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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Officers Peggy Rich President

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin Bill Dickey Vice-President

Tim Sanders Secretary

Robby Pitts Treasurer

Julia Singletary Assistant Secretary

Dan Autry Assistant Treasurer

Members Hanna Buckley Sandra Hall Marty Haythorn Brad Jackson Nelray Lilly

Haile McCollum Perry Mustian Nadine Shepheard Paul Woody

Ex-officio Dr. Gary Bonvillian

Janice Faircloth

STAFF Michele Arwood Darcy Black Herbert Brinson Avery Canion Lori Everett

Bonnie Hayes Natalie Lacey Mary Oglesby Susan O’Neal Whitney Smith

Cover Art Big Pink Lily II by Ann Rhodes Address 600 East Washington Street Thomasville, Georgia 31792 Phone (229) 226 – 0588 Web Hours Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays during exhibits from: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Event and class times may differ from office hours.

April marks our third month as the new Center for the Arts and what an amazing time this has been! We thank you for your words of encouragement and generous support of our renewed vision. I am also thrilled to give a warm welcome to the 150 new or renewing members that have joined since January! As we began to breathe life into the upcoming exhibition season, we toyed with many themes. We found ourselves inspired by the simplicity and strength of the word BLOOM. It’s a call to change, a call to act, a call to create. And , it’s a lovely word. It speaks of renewal, energy, and hope and expresses what we are feeling in the halls of our beautiful building. At a time when arts organizations around our country are discouraged and fearful of their future, our Center is thriving on the little things that are strengthening us; daily doses of enthusiasm from children who are awed by ballerinas on pointe, adults who marvel at the art created by a high school cartoonist, men who are moved by the works of an artist who documented the struggle of war, and the love of artists who create just for the sake of sharing their art with others. These are moments that remind us why we do what we do. BLOOM. I had my own reason for wanting to choose this theme. In early February, two days after we unveiled our new look and marked the start of our 25th season, you would have found our halls very quiet at ten o’clock in the evening except for the creaking old floors and a somewhat spooky elevator that likes to groan. I sat for a long time in our reading nook realizing how simple it all really was. It’s a formula that could enliven even the sleepiest of organizations. Mix the courage to embrace change with decision, clarity, action, vision, and creativity. Make a plan. Hand it off to honest, enthusiastic, hardworking people and TADA…you have the makings of a blooming success. It’s been said that people who make a difference in this world commit to what “could be” before they know it’s possible. Our board decided to BLOOM rather than “stay tight in the bud”. I thank them for their courage and faith in our staff. I am honored to work alongside this group of people. They are remarkable people, breathing life into your Center for the Arts and doing their part to strengthen our community. More importantly, they have immense faith in themselves and others, a heart for Thomasville, and a true love of the arts. It’s spring! We’re going to BLOOM in full color and look forward to seeing what the next seasons bring. BLOOM. The exhibition opens April 14. Come join us. Meet the artists. Take a class. Enjoy a performance. Listen to a melody. Paint. Sing. Dance. Create. Enjoy what the arts do to elevate the everyday! Michele Michele Arwood Consulting Director

Spring Exhibition Opening

Wake Up with the Artists

Thursday, April 14, 2011 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Complimentary to Members and Friends

Friday, April 15, 2011 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Tickets $10

Featuring the work of Ann Rhodes, Elizabeth Barber and Nancy Everett RSVP by April 13

Join the artists for coffee and discussion: Creating an Artfully Balanced Life RSVP by April 13

Spring by Elizabeth Barber

Orchid Song by Nancy Everett

Grasses in the Lily Pond by Ann Rhodes

Ann Rhodes


April 14 - June 17th | Main Gallery Fed by nature’s light and color, Rhodes’ landscapes are primed with red underpainting reminiscent of her native Georgia clay. Celebratory landscapes are the focus of her work, reflecting the wattage of poppies in the field, to the whisper of lavender at dawn. Loose, broad brushstrokes and overlapping layers are her representation of the complexity of nature. Rhodes earned her Masters of Art at Georgia State University and her work has garnered her several awards. Her paintings of the land are specific to her travels and observations at home and abroad in Italy and France, as evidenced in her collections of orchards and rolling fields. Come travel the globe and experience the warmth and beauty of sand, soil, sea and sun as portrayed through Rhodes’ art.

