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THE ROAR | 12.15.09 PAIGE SMITH, page editor

where is advisory PAIGE SMITH

page editor

On the day students at Whitney came to pick up their schedules, they noticed a small change to it: no advisory. Advisory helped students connect with teachers and get help when they didn’t understand something. Advisory also gave students a chance to study for a test coming up in the next period or get their last minute questions answered. Now students are wondering what happened to this extra class? Principal Mrs. Debra Hawkins explains the situation...

it now

The new senior mentoring program has the same lesson plan for freshman as advisory did. Topics include: *What is a transcript?

*How do you get out of the hole when you get bad grades?



It outlived its usefulness, we had originally planned it to connect with kids and be supporting. We surveyed the teachers and kids and we got the same response, if you liked the teacher and enjoyed that particular teacher. The connection was working well, you didn't mind going. If you didn't know the teacher very it wasn't what it needed to be. The teachers feel like intervention has helped not just the mini lessons but just to connect with these 5 or 6 kids that are not doing well and talk to them about their grades and bringing them up. The original intent was to have an avenue to connect with kids especially kids that were struggling and in a way to put intervention in we took out the need of having advisory. I’m not completely sold for not having advisory. About half the staff miss it. They miss that group of kids that talk about transcripts and decisions. They are kind of split on whether we should put the specific time in. It also helped Mr. Feuerbach when it came to meeting with the juniors or seniors because we had that specific time cut out of the day. To just pull you out of class for that because it wasn’t out of your regular classes. But we put it on the shelf and we didn’t exactly completely dump the idea but just put it on the shelf and said we needed to modify it from what it was and right now the staff feels like they are spending a lot of time on intervention that is going to take the focus off of advisory is how to put it and mixed reactions it wasn’t like ‘oh lets get rid of it’ or ‘oh let’s keep it’ but it was like right smack dab in the middle. We saw reasons for it or saw reasons it probably wasn’t doing the job we hoped for.



Not at this point. We know that the biggest focus for us has to do with freshmen and getting them anchored in school is really important. We have too many kids that end up with no marks at the end of their freshman year. Some of the same kids that struggled in middle school but still we would like to see them be stronger students. We now have the senior mentor program. So what we have tried to do is find ways to support students. If one way isn't working strongly for some of the students or at least the targeted population we move it to one side if we have something else to target, pilot and work on. The idea of senior mentoring seems to be a real good focus for routed ways to do high school. I think that is where the shift has happened in the staff, because they would like to tighten up on how effective intervention is and tighten up on the senior mentor program.

Intervention meets students’ needs Ms. Laura Brun talks to Liz Grover at intervention. During intervention, students are able to get help, make up essential skills and get questions answered. Extra help time and one-on-one with teachers replaced the need for a formal advisory class.


Photo by Sarah Tucci

*How do you go see your counselor? *College preparedness Photo by Drea DeOllas Freshman Molly Miles plays a game with her group in geography class. The purpose of this activity was to allow the freshmen to bond with their senior mentors.

*What do you do as a freshman? *How do you read a student handbook?


THE ROAR | 12.15.09 ASHLEY FINE, page editor

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The new Web site has all of the current new, sports, feature and entertainment stories you want The Whitney Update is a new Web site created by the students in Journalism and Broadcasting. It serves as an online newspaper and includes columns, news, feature, opinion, lifestyle and sports. You can go to and read new stories every week. The print newspaper will only be coming out four times this year as opposed to six in the previous years. The Web site was promoted the first week of November by the Advanced Journalism class. We promoted the Web site by coming to school at 6 in the morning to chalk our message on the campus grounds. We made shirts, wore fake armor chestplates, passed out buttons and even

the Wildcat mascot was in on it. “I went on the Web site and it had some good information. I liked the stories,” Nicole Milliron said. The Whitney Update is a new way for students to keep updated on a daily basis. The world of journalism is

moving to the online community, so we wanted to take the cutting-edge approach by converging as well. This way, we can deliver the news you want to know faster, instead of waiting for the print edition to come out and the news will not have its timely value.

As well as being a faster mode of bring the stories to you, the Web site also features Soundslides, which are slideshows of pictures and music. The Soundslides show pictures from recent events around the school, like the fall sports season. Also, you can find all of the episodes of “Unleashed” from the Advanced Broadcasting class. The most current one is on the home page and the rest are in the archives. “Unleashed” provides stories and video feed, along with personal interviews and “athlete of the month.” Follow us on Twitter, too, @whitney_update.


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THE ROAR | 12.15.09 ROBERT PARKER, page editor

‘Glee’ not gleeful for all Two writers share differing opinions on the hit FOX show ‘Glee’ as season ends HALEY DOYLE


copy editor

Singing, dancing, hormonal teenagers. Sounds like the golden recipe for television success, right? “Glee” came to Fox in late May, debuting a pilot episode which captured audiences across the country. This fall, it has returned for its first season and has been a highlyanticipated part of Wednesday nights for millions of people. According to Entertainment Weekly, Glee pulls in an average of 8 million viewers per week. The storyline is pretty simple: a high school Spanish teacher (Mr. Will Schuester) becomes the director of the school’s glee club, determined to revive it to its former glory. At first, the members appear to be a bunch of misfits, but they continue to grow and let their amazing talents shine. It is the quirky and relatable characters who are the real heart of the show. Sue Sylvester, the crazy and ruthless cheerleading coach, is always trying to bring down the club, while Principal Figgins is too focused on the school’s budget and listening to hip hop music to realize Sylvester’s internal motives. Then there’s Rachel Berry, the all-around perfectionist and vocal star, who always puts a golden star next to her name to foreshadow the future fame she expects will follow. These are just a few of the many unique characters on the show. Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, hand picks each song for every episode, giving the audience a mixture of show tunes and chart hits. Viewers can always expect to see three to five performances

sports writer

each episode, with at least one song that pleases their genre of music. Whether it’s rap, ballads, or country, “Glee” covers it all. New music styles are always being introduced, giving the audience the opportunity to experience the vast range of diversity the musical world has to offer. Like with any other show on television, “Glee” also has its fair share of critics. Some people may say that it’s a copycat of “High School Musical” or that the content is too mature at times for younger viewers. But, in my opinion, these people are missing the heart of what “Glee” is all about. “Glee” makes us realize that it’s okay to be different-in fact, it’s a good thing. It shows us that we

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I hate wasting time. So why have I wasted hours of my life watching television? I sit down to relax for a few minutes, and the horribly flat box sucks away my attention. And I know I’m not the only one in America. But I’ve finally found the show that has forced me to get my lazy butt off the couch and scramble to the off button: “Glee.” My friends told me to watch the new Fox phenomenon, and, like a naive little child, I did. Man, do I regret it. I suffered through the pilot episode, and there’s a major emphasis on “suffered”. I couldn’t believe my eyes... or ears. From cheesy lines to horrible sounds, the show was definitely not hitting a high note. The lead actors were entirely unbelievable and overly edited singers. I actually leaned over to my mom and asked, “Are they supposed to be lip syncing in the show? Is that what Glee Clubs do? Lip sync?” Obviously you know the answer, but I quickly learned that they were supposed may to be singing, actually singing with live not be microphones and all that. I never would as beautiful have known based on that show. The or rich as the best comparison I can make is those person next to crummy cartoon voice-overs us, but inside we where the mouths move up are all human; we all and down a mile a minute, have the same problems, but words just lay over the fears, struggles. I think we top and do not even could all learn a little something match up remotely. from “Glee” to see the big picture But “Glee” is real of uniting together despite your people, not differences. Whether that’s through Ph oto cartoons. How singing or dancing like the members of by hard is it to Glee or something more simple, it doesn’t Ro be actually sing? matter. rt Pa Especially when Give “Glee” a chance. The combination rke r your show is about of good music, quirky characters and singing! This was the an important message is too fantastic to beginning of my undying loathing for the resist. new show.

