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19–28 August 2011

Friday 17 August – Sunday 2 September

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WELCOME to the

Festival Programme

whitley bay Film Festival

F 17 19.00 22.00

Some Like it Hot The Birds

The Dome The Dome

S 18 16.30 19.30 22.30

The Wizard of Oz Moulin Rouge True Romance

The Dome The Dome The Dome

S 19 16.30 18.45 21.30

Silent Sci-fi with live music The Dome Close Encounters of the Third Kind The Dome Total Recall The Dome

T 21 20.00

Film Themed Buskers Night

Trojan Rooms

W 22 18.00 20.30

Archive Footage of Whitley Bay Easy Rider

Trojan Rooms Trojan Rooms

T 23 18.00 20.00

Community Shorts Shorts Night

Trojan Rooms Trojan Rooms

F 24 20.00

Secret Cinema

Meet at Trojan Rooms

S 25 21.30

Dawn of the Dead

Park View Shopping Centre

2012! Back for its third year, the Whitley Bay Film Festival celebrates great films in great locations. No matter what your age or interest, there’s something for everyone . . . so grab your popcorn and get ready to check out a wide range of films and events. For more info/tickets: The action takes place in Whitley Bay’s most iconic venues; St Mary’s Lighthouse, the Spanish City Dome, The Trojan Rooms, the beautiful Rendezvous Cafe and a number of other locations across the town. Whitley Bay Film Festival is a community, ‘not for profit’, annual event organised by Primate Productions Ltd and made possible by the support of local businesses and volunteers. We all provide our time in kind. We do this because we love film and we love our town! We welcome any support to help us make this an annual event. Enjoy . . .

M 27 18.30 In Fading Light

St Mary’s Lighthouse

T 28 16.30 Spirited Away 20.00 Whisky Galore

St Mary’s Lighthouse St Mary’s Lighthouse

W 29 17.30 20.30

Twilight The Lost Boys

St Mary’s Lighthouse St Mary’s Lighthouse

F 31 18.00

An audience with Ian La Frenais Whitley Bay Playhouse Across the Universe introduced by Chris Phipps

S 01 18.00


Meet at Whitley Bay Metro

S 02 18.00 21.00

Arthouses The Piano

Meet at Whitley Bay Metro Rendezvous Café

Tickets available online and The Avalon Bar, South Parade 7.00pm til Midnight, Tuesday to Saturday.

Some Like it Hot

Fri 17 & Sat 18

When Fri 17 Aug, doors open 6.30pm, film starts 7.00pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £10 Certificate PG What better way to open the festival than with Billy Wilder’s great comedy classic Some like it Hot! The 1928 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre finds Jerry (Jack Lemmon) and Joe (Tony Curtis) as musicians who witness a gangland killing in Chicago and need to get out of town fast. Disguised as women, Jerry must fend off the unwanted affection of an older man while Joe is forced to assume yet another identity (a dashing young playboy who sounds suspiciously like Cary Grant) when he meets a beautiful singer in the troupe ‘Sugar Kane’ (Marilyn Monroe). This August is 50 years since Marilyn’s death, we are paying tribute to her, with a screening of this much loved film. Join us on our opening night at the Dome and enjoy this black and white classic on the big screen!

The BIRDS When Fri 17 Aug, doors open 9.30pm, film starts 10.00pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £10 Certificate 18 Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the story follows Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) as she travels to the coastal town of Bodega Bay to hook up with San Francisco lawyer, Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor) who she’s only just met. The characters’ sense of security is slowly eroded by the curious behavior of the birds in the area. Before long the town is attacked by marauding birds, and Hitchcock’s skill at staging action is brought to the fore. The film has no score; Hitchcock’s musical collaborator Bernard Herrmann was employed as a ‘sound consultant’ on the project but the sonic power of the film originated solely from the sound effects. Sala and Remi Gassmann designed an electronic soundtrack using the electroacoustic Trautonium, billed as the world’s first electronic musical instrument (invented in 1929), to create the birdcalls and noises. Note Ornithophobia sufferers should definitely avoid this screening!

