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9/11/11 8:10:25 PM

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Officers Peggy Rich President

Perry Mustian Vice-President

Tim Sanders Secretary

Paul Woody Treasurer

Julia Singletary Assistant Secretary

Robby Pitts Assistant Treasurer

Members Joel Barrett Hanna Buckley Sandra Hall Marty Haythorn Brad Jackson Ex-officio Dr. Gary Bonvillian

Nelray Lilly Haile McCollum Nadine Shepheard Krista Watkins

Janice Faircloth Beckey Malphus, DVM

STAFF Michele Arwood Executive Director

Natalie Lacey Adult Program Director

Darcy Black Event Coordinator

Darlene Mathis Education Coordinator

Herbert Brinson Facilities Director

Mary Oglesby Education & Outreach Director

Avery Canion Facilities Coordinator

Susan O’Neal Director of Administration

Lori Everett Director of Special Events

Whitney Smith Marketing Coordinator

Bonnie Hayes Marketing Director 600 East Washington Street Thomasville, Georgia 31792 229.226.0588 Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Event and class times may differ from office hours. On the Cover: “Make Me Laugh”, human-form clay sculpture by Barbara Balzer. On exhibit at Thomasville Center for the Arts in the Library Gallery. Photography by Abby Caroline Mims

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9/11/11 8:10:26 PM

“For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.” ~Edwin Way Teale Lately is seems every second someone is asking me a question. Big ones, little ones, quick ones, and generally I can offer a nice, clear answer and make way for the next one. However, last week, one question caused me to pause longer than usual and it still has me spinning a bit. It was an “easy” one that I have answered a hundred times over the last year. “Why do the arts matter?” Usually if you ask me this question, I might encourage you to take a seat and get comfy because it’s going to take me some time to get through the thousand and one reasons why the arts matter. But this time, it was different. My pause was way too long and my answer seriously vague. The friend asking me the question looked at me with blank eyes and a tight grin, and I knew then that I had missed the mark. I didn’t give her an answer she could relate to so I lost her. I walked away, stunned at my miss, and feeling like I had let her and our community down. And then I asked myself a question “why was that question so hard to answer this time”? And my answer to myself was immediate “because my perspective on the arts has changed more than I could have ever imagined and I simply don’t have the right words to express it yet.” Why? Because over the last year, I’ve connected personally to the arts on a much deeper level, mostly by bearing witness to how the arts change lives and by watching the joy that comes to others when they create. Suddenly, the arts feel very important to me. It’s a desperate feeling because I know how much they really do matter to the quality of our daily life. Not because of the statistics that point to brighter children who become more productive adults, not because of the compelling numbers that illustrate the $2.3 million impact the Center has on our local economy, not because of the power of the arts to create a creative workforce to ensure a stronger future for our country, and not because we know that our world would be a big blank slate without the beauty that comes from the arts. No, I believe the arts matter because by engaging in them, we learn more about ourselves and ultimately one another. When we connect with one another, there a no limits to what we can do together. Fall is the time to gather together. This season we invite you to join us as we Fall for the Arts. Whatever that might mean to you. Fall for the work of a new artist, fall for a new filmmaker, fall for jewelry making or digital design. Fall for ballet or literature. Just simply allow yourself to fall. There are so many things happening at the Center! September 23 marks the beginning of the fall season, and by design, marks the opening of our newest exhibition, FLAUNT: 25, which features 25 artists in 25 places for 25 days to commemorate our 25th anniversary in the East Side School building. We’ve also partnered with South Arts to bring to town Independent Filmmakers for a six month journey through the art of film. October is National Arts and Humanities month and we hope you will join us, along with Americans for the Arts, as we host Creative Conversations. This grassroots event is designed to bring emerging community leaders and thought leaders together, to elevate the profile of the arts in our community. In November, you can count on a spectacular Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival that is bigger than ever with the works of over 74 of the best sporting and wildlife artists our country has to offer. On top of that, we’re unveiling a new adult artist studio and introducing several new classes for children. So go ahead, ask me the question when you see me. “Why do the arts matter?”. I’m ready this time. After I answer the question, I’ll then tell you that I have this vision of an entire community that has completely fallen for the arts and together created a wonderful place for our children and grandchildren to experience a rich and meaningful life right here in Thomasville, Georgia.

