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Anthony Lanzino leaves WY for CA Elena Caminer Staff Reporter Anthony Lanzino is the band director and performing arts department chairperson at WY. Unfortunately for the school community, he will be leaving WY and moving back to CA after this school year is completed. Lanzino took over the WY band program seven years ago. From his experience at a well established high school band program in California and work with the 15 world champion Concord Blue Devils, a professional Drum and Bugle Corp, he had the tools necessary to grow the program. “When I moved here from California I wanted to work at a city school and build a program that could compete with any of the large suburban programs in the nation,” explains Lanzino. And he did just that.

The WY band program has doubled since Lanzino started in 2006 with now over 200 students involved. Under the direction of Lanzino, the top ensemble has taken trips to perform at international festivals, receiving the highest rating and score at the last two international competitions. In 2008, the top ensemble took their first trip to TN. Then in 2010, they traveled to Lanzino’s neck of the woods to Disneyland in CA. In 2012 the top ensemble received a gold rating while performing at Carnegie Hall in NY. And this past spring, they traveled to Washington, DC to play at the Kennedy Center and the Jefferson Memorial. “He is great at his job and cares a ton. Mr. Lanzino is one of a kind, my favorite teacher here, and one that will be sorely missed,” comments Jeff Fischer ‘14, a senior who has played in the band program

Student Spotlight: Andres Silva

Genevieve Sachs Staff Reporter

Recently, the Art Institute of Chicago held a competition called Re:Imagine, inviting young people all over to submit designs for how to make the museum more interesting and to engage more teens. The competition was designed and issued by the Art Institute Teen Council, a group made up of 12 Chicagoland teens. The competition

just closed after the Council voted on the winners, and WY’s own Andres Silva was one of them.

Q: Tell us about the piece you created that’s now at the Art Institute. A: With Google Sketchup, I designed a place where smoothies would be served and where people could walk in and out or sit in on beanbags, chairs with cup holders, etc. There are lights that are

throughout all of his four years at WY. In 2010, Lanzino created an annual student performance fundraising event, Jazz on the Bridge, that has raised $35,000 over four years. This money helped them go on the trips, purchase professional level instruments, sectionals run by professional musicians and hopefully sustain the program Lanzino has established. Lanzino leads after school jazz combos that have played at the Chicago Jazz Festival and the jazz program has sent students to top universities on full scholarships to study jazz. Replacing Lanzino is Jim Barbick from Lakeview High School. He is the department chairperson at Lakeview and is a great jazz saxophone player so the concerns that the jazz program wouldn’t continue are put to rest. “I am so sad to see Mr. Lanzino go. He has brought a standard of excellence to our band program that will be hard to top,” explains Principal Joyce Kenner The WY community wishes the best of luck to Lanzino and his family and thanks him for all he has done for students and the school. designed depending on the time of day and temperature. It’s basically a hang out place. Q: What exactly is Google Sketchup? A: It’s a program in which you can make simple designs more 3-dimensional, like turning a square into a cube with one button. It’s used to make the buildings on Google Earth. Q: What was your idea/inspiration behind the piece? A: When I went there, I wanted somewhere accessible to drink and just hang out. I realized that if they were properly displayed where food/drink wouldn’t ruin them, art could be displayed all around a place like this to make it convenient and enjoyable. Q: When did you start making art and how? A: Before high school, I was experimenting. I heard of Google Sketchup, so I tested it out by doing an exact replica of my house. Q: Do you have any artists that inspire you? A: Van Gogh. His paintings are actually on display in my model in the Art Institute. Also some various game designers whose work really has a lot of effort put into it.

Courtesy of Andres Silva ‘13 Andres Silva ‘13 stands by his award-winning presentation.

Q: Do you plan to pursue art in college? A: Yup! I’m looking more towards video game design because I’m a huge gamer. I can see where people didn’t put enough effort into their games when I play them, so that’s where I want to come in.

Elena Caminer/Staff Photographer Anthony Lanzino conducts the WY Band during a performance in Washington DC this past spring.

LSC president leaves mark on WY

Mardi Caminer News Editor

After ten years of work with the Local School Council at WY, Julia Spearman, the current Chairman of LSC, will be leaving. Other members of the council, Kelly McGinnity and Elizabeth Blinderman will also be leaving this year. Spearman is leaving because her youngest child, Anthony Spearman ‘14, is graduating and in order to be on the LSC board, one must have a child enrolled in WY. LSC meets every third Wednesday of the month. In order to accomodate the students and their busy schedules, the time alternates between 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Spearman’s last meeting as chairman was Wednesday, May 21. It was the annual State of the School. “It’s the time for us to brag about our accomplishments from this year,” explained Spearman. Some of the greatest accomplishment the LSC has achieved while Spearman was leading include opening the Writing and Math Centers, and making ACT prep classes available to all students(with just the cost of the prep book). As president, Spearman attends all of the sub committee meetings and goes to pep rallies and other school functions in order to talk with parents and find out their opinions. “I’m more of a diplomat than a leader,” Spearman