Apparently, “Glee” was not the show for me. But, once again, my naivety got the better of me, and I tried to conform to my friends’ perception of “good” television. Not the best idea I’ve ever had, but I can’t undo the damage that has been done. I plopped down on the couch and waited for the actors to take center stage. A nagging pulse began in my head, and I knew a full-blown headache was on its way. I’m a logical person, and illogical things, like lyrics not matching the mouths they come from, makes me uneasy. I tried closing my eyes, hoping that the music alone wouldn’t bother me. But I was wrong... so, so wrong. The tiny sounds coming from the speakers had to be a technical glitch, but, much too predictably, there wasn’t a problem with my sound system. The only problem was the faltering actors attempting to sing like professionals (not a good plan). Then, even though I never thought it possible, things took a dramatically inappropriate nose dive towards the ground. And the crash was worse than I could have imagined. I won’t go into much detail, but let’s just say that children should NOT be watching Glee anymore. The high school students forget their place when they use balloons to perform in a horribly offensive way. They follow the balloon incident with an even more inappropriate performance in front of their entire school. That’s a great idea... put those types of thoughts into adolescent teenagers’ heads. I’m sure that couldn’t possibly have a negative effect on high schools around the nation. No, none at all. Of course there will always be those crazed fans who will love anything their friends do. But that isn’t for me. I want to like talented actors who make amazing entertainment, not the ones loved by everyone for no reason at all. Overall, glee clubs can bring people a lot of joy, but this show has not left me jumping for “glee.”

Staff Editorial: is 25 hours that big of a deal?


ately, it seems like people are only thinking about themselves when it comes to receiving benefits. The requirement to do a minimum of 25 hours of community service is essential to graduate. However, 25 hours is hardly any time at all for the valuable volunteer time of a student. Local Sacramento-area middle The Roar schools, like Winston Churchill staff Middle School in Carmichael, require 15-20 hours each year, which, for those in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, is three years. Community service isn’t meant to be a burden or a time-consuming task. 25 hours over a four-year span is

only six and a quarter hours per year, minimum. Opportunities are abundant, making it nearly impossible to go through a high school career without completing these measly 25 hours. For every sport, coaches look for students to volunteer, whether it’s running the snack bar, ticket sales, or even filming the event. Often times for sports, there are tournaments on the weekends where hear our a student can knock out half of the roar minimum required hours easily. Not only that, but head coaches may even give other benefits, like free food from the snack bar. Also, most coaches will sign off more hours than actually earned, so a four hour job could equate to five or six on paper.

staff editorial

Not only is there the reward of graduating upon completing these hours, but there’s also a sense of pride gained. Working in the community should bring personal joy, knowing that a positive difference has been made. The Roar staff encourages you to go out and get your community service done as soon as possible. Colleges like to see that you have a few hours under your belt when you send out your applications, and it will save much unneeded stress in the long run. And while you’re at it, do some extra. There’s no limit to the amount of service you can give back to the community.

13-2 agree

viewpoints ‘Snow day’ doesn’t live up to its name THE ROAR | 12.15.09 VICTORIA CHAFFIN, page editor

One writer talks about the difference between ‘real snow’ and ‘our snow’ EMMA RICHIE

journalism I contributor


iving in Rocklin, I’ve always dreamed that it would snow. But what happened early in the morning on December 7 was not snow. What was lying outside on the ground and crusted on cars was a heavy frost. Maybe for kids who have rarely seen

snow in their lifetime were amazed by it but I was not impressed. A true winter snow is when you walk outside and have to lift your feet high to take a step so you won’t get caught in the powder, or where you can make a real snowball without scraping the ground to get enough in your hands. Snow has a fresh, brisk smell to it, as if rain was mixed with cold, sweet air and the smell of fresh trees. Snow is where you can make a full snowman and still have

enough left on the ground to make snow angels. Sledding down backyard hills, throwing snowballs at dogs and friends, and making snow angels with family: that’s what snow is. The feel of snow as it falls gently on your face is like relaxing after a long day: so peaceful and soft and soothing. In a word, snow is perfect. I can’t wait to move back to a place where it snows a lot. Here I come Boston, Massachusetts.

Mother Nature gives cars a whole new paint job in the winter mornings DARREN GARCIA

staff writer

“Oh my gosh...” The only thing on my mind as I exited the door of my two-story, 40 degree house and saw a clear, full sheet of ice on my car. Not just any sheet mind you, it was a king sized, no queen sized blanket of ice just laid plainly on my car. It was so white that the dark blue color of my car could not pierce through even the smallest portion of that ice. I could officially say I got an ice cream paint job, vanilla flavored. At that point I knew I had to get moving so I ran to my car through the grass, or iced grass I should say: they didn’t even look real. On my way to my car my cousin was to my left starting to

scrape off the ice off his windshield. I swear, Mother Nature was merciless in these past couple of mornings. When I arrived to my car I immediately started scraping off my new vanilla paint job with a card I got from Papa John’s pizza. It was all used up so might as well since the only ice scraper was in my uncle’s car and he had already left. Eventually of course, since these horrible conspired events have all been happening, “Whats the problem with one more?” The card broke. So I ran inside the house grabbed paper towel and tried to scrape it off by pushing down on the glass with the paper towel in hand as hard as I can. When I finally finished I drove off as soon as possible with only one thing in mind, my windshield is only half clear and the other half still ice, my side and back windows were still ice, my side-view mirrors were iced, all were iced. Unsurprisingly a cop drove by...

Approaching holiday shouldn’t be based on ‘so-called bargains’ KAVYA PATHAK

journalism I contributor

All American holidays, from Thanksgiving to Easter, are far too commercialized, drowning out the spirit of any festive occasion with an insatiable desire to shop. Directly after Halloween, stores bring out their Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise, from plastic wreaths to arrangements of fake autumn leaves. Is this really necessary? Does it really affect one’s ability to enjoy a holiday if the perfect fall decorations aren’t in place at Thanksgiving dinner? Stores maximize on this need to buy everything in sight by holding huge sales, such as the

blowout sales on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas is a totally different story. Stores are already filling up with shoppers buying Christmas presents for their whole families, spending thousands of dollars on possessions that are totally unnecessary. The whole point of Christmas is not to see who got the best, or most expensive gift, but to enjoy the season by being with one’s family. Christmas should not be based on sales and so called bargains, which usually turn out to save very little money, but should truly reflect the age old spirit of giving and being with one’s family. Even the icon of this holiday, Santa

Claus, is commercialized to sell more and more items during the holiday season. Sitting on Santa’s lap and asking for gifts costs more and more each year, and the location to meet Santa is always conveniently located in the middle of a huge mall, where storefronts persuade one to come in and see their wares. Santa has also been exploited in the past, used as an icon for the beverage company Coca Cola to sell more drinks during Christmastime. Soon this holiday will become a fully commercialized time of the year, with no point other that to keep shopping for the best deals. Do we really want this iconic holiday to turn out this way?