The Wizard of Oz When Sat 18 Aug, doors open 4.00pm, film starts 4.30pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £5 Certificate PG There’s no place like Dome. Follow the yellow brick road and get transported away from the wet Whitley weather, over the rainbow and into the land of Oz in the Dome. Dorothy and Toto are looking for the Emerald City where a great wizard lives. Travel with them and meet the brainless Scarecrow, the heartless Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion on their journey home. There’s no place like Dome! Dress Code Ruby Red Slippers. Food & Film: If you fancy enjoying a fish and chip tea while watching these films. Award wining Pantrini’s are supplying an easy order system and will deliver directly to the venue. An order form will be available at the venue. Please arrive 30 minutes before the film starts, to place your order.

True Romance

When Sat 18 Aug, doors open 7.00pm, film starts 7.30pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £10

When Sat 18 Aug, doors open 10.00pm, film starts 10.30pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £10

Certificate 12 Yes ya Can Can Can … come and see Moulin Rouge at the Dome! Directed by Baz Luhrmann and staring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor it even has Kylie in it! You don’t need to make a song and dance about every movie you go and see but sometimes it helps. If you’re prone to falling asleep on the spot, this film will help, the Paris City Skyline is the alternative City that never sleeps. Will Roxanne get her man or will she keep going around in circles and are diamonds a girls best friend? Regardless the show must go on and how wonderful life is, now Moulin Rouge is in the world!

Certificate 18 Ok… so here’s a film, written by Quentin Tarantino, directed by Tony Scott and starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, with a supporting cast that includes Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini, Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Penn… and yet… for some reason, you haven’t heard of it! The plot? Well it’s the age old story… Boy meets girl, they fall hopelessly in love, get married, then, with the help of Elvis, kill a pimp and accidently steal a bag of cocaine belonging to The Mob! All set in sun drenched technicolour, with one of those catchy background tunes that will be stuck in your head for days! Dress Code Elvis shades

Sunday 19 August sees the finale of Mariner 9 by Kelly Richardson ( a giant video art installation inside Whitley Bay’s historic Spanish City Dome presented by the Tyneside Cinema and North Tyneside Council. To celebrate this Whitley Bay Film Festival presents SCI FI SUNDAY – a day of Sci fi screenings and events starting with:

Animation workshops When Sunday 19 August, drop in between 2-4pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info Free Drop in animation workshops, contact us for more information: Workshops delivered by Electric Fruit, a group of artists and film makers who provide bespoke stop motion animation workshops for all ages and abilities. We will be leading a free, space-themed drop-in session at the festival. We will help you design your own characters and backdrop, animate your work and view it. Children and adults all welcome. Come along and create!

Sat 18 & Sun 19


Sun 19



Total Recall



When Doors open 10.00pm, film starts 10.30pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £10 Certificate 18 “Looks like we’ve got another schizoid embolism!!” Total Recall is being re-made this year with Colin Farrell attempting to fill the lead character‘s sizeable shoes. Big shoes indeed… Dougie decides to go on a mentally induced holiday to Mars! Only… wait for it!!! He’s only bleedin’ been there before and has had his brain wiped by the government! No way? Yes way!! Yes we know… the big Fella’s not gonna win any acting awards. After all he was only really believable as the unstoppable Terminator robot, but despite that, Total Recall has a great story (Philip K. Dick) and enough visual treats to keep you interested. Johnny Cabs, the x-ray machine chase, the dysfunctional fat lady costume and even a 3 breasted blue alien! Get your ass to Mars! Wet towels optional!