explained. When she took over as president of the WY LSC, she wanted to change the old ways of heated discussions between the LSC, principal, and parents. In order to achieve this, Spearman took the teacher representatives, community representatives and student representative out for lunch in order to open up lines of communication. The hardest part of serving as LSC president was closing down the business department. However, WY did not close the department without a fight. “We were the first school to reject Mayor Rahm Emanual’s budget and other schools followed. I took pride in it,” explained Spearman. Spearman is most impressed by the students at WY and loves watching them grow up into fine adults. “I’ve been here ten years and I get a kick out of the kids that come back and share their news,” she said. “I’m going to miss being here but I know I have to move on and I’m okay with that.” Spearman hopes that the next LSC can find a way to keep the Writing and Math Centers open because it took three to four years for the LSC to execute the idea. Even though she will no longer lead the LSC, Spearman hopes to stay connected to WY. “I force myself to say ‘I’ll see you later’,” Spearmain said.

Senior Reflections

“The best thing about WY is the school spirit. My experience here wouldn’t have been the same without it.”

Seniors Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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goodbye to the class of A-B Acosta, Adela – DePaul University Acosta, Monica - Roosevelt University Akbulut, Gulnihal – University of Wisconsin-Madison Akins, Torrian - University of Kentucky Albarran, Joey - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Albaugh, Kyle - Columbia College of Chicago Alvarez, Araceli – Amherst College Alvarez, Noellani - Purdue University Anderson, Audrey - Olivet Nazarene University Angel, Leticia - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Antonino, Pedro - DePaul University Archaki, Selina - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Arias, Jonathan - University of Illinois at Chicago

Armas, Arelis – University of Illinois at Chicago Arrandt, Jake - University of Denver Arujo, Isobel - American University Arzeta, Aliccia - Harper College Bae, Yeun - Indiana University at Bloomington Balanon, Melanie - Loyola University of Chicago Baldwin, Kennedy – Temple University Baran, Roma - Loyola University of Chicago Barry, David – Indiana University Becerra, Jasmin - University of Wisconsin-Madison Belay, Abreham - Harper College Bennett, Sage - Gap Year Bertucci, Dominique – Tulane University Bilal, Kamal – Redlands University Blinderman, Anna – Gap Year

Faeh, Wilson – St. Olaf College Favela, Regina - University of Chicago Fayz, Lily- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ferman, Tori - St. John’s University Ferrari, Alex – Carroll University Fischer, Jeff - University of Michigan Flowers, Cydia - Northwestern University Flynn, Tara - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fonseca, Sonia - University of Illinois at Chicago Franklin, John - Northwestern University Friedman, Nina - University of Denver Fujimoto, Matthew - Clark University Fuller, Jillian – Vanderbilt University

Cahue, Jose - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Calderon, Daisy – Temple University Caminer, Elena - Barnard College Caminer, Mardi - Vanderbilt University Cammell, Emma - New York University Campa, Lizeth - Daley College Campos-Romero, Javier Western Illinois University Cannon, Alexandria - Brigham Young University Cao, Yvonne - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Carnegie, Korbin - University of Pennsylvania Carpenter, Dorothy – Kalamazoo College Casey, Peter - University of Chicago Castrejon, Adolfo – DePaul University Caver, Keriyan - Iowa College Chan, Zita – Washington University in St. Louis Chavez, Jocelyne - DePaul University Chelette, Gabby - University of Iowa Fung, Anna - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Gaeta, Rebecca - University of Tampa Galowich, Justin - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Garcia, Diana - University of Illinois at Chicago Garcia, Kennia – Boston University Gardziel, Julia - DePaul University Gianonni, Jessica - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Gil, Ivan - University of Illinois at Chicago Gilbert, Jori – Howard University Goebel, Austen - DePaul University Gong, Yicheng - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Gonzalez, Ernesto - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Gonzalez, Mauricio - Northwestern University


Bobiek, Jack – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Boeman, Mason – University of Illinois at Chicago Bohena, Angelica - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Bolar, Isley – Howard University Bolzon, Livio – Lindenwood University Boykin, Alexandria – DePaul University Brady, Tyler – Hampton University Brame, Taylor - Southern Methodist University Brokop, Samuel - DePaul University Brown-Harris, Quentin - Howard University Burdick, Matthew - Michigan State University Burnett, Walter - Fordham University Burton, Jeremy – Claremont McKenna College


F - Gonz

Senior Reflections

“I’m so thankful to have gone to a school where my voice mattered and people listened.”