Finally, a gift I wanted EMMA GETZ

journalism I contributor

Dear Santa, Remember that argument we had last Christmas? Maybe I said some things I shouldn’t have. And that was out of line, I know. I’m sorry I called you fat and made fun of your beard. And I’m also sorry that I wished you would choke on a cookie. You said some things, too, but that’s all in the past now. You definitely made up for it by casting Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Chenoweth and Robert Duvall in a hilarious holiday movie called “Four Christmases.” Lately I had started to question your motives on why you continued to give me socks every holiday. However, I can see why you were saving this movie as the best. It gave me an excellent laugh and wonderful gift for 88 minutes. The storyline was anything but boring. Each scene was met with laughter, and not just from me. So Santa, I wonder how you think of these great movie ideas for Seth Gordon to direct. Surely you must have some kind of answer. Maybe your elves are the ones who should be gaining the credit, who knows? Either way, thank you for giving me and my family a great PG-13 laugh. During the entire movie, I kept getting surprised. Some of the things the actors said and did were totally unexpected and anything but ordinary, especially for a romantic comedy. But toward the end, I felt as if the film wimped out. It left us with the “happily ever after” ending. We’re expected to be wowed by that after the stunning performance from before? Santa, I have to say that I am slightly disappointed, but overall I very much enjoyed the film. “Four Christmases” is extremely funny in most parts. Okay, nothing compared to “Elf” with Steve Carrell or the classic “The Christmas Story,” but it’s still a nice treat for those who like a great laugh and heartwarming theme. I thank you, Saint Nicholas, for surprising me with a fantastic movie and putting it out on DVD just in time for a twoweek winter break where I can enjoy it over and over again.


THE ROAR | 12.15.09 DARREN gAR, page editor

teacher overload Despite multiple preps and extending beyond expected subject areas, teachers stay calm and overcome statistics in a ‘stressful’ profession


DARREN GARCIA staff writer

ccording to, teaching fills the first spot of the Top 10 most stressful professions. Teachers here might agree since many are teaching an additional section of class this year, called an “overload.” Some have even stepped outside their specialty subject area to teach a new course completely. For example, Mrs. Kimberly Karver added French to her schedule. “I love teaching my English classes. Teaching French has been fun, a lot of extra prep work,” Karver said. Karver teaches Language Arts III Honors, Language Arts I and French I. She says that her classes are run the same way, “from beginning to end.” “French is a little harder. I have to mix it up every 10 minutes or so to not overload the students with new material. We play a lot of games to facilitate learning,” Karver said. She enjoys teaching and she loves bonding with all her students each year. She says that she has one goal in mind, and it’s always been that way. “My goal is to make my classes interesting, informative and in some respects, inspiring. I would like students to leave my class feeling that I I made a positive impact on their educational experience,” Karver said. Other teachers adding new subjects this semester are Ms. Kimm Dekker

teaching a section of ceramics and Ms. Emily Zenoni adding health class to her schedule of language arts sections. The response from these teachers has been positive, even though national statistics show what a stressful experience this can be for teachers. According to hub/Teachers-Stress, teaching has now become a demanding occupation with a lot of stresses for a teacher who has deadlines to meet and responsibilities to shoulder. A survey was taken to prove that this profession is on top of the list of stresses and the results were that 41.5 percent of teachers reported themselves ‘highly stressed’, while 58.5 percent came into a ‘low stress’ category and 36 percent of teachers felt the effects of stress all or most of the time. Mr. Matt Yamamoto, voted Teacher of the Month for October, has two different styles of classes being Physics I and AP physics. “They are very different. AP Physics covers all the same topics as Physics I and then a lot more. We probably cover twice the number of concepts in AP as we do in Physics I. AP Physics contains a lot more math then Physics I does,” Yamamoto said. “I end up helping a lot of students on my free time, which leaves little time for me to actually do the work that I need to get done (grades, papers, plan lessons) and that can be overwhelming at times,” Yamamoto said. He said he likes both kinds of classes.

Photo/ Darren Garcia

Mr. Yamamoto lecturing in Physics I about Potential energy.

Mr. Matt Yamamoto helps students with AP Physics. Mrs. Kimberly Karver grades essays for

Language Arts I. Photos by Darren Garcia “There really isn’t a problem having to teach two different classes. There is of course more work, which requires more time, but I don’t see this as a problem. AP Physics gives me the ability to teach higher level material which is always fun, and Physics I allows me to reach more students.” says that the stress is more secondary, which means

Mr. WHS 2010: Are you man enough? WHEN: Jan. 22, 2010 at 7 p.m. WHERE: WHS Theatre COST: $5 in advance, $6 at the door It’s time to crown the next Mr. WHS with a fun-filled night of competition and entertainment. The contest includes talent, dance, style and interview with audience participation. YOU decide the winner! Apply to be a contestant in Room C-2 or download an application from the school Web site.

that the environment in which teachers teach is responsible for the widely differing experiences which teachers encounter. Having extra students in class, broken computers, inadequate space or other similar factors can create a stressful working environment for teachers on a daily basis.

THE ROAR | 12.15.09 SARAH TUCCI, page editor

Smoothforsailing Siwabessy HALEY DOYLE


copy editor

or the majority of students, getting a diploma after four years of high school is a significant achievement in itself. However, for those students who consistently go above and beyond, becoming a valedictorian at graduation is seen to be the icing on top of

the cake. "A valedictorian is a student who takes his/her education seriously and challenges him/herself to excel academically by taking advanced level classes and learning as much as possible to attain a solid foundation in which to advance to the next level in the various subject areas," head counselor Mrs. Julie Poe said. For sophomore Andrew Siwabessy, he is more than willing to take this path less traveled. "Well, if you don't aim for the top, you definitely won't get there, so why not aim for the top and see where you end up," Siwabessy said. Siwabessy has already formulated a plan that he hopes will lead him in the right direction to achieving academic success. "I want to load up on AP classes and take honors classes wherever possible. It may be too ambitious, but I want to take nine AP classes before I graduate WHS, a step down from the 12 possible at my old school, but a

worthy goal nonetheless. I'm still trying to figure out if four AP classes next year will totally tear me to pieces or not because I'm already feeling strained; what I will decide is really dependent on how I do this year. Annual youth group outreach at church will easily get me 152 community service hours by my graduation at minimum, so if I sign up three years in a row I won't have to worry about that. As for clubs, I'm part of CSF, if that will help me in any way," Siwabessy said. According to, it is important to talk to a guidance counselor about the desire to be valedictorian so that the counselor can target the areas the student needs to improve in. Poe, as well as the rest of the counselors, is always available to guide students in the right direction for becoming a valedictorian. "I encourage students to meet with me at anytime to discuss courses, college, testing requirements, etc. I truly enjoy and look forward to meeting with students to learn about their plans for high school and college and getting to know more about them as individuals. We are here to help and we do our very best to help students achieve their goals," Poe said. Siwabessy relies on the encouragement from his family to keep him motivated. "My parents are more than supportive. They want me to be as advanced as possible. I would not have had the courage to take such large strides if it were not for them.


Andrew Siwabessy raises his hand to answer a question in advanced English class. His chose to fill his sophomore year with a challenging curriculum. Photo by Anjelica Carpio-Novoa Azn [Asian] parents for the win. The stereotypes are real," Siwabessy said. Siwabessy said he realizes that sticking on this academic route is not going to be easy, but he knows that it will be worth it. "I have no intention to brag, but if I achieve valedictorian status, then I will have known I had achieved the greatest results academically possible," Siwabessy said.

