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THE ROAR | 4.22.10 HALEY DOYLE, page editor



on campus are really supposed to do outside of trash pick up and that it is he bell finally rings. People the students’ job to pick up their own trash. I assume they feel that since they hurry to get to their usual see someone walking around picking spots. A massive flood up trash, they don’t have to do it. This of brown paper sacks is is obviously wrong and also insensitive suddenly seen throughout to the custodians who work very hard,” campus. Lunchtime. It Williams said. happens everyday. Students gather to And with budget cuts coming, eat with their friends for 30 minutes students will no longer be able to use (well, 50 minutes if they’re on good the custodial help as an excuse for terms with those wonderful math being irresponsible. essential skills). Then, they gobble “We will only have one main Cheez-its and PB&J’s. And the bell rings custodian from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Then, a second time. Now the campus is another from maybe 12 p.m. to 8 empty again...except for that scattering p.m. but that isn’t even a guarantee. of plastic Ziploc bags, pizza boxes, So, at this point, with only one main orange peels and half-full soda bottles. custodian, it is imperative that students “I wish I knew the answer to why do a better job as our custodian will students don’t pick up their trash. It’s have a tremendous amount of other so easy to pick up after yourself. There work he needs to do,” Williams said. are trash cans all over campus. All you The trash issue is not only prevalent have to do is walk a few feet and find at WHS. Rocklin High School has one. It’s very convenient, but there are experienced similar problems and they some students who just don’t care and they will leave their trash laying around. have taken an interesting approach to fixing the problem by occasionally It’s frustrating,” assistant principal Mrs. canceling breaks if the garbage gets too Sherry Mauser said. out of control. Placing garbage “It’s an inside a trash can We have a very nice intermittent does not require any policy… and campus. Why would effort whatsoever. unpredictable. So if it’s that easy, we want to dirty it up? For example, why aren’t more kids - Mariah Hawkins for the first willing to do it? time in more “I think the reason than month, students don’t clean we will have no break tomorrow. up their garbage is due to a couple of Usually they announce it at the end of things. First, many of them are used the day for the next day; today they did to their parents picking up after them not, but students will find out in the or instructing them to do specific morning. Administration comes on and things. So when they don’t have that makes the announcement. It’s all based voice, they tend to venture down other on administration’s observation of how paths. Second, it is a matter of being neat the campus is after break and lazy. Instead of getting up and walking lunch,” RHS teacher Mr. Casey Nichols 30 feet to the nearest garbage can, said. they simply leave their garbage at the Whether or not WHS is ready to location they were eating,” activities follow in RHS’ footsteps is up in the air director Mr. Jason Feuerbach said. Assistant principal Mr. Mark Williams at the moment, but the staff is currently looking for new options to try to agrees that students sometimes feel improve the problem. like it’s not their duty to clean up after “Right now we simply have small themselves. “I have asked students multiple times consequences for littering and throwing food that range from picking up trash to pick up trash and they respond with, for one to five days at lunch. But, this is ‘Isn’t that the custodians’ job?’ I correct not very effective. We are open to other them in explaining what the custodians copy editor


Photo Illustration by Haley Doyle

suggestions and ideas by the staff or students,” Williams said. However, there are many students who do actually take the initiative to clean up after themselves. “It upsets me when people leave their trash everywhere. Seeing it all blowing around in the wind is very irritating. Then the staff has to pick it up and it is not their job. I just do not understand how people can toss something in the trash, miss, and then just walk away. And then some people don’t even do that much. They don’t bother getting up to the trash can, in the first place. I try to pick up after these students because I feel bad if the garbage is just left behind. Those people have very little respect for our school in my opinion. We have a very nice campus. Why would we want to dirty it up? Just pick up your trash. It’s not that hard! And then our campus will be much cleaner,” Mariah Hawkins said. Hawkins isn’t the only one trying to help the cause. “There are some clubs and groups on campus have taken it upon themselves to do their part by choosing to pick up trash here and there. This is entirely done by the students and definitely shows the potential for the entire student body. I know that ASB and the United club currently help out,” Williams said. If other students follow these examples, the campus could become a much cleaner environment. “I really applaud those students who pick up not only their trash, but trash from their fellow friends. It’s amazing to see. When you care about yourself, you show it by taking care of yourself. Our campus is no different. Those who take care of it do so because they care. This is where students live for most of the day, so it’s important to pitch in. And the more we all work together, the more peer pressure (the good kind) will be created to encourage others to also do the right thing. Even small things can make a difference in cleaning up our campus. Just do what you can and encourage others to also do their part,” Mauser said.


THE ROAR | 4.22.10 SARAH TUCCI, page editor

Is logy you o n weighing h c te

tasks such as taking roll at the click of a button. Research is almost instantaneous and the Internet is a necessity for every teenager in America. From computers, to cellular phones, to the television, technology advances society in ways that affect people everyday. “There’s no limit to the benefits. Technology allows you to do anything like speaking to people far away or communicating easily,” Brandon Trinidad said. Clearly, technology allows people access to endless Photo Illustration by Sarah Tucci possibilities. For example, the computer can open a person’s life to the entire world. Also known as... Facebook. But Facebook is not only on computers nowadays. It invaded the global world of cell phones and texting is now alongside global networking. “Facebook is always open because I like to talk to people. But my favorite device is my phone because of texting. The longest I went without it was two weeks when my phone was broken. You have no idea how hard it was. I need to talk to people. It’s that simple,” Amanda Cruz said. Social networking is more popular than ever. According to Facebook statistics, there are over 400 million users around the world. As Cruz explained, technology is a major aspect of communication and her need for talking is made easier through her phone. Convenience is a major aspect of teenage life but convenience does have a downside. “I’m really dependent on it because my phone is what