Michele Arwood Executive Director

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Carrie Anne Baade Oil Tallahassee, FL At Sweet Grass Dairy

Kay Cromartie Watercolor Thomasville, GA At Bella Woods Café

Maureen Egan Harrer Oil Thomasville, GA At Jerger Jewelers

Debra A. Brienen Acrylic Tallahassee, FL At Firefly

Rich Curtis Media on Wood Thomasville, GA At Limelight

Lindajo Haythorn Acrylic Thomasville, GA At Rayann’s Christian Bookstore

Randy Brienen Acrylic Tallahassee, FL At Savannah Moon Bakery & Café

Tracy Foutz-Hunt Watercolor Cairo, GA At Izzo’s Soda Fountain

Tracee Fortner Hodges Acrylic Thomasville, GA At Relish

Alice Cappa Woven Wearables Monticello, FL At The Gift Shop

Marguerite Foxon Photography Tallahassee, FL At Mode

Cindy Inman Watercolor Thomasville, GA At Kevin’s

Anda Chance Color Pencil Tallahassee, FL AT Toscoga Marketplace

Daniel Hanifan Acrylic on Wood Quitman, GA At Grassroots Coffee

Nan Liu Oil Tallahassee, FL At Al Dixon’s

9/11/11 8:10:33 PM

Opening Reception for Center Members & Artists Friday, Sept. 23 • 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. • The Rug Gallery • 102 E. Jackson Street

Public Exhibition Opening • Art Walk • Silent Auction Friday, September 23 • 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. & Saturday, September 24 • 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Darlene Crosby Mathis Metal Ochlocknee, GA At Trolley’s Designer Fabrics

Lori Rask Photography Cairo, GA At Lavish Apothecary Boutique

Roxanne McGinniss Glass Tallahassee, FL At Coffee Interiors

Cheryl Sattler Glass Quincy, FL At Kres Jewelers

Audrey Peaty Watercolor Tallahassee, FL At At Home

Sandi Shaw Mixed Media Boston, GA At Nest

Barbara Balzer

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Danny Pietrodangelo Photography Tallahassee, FL At Ally B Boutique

Suzanna Winton Watercolor Thomasville, GA At Hick’s Clothing

donnalee pondKoenig Acrylic Tallahassee, FL At Kathy’s

Katie Yates Oil Tallahassee, FL AT The Bookshelf and Gallery

Center’s Library Gallery Sept. 25 - Oct. 17

View the intriguing collection of human-form clay sculpture from national award-winning artist, Barbara Balzer. Best of Show winner, 2010 Summer Showcase and recipient of two State of Florida Artist Enhancement Grants, her figurative sculpture is displayed in several prominent fine art galleries throughout the southeast. A studio artist residing in Tallahassee, she continues her struggle with the human form, always in service of an idea.

9/11/11 8:10:41 PM


One woman recounts when she and her sweetheart became conspirators in the final plot to assassinate Hitler.


Craving a road trip? World’s Largest, pays tribute to all those giant roadside attractions distinguishing small towns off the beaten path.


An animated romantic comedy, told in the style of a graphic novel about three astronauts on the fictitious first manned mission to Mars.


This film is a story of disaffected New York City youths told through dance, urban backdrops and an evocative jazz score.


The remarkable story of one woman who followed her dreams to bring back the lost language of the Wampanoag Indians.


Based on actual events, the film loosely recreates the story of a teenage Georgia boy who stumbles upon the sickening truth behind the local crematorium.

For tickets visit or call 229.226.0588

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9/11/11 8:10:44 PM

Celebrating16SensationalYears! The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival has become one of America’s premier wildlife and sporting arts festivals. The Festival brings sculptors, painters, photographers, jewelers, carvers and master crafters together in Thomasville, Georgia to share their love of the outdoors.

FeaturedPainter John Seerey-Lester John Seerey-Lester, is one of the most distinguished wildlife and landscape artists today. His art hangs in the White House as well as museum collections throughout the world.

FeaturedSculptor Karryl Karryl, known for her monumental sculptures adorning parks, museums, and many private homes, is one of the most original sculptors in her field.

Early Find by John Seerey-Lester

SixteenthAnnual Have a ball at the Bird Dog Bash! Saturday, November 19 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., it’s your chance to mingle with artists and bid on original work created earlier that day in the Super Sculpt and Quick Draw competition.

November 18, 19 and 20, 2011

Visit or call (229) 226-0588 Proceeds benefit the Thomasville Center for the Arts

For tickets or call 229.226.0588

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THOMASVILLE ENTERTAINMENT FOUNDATION Thomasville Entertainment Foundation, founded in 1937, presents an annual concert series of internationally acclaimed artists and ensembles in our 500-seat auditorium. Visit or call 229.226.7404 for tickets and concert information. Chanticleer Thursday, October 6 at 8:00 p.m.