Sophomores see benefits from community service SARAH TUCCI

Sophomore Jennifer Golditch has about 100 hours of community service. She has spent time working at a track meet, setting up the artisan craft faire, collecting Teaching children. Helping the church. Throw in change for the Schools4Schools club and volunteering at some mission trips, and a senior has 309.75 hours of the City of Rocklin Preschool over the summer. community service. At least one senior: Zachary Graves. "I wasn't a huge fan of working at the artisan craft faire "I think everyone should do community service because it required a lot of work for the amount of hours because it betters the community as a whole. If you pick that we received. Not to sound lazy, I just think there up a piece of trash on the ground, someone else will see were more efficient ways to get hours," Golditch said. you, and it will create a chain reaction," said Graves. Although this was not the style of service for her, she found one that was more suited to her likes: the preschool. "I liked working at the preschool because it was something different than what I would normally do, and I learned that I liked working with little kids. It was a fun experience and it got me almost 80 hours. It was a win-win situation," Golditch said. By trying different ways to help the community, she found one that was appealing to her. This created an environment where she could gather many hours without being bored or overworked. According to her, this is an easy solution for anyone. "You can go to the front office to ask if there are any service opportunities or you can ask parents if they need help at work. Otherwise, just find ways to get involved Jessie North and Jennifer Golditch. Photo illustration by Sarah Tucci whether though a club or something else you feel passionate about," Golditch said. And his hard work has inspired followers. Younger And there it is. The key to community service: students also hope to contract as many hours and involvement. By becoming involved, the community can become distinguished students. staff writer

benefit from peoples' willingness to help each other. And Golditch is not alone in this conquest. Sophomore Jessie North has not contracted quite as many hours, but she is on her way to involving herself even more. "I worked at a church camp over the summer, I worked the snack bar in theater, I made cookies for homeless people, and, over spring break, I'm working with kids in Mexico," North said. This proves that, to her, the community is not just the small town of Rocklin, but places where less fortunate people need help: Mexico. However, this does not mean that she loves every part of serving people. "The only one I didn't really like was working the snack bar, and that was because I missed the "Be Our Guest" scene from Beauty and the Beast. I liked the church camp the most because I have a blast working with the kids there, and they really open me up and remind me of the kid I once was and, in some ways, still am," North said. Once again, certain jobs have their downfalls and do not appeal to her, but others are very rewarding. But is that reward the only reason people help others? Is selfish human nature so powerful that people cannot even be selfless without thinking of their own benefit? "I think that originally people do service just to get hours, but then they realize that they enjoy it and like helping people. All it takes is to be in the situation for your perspective to change," Golditch said. Similarly, North also believes that people are not always self-serving. "I think some people do it because they have to, but I know that others just like it. I personally think it's fun and seeing the faces of the people I worked with makes it all worthwhile," North said.

fashion MODE SYDNEYRodriguerra

THE ROAR | 12.15.09 MEGAN MILLER, KELLY FIEDLER, page editors


SYDNEY bought this pea coat on SALE at GUESS for $150

...Gaga inspires me to stand out from the crowd and express myself.

These BLACK LEATHER BOOTS were purchased at WET SEAL for $20

-SYDNEY’S style is what she calls a “ ...ZOOEY DESCHANEL meets LADY GAGA...” look

SCARF 101 How do you wear it? What do you wear it with? Here’s a few of the most popular ways to tie your scarf this winter. Each tie can represent your own personal style...




Photos by Kelly Fiedler and Megan Miller


THE ROAR | 12.15.09 ROBERT PARKER, page editor

Living above the influence One writer goes in detail about living a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle



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don’t see the point of people risking their lives by drinking or doing drugs, especially young teenagers like myself. There’s a price to pay on starting an addiction. Many may think, “Oh, I just want to try it once because I’m curious and everyone else is doing it,” but did everything that we learned in health class just go into one ear and out the other? By taking one drag of a cigarette, one sip of alcohol, one injection of a drug is just a step closer to destruction. Diseases like different types of cancers to the lungs, liver and kidneys, not to mention the chance of getting half you’re your jaw removed from using tobacco, are on the line. I’m sure it doesn’t sound very appealing to be walking around with yellow teeth and smelly breath everywhere you go. In my opinion, drinking and smoking are unattractive habits, and to be honest, smoke and Vodka isn’t my favorite type of cologne on a person. But don’t try to cover it up by popping mints all day; that doesn’t stop your lungs from turning black or keep your liver from disintegrating! By devoting yourself to use drugs or drink would be just another inch closer to death. Why would you want to risk your life when you have people depending on you to be there for them? I’m not trying to give your guilt trips about your life, it’s your choice if you if you choose to use or abstain from drugs, but I am reminding you that there are numerous risks. When you step back and take a look at your life, let’s say thirty years from now, do you want to remember all your memories you had in high school or say to yourself “Well I was too drunk most of the time to remember?” The whole reason why I feel so strongly

about this topic is because a few of my close family members have been affected by alcoholism. It hurt me inside to watch as their lives soon began slip away and there was nothing I could do to stop what was going on in front of me. My aunt began drinking when she was a teenager in high school which soon grew into an addiction. It was a struggle to watch her live in a household with two sons and a husband who loved her so much but had no way

to control her drinking. It was her way of letting go, solving problems, relaxing. But for them, it was sadness, despair,and depression. Although she isn’t my mother, she means so much to me and cares so much about me that she is like my second mom and the thought of losing her was a haunting feeling inside me. It took years for her to finally realize that she truly did need help, it wasn’t until October of 2008 when she finally went to a detox center to become and stay sober. Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing them. The only solutions

is dietary change, detoxification of the blood, lymph and colon, and enhancing the immune system and also moderate exercise. However, if you do choose to live above the influence and it’s your friends that you are worried about, it could be hard to relate to drug facts that give you certain statistics and percentages of people doing drugs if your friends are taking them. But you do have to understand that once a drug becomes prominent in your friend’s life, then that’s all that will be on their mind. Becoming addicted to drugs could potentially ruin your friendship because the

average user will only care about when their next high is, not the next time they see you. Not only are there sites such as, but there are also lifestyles many people choose to live, such as Straight Edge. Being Straight Edge refers to the life long commitment that many people are choosing to live

by not drinking alcohol, refraining to use any type of tobacco product and not taking any recreational drugs. The lifestyle of becoming Straight Edge began in the 1980’s with the influence of the hardcore punk subculture movement that motivated youths to become or stay clean. The most common symbol for being Straight Edge is the letter X. In the 1980’s, club owners began marking the back of underage drinkers hands with an X as warnings to the club staff not to serve alcohol to them. However, this still allowed adolescents to enter clubs to see bands preform but refrained them from being served alcohol. This trademark soon became associated with the Straight Edge lifestyle, and is now incorporated in clothing and pins today. Whatever lifestyle you choose to pursue, think of all the things you will gain or lose from your life. Will you choose to go down the road of hardship and addiction or living clean and healthy? Think about it. Live above the influence.