staff writer

he year is 1960. A typical teenage girl rushes to school. The teacher takes roll orally. The girl raises her hand when her name is called. Then the teacher walks over to a giant board and picks up a tiny white substance. It is commonly known as “chalk.” The school day monotonously passes, and she can finally walk home. She makes it home, but remembers her history project. She has to go to the library and research her topic. But she remembers that her uncle is a history expert and decides to give him a call. She digs deep down into her pocket, but she cannot find the quarter she needs to use the pay phone. So, she has no choice but to read the books, and the minuscule print on the pages bore her into sleep. She dreams. She dreams of a world where everything is at the click of a button and her project would be almost instantaneously completed. Her dreams take her to the year 2010. The world has obviously transformed since the year 1960. Technology allows the world to speedily complete



toiletries and school supplies. "Parents will come in and buy party items for their child's party or for other events; like right now Easter items are a big seller here at the store," an employee said. According to the Dollar Tree's annual report business has increased 6.6 percent. Dollar Tree also opened 240 stores across the country last year. There are 3,591 stores nationwide. "We have had more customers come into the store since the economy down-turn. However, customers are buying less. But we do have more customers than in years before," an employee said. The Dollar Tree competes with other stores such as Family Dollar, Big Lots,Dollar General, 99 Cents Only Stores, and Fred's. The store sells dairy products and frozen foods as well. Since the economy is in this troubled state and people are trying to find the affordable items that work and last, the Dollar Tree is one way to go to get the supplies that one needs for a low price.


PAIGE SMITH staff writer

As I drive down the road and I notice a sign that says "Dollar Tree, Everything's $1." In this economy, seeing the words "everything" and "dollar" in the same sentence is refreshing and calming. I pull up to the store to pick up snacks before a movie and to pick up supplies for a party later in the week. "The Dollar Tree is a lot cheaper and it is quick and easy to get out of the store. I like to go and get candy there," Nick Souza said. However, some teens still choose to shop at other stores such as Target. "I go to Target because I can get better

things at Target and Target has more of a variety of things than Dollar Tree," Prachi Wagle said. Although teens are seen at the store getting items for events, teens are not the only people who are seen shopping at Dollar Tree. "We normally see working moms around their 30s and 40s shopping here,"an employee at Dollar Tree off of Blue Oaks said. The Dollar Tree does not permit employee names or information to come out to the media, so the source asked to have her name withheld. According to employees, the most popular things that are bought at Dollar Tree are food and party supplies. They also sell a variety of items such as food, cards, balloons, picture frames, cosmetics,

I use to talk to people,” Cruz said. Face-to-face communication declines as the world becomes more and more impersonal through dependence on phones. Many people, such as Cruz, are dependent on phones and social networking to speak with people, and this dependence could have harmful effects on society. “It’s like an addiction. It cuts back time for fitness and health. The computer screen hurts eyesight, and my eyes are getting worse because of it. You rely on technology too much and won’t be able to do things for yourself. You lose independence. Technology could turn on us like in the movies. I was kidding. That was a joke,” Trinidad said. Though he was not serious about the turn of technology, the flaws of it are clearly weighing down on teenagers. As described, technology is an addiction, much like a drug, and the dependence on it may be more harmful than the average student realizes. According to, technology has created more unemployment and limits security and privacy. Another study from the Center on Media and Child Health claims that 37 percent of teens said they could not live without their cell phones. Imagine the ultimate blackout. Power is gone, and the world enters hysteria. There are no more cell phones, meaning no calling or texting. Horror music begins to play. There are no more computers, including no Facebook. No iPods, no television, no video games. The world has lost its best forms of entertainment, but, what is worse, the necessities of modern life are also gone. That is what technology has become... an absolute clutch for teenagers. Without it people would be running around in confusion without the old This is a society where dependence means destruction. Obviously, this is only fictional, but the general idea of dependence being negative is clear. In fact, the dependence on technology was made clear when Mrs. Jennifer Reasner’s document camera broke. “It was terrible when it broke and I had to go back to old-school teaching. Technology has given us advances, but spending too much time on e-mail or social networking takes time away from responsibilities. It’s taking over our lives. It should be a component in our lives but not the only component. There’s a value to face-to-face contact which is declining because you see students texting when they are right next to each other,” Reasner said.

Photo Illustration by Paige Smith


THE ROAR | 4.22.10 ASHLEY FINE, page editor

BJ King: Democrat

Ryan Sandoval: Republican

Health Care: For

Health Care: Against “The idea that people can get health care who have been affected by this economic bust is a good idea but there are parts that I think are bad. The fact that taxes will be raised to pay for the price of the bill does not sit well with me considering I have a job and that affects the amount of money I receive each paycheck. People will get health care but I don’t see why we have to make the future generations pay taxes still on a bill that was passed years ago.”

“I am for the new health care law. Though it is definitely far from perfect, it is a million times better than our old system. I am one of those people who thinks it does not go quite far enough. I think that, without the public option, most of the new regulations will have far smaller impact than they should. On the other hand, it would be a far greater tragedy to not have had this pass simply because there was no public option.”