Chen, Tony - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chen, Yichao – University of Wisconsin-Madison Cheng, Joshua - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chorazy, Matt - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chrobak-Prince, Benjamin University of Missouri Chu, Megan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chuy, Milton - University of Illinois at Chicago Clark, Bryce - Syracuse University Coleman, Charity - Washington University in St. Louis Collier, Amira - Tuskegee University Cortes, Evelyn - Boston College Cortes, Trixie – Denison University Cusick, Alice – Kenyon College Daley, Charlie - Temple University Dastrup, Jeron - Gap Year Davila, Jaime - Harold Washington College Davis, Desmond - Parkland College Davis, Robbie - Fisk University De La Torre, Ashley – University of Illinois at Chicago

Deitz, Zach – Temple University Dennis, Liza - Taylor University DeVine, John – Middlebury College Diaz, Alondra - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Diaz, Anthony – University of Illinois at Chicago Diaz, Brian – Southern Methodist University DiLoreto, Stephanie - American University Dizon, Meldrick - University of Southern California Doby, Brandon – Colgate University Doe, Olivia - Macalester College Dondiego, Jose - Northern Illinois University Dorado, Ruby - Gap Year Dorsey, Khalil – Gap Year Doyle, Jack – University of Missouri Durudogan, Adam - University of Michigan Ekern, Will - University of Denver Erf, Emily - Virginia Commonwealth University of the Arts Evans, Noah – Columbia University

Senior Reflections

“I love this school so much. I can’t wait to come back and visit and see how it evolves.”

Goodman - Kwon Goodman, Malachi - University of Missouri-Columbia Gordon, Phillip - Undecided Gray, Kaysi - Undecided Gray, Shadayah - Howard University Groth, Erik – Bennington College Grove, Ellen – Grand Valley State University Guerrero, Saul - University of Illinois at Chicago Gutierrez, Sarai - Undecided Guzman, Amarillys - University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Guzman, Elizabeth – St. Olaf College Guzzardo, Jacob - University of Pittsburgh Hanna, Ischyia - Wilbur Wright College Harmon, Emma - University of Pittsburgh Harris, Sterling - Northwestern University Hayes, Zach – Bard College He, Shuai – Northwestern University Henry, Erwin - North Central College

Seniors Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hernandez, Eddison - National Autonomic University of Mexico Hernandez, Jose - University of Illinois at Chicago Hillsman, Khaalia - Texas A&M University Hinton, Alex - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Hinton, Sam - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Hoang, Phillp - Illinois Institute of Technology Hollowed, Maddy - University of Miami Hurley, Joshua - University of Missouri-Columbia Irvin, Tristan - Rochester Institute of Technology Isaacson, Robert - Oregon State Jackson, Shantel - Harper College James, Alexis - Boston University Jauregui, Nicolas – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Jefferson, Ernie - Macalester College Jeon, Lauren – DePaul University Jian, Ken - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Jiang, Yiwei - California Institute of Technology

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O’Carroll, Aidan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign O’Donnell, Rachel - University of Texas-Austin Oakes, Zachary – Bradley University Oceguenda, Feliciano - University of Illinois at Chicago Ochoa, Tristan - Arizona State University Okafor, Jahlil - Duke University Olivares, Ulises – DePaul University Oropeza, Felipe - Carnegie Mellon University Ostrander, Naomi - Northwestern University Padilla, Mikhaela - Columbia College Patel, Amir - Cornell University Patton, Malik - University of Pennsylvania Pellegrini, Charlotte - Univer-

Labun, Nicholas – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Lawson, Sydney - George Washington University Lee, Christine - University of Illinois at Chicago Lee, Jessica - University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign Li, Helen – Northwestern University Lieser, Margaux - New York University Liu, Andy – Northwestern University Liu, Zong - University of Illinois at Chicago London, Evan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Lozano, Marina – DePaul University Lu, Irene – Parson’s School of Design Luzadder, Joseph – University of Pittsburgh Lynch, Conor - University of Southern California Magana, Adriana – Columbia College Magana, Karla - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Marino, Haydee – University of Chicago Mariscal, Teresa - University sity of Wisconsin-Madison Pence, Richard - Wright Community College Perez, Emanuel – Massachusetts Institute of Technology Perez, Erika – University of Illinois at Chicago Perez, Michael - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Peric, Petar - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Pietrus, Nikki – University of Wisconsin-Madison Plaxico, Lanae - Ohio State University Poon, Iris - DePaul University Poon, May - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Powell, Dejah – Cornell University Price, Elijah - Undecided Przytula, Joanna – Gap Year Pulley, Danisha – Savannah College of Art and Design Quander, Sarah - University of Chicago Quevedo, Michael - Northwestern University

“I’m so proud to say that I graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, Class of 2014.”