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THE ROAR | 12.15.09 JONATHAN POSEY, page editor

New season, fresh start JONATHAN POSEY

earned honorable mention by the league, Cody Borst, Brendan McCue and Sam Mooney. The team last year was led by he winter sports season senior play makers, Derek Knutty at 6’5”, officially kicked off Nov. 10, who is playing college basketball in the but not wrestling or girls’ east coast, and Jordan Wilson at 6’3”, who and boys’ is playing for William Jessup University. basketball. Their Dealing with seasons started over the lack of size the summer and ran this year has through the fall in been a road preparation for games block for the starting as early as team. the winter sports start “This year date. Boys’ basketball we may be finished their first undersized game only a week after compared to their official start date, most teams, but while girls’ basketball our speed on starts on Dec. 1. the court makes Wrestling begins their up for it,” official weigh-in at Mooney said. Lincoln on Nov. 17. The girls’ Both boys’ basketball basketball team and wrestling Photo by Paige Transue will be starting qualified for playoffs Eric Gee passes the ball against Vista Del Lago fresh coming off last year resulting on Dec. 1 a 13-13 record in basketball losing last year. The team this year is led by in the third round of the Division III offensive play maker and captain Kristina playoffs to Sacramento, and Nazir Rasooli Fahey, who is verbally committed to placing sixth at the San Joaquin Section Sonoma State and defensive leader Alex championship for wrestling. Rodriguez. Both led the league last year in After ending their 08-09 season with a scoring and rebounds for the team. The 22-8 record last year, the boys’ basketball team will also be losing one of their tallest team begins their new season with a 0-2 centers, Danielle Leach, who led the team record. They were ranked 20 overall in the in blocks for the season. The girls’ team section and 184 in the state. Returning this year is also senior heavy which many starters this year include Eric Gee, who


page editor

players think will play to their advantage. San Joaquin Section championship. The Returning only wrestler in the starter school’s history to make Courtney it as far as state last Tindall thinks year was Nazir Rasooli, that this year’s who placed sixth in the team has the state. The team this capability year hopes to resume of making their dominance in the playoffs. PVL with their three key “We have a wrestlers. good amount “I think as a team we of seniors, are stronger then ever and that will this year and winning play a big the league as a team can role in the easily be a possibility leadership for us,” Achanzar said. stand point for our team The boys’ basketball if we make team opens their first playoffs,” league game against Tindall said. Mesa Verde at home on The Jan. 6, while the girls’ wrestling host their first league team is game against Mesa starting out Verde on the fifth. Photo by Sara Roudebush this year with The first league one of their Madison Fitzgerald and Nathan Torno wrestle at match for the wrestling biggest rosters practice on Dec. 2. team will take place at in the schools’ Bear River after winter break on Jan. 5. history. The team has many new players including Rondell Gulley from Clovis West NEXT UP: and a freshman girl, Madison Fitzgerald, from Spring View. Returning key wrestlers Girls’ basketball tomorrow at Rocklin. include Jordan Achanzar, Nazir Rasooli and Julio Ceron. All three were awarded Boys’ basketball Thursday at Tokay in Lodi. Pioneer Valley League champions and Wrestling dual meet Jan. 5 at Bear River. both Jordan Achanzar and Nazir Rasooli went on to place fourth and fifth in the

Grover redefines the term ‘student athlete’ KAVYA PATHAK

journalism I contributor

As she rushes to check out a camera for a publications student in room C-2, and then races to the pool to lead the varsity water polo team to victory, senior Liz Grover has a lot on her mind. After two hours of water polo practice or a tournament, she leaves for home, where four hours of AP homework await. A late night bubble bath lets her relax for just a little while before she goes to sleep, and repeats this cycle once more. Both a star athlete and a high achieving student, senior Liz Grover has a hectic schedule. As the captain of the varsity girls water polo team, Grover has to “..keep the team organized, lead drills, and solve problems with the referees during games…”. With frequent practices and games, water polo takes a large chunk of time out of her already packed

schedule. As the editor of the yearbook, Grover said. president of the National Honors Even with her stressful schedule, Society, and Grover member of concentrates the California on her Scholarship schoolwork Federation, more than any clubs keep Liz other aspect of busy. She is life. also part of the “I always swim team and put school first varsity soccer and always team, activities make sure my which are also [homework] is extremely time done…I do lots Photo by Lauren Dormer of homework consuming. On on weekends,” Grover gives the team a pep talk on Sept. 25. top of her she said. extracurricular activities, she maintains a The sheer amount of schoolwork she 4.5 grade point average and is taking three has to complete after a long day at school, advanced placement courses. “It’s a lot of which can take between three and four work with three AP courses, and yearbook hours, does not deter Grover. “Having lots and water polo are very time consuming,” to do keeps me focused,” she said. “The

more I have to do the more focused I am. I make lists and check things off,” Despite multiple varsity letters, Grover does not foresee a future in athletics. “I wouldn’t play college water polo because I would be really scared…” This reluctance to play college sports makes it paramount that she keeps up her high GPA, order to ensure acceptance into a college of her choice. As a co-valedictorian in the class of 2010, Grover also pushes to be the best in her classes. “She is a remarkable student and is very driven. She is number one in all of her classes,” Ustaszewski said. Certain parts of Grover’s routine remain unchanged, though. She takes a bubble bath each night before she goes to sleep to help her unwind after a stressful day. She also pushes to eat well and tries to work out as often as she can. She plans to play varsity soccer and compete with the swim team this spring.


THE ROAR | 12.15.09 MARISSA GEDDE, page editor

Portion Distortion ROBERT PARKER



he norm for today’s youth is to be skinny and fit. During sports, however, the case is different. Many athletes develop unhealthy and unwise eating habits, resulting in a lack of protein, carbohydrates, fat or other nutrients. “[Student athletes] need carbohydrates, they need some protein, but they need just to add fuel to the fire,” assistant wrestling coach Stephen Pirt said. Coach Pirt, a former personal trainer, uses an analogy to demonstrate his view on how student athletes should eat. “You basically want to keep the fire burning. You want to use kindling all day long. You don’t want to throw a big fat log on the fire once or twice a day, because that burns down the day and you just have little hot coals. You want to have a nice tight little bundle of kindling five times a day,” Pirt said. The “kindling” is just a small meal based on whatever the athletes like to eat. As long as fuel is constantly being added to the fire, the athletes’ bodies will do the rest. “If you keep the fire going and burning, it will eventually burn easier and easier, so eventually you will get to the point where you can eat almost anything you want,” Pirt said. One of Pirt’s concerns is that students don’t eat enough food throughout the day. According to, “Athletes for whom weight control and/or thinness provides an advantage (e.g., gymnastics,

wrestling) are particularly susceptible to eating disorders” like anorexia and bulimia nervosa. A major problem with students undereating is the lack of convenience. Many people do not have time in the morning to eat a good breakfast, then eat a big lunch and an even bigger dinner. “Your body is holding onto calories, your metabolism slows down. When your metabolism slows down, it converts as much as you bring in to fat as possible,” Pirt said. Jason Knowles, an assistant football coach, agrees. “By eating several smaller meals throughout the day, you keep your metabolism elevated and thus maintain higher energy levels. You also don’t feel starved by the time lunch or dinner time rolls around so you won’t eat as much and thus feel tired,” Knowles said. This has been a main problem of Jordan Achanzar. Achanzar, a senior and 4-year wrestler, does not have the time or the resources to keep up with Pirt’s recommended diet. “I’m not eating too healthy, because my parents usually make like fried chicken and steak and rice and stuff like that. I end up eating too much because it tastes good. If I had that [healthy] food available I would eat it, but all we have is junk,” Achanzar said. Because of his eating habits, Achanzar is paying the price. “I’ve been gaining weight and it’s not working out. I need to stop eating so much, and I need to eat healthier,”

Achanzar said. Although eating healthier is obviously a good choice for all athletes, a specific diet depends on the sport. For instance, aerobic sports like swimming, basketball and cross country have a higher need of carbohydrates and other “fuels.” Anaerobic sports, like baseball and golf, have a higher emphasis on proteins. Athletes just need to make sure that they have the energy and nutrients needed to perform. According to, “malnourishment and self-starvation affect the heart, thyroid, and the digestive and reproductive systems, as well as seriously decreasing bone density. Specific problems seen in athletes with eating disorders include impaired athletic performance and an increased risk of injuries and stress fractures.” The main thing is to just eat small meals several times during the day. The advice is the same across the board: “Small portions throughout the day, don’t worry so much about what it is, and everything will pretty much work itself out,” Pirt said.