When Doors open 4.00pm, film starts 4.30pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £5 (FREE for children but please inform us

when you purchase a ticket how many children will be attending)

Certificate PG Early silent science fiction shorts with live musical soundtrack (using glass harmonica, water phone & avant garde percussion from Rumba Palace fused with choir and electric accompaniment from the Coastadelic Collective Unconscious). Music will accompany Georges Méliès’ 1902 early science fiction classic Le Voyage Dans La Lune, excerpts from Hanns Walter Kornblum’s 1925 Wunder Der Schöpfung (AKA Our Heavenly Bodies) and Evil Brain from Outer Space. Soundtrack performed and conceived by Jane Bedford, Simon Fitzpatrick, Ema Lea, Brendan Murphy, Mariam Rezai & Hannah Taylor. Chris Phipps (media and music historian) will also be providing us with a lighthearted look at early Sci Fi films.

When Doors open 6.15pm, film starts 6.45pm Where Spanish City Dome Ticket info £10 Certificate PG Steven Spielberg followed Jaws (1975), with this epic science fiction adventure about a disparate group of people who attempt to contact alien intelligence. Roy Neary sets out to investigate a power outage when his truck stalls and he is bathed in light from above. Strange visions and five musical notes keep running through his mind. His obsession eventually puts him in contact with others who’ve had similar close encounters, including Jillian (Melinda Dillon), a single mother whose son disappeared during her UFO experience, and Claude Lacombe (celebrated French filmmaker François Truffaut), a French researcher who believes that we can use a musical language to communicate with alien visitors.

Film Themed buskers Night

When Tues 21 Aug, doors open 6.00pm Where The Trojan Rooms Ticket info Free Certificate PG Another chance to see some fantastic archive footage of Whitley Bay provided by the Regional Film & Television archive (NRFTA). This year we have added some previously unseen archive footage. 1912 - 1970 Whitley Bay excerpts feature the Life Boat Parade, the Spanish City Dome and fairground, the beach, the town, TV news clips and more...

Easy Rider When Wed 22 Aug, doors open 8.00pm, film starts 8.30pm Where The Trojan Rooms Ticket info £8 Certificate 18 What better place to see this film than at Whitley’s bikers bar – The Avalon and Trojan Rooms! Wyatt and Billy are two motorcycle riders (bikers) on their way to Mardis Gras, and encounter hitchhikers, a drunken lawyer, a jail cell, a whorehouse and the death of a friend. Dress Code Leather, obviously

Tea and scones will be on sale (all proceeds go towards the Whitley Bay Film Festival costs). The Whitley Bay Film Festival would like to thank the regional Film & Television Archive (NRFTA) for their help in obtaining this footage.

Whitley Bay Film Festival tickets available from and at The Avalon Bar, South Parade 7.00pm til Midnight, Tuesday to Saturday.

Tues 21 & Wed Sun 22

When Tues 21 Aug, doors open 8.00pm Where The Trojan Rooms Ticket info Free The Whitley Bay Film Festival will again be presenting the Film Themed Buskers Night. Whitley’s again got Talent? Buskers will take to the stage at The Trojan Rooms to perform film themed acts. Come along and see if Whitley really does have talent! If you are a busker or would like further information: Contact Silent auction – during the buskers night there will be a silent action where you can bid on items including some of the festivals hottest tickets!

Archive Footage

Thurs 23 & Fri 24

community Films

Independent Shorts

Secret Cinema

When Thurs 23 Aug, doors open 6.00pm Where The Trojan Rooms Ticket info Free The local community have been submitting their short films to the Whitley Bay Film Festival. There will be various opportunities to see these films at events during the festival but as a special event, we will be screening a selection of those submitted during this early evening event.

When Thurs 23 Aug, doors open 8.00pm Where The Trojan Rooms Ticket info £5 Certificate PG Film makers from all over the world have been submitting their Short Films to the Whitley Bay Film Festival. There will be a number of opportunities throughout the festival period to watch some of these films but on the evening of 23rd August 2012 at The Trojan Rooms, we will show a selection at this Short Films event. Final film selections will be announced on our website We would like to thank Richer Sounds for their support with the Trojan Rooms: Richer Sounds will be hosting talks on Home Cinema in the Trojan Rooms, more details can be found on our website: www.