Photo Illustration by Ashley Fine

Prop 8: Against “I am No on Proposition 8. The only arguments I have heard for it are either that the Bible says gay marriage is wrong or that it ruins the sanctity of marriage. For the Bible-huggers, I have to say that it absolutely does not say in the Bible that gay marriage is wrong, and it certainly doesn’t say that we should force our controversial beliefs on everybody else. To the others, I say this: You want to sanctify marriage? Then sanctify your own. These people don’t choose this life; who would choose a life that hard? But they are still people and they deserve the rights and privileges that are of every single person in these United States.”

Prop 8: For “I do not support gay marriage but that does not mean I don’t like homosexuals at all. I have heard that if you don’t support gay marriage than you are considered homophobic. This is a ridiculous statement because if I were to use that same logic I would say if you support gay marriage than you are homosexual. My Christian views do not uphold marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a women, this view is supported Biblically by 1 Timothy 1:8-11. I have no say over someone’s choice, and frankly if someone chooses to be gay that’s there choice, but if they are my friend then I’m still going to treat them with the same respect I’d treat a heterosexual friend.”

What’s shaking up Chile and Haiti? VICTORIA CHAFFIN


staff writer

e are all aware how Haiti and Chile have recently been hit with destruction that goes on for miles, but how much do people really know? For example what about what's happening now, the after shock? It's been recorded that just within the first 48 hours, there has been 2,596 articles written about Haiti, and 400 written about Chile. The answers are being supplied right there in front for everyone to see. Not only has the United States been helping out Haiti, but we have occasionally been tossing a bone towards Chile. Although the magnitude for Haiti was 7.0 and Chile's was 8.8 and being recorded at 500 times stronger, we still continue

to focus mainly on Haiti. According to "The Christian Science Monitor" it has been recorded and released that Haiti hasn't suffered this much damage since the 1770’s, and has had 33 after shocks. Chile on the other hand has not only suffered beyond repair, and set back their way of life, but now people have to get permits to fix the littlest things on their homes. In order to build a regular warehouse takes 155 days, and that's a basic warehouse. Anyone who wishes to build needs a permit of construction to get started. They want to start working on the buildings Chile has lost, the 500,000 of them, It has also been known that the damage killing estimated to be around 795 people. On the other hand here is Haiti, a

place of massive hurt, destruction, deteriorated hope, and death. Since the earthquake, numbers have told us that about 280,000 buildings have been pushed to crumble, and 200,000 or so people have lost their lives. Between these two countries, we can all agree that these places need our help, support, and care. But exactly how far does that go? As of Jan. 21, the United States has given 171 million in humanization and relief efforts. We can all agree to help, do what we can, and feel sympathy, but unless we're actually getting off our couches and do something about it, we shouldn't complain. So get off your couch, and be that one person to make all the difference.

Chile VS. Haiti *Feb. 27 2010 *Magnitude: 8.8 *Deaths: 795 *Buildings Ruined: 500,000 *Below Poverty: 18.2% *Emergency Aid: 2mil *Homes Ruined: 1.5mil

*Jan. 12 2010 *Magnitude: 7.0 *Deaths: 200,000 *Buildings Ruined: 280,000 *Below Poverty: Below 80% *Emergency Aid: 3mil *Homes Ruined: 250,000


THE ROAR | 4.22.10 MARISSA GEDDE, page editor

Crisis is washing over

THE ROAR STAFF Editor-in-Chief Robert Parker Copy Editor Haley Doyle

Photo by Marissa Gedde MARISSA GEDDE


staff writer

s it Chil-eey or Chil-ay? No one really knows, do they. Just as people were going about their normal daily activities, tragedy struck without warning, turning Chile inside out in a mere 2 minutes. On Saturday February 27, Chile was hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Consequently, tsunami warnings went out all over the globe: Peru, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Australia, Russia and all along the Pacific coast to Alaska. Wow, is there really going to be tsunamis all over the globe? Watch out Alaska- you are next. Don't forget your life jacket when you hit the beach. The earthquake was rated one of the most powerful in history (really the top 10), in fifth place tied with the 1906 earthquake in Ecuador at 8.8. The strongest earthquake is not always the deadliest; the earthquake from 1556 in China was 8.0 magnitude and killed over 830,000 people. In 1960, Chile had a 9.5 magnitude earthquake ending in 1,655 people dead, two million homeless, and $550 million in damage. That was just

in Chile though; an aftershock tsunami caused Japan 138 deaths and $50 million in damage and United States' west coast suffered $500,000 in damage. Hawaii was also hit by the tsunami as 61 people died and there was $75 million in damage. In total, there was over $675 million in damage and 1,854 people recorded dead. Minutes before Chile's President Sebastián Piñera was sworn into office, the earthquake occurred. "This government will not hesitate one instant, nor wait one second to act" Piñera said in an Feb. 27 article of His words were made in to actions shortly after his press conference. Troops, supplies and the promise the president would soon be on his way was sent to the site of destruction, 20 miles away in Chile. Piñera refused to acknowledge the 6.9 magnitude aftershock tremors. Piñera smiled and kept shaking hands with the world leaders who attended the inauguration of President Sebastián Piñera, even while the National Congress building in Valparaíso shook and the television light stands swayed. American geophysicist Randy Baldwing says that the area of Chile is located along the fault lines of two of the large

geological tectonic plates, making it an active quake zone. Stated in the Feb. 27 article of Donations have been given from all over the world. From churches sending money to people texting in and sending ten dollars. But what is too much? Do you think the American Red Cross giving $50,000 is too much? Is it better to support them with money or with actions? For example, supporting Habitat For Humanity, building houses so that you know where the money is going. A study taken by 150 of our proud Whitney students says that more than half have not donated to survivors in Chile or Haitians. But they say that the U.S. needs to do more to help. Weird how they expect other people to help and yet they can't give ten bucks to help. Show your support and support. So many things happen in world, yet no one thinks to recognize them. The earthquake in Mexico for instance was a 7.9 magnitude. Buildings destroyed, memories lost in fires and yet not enough has been done to support them. Why is that? Do we only help those we cant see? Yes, Mexico isn't as third world, but it doesn't mean the citizens shouldn't be helped.