BREAKFAST: Egg-white omelet with American Cheese and vegetables. Or scrambled egg-whites with 1-2 slices of turkey bacon and whole wheat toast. BRUNCH/BREAK: A granola or protein bar. A piece of fruit. LUNCH: anything you want to eat. Should include fat, protein and carbs. Nothing too big or it will bog you down later. Maybe a sandwich with lean turkey or ham, a bag of chips or crackers, some type of fruit and/or vegetable, and maybe a cookie or brownie. SNACK: Fruit/vegetables. A cup of chips, crackers or Goldfish. 100-calorie packs are perfect. DINNER: Eat whatever you like, just don’t stuff yourself full.

Photo Illustrations by Kelly Harrison

TIPS: Eat slower and chew more; it fills you up quicker without eating more. Make sure you eat enough before exercising or playing a sport, as you will burn off a lot of what you ate during the day. Also, substituting pork sausage and meats with turkey will decrease fat AND increase protein. You can find turkey substitutes almost anywhere and for similar prices.

Competitive soccer player deals with injury, surgery, sidelines SHAI NIELSON

journalism I contributor

Disoriented. Distraught. Devastated. These are the feelings of soccer player Autumn Rosenfeld while she lay on the ground of a soccer field, gasping for air. “I turned on my plant foot, and went for the ball,” Rosenfeld said, “I heard my knee pop and then I fell.” After she was knocked down, she remembers one of the players on the other team kicking her. In the short seconds of this incident, Rosenfeld tore her ACL, dislocated her patella and knee and tore her meniscus. Basically, everything that could go wrong that day did. Her father ran to the field immediately, while her coach was deliberating whether

to go to her. “My first thought was that she was going to get back up, quickly. So I hesitated to enter the field,” Rosenfeld’s coach, James Nielson, said. He has seen many girls go down on the field before, and they have all always come back up. After what seemed like a lifetime, she never got up. He then ran to the field. Rosenfeld was carried off to the bench by her father and coach, then a parent on the team, and also a doctor, began checking her out. During this time, Rosenfeld said she was freaking out and didn’t know what happened. All she knew was that she had heard, and seen, her knee pop. She headed to the emergency room, hoping for the best.

News from the doctor completely devastated Rosenfeld. She was going to need surgery before January and not play for one year. If there was no surgery, she could play in February, though. “I was begging [the doctor] not to tell my coach, to just let me play the next game,” Rosenfeld said. It didn’t work. Her coach was very sad for the loss, but had to do what was best for her health and future soccer career. He had to bench her for the season. “I admire her heart, but I had to look at the long-term effects,” Nielson said. Being out for the season was hard for Rosenfeld to cope with, she said. She watched her team, the Rocklin Rebels, from the sidelines, but wanted to be on the field once again. Helping at practice

with set-up and at games with retrieving balls is all Rosenfeld could do. Although the injury affected her life and passion for soccer, she wouldn’t let it completely destroy her dreams. “I do physical therapy and wear a brace on my knee,” Rosenfeld said about how she is healing herself. She hoped to be back on the soccer field in time to play indoor soccer with her team in the spring after the surgery and recovery process was complete. “She has been very inspirational to the team and hasn’t turned her back on us,” Nielson said. The Rebels looked forward to seeing her out on the field soon and missed her out on the grass.


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if a tree Dirk Tiche plays guitar and keys on Nov. 20.

Photo by Chad Tucker If A Tree Falls members Peter Duff, Chris Adams, Michael Judy, Zak Graves and Dirk Tiche.

Photo by Holly Tiche CHAD TUCKER staff writer


ne of the few bands to come out of this “I was pretty disappointed that he left because I like school, If A Tree Falls, is an alternative rock Keaton a lot. He is a fantastic person. But musically, we band composed currently of five members: were able to fill the gap by having me play the occasional Chris Adams as the vocalist, Peter Duff on guitar in addition to the keys,” Tiche said. electric guitar, Dirk Tiche on the keyboard For about the next year, the group played in local as well as the electric guitar, Zak Graves on promotions, including venues in Sacramento, Club Retro bass and Michael Judy as the drummer. in Orangevale, and Invisible Children’s benefit concert at This band has come a long way since their beginning William Jessup University. in October of 2007. Originally, Adams did bass in addition In early fall of 2009 the group asked Zak Graves to join to vocals, Graves wasn’t currently a member, and Keaton the band, filling the role of bass player. Boyle “My initial was their thought was that second they were kidding. guitarist. I thought it was “It just going to be wasn’t a one-time-funlike we deal. But I’m decided enjoying it a lot. I we were love playing music going to and I love hanging be a band with the guys,” and do Graves said. concerts This addition and such. relieved Chris was responsibility learning from Chris Adams, bass, the lead singer, Keaton and enabled him had been to focus on his playing vocals and stage awhile, performance. Photo by Holly Tiche and I was “It’s great learning having him If A Tree Falls preforming at Hard Rock Cafe in Sacramento on Oct. 17. guitar. We [Graves]. Chris is no just started messing with some sounds, one thing led to longer stuck on the mic, and musically we’re much better another, and here we are today,” Duff said. and capable of doing more things,” Tiche said. After adding Tiche and Judy into the mix, their first IATF’s popularity has been growing in recent months concert opportunity came in October of 200 and is quickly becoming a fan-favorite to many on campus. “Our first break was the October talent show with our “The last one I went to was the show they played at church. It went pretty well and it was then that we realized Bridgeway Church in Lincoln. I always love watching them that this band was something that we really wanted to but I hadn’t been in awhile so they seemed super awesome pursue,” Adams said. and they are doing a really, really good job,” MacKenzie From there, IATF began practicing and planning for Greenreich said several small events that winter until the Spring of 2008 IATF just finished competing in Club Retro’s “Battle of when they were offered a spot in the Sadies rally. That the Bands” and plans to play another show in January. summer they continued to play together in local concerts. Their EP will be available soon. They have a Facebook page, At the end of the summer of 2008, Keaton Boyle MySpace page and a Twitter that they invite and encourage announced that he would be leaving the group to pursue everyone to join. Details for future shows and events will be other personal interests, including the 2009 winter musical. on those websites for all those interested.

If A Tree Falls poses in front of the Sacramento Hard Rock Cafe just prior to performing.

Photo by Holly Tiche

Peter Duff, Chris Adams and Zak Graves discuss sound on Nov. 20 during a band rehearsal.