When Fri 24 Aug Where Shhhh it’s a secret. Meeting place and clues will be provided nearer the time. Ticket info £10 Certificate 15 2011: The Shining at the Rex 2010: Get Carter at The RAOB Club See our website for more info. Dress Code TBC

Whitley Bay Film Festival tickets available from and at The Avalon Bar, South Parade 7.00pm til Midnight, Tuesday to Saturday.

In Fading light

Spirited Away

When Sat 25 Aug, doors open 8.30pm, film starts 9.00pm Where Park View Shopping Centre Ticket info £10 Certificate 18 When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the… Park View Shopping Centre… George A Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of The Dead (first sequel of Night of the Living Dead,) depicts the USA, if not the entire world struck by a plague, the symptom of which is the reanimation of dead human beings who feast on the flesh of the living. The film follows four mismatched survivors of an expanding zombie apocalypse as they barricade themselves inside a suburban shopping mall. The cast features David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger and Gaylen Ross Dress Code Zombie optional

When Mon 27 Aug, doors open 6.00pm, film starts 7.00pm Where St Mary’s Lighthouse Ticket info £8 Certificate 15 In Fading Light is an Award winning film by local film makers, Amber and captures the Shields fishing industry on the edge of its decline, a beautifully shot film about work and community. The film centres on the upheaval caused in a traditional fishing community by the unexpected arrival of a young woman. A tale of epic proportions, life and death, emotional conflict, told with a documentary realism that denies melodrama. Tom Hadaway’s tragic/ comic dialogue, the stunning visual quality (it took months to overcome the problems of filming at sea, something that has very rarely if ever been attempted in a drama of this scale), and the veracity of the performances combine, not just to tell a moving story, but to give the audience experience of a way of life.

When Tues 28 Aug, doors open 4.30pm, film starts 5.00pm Where St Mary’s Lighthouse Ticket info £5 Certificate PG A fantastic opportunity to see this Studio Ghibli classic, animated, fantasy adventure film in the atmospheric location of St Mary’s Lighthouse. Spirited Away tells the story of Chihiro Ogino, a sullen ten-year-old girl who, while moving to a new neighborhood, enters an alternate reality inhabited by spirits and monsters. After her parents are transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba, Chihiro takes a job working in Yubaba’s bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents and escape to the human world. Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese manga artist and prominent film director and animator of many popular anime feature films.

Sat 25, Mon 27 & Tues 28

Dawn of the dead

Whisky Galore

Tues 28 & Wed 29

When Tues 28 Aug, doors open 8.00pm, film starts 8.30pm Where St Mary’s Lighthouse Ticket info £10 Certificate PG Scotch on the rocks! Truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction. As it is, with the true life story behind the classic Ealing comedy, Whisky Galore. It is amazingly based on a real life incident. The cargo ship S.S Politician ran aground, the crew were all unharmed and were looked after by the kindly local islanders, who quickly learnt of the “Polly’s” precious cargo, which contained, (amongst other things) 28,000 cases (264,000 bottles) of malt whisky… A classic, drop of British cinema, that still gives a warm glow!

Twilight When Wed 29 Aug, doors open 5.30pm, film starts 6.00pm Where St Mary’s Lighthouse Ticket info £5 Certificate 12A Finding it difficult to stay away? … then don’t, let the wolves descend. Whether your team Edward or team Jacob, we won’t make you choose! The story goes; young girl, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves to live with her father in small town, meets a boy, Edward Cullen (RPatz, you know Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter?). He turns out to be a vampire but it’s okay coz he is a vegetarian, sparkling, vampire and will protect her. Dress Code Brooding looks, shirtless and daylight sparkles Food & Film: If you fancy enjoying a fish and chip tea while watching these films. Award wining Pantrini’s are supplying an easy order system and will deliver directly to the venue. An order form will be available at the venue. Please arrive 30 minutes before the film starts, to place your order.