Elizabeth Barber April 14 - June 17th | Library Gallery Mesmerizing to your mind, relaxing to your soul, Elizabeth Barber’s work freezes a single moment in time and blends it with soft colors to an abstracted ground. Her common thread that winds through it all, is her ability to capture a light source through its interaction with color. As a student of Massachusetts College of Art and Moore College of Art, her works draw upon an urban, organic vibe. Using nature as her subject matter, she provides a decadent ballet of movement and change. Barber’s work is represented in galleries all over the East Coast from Florida to New York.

Nancy Everett April 14 - June 17th | Hall Gallery, Second Floor Lush soft grass, flowers tipping gently in the breeze, the touch of the sun resting on your back…welcome to the world of Nancy Everett. Her impressionistic style of painting moves the viewer beyond the art – to that soothing place we all seek. Exploration of color remains her foremost focus. As a UGA student, she studied abroad in Corona, Italy. Through her oil and pastel work, Nancy continues her exploration of color in her luminous depiction of subject matter. Nancy, an Atlanta resident, has her art represented by the Arthouse in Buckhead and the Flint River Gallery in Newnan. An accomplished artist, she has been juried into over 30 regional and national shows.

WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS! Mr. and Mrs. Fred Allen Ms. Kay Attaway Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Balfour Mr. Robert C. Balfour, III Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Beaty Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Beverly Mr. and Mrs. Ken Beverly Mr. and Mrs. Max Beverly Dr. and Mrs. John A. Blackmon Dr. and Mrs. Gary Bonvillian Mr. and Mrs. Haywood W. Bower, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Bailey Brinson Mrs. Johnnye W. Bryant Mrs. Emily Bush Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bussom Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Byrne Ms. Rebecca Cannady Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Carnes Ms. Lisa M. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. York Carter Mr. and Mrs. Scott Chastain Mr. and Mrs. Cheney Ms. Dorothy S. Cobb Mrs. Barbara Cohenour Mrs. Patricia Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Cooper Ms. Joan Cox Mrs. Betty T. Cox Mr. Claude E. Crocker Ms. Colleen Curry Mr. Rich Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Claud Davis Mrs. Marthalene M. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Geoff Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. William M. Dickey Ms. Irene Dodge Mr. and Mrs. John Everett Mr. and Mrs. M. Tom Faircloth Mrs. Becky Felts Mrs. Denise Fenlon Mr. and Mrs. Howell Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Langdon S. Flowers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Garmon Ms. Tricia Garmon Mrs. Richard W. Garnett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Garrard Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gatlin Ms. Shannon Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason Mr. and Mrs. John L. Glenn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Golden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Griner Ms. Michelle Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Harmon Mrs. Edward Harrell Mrs. Colleen B. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Ike Hartsfield Mr. and Mrs. Jay Harvard Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Marty Haythorn Ms. Caroline H. Hearin Mr. D. Everett Herring Dr. and Mrs. Merrill Hicks Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Higginbotham Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Hodges, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Homyk Mrs. Gilbert W. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. C. Bradford Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Jefferson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Jinright, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Powell Jones Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Jones, Jr. Ms. Dale S. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Taylor C. Knapp Mr. A. William Krech Mrs. Henrietta O. Ladson Bill and Diane Lawson Ms. Margaret A. Levings Mrs. Jessie J. Lovano-Kerr Dr. Jean V. Marani Mr. Jack B. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mattila Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Ben McCollum Lorna & Elliot McCollum Mrs. Michael McCrickard Mr. and Mrs. David J. Middleton Mrs. F. R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Mooney, III Mrs. James R. Neill Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Newman Mr. and Mrs. Tod Nix Mr. Ben M. Ogle Mr. and Mrs. Ken O’Neal Mr. and Mrs. David Orr Mr. and Mrs. Albert Park Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Perry Ms. Susan Perry Mr. and Mrs. Dale Powell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pozo Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Quinif Mr. and Mrs. Len Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Rosch Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Rosenbury Teresa C. Sanders Mrs. Nancy Schmoe Ms. Sandra W. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Shea Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sheftall, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Cedric E. Shepheard Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sherman Ms. Gina H. Shumake Mr. and Mrs. Don Sims Mr. and Mrs. Bobby M. Smith Dr. and Mrs. James E. Smith Ms. Beverly B. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. William Sullivan Ms. Christianne B. Thomas Mrs. Wade Thomas Mr. and Mrs. James K. Thomas Ms. Deborah Thompson Mrs. Nancy B. Tillinghast Ms. Heather Todd Ms. Amber Vanderminden Mr. and Mrs H. Erik von Hellens Mrs. Janet M. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watt, III Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Watt, Sr. Mrs. Mercer P. Watt Mr. and Mrs. Brent Welch Mr. and Mrs. Zach Wheeler Mrs. John Wheeler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Wight, Jr. Mrs. Thomas L. Williams, III Rev. Burns Willis Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Zoller