Photo by Chad Tucker


THE ROAR | 12.15.09 JASMINE PATTERSON, page editor

Incredible animation makes this a must-see Disney’s newest holiday movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a classic remake starring Jim Carrey EMMA RICHIE


Journalism I Contributor

isney has always created amazing movies and Disney’s “A Christmas Carol,” rated PG, is no exception. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, “A Christmas Carol” (Carol) is warm, touching and funny, with a great blend of the dark undertone of the mortality aspect of the movie’s message. The entire movie, 96 minutes, is filled with action, excitement, a little humor and a touching theme of living life to the fullest and loving the spirit of Christmas In this movie, the audience gets taken on a ride through the epiphany of Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich old man whose only concern is money and wants no business with Christmas or helping others. Throughout his adult life, Scrooge has accumulated great wealth but neglects to share it with those less fortunate than him. Also, he has treated everyone he comes in contact with as if they were a mere insect on the windshield of his life. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge meets three spirits: the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to

Come. The Ghost of Christmas past shows is very relatable to all who have basically confirms his superb ability to show Scrooge the joy he used to get out of life lost hope in life. Especially at Christmas expression and emotion through his and Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas time, this movie’s sole message of getting voice, making the dialogue memorable Present shows him the realities of what back on track and finding the importance and true to Dickens’ book. other people are facing whereas the he of life, such as helping others, having a The animation in the movie was has a life of solitude and incredible. There are parts riches. The Ghost of where the characters and Christmas Yet to Come buildings are so real that shows Scrooge the the idea that everything consequences of the life was animated by computer he has been living. These is almost impossible. three spirits take him on This movie is showing in eye-opening journeys 3-D as well, which adds a which cause Scrooge to particularly pleasant spin open his heart and let on the movie. Since many of in the light he has been the scenes are of the Ghosts avoiding all his life. taking him through towns The whole story of “A and places of Scrooge’s Christmas Carol” is a life, the 3-D gives the Christmas masterpiece audience an air of being on based on the original the journey with Scrooge story written by Charles and also seeing the scenes Dickens, but Disney up close and personal. Jim Carrey as Scrooge has done a wonderful However, the 3-D lessened remake with more of a dark aspect on the good attitude, and living life to the fullest, the brightness of colors and made it hard message of losing one’s understanding of gives hope and jot to whomever chooses to focus in on the real plot of the story the world and the fragility of life. There to watch this spectacular movie. instead of exciting 3-D adventure. is an Undertone of death throughout the Jim Carrey is well known in the film Once again, Disney had done an whole movie to show that nothing can be and television industry, but in this amazing job. “A Christmas Carol” is sure taken for granted in life; Scrooge realized movie he truly proved his versatility and to become a classic, thanks to the brilliant that, if his eminent death was to be personality through his voice. Being word of Jim Carrey, Walt Disney Studios avoided, he must change his outlook on the voice of the characters of Ebenezer and Robert Zemeckis. life and become a better Person. This film Scrooge and the three Christmas Ghosts,


How much will it take to get ‘the’ look? KARA lAPUZ

Journalism I Contributor

A bit pricey, extremely vintage, and sure to make a fashion statement. That’s what Urban Outfitters is all about. UO has it all, carrying everything from accessories like handbags and wallets to basic tees and edgy dresses, and even a plethora of shoes, which will have you shopping till you drop! How much will it take to get “the” look? Prices for these city chic pieces are a bit overpriced, but it’s worth breaking the bank for. A simple tee can run anywhere from $16 to $28. Cheeky dresses turn out to be within the range of $38 to $88. Compared to its parent stores, Anthropologie and Free People, Urban Outfitters turns out to be the store with the most reasonable prices for this type of fashion. Investing in fashion pieces

from UO is great, because you can create a style all your own, and it’s meant to be mixed and matched. Before, dedicated UO shoppers had to travel to the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento just to get a peek at their clothes. Tons of students also have been on the Urban Outfitters mailing list for daily e-mails, but now they can shop closer to home. Now, thanks to their recent summer store opening, there is a new location at the Roseville Galleria. Store info: 117 Galleria Blvd. Roseville 95678. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays. Their telephone number is (916)7801003, and you can still shop online at, to find exclusive online items.

Fearless: Platinum Edition

Taylor Swift releases platinum album that ‘takes our hearts...’ KATELYN MELTON

Journalism I Contributor

We all loved Taylor Swift’s second album, Fearless, but when she released the platinum edition, our hearts were taken once again. The CD includes five new songs and two new versions of her older songs for 19 tracks total. The first new song is called “Jump Then Fall,” which is about Taylor exclaiming her devotion to a relationship. It’s quick fun tune adds to the catchy words to make a cute song that is terribly easy to get stuck in your head. Another one of her new songs is a bit slower. It tells the story about a popular idol Taylor has fallen in love with, but knows she cant have. The song is called “Superstar.” It’s a slow song that

makes you think about your own celebrity crushes. Plus, on this album Taylor covered a song by Luna Halo, which is called “Untouchable.” This is probably the softest song on the CD. The song tells

a love story about a girl who is in love with a boy who she can’t quite have. He haunts her

thoughts and dreams until they are finally together. However, when they are together he still is untouchable, as if he is too good to be true. The song consists of mostly just Taylor’s voice, the only music is a chord from the guitar after each phrase. On one of the tracks, Colbie Caillat joins Taylor in singing “Breathe.” Also, Taylor sings “Forever and Always” with the help of a piano instead of a guitar. All of these songs and more were added to the already great “Fearless” CD to make it the best. It’s no surprise why Swift and the album earned eight Grammy nominations earlier this month, including Album of the Year and Best Country Album. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, run to Target, Best Buy, Dimple or start downloading from iTunes today.


THE ROAR | 12.15.09 ANJELICA NOVOA, page editor

I’ll Twitter my Facebook

Update your phone: Social Network-Style

to your Myspace

With the holiday season upon us, teens are clamoring around to get the next latest and greatest phone. Why? Because it can get Internet access. And if one has Internet access, one could update their status on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace anywhere they go. Reception varying. Now anyone could update their status from their phone when they are about to start snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, or eating lobster in Hawaii, or even about to take off in an airplane in Austin, Texas. Even if people don’t have Internet access, they are still able to update their status as long as they have a texting plan. With Facebook SMS and Twitter enabled phones, everyone is in the know.

Photo illustration by Anjelica Carpio-Novoa



staff writer

itting at her desk, a teenage girl is on her MySpace, updating her Twitter and texting her status to Facebook. Sounds like a technology savvy teen. This is a description of a typical teenager

nowadays. On average, a teen could be online for about 31 hours per week. That's 4.4 hours a day. And 51 percent of teens check their sites, such as Facebook, more than once a day. 22% of teens check their pages more than 10 times a day. Even though there's an abundance of social networking sites, the top three, are Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Facebook overtook Myspace as the most popular networking site,

and Twitter is on the rise with its tweets. And now Facebook has been reported to be the third most popular video site, according to Nielsen's VideoCensus. Watch out YouTube, there's a new site rising. "I use all three but I like to use Facebook more since lot of my friends use it and Myspace is getting played out and Twitter is just kind of boring," Amanda Cruz said. However, only about 16% of Twitter users are under 25, so one doesn't find many of their friends tweeting about how their cat swallowed a sock or how they passed a level on Modern Warfare 2. But some teens find it fun that they can tweet to their favorite celebs. "Yeah I like how I can kind of react to things famous people tweet about, and I can connect with them and know that they're real people,"

Alexis Wrate said. And then the once dominant social Web site, Myspace, has been dropping down, with a 31% decrease of time spent on there. But for those who are still music-oriented, they remain loyal to Myspace. But Facebook is reigning as the most used social network Web site, with about 699% increase of time spent on Facebook. Teens are succumbing to the powerful draw of being able to connect with many friends, without the sparkly graphics. Now it is the battle between the three leading social networking sites. Is Facebook going to remain the top Web site? Is Twitter going to take the spot? Will Myspace going to claim its medal once again? Only time can tell.