More trash should equal less freedom The Roar staff believes punishment should be enforced for excess litter on campus ROBERT PARKER

is the least of your concerns. What else? Do students just not care about the campus? From the sheer looks of it, this may be the case. Otherwise, there is no good reason as to why students can’t It’s nothing new: the campus is flooded take responsibility and throw away their with trash. Empty plastic water bottles, food wrappers and containers. brown paper bags, those red-and-white The main argument against this is that plaid cardboard trays from the lunch line. it’s “the janitor’s job to pick up the trash.” The campus has always been this way. So No, actually, it is not. The custodians why are we complaining now? Well, we’ve always been complaining. It’s are busy helping coaches prepare for events and games, just now being put in print. maintenance Let’s start with the around the school in obvious: why is there so classrooms, bathroom much litter? It can’t be from The Roar hear our issues and other, more a lack of trash cans. About staff roar important work than every 20 feet, one is in armspicking up some lazy reach. Or, at least, using Kobe student’s garbage. Bryant skills, you can shoot Yes, they will pick up the trash, but it’s the trash into a can. not their priority. When they are needed So it’s not a lack of opportunity. What is around the school for set-up, tear-down, or it? A lack of effort? If it’s too much effort to a deficiency in toilet paper in the lockerget up and walk 20 feet to a trash can, litter editor-in-chief

staff editorial

room bathroom, they have their hands full with the landfill on campus. So how do we handle the situation? At Rocklin High, students lose their nutrition break when the litter problem gets out of hand. Do we have to resort to punishment to ensure a clean campus? We, at The Roar, think that if worse comes to worse, affirmative action should be taken, and if nutrition break has to be taken away, so be it. However, worse shouldn’t come to worse, and this shouldn’t be a problem to begin with. We believe that students should take responsibility and pick up their trash; or, if clubs like Leadership or United, who have done so in the past, decide to generously donate their time to picking up the trash, then they should be rewarded for their efforts to beautify the campus. Maybe free tee-shirts, or cash money.

15-1 agree

Staff Writers Anjelica Carpio-Novoa Victoria Chaffin Kelly Fiedler Ashley Fine Darren Garcia Marissa Gedde Megan Miller Jasmine Patterson Jonathan Posey Sydney Rodriguera Paige Smith Sarah Tucci Chad Tucker Nikkita Walker Adviser Sarah Nichols


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DAVIS VANNASING wear “Too many people g.” hin ot cl the same le in Shops at Freesty Antelope. Wears TOMS


There are infinite possibilities with layering. Sweaters over collared shirts are extremely tasteful. Even T-shirts over collared shirts can look nice if done with cohesive colors. It can spiff up your whole look by a mile. Wearing a cardigan over a screen-tee is also another good choice (As seen in Vincent’s picture). Flannel shirts, which are really popular right now, can look even better with layering. Just wear a T-shirt under it and unbutton a few of the buttons on top (As seen in Devante’s picture). If you choose to layer with patterns, make sure you don’t clash. If one layer is a patterned shirt, make sure the other is matching, but in one solid color. Purple, teal, and black go great with most colors. Plus, those colors universally look good with every skin tone. Figure out what colors look good on you, and roll with it. But don’t be afraid to get creative with your combinations.




$10.90 (H&M)

For when you don’t want to stuff everything you own in your pockets, you can use a bag. Slings, casual backpacks and messenger bags are great. These are all subtle and timeless ways to go about holding all of your things. The widest selection of bags is on You no longer have to rely on your pockets so much. Plus, girls would rather see a guy on the weekend walking around with a bag than a guy with his cellphone, iPod, wallet and car keys stuffed into two pants pockets.


S VINCENT GONZALE d to hip“My look is linke hop” kes Wears Vans and Ni k messy. I “I don’t like to loo e.” nic like to look


$42.00 (VANS)

Wearing accessories is the easiest way to make your outfits look special and make you stand out. Mainland’s Web site has a wide selection of men’s accessories. Adding onto your outfit will let people know you care about how you look, which people do appreciate. Necklaces also can make a guy’s outfit soar, if worn correctly. I’m not talking Goth chains or gangster bling, obviously. I’m talking dog tags and other low hanging pendant necklaces. You can find these at any skate shop at the mall.