BLOOM Spring Art Exhibit Opening April 14, 2011 Wake Up With the Artists April 15, 2011 TU Sundays at Four Concert Series April 17, 2011


90th Annual Rose Show and Festival April 21-24, 2011

SPRING PRODUCTION: TINKER BELL’S MAGICAL ADVENTURE Dance skills learned by South Georgia Ballet and South Georgia Performing Arts students culminate in a magical show featuring Peter Pan’s beloved fairy.

Art Outside the Box Art in the Park, Paradise Park April 23, 2011

Performance Times: Friday, June 3 - 7:00 p.m. Saturday, June 4 - 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. Sunday, June 5 - 2:00 p.m.

Southwest Georgia Community Orchestra Kick-Off Meeting April 26, 2011

Location: Thomasville Municipal Auditorium

Art After Dark The Bookshelf and Gallery May 6, 2011 TU Sundays at Four Concert Series May 4, 2011 Martinis and Monet May 12, 2011 Fridays at Noon May 13, 2011 Tickerbell’s Magical Adventure June 3, 4 and 5, 2011 Summer Art Exhibit Opening July 15, 2011 TOSAC’s High School Musical July 22, 23 and 24, 2011 Art After Dark The Bookshelf and Gallery August 5, 2011 Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival November 18, 19 and 20, 2011

Pebble Hill Sporting Art Gallery

Visit the Elisabeth Ireland Poe Gallery, second floor of the Pebble Hill main house, to view the family’s extensive collection of art from several major English sporting artists and all the major American sporting artists before 1950. For gallery hours, visit

To register visit or call 229.226.0588

Martinis & Monet

An Artful Foodie Fête Thursday, May 12

Stroll through the Center’s new courtyard garden while soaking in the soothing sounds of live music as you enjoy delicious fare paired with artful entertainment. Observe talented artists creating their own interpretations of Monet’s masterpieces en plein air, to be auctioned later in the evening. $50 per person Garden Party attire Tickets may be purchased online or 229-226-0588

To register visit or call 229.226.0588


May 30 – June 3 • Tuesday – Friday • 9:00 am – 12:00 noon Rising 5th graders – 12th graders

Enthusiastic musicians can hone their skills at our intensive strings camp. Students will get an introduction to theory, participate in chamber groups, explore the great composers and learn about sight reading, conduction and alternative styles, such as fiddle tunes. Instrument care and polishing will also be part of the class. The week will conclude with a class performance on Friday at 11:30 am. Class Fee: $50 Members $60 for non-members Enroll before May 1st for discount: ($40 for members, $50 for members)


June 20 - 24 • Monday – Friday • 9:00 am – 12:00 noon Ages 5 - 7 years old


Discover wonderful fairytales through dance. Your little dancer will meet classic fairytale characters, Alice, Snow White, and Cinderella and learn ballet basics, elementary tap and theatre jazz. Camp will include dance instruction, story time, dress up and craft time. The week will culminate with a show for family and friends on Friday at 11:30 am. Camp Fee: $85 for members and $99 for non-members


June 20 - 24 • Monday – Friday • 9:00 am – 12:00 noon 7-12 year old

Superstars will shine as they dance their way through the musical sensation soundtracks of High School Musical and Star Struck! They will kick up their heels to Disney classic movies like Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and The Princess and the Frog! Our Disney Dance Camp is their chance to explore multiple dance forms including jazz, tap, ballet and even hip hop. Class concludes with a dance performance for family and friends on Friday at 11:30 am. Camp fee: $85 for members and $99 for non-members


