 pounds -Salt and freshly ground pepper -1/4 pound stale bread, thinly sliced and cut into 1/2-inch chunks -1/4 pound cheese, such as Gruyere, Emmenthal, cheddar, or a combination, cut into 1/2inch chunks. -2–4 garlic cloves (to taste),

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Halloween specials, movies, and advertisements are generally aimed towards children, but don’t let that hold you back this year. Halloween allows everyone to celebrate, hang out with friends, and satisfy their sweet teeth. If people truly involve themselves with Halloween this year, they can relocate their submerged childhood memories and happiness on Halloween night. Zach Sebek ‘16 believes that no one is too old for Halloween and often times, even the little things can help you appreciate the holiday. “Although I’m usually busy with homework on school nights, passing out candy and looking at costumes is still enjoyable and I have a great time even doing those small things.” split, germ removed, and coarsely chopped -4 slices bacon, cooked until crisp and chopped -About 1/4 cup snipped fresh chives or sliced scallions -About 1/3 cup heavy cream Preheat oven to 350 degrees, Line a baking sheet with a silicone baking mat or parchment. Then clear the inside of your pumpkin and season with salt and pepper. Toss the bread, cheese, garlic, bacon, and herbs together in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Then pack the mixture into the pumpkin, then stir the cream salt and pepper in a bowl and pour over the mixture into the pumpkin. Then place the top back on the pumpkin and bake for 2 hours. Then the delicious treat is ready to go.

Spend Hallows Eve in Chicago

Daisy Calderon Staff Reporter

Fright Fest is not the only place to have fun on Halloween. Chicago has a variety of things to do including haunted houses, costume parties, and spooky celebrations. On Halloween Day, people of all ages roam the

streets with their costumes and candy bags, and houses are decked out with decorations. But what exactly can you do to get your Halloween on? Navy Pier hosts an award winning haunted house called The Fear. Filled with scary creatures and terrifying actors, The Fear is a sure hot spot for adrenaline seekers. But if you think you can’t handle The Fear, you shouldn’t worry. Navy Pier offers a “lights on” experience during the day. After being all scared out, you can take a walk down the pier to admire suited up actors, animal impersonators, and get some free candy. If you’re looking for some local fun, you can hit up a haunted house in many of Chi-

cago’s park districts. Although some of these haunted houses may not be top notch, they’re a great way to spend the days leading up to Halloween. Volunteers help set up the events and get costumed up to try to scare their visitors. “Although the inside wasn’t as scary as I expected, standing in line was a lot of fun because there were actors dressed up as murders harassing everyone,” exclaimed Megan Chu ’14. Local haunted houses may not be the most frightful of activities, but they make for a good way to spend time with loved ones. Halloween activities in Chicago accommodate all age groups, and are a great way to get in the spirits for the spookiest holiday of the year.

Halloween in Chicago

Other than the popular FrightFest, activities within the city include a Haunted House at Navy Pier and local activities in the park district.

Hannah Wilkinson/Photo Editor Grab some friends and dress up as the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ gang. When asked if anyone is too old for Halloween, Salvador Alvarez ‘15 responded with a question that people should keep in mind when determining whether or not to celebrate Halloween. “When is anyone too old for free candy, or candyperiod?” Alvarez also added that the ageless tradition of trickor-treating never goes wrong. If trick-or-treating seems too “childish,” there are plenty of other ways to celebrate Halloween. Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America attracts thousands of visitors, both young and old, every year. Dressing up for Halloween at school is an activity that the student body and faculty both participate in, clearly showing that holidays can be enjoyed by anyone with an open mind and an effort to enjoy it. Every year, there is a plethora of costumes that wow the school and getting a costume can be a fantastic method to getting closer to teachers. Whether you are five or eighty, Halloween parties are attended by people of all ages. Many parents even go to costume parties as they’re a great way to catch up with friends, dress up, and fill up on some pumpkin pie and chocolate bars. “Everyone can celebrate Halloween by hosting a party or going to one,” says Mateo Chavez ‘17. Haunted houses, another

common location people celebrate Halloween at, are also usually attended by older people as well. According to the Haunted House Association, the most populated demographics age group for the Halloween season are teens and young adults. Haunted house hotspots include Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America and the Statesville Haunted Prison. Many adults also still dress up for the occasion. Stores like Party City, Target, and Walmart are decked out with hundreds of costumes available to all ages. Costume parties are celebrated by little kids, teenagers, and adults. Having an optimistic attitude could help in enjoying Halloween. “Everyone is still a kid at heart, and costumes allow everyone to unleash their inner kid,” says Lizzie Czubernat ‘15. She commented that the various costumes she sees on Halloween are always entertaining. So this year, instead of watching some random television show or studying, go out with your friends to trick-ortreat, party, or visit a haunted house. Remember that no one is ever too old to celebrate, and do not hold back from having a fun-filled Halloween. So this year, make sure you meet up with friends and family and enjoy Halloween as much as when you were a child.


Dress up for spirit week, especially Thursday and Friday for class color day and school spirit day!

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When to cut your college count Rebecca Gaeta Features Editor

As we move closer to many college application deadlines it’s time for all of us seniors to focus on finishing the process. So as the deadlines near, here are some things to consider as you look at your list of schools. Year after year the counselors tell each senior class that the ideal number of colleges to apply to is seven. They advise that two of the schools be your safety schools, three should be your match schools, and the remaining two be your reach schools. Also keep in mind that your reach schools should be realistic. You don’t want to waste your time trying to apply to a school that will be impossible for you to get in. “I’m applying to seven schools following the guidelines of the counselors and it really makes the process more concise and simple. There’s already a lot of stress involving the application process so there’s no need to add extra stress by applying to more schools,” says Melanie Balanon’14. Although many seniors are around the seven school range, there are some seniors with lists of around 15. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s not ideal, especially considering the time and money that goes into applying. If you’re someone with a long list of schools you may

want to reevaluate your choices. Think about why you’re applying to that many schools and consider if it’s really worth it. “When you have more than ten schools that you’re applying to, that’s when you need to sit yourself down and really figure out your motivation for applying to each school. Every school on your list should be one that you would want to go to. If it’s a matter of friend influences or appeasing your parents, you should talk through it with them and come to a compromise,” advises counselor Tameka Davis. Each school that you apply to should be your choice and not anyone else’s. It’s your education. As for your parents, don’t completely shoot down all of their suggestions, but try to meet some middle ground. “I know my parents don’t want to see me leave yet so I applied to a few schools in Chicago and a few in the midwest that aren’t too far. However, different school representatives from the east and west coasts have sold me on their schools and have influenced me to apply,” comments Elizabeth Guzman’14. Another thing to consider when you evaluate your list of schools is popularity. Apply to schools that have good programs for your desired major even if they’re less popular. Also consider local schools as options.

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Counting Colleges

When applying to college, seniors should have two safety, three match, and two reach schools on their list.

Hoco: who does it better? Daisy Calderon Staff Reporter It’s obvious that everyone has fun at the homecoming dance, but who does it better? Guys and girls are both very unique in the way that they prepare for and celebrate the big night with their attire and approach towards the event. But could it be that one group has more fun? The Midnight in Paris dance will be a fun experience for all who attend. With spectacular decorations and a new homecoming court display, the night will be full of surprises. This is the one night where students from all grade levels come together. Dancing, singing, and hanging out with friends will make up the night. Guys with dress shirts and ties, and girls with fancy dresses will all look amazing. Yet one of the biggest gaps between the girl and guy experience is the amount of effort put into getting ready. “I just get ready a couple hours before. I don’t need to do anything to prepare,” said Eddie Yanez ’14. Guys easily throw on some dress clothes they already own, and work the night feel-

ing great. Girls, on the other hand, aren’t so simple minded. Most girls spend unnecessary amounts of time worrying about getting a new dress, their hair and nails done, and making sure that everything is perfect. Not to mention that they have to wait and see if anyone will ask them to be their date. The stress climaxes, and girls start to take the night too seriously. “We spend way too much money on a dress we’ll probably only wear for one night, and take hours getting ready,” exclaimed Selina Archaki ’14. According to science teacher, Jennifer Virnich, it seems like girls enjoy the actual dressing up part of homecoming, and being able to show

Homecoming do’s and don’t’s Hannah Wilkinson Photo Editor

dance; you’re going to want to see them later.


