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WELCOME COME ON YOU BLUES! Welcome to our brand new monthly club magazine, showcasing news, features, events and more from Whitley Bay Sporting Club. There are so many good things that happen in this club that people might not know about, so we’ve introduced this magazine to try and highlight some of them. What a season it’s shaping up to be! We’re absolutely delighted to annoucnce that a record number of 45 teams will be representing the club for the 2018/19 season across all age groups, from U7 through to the senior team. With 600+ players registered with the club for the season ahead, and 90 coaches, we’re very proud of the progress we’re making, showing why we’re one of the best sporting clubs in the region.


Our girls’ football continues to grow, following on from the success of last season, and we now have girls teams representing us at U11, U12, U13 and U14 age groups. We believe that introducing kids to football is very important, as it not only encourages exercise, but also helps children develop new social skills, and our Development Centre on Saturday mornings continues to grow from strength to strength, offering kids aged 3-8 a fun environment to play football and develop their skills. The success of our current mini soccer teams is testament to the good work they’ve done , as most players from U7 to U10 now playing have been through the Development Centre. It’s very exciting to be a part of this amazing club at the minute - and we’ve got some ambitious plans to develop things further, so watch this space! Come on you Blues!!!

Rob Nixon

Chairman, Whitley Bay Sporting Club

This season, we have teams representing Whitley Bay Sporting Club, from U7 right through to our senior team.


players are registered for the season ahead.


We have over coaches within the club, all of whom are DBS checked, and the majority of whom hold at least an FA Level 1 Coaching Licence and are first aid qualified.


girls teams will be representing us this season, at U10, U11, U12, U13 & U14.


We offer kids as young as the opportunity to get involved with the club, through our Saturday morning Development Centre.

CLUB NEWS HEADLINES FROM AROUND THE CLUB WBSC PLAYERS AT WORLD CUP SEMI Three of our players - Charlie Louvre (U16 Blues), Charlie Leighton (U12 Yellows) and Gabriel Leighton (U10 Barca) - travelled to Russia for England’s World Cup semi final against Croatia. What an amazing experience!

PLAYERS PROVIDED WITH FREE HEART SCREENING - HEARTS WITH GOALS In July, the club funded a heart screening service run by cardiologists in association with North East Hearts With Goals. Over 40 players at the club, from U14 upwards, signed up for the screening service at no personal cost to them - a huge benefit in helping to identify and prevent serious heart conditions early. The club will look to fund another screening again in the near future.

UEFA B LICENCE AWARDED TO WBSC COACH We recently provided support to put four of our coaches - Tom Bodley, Nick Lander, Adam Hitchings and Ian Johnston - through the UEFA B Coaching qualification. This demonstrates our determination to improve the already high level of coaching at the club. Congratulations to Tom who is now a fully qualified UEFA B coach, and good luck to the other three lads who are working towards their full badges.



CLUB DEFIBRILLATORS IN PLACE We’re very pleased to announce that we now have a total of THREE club defibrillators in place. One is housed at Whitley Bay High School and the other two at Valley Gardens. Hopefully, we’ll never have to use them, but having them available in case of emergency is great news for the club.



At the club AGM in June, club trustee Emma Garrick was introduced as the new Vice Chairwoman for Whitley Bay Sporting Club. Emma brings a wealth of experience through her work as Director at Futures Consultancy, who support a range of organisations and businesses to engage with children, young people, adults and develop education engagement strategies, plans, programmes, products and services, through a combination of physical and digital learning opportunities. Emma’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm will undoubtedly take our club on to a new level, and we’re very excited that she’s now in this role - a fantastic appointment.

A new floodlit 3G football pitch is being built over the summer at Whitley Bay High School and will be available for the club to use for training and matches - this is great news for us as it provides further facilities for us to utilise.

WBSC PLAYER SIGNS FOR NEWCASTLE A huge congratulations to Lucas Thompson, who finished last season with U8 Bayern and has now signed to play with Newcastle United. Lucas was at the club for 3 years, and we’d like to wish him huge success in the next chapter of his footballing life.

CLUB SUPPORTS LESS FORTUNATE KIDS IN AFRICA BY DONATING KIT & BOOTS The club still continues to support less fortunate kids in Africa, by sending across supplies of old club kits and boots to kids in Kenya and Zambia.






To ensure we have the correct data on all our players, we require you to complete our short online registration form. This should take no more than two minutes to do and can be accessed via the link below:

Go to

Note: If you haven’t logged in, you’ll need to register.

Please note: Your data will not be shared with any third parties and the information is held on a secure database.

Once you’re logged in, click on PAYMENTS and log in.

Select the membership option best suited to you and click

SETUP YOUR CLUB SUBSCRIPTION ON OUR WEBSITE See the our guide for details on how to setup your subscription fees. Please note: We require everyone to complete this before the season starts.


Select your child’s name and click CONTINUE. If you’re child’s name does not appear, you can enter their details in the box. Enter the relevant details then click SET UP DIRECT DEBIT and submit.