July 5 – 15 • Monday – Friday • 8:30 am – 5:30 pm 9 year olds and up

H.O.T. - Heart, Opportunity and Training. This program is for the serious dancer who wants extensive training during the summer. The schedule includes Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Partnering, Conditioning, Nutrition, and Dance History classes, with internationally acclaimed Russian dancer, choreographer Konstantin Kolotov and Arina Kolotov. Most students will dance for 5-6 hours a day. The workshop concludes with a showcase for all students, parents, and friends. Camp Fee: Register by 5/1/2011 $435/2 weeks $250/1 week After 5/1/2011 $485/2 weeks $300/1 week

To register visit or call 229.226.0588

IMAGINE THAT STUDIO PRESENTS CAMP OOEY-GOOEY: BOYS ONLY, NO GIRLS ALLOWED June 20 – 24 • Monday – Friday • 9:00 am – 12 noon Ages 5 – 11 years old

This camp is packed with activities, snacks and games that are all about squishy, sticky, and slimey stuff! Let your boy be a boy as he enjoys messy games including, Spell It or Eat It, Drip-Drip-Drop, Bucket Balance, Balloon Paint, Worms, Mud fishing, Water Gun Shoot Out, Shaving Cream Hairdo, Pudding Drop, Ooey-Gooey Scavenger Hunt. He’ll be as happy as a pig in mud! Camp fee: $100 for Center members $110 for non-members; discount for two or more members

IMAGINE THAT STUDIO PRESENTS THAT 70’S ART CAMP June 20 – 24 • Monday – Friday • 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Ages 5 – 11 years old

Art Camp is back at the Thomasville Center for the Arts, and this year it’s all about groovy, funky artistic fun! Far-out 70’s art and activities will include pop art, peace signs, macramé, tie-dye, pet rocks, soap on a rope, disco lessons, edible art and out-of-sight games. Need we say more? Remember what fun you had creating these things? Your kids can experience it too. Camp ends with an Out-Of-Sight Art display on Friday at 4:00 pm. Camp Fee: $100 for Center members and $110 for non-members; discount for two or more members

IMAGINE THAT STUDIO PRESENTS CAMP OOEY-GOOEY: COME ONE, COME ALL July 25 - 29 • Monday - Friday • 9:00 am – 12:00 noon Ages 5 - 11 years old

Just like our Boys Only, No Girls Allowed, this camp will be packed with activities, snacks and games that are all about squishy, sticky, and slimy stuff for your boys and your girls! Messy games will include, Spell It or Eat It, Drip-Drip-Drop, Bucket Balance, Balloon Paint, Worms, Mud fishing, Water Gun Shoot Out, Shaving Cream Hairdo, Pudding Drop, Ooey-Gooey Scavenger Hunt. They’ll be as happy as a pig in mud! Camp Fee: $100 for Center members $110 for non-members, discount for two or more members


July 18 - 22 • Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Ages 5 – 11 years old

If your child loves to be the center of attention, or you have a little drama King or Queen, this camp is for them. The camp will allow students to discover their talent for acting, singing, dancing, playwriting, set construction and painting, makeup design and theater tech. Each student who participates will be given the opportunity to perform as an ‘intra-act’ cast member in TOSAC’s production of Disney’s High School Musical during the weekend of July 22-24th. Acting on stage is a great way for young people to learn confidence, communication skills, as well as develop creativity and imagination. Camp will conclude Friday with a presentation of skills learned. Sign up now, space is limited to a maximum of 50 students. Camp fee: $85 for Center members and $99 for non-members

To register visit or call 229.226.0588




Students will enjoy drama, music and dance as they create characters and dramatize scenes. They will learn acting styles, scene work and theatre games as they prepare for the class performance.

TUESDAY 3:30 - 4:30 PM 3-D ART Come let your kids unleash their artistic side at the Center! During the school year, students ages kindergarten through 6th grade can discover the arts in classes such as theater, voice, and visual arts. There is something wonderful they can be a part of everyday. Class cost is $45 per month per class.