-Do wear coats to the dance; standing out in the cold with dress clothes is extremely uncomfortable and the small fee for checking a coat is totally worth it.

-Do dress up on class color day, even freshman! No one will try and penny you or throw you in a trashcan. -Do get to the pep rally early; you want to get good seats and the gym fills up really fast. -Do take pictures before the

-Do wear formal wear to the dance; it’s always better to be over dressed than underdressed.

Don’ts -Don’t dress too cold for the game; bring layers because there is no going back until the game is completely over! -Don’t be afraid of showing off your funky moves during the dance; people will love being around the person that’s not afraid of what others think.

-Don’t boo for the players if they lose; you don’t want to show poor sportsmanship. -Don’t wear dresses that are too extravagant or attract too much attention; there’s a difference between being unique and not fitting in. -Don’t be late for the game; getting good seats can make or break your experience especially if you are with a big group of people. -Don’t sit in the senior section at the pep rally or the game if you are not a senior; you’ll get your chance so don’t ruin the seniors’ experience they’ve been waiting four years for.

off their look the most. Meanwhile, guys just like to socialize with their friends, and maybe make a move or two. Virnich isn’t a stranger to this herself, having been in the same situation in high school as well. “Once, I spent six hours doing spiral curls on my hair. I just wanted to look awesome,” claimed Virnich. Girls are definitely over the top when it comes to getting ready, and make sure that they are seen by everyone. Meanwhile, it may seem like guys blow off the date too much. Still, homecoming will always remain one of the most memorable nights for everyone.

Perks of having a date Many of you may be wondering whether or not taking a date to homecoming is the right decision. Although it may be fun to hang solo, taking a date has its perks too. •You’re guarantueed a dance partner. •You don’t have to pick between groups of friends who all want you to hang out with them. •Your pictures will not only leave you with great memories, but they will also be adorable!

-Don’t sit down for the whole game because you’re shy. Cheer on our dolphins!

•They can potentially drive you to and from the dance.

- BUT don’t be that annoying person that is screaming the whole time either. You can find a good balance between cheering and not being obnoxious.

•They are a great accessory to your outfit. •You can count on getting complimented all night.

LEFT PHOTO: An example of what you should wear to homecoming.

•You don’t have to worry about awkwardly third wheeling with all your friends who have dates.

RIGHT PHOTO: An example of what you shouldn’t wear to homecoming.

Source: Daisy Calderon

Fall Recipe

Need a recipe for all of those apples? Make a sweet and crunchy apple crisp with the recipe below.

features Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Make the most of your fall at WY Jeremy Burton Editor-in-Chief

Homecoming season is the most exciting time of the year at WY. The game and dance bring the student body together unlike any other school event. Consider these key points as you try to make the most of your Homecoming season. The Homecoming game and dance are both deeply embedded in the culture of WY students. Like Halloween, spirit days are a free pass to dress as eccentrically as you would like. “It’s one big fun party with the entire school,” says Nicole Kaplan ’15.

This is your chance to stand out. Dress up every day. Match with your friends. Start a competition within your division for most school spirit each day. If you walk through the hallways with confidence in your wacky costumes, no one can stop you. And so what if they do say something? You have nothing to lose, so go for it. The Homecoming dance goes hand-in-hand with the game. Don’t worry about not having a date to the dance. Going with friends may prove to be more fun because you won’t be tied down to one person. “You should go to the dance because it’s a great

In-depth with Lisa Wax and her art Daisy Calderon Staff Reporter

Lisa Wax has been teaching high school art for years, and continues to dedicate her passion to her work today. Her more recent projects can be seen in the WY art gallery, which in September, was filled with pieces made by faculty, including Wax’s captivating ceramic toilet bowl piece.

Rebecca Gaeta Features Editor

Come fall, sweet, crunchy apples are abundant in every market, so why not make a delicious snack. A warm and sweet apple crisp pizza is the perfect treat for a cool autumn night. Ingredients for pie crust: -1 cup of all-purpose flour (with extra for rolling) -1/4 cup of finely ground almonds or almond flour -1 sticks of unsalted butter, cold, cut into cubes -1/2 tsp. salt -1 tsp. brown sugar -4-6 tbsp. ice water Directions: 1. Mix together flour, salt, and ground almonds. Add butter and mix until mixture resembles coarse meal with small chunks of butter. Add ice water 1 tbsp. at a time, until mixture begins to clump together. If the dough holds together it’s ready.

2. Place the mound of dough onto a clean flat surface. Flatten the dough with the heels of palms. Gently shape the dough into a disk shape. You should see little bits of butter. Sprinkle a little flour around the dough, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for about an hour.

The piece looked like a regular white toilet bowl, until you looked closer, and saw it was filled with fish being flushed away. “I was saddened by the city’s choices on budget cuts,” said Wax, explaining her artwork. The piece represented a school of fish being flushed away, just like many students feel they are being drowned in the consequences of the budget cuts they face at school. Wax’s other piece contained a face and hand struggling to escape an Alcoholics Anonymous book. Wax said the struggle shown in the face trying to escape accurately portrays the struggle of anyone who is trying to escape something so powerful, such as alcoholism. “I like all of my pieces to make sense and have a mean-

3. Remove crust from refrigerator and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Lightly flour the flat surface and roll out dough using a rolling pin to a 12in. circle about 1/8-in. thick. Place dough on pizza pan and flute the edges. Ingredients for apple crisp and topping: -2/3 cup of sugar -3 tbsp. of all-purpose flour -1 tsp. of ground cinnamon -4 medium apples, peeled and cut into slices -1/2 cup of flour (topping) -1/3 cup of brown sugar (topping) -1/3 cup of oats (topping) -1 tsp. of ground cinnamon (topping)

-1/4 cup of softened butter (topping) -1/4 cup of caramel drizzle topping -vanilla ice cream Directions: 1. Combine sugar, flour, and cinnamon in a bowl. Add apples and toss. Arrange apples in a single layer in a circular pattern covering the entire pie crust. 2. Combine the first five topping ingredients and sprinkle mix evenly over apples. 3. Bake at 350º for 35-40 minutes until apples are tender. 4. Remove from oven and immediately drizzle with caramel. Let sit for a few minutes and serve warm with vanilla ice cream if desired. Makes 12 servings.

WY teacher Lisa Wax enjoys making pieces that stand out.

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place just to chill with your friends outside of school. It’s not about whom you go with or whom you dance with but just being able to have fun with your friends,” exclaims Fabio Cesar ’16. In addition to the football team, some other teams to pay attention to are the girls volleyball, girls tennis, girls swim, and boys soccer teams. The teams have had very competitive seasons that are wrapping up. There is nothing more exciting than cheering for your friends after they make a big play or score a goal. Be sure to make it out to a game as each team strives for their city championships. A final way to enjoy the season’s festivities is by making the most of Halloween. Even if you don’t enjoy dressing up, who doesn’t like candy? Growing up is often overrated so relish in the times of free candy.

Anybody looking for a sweet treat to cut that craving?

WY Star Art Teacher

May Poon/ Staff Photographer Seniors from the 2012-2013 school year show their school pride at the annual Homecoming pep rally. ing,” explained Wax. For the most part, Wax focuses on creating pieces that will either be used in her art classes, or are meaningful in her own life. Wax has not been featured in galleries or auctions, but has sold a handful of commision pieces in the past. Wax prefers focusing on her classes. When asked about teaching high school art, Wax said that she loves it because of the age range she teaches. “There’s so much potential in my students. There’s that adult understanding, but also the openness and enthusiasm that comes with youth,” said Wax. Wax’s pieces have a meaning that makes them more interesting than they already already look.

iPhone 5S vs. 5c

A first-hand comparision of the two new Apple products. Which is better?