Jimenez, Sandra - University of Illinois at Chicago Johnson, David – DePaul University Jones, Darvisha – University of Missouri Jones, Tatiara - Saint Xavier University Jordan, Alyssa - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Juarez, Gabriel – University of Illinois at Chicago Kalensky, Fiona - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Kamins, Reece - Indiana University Keene, Shannon - American University Keene, Thomas - Loyola University Keigher, Kyra - Illinois Institute of Technology Kerber, Megan - DePaul University Keutzer, Ruby - The New School-Eugene Lang King, Ane - Northern Illinois University Klein, Nicola – University of Iowa Knight, Shannon - Bowdoin College Kwok, Randal - Illinois Institute of Technology Kwon, Anita - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Senior Reflections

of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mayes, Adrianna - Undecided McCallister, Brandon - University of Chicago McCauley, Leslie – Brown University McGinnity-Boswell, Lauren University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign McIntosh, Sheila - Mount Holyoke College McKee, Maya - Northwestern University McNichols, Kevin - Green Mountain College McRaith, Fiona - McGill University Mei, Angelina - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Menchaca, Mia – University of Illinois at Chicago Mendez, Hector - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Menet, Theodore - Bradley University Meraz, Jocelyn - Washington University in St. Louis Mietka, Filip - Loyola Marymount University Miguest, Deja – Ohio State University Miller, Daniel – University of California-Berkeley Mitchell, Alex – University of Michigan Mitchell, Devon - Washington

University in St. Louis Mitchell, Justin – University of Michigan Mondane, Pamela - Howard University Moore, Layton – Parkland Community College Morel, Denisse - DePaul University Moreno, Raul - University of Illinois at Chicago Morgan, Devante – Washington University in St. Louis Moskiewicz, Monica - Rhodes College Muhsen, Julia - Columbia University Munoz, Jocelyne – University of Chicago Murdock, Amber - Western Michigan University Murillo, Stephanie – Northwestern University Murphy, Nora - McGill University Nandapurkar, Zach – University of Southern California Ng, Barry - Northwestern University Ngo, Kevin - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Nicholes, Erika - School of the Art Institute of Chicago Nicholes, Taylor – School of the Art Institute of Chicago Nykaza, Zoe - Case Western Reserve University

Goodbye, Seniors!

The seniors final day of school is today, May 28th. You’ll all be missed dearly - thank you for all of your hard work this year and all that you have contributed to the school over the past four to six.

May 28, 2014

Senior College List Class of 2013:

Milestone Dates

R Ramirez, Fabiola - Northern Illinois University Ramirez, Jessica - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ramirez, Kelly - Prescott College Randall, Erik - Oberlin College and Conservatory Reid, Everett - University of Michigan Reyes, Juan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Reynolds, Miles – St. Louis University Rhoder, Savanna - Northeastern University of Boston Rivera, Julia – Indiana University

S Sachs, Genevieve - New York University Salazar, Claritza - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sanchez, Julian - The Art Institute of Tennessee Nashville Sanders, Livia - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Santana, Genesis – Knox College Santiago, Kiara - Daley College Satter, Eli - Gap Year Scheff, Brian - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Scheffler, Ian - DePaul University Schmakel, Sam - University of

Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Schuessler, Rebecca - University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Schulruff, Molly - Undecided Scully, Daina - DePaul University Sears, Katherine - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sharp, Guy – Howard University Shepherd, Stephen – Gap Year Shumaker, Daniel – Michigan State University Smith Jr., Terrence - Middlebury College Smith, Alex - Lewis University Smith, Antonio - Malcolm X College Smith, Cecily – Grinnell Col-

lege Sodolski, Sam - University of Denver Sodolski, Sophia – Illinois Wesleyan University Sopanorat, Justin - University of San Francisco Soto, Alejandro - DePaul University Stafford, Gerielle - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Stafford, Tara - Seton Hall University Staton, Noah - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Steffek, Alex - University of Wisconsin-Madison Stone, Sukari - Washington University in St. Louis

Roche, Max - Phillips Exeter Preparatory School Rogers, Brennan - University of Denver Romano, Alondra - University of Illinois at Chicago Romero, Daniel - University of Illinois at Chicago Romero, Jennifer - Illinois Institute of Technology Romo, Antonio - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Rubinson, Rachel - Northwestern University Rudd, Greg - Vanderbilt University Rudgers, Sophie - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Rudnick, Molly - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Rueve, Phillip - University of South Carolina

T-V Tan, Joseph - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Tang, Jiayin – Columbia University Tang, Ludia - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Tanoh, Dominic – Middlebury College Taylor, Stina - Kalamazoo College Taylor-White, Keyatta - Howard University Terry, Alexandra - School of the Art Institute of Chicago Teruel, Lucy - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Thompson, Katie- DePaul University Thompson, Tyler - Rutgers University Torres, Angelys – Valparaiso University Torres, Luis - Northern Illinois University

Senior Graduation

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“Senior graduation will take place Friday, June 6 in the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place. The ceremony will begin promptly at 7pm. Congratulations class of 2014!

Torres, William - University of Kentucky Tran, Calvin - DePaul University Tres, John - DePaul University Trueba, Cortny – University of Illinois at Chicago Tse, Jamie - Undecided Turner, Morgan - Dartmouth University Vega, Jessica - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Vick, Jared – Hebron Academy Villafranca, Isely - DePaul University Villanueva, Marisol – Northwestern University Villasenor, Johnny - St. Olaf College Villobos, Bianca - Loyola University Viramontes, Carolina - Northwestern University

W-Z Walker, Asia – Clark Atlanta University Walker, Caitlyn - Columbia College of Chicago Wang, Cyril - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Wang, Joseph – Seoul National University Wasewicz, Daniel - University of Illinois of Urbana Champaign West, Mercedes - Western Illinois University White, Donte - Syracuse University Wiggins, Anthony - Hampton

University Wilkinson, Hannah - DePaul University William, Benjamin – Stanford University Williams, Brandon - Harper College Williams, Christian - Parkland Community College Williams, Dessie - Vandercook College of Music Williams, Elisha – Undecided Williams, Mia – Boston University Wilson, Triston – Southern Illinois University Wilsow, Sydni - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Winston, Brianna – Clark

Atlanta University Wong, Cory - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Woodard, Joshua - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Woods, Emani – Gap Year Wu, Sally - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Yanez, Eddie – DePaul University Zahrah, Margaret – Tufts University Zarha, Jorge - Undecided Zdunek, Sara - Northwestern University Zepeda, Evelyn – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Zuchowska, Paulina - University of Illinois at Chicago

Women in Sports

“Girls, do in fact, train just as hard as boys do, and they deserve the same respect and attention. “

opinions Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Page 6

New generation clashes with older morals “The old versus the new have always disagreed on things such as music, dating, and now attire.”

Teens challenge Female athletes fight for equality current dress code and spotlight Tonyisha Harris Staff Reporter

Zoe Davis Opinions Editor Every year on Feb 5, people all across the country celebrate National Women in Sports day. This day is set aside to celebrate female athletes and raise awareness of the problem that is discrimination in sports. This issue was targeted in the federal legislation called Title XI, which protects students from discrimination based on gender in education programs that receive federal money. Interscholastic sports is one of these areas. Since Title XI was passed in 1972, the number of female student-athletes in the United States has gone up from about 1 out of every 27 to about 1 out of every 3. Despite the fact that much has been done to fix the problem of discrimination in sports, is this problem completely solved? Recently, Mayor Rahm Emanuel honored the WY boys’ basketball team for winning the state championship but didn’t honor the girls’ team who had also won state 2 weeks prior to the boys’ championship. Sources claim that Mayor Emanuel should have known about the girls’ victory and was specifically told not to forget them. This starts to send the message that girls’ sports aren’t as important as boys’ sports. This message isn’t only sent in this instance. Think of how much more attention the

NBA gets than the WNBA or how practically everyone followed UCONN right to the NCAA championships, but very few people knew that their women’s basketball team also won their respective championship. Womens’ sports get significantly less press than do men’s sports. It’s hard to find a women’s basketball or soccer or softball game on TV and they are rarely talked about in the news. I mean, does anyone know that Chicago actually has its own professional softball team that plays right in the suburbs? Well, we do. They’re called the Chicago Bandits and they play in Rosemont. In order to ensure that women’s sports get paid they attention they deserve, we must start when girls are young. That means that girls’ sports should be supported at the elementary, high school, and college level. Go out and support the many championship teams that WY has to offer. Many colleges also even give students free tickets to home games. Go out and support a girls’ team. Let Mayor Emanuel’s flub with the WY girls’ basketball team be a lesson to us all. Girls, do in fact, train just as hard as boys do, and they deserve the same respect and attention. We can do our part by going to games and supporting all of the female athletes that we know.

Five by Five Source: Daisy Calderon

School’s almost out. What are you most looking forward to this summer? If you were stranded on an island, what would you want with you?