The Lost Boys When Wed 29 Aug, doors open 8.30pm, film starts 9.00pm Where St Mary’s Lighthouse Ticket info £5 Certificate 15 Continuing our vampire theme…. “One thing about living in Whitley Bay that I never could stomach… all the damn vampires!” The Lost Boys pretty much set the bench mark for yellow eyed, teenage, vampire flicks. An absolute, brat pack cult classic, featuring arguably the best of Cory Haim (and possibly Cory Feldman) pitted against the might of Keifer Sutherlands, icy cool gang of west coast, motorcycling, street vamps. Great film, great young cast… come and watch it, in the spookiest of coastal locations. Dress Code Garlic, stakes and contact lenses. Trench coats optional!

Whitley Bay Film Festival tickets available from and at The Avalon Bar, South Parade 7.00pm til Midnight, Tuesday to Saturday.

An Audience with


Ian La Frenais

it l


Across THe Universe introduced by Chris Phipps

Across the by Universe introduced Chris Phipps

Host Chris Phipps is a filmmaker and historian who has captured popular music on national and regional screens for four decades. In 2003 he made a documentary on Clements and La frenais when they were working with AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson! Chris will be exploring the saga behind Across the Universe and their wider canon of wonderful “backstage” music biz dramas. He will also discuss Clements and La Frenais’ forthcoming BBC blockbuster The Spies of Warsaw starring David Tennant and Janet Montgomery; a thrilling adaptation of Alan Furst’s pre World War 2 espionage novel. Plus –what could possibly attract Ian away from Tynemouth to The City of The Angels?

When Doors open 6.00pm, film starts 6.30pm Where The Playhouse Ticket info £10 Certificate 12 Released in 2007, is a musical feast combining live action and animation to tell a love story with the help of songs by The Beatles. The film is set in the 1960s amid the turbulent years of anti-war protest, the struggle for free speech and civil rights, mind exploration and rock and roll. Gritty, whimsical and highly theatrical, the story moves from high schools and universities in Massachusetts, Princeton and Ohio to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Detroit riots, Vietnam and the dockyards of Liverpool.

Sun Fri 29 31

Hey Jude, ever wondered how you can combine Bono, a walrus, Izzard and Beatles into a hidden gem (in the sky with diamonds) of a film? Why not ask the writer himself? Ian La Frenais is Patron of the Whitley Bay Film Festival and this year will be joining us at the Whitley Bay Playhouse for this highly unique and exciting event. We will be screening Across the Universe, written by Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement. Following the screening Music and Media Historian, Chris Phipps (ex producer of The Tube) will interview Ian as well as provide an opportunity for audience questions. Ian La Frenais, OBE was born in Whitley Bay and worked in partnership with Dick Clement on television series including, The Likely Lads, Porridge, Lovejoy and Auf Wiedersehen Pet. They also worked together on a number of films, including The Commitments (with Roddy Doyle), Goal! Still Crazy, Flushed Away and many more.

ARTHOUSES 2012 – under the pavement, the beach installation, intervention and live performances to the streets and community of south Whitley Bay.

When Sat 1 Sept - Opening Event 6–9pm Sun 2 Sept - Closing Event 6–9pm

Sat 1 & Sun 2

Where Meet at Whitley Bay Metro Station.

(A map and programme will be available at the Metro station and the Trojan Rooms at 6pm on both event nights.)

