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Who are corporate caterers? Know how to hire them Let’s talk about corporate caterers, they also serve healthy food but the only difference is that they serve food only to corporate houses. They serve food for daily lunches as well as for office parties. According to a survey, a normal man eats four times a day, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Now, evaluate the total food eaten by more than 7,000,000,000 peoples around the world in one day. It is tough to calculate it on fingers, you will need at least a 16 digit calculator to calculate this but don’t worry we are not here for the calculation, this is only to get your attention towards the average amount of food eaten by humans in one day so that you can get an idea about the gigantic food industry of the world. Most people thought that food industry refers to only restaurants and hotels but “no” as food industry refers to every single business that is connected to food such as farming, vegetable markets, groceries, restaurants, hotels, snacks parlors, catering etc. Now, take a look at catering as it is one of the highest revenue industry and it's rising magically. Catering is divided into many forms, some of them are Contract catering, care home catering. Let’s discuss them one by one. What is catering service? Contract catering refers to a contract between two parties, catering firm and the client, where in the contract they mention every single thing in detail such as payments, payment schedule, a variety of food and other services along with refundable amount, in case of order cancellation. These contracts are necessary to avoid any misunderstanding in future. Care home catering refers to caterers who provide good, healthy delicious food to junior kids. To ensure they provide nutritional diet, along with tasty food so that kids will eat it passionately. Keeping in mind the food is for kids whose bodies are developing, it’s necessary to provide them healthy food, hence, in case you are looking for a care catering then there are many firms who offer the best food for your kids. They serve healthy soups as well as ice cream as taste is equally important as nutritious food. It really doesn’t matter whether they are serving for individual, lunches or for hundreds of employees they assure to serve delicious healthy food. They are making big profits as it includes very lower investment than restaurant or even than a fast food parlor. Residents dining is another form of catering, check on website for detailed information.

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