Gio Padilla ‘15

It’s time to renew the age old battle over what’s appropriate to wear to school. The warmer weather is not helping students put more clothes on; and as the end of the year approaches, students are caring less and less about following the dress code. Ladies, remember, skirts or dresses that reach your ankles and girly long-sleeved blouse. Gentleman, pressed pants and a tie are always the best way to go. No short skirts or dresses, short-sleeved shirts, and most definitely no jeans for girls. Oh wait, this is the twenty-first century, those morals no longer apply. The old versus the new have always disagreed on things such as music, dating, and now attire. It’s very hard to come to an agreement because we don’t get what’s wrong with what we wear. Spaghetti straps, skirts, shorts, jerseys are a few clothes that are the norm in our young lives and a part of our wardrobe. We don’t understand the grief over not wearing these garments to school. I’m not saying that most students agree with someone coming to school sagging or in mini skirt that barely covers their rear while standing. If a someone sat in my class in a sports bra I’d be complaining too. Teachers make the argument that students should dress for school like they would for work. Problem is that after spending more than a decade at school, students don’t consider it as a “job” but as a major part of their social life.

Jaime Alonso ‘15

Often, when told that students should dress like they’re going to work they stare dazed and respond, “but this is school.” Others might joke and ask for a paycheck. It’s hard to envision high school, the place where friendships are tested, relationships are strengthened, and identities are formed as a job. Besides, we’re forced to come. Looking at it from the perspective of the teachers, they don’t want to see so much skin or get flashed in inappropriate places by accident. This is a job for teachers and they have to maintain a professional atmosphere even if their “clients” come dressed like they’re going to the beach. Its gotta be hard for them to do. Faculty come from a more conservative generation. Once upon a time themselves or their parents had to fight for the right to wear that skirt that comes to their knees or not match a tie with every outfit. The younger people became, the more they wanted to express themselves through clothes. A knee length skirt is the perfect length for them and who wants to show their shoulders anyway. I think the debate over clothes comes from us being in different generations with different perspectives on what’s inappropiate. Teachers should realize that we students will never see school as a work environment and are least likely to dress like they’re going to work. At the same time, students need to show respect and just follow the dress code. It’s better than wearing a uniform.

Rania Elalej ‘16

‘Herd’ in the Halls “Yea I still haven’t gotten my shoes for Prom so I’m kind of freaking out.” –senior Girl “Should I go bowtie or tie?” –Senior boy to other senior guys “Wow, how did you turn the crystal into liquid that’s ludacris” - Ackies in the computer lab “I snapchat all the time; its literally insane!” –junior girl “Wow, the lacrosse boys are hotties” –freshman girl “ I just want to get to know the guys on the basketball team. They seem funny but, I’m too short to even be seen by them” –sophomore girl “So they think I’m going to do work hahahahahaha…. No” - every senior “roll that mean bean though” – every junior and senior guy

Source: Samy Hart

Joey Albarran ‘14

Teresa Mariscal ‘14

Spending quality time with my pet rooster.


Riding camels on the beach in Morocco.

Getting my sprau on tan going

Definitely Lolla.

Lotion…can’t be ashy, bro.

Not Gio…

Food and John Legend

A boat

My own personal chef cus god knows I love to eat.

If you could be any celebrity, Aaron Ramsey A.K.A bae. who would it be?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Kylie Jenner

Bruce Wayne

Vanessa Hidgens cus her boyfriends are gorg!

What will you miss the most once school’s out?

Daisy Calderon

Ms. Franklin

No one....MWAHAHA! My curling buddies

Who do you think will win the NBA playoffs?

The Clippers

OKC #YouTheRealMVP The Heat will 3-Peat!

That just depends on which teams makes the most baskets.

Daisy :(

I have no idea...

School of Champs

Congratulations to Girls Soccer and Boys Lacrosse. They should call Lane Stadium our stadium!

Coach Cassidy wins 400 games Rachel Brown Staff Reporter The WY boys baseball team steamrolled their way to a conference championship and a number one seed in the city tournament beginning May 19 with a blowout win against Carver. This was also Coach Chris Cassidy’s 400th career win as head coach of the Dolphins. Following the final pitch, the Dolphins mobbed Coach Cassidy and celebrated with a

Sports Wednesday, May 28 , 2014

surprise Gatorade shower. “With the rollercoaster season we’ve had, it was great to start off the playoffs on such a high note, but we have to remember to take it one game at a time,” says right fielder Matt Burdick ’14. They’ve had a tough varsity season riddled with injuries to key players, like star pitcher Aram Wilkinson, who is out for the season with a broken thumb, and the temporary loss of slugger Justin Lo to a broken collarbone. Despite these obstacles, the team battled back, behind the strong pitching of Jeff Fischer ’14 and the leadership of twins Alex and Justin Mitchell ’14. The Dolphins had a city semifinal game against Morgan Park on May 23, and can add to the plethora of city titles that the Dolphins have claimed this past year.

Polo Lacrosse shines beats Lane for city title

Aram Wilkinson Staff Reporter

The boys water polo team has had yet another successful season. Unfortunately, they did lose the city championship to Curie May 9th. The state competition begins the week of May 19 and the seniors on the team are very optimistic about their chances in the tournament, although they were a bit disappointed with how the city tournament ended. “We are very excited for the tournament and I feel like if we give it our all, we can make a surprising push in state,” said Bryce Clark ‘14 The girl’s polo season also didn’t quite end the way they wanted. They began their road to the state championship on Monday the 12th with a first round win against Northside, but their run was cut short when they lost in the second round against St. Ignatius.