A practical hands-on class that is fun and sometimes fantastically messy! Students experience a new 3-D project weekly using traditional media in brand new ways and experimenting with unusual materials and fabrications.


This class is a non-auditioned and noncompetitive ensemble singing group designed to expose students to a variety of musical styles. No experience is necessary, but students need to come ready to sing.



Experience a hands-on journey through the styles, techniques and genres of famous artists such as Matisse, Monet, Rockwell, Warhol and Goya. Students will learn techniques in pencil, marker, tempera, watercolor, pastels, paper collage and plaster of paris.

Break free from the typical and step into Imagine That Studio. Seasoned teachers, Kim Thompson and Kyle Unglaub, inspire and enchant young minds in the Imagine That Studio. It’s a place where anything is possible with a bit of imagination! Book your child’s next birthday party or host a kid’s workshop and make it spectacular by calling 229.225.7855.

To register visit or call 229.226.0588

WORKSHOPS WHET YOUR PALETTE Thursdays - April 28, May 19, June 16

Bring your friends and a beverage for a fun-filled night of color, creativity & conversation while Robin Autry guides you on a stepby-step journey in creating your very own masterpiece. Classes are once a month and fill up fast. $25 per person, canvas and supplies provided.


Fridays - May 6, June 3, July 1 Browse into the Bookshelf and Gallery during Downtown Nights from 6:00 pm – 8:00 for a quick and fun night of creativity. Never the same class twice, the subject matter changes each month. Reserve your spot online prior to the class or to note subject matter. Class fee includes supplies and ranges from $15 to $35.

BEGINNING BODY ATTACK Wednesdays 5:15 – 6:15pm

This Les Mills® sports-inspired cardio workout is for building strength and stamina. It’s a high-energy interval training class combining athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Bring your water bottle and get ready to sweat. Free for YMCA Members.

Adults and children can learn the violin, viola, piano, guitar, voice or have theatre coaching with private or group lessons. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced student, join classes tailored to fit any schedule. Embark on a new you or perfect existing skills. Instructor bios are available online. Schedule by calling 226-0588 ext 101. Lessons $65 per month for members, $85 for non-members. Semi-private lessons available.

To register visit or call 229.226.0588



Facility Rental Information


There is no better place to hold your memorable event than the elegant and artistic Thomasville Center for the Arts! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the former East Side School, built in 1925, offers grand style to any event. Its high ceilings, hardwood floors and neoclassical details make this a unique party event venue. From weddings and receptions to re-unions and dinner parties, the Center for the Arts provides the perfect space and background for any occasion. Large picturesque windows stretch up to the ceiling while art fills the walls of our galleries providing your guests room to move and be moved. Listen to music while you dine or stage your own show with our on-site baby grand piano. Our fully equipped kitchen is connected to our main gallery/reception room, so set up and clean up are a breeze. The Center can accommodate a wide variety of functions from large theater performances to board meetings. Speaking of performances, the Center houses an elegant auditorium with seating for 500, complete with stage lighting and sound system. Grand yet intimate, the auditorium gives patrons a closer than life feel to the performers. While those backstage enjoy brightly lit dressing rooms and plentiful counter space. The Center for the Arts can accommodate any event you can imagine at an affordable price. Let your next party or soiree be at the Center!


Here’s to the next 25 years!

VOLUNTEERS AND SUPPORTERS M.H. Allen The Arwood Family The Bookshelf and Gallery Ray Boone Chastain Landscaping City of Thomasville CNS Rich Curtis Downtown Mainstreet Georgia Council for the Arts Dr. Ben Grace Grassroots Construction Michael Gregg Sandra Hall Jason Kantner Photography + design Liams Restaurant Robert and Natalie Lacey Marks Greenhouses Nursery and Landscaping Hananel Mavity Haile McCollum

National Endowment for the Arts Jaime Oglesby Diane Parker The Plaza Ring Party Rental Rose City Liquors Russell Turner’s Weekend Furniture Bargains Julia Singletary Skyline Graphics Carey Sewell St. Thomas Episcopal Church Suzette Stilley TCA Board Members and Family Thomas County Central High School Thomas University Art Students Thomasville Entertainment Foundation Thomasville Times Enterprise TOSCOGA Marketplace Utrecht Vital Signs


Thank you to the beautiful ballet performers, musicians, parent volunteers and South Georgia Ballet staff for Ribbons and Strings and Evening of Music, Dance and Art. It was truly an elegant and enchanting evening!

