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NEVER LOST Golf Ball The Smart Way to Play Golf

NEVER LOST Golf Ball  The never lost golf ball feels just like any other golf ball.

Nothing but has intelligent core built in that communicates with any Smartphone (Android, iOS).  It uses BLE technology which makes finding easier than

traditional golf balls.  With BLE technology, you can locate your golf ball efficiently

and easily.  Golf balls can be tracked and found up to a distance of 150


What is Inside the Ball?  The secret of this new ball is located

exactly in the center.  It is a small printed circuit board with

selected electronic micro components.  With the overall size of three stacked

dimes (∅ 17 mm), the power cell and the chip build a compact unit.  All is perfectly protected to withstand

the forces impacted by a driver.

Meet the People Behind The Idea!  25 years of experience in the world of finance

and risk management makes him the perfect man behind the numbers. Beautiful Coffee Tables.  Researching and number crunching, he has

proven that there is a valid business case for a golf ball which can be traced down by a smart phone.  He represents the perfect target customer of

the “never lost“ golf ball with a handicap just above 20.

Thomas Sandel (The idea Owner and Business Guy)

 Alex has a Master in Electrical Engineering and

Information Technology from the renowned ETH in Zurich, Switzerland.  He persuades the little chips, diodes and other

components to stay in line and transmit the signal. Alex Raimondi

 He finds the optimal relation of size, battery and

distance of transmission. And even more important is his experience in making R&D to fly!

(The master of bits and bytes)

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