Ticket info All events are free “What is saved in the cinema when it achieves art is a spontaneous continuity with all mankind. It is not an art of the princes or the bourgeoisie. It is popular and vagrant. In the sky of the cinema people learn what they might have been and discover what belongs to them apart from their single lives.” John Berger Whitley Bay Film Festival Arthouses programme for 2012 brings artists’ video, site-specific

Unusual and quirky venues have already been confirmed. These include the Lower Prom shelters, the Panama Swimming Clubhouse, houses, gardens, windows, back lanes and vehicles in Albany Place, Albert & Alexander Terrace, Esplanade Place, Percy Road & Victoria Avenue. This year Arthouses mixes video and site-specific work by national and north-east based artists, graduates and undergraduates, in the seaside cultural legend that is Whitley Bay. This unfunded collective community event is open to as many people as possible who wish to participate, view, question, debate or simply enjoy unusual video and high quality contemporary artists work in a non-gallery setting- i.e. streets, houses and gardens of Whitley Bay. Thank you to individuals and organizations who have kindlyallowed us to borrow technical equipment for Arthouses 2012.Big thanks go to the artists, householders and community of Whitley Bay who have been very generous with their time, work, vision and energy in order to make this event happen.Individual venues have been curated by artists and householders, and co-ordinated by Tracey Tofield.

The Piano When Sun 2 Sept, doors open 9.00pm, film starts 9.30pm Where Rendezvous Café Ticket info £10 Certificate 15 Join us at the Rendezvous Cafe on Whitley Bay Promenade for this amazing film in this amazing location. The Piano provides wonderful scripting, cinematography, performances, and musical score. Set in the mid-nineteenth century, Ada is a mute, her obsessions are her young daughter, Flora and her beloved piano. In an arranged marriage to Stewart she is forced to leave her native Scotland for life in the rugged forests of New Zealand’s South Island. Stewart sells her piano to a neighbour, George. Ada learns from George that she may earn back her piano by giving him lessons, but only with certain other conditions attached. At first Ada despises George but slowly their relationship grows with desire.

venue map RO A

Diary page




The Rendezvous Cafe








Whitley Bay Y METRO WA

Park View Shopping Centre

spanish city dome























Whitley Bay Town Centre


















St Mary’s Lighthouse

St Mary’s Island Whitley Bay NE26 4RS 0191 200 8650

Rendezvous cafe

Dukes Walk Northern Promenade Whitley Bay NE26 1TP 0191 252 5548

Spanish City Dome

Park View Shopping Centre

Promenade Whitley Bay Tyne And Wear

Park Avenue Whitley Bay NE26 1DG 0191 253 5474

Trojan rooms

South Parade Whitley Bay NE26 2RG 0191 251 0080

Supported by:


Whitley Bay Film Festival is funded by Primate Productions Ltd and North Tyneside Council and made possible by the support of local businesses, volunteers and those who support the event by attending the screenings.

Carol Alevroyianni Associates

Primate Productions Ltd is a not for profit film production company. Founded in 2007 by a group of people who love making films, it was set up as a workers’ cooperative. Primate’s main objective is not profit, but rather to do what we enjoy most – making and screening creative and innovative films to the highest possible standards. Primate Productions is a social enterprise. We focus mainly on community projects, providing film making workshops to young people, producing short dramas, documentary and promotional films for organisations and businesses in the area. We also provide our time in kind to organise the Whitley Bay Film Festival. We do this because we love film and we love our town! We would like to thank everyone who has supported and made the festival possible including: Festival organisers: Lucy Harland, Ema Lea, Tracey Tofield Festival Steering Group: Barry Bell, Bernie Hobby, Cathy Sharp, Carol Alevroyanni, Dave Harland, Mick Farwell, Kath Farwell, Emma Norris, Simon Fitzpatrick, Paul Irwin Contact: For more information about the Festival or ways to get involved, please contact us by email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks to all the volunteers, businesses and everyone else who has helped make the festival possible again, see the website for the full list!!

Funded by:


GRAPHIC DESIGN Tel: 0191 290 2206

Creative | Print | Digital 0191 280 0400

Proud to support the Whitley Bay Film Festival

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WBFF 2012 Programme  

Whitley Bay Film Festival programme.

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