Arts & Trends Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Half-nude Miley Cyrus wrecks us Sophie Kreutz Staff Reporter

Buzz on the street explodes about Miley Cyrus after the release of her new song and video, “Wrecking Ball”. The walls have been shattered and her whole life has become open to scrutiny. She is best known for her role on the Disney Channel as teenage pop-star, Hannah Montana. As she grew older

her innocence faded. It all started with the release of her song, “Can’t Be Tamed” and her first nude photo shoot. After that, there was no going back. She shocked the public with a side of her they had never seen before. Who would have expected the cute, Destiny Hope Cyrus to be running around naked on camera, licking everything in sight, and dancing seductively in front of

millions every night? Her new videos feature many inappropriate dances and some of her lyrics even reference the use of illegal drugs. Cyrus sings, “We like to party, dancing with molly..” She recently tattooed the words, ‘Rolling’ and ‘$tone’ onto the bottom of her feet for an interview with the magazine, where she posed again, nude. Through her progression, Cyrus has also fallen in love with a particular dance move called ‘the twerk’. Although Miley is exploring her wild side and not caring about what people think, she is leaving the public confused as to what she will do next and where her life is headed.

WY music festival replaces carnival Andrea Gomes Staff Reporter

Courtesy of Elli Dastrup Saba Pivot performing on stage at the 2013 WY Music Fest.

FALL into this season’s fashion Sophie Kreutz Staff Reporter The weather is getting cooler and the students are bundling up. But how are they doing it? Style is forever shifting, and from the looks of it, the major 2013 fall fashion trend is comfort and flow. While more adventurous students experiment with new styles, most fall back on last year’s comfy, earth-toned,

The new iPhones: are they worth it? Tonyisha Harris Staff Reporter The iPhone 5S is a very advanced piece of technology. Forget about voice activated and password protected, this phone wants your fingerprint. Just like all new iPhone releases, the release of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5c

knits. This means sweaters, hoodies, cardigans and even more sweaters! It is all about coziness. As the seasons transition and grandma’s thick wool-knit holiday outfits are un-packed, the dread begins and one looks for a way to escape the itchy, moth-ball prisons. The best way to prepare for these trying times, is by wearing as many clean, freeing, and comfy clothes. was huge. The Verizon store on the Magnificent Mile had a line full of eager customers waiting to upgrade. The touch-identification is your home button and is faster to use than putting in a password. Better yet, you can use your fingerprint to approve anything on your phone. Not sure if it’ll stop thieves from stealing the phone out of your hands, but it’s a start. Users will no doubt be on this phone often. That’s why Apple has given it a longer battery life! You get better graphics, a higher quality camera, and more hours of phone fun. However, the iPhone 5S does not give the 5c a backseat. Sure it sounds better… and well it is better, but it has some unique features as well. The colorful 5c attracts a younger crowd. Customers

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The student parking lot was home to the long-awaited WY Music Fest, on Friday, Sept. 20. After months of planning, booking bands, and setting up the stage, the festival kicked off with various genres and artists. The school’s clubs sold snacks and offered henna tattoos to festivalgoers. Outfits that are easy to put on in the morning and are relaxing and freeing are the way to go. The only precaution would be making sure not to push the ‘easy’ look too far. “I love that designers are making clothes comfortable and sophisticated. However, there is a fine line between being stylish and looking like you just rolled out of bed,” says fashion-savvy student Mary Dubose ’15. Neutrals are also in style, such as clays, maroons, greens, taupes, browns and beiges. Tribal prints and patterns are often used as an accent. And what goes best with baggy sweaters and colored jeans? have five phone color choices and six case color choices. These vivid colors help to liven up the phone and your mood, after seeing how much money you spent on it. Though the true surprise to the 5c is that fact that’s it’s made with plastic. To get the pop of colors you enjoy, they had to choose the plastic, the only thing that would fuse with the colors. Also available on the 5c is Airdrop. Airdrop allows you to share emails, photos, videos and more wirelessly with the people near you. Who has time to do it the long way anymore? Whether you’re getting the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5c you are getting what you paid for. Both phones sound excellent and worth the hole in your wallet.

Miley Cyrus flying off the handle Miley Cyrus’ recent escapades throws the public into a tizzy. Good girl gone bad?

Sophie Kreutz/Illustrator The highlight of the festival was the music, and the bands pumped up the crowd. Many students performed, such as Mission Marcus ‘15 and his band, Happy99, Alexis Lanier ‘15, and Meredith “Muddagoose” Stein ‘14— some artists who don’t attend WY performed, like the Ungnomes. However, there wasn’t a large crowd, which made the festival seem really dull. The entrance fee cost $10, an amount that most high school students don’t really want to pay. This discouraged a lot of students, causing them to not attend. “If they made us pay $5 instead of $10 [we’d all go],” explains Blue Stevenson ’15. Along with that, not many people knew about it until the day before the show, and by then, plans for the evening were already set. Better advertisements and a lower cost would have brought in a more populated crowd.

The WY Music Fest seemed to mimic other music festivals, like Lollapalooza. However, Lolla is a million dollar festival; it takes place in Grant Park, the performers are legendary from all around the world, and people from the audience hardly ever hesitate to pay for the $195 tickets. Since this is the first year the Fest has ever been held, the best idea was to have treated this event cautiously. Dr. Kenner was in love with the thought of the idea, but agrees with the students that it could have been better. “We would like to reduce the cost, and have the booths earn money, instead of paying for and getting money to payback for fencing,” she admits. The WY Music Fest should have another chance to become an annual event. Maybe next year, the event will be more popular, more profitable, and create a bigger buzz within the halls of WY.

BOOTS! Light brown, dark brown, combat or ankle, whatever way you go, it’s the right way. Boots made a comeback last year and they are sticking around. Another garment that is becoming more popular this year is the skirt. Before, it was usually worn by toddlers or for fancy occasions. But now, one is able to spot this blowy garment anywhere and everywhere. As these comments are viewed, one also needs to take into consideration all the experimental styles. Some of the new daring trends of this 2013 season are knee high socks and tall boots, patterned calf socks, cuffed

jeans, any type of colorful or printed leggings, parachute pants, and maxi skirts. “I’m trying to start the sock trend. The more OFWGKTA cats and unicorns on socks, the better. Wear ‘em tall and wear ‘em proud,” states Thomas Attabery ’17. It is so great to see all the new outfits around school and it is even more interesting to track patterns and trends between them. Yet, it is most important to remember that no matter what season or decade or hour of the day, the best style is always your own and what makes you happy. In the words of Tyra Banks, “Stay fierce.”

Ruby Keutzer/Staff Photographer Evan London ‘14 enjoys his new iPhone 5C.

Fright Fest comes back to life Discover the thrill of the scary activities and entertainment provided at Six Flags this fall.

Colliding cultures cause chaos Tonyisha Harris Staff Reporter When nationalities collide…they have a baby. At least the teenagers do, according to “Welcome to the Family,” a new family comedy airing Oct. 3 on NBC. A couple who just graduated from high school, must postpone their college plans due to an unexpected pregnancy. Molly ends up telling her boyfriend the surprising news while he’s making his valedictorian speech. Molly couldn’t have thought of a

“The Walking Dead” lives on

Reviews Wednesday, October 9, 2013

better time. The unexpected speed bump brings the couple together and Justin decides to postpone Stanford to marry Molly and help raise their child. It doesn’t necessarily bring their dads together. Before the revealing of the pregnancy the two dads were fighting and afterwards came more competition of testosterone. At least the mothers can communicate. The interesting part of the show is that Justin is Latino and Molly is white. Their pregnancy brings two different ethnicities and family types together and comedy ensues as their families and cultures struggle to get along. Whitney Young is composed of different races and even though students are not necessarily getting pregnant, some of them have to handle being an interracial couple. After watching this show, you might think differently about that mixed couple walking the halls.