Girls Soccer wins city

Sophie Kreutz Staff Reporter Although it has only been three years for the boys and two for the girls, WY lacrosse has done nothing but work hard and get great results. With players scattered throughout the grades and Chicago Public Schools, WY has split up the sport into two teams, JV and varsity and filled them with eager students. In their 2014 spring season, the team accumulated twelve wins and four losses. And on Friday May 16, the team won the city championship for the second year in a row against Lane Tech and are moving on Kasey Carlson Staff Reporter Led by captains Margaret Zahrah ’14, Mardi Caminer ’14, and Fiona McRaith ’14, WY’s girls’ soccer team has fought their way through a rough season, coming out of the opposite end as city cham-

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Softball finishes season strong Shawn Kim Staff Reporter As the spring season winds down, the WY girls’ softball team will be finishing its best season yet. They went undefeated in conference play (14-0) and went an impressive 23-8 overall in the regular season. In addition, their only losses occurred when playing non-CPS schools. This could predict possible success in the state playoffs. Lauren Bennett ’15 cites early preparation as a reason for their success: “We have been working since September, in the weight room and gym C. We were

to compete for the state title. “I am so happy to end the year on a high note with this great team,” said manager Ruby Keutzer ‘14. Although the girls team will not be having a city championship game, their season has been very rewarding. The roster doubled in size from the 2013 season and the group has been dominating teams all around the Chicagoland area. WY lacrosse will be losing fifteen great seniors this year: Phillip Rueve, Jack DeVine, Adam Durudogan, Kevin McNichols, Will Ekern, Andrew Wicklin, Jared Vick, Teddy Menet, Brennan Rogers, Zach Nandapurkar, Jake Guzzardo, Max Roche, Sam Sodolski, Amira Collier, and Charity Coleman. Overall, the players have only positive things to say about the season and well wishes for those who are graduating, “It’s gonna be tough with all the seniors on our team leaving. We have to go out and play every minute like its our last, and hopefully we can pull it together and have a great championship season,” Jack Eberle ‘15. pions. Only suffering losses against a handful of suburban teams, the girls’ remained undefeated within the confines of the city of Chicago, including at the championship game. The girls’ soccer season culminated when WY played their rival Lane Tech on the Indians’ home turf. The team

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Aint’ no sunshine when she’s gone (she as in the seniors). Have fun at college!

ready to go before the season even started. We had a leg up on competition and kept building on that.” Their chemistry on and off the field is another cause of their progress. “Our team gets along really well on and off the field. We all want to win. A big part of our motivation is winning the first city championship for softball at Whitney. We also just have a lot of talent this year all over the field,” says Lizzie Czubernat ’15. Their early confidence was aided by their big wins over top suburban teams and the fact that many of the players have been together

Boys tennis strives for city Rachel Brown Staff Reporter

for years. The team adds that their friendship breeds more accountability and responsibility and helps them keep focused throughout the year. Their high seeding should help them succeed in the playoffs: “We should be seeded pretty high in our sectional which should put us in a good position for state playoffs,” says Tara Stafford ’14. The team was playing well until they lost on May 21 against Taft High School in the city semifinals. The final score was eight to three. Although disappointed, the team is now focused on preparing for the state playoffs. After the loss, the team is looking to regroup and be mentally ready for the strong suburb teams in their bracket. Due to their wins over some top suburban teams, the team is confident they can do it again.

Track wins 2nd in city Kaelee Arieta Staff Reporter

The boys tennis team has started off the season relatively well. The team did not have a particularly strong start, but hoped to improve as the season progressed to the City Championship. It was held May 15, 2014 where they lost to Lane Tech in the first match. They will begin playing sectionals May 23, 2014. Oliver Natarajan ’15 will compete in first singles, Tyler Ballog ’17 in second singles, Charlie Blumenthal ’15 and Andrew Choi ’15 in first doubles, and Brandon Waller ’15 and Charles Kotrbra ’16 in second doubles.

The girls track team had a great season, finishing their city champs on May 11 with “a very good showing” states Edwards. They took second place over just after the aggressive Lane Tech Indians. The 4x800 ran by- Maia Sanders ‘16, Jennifer Sorescu ‘16, Alexis Wilson ‘15, Isobel Araujo ’14 won first, as did Indya McGuffin ’15 in the Triple jump. The 4x200 ran by Azana Clark-Jordan ’16, Indya McGuffin ’15, Joelle Attaessien ’16 and Stephanie Okiro ’15 took second with the 3rd best time in the state. Grace Zarzecki ’15 took third in shot put, beating WYs school record!

was glad to see that the entire school came out to support them; WY had a larger crowd than the home team did. Students even brought their own speakers to blast warm up music for the girls. The zero to zero match went into overtime for twenty minutes before continuing into

penalty kicks. The game winning penalty kick from Sophie Leib-Neri ’16 came sixth in the succession of kicks, winning the Dolphins the game and the city championship title. The girls’ soccer team shows no signs of slowing down in their quest for glory.