Masters of the Fiddle Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy Thursday, October 27 at 8:00 p.m.

“Tschaikowski” St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra Tuesday, January 19 at 8:00 p.m.

Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

American Chamber Players Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

Tonic Sol-fa Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

9/11/11 8:11:00 PM


CONCERT SERIES Arts for the Community at Thomasville University presents a series featuring local and regional artists of a variety of genres. Performances are held at the Thomasville Center for the Arts and local churches. For more information call 229.227.6964 or email September 11 - Remembrance of 9/11- The Center’s Auditorium October 9 - Chamber Music - Trinity Anglican November 6 - Americana-Vaudeville Show - The Center’s Auditorium December 4 - Thomasville Singers - TBD January 15 - January Jazz - The Center’s Auditorium


In cooperation with South Georgia Performing Arts, South Georgia Ballet offers many performances for the community throughout the year, in addition to advanced training for serious dance students. Visit or call 229.378.2787 for more information. The Nutcracker

School Exhibition Opening Brookwood & Thomasville Christian September 12, 2011 FLAUNT: 25 Exhibition Opening September 23, 2011 TEF Chanticleer October 6, 2011 ACTU Chamber Music October 9, 2011 Creative Conversations October 20, 2011 TEF Masters of the Fiddle October 27, 2011 TOSAC An Evening of Poe TOSAC’s Downtown Theater October 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30 ACTU Americana -Vaudeville Show November 6, 2011 Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival November 18, 19 and 20

Unwrap the magic of Christmas with South Georgia Ballet’s 14th performance of Tchaikovsky’s classic, The Nutcracker. Staged, choreographed and directed by SGB founder and Artistic Director Alison Bundrick, this performance will be held Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th at the Thomasville Municipal Auditorium.

The Nutcracker Thomasville Municipal Auditorium November 25 and 26, 2011

Jingle All the Way

SGB Jingle All the Way Thomasville Municipal Auditorium December 9, 2011

Catch the Christmas spirit with this rousing tap and jazz revue. Jingle All the Way, a Victorian Christmas event, will be held Friday, December 9 at the Thomasville Municipal Auditorium. Come enjoy this 30 minute show of toe tapping holiday selections!

A Night in New Orleans In conjunction with Thomasville Center for the Arts, South Georgia Ballet presents A Night in New Orleans on Saturday, January 21 at Thomasville Center for the Arts. This unique performance offers a variety of musical and dance performances with live accompaniment. Guests will also be treated to a gallery reception before the performance with educational lecture demonstrations.

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ACTU Thomasville Singers Performance December 4, 2011

Christmas at the Center December 10, 2011 ACTU January Jazz January 15, 2011 TEF “Tschaikowski” St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra January 19, 2011 SGB A Night in New Orleans January 21, 2011

9/11/11 8:11:04 PM

WHET YOUR PALETTE 3rd Thursday of Each Month Thomasville Center for the Arts

A relaxed and creative new alternative to the standard night out. Bring your friends and your favorite beverage as you follow instructor, Robin Autrey, on a step-by-step journey to creating your very own work of art. Class fee is $25, supplies included. Every class introduces a new theme and skill: September 15 - Bring a touch of Asian influence to your interior as you learn to paint Japanese koi. The technique utilizes simple lines, beautiful colors and graceful brush movements. October 20 - Inspired by nature’s beauty, you will artistically capture the vibrant hues of autumn leaves on canvas.


November 17 - Celebrating Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival, learn to paint the “sporting life”. Bring your own photo of a favorite dog or horse to use as your subject.

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January 19 - Silent, calm, and more than just white, paint your own snowy winter scene.


Share your passion for bringing art into everyday life! Being a member of the Thomasville Center for the Arts allows you to have access to enriching programs such as the new Artist Collective. The mission of the Artist Collective is to connect local artists in meaningful ways. An “artist only” location on our web site will be launched early 2012. Here you will be able to chat with other artists and share creative ideas and resources. A professional artists group will also be formed within the Artist Collective and be given the opportunity to showcase and sell their works of art, participate in public art projects, as well as have the opportunity to become artists in residence. To become a member of the Artist Collective, submit your name, medium, contact information and annual $20 fee to