Most didn’t think Andrea would die, but a sneak peek of season four is more shocking and suspense-filled. Michonne, a new member from the season two finale, returns on horseback to the prison where they are taking refuge. She happens to bring along some company. Two Walkers follow her inside and before she can arm herself with her katana blades, they are upon her. Will season four begin with the death of Michonne? It deTonyisha Harris pends on how fast Carl can aim Staff Reporter his gun and Michonne’s luck. Though taking into consideration Sunday, Oct. 13 is the how many main characters have day the “Walking Dead” been killed, the odds are not in returns to AMC for its fourth her favor. season. A thought that plagues a It has been about six few “Walking Dead” minds is: months since the end of sea- if the Governor manages to son three. Season three was invade the prison again and filled with the fighting and discovers the baby Judith, will drama “Walking Dead” fans he use her to replace his dead were looking for. Andrea, a daughter or kill her out of member of Rick’s group who revenge? was separated, ends the sea“Walking Dead” fans will son three finale by shooting have to wait until that last minherself in the head to avoid ute ticks down to see the gang’s becoming a walker. fate.

October movies you can’t miss Andrea Gomes Entertainment Editor Though they are not the most anticipated movies, the following are sure to keep you entertained this month. •Carrie (Oct. 18) Based on the Stephen King novel, “Carrie” is a remake of the 1976 film, directed by Brian de Palma. Sure to give you a scare, this story tells about a terribly shy teenage girl who is living at home with her ultra-religious mother. After infamously being pranked at her senior prom, she decides to show the town her wrath through her telekinetic power. • Gravity (Oct. 4)

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New jams to boogey to on the dance floor

Lets blow the roof off the gym for this 2013 Homecoming Dance.

Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, “Gravity” takes place during a routine spacewalk. As soon as the astronauts become comfortable with the dazzling and ethereal environment, disaster and hardship pounce on them, destroying a shuttle and leaving the two alone in outer space. With no chance of communicating with Earth, the two race against time to return to safety. • Runner Runner (Oct. 4) College student Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) is cheated out of his college tuition through an online game of poker. At first he tries to confront the culprit, but when he figures out that the owner of the game is a wanted criminal, Furst partners with the FBI to bring the owner to justice. An action-packed movie and JT? It’s got to be good! •Romeo and Juliet (Oct. 11) An adaptation of the original play written by William Shakespeare, this version of Romeo and Juliet doesn’t follow the exact script line by line, but rather just follows the story plot. Starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth, this edition is sure to be

Fright Fest scares again this year Kaelee Arrieta Staff Reporter Every fall, Six Flags closes its season with Fright Fest, an exciting and terrifying experience for anyone who dares to visit. The park transforms its grounds into a fog-filled land of shadows with nearly 300 ghosts and ghouls in costume roaming about. Fright Fest runs from Sept. 27 through Oct. 27. Creepy monsters, zombies, and witches stalk visitors, guaranteeing that the usual wait in line is never boring. “One time I was talking to my friend in line and a zombie just started to breathe heavily on the back of my neck, at

first I freaked out, but after a while, I started to expect it,” says Zoe Saphir ‘15. Don’t show your emotions even if you are terrified of the monsters at the park because as Alex Falco ’15 admits, “If you act like you’re scared, it attracts the monsters and they will follow you all around.” Because of all the exciting attractions, more people visit during this time of year. “Fright fest is more fun than regular six flags, but it is twice as crowded and sometimes the wait for a ride is longer,”Jennifer Ko ‘15 comments. Many additional attractions are also held during Fright Fest including:

fantastic. •Captain Phillips (Oct. 11) Tom Hanks stars in this true story of Captain Richard Phillips. The film is based on the book “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates” and tells about the tale of Phillips and his crew getting captured by pirates in 2009. It’s sure to be a thrilling movie for all those adventure lovers. •Broadway Idiot (Oct. 18) For all those Green Day lovers, this movie is sure to be a #1 on your list. It follows Billy Joe Armstrong from his first punk rock concert, to the magical opening of “American Idiot,” showing how Armstrong’s hard work turns one song into a beautiful Broadway Musical. •Blue is The Warmest Color (Oct. 9) Based on the graphic novel, “Blue Angel”, this charming French movie is about a freshman in high school who seems sure of her life until she meets an older blue-haired college student. Thus starts a forbidden love between these two girls who are trying to navigate through their own personal and sexual identities. the Abyss, Wicked Woods, Manslaughter Manor, -+Massacre Medical Center, and Mausoleum of Terror. If you’re up for the scare, check these out while you’re there. “You have to pay for some of the haunted houses, but it’s worth it—they’re so scary,” exclaims Tara Stafford ’14. There’s also entertainment at the theater, including a family musical “Love at First Fright”. And at the end of every night the Uprising Parade or a “funeral procession” is held where zombies wander the streets, instead of the usual glow in the dark night time parade. Being bored is out of the question at Six Flags during this time of year because of all the exciting fall entertainment provided. For those Halloween and roller coaster lovers out there, this is the place to be. Don’t miss out on the annual thrilling festivities of the Halloween season.

Homecoming Boneless

Bubble Butt

This song has a sick beat and is full of energy needed at WY Homecomings.

A classic for dance parties. For all those dance-lovers, this song is the easiest to get your moves on.

Major Lazer

Steve Aoki


Summertime Sadness Remix



You can rely on this dubstep-filled song to spark up the fire.

A song with a kicking beat that will drop like an earthquake.

Featured at this year’s Lollapalooza, this is one of his most popular songs.

Lana Del Rey

The perfect blend of alternative, pop, and dubstep.

Knife Party


Gas Pedal

Sure to be recognized, this song is inspired by Terio’s vines- this song will kill ‘em at homecoming.

A very trending song and dance on vine, this song is sure to spark some crazy dancing in the crowd.

Terio Sophie Kreutz/ Illustrator

Tom Ford

Sage the Gemini

DJ Fresh

Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Tyga

A slighly older trending song and dance on vine.

Kaelee Arrieta Staff Reporter

Healthy Foods

Since everyone is connected via their smartphone nowadays, read about ways to stay fit and track workouts.

Myth Vs. Fact: Truth in Food Check out common myths and facts about food and nutrition. Myth: Its healthy if the package says “all natural” Fact: Some packages labeled “all natural” can still contain huge amounts of unsaturated fats, sugar, and other unhealthy items. These snacks may have just as much sugar as a candy bar! As a knowledgeable consumer, read the package’s Nutrition Facts label and ingredients list. Myth: As long as I use honey instead of sugar, no amount of sweetening is too much! Fact: Chemically, honey is incredibly close to sugar, and can have as many or even more calories than regular sugar. So make sure that whatever you’re using, honey or sugar, it’s in small amounts.

Health Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Myth: Sugar gives you energy. If you need a boost in the afternoon, eat a candy bar. Fact: Cookies, chocolate, and candy contain “simple” sugars. They put a spike in your blood sugar which can feel like a quick burst of energy but as soon as that rush is over, you are back to your tired self. Myth: Carbs make you fat. Fact: Many think that because the low-carb diet is the biggest weight loss trend there is, that carbs are just plain bad. In general, you have to eat a balanced diet and be aware of the amounts you are having of everything. Myth: Coffee is the best thing to wake you up in the morning Fact: Coffee has many bad side effects like stunting your growth, and creating a false sense of alertness in your body. Instead, grab an apple! It’s been scientifically proven that apples wake you up more in the morning than coffee does.