The previous season’s membership does NOT roll over - it must be setup again for this season. When you set up your payment, £5.00 will be taken straight away, then 10 monthly payments of £25.00.



PARENT AMBASSADORS WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME A PARENT AMBASSADOR? On Monday 16th July we had our most recent WBSC committee meeting to discuss the upcoming season. We are now operating a club that supports around 600 children, young people and adults to develop and maintain their health, fitness and love of football - a fantastic achievement! Our intention this season is to develop the club further by putting in place new processes to shape and steer the future direction of the club, as well as make sure we are represented at all ages and stages, are transparent, fully inclusive and maximising our potential. With this in mind, we would like each team to be represented by 1 or 2 parent ambassadors who would be willing to support the coaches with communication, event planning, fundraising, forwarding of news stories, feed into committee meetings and the annual AGM. We know many of you are already doing this and it’s greatly appreciated; we would like to both formalise and officially recognise this as a key role within the club. We do not anticipate that this will be a big commitment, however, having this extra support across the club will greatly impact daily operations and future development.

If you are already doing this type of role or would be interested in becoming a parent ambasssor, please contact Lindsey Davies (nominated parent rep for WBSC) or Emma Garrick to discuss further.



24 HOUR FOOTBALL £6,500 RAISED AT 24 HOUR CHARITY FOOTBALL EVENT Back in June, we ran a 24-hour charity football event, held at Whitley Bay High School, and we’re delighted to announce that this event raised in excess of £6,500 for charity. All money raised from the event was donated to two great causes - The Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) at the Freeman hospital, and also to help fund floodlights at the new 3G pitch to be built at Whitley Bay High School, where the club have close ties.

With the help of the club committee, a very accommodating staff at Whitley Bay High School and the support of numerous volunteers, Rob Stringer and Simon Campbell set about organising the event, and both were on site for the full 24 hours, which finished with Rob’s son Tommy playing in the final game on Saturday. Throughout the 24 hours, there were 316 goals scored, over 300 players taking part and at least 20 balls lost due to wayward shots (mostly from Ryan Blake). Thankfully, the event was injury free, despite a few stiff limbs in the days following and Rob said: “We’re overwhelmed by the support and donations we’ve received and I’m sure the Children’s Heart Unit Fund and Whitley Bay High School will be very grateful for the donations. This event has really shown what a wonderful community Whitley Bay has. Thank you so much to everyone who showed their support.”

ABOVE: Cheque being presented to WBHS

The idea for the event came from Robert Stringer, whose son Tommy has been playing at the club since the age of 7. In 2008, Tommy was born with a serious heart defect called ‘transposition of the great arteries’ and required an open heart procedure called an ‘arterial switch’ at the age of 5 weeks old. This was carried out at the Freeman hospital and the success of the operation has allowed Tommy to lead a normal life and to enjoy his football at WBSC. ABOVE: Tommy Stringer presenting cheque to surgeon who performed his heart surgery 8




BRING ON THE SUBS WHAT ARE THE MEMBERSHIP FEES SPENT ON? CLUB SECRETARY ANDY SHERRIN EXPLAINS... “Why do we pay membership fees?” and “where does the money go?” are two questions that come up at most sporting clubs across the country. We believe our current rate of £25 per month, payable over 10 months (£250 per season) is competitive - we feel we offer very good value for money for our members. We actively look at what other clubs’ membership fees are set at and also offer various paymentsmethods to suit everyone’s situation. Our fees have remained at this level for a few years now, despite the current economic climate where operating costs rise year on year. With 600 plus players, that’s a canny bit of money coming in! So where does it all go? Costs begin pre-season, when the club has to pay administration charges and registration fees for the leagues that each of our teams will be playing in. With 45 teams representing us this season, that quickly adds up, as I’m sure you’ll agree.


Then there’s the playing kit and training wear, as well as kit and equipment for coaches (balls, bibs, cones, first aid kits, etc). With over 600 players and over 90 coaches, working out costs definitely requires a calculator. You can’t play football or train without the pitches and facilities, so a large chunk of our costs - in fact, the highest percentage of costs we incur - go towards securing pitches and training facilities for the season. Not forgetting the insurance, website and marketing, specialist training and medical costs, as well as end of season presentations and trophies. Hopefully, this gives you a little insight into where your money goes. See our chart for more speciific numbers and the breakdown of WBSC finances.



Medical Fees


Keeper Training


Facilities Hire

£66,598 Governance


Website / Marketing


Footballs / Equipment


League & Cup Fees


Support Costs

Playing Kit





ASK JEEVES YOUR QUESTIONS, ANSWERED Q. How and when do I get a playing

Q. I love taking photos of my child

A. The club has a specific order form

A. Everyone loves taking action shots

kit and training kit?