To register visit or call 229.226.0588

9/11/11 8:11:07 PM

ART AFTER DARK 1st Friday of Each Month The Bookshelf and Gallery

A quick, fun foray in art! Drop by The Bookshelf and Gallery on the first Friday of each month to discover a new art skill. Class fees range from $15 to $35, supplies included. September 2 - Render Your Home October 7 - Clay Modeling November 4 - Sketch Your Pet December 2 - Design A Wreath

ADULT MUSIC LESSONS Think you’re too old to start music lessons? Never! Why not learn to play the guitar or violin? Or become a singing sensation. Adults can learn piano, guitar, banjo, violin, viola, woodwinds, or take voice lessons with Music Lessons Express, the Center’s newest partner. Private or group lessons are arranged around your schedule, so don’t waste another day. Call or visit our website to embark on your musical journey.


Join the growing group of artists learning the skill of rag-quilting from instructor Cindy Harris. During the 2 day intensive, you will begin with the basic concept of the quilt’s construction, and then on day two you will master techniques that will finish your project, creating a quilt you will cherish. Location: Studio 209, 209 W. Remington Avenue Friday, September 30, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday, October 1, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon $45 class fee includes both days of instruction and materials. Bring your own sewing machine or use one of ours.


Spend an educational morning taking captivating downtown photos and picking up tricks of the trade with photographer and FLAUNT: 25 artist, Danny Pietrodangelo. Bring your digital camera and wear comfy shoes. Location: Studio 209, 209 W. Remington Avenue Saturday, October 29, 9:30am – 12:30pm $35 class fee.

To register visit or call 229.226.0588

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3-D ART TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY 3:30 - 5:00 PM Discover who you are and the places you’ll go through three dimensional art projects inspired by Dr. Seuss. Students will be sculpting as well as creating prop and stage designs for the combined stage performance.


Ages 5 -12 • $45 a Month Per Class August 8th – December 16th

Children will experience the wonders of Seuss through sight, sound and movement in Drama, Studio Art, Vocal Imagination and 3D Art classes! Fall into the world of Dr. Seuss through six beloved stories. Each class works together to produce an end of semester performance, highlighting their new skills on Tuesday, December 13.


THEATER ARTS MONDAY 3:30 - 5:00 PM Through spoken word and pantomime, students will bring Dr. Suess’ works to life and onto the stage. Students will learn to interpret the written word as they undergo a crash course in physical acting, vocal technique, stage presence, improvisation, theatrical staging and other key aspects of stage performance.

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VOCAL IMAGINATION WEDNESDAY 3:30 - 5:00 PM Students will awaken their singing voice and learn the craft of melody writing, rapping, and piano and percussive composition. Students will also learn stage etiquette and simple choreography. Songs for the final performance include the works of Ahrens and Flaherty, as well as original works created by Vocal Imagination students themselves! STUDIO ART THURSDAY 3:30 - 5:00 PM Discover the “Things You Can Thinks” through a series of self-portraits and creative journaling, including two dimensional costume design. The class will conclude with an exhibition to compliment the stage performance.

To register visit or call 229.226.0588

9/11/11 8:11:14 PM


Spin the Wheel of Wonder, try something ooey gooey, or host your own delightful tea party. Anything is possible with a little imagination! Imagine That Studios transforms ordinary birthday parties into extraordinary fun! Book your child’s party or host a kids-only workshop, and let seasoned teachers, Kim Thompson and Kyle Unglaub do all the entertaining. Join them for a “spooktaular” good time during Halloween Hootenanny, Saturday, Oct. 29 from 10:00 a.m. – Noon. Cost $35 per child. Register today, or find out more about Imagine That Studios online.


Offering the best instruction in ballet, pointe, tap, and jazz, South Georgia Performing Arts is currently enrolling new students of all ages. Girls 18 months to age 3 can be a part of Toddlers & Tutus, the newest class added to SGPA’s lineup. SGPA is proud to announce its two talented new dance instructors, Melissa June and Ashley DeZeeuw Adams, who recently joined the SGPA staff. Lean more about SGPA’s dance classes and upcoming recitals on the TCA website.

Super Saturdays at the Center


Has your child wanted to learn the violin? How about rock out with a garage band? The Center’s newest program partner, Music Lessons Express, is now offering private and group music and voice lessons for children and adults. Classes are offered at the Center, Monday through Friday from 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. for guitar, piano, strings, voice, and garage band. Call today or visit to learn more about the instructors or to register for lessons.