Healthy eating on a student budget Ruby Keutzer Health and Fitness Editor It’s important to watch what you eat all year round, but it is sometimes especially hard for high school students to keep healthy on a restricted budget. It may be easier, faster, or tastier to scarf down an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds instead of grabbing an apple in the morning. It’s also important to get the recommended daily amounts of nutrition: 2-3 servings of dairy, 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-3 of meat eggs and nuts, 2-4 servings of fruit, and 6-11 servings of bread, pasta, and whole grain each day. While that sounds impossible, it is easier to observe the “Food Pyramid” than one would think. “I think the easiest way to eat healthy and cheap is to bring your food from home. A great snack is raw almonds and mixed nuts unsalted because it can be filling as well as nutritious. I also really love yogurt and cheeses as a snack too,” said Mr. Katz, an environmental science teacher and health nut at WY. Being a student can be stressful, but there are healthy and nutrient-rich meals and treats that can give us the same satisfaction. A lot of people don’t know that it’s possible to make a pumpkin spice latte with just 77 calories. Buy some pumpkin spice from the baking section of your supermarket, skim milk, sugar, a milk frother, which is way cheaper than an expresso machine, and you are ready to go. DIY popcorn also saves you from the sodium overload packaged in stores. Making your own yogurt can be as simple as mixing your favorite yogurt (preferably no-fat,

Greek, or low-fat) By substituting a favorite jam for the sugary fruit-at-the-bottom. It saves money, calories and lets you customize the flavor! Its super easy to figure out ways to change a pre-made and store bought food item into a more nutritous meal just based on doing research. It might take a bit more time but can be a great experience as well as make you feel way better. There are also restaurants and cafes all over Chicago that are healthy for the body and wallet. Vegetarian Express on Halsted offers vegan and vegetarian food for cheap, still keeping the taste great. Beezzee on Sheffield is known for its delicious and nutritious juice bar and smoothie counter. For those with a bigger appetite, check out Pita Pit, a twist on greasy gyros, that offers a healthy slant to tasty sandwiches. Another quick option is Protein Bar on Franklin that has lighter brunch options. With locations scattered around the city, Chicagoans have no excuse to avoid an organic meal at Karyn’s Cooked. “Alot of restaurants tend to ruin a healthy salad with an unhealthy dressing so at home I cut up fruits and veggies to add flavor instead of a dressing. I also love this japanese pumpkin thats only a couple of dollars and when cut up is super tasty and good for you!” said Jazmin Aceves 17’. There are places all over Chicago that are easy to find with the click of a button. Download Yelp to customize budget friendly and healthful meal options. With a plethora of healthy alternatives, Chicago is no longer defined by deep dish pizza and hot dogs.

Fun Fitness: Paintball Work out with friends, and have fun while doing it.

Page 16

Wristbands and apps keep students and faculty fit Elena Caminer Staff Reporter

How can a busy student at a competitive school stay healthy and fit? Students and faculty are jumping on the latest health craze with different wearable fitness trackers and apps on their phones to help with this issue. Justin Galowich 14’ uses the Nike Fuelband, one of the top of the line fitness tracking wristbands as he trains for triathlons. “It tracks my effort throughout each workout and keeps me going because I can see my progression as I continue running, biking, or swimming,” says Galowich 14’. The Nike Fuelband, like other wearable fitness trackers, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up, Basis B1, and BodyMedia Fit Link, are all worn on your wrist or arm. They count steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns. Many of the top of the line wristbands are even waterproof. For beginners, Fitbit Flex, selling for about $100, is suggested as it tracks basic health measurements. It is simple and user friendly. The Fitbit Flex

Fitness of the month: Paintball Jack Rueve Staff Reporter

While many people struggle to find a physical activity that is fun, fitness doesn’t have to be boring. Paintball adds some color to the fitness world. Paintball isn’t always seen as a form of fitness. But some beg to differ, “Paintball is without a doubt requires fitness. I don’t think I’ve ever ran faster in my life.” says Andrew Wicklin 14’.

comes with an online account and tracks not only activity, weight, and calories but also glucose levels and blood pressure. BodyMedia Fit Link, worn on your arm, is highly recommended for those looking for a more comprehensive reading of their workouts and life styles. And with just a small fee the app will analyze the data and create graphs and charts available online. In addition to wearing wristbands to track your fitness, there are many free apps for smart phones out there to lead users in exercise regimen. “I use the Nike Training Club app. It allows me to choose the intensity and which part of my body I want to work,” says Jamie Walters, WY gym teacher and volleyball coach. This free app is like having a personal trainer to lead you through 30-45 minute full body workouts or just 15 minute targeted workouts. For those of you who have your special workout playlists, this app still allows you to workout from your own music library. There are fun and varied

styles of fitness activities to choose from that will help users lose weight or just stay in shape. “It is completely customizable and has every level,” says Patrick Moran 15’, referencing the Daily Yoga app that coaches the user through different yoga sessions. One secret app that only 334 people have downloaded according to the Apple Store is the 7 Minute Workout. As it sounds, it is a seven minute training. It has voice prompts and visual cues to tell the user when to switch between the 12 high intensity bodyweight exercises, 30 seconds per exercise and then a 10 second rest between exercises. You can do anything for 30 seconds! All of the exercises, including push-ups, lunges, crunches, step ups, and tricep dips, require just a little bit of space, and something to step on or tricep dip from. This can even just be a pile of textbooks. For any level of athlete there are a variety of tools out there to not only give ideas of how to exercise but also coach and track the workout.

Paintball uses a series of athletic moves including sprinting, ducking, diving, and dodging. Which may not seem like much, but after doing it for about 5 hours you begin to feel the affects. An experienced paintball player agrees, “After a full day of paintball I’m practically asleep on my feet and my legs are burning from exhaustion.” says Zach Stensland 15’. The best part of paintball is that it’s a group sport. “It’s always been a struggle for me to find a way to get fit. It’s hard to get motivated by myself. But paintball is something that I can do with all my friends.” says Dillon Jacobson 16’. There are many different types of paintball, from elimination to capture the flag, which can both be played indoor and outdoor. In elimination you simply exterminate all the other team’s opponents by shooting them with your

paintball gun. Fall is the perfect time for paintball. The temperature is cold enough to layer up with clothes and protect you from the paintball pellets. Layering up with clothes a heavily advised. “I’ve only went paintballing once but I dressed as if I’m preparing for war. I put on two layers of pants, gym shoes, two long sleeve shirts, a thick hoodie, and gloves. You can never wear too much.” says Cali Leeds 15’. Paintball is catching on at birthday parties and other special events. Unfortunately there are no locations in the city. The closest sites are, Paintball Explosion Park in Elgin and CPX which is located three miles south of Joliet. Fitness doesn’t have to boring, so why make it boring. Go out with your friends and experience just how fun paint ball can be, and at the same time get a nice work out in.

School of Champs

WY Girls Tennis, Football, Boys Golf, Girls Golf, Boys Soccer, and Girls Swim are all in the running for a city title.

Sports Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Girls tennis aims for 6th city title Charlie Blumenthal Staff Reporter The Whitney Young Girls Tennis team has been kicking butt and taking names. So far not one conference match has been lost. With almost a full season ahead of them, the girls work just as hard as always to end the season with a city championship plaque in their hands. Although they practice every day, it’s not just hard work that gets the team their W’s. “We encourage and cheer for each other during our matches, and really bond a lot through tournaments and practices,” says #1 doubles player Nicole Kaplan. Ever since the school year started the team has been hard at work, practicing in the squelching heat. Coaches Ed Cruzat and

Dempsey Willard keep the team on track with constant drilling and fitness. “It’s exhausting but in the end we improve a lot and we all know it’s good for us” says Alex Boston ’16. The players themselves feel very confident that they will have no problem winning the city championship. “We’ve won city for the past five years, and I have no doubt that we’ll win again,” says confident Kaplan. Although the girls are very confident, they know that they can’t slack off if they want to succeed. They have a long season ahead of them with tournaments on the weekends and weekly matches. “What really matters in the end is whether or not we have fun, which in my case requires us winning, which I have no doubt we will,” says Asia Lance ’15.

