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Project Statement 1. Background Child obesity is on the rise and to help combat this some people are suggesting that obese children should be put into foster care because the parents aren't teaching their children about healthy eating habits and letting them get to be so obese. There are a lot of mixed emotions about this, is it a form of child abuse because the parents are shortening their child's life by feeding them such unhealthy meals and snacks? What would be the criteria for a child to be taken from their parents, how would the parents gain trust back to get their kids back after being taken, etc? 2. Target Audiences The parents as they are the ones that are being punished in this editorial. They are the ones teaching the horrible eating habits causing the extreme weight gain of their children. 3. Objectives The audience should take into consideration what's being said in the article/illustration. Many will find it offensive but hopefully that will push them to change. 4. Obstacles I think many parents will blame others for their children's obesity (fast food, no time, school cafeterias, etc) and that they'll have the feeling that this will never happen to them, they just want their kids to be happy so they feed them what they want when in all reality their children would probably be happier if they were healthy. It's an extreme solution so it will be met with much resistance and probably denial. 5. Key Benefit Maybe they'll realize that the article is talking to them, they'll wake up and get healthy and get their children healthy. 6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why Child obesity is on the rise and the very first person that teaches a child about a healthy eating and lifestyle is their parents. The blame shouldn't be passed onto someone else, especially if the children are young and don't yet make their own decisions about what they eat. Some believe this is a form of child abuse, you are shortening the life of your child, they are extremely limited in what they can do, they are diagnosed with diabetes and nothing is changing. 7. Tone The tone should be authoritative, parents need to know that there are going to be consequences for how they feed their children and how they're are being raised, especially if they have an unhealthy lifestyle they're passing on to their kids. 8. Media Â

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