FREE SATURDAY WORKSHOP Saturday, September 24 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Downtown Thomasville ART OUTSIDE THE BOX - INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO Instrument Demonstrations on piano, guitar, violin and percussion each hour, courtesy of Music Lessons Express. Drop your name in a drawing for one free month of music lessons.

To register visit or call 229.226.0588

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9/11/11 8:11:15 PM

IN THE BUILDING Bringing life to the building, Thomasville City School students are now taking their art, strings, and dance classes at Thomasville Center for the Arts. In partnership with the city school system, the Center provides the creative space to help these active students complete their academic credits. Come see how wonderfully busy the Center has become!



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ArtReach Five different live theater productions will take place at Thomasville Center for the Arts this year for students Pre-K to High School. Each show is specifically geared towards certain grade levels and Georgia performance standards to enhance arts education. Thomasville Center for the Arts’ ArtReach Program is made possible with support from the Williams Family Foundation, Comfort Inns and Georgia Council for the Arts. This Year’s Performances: Pre K & K - Drumming Up the Stories Grades 1 to 3 - What A Character Grades 9 to 12 - Poetry Alive Grades 4 & 5 - Turn Homeward Hannalee Grades 6 to 8 - Suspenseful Stories of African American Folklore One Act Showcase October 19 - 5:30 p.m. Local High School students present their One Act Performances to the community. Come see these amazing students and support our local schools. School Exhibitions Visit our downstairs Student Gallery to view the art of local student artists. Each area school has the opportunity to showcase the work of their best young talent once a year and encourage participation in the visual arts. Sept. 12 - Oct. 21 - Brookwood and Thomasville Christian School (K-8th) Jan. 9 - Feb. 17 - Hand-In-Hand, Garrison, Cross Creek and TCMS (K-8th March 5 - 30 - THS, TCCHS, and Brookwood (9-12th) April 9 - May 11 - Jerger, Harper, Scott, MacIntyre Park and Scholars Academy (K-8)

IN THE COMMUNITY Thomasville Community Resource Center Fine Art Enrichment Classes Every weekday TCRC after-school enrichment students participate in Studio Art, Theatre Arts, Vocal Imagination, 3D Art and Music Appreciation. This season they will be learning songs from “Suessical”, dance routines, acting, and set construction to prepare for a final performance, the “Dr. Suess Revue”, in December.

South Georgia Ballet gives back with “Step Up”

“Step Up”, a partnership with The Marguerite Neel Williams Boys and Girls Club, the Grady County School System and the Thomasville Community Resource Center, offers weekly dance instruction, performance opportunities and summer classes to students served by these programs. These classes, along with our outreach matinees, promote South Georgia Ballet’s mission to make the arts accessible to all.

9/11/11 8:11:17 PM

Artistic Style Historic Location Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Thomasville Center for the Arts offers elegance to any event. High ceilings, hardwood floors and neoclassical details make this a unique venue for a variety of gatherings from receptions to concerts. Large picturesque windows stretch up to the ceiling while art fills the walls of our galleries, allowing your guests room to move and be moved.

Photography by Abby Caroline Mims

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For performances, the Center houses an elegant auditorium with seating for 500, complete with stage lighting and sound system. A grand, yet intimate venue, Thomasville Center for the Arts can accommodate any event you can imagine at an affordable price. Call 229.226.0588 to schedule your event.

9/11/11 8:11:20 PM

BLOOM Exhibition


Three wonderfully talented artists, Elizabeth Barber, Ann Rhodes, and Nancy Everett, brought their beautiful floral and landscape works for our Spring 2011 exhibition. Without the work of our volunteers, partners, sponsors, and patrons, this art exhibition would not have been possible. Thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, or donated items to make our spring opening-night BLOOM!

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VOLUNTEERS AND SUPPORTERS B.Lloyd’s Natalie Ballard Carey Sewell Chastain’s Bicycle Company Cosco Downtown Thomasville Mimi Noda Scholars Academy

Singletary’s Flowers and Gifts Skyline Graphics Suzette Stilley TCA Board Members & Family Thomasville Times Enterprise Vital Signs WCTV- Caroline Gonzmart

Summer Camps

Summer Camps at the Center were a super success! It took the support of our highly skilled partners, trained teachers and very energetic team of volunteers to bring it all together. It was a fantastic summer and we are looking forward to an even more exciting camp line-up next year!