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Dolphins look to beat the Vikings MyLynda Stubblefield Staff Reporter The Dolphins are 5-0 this football season. That’s a great look for possible outcomes for the homecoming game. The football team has been working all season in anticipation of homecoming day. They run countless miles and review possible plays to prepare for the opposing team’s strategies. But the football team isn’t going through hard work alone. They have a group of supporters behind them. The team can count on the WY student body that attends every game and pep rally held for their season. Students

Support your Teams

Check the backpage schedule for a game update on your favorite teams; be sure to come out and support your Dolphins!

from every grade are excited for the homecoming game. “I hope they win. They work really hard, and have been doing well lately.” Zachary Sebek ’16 said. However, the biggest supporter for the Dolphins is football coach, Timothy Franken. He stays at every practice and game to assure that the team is as successful as possible. In practices, the team trains for a variety of plays in the homecoming game. “We watch films on Amundsen’s past games. Then we pair against each other and play based on what they’ve done,” defense player and tackler, Peter Casey’14 said. Another important piece to the puzzle is WY quarterback, David Craan ’15. The decisions he makes at the beginning of each play help determine how the game will end. Although he has a spotlight, Craan doesn’t feel pressured. He understands why it’s important to try his hardest. “We want to go out and win,” Crann said, “but it’s nice having friends and stuff to come out and support us.”

Boys golf strides towards city

Girls golf pounds away Nikki Pietrus Sports Editor The girls golf team is swinging into the season. With an undefeated conference record, the girls look to take

revolves around pure skill and strength, mental stability and confidence is also key. It’s easy to lose focus on the course, and the team does its best to keep each other playing well. “Golf is more of an individual sport, but when we play together we keep each other calm and try to stay chill,” says Arndt. Although the team practices together, their tournaments often revolve around individual players. Whoever does best during a tournaCharlie Blumenthal ment represents the team and Staff Reporter determines whether or not the Dolphins leave the course with With their season fully underway, the WY Boys Golf a W. Many people come to the team is currently undefeated. assumption that golf isn’t a Led by Coach Snider, the team feels quite confident that physically demanding sport. “Boy, are they wrong,” they’ll win the city championsays Arndt, “I’d like to see ship. them try and be outside in the “I guarantee a city win and we should go down state,” blazing heat for six to eight hours carrying around a bag states cocky Will Arndt ‘15. of golf clubs.” Although golf largely the city title this year. “This is my first season playing on the girls golf team but I’m having so much fun! I started golfing this year on a vacation to South Carolina, and I love it! The golf team is the best team in the school. Everyone should try to come out and support us at a match! Golf team!” says Sophia Sodolski ‘14. Sodolski is the only senior on the team and is looking to lead her other teammates on the course. Golf has a very intense practice and training schedule. There are morning weight lifting workouts and

mile runs. In addition to the morning practices, there are after school practices at the driving range where the team is able to work on their skills. “People always ask me why we workout so much for golf. They think it’s a sport that doesn’t require any physical fitness. Well, we need arm and core strength to swing with power, explosiveness in our lower half, and endurance to help us continue playing on long days after walking the course and carrying our bags for hours,” continues Sodolski. Aside from Sodolski, the team is comprised of under-

classmen, mostly sophomores who are serious about contributing to the team. “It’s a lot of work, but we know it will all be worth it in the end. Our hard work has already been paying off. We beat Taft in a conference match and they won city last year. We are really working hard and really want to win the city championship,” says Uma Venkata ‘16. Head coach Kevin Snider pushes his girls to work as hard as they can. “This is my first year coaching the girls and I ask a lot of them. I’m very pleased with

Fall Sports Score Report Boys Varsity Girls Swim V. Girls Football @ Soccer @ v Von Stuben Tennis @ Steinmetz Morgan Park Curie Final:3-3

Final:120-48 Final:3-2

Final: 39-6

Students have different reasons for attending the homecoming game at the beginning of each school year. Richard Chao ’17, is going to the game because he feels it’s an important part of being a high school student. “I just want to experience high school as much as I can,” Chao said. The game against the Vikings is one of the final events for homecoming week. WY does a lot to help the team prepare for the game. On game day, the school wears blue and orange clothing. A pep rally is also held in the gym that includes motivational speeches, dance performances, and music. After school, WY supplies buses for students to load onto, and make their way to the game. Students with other methods of transportation, paint their cars with words of encouragement for the team. The Dolphins play Amundsen at Rockne Stadium on Oct. 11, at 4:15 p.m. The team is prepared for the win, and the success of all of their hard work will not go unnoticed. The team works hard year round, training and working out in the offseason, so that when it’s game time, they’re ready. The players themselves participate in individual lessons and practice to improve their own, personal game. However, with all the hard work and fun, it unfortunately never draws a big crowd. “I feel like golf is a really underrated sport. It’s really fun to watch, and I encourage everyone to come out and watch a meet,” says Jeff Fischer ’14. With many solid players, and plenty of confidence, the Dolphins are diving right into their season with a full head of steam. “I can’t wait to see what this year’s city championship plaque looks like,” says Arndt, “and I can’t wait to kiss it.” The boy’s golf team plays in the state championship on October 16. the results we have been seeing. I believe we have a strong chance of winning the city title if we keep playing the way we have been. The girls will need to continue to dedicate themselves to always doing their best in whatever they are doing either on or off the course,” says Snider. For all the work the girls golf team put in, they rarely receive recognition from the WY student body. There are many matches all across the city and some even in the suburbs.

V. Girls Vollyball v Northside Final:2-0

WY Homecoming Football Game WY vs. Amundsen Friday, Oct. 11, 4:15 p.m. Rockne Stadium

Fantasy football excites fans Charlie Blumenthal Staff Reporter It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen! Throw your chicken wings in the oven and get your teams set

Sports Wednesday, October 9, 2013

because it’s Fantasy Football season! Fantasy Football has dominated the lives of many Americans for over 50 years. The first league started in 1962. But what is it about the game that makes it so appealing? “It’s really exciting and fun picking my teams. It’s also great competing every week, almost like I’m really playing in the NFL” exclaims Farukh Sarkulov ’16. With over 32 million participants, Fantasy Football has grown tremendously. In 2009, a TV show called “The League”was an instant sucess due to its accurate and funny portrayal of your average fantasy fanatic.

Page 18

“It’s great because really anyone can play it. It’s a great reason for family and friends to get together and have fun,” says young entrepreneur Bob Hobert ’15. Now major sports TV channels and radio talk shows mention helpful tips and opinions on players, and who should start on virtual rosters. It’s a quick-paced world, and it seems every year more and more people join a Fantasy Football League. “It’s awesome and so much fun. Literally anyone can play it and nothing’s more fun than winning a bunch of money from all your friends,” says Elizabeth Howaniec ’15.

Boys soccer Runners looks for city title prepare for Chicago Rachel Brown Staff Reporter

The boys soccer team moves forward in their season with varying results. The team played competitively in the Pepsi Showdown, but the boys have yet to show their full potential. Head coach Ian McCarthy says, “This group has been inconsistent in their performance, but that hasn’t always been the case for Whitney Young soccer.” The team went 7-12-2 last year, but has a 9-7-1 record this year. In their conference they are going 3-3-1. “I believe that the Whitney Young soccer team will make it to the City Championship with hard work and commitment,” says a hopeful Dorien St. Ours ’15. After playing only two playoff games last year, the boys hope to win the City Championship this year. The last time WY won the boys varsity soccer city championship was in 2009. “Winning City is always the goal, but we need to play more like a team instead of just a collection of individuals,”

says McCarthy. The team agrees that the season has been inconsistent, but they still hold on to a hopeful future. “The team has the talent to win, but it takes time to learn how to work together,” believes Patrick Moran ’15. He has faith that once they come together as a team, they will make it all the way to the championship. JV is doing well with a 3-3 conference record. “We’re doing pretty well. We are playing good games against good schools in the suburbs. We are 500 in conference play and we should at least make it to semifinals in playoffs” says Spero Mandakas, JV head coach. The JV team looks forward to playing their best during playoffs. Fabio Cesar ’16 explains that the team has had their up and downs, but will do well in playoffs. The freshmen-sophomore team has had a good start in their season too. Their current record is 0-2-1 in conference. The WY soccer program has successfully begun their season, and each team looks forward to future games.