$23.90 (21MEN)

DEVANTE SOLOMA N “I like being diffe rent. I don’t want to we ar what everybody else is wearing. I like to be uniqu e.” Shops at Karmaloo

$35.90 (21MEN)



The Fit - The Deal on Skinny Jeans:

Rule 1: Skinny jeans are more flattering when done in a dry wash. Dry wash means that the jean has not been washed with anything that would make it look lighter than its natural color. This is also called the uniform jean wash. On most people, it looks better than hard wash or lighter colored jeans would look. Rule 2: Unless you know what company sells the perfect jeans for you, don’t buy your pants from online. If you’re trying skinny jeans for the first time, you should try it on in person at a store. Rule 3: Designers create men’s’ skinny jeans with a man’s body type in mind. They won’t constrict you or make you uncomfortable if you get them in your appropriate size. Since they are a tighter jean, don’t be afraid to go up a size. You’ll be more comfortable and it will look better too. Just like how you find properly fitted clothing on girls attractive, girls like seeing fitted and flattering clothes on boys as well. Rule 4: If you’re going up a size, keep in mind that the back of your pants on the waist should always completely touch your back. You don’t want the waist in the back to hang off the side. This will make it difficult for you to wear belts and won’t look very good. If you find a pair of jeans that is comfortable on your leg and groin area, but is tight around the waist, there is a trick to making the waistline wider. Spray the waistline with water, gently stretch it according to your size, and let it dry. The jeans will adapt to fit the stretching without looking worn out. Warning: b+e careful if you use this trick.


Indie Ù


$21.90 (21MEN)

Alternatives to a T-shirt

· Shirts with sleeves that stop around the elbow · Baseball style shirts. They’re casual, comfortable and stylish. · Sweaters that unbutton in the front (As seen in Davis’ picture) · Collared shirts (long-sleeved or short-sleeved) · T-shirts with a shallow V-neck. Meaning the neckline is as deep as a T-shirt’s neckline, but is pointed. This small change makes a big difference. (As seen in Brycen’s picture)

- Similar items for a good price

$19.99 (PacSun)


List of Stores:

· 21MEN (Forever 21) · Urban Outfitters · Men’s section at Macy’s · Buckle · Vans · Mainland · Pac Sun · Aldo · Express Mens



Vintage $7.95 (H&M)

THE ROAR | 4.22.10 SYDNEY RODRIGUERA, page editor

$18.99 (PacSun)


Vans, Converse, and TOMS shoes are very stylish shoes that are well known in the guy world. Stick with them if you have them. But the place to get the newest styles of men’s shoes is Aldo. The men’s section of Aldo features different sneaker styles that are like fancier, nicer looking versions of Vans or Converse. They’re edgy and modern. Especially the Gustason collection. Avoid buying shoes that make you look like you have big feet.

Style is what you make it. The main thing is that you get clothes that fit you, make you look good and make you feel good. Fit is important, and being style-conscious is important, but never lose yourself within what you wear. Adapt to the taste of the years ahead, but don’t let go of what makes you, you.

BRYCEN GUERRERO “I buy shirts onlin e from different comic artists.” “Skinny jeans do n’t constrict your junk if you get them in the right size.”

Photos by Sydney Rodriguera


THE ROAR | 4.22.10 KELLY FIEDLER & MEGAN MILLER, page editors



The ONE SUIT is back



Circuitry Monokini





Art Deco Monokini



$19.80 $9.80 $9.80

YES, we know you wouldn’t wear these accessories IN the water, but who doesn’t want Cut off Sleeve Shall to look good on shore? $17.80

$32.80 $9.80

$8.80 $19.80




Photos and Photo Illustrations by Kelly Fiedler and Megan Miller


THE ROAR | 4.22.10 CHAD TUCKER, page editor

Mixed martial arts: sport or barbaric? CHAD TUCKER


staff writer

ixed Martial Arts, arguably the fastest growing sport world wide, tends to raise quite a deal of criticism due to its violent nature. With its brutal head kicks, crushing knees and elbows to the face, and bone breaking submissions many people grow concerned with the nature of cage fighting. "These people are obviously good at what they do, but watching that violence makes me uncomfortable, so I think people getting entertained by it is strange." Senior Peter Duff said. This view point brings up a valid question. Is it beneficial for society to view and be entertained by such violence? Is a sport where the objective is to submit or knockout your opponent no more than human chicken fighting? When these questions are raised, martial arts practitioners go about defining MMA so that its critics understand truly what the sport is. "MMA is the evolution of the arts that we learned 30 years ago. It is the complete culmination of every fighting style producing elite athletes who

compete at the highest level possible. The game is no longer taekwondo vs. kempo. The sport is now at a point where you have to be well versed in a submission grappling such as wrestling or jiu jitsu, and a striking game such as boxing or muay thai. If you don't have these components, you aren't ready for the cage.” MMA practitioner and F.I.G.H.T (fierce Isreali guerilla handto-hand tactics) instructor Joey Fabres said. So basically, MMA has been developing for the past few decades and has reached a point that implements several styles that are widely accepted in society such as boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling. But so what? Anyone who has watched the sport will not deny the brutality of it. It is not uncommon for a fight to be stopped by the doctor because an elbow strike opened up a severally bad gash just over the eyes. Does this brutality take our society back to the gladiatorial era of violence “The reality is football, hockey, and rugby are all contact sports that implement the occasional injury on its participants. Football, by far, has more injuries then MMA, but I think

because the blood is more visual, MMA is labeled “barbaric,’” Fabres said. It is a fact that the UFC, arguably MMA’s largest promotion, has not had a death or serious injury in its 13 year existence. Compare that with the fact that boxing experiences an average of ten deaths per year! The difference between the two sports is that the single objective in boxing is to stand in front of your opponent and for up to 36 minutes, swing punches at his head and essentially knock him senseless before he does to you. In cage fighting that may happen in some cases, but only for a maximum of 15 minutes in a non title fight and 25 minutes in a title fight. But again, the game rarely stays standing for the entire match. Ground styles are often implemented, and should the fighter be submitted, the fight will rarely result in anything more then a sore limb or temporary dizziness from chokes. In any case, it is interesting to consider that our society has embraced boxing for decades, a sport that is statistically much more dangerous than a sport that is often labeled as “barbaric.”