Xtreme Trampoline It’s a bit of a drive, but well worth it. Be sure to check out Xtreme Trampoline in Buffalo Grove for a day of Xtreme fun!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spotlight Fab Five - Hot Spot - Fashion Icon

Fab Five Good VibrationsMarky Mark Quite frankly this song could be played at any time during the year, but nonetheless it’s a great summer jam. In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins Not that this song was ever not good, but there’s nothing quite like driving down Lake Shore Drive blastin’ this bad boy.

The Man- Aloe Blacc

Fun, catchy, and it makes you feel good. What more could you want? “Girl you can tell everybody... I’m the man i’m the man i’m the maaan!”

Summer is finally here! Check out these songs to to forget about school and get ready for vacation.

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My Kind of Night- Luke Bryan Nothin’ like a little good ol’ American country music on a hot summer day. Dani CaliforniaRed Hot Chili Peppers

Chili Pep’s are alway’s a good listen, but something about Dani California just gets you in the summer mood.

Charlie Blumenthal Staff Reporter

hot•spot Xtreme Trampoline - 950 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove

Ruby Keutzer Backpage and Health Editor Xtreme Trampoline is the new place to be. Located in Buffalo Grove, this indoor theme park has become the place for children, adults, teenagers, and especially students of WY. Buffalo Grove is a bit of a drive outside of the city, but if you gather a bunch of friends, like many members of the basketball team at WY did, the drive is not so bad and the fun you are guaranteed to have is worth the trip. Xtreme Trampoline lets out your inner child. “Best eleven dollars I ever spent!” says Jahlil Okafor ’14.

With affordable rates, just under $20 for two hours, you aren’t spending a fortune to enjoy your time there either. There are also many different facilities to choose from: you can play basketball with the nets they have available by the trampolines, flip into the foam pit, or even enjoy a friendly, or fierce, game of dodgeball. Unlike traditional trampoline exercise classes, Xtreme Trampoline takes the emphasis off of fitness and places it on having fun. A person weighing 150 lbs can burn over 200 calories per hour. As the summer draws near, make sure you plan an outing to Xtreme Trampoline!

Jeremy Burton and Devon Mitchell Editors- in-Chief Being a co editor-in-chief with one of my best friends was an amazing experience. I do not think there is anyone on this planet other than Devon Mitchell that I would have preferred to lead the class with. At the start of the year, we were both a little worried about what the Beacon would become. Now, looking back at the issues we have produced, I could not be more proud of the paper. With that being said, I owe a million and one thanks to Devon for always being there and for being willing to work through the rough patches along the way. Secondly, I would like to thank the Beacon staff. The paper would never have come together if there were just a couple of people working on the paper. The reporters in the class progressed from students who knew absolutely nothing about producing a school newspaper to reporters who will lead a group of aspiring journalists in the coming year. Lastly, I would like to

thank our amazing advisor, Erin Franklin. She has taught me so much about journalism and life in general. Without her advice and support, I’m positive that I would not have survived the troubles of applying to college and senior year. The Beacon has been a remarkable learning experience and I am excited to see all that the class produces next year. -Jeremy -----------------------------------Nothing has been as remarkably pivotal in my high school experience as my time in Beacon. I had the very special pleasure of co-editing with one of my best friends since seventh grade, Jeremy, someone I can’t imagine having made it through high school without. We both had grown to love the Beacon as first year reporters, and wanted to make it the very best that it could be. Our goal this year was to bring to the attention of the school the many current, controversial issues facing students of our generation through news and narratives

– with an emphasis on student-interest. We wanted to make our articles relevant and interesting - to make reading the school newspaper something enjoyable and worthwhile. That being said, I’m proud to say that this year was one of our most successful years in terms of readership. I’ve never seen so many people carrying the Beacon around school at once, feverishly reading. This success would be nothing without the hard work of the complete staff and our adviser, Erin Franklin. We all worked incredibly hard each month to put together a Beacon that we could all be proud of. The combined efforts of all of our editors, reporters, and incredible illustrators this year resulted in issues that Jeremy and I were both proud to call our own. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to both my experience in Beacon and the success of it this year – I can’t wait to see what our current and future staffs are all able to do with it in the coming years. -Devon

2014 Beacon Staff

June 2014 (Senior Edition)  
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