Sept. 16 W vs Ignatius, 2-0 Oct. 2 W vs Fenwick, 2-1

Who to pick for your team If you are new to fantasy and are looking for a good trade, you can’t go wrong with these stars.

Tight Ends: #1 Jimmy Graham #2 Jason Witten #3 Julius Thomas

Quarterbacks: #1 Peyton Manning #2 Aaron Rodgers #3 Tom Brady

Kickers: #1Steven Gostowski #2David Akers #3Matt Prater

Runningbacks: #1 Adrian Peterson #2 Matt Forte #3 Chris Johnson.

Defense: Right now the Seahawks’ defense is unstoppable. However, the Broncos and Vikings are doing great, and you can never go wrong with the Bears.

Wide Receivers: #1 Calvin Johnson #2 AJ Green #3 Brandon Marshall

Kasey Carlson Staff Reporter On Sunday, Oct. 13, athletes from all fifty states and more than one hundred different countries will participate in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. The race has become a tradition for runners in Chicago and all over the world. Runners will include WY teachers and coaches like Alan Edwards and Billy PooleHarris. Students will also be participating in the Northside/ Southside challenge, a competition in which high school runners run just one tenth of the race, 2.62 miles, in an attempt to achieve the best time. Along with the runners, thousands will volunteer to keep the race running smoothly. Many volunteers will be passing out water and Gatorade to runners along the race route. One of mul-

Girls swim dives in for wins Rachel Brown Staff Reporter

May Poon/Staff Photographer Ricardo Tovar ‘17 gives it his all on the soccer field.

WY Girls Volleyball Scores

Girls’ swimming has started off their season strong looking faster than ever. The varsity team has already had a win over one of their key rivals: Northside College Prep. “We’re doing really well this season. We beat Northside for the first time ever,” says head coach Andy Parro. Parro has the team on a rigorous practice schedule. The team has been putting in three morning practices a

Courtesy of The Bank of America Chicago Marathon Runners train all year in preparation for the Chicago Marathon. Athletes from across the world will participate this year. tiple aid stations, Station 10, handing out water to runners. located at Racine and Adams, Volunteering for the marathon is mostly run by WY students is a great opportunity for working from before sunrise those who want to earn serto mid-afternoon, sporting vice hours, a jacket, and the blue fleece Chicago Marathon opportunity to people watch jackets and caps. while doing it all. According to coach Robert No students will be running Geiger, WY gets over 400 the entire marathon because volunteers every year. Not the minimum age to run is only is it an opportunity to eighteen. Geiger says that it help out and experience the also conflicts with the Cross race first hand, students earn Country season, making memservice hours for participating. bers of the team unable to Adam Block ’15 volunteered compete in the 26.2 mile race. at Aid Station 10 a few years The first wave of runners back. start at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday “It didn’t seem like it was in Grant Park. Chicagoans the best service opportunity,” are advised to be prepared shared Block. He said that to plan according for road he prefers service projects blocks and delays on race with more direct impact than day. week, practice after school every day, and Saturdays for a total of nine practices a week. The practices have been producing successful meets and the team has been seeing their best times so far. “Swimmers don’t usually swim personal bests during the season, so these races have created potential for even faster swims later on,” Parro says. The varsity team has had a very strong season. Swim meet standings are decided by a point system. Team score points depending on how they place in an event. The team’s final score is totaled by adding the points from the different races through the event. The team with the highest amount of points wins the meet. “I’m really excited for this season, we have a lot of new talent and we have been working really hard and it has already started paying off,” says Claire Fahey ’15.

Captains Gabby Chelette ’14 and Audrey Anderson ’14 lead the varsity team, comprised of mostly seniors and juniors. However, the team also found talent in the young Lillian Hua ’17. “We are really close this year as a team. We do team bonding once a week. We are like a swim family,” Chelette says. The JV team is 2-3. They beat Payton and Jones. “It’s a good group of freshmen and sophomores,” says Parro. Swim meets are open to the public. Spectators can watch from the second floor balcony above the pool. An upcoming meet at the Whitney Young pool is on Saturday, Oct. 19 for City-Wide Relays at 10 AM. The swim team looks forward to competing against swimming powerhouse Lane Tech. The team hopes to end their season as the successful city champions.

Chicago Preseason Basketball in Brazil

Bulls vs. Washington Wizards Saturday, Oct. 12, 4:00 p.m. HSBC Arena, Brazil

Sports Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bears start strong with new coach Nikki Pietrus Sports Editor

The Chicago Bears football team is ready to bear down this season. Things are looking up for the Bears, who have started the season strong, placing at the top of their conference throughout the first weeks of the regular season. The big different this season is the new personnel. Long time ‘players’ coach’ Lovie Smith is out, and new

head Coach Marc Trestman is in. This is Trestman’s first time coaching in the National Football League. Before accepting the position with the Bears, Trestman got his start coaching the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League for five seasons where he led the club to two consecutive Grey Cup Championships. “The Bears are playing really swell! If they keep forcing turnovers on defense and manage to stay healthy,

NHL reorganizes league divisions Matt Burdick Illustrator

It’s that time again to add “Chelsea Dagger” to the playlist. The new season brings many changes, but there’s one thing that will remain the same: the Chicago Blackhawks are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. After a shortened season last year due to the NHL lockout, the Hawks had a record breaking year with a 24 point winning streak and an even better playoff appearance. However, this year hockey will return to its normal 82 game schedule. With a longer season and a few changes made in the off season, the Blackhawks have their work cut out for them. On July 19, the NHL announced that they would be making a few changes to the upcoming season. One of those changes was the realignment of the divisions. Now teams are in divisions based off of where they are located geographically. Majority of the teams remain in their original Eastern or Western conference however the only teams to switch conferences were the Detroit Redwings, Columbus Blue Jackets (who moved to the Eastern Conference) and the Winnipeg Jets (who are now members of the Western Conference). In the Western Conference

there is the Pacific division and the Central division. The Pacific division is made up of Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Phoenix Coyotes, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers. Center division includes the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, Nashville Predators, Minnesota wild, Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars, and Winnipeg Jets. For the first time since the 1997-1998 season, the Chicago Blackhawks, as well as every team in the team in the NHL, will play in every stadium once. Teams in the Western Conference will play 29 games within the division, 21 games against the Conference (nondivision teams) and 32 games against Eastern Conference teams. The changes to divisions weren’t as major in the Western Conference as they were in the Eastern Conference. Now there are 16 teams in the East as opposed to the 14 in the West. This means reaching the playoffs in the Eastern Conference will be more difficult. The regular season schedule in the East also varies: teams will play 30 games within the division, 24 games against the Conference (nondivision teams) and 28 games against the Western Conference teams.