Thank you: Imagine That Studio’s Kim Thompson and Kyle Unglaub, South Georgia Performing Arts, Davina Tucker, Sally Barton, TOSAC

Special Thanks We would like to give a special thank you to all of the following: our outgoing board members, Bill Dickey and Dan Autry for their service; Russell Turner’s Weekend Furniture for comfortably filling our nook; to Jason Kantner for his graphic design expertise; and to Abby Caroline Mims for her lovely photography.

Marguerite Neel Williams Boys and Girls Club Camp

Students from the Boys and Girls club immersed themselves in ‘60s art, music and theater during a 2 week camp at the Thomasville Center for the Arts. Each day, students learned the painting styles that sprang from famed artists such as Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. Then, they were led through the steps as they re-created their own masterpieces utilizing the styles of these 1960’s icons. Thank you: Williams Family Foundation, Boys & Girls Club staff, Darlene Mathis, Emily Claire Worthey, Hananel Mavity, Michael Greg, Douglas Armstrong, YMCA, Flowers Foods Inc., Stephanie Sculley

9/11/11 8:11:24 PM

Creative Conversations October 20, 2011 8:30 a.m. Breakfast Discussion Be a part of the grassroots movement!

December 10, 2010 A fantastically festive event featuring performances by a variety of talented musicians and dancers with fabulous fare for the entire family. Stroll through the Center’s halls decked with beautiful holiday splendor. Children can put their tasty twist on the giant Candy Cane Castle, enjoy Breakfast with Santa and sit with Santa for a Christmas photo. Breakfast with Santa 1st Seating 9:30 a.m. 2nd Seating 10:30 a.m. Teddy Bear Tea 3:00 p.m.

For tickets visit or call 229.226.0588.

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Join the gathering of engaged citizens and local thought leaders for Creative Conversations, the movement to elevate the arts within our community, exploring way to build a vital, more creative economy. Now is the time to be a part of the conversation! All interested individuals and groups are invited to join. Creative Conversations will be held at Studio 209, 209 West Remington Avenue, Thomasville. Learn more about Creative Conversations on the Center’s website at www.

Now is the time to be a part of the conversation! All interested individuals and groups are invited to join.

9/11/11 8:11:25 PM


Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Ackerman Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Adams, III Mr. & Mrs. Fred Allen Miss Megan Allen Ms. Paula Allen Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Allen, Jr. Mr. Julius F. Ariail Ms. Kay Attaway Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Balfour Mr. Robert C. Balfour, III Mr. & Mrs. Scott Barrow Dr. & Mrs. Karl S. Barton Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Beatty Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Beaty Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Bell Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Bellamy Mr. & Mrs. Rodney E. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Franklin B. Beverly Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Beverly Mr. & Mrs. Ken Beverly Mr. & Mrs. Max Beverly Dr. & Mrs. John A. Blackmon Ms. Jane S. Blount Mr. & Mrs. Neal F. Bonn Dr. & Mrs. Gary Bonvillian Mr. & Mrs. Haywood W. Bower, Jr. Mrs. Samuel L. Boykins Ms. Becky Bracey Dr. & Mrs. C. L. Bragg Mr. & Mrs. E. Bailey Brinson Mrs. Janie Brock Mr. & Mrs. Trip Brock Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Lumis Brown Mr. & Mrs. John A. Brown Mr. Cory Brown Ms. Jacqueline R. Bryant Mrs. Johnnye W. Bryant Ms. Ruby G. Bryant Mrs. Emily Bush Ms. Valerie Bush Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bussom Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Rob Call&er Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Callaway, III Mr. & Mrs. Clifford S. Campbell, Jr. Ms. Rebecca Cannady Dr. & Mrs. James M. Carico Mr. & Mrs. David Carlton Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. Carnes Ms. Lisa M. Carroll Ms. Charla Carroll Mr. & Mrs. James A. Carter Mr. & Mrs. York Carter Ms. Am&a C. Carter Dr. & Mrs. John J. Cascone Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Chapin, III Mr. & Mrs. Curtis B. Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Wade Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Scott Chastain Mr. & Mrs. Cheney Mr. & Mrs. Russell P. Chubb Ms. Alicia R. Civitello Mr. & Mrs. Mark Clanton Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Clark Mrs. Herschel Clay Mr. & Mrs. Neil Clements Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clendenin Ms. Dorothy S. Cobb Mrs. Barbara Cohenour Mrs. Patricia Coleman Ms. Staci Collins Mrs. Kenneth Colson Ms. Hollie Cone Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cook Drs. Annie L. McElroy & Gary E. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Mark Copel& Ms. Julia Coram Mr. & Mrs. &rew Cordista Dr. Cynthia W. Council Mr. & Mrs. Burton M. Courtney Ms. Joan Cox Mrs. Betty T. Cox Mr. & Mrs. Jason Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Crocker Mr. Claude E. Crocker Ms. Colleen Curry Mr. Rich Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Daniel Ms. Jane K. Davis Mrs. Marthalene M. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Claud Davis Ms. Courtney Davis Mr. Ellis P. Davis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Davis, Jr. Mrs. N. Rone Deas Mr. & Mrs.Matt Delarber, Jr.