A special note of thanks to our friends who together purchased the ipod docks that now make our classrooms sing.


After 25 years of supporting the Center, a simple “Thank you” is not enough. Without the generous help of our volunteers, sponsors, and partners, our presence in our community would not be possible. We wish to thank everyone who continues to underwrite and elevate the arts in our area.


Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Ackerman Miss Megan Allen Mrs. Penny G. Anderson Ms. Mary Apple & Mr. Steve Rollin Mr. Julius F. Ariail Mr. & Mrs. Ron Arline Mr. & Mrs. William C. Arwood III Dr. & Mrs. William Arwood, Jr. Mr. Richard B. Atkinson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Autry Mr. & Mrs. William H. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Balfour Mr. Robert C. Balfour, III Ms. Barbara Balzer Mr. Stan Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Scott Barrow Dr. & Mrs. Karl S. Barton Ms. Ann H. Baumer Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Beaty Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Bellamy Mr. & Mrs. Rodney E. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Beverly Mr. & Mrs. Ken Beverly Dr. & Mrs. John A. Blackmon Drs. Mark S. & Carina Blackmore Mr. & Mrs. Neal F. Bonn Dr. & Mrs. Gary Bonvillian Mrs. Samuel L. Boykins Ms. Becky Bracey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brewster Mr. J. Clayton Bright Mrs. Janie Brock Mr. & Mrs. John A. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Lumis Brown Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Bryan, Jr. Ms. Jacqueline R. Bryant Mrs. Johnnye W. Bryant Ms. Ruby G. Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Buckley Mr. Fred Burton Mr. & Mrs. Justin Calhoun Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Callaway, III Ms. Catherine O. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Roy Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Clifford S. Campbell, Jr. Ms. Rebecca Cannady Ms. Jessica Cannon Dr. & Mrs. James M. Carico Ms. Anna C. Carlton Dr. & Mrs. Neil G. Carn Mr. & Mrs. John Carr Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Carraway Dr. & Mrs. N. Thomas Carstens Dr. & Mrs. John J. Cascone Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Chapin, III Mr. & Mrs. Curtis B. Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Wade Chapman Ms. Charlotte S. Chastain Mr. & Mrs. Russell P. Chubb Ms. Alicia R. Civitello Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Clark Mrs. Herschel Clay Mr. & Mrs. Neil Clements Mrs. Barbara Cohenour Mrs. Patricia Coleman Mrs. Kenneth Colson Ms. Hollie Cone Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cook Drs. Annie L. McElroy & Gary E. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Mark Copeland Ms. Julia Coram Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cordista Mr. & Mrs. Burton M. Courtney Ms. Joan Cox Mr. & Mrs. Jason Crawford Mr. Claude E. Crocker Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Crocker Ms. Annette Crosby Ms. Jessica Culver Ms. Colleen Curry Ms. Jane K. Davis Mrs. Marthalene M. Davis Mr. Ellis P. Davis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Davis, Jr. Mrs. N. Rone Deas Mr. & Mrs. George E. Deese Dr. & Mrs. Geoff Deutsch Ms. Sandra D. Dollar Mr. & Mrs. Craig Dowdy Mr. Robert R. Duncan Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Dunnam Ms. Shirley J. Dyal Mr. & Mrs. Nic Eaton Mr. Clyde L. Edwards Mrs. Leroy B. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Elam, III Mr. Larry C. Elshoff Mr. Ronald R. Ernst Mr. & Mrs. M. Tom Faircloth

