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NEVER LOSTÂ Golf Ball The Smart Way to Play Golf

NEVER LOST Golf Ball  The never lost golf ball feels just like any other golf ball.

Nothing but has intelligent core built in that communicates with any Smartphone (Android, iOS).  It uses BLE technology which makes finding easier than

traditional golf balls.  With BLE technology, you can locate your golf ball efficiently

and easily.  Golf balls can be tracked and found up to a distance of 150


What is Inside the Ball?  The secret of this new ball is located

exactly in the center.  It is a small printed circuit board with

selected electronic micro components.  With the overall size of three stacked

dimes (∅ 17 mm), the power cell and the chip build a compact unit.  All is perfectly protected to withstand

the forces impacted by a driver.

Meet the People Behind The Idea!  25 years of experience in the world of finance

and risk management makes him the perfect man behind the numbers. Beautiful Coffee Tables.  Researching and number crunching, he has

proven that there is a valid business case for a golf ball which can be traced down by a smart phone.  He represents the perfect target customer of

the “never lost“ golf ball with a handicap just above 20.

Thomas Sandel (The idea Owner and Business Guy)

 Alex has a Master in Electrical Engineering and

Information Technology from the renowned ETH in Zurich, Switzerland.  He persuades the little chips, diodes and other

components to stay in line and transmit the signal. Alex Raimondi

 He finds the optimal relation of size, battery and

distance of transmission. And even more important is his experience in making R&D to fly!

(The master of bits and bytes)

Contact Us

Address: Zürich, Switzerland Website:

Buy a Golf Ball that Uses BLE Technology  

The NEVER LOST golf ball is not just equipped with some kind of reflexing materials. It has an actual live chip built in which sends signals...

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