WBSC Know-it-all

for playing kit and training wear. This is ordered through your team coach. The order is placed with our club kit manager, who then checks and completes the order with our kit supplier Pro Direct. We anticipate a delivery time of around two weeks and, while we’re confident the turnaround time is largely met, there can be rare occasions where it may take a little longer.

Should you wish to purchase additional training wear for your child, you can do this through our club shop at

Q. I would like to be more involved with the club - how can I do this?

A. We’re always looking for

volunteers for all kinds of things whether it’s manning the coffee table at matches, team admin duties, assisting with club events, or providing a service or advice that will help we’d love to hear from you. Speak to your team manager and they’ll point you in the right direction.


playing football, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to - how can I check?

of their child playing football, but it’s very important that you speak to your team coach before you take any. The reason is simple - what you think is an innocent photo that makes its way on to social media sites could have serious consequences for a number of reasons - mainly that there may be a child in the background who’s photo should not be in the public domain (regardless of your social media privacy settings, the photo could still be seen by anyone). This is a serious safeguarding issue - so please ask your coach to check with both your own team and the opposition to ensure there are no issues before you take any photos. This is very, very important.

Q. You know those little black

specks of rubber that cover my house after my kid gets in from training... seriously, how do I get rid of them?!?!

A. There is no solution for this.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Those little black devils will appear everywhere, all the time, no matter what you do.

Q. Where will our team be playing our

Q. I heard something about the club

A. See below to find out where your home

A. Every goalkeeper who is a member

home games this season?

pitches are this season: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

U7 & U8 - Central Venues U9 - Whitley Lodge First School U10 - Shiremoor Primary School U11 - Monkseaton Middle School U11/12 Girls - Central Venues U12 - Marden High School U13 - Whitley Bay High School U13/14 Girls - Valley Gardens U14 - Valley Gardens U15 - Valley Gardens U16 - Marden High School U17 - Wellfield Seniors - Valley Gardens

Q. My kids have outgrown their football boots and they’re still in good condition. Do you offer a boot swap service?

A. Yes, we do. Anyone who brings a

“clean” set of boots can select another set from the pool in a one for one exchange, otherwise, if you do not have any boots to exchange, you can purchase a pair for £5. We will always gratefully receive donations if you have boots lurking in the garage which are unwanted! All you need to do is contact club chairman Rob Nixon who will do his best to arrange the exchange. An up to date list of boot sizes is maintained to assist this process.

providing specialist goalkeeper training could you give me more info please? of the club is entitled to receive additional specialised training. This is run by an FA Level 2 goalkeeper coach, Steve Rodden, and is an additional session to that received with their team during the week. All costs associated with these sessions are picked up by the club as it is believed to be an excellent use of club funds, with the results being there to see with an excellent standard of goalkeepers across all age groups. The sessions are split between mini soccer and older goalkeepers. They run each Saturday morning at Valley Gardens Middle School. Further information on Elite Goalkeeper Academy can be found at http://www.

Q. Where do I find the leagues and fixtures? A. Right here... Pinpoint Recruitment Junior Football League (for Saturday & Sunday teams) do?league=5649348 Senior Team

Got a question? Email us at

communications @whitleybaysportingclub.


MEET THE COACH MARK DOWELL COACH, U10 BORUSSIA Q. How long have you been coaching at the club, and why did you first get involved?

A. This is my third season as a coach.

I started at U8 and first got involved because my son was playing and I fancied helping out. I love learning new things, and becoming a coach gave me the chance to learn something new and help develop my own skills too.

Q. Do you have a coaching philosophy?

A. Players’ enjoyment and

development is way above anything else. At the age group I’m coaching now (U10) it’s all about fun, first and foremost. The way I see it, so long as the kids are enjoying their football and improving through the season, we’re doing something right. I also believe we have a responsibility as coaches to assist the development of the child as a person with attributes they can use in life and not just football.


Q. What attributes does your ideal player possess?

A. Passion, effort, determination,

the will to improve and playing with a smile on their face. If they’ve got that, they’re already winning.

Q. What do you enjoy most about being a coach?

A. That’s a tough one, as there’s

so much. Seeing the kids develop both with their football and as young people is great. The club is fantastic the support network is amazing - there are so many good people involved at this club and I’ve made a lot of good friends. Also, I’ve learnt so much and continue to do so. But the buzz of waking up on match day and looking forward to the game is hard to beat.


The buzz of waking up on match day and looking forward to the game is hard to beat.


Q. In your opinion, who is the greatest

player to ever play the game of football?

A. Paul Gascoigne. What a player

he was. I support Glasgow Rangers and used to follow them as a boy. Gazza was something else and he was class when he played at Rangers. Good luck to Mark and all of the U10 Borussia team this season!


Whitley Bay Sporting Club Magazine - August 2018  

The first issue of our new monthly magazine - with all the latest news, information and features from Whitley Bay Sporting Club.

Whitley Bay Sporting Club Magazine - August 2018  

The first issue of our new monthly magazine - with all the latest news, information and features from Whitley Bay Sporting Club.