Ms. Betty Jo Farris Mr. John Felton Mrs. Denise Fenlon Mr. & Mrs. Neil Fennell Ms. Rosemary S. Ferguson Ms. Linda Fiddie Mr. & Mrs. Bob Fincher Mrs. Judy Findley Ms. Joan F. Finger Mr. & Mrs. Chad Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. John H. Flowers Ms. Margaret Anne Flowers Mr. & Mrs. J. Andrew Folsom Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Fryar Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Fuchs Ms. Linda L. Fullerton Mr. & Mrs. Joe Garmon Ms. Tricia Garmon Mr. & Mrs. Warren Garrard Ms. Jean Eaton Gay Ms. Dorothy F. Gibson Mr. & Mrs. John Giles Ms. Emily Glaccum Ms. Amy Glasure Mr. & Mrs. Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Jeff M. Golden, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Goodman Ms. Regina Gossett Dr. Ben Grace Ms. LaQuesha Green Dr. & Mrs. Jason E. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Julian Griffin Dr. & Mrs. Edward L. Hall Mr. & Mrs. C. Jay Hamilton Ms. Margaret Hamilton Ms. Charlotte Hancock Mr. Daniel Hanifan Mrs. Edward Harrell Mrs. Colleen B. Harris Ms. Barbara Harrison Ms. April Hart Mr. Charles Hartman Mr. & Mrs. Jay Harvard Mr. & Mrs. L. Bryant Harvard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dave Harvey Ms. Elizabeth Ann Harvey Mr. & Mrs. R&y Harvey Mrs. Harriet W. Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Danny Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Marty Haythorn Ms. Caroline H. Hearin Dr. & Mrs. Rudolf J. Hehn Mr. Fred Heivilin Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Henderson Mr. Michael N. Herndon Mr. D. Everett Herring Mr. & Mrs. R. Fred Hester Dr. & Mrs. Merrill Hicks Ms. Julia Hickson Dr. & Mrs. A. P. Higginbotham Mr. & Mrs. John K. Higgins, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. D. Vincent Hill, Sr. Mr. Walter Hobbs Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hodges Dr. & Mrs. C. H. Hodges, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hollifield Mrs. Leila B. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Hooker Mr. John E. Houser Mr. & Mrs. J. Sloan Howard Mr. & Mrs. Terrance I. Howell Mr. & Mrs. Huddleston Ms. Jane Hughes Ms. Stefanie D. Huguet Mr. Bill Humphries Ms. Candace Humphries Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hunnewell Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hurst Mrs. Rocky Ivey Mr. & Mrs. C. Bradford Jackson Ms. Sarah Gibson Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Jefferson Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Jinright, Sr. Ms. Barbera Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Joe B. Johnson Mrs. Nancy J. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jones Ms. Lisa Jones Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Todd Jones Mr. & Mrs. William Powell Jones Mr. Harry T. Jones, III Mr. & Mrs. Harry T. Jones, Jr. The Kate Ireland Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kelly Dr. & Mrs. Rick Kerensky

Mrs. Kathleen Ketterer Ms. Michelle Kimbler Ms. Jeri Ann King Dr. & Mrs. William B. King Mr. & Mrs. Taylor C. Knapp Ms. Mary A. Krier Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Lacey Ms. Jane C. Langford Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Lanigan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wayne Lawson Mr. & Mrs. J. Philip Leabo, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Legette Ms. Margaret Levings Drs. Len Lichtenfeld & Sandra Reed Judge & Mrs. Roy M. Lilly Mr. S. Dean Little Mr. & Mrs. Allen Longstreet Ms. Kimberly Luke Mr. & Mrs. Jack K. Luttrell Mr. & Mrs. G. Danny MacQuirter Ms. Shannon Magbalon Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Maggitas Ms. Gloria Mani Dr. Jean V. Marani Mrs. Brenda B. Martin Mr. Jack B. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Joey Martin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Martin Mr. & Mrs. Heywood Mason Mr. & Mrs. Dale Mattila Mrs. Robert B. Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. Larry May Mrs. William McCollum Ms. Ruth McCranie Ms. Susan A. McCranie Mrs. Michael McCrickard Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. McKinnon, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Douglas McPherson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Mediate Ms. Helena Meek Ms. Jacqueline Meeks Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Merschman Ms. Constance Mims Middleton Mr. & Mrs. David J. Middleton Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Milberg Dr. & Mrs. Robert Miles, Jr. Mrs. F. R. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Chris Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Dale Mills Rev. Nancy T. Mills Dr. Oscar M. Mims Ms. Mariam Mirabzadeh Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Mooney, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moore Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mulford Mr. & Mrs. Mike Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Grady Murray Mr. Steve L. Musgrove Mr. & Mrs. John Perry Mustian Ms. Judith A. Nable Ms. Leslie Puckett & Mr. Steven S. Neale Dr. & Mrs. Julian Neel Mrs. James R. Neill Mr. Stewart Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler Newman Mrs. Diane Gibson Newsome Ms. Deane Norwood Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Novak, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Nudd Mr. Ben M. Ogle Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Oglesby Mr. Jamie W. Oglesby, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Oldham Charles D. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Overman Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Owens Ms. Ursula Page Ms. Brenda M. Palmer Dr. & Mrs. Homer R. Pankey Mrs. D. Williams Parker Mr. & Mrs. J. Mark Parker Mr. & Mrs. Joe Parker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Parker Ms. Susan K. Peacock Mrs. Romi M. Perkins Ms. Susan Perry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Perry Ms. Laura S. Pike Mr. & Mrs. Robby L. Pitts Mrs. Donalee pond-Koenig Mr. & Mrs. David Poole Mr. & Mrs. Len Powell Mr. & Mrs. Dale Ron Powell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dale Powell, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Quinif Dr. & Mrs. Joel Quinones Mr. & Mrs. Keith Raffield Ms. Chelsea L. Ragan