Photo by Chad Tucker The Infinite Jiu Jitsu logo

Photo by Chad Tucker Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners work on their various techniques

Photo Illustration by Chad Tucker

Achieving victory, one obstacle at a time CHAD TUCKER staff writer

With the second half of the season underway, the boy’s varsity volleyball team is overcoming adversity while looking to make a deep run into the playoffs. Among their problems, grade ineligibility has hit them hard. “We are definitely a playoff team, but having a few ineligible players has really pushed us back a step,” Sophomore Justin Vaughn said. While trying to catch a consistent rhythm, perhaps their most difficult challenge is overcoming the lack of experience. Of the 12 players that fill the roster, only three of them are seniors, the three being Nick McGovern, Chris Adams, and Troy Bowser. However, despite the lack of experience, the team remains optimistic.

“We are a very inexperienced team, so learning the and blocking,” Junior Jarred Banks said. “If we can’t pass game and learning each other is the only thing keeping we can’t go anywhere in the game, and if we don’t have us from greatness. As we become that solid block we will be eating dust all day.” more and more confident in each As it has been all season long, a major other, there will be little that can deciding factor will be how mentally strong stop us,” Adams said. the team will remain. As challenges continue Despite a record of 6-8, this to arise, will they have the mental dexterity year has included much growth to continue pushing forward? Will they have individually, and as a team. the toughness to face playoff teams who are With players ineligible and even bigger and stronger than them? Only time will dropping the program, the young tell, but for now it is good to know that the team continues to take on the team’s captain, Chris Adams, knows exactly challenges as they arise. For the what they need to do. team to have success for the “Everyone needs to make a conscious remainder of the regular season, decision to be where they need to be and and if they have any hopes for the do what they need to do. Volleyball is an Photo by Chad Tucker playoffs, it will truly come down incredibly mental game, and in order for us Coach Eric Means gives advice to to achieve victory, we must consider and Photo by Chad Tucker to how well they perform as a sopomore Justin Vaughn on April 12. unit. The team realizes this and embrace that every time we step out onto the Chris Adams Spikes court,” Adams said. the ball in practice on they understand that it will require a lot of work and energy to have achieve success. April 12 “I feel we’re coming together a lot better than we have been, but we still have a lot of work to do such as passing



Kaitlyn Gruchow


Position: Pitcher Class: Junior

Stats: Batting Ave. .280 On-Base % .294 Slugging % .360 Fielding % .812 Winning % 1.000 Innings Pitched: 14 Fun Fact: Before playing for Whitney, Gruchow played for a traveling team called ASA.

Austin Cairns


Position: Shortstop Class: Senior

Stats: Batting Ave. .400 On-Base % .426 Slugging % .580 Runs Batted In: 14 Triples: 2 Fun Fact: In the 08-09 season Cairns led the team with the highest batting percentage.


Alyssa Schmidt


*Overall Record: 13-7 Win %: .650 Home Away Neutral League 5-3-0 2-3-0 6-1-0 4-1-0 Upcoming Games: 4/20/10 4 PM @ Bear River (Grass Valley) 4/27/10 4 PM @ El Dorado (Placerville) 4/29/10 4 PM Lincoln (Lincoln) 5/04/10 4 PM @ Placer (Auburn)


Baseball *Overall Record: 7-10 Win %: .412

Home Away Neutral League 1-4-0 3-4-0 3-2-0 1-4-0 Upcoming Games: 4/23/10 4 PM Bear River (Grass Valley) 4/30/10 4 PM @ El Dorado (Placerville) 5/05/10 4 PM Lincoln (Lincoln) 5/07/10 4 PM Placer (Auburn) * Stats of games played up to April 19

Position: Shortstop Class: Junior

Stats: Batting Ave. .500 On-Base % .517 Slugging % .704 Fielding % .952 Triples: 3 Stolen Bases: 2 Fun Fact: Alyssa’s sister, Tegan Schmidt, is currently playing softball for Stanford.

Antonio Gonzalez

#11 Position: Outfielder Class: Junior

Stats: Batting Ave. .375 On-Base % .389 Slugging % .500 Runs: 2 Runs Batted In: 6 Hits: 6 Fun Fact: Antonio has been playing baseball since he was 8 years old. Photos by Darren Garcia & Jonathan Posey


THE ROAR | 4.22.10 JASMINE PATTERSON, page editor

Listen to


Jordan Clark


Artist Type: Solo Acoustic

Bringing in Indie Acoustic vibes from Sacramento, solo musician Jordan Clark Hoover, has the talent to catch your ear at the first note. Just three years ago he began performing acoustically at coffee shops, book stores, Club Retro and other small venues. He generally performs cover songs by The All Time Low, The Rocket Summer, Nevershoutnever and The Scene Aesthetic. "The sound of course and the lyrics are just me, because I wouldn’t want to play a cover song that doesn't express myself. I really like playing stuff that represents my music or the soul," Hoover said. But if you're lucky enough you may get a chance to hear

some of the originals that he's written. "I usually write lyrics that reflect situations in my life, and also the emotions or feelings I'm going through at the moment," Hoover said. He began playing the guitar when he was in 6th grade, and now being at the age of 18 he has also acquired the skills to play drums, bass, ukulele harmonica and piano. "My goal is eventually being able to write the lyrics and perform instruments for my own band. I want to go to college and learn more about instruments and pursue more things for my music career from there." Photo by Michelle Patterson