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Dr. & Mrs. Geoff Deutsch Mr. & Mrs. William M. Dickey Ms. Irene Dodge Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Doughty Mr. & Mrs. Craig Dowdy Ms. Holli Dowdy Mr. & Mrs. William Drake Ms. Julia Duggan Mrs. S&ra Dunbar Ms. Louise M. Dunlap Mr. Clyde L. Edwards Mrs. Leroy B. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Elam, III Mr. Larry C. Elshoff Mr. & Mrs. John Everett Mr. & Mrs. M. Tom Faircloth Mrs. Becky Felts Mrs. Denise Fenlon Mr. & Mrs. Howell Ferguson Mrs. Judy Findley Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. Chad Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. John H. Flowers Mr. & Mrs. Langdon S. Flowers, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. &rew Folsom Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Fryar Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Fuchs Mr. & Mrs. Joe Garmon Ms. Tricia Garmon Mrs. Richard W. Garnett, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Warren Garrard Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Gatlin Ms. Bethany Gerleman Ms. Dorothy F. Gibson Ms. Shannon Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. John Giles Mr. & Mrs. John L. Glenn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jeff M. Golden, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Goodman Dr. Ben Grace Dr. & Mrs. Jason E. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. R. Charlton Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Tim Griner Dr. & Mrs. Edward L. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hall Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hancock Ms. &ree Harding Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Harmon Mrs. Edward Harrell Mrs. Colleen B. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Ike Hartsfield Mr. & Mrs. Jay Harvard Mr. & Mrs. Jason Harvard Mr. & Mrs. Joe Harvard Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hathaway Mr. & Mrs. Danny Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Marty Haythorn Ms. Caroline H. Hearin Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Henderson Mr. Michael N. Herndon Mr. D. Everett Herring Dr. & Mrs. Merrill Hicks Ms. Julia Hickson Dr. & Mrs. A. P. Higginbotham Mr. & Mrs. D. Vincent Hill, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hodges Dr. & Mrs. C. H. Hodges, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hollifield Mrs. Leila B. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Mark Homyk Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Hooker Mr. John E. Houser Mr. & Mrs. Terrance I. Howell Ms. Jane Hughes Mrs. Gilbert W. Humphrey Mr. & Mrs. Perry S. Ivey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. C. Bradford Jackson Ms. Sarah Gibson Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Jefferson Ms. Kimberly Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Jinright, Sr. Mrs. Nancy J. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Joe B. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William Powell Jones Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jones Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry T. Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kyle N. June The Kate Irel& Foundation Ms. Dale S. Kelly Ms. Laura Kelly Dr. & Mrs. Rick Kerensky Dr. & Mrs. William B. King Mr. & Mrs. Taylor C. Knapp Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Knox Mr. A. William Krech Ms. Mary A. Krier