Mr. Bill Raiford Mr. & Mrs. Bill Raney Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rawlings Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Rebman Mr. & Mrs. Todd Redfearn Mr. David L. Reissener Mr. & Mrs. Randy Rhea Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rich Mrs. David Rigsby Mrs. Jocelyn Rivard Ms. Jeanette Rivers Ms. Margarett W. Roddenbery Ms. Evelyna Rogers Mrs. Mary Jane Rose Mr. & Mrs. Tim F. Rounds Ms. Patricia Ruip Drs. Neil & Amy Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Salter Mr. James P. Sampson Mr. D. Wayne Sanford Dr. & Mrs. Raul Santos Mr. & Mrs. R. Allen Sawyer Mrs. Janet M. Schmidt Mrs. Nancy Schmoe Mr. & Mrs. David C. Scott Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Shea Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Don Sims Mr. & Mrs. Larry F. Singletary Mrs. Robert B. Singletary Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Singletary, Jr. Dr. Ruth Sisson Dr. D. Terry Smith Mrs. Franklin I. Smith Dr. & Mrs. James E. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Smith Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Smith Ms. Ling So Ms. Marnie Sobrado Ms. Catrina Spence Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Spence Ms. Beverly B. Spencer Ms. Jean M. Sprague Mr. & Mrs. Richard Squires Ms. Katie R. Stephens Ms. Barbara McBride Sterling Mr. & Mrs. Al Stone Mr. & Mrs. William Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Brad Swan Dr. & Mrs. Brian Szwarc Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Taber Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Taylor Mr. & Mrs. James A. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. James K. Thomas Mrs. Wade Thomas Dr. Gary Bonvillian, Thomas University Thomasville Landmarks, Inc. Ms. Deborah Thompson Dr. & Mrs. W. Woodrow Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Thriffiley, Jr. Mrs. Nancy B. Tillinghast Mrs. Margaret R. Trammell Ms. Mary Urquhart Ms. Linda M. Van Beck Ms. Amber Vanderminden Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Vann Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Vann Mr. & Mrs H. Erik von Hellens Mrs. Elizabeth Wade Mr. Walter Wager Mrs. Janet M. Walker Mr. & Mrs. William H. Walton Mr. & Mrs. Michael Washington Mrs. Mercer P. Watt Mr. & Mrs. Wylie Watt, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Watt, III Mr. & Mrs. Wylie Watt, Jr. Mr. Michael E. West Mr. & Mrs. John Wheeler, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Zach Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Carlton H. White Mr. & Mrs. John Wight, Jr. Mrs. Charlotte Williams Ms. Cynthia Williams Mrs. Frank E. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Zack T. Williams Mrs. Thomas L. Williams, III Mr. Charles Willis Mr. & Mrs. Wesley A. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. William Wimberly Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Winn Dr. & Mrs. Robin Wise Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wood Mr. & Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III Mr. & Mrs. Paul Woody Mrs. Ken Wright Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Young Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Zoller

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