Skin ‘N’ Bones

Artist Type: Rock

Photo by Valerie Bassi

Taking back the grunge rock scene from the 90’s, Skin ‘N’ Bones is an upcoming band from Sacramento. By blending blues and punk with a rock’n roll twist the band was developed in November of 2009. “Wolfgang(Guitarist) and Ruben(Vocalist) started a band in the earlier years, and after meeting Talon(Guitarist) at Dimple, Wolfgang and I[Kalani] met at work. And then later I met Zack(drummer) through some mutual friends,” Kalani(bassist) said. With the members meshing well and creating a whole new sound to the local scene, they have generated their own distinct intonation. So far, six songs have been written and played live and three have been recorded. However, they will be coming

out with an EP as soon as their tour begins, but for now everything is on the down low. The inspiration for writing their songs came from their life experiences, hence the name “Skin ‘N’ Bones” which relates to being poor and just having skin and bones, nothing more. The band will be kicking off their tour around this summer visiting various venues across the west coast. “You can see us perform at local clubs, such as The Shire Road Club, Club Retro, The Boardwalk, and house parties. But tour brings more venues in different places,” Kalani said. “Our next shows will be at The Shire Road Club on April 23rd and Club Retro on June 5th. So come check out our shows, and see how you like the music!”

Ten After Two

Artist Type: Post-Hardcore For only being a band for less than a year, these five boys know how to reel in a crowd. Having post-hardcore and pop influences enables them to have a melodic catchy sound that appeals to many listeners. The band started in early 2009 when Pat Hennion (guitarist) and Vinny Adorno (drummer) began composing music together. Soon Josh Doty came into the picture when he met Pat Hennion and Vinny Adorno at a multi-school guitar class event and became their clean vocalist and other guitarist. While the three guys jammed all summer, Doty looked for more members to join the group. By having worked together in a previous band, Doty asked Sean Wall to audition, who of course, became the band’s screamer. Shortly after adding Sean Wall, Doty recruited Danny Clark to be the bassist, and thus the band was complete. Presently the band has seven complete songs

and more are in the process of being written. Their music is mainly inspired by everyday things such as uneasy situations in people’s lives and relationships. “Most of the lyrics come from Josh and Sean as they are the ones singing and screaming them, however we all tend to collaborate at practice or in the studio to get things perfect,” Clark said. Currently, the band has been in the studio working on their new EP that is going to be released. Not many details can be given out about it for the time being, but the band is expecting it to be a hit. Ten After Two can be seen playing in many areas around Northern California such as places in Orangevale at Club Retro and the Boardwalk. “In the near future we hope to be able to tour all over; reaching as many kids and fans wherever we can and keep writing and recording new, and exciting music of course,” Clark said.

Photo by Tim Engle


THE ROAR | 4.22.10 ANJELICA CARPIO-NOVOA, page editor


formspring .me

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What’s Formspring and what’s the big deal about it? ANJELICA CARPIO-NOVOA


staff writer

ou suck. Why act like such a poser? "Your clothes are ugly." "Acting like a know-it-all? That's you." These questions and comments come rolling in with a force, fueled by the anonymity of Formspring. For those who don't know, is a Web site set up to ask questions and answer them anonymously. It started becoming popular in the past few months, with links popping up from updates on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. The popularity rose because just like Twitter and other social networking sites, it makes people think that others actually want to know about them. was started by John Wechsler, the president of (now known as Formstack), which "provides organizations with an easy way to build web forms.” It was created because the surveys that were created by users of Formstack had been using them for their own personal surveys to ask about others, and this way, was born. started as a way to honestly ask questions and to get answers, yet for some, the questions have spiraled out of control. "I heard about Formspring from Tumblr and saw some of my other friends doing it, so I joined it too. I already heard some stuff from my friends that people were talking about them, saying that their boyfriend cheated on them. I ended up having people spreading rumors that I made out with someone," Gabriella Forrest said. The rumors hit people differently. "It made me frustrated that people were talking me down, except that it was probably one of my friends that were lying about it. People didn’t really treat me any different because they figured it wasn’t the truth," Foreman said. "Some people believed [what was on Formspring] and they

answered 1 hour ago

were freaking out, so I had to tell them that the stuff about me wasn’t true, that someone was making stuff up to get me into drama," John Hammock said. Of course, a way to not let people see the questions that were asked was the system implemented by the Web site’s creators. After someone submits a question, it's passed by the account owner, so the owner can either accept the questions and answer them or delete them completely. A person can also opt to put who the question is from or just put it as anonymous, but if one doesn't have an account, it's defaulted as "ask anonymously." The stream of questions zoom by. Sometimes, they're sweet, such as "I love your hair, you're sooo awesome!" Others are just funny, harmless questions like "What would you do if you have superpowers?" But the dangerous questions end up getting around, with a couple of mean things said here and there, which leads to rumors being spread like wildfire. Hugged a guy or girl friend yesterday? Suddenly, you and said friend are supposedly getting married in Las Vegas in two days, with the girl pregnant. How about someone tries to figure out the bra size or the fact that one still is scared of the bogeyman? Maybe someone hates another because he or she got the job of their dreams. Then all sorts rumors come out on Facebook, saying that they lied on the résumé. "When I first joined, they were just people asking random questions which were really fun. Now it's people trash-talking over the Internet," Rozlynn Foreman said. Recently, Formspring had been blocked from the school's available Web sites as of early March. "I still have Formspring even with all the drama. It’s gone down now, and I still like people to ask me questions, and I’m not going to get rid of it for a while," Forrest said. "Yeah, Formspring is still fun for me, so I’m going to keep it since I like people asking about me," Hammock said.

