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Just plain FUN

Swimming(N/A)(1 hour)

We realise there are times when young people just want to have fun. Running, screaming, jumping and getting dirty. These sessions are designed with exactly that in mind.

Enjoy a relaxing swim, play some water sports or have fun with our inflatables in our indoor heated

Gorge Walking (7yrs)(2 hours) Commando rolls, leopard crawls and a series of tunnels make up some of the excitement that is to be had during the gorge walk. Whether ankle deep, waist deep or full on swimming this will not count as your weekly bath. Expect a fun-filled session that will leave a thoroughly splashed, mud-splattered and exuberant group.

Water Walkerz Mighty Duck Challenge (8yrs)(2 hours)

(6yrs)(1 hour)

A large quantity of plastic ducks, a clash of teams in the water, screams of delight and cheers of victory. What more could you want from a session?

The Wide Game (7yrs)(2 hours)

Battle it out over the hills and through the woods at Whithaugh Park. Crawl, sneak or sprint your way into the enemy base, steal there flag and make it safely back to aid your team to victory! We provide an awesome environment, you provide the energy and the result is a highly active , all inclusive, super fun session experience.

Grass Sledgin’ (6yrs)(1 hour) No need for snow to get your winter sledging fix! Sledge, slide and slalom your way down our hills on these brilliant grass sledges incorporating tank track technology to give you an awesome ride!

Ever wondered what its like to walk on water? How about run, jump, dive and roll? Walking on water is an experience that shouldn't be missed. You don't even get wet! With our amazing water walkerz the dream we have all had, can become reality.

These hugely interesting and fun sessions will assist learning by challenging your young people to think about daily life outside their normal environment considering issues such as decision making, friendships, self esteem, communication and trust — all from a Christian perspective.

Spotlight Sessions • Walk of Life (WOL) (8yrs)(1 hour) A purpose built underground tunnel complex with individual chambers giving young people the opportunity to explore and debate some of the bigger questions of life. Trading trainers (8yrs)(1 hour) Set in a Peruvian Village your group will use limited resources to survive, manufacturing and selling trainers.

The Maze (7rs)( 1 hour) Using a purpose built maze, through a variety of games this session encourages participants to consider how they make choices in life, who influences them and how life can be like a maze with many twists, turns and decisions to make.

• Pond Dipping (8yrs)(1 hour) This practical session involves pond dipping to see what creatures are currently in residence. The session involves a variety of games that aim to support children’s learning of conservation terminology such as producer, consumer, predator and prey. The Big Picture (8yrs)(1 hour” Based on self esteem; aiming to value ourselves and others by considering each of us as unique and exploring the role we have in the bigger picture of life.

• A Sense of Place (7yrs)(1 hour) This is an art based session considering our environment and the amazing world around us.

“...we saw strengths in pupils we hadn’t seen before — some grew before our eyes. The laughter and happy smiles said it all. They are empowered t o me et challengers... ” School Teacher, summer 2008

Mountain Biking (10) Mountain biking is a fantastic opportunity to combine fun and learning with a stunni ng e n v i r o n m e n t f o r a t r u ly memorable experience. Our sessions run off site going over Priest Hill and up into forestry land using the purpose built 7 Stanes routes to provide a thrill and develop skill.

Skills Sessions While being fun and interactive these sessions are designed to give so much more. Basic skills needed for the sports, be that fundamental paddle strokes, belaying and climbing technique or foot movement for foil fencing, will be taught. Qualified instructors will share there passions and introduce new skills to the young people.

• Abseiling (8yrs)(2 hours) A descent off the North Face of the Whithaugh Tower is an experience to be cherished. Whether being helped down by a professional instructor or bouncing down at high speed, abseiling is a great way to conquer fears. Climbing (7yrs)(2 hours) Whithaugh's 32 foot tower provides an opportunity for young people to set their own goals and challenge themselves with backing from a competent and friendly instructing team. The bouldering face provides a fun climbing experience for those people who don't like heights while multiple routes up the tower will challenge climbers of all abilities.