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they are most likely looking at possibly making it deep into the playoffs. If the offensive line continues to protect Cutler the way they have so far this season, he could be looking at a Pro-Bowl season. I love that Kyle Long, he’s a monster. The Bears can maybe pull it off this year,” says Coach Mike Hinrichs. In week four, the Bears faced a disappointing loss to the Detroit Lions. This loss was especially hard for the team considering they were playing a conference rival. The offense was plagued with turnovers, including three interceptions thrown by Cutler. In addition to poor offensive play, the defense had trouble stopping anything, allowing the Lions to

Thursday Night Football

Bears vs. New York Giants Thursday, Oct. 10 7:25 p.m., Soldier Field

score 40 points on the day. “That was a rough game to watch. Every time Cutler threw an interception I just thought to myself, what the heck are you doing? The Bears should never lose to the Lions, that’s just embarrassing. They better get their act together and start winning like they did in the first three weeks. Or else it will be a long season,” gripes Joey Albarran, ’14. Though you wouldn’t guess it by their performance against the Lions, the Bears are still a strong team. Of course there are some bitter Packers fans who just can’t admit that the Bears are better than the Packers this year. “No way, the Bears are the worst. The Bears don’t even

College football season heats up Phillip Rueve Illustrator

This year’s college football season started off with no real surprises. The top teams have performed as they should, and the top players have done the same as well. In terms of the overall BCS picture, Alabama is still the front runner, with Oregon, Clemson, and Stanford as the frontrunners who could take the Tide in the championship game. All four top teams have players who could take home the prestigious Heisman Trophy as well. As for the rest of the country, it’s all up in the air. National Champion Alabama has come out and performed as they have in the past. A.J. McCarron has continued to control the offense and silences critics who say he is just a “game manager,” by being arguably the most efficient and trustworthy quarterbacks since Andrew Luck. In the Tide backfield, running Back TJ Yeldon has

Cubs to get flashy new ballpark

come in and shown the nation that it’s his turn. After playing behind Eddie Lacy, who is now in the starting role with the Green Bay Packers, Yeldon has come in and built on a tremendous freshman season he had as the two back last year. It’s hard to see any defense, even with eight plus in the box, stopping the Tide run game. If teams decide to go that route, McCarron will hit All-American Amari Cooper on the outside. The Tide are as close to an unstoppable college team as is possible. Oregon, Clemson, and Stanford all have a shot to take down the Tide. All three teams possess a quarterback who can pick defenses apart. All three are in the picture for the Heisman Trophy. Marcus Mariota from Oregon is arguably the most versatile player in the nation. His arm strength and breakaway speed make him near unstoppable. From Clemson, Tajh Boyd’s poise, comfort and

face any real competition this year. The Packers always play the hardest teams with the most skilled players, once the Bears beat an elite team, then we’ll talk,” says Tara Stafford, ‘14. Whether you are a Bears fan or not, you can’t deny their strong start to the season. If key veterans like Charles Tillman and Julius Peppers continue to produce like they always have and the offense manage to play solid, the Bears are looking at a successful season. “I’ll root for the Bears no matter what happens this season, good or bad. They make Sunday the best day of the week,” says Albarran. mobility are what make him so lethal. The last of the three quarterbacks is Kevin Hogan of Stanford. He is in a tough spot, following the most hyped quarterback in the history of college football - Andrew Luck. Hogan has held his own on the field, and has improved into someone Coach David Shaw thinks could lead his team to a national championship. Teams who are still in the mix for top spots in the BCS rankings are anyone from 6-40 in the current AP Poll. All of those teams has the time and means to prove something. Teams such as Michigan and Notre Dame, who met for another epic game in their rivalry in week two, have slipped up recently and are looking to get back on track to heading to BCS bowl games. A team like Louisville, who has arguably the best QB in the nation in Teddy Bridgewater, is looking for a top team to slip up so that they can swoop in and snag a shot at the top ranked boys from Tuscaloosa. There are 30 teams who have a shot at playing in a BCS bowl game, and that is what is going to make this season so special.

MyLynda Stubblefield Staff Reporter

Matt Burdick/Illustrator The excitement is evident as the reigning champions open their season.

In October, Wrigley Field, diamond to the Chicago Cubs, will begin a $500 million renovation project. Wrigley Field has existed for 99 years. It was the first baseball field to have concession stands. It was also the first field to have a professional organist play “Take me out to the ball game.” Wrigley Field also started the trend to allow fans to keep foul and homerun balls. However, it was the last professional baseball field to install lights for night games. The stadium, concessions, and structure of the building are outdated. So the city of Chicago is allowing Wrigley Field to update its structure. Another goal of this

renovation is to bring in more revenue for the Cubs. The new Wrigley Field will have a 5,700 square-foot video screen in the left field—so that the game can be viewed by all spectators. They also put up a 45,000 feet wall for advertising. However, they have to arrange them strategically so that the revenue for sponsoring companies is still at its peak. Cubs fans are looking forward to the renovations. “I think it’s cool. It’s going to bring in a lot of money for the team.” said Alex Mitchell, ’14.

Whenever the boys baseball team goes to city championships, they play at Wrigley Field. Chris Cassidy, baseball coach, thinks the renovations will be great for the next season. “It’s about time,” Cassidy said, “The renovations won’t at all affect WY’s team though.” The project will be completed during the next five off-seasons. However, the renovation may not be completed on planned timing. Wrigley Field has not applied for the city permits required to make the renovations.

Meet this month’s Fashion Icons!

Irene Lu ‘14 and Jeff Fischer ‘14 share their fashion secrets and tips with The Beacon and our readers!

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October @ WY Keep track of all the upcoming WY events and activites in October, and be sure to come to a few!

Fab Five Do Mix It Up Change your costume every hour so you can repeat the houses that give out the king-sized candy, while going unnoticed.

Halloween is right around the corner - be sure to follow these do’s and don’t’s!

Do Travel Smart Be sure to find the biggest pillow case in your house and use it as Don’t Be a candy bag. You won’t Greedy have to worry about Don’t be that person going back home to that takes more than one empty it. piece of candy. Save some for the youngins. Don’t Be Uncomfortable Don’t wear an obnoxious uncomfortable Don’t Eat All costume. Remember that Your Candy you will be walking Don’t eat all your around all night in it candy in one night. You so have fun but in a don’t want to end up sick comfy costume. and we gotta’ make the stash last until Easter. Jack Rueve

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hot•spot Insomnia Cookies - Lincoln Park

May Poon Staff Reporter The concept of staying up late is no foreign concept, and a late night snack is just what a student needs. Insomnia Cookies saves the night and delivers until 3 a.m. The classic late night snack is milk and cookies, but sometimes a pack of Chips Ahoy or Oreos just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes only homemade, freshly baked cookies will satisfy the craving. Insomnia Cookies, located in Lincoln Park, delivers freshly baked cookies from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Insomnia Cookies is the perfect “pick me up” snack in the middle of the night, or as an after school snack. “I went to Insomnia

Cookies with my friends after searching up places that were still open, and I had the double chocolate chunk cookie. It was beyond good,” says Kristy Chin ’15. Insomnia cookies range from chocolate chip to their s’mores deluxe cookie. Customers are given the option to add toppings. Insomnia Cookies also offers frozen desserts such as ice cream sandwiches, and cookie cakes. Complete your order with a glass of milk. “My favorite is the white chocolate macadamia cookie,” says Yvonne Cao ’14. Even customers who bake at home still devour Insomnia Cookies. This is definitely a great place for people to add to their bucket list.


Elena Caminer Designer

Jeff Fischer 13’ and Irene Lu 13’ contradict on their favorite clothing, but still manage to be noticed for their unique style. How would you describe your fashion? Jeff: Classy. I dress to impress. Irene: My style is clean, with dark solids and occasional patterns. What category would you put your style into? J: Preppy. If lookin’ good were a category I would be in it. I: I try a range of styles. I generally wear a mix of tomboy and girly styles.

What is one staple item that you believe is important to any person’s closet? J: Sweaters are vital. You can just never have too many sweaters. I: Everybody should have a white collared button up to wear with cardigans, layer under knit sweaters, throw a scarf over, or just wear the shirt as it is. What has been your biggest fashion faux-pas? J: I wore orange pants with an orange polo, I didn’t realize I was a traffic cone. I: I wore a fur green turtleneck with a large black Santa belt around my waist. It wasn’t even Christmas...

Who is your fashion inspiration? J: My parents. When I was a kid my parents would dress me for school in blazers, not just tshirts. I: Japanese street style inspires me. My favorite Japanese fashion designers is Junya Watanabe who makes crisp jackets and amazing couture pieces. My favorite American designer is Alexander Wang. How would you suggest others discover their sense of style? J: Try to emulate the people you think look good. I: I would suggest experimenting and figuring out what you are most comfortable wearing.


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