Photo Illustration by Anjelica Carpio-Novoa

lifestyle Sushi Frenzy:

THE ROAR | 4.22.10 NIKKITA WALKER, page editor

The Latest Sensation NIKKITA WALKER staff writer

The sushi craze has finally peaked; now it has officially been named the food of American fashion. Whatever it is about these bizarre dishes that please people’s palates, their nutritional benefits or varied taste, they’ve risen to become the foody’s necessity. It’s real reason for success though, is its fan base. Sushi has caught America by it’s number one consumer; its youth. The Japanese popculture revolution which brought wellloved anime, manga, and j-pop has now produced a new trend: sushi. It’s not just about the edible aspect either. All kinds of Sushi paraphernalia are available for purchase, from salmon row earrings to sashimi-print bathing suits. It’s difficult to track when the popularity of sushi rose but it’s safe to say that at somewhere around the 1970’s, following the invention of the western-style California roll, it caught the attention of hungry, fad-seeking Americans. Over the years the popularity of the foreign dish has risen, and sushi bars can be found virtually anywhere with still more in construction. The exponential rise of obesity in America has forced the fatty burger and fries out of favoritism and replaced them with a simpler, healthier meal.

For the chefs at Mikuni sushi bar it’s always a busy day. At Whitney, student survey responses show that sushi preferences vary averagely across the board. Some students, like junior Kyrah Vaughn, are inexplicably head-over-heals for its great taste. “Sushi is freakin’ delicious!” Vaughn said. Other students, like culinary master Ashlee Baker appreciate sushi for its more unique aspects. “I love sushi, I’ve always liked really weird foods. I didn’t know how I was going to take the texture because it was raw, but it turned out to be really good,”Baker said. It turns out that to students of the opposing side, this raw aspect of sushi is a point of extreme distaste. To junior Alex Ramsey, the idea of eating raw seafood is an appetite killer. “I hate sushi, I don’t like raw fish!” Ramsey said. What’s significant to note is that

most sushi-lovers in general aren’t genuine, even if they don’t realize it. Very few students are lovers of authentic nigirisushi, rice squares typically topped with raw fish and held together by nori, dried seaweed. Sushi comes in a variety of styles, such as oshizushi, a pressed, rectangular style sushi, inarizushi, a fried tofu pouch usually filled with plain rice, and chirashizushi, a bowl of mixed rice, vegetables and seafood. Regardless of the preparation the element of sushi remains the same; sticky, white rice flavored with vegetables or seafood. This makes sushi an ideally nutritious meal, high in carbohydrates and protein, good for muscle-building energy and low in fat. What’s unfortunate is that healthful, authentic sushi rolls aren’t in demand. Western-styled rolls have been created to appeal to American tastes, including ingredients such as avocado, mayonnaise, and cream cheese. While these rolls are delicious they completely obliterate the beneficial, nutritious side of sushi. It’s sushi like California rolls, Crunchy rolls, and Caterpillar rolls which dominate in popularity. This sushi can be found in every American sushi bar, and most grocer delis. What’s also unique about western-style sushi is that the seafood topping isn’t simply a square of raw, unadulterated fish but cooked. The main component of the popular California is a mixture of crab and mayonnaise, and more often than not the crab itself is synthetic. These more popular rolls are also mass produced in pre-packaged containers for quick and easy purchase. In some ways the easy availability of sushi in places like Safeway or Vons, places that don’t require a long lunch or a fifteen minute wait for take-out, are wonderful. The dangerous aspect is the expiration date of this fastfood sushi. The ingredients of the rolls, still essentially raw seafood and other easy perishables such as mayonnaise, are extremely harmful if eaten past their prime. In the time it takes for the food company to ship in their ingredients, prepare and package their products, and ship them back out to grocers, that expiration date is daringly near. Grocers usually have about a week to sell their sushi before it goes bad, which doesn’t typically appeal to consumers who are scared away by raw fish two days away from it’s expiration date. For those who love the grace of sushi, it’s timeless taste and artful simplicity, these to-go boxes are a degradation of culinary mastery. Packaged sushi completely destroys the appeal of freshness that the food is most known for. Whether it’s for convenience and efficiency, or superbly unique taste and texture, sushi is the food of modern America. Regardless of how the dish is changed by western influences, it will still remain a shining representative of Asian taste and simplicity.

Typical sushi condiments include fresh ginger, soy sauce and wasabi

Fresh salads are tasty and creative, this one is amde with crab and a mayonnaise dressing

This roll is a tasty alteration of the California roll, it adds strips of raw salmon, rich mayonnaise sauce, and row on the top

Other non-sushi dishes are also tasty, including this plate of teriyaki beef and vegetables

This dish, called Dynamite, is made mainly with cooked scallops, vegetables, and mayonnaise

The Spicy Tuna roll is packed with a tasty kick, eat at your own risk!

A Mikuni creation, this roll is similar to the California roll but comes with a slice of lemon within The Crunchy roll, a form of deep fried sushi

On March 24-27, of the 160 students who were surveyed:

43.2% love it

23% like it

33.8% hate it

Photos by Nikkita Walker

The Roar | Volume 5 | Issue 3 | April 2010  
The Roar | Volume 5 | Issue 3 | April 2010  

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