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Project Statement 1. Background What is the background for this intervention? Why are you doing it? Tina Fey has just recently published a book, season 6 of 30 Rock is about to premiere and she's pregnant with her second baby. She's been known for her skits on Saturday Night Live where she impersonates Sara Palin and weekly update. 2. Target Audiences Who do you want to reach with your communication? Be specific? Fans of Tina Fey's who know her work and follow her career. 3. Objectives What do you want your target audience to do after they hear, watch or experience this communication? To watch SNL or 30 Rock. 4. Obstacles What beliefs, cultural practices, pressures, and misinformation stand between your audience and the desired objective? Some people might not think Tina Fey is funny, for those people, this illustration may not be rewarding to look at. 5. Key Benefit Select one single benefit that the audience will experience upon reading the objective(s) you have set? They will recognize Tina and hopefully also recognize that all the words come from things she has said either on SNL, 30 Rock, or in her new book Bossypants. 6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why These are the reasons why the key benefit outweighs the obstacles and the reasons that what you are promoting is beneficial. These reasons often become messages. If you've never watched something that Tina Fey is in then you are missing out! She is hilarious and her character on 30 Rock is someone you can relate to whether or not you're 40 and the head writer of a, not so popular, late night show. 7. Tone What feeling should you communication have? Should it be authoritative, light, or emotional? Pick a tone. The tone will be funny, as she is a very funny lady. 8. Media What channel(s) or form will the communication take? Television? Radio? newspaper? poster? Point of purchase? flyer? all of the above? Type portrait that can be used on a poster, flyer, or next to an article about Tina Fey Â

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