THE ROAR | 12.15.09 SYDNEY RODRIGUERA, page editor

How Youtube stars use accounts and Internet stardom to make money and get ideas into the world SYDNEY RODRIGUERA entertainment editor


he Web site headline says “Youtube: Broadcast Yourself,” But as proven by many famous Youtubers, there is an infinite amount of things you can do with your account, such as raise money for your favorite charity, spread the word about a movement or organization, make tons of cash or promote yourself for a future career. Kevin Wu, also known as Kevjumba, is the popular vlogger who’s known for his videos on his Asian-American household and his rants about school. He uses his account, Jumbafund, to raise money for charities. Viewers can donate money to Jumbafund and vote on what organization they think the money should go to. This has inspired other users like Christine Gambito (HappySlip) to do the same and raise money for charity. Shane Dawson, though known for his risque blogs and skits, uses his account to boost his viewers’ self-esteem and promote positive thinking. Some of the past messages are: Be proud of your flaws, nobody’s perfect, everyone is born for a reason, and be thankful for whoever it was that raised you. As someone who had to lose 150 pounds, he convinces his viewers to never give up on their

goals and keep a positive look on everything. Nigahiga, the most subscribed Youtuber, uses his account to promote himself as an actor. He recently came out with an independent film called Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure. Even FRED, the fast talking tyke played by 16-yearold Lucas Cruikshank, is soon coming out with his own movie to promote his acting abilities. Though Dawson has no plans for a movie yet, he uses his account to promote himself as an actor. He plays almost all of the roles in his videos, showing off his strengths as a comedian. But the biggest craze with Youtubers is selling T-shirts promoting their sites. It’s one of the most popular and easy ways for them to make money. sells his shirts, sells this popular duo’s shirts and merchandise and FRED sells on and even at Hot Topic and F.Y.E stores across America. And some use company web sites to sell shirts and merchandise, such as “I got a FRED shirt from Hot Topic. I think it’s great that Youtubers can come out with their own line of clothing. And I love Fred. Lucas is mighty fine!” sophomore Christine Phan said. This goes to show that if you

have an idea or something to prove, Youtube is the perfect way to demonstrate that. It can be a huge business opportunity, a way to help people, monitarily or confidence-wise and a way to earn money. It gives everyone a chance to gain fame and achieve certain goals.

photos & artwork by Sydney Rodriguera

“I got a FRED shirt from Hot Topic. I think it’s great that Youtubers can come out with their own line of clothing.” - Christine Phan

inreview Which salsa is best? See how our reviewers ranked each salsa and tortilla chip in this special taste test

THE ROAR | 12.15.09 WHITNEY TEAGUE, page editor

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“Pace Picante was wonderful; it is the perfect dip for a party. Not too spicy and not too sweet, it has a great aftertaste. The flavor of the chips and salsa just stays in your mouth. It wasn’t too chunky, either; it had vegetables, but not too many. Unlike Herdez salsa, this was smoother and spicier overall. Herdez, on the other hand, wasn’t too tasty. If you like sweet, chunky vegetables and the smell of rotting food, then you may enjoy the Herdez salsa. When I smelled it, I immediately smelled sour salsa. Tasting it was next; it tasted sweet and not spicy at all. I would definitely recommend the Pace Picante if you are looking for a spicy party dip.” - Reema Patel

“I was reluctant to try Great Value Mild Chunky salsa, a Walmart brand, assuming it was bad because it was generic. It had lots of veggie chunks in it, with a thinner, almost waterlike sauce. It had an enticing peppery tomato aroma to it that smelled fresh, like a familyowned Mexican restaurant. It had a very interesting taste but wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked it to be. It reminded me of my trips to Chevy’s, when someone didn’t put enough zing in the salsa, but I always ate it anyway.” - Gabriella Forrest

I can honestly say that peach pineapple chipotle salsa is something I have never tasted before. It is sweet and fruity instead of hot and spicy. As soon as you open the lid you can smell the peach and the pineapple. The Walmart brand of this salsa definitely isn’t spicy, in fact it’s very sweet. Compared to other salsas, its not one of my favorite just because of the sweetness; however, if you like sweet food and you like sweet fruits then I recommend this salsa.” Brittaney Campbell

“Herdez mild salsa was more than mildly disappointing. With a bland taste similar to that of regular tomato sauce and not one kick of spice, the salsa was disappointing to all senses and simple not up to scratch. Herdez’s one redeeming quality was its slight chunky texture that was good for dipping. However, the downsides far outweighed this salsa’s attributes. Much like its lackluster taste, this salsa left no impression in the form of an after taste. Comparable to dull tomato paste, Herdez salsa is not something I would recommend. If you are a fan of the tasteless and substandard, then Herdez salsa is a smart buy.” - Katy Sams

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“Tostitos, one way to describe them are non-dip able. Triangular light chips. The lightness makes it so they break easily if too much salsa is on them. Also, because they are triangles makes it hard to fit into a smaller bowl to dip. The flavor well lets just say there is too much salt. It over powers the salsa dipped on them. If you like salty, non-dippable, too crunchy, chips, these chips are definitely for you.” - Rozlynn Foreman “Pace Picante has a variety of salsas on the market, and the medium was my personal favorite. It’s chunky and you can see the seeds and bell peppers. On a spiciness rating it’s about a 3, because it becomes hotter the more you eat it. After a bite, it is a little tingly on your tongue.” - Ceanna Richards

Photos by Whitney Teague

“El Pinto was very chunky but smooth. If you close your eyes you can smell the sweet, spicy aroma of tomato and green pepper. The aftertaste was spicy and kind of sweetish.” - Cory Sybrant

“The first brand of chips I tried was Mission tortilla strips. These chips were very crunchy and are recommended for those that want a nice crunch. Although those salt lovers out there will be a little disappointed because of the lack of salt with this chip. This chip has a strip formation which makes it easier to dip and way sturdier then a thin chip that everyone hates. The second brand of chips I tried was Tostitos. These chips were not crunchy, was lacking so much salt, and its ‘dip ability’ was pathetic. These chips are okay for just eating but please put them away when it comes to the parties. The third brand of chips I tried was Rosalind’s tortilla strips. These chips were practically the same as the Mission tortilla strips, although these chips were a little crunchier.” - Mason Hawkins “Pace Mild has just enough ingredients. It smells sweet and spicy, but not too hot, thick, and smooth...yet not too runny. You can smell and taste the peppers, onions and tomatoes. If you don’t know what salsa is best for you, then you’d love Pace mild it’s simple, but fulfilling. Great Value, in the mild chunky version, is also a simple salsa, yet it has no flavor except tomatoes. The salsa doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, so it’s very watery. It’s also bland, and barely has a spicy side; it’s extremely weak. If you like tomato juice, you’ll love Great Value Mild Chunky salsa. Newman Black Bean and Corn salsa is for those who have a wild harder side. It’s not runny or smooth; it’s very thick. And of course it smells and tastes like beans and corn. Peach Pineapple Chipotle by Great Value from Walmart is for those who like the “sweet and spicy” side of things. It has big chunks of pineapple and you can absolutely taste the peach, very flavorful. The aftertaste is spicy and hot! These are for those who are not afraid. If you like to do dares then these are these should be next on the list. Get the chips ready!” - Natasha Shtevnina

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