Mrs. Henrietta O. Ladson Mr. Patterson Y. Lamb Mrs. Henry Lauer Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wayne Lawson Ms. Shae Lee Mr. Timothy Lehman Ms. Margaret Levings Ms. Cindy Lewis Mr. & Mrs. George R. Lilly Mr. S. Dean Little Mrs. Jessie J. Lovano-Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Jack K. Luttrell Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Maggitas Mr. Gordon Maner Dr. Jean V. Marani Mr. Jack B. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Joey Martin Mrs. Brenda B. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Heywood Mason Mr. & Mrs. Dale Mattila Mrs. Robert B. Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. Larry May Mr. & Mrs. Elliot McCollum Mrs. William McCollum Mr. & Mrs. Paul McCollum Mr. & Mrs. Ben McCollum Mr. & Mrs. Eric McCollum Ms. Susan A. McCranie Ms. Ruth McCranie Mrs. Michael McCrickard Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. McKinnon, Jr. Drs. Victor & Melissa McMillan Dr. & Mrs. Douglas McPherson Ms. Jacqueline Meeks Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Merschman Mr. & Mrs. David J. Middleton Ms. Constance Mims Middleton Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Milberg Dr. & Mrs. Robert Miles, Jr. Mrs. F. R. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Chris Miller Ms. Deborah Miller Rev. Nancy T. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Dale Mills Dr. Oscar M. Mims Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Mooney, III Mr. & Mrs. Arnold G. Morrell Mr. & Mrs. Joel B. Morrell Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mulford Mr. & Mrs. Mike Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John Perry Mustian Ms. Judith A. Nable Ms. Leslie Puckett & Mr. Steven S. Neale Dr. & Mrs. Julian Neel Mrs. James R. Neill Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler Newman Mr. & Mrs. Al Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Tod Nix Mr. Dan T. Nolen Mr. & Mrs. William U. Norwood Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Novak, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Nudd Dr. & Mrs. Fred Nusbickel Mr. Ben M. Ogle Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Oglesby Mr. Jamie W. Oglesby, Sr. Charles D. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Ken O’Neal Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Oppenheim Mr. & Mrs. David Orr Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Overman Mr. & Mrs. Albert Park Mrs. D. Williams Parker Mr. & Mrs. J. Mark Parker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Parker Mr. & Mrs. Joe Parker Mr. & Mrs. Vann Parrott Ms. Susan K. Peacock Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Perry Ms. Susan Perry Mr. & Mrs. Colin Phipps Ms. Laura S. Pike Mr. & Mrs. Robby L. Pitts Mr. & Mrs. David Poole Mr. & Mrs. Len Powell Mr. & Mrs. Dale Ron Powell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dale Powell, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pozo Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Quinif Dr. & Mrs. Joel Quinones Mr. & Mrs. Keith Raffield Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rawlings Mr. & Mrs. Todd Redfearn Ms. Kendra Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Register Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rich

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Richardson Mrs. David Rigsby Ms. Jeanette Rivers Mr. & Mrs. Len Robinson Ms. Margarett W. Roddenbery Mr. & Mrs. Raleigh W. Rollins Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Rosch Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Rosenbury Mr. & Mrs. Tim F. Rounds Dr. & Dr. Laurence N. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Salter Ms. Teresa C. S&ers Mr. & Mrs. R. Allen Sawyer Mrs. Janet M. Schmidt Mrs. Nancy Schmoe Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sculley Dr. Ashburn Searcy Ms. S&ra W. Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Shea Mr. & Mrs. William L. Sheftall, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric E. Shepheard Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Maximilian S. Shokat Ms. Gina H. Shumake Dr. & Mrs. Felix Sibley Ms. Mary Elizabeth Sibley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Don Sims Mr. & Mrs. Larry F. Singletary Mr. & Mrs. Richard Singletary, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Clay Sizemore Dr. D. Terry Smith Mrs. Franklin I. Smith Dr. & Mrs. James E. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Bobby M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Smith Ms. Marnie J. Sobrado Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Spence Ms. Catrina Spence Ms. Beverly B. Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Spivey Ms. Jean M. Sprague Mr. & Mrs. Richard Squires Mr. & Mrs. Al Stone Mr. & Mrs. Roger R. Suite Mr. & Mrs. William Sullivan Dr. & Mrs. Brian Szwarc Ms. Rebecca Tabb Mr. & Mrs. John Taylor Mr. & Mrs. James A. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. James K. Thomas Dr. & Mrs. James A. Thomas Mrs. Wade Thomas Ms. Christianne B. Thomas Mrs. Ann R. Harrison Dr. Gary Bonvillian, Thomas University Thomasville L&marks, Inc. Ms. Deborah Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Thriffiley, Jr. Mrs. Nancy B. Tillinghast Ms. Heather Todd Mrs. Margaret R. Trammell Mr. & Mrs. W. Gary Tucker Ms. Amber V&erminden Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Vann Ms. M&y Veasey Mrs. Vereen Mr. & Mrs H. Erik von Hellens Mrs. Elizabeth Wade Mrs. Janet M. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Warren Dr. Lisa A. Watson Mrs. Mercer P. Watt Mr. & Mrs. Wylie Watt, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Philip Watt Mr. & Mrs. Charles Watt, III Mr. & Mrs. Wylie Watt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brent Welch Ms. Carol S. West Mr. & Mrs. Zach Wheeler Mrs. John Wheeler, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Carlton H. White Mr. & Mrs. John Wight, Jr. Ms. Wendy Wilbourn Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Wilder Mrs. Frank E. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Mark Williams Ms. &rea Williams Mrs. Thomas L. Williams, III Rev. Burns Willis Mr. & Mrs. William Wimberly Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Wolsfelt Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wood Mr. & Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wortman Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Zoller 9/11/11 8:11:25 PM


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