Get instruction on biking skills, learning to track stand, bunny hop or corner at speed. Alternatively go for a relaxing bike ride through gorgeous terrain. Whatever your needs, the s e s s i o n wi l l b e t a i l o r e d accordingly. Qualified trail cycle leaders will bring something new to this session while keeping it safe and fun.

• Kayaking (8yrs)(2 hours) An on-site lake provides the perfect environment to get a feel for the fun that is kayaking. Participants will sit individually in top spec boats and receive instruction from qualified coaches. An introduction to the basics, games and team challenges will guarantee you don't get bored. • Open Canoeing (7yrs)(2 hours) A great activity for any age or ability. Canoes provide a stable platform from which to learn the art of canoeing and to play a variety of games. 2-4 people in a boat make this a relaxing social environment from which team building and group challenges can be undertaken. • Fencing (7yrs)(2 hours) “En garde” is the cry to be heard from our sports hall. Learn to fence in style, practice the moves and pick up some neat tricks. The sound of fun and games, duels of honour and the clash of swords will ring in your ears as you partake in this ancient tradition.

Sessions can be run on our excellent onsite course where required.





Archery (7yrs)(2 hours) Come and try your hand at archery. Professional kit, qualified instructors and purpose built ranges make this session perfect for people of any age or ability. Elf-style shoot-outs, going for gold or the heroic rescuing of a princess combine to make this a thoroughly enjoyable session.


Orienteering (8yrs)(2 hours) Learning about map work in a fun, informative environment; racing around site, competing in teams, following picture clues or using 6 figure grid references sound exciting? Well it should because it is. Orienteering at Whithaugh is both educational and active as we draw on our instructors experience and our beautiful 110 acre site to make this a great session for groups of all ages.


Challenge By Choice Rock UK Adventure Centres operate a challenge by choice policy. This means that we create an environment in which group members feel free to set their own goals. We then facilitate participant success in regard to these goals but do not push participants further unless they wish us to do so.

Your Aims All sessions can be tailored to your groups needs. If you have any outcomes or aims you would like covered during your stay we would encourage you to let our administrators know. This information will be passed on to our activity staff who would be more than happy to work with you.

Personal Development Interested in the growth and personal development of your group? These sessions will teach valuable life skills such as working as part of a team, the role of each individual within a team, encouraging others, receiving praise, problem solving, rational thinking, communication, and having fun. Sessions can be tailored by our trained instructors to meet the needs of your group and the objectives of the groups leaders.

Raft Building (8yrs)(2 hours) Logs, rope and barrels added to your team's ingenuity will determine whether the raft you create will be the 8th wonder of the world or a titanic disaster. Either way your raft will be put on our lake with your team on top, pitted against the other half of your group, with the sole purpose of winning a variety of challenges and races. Two teams, two rafts, will you survive?

High Ropes (8yrs)(2 hours) Work as a team, challenge yourself, move outside your comfort zone or simply enjoy a laugh with mates. This course has wires to walk on, a platform to jump from, poles to scale, places to balance and all in a safe environment high above the ground. Our instructors will engage with your group providing a safe environment for challenge and growth.

Team Development Tasks (7yrs) (2 hours) Undertake a variety of tasks designed to help you understand why effective communication is essential for good teamwork. This is an excellent session to develop cooperation, team spirit and identify team roles, whilst also having fun!

Offsite Activity Sessions Off Site Rock Climbing (8yrs)(6hours) A day of 6-8 hours spent at a local crag will prove a quality outdoor experience to any who accept the challenge. Beautiful scenery, the real outdoors, and the occasional midge all compliment a great day's climbing. Real rocks, climbing to suit all abilities and highly skilled, enthusiastic instructors will leave you wanting more. Advanced Gorge (12yrs)(4 hours) A short swim gets the group acclimatised before a 15ft jump lands them into the advanced gorge. This adventure is not for the faint-hearted team as they will need to work together to conquer the challenge this grade 4 rapid provides. An optional 25ft jump ends this 3-4 hour adrenaline filled adventure in style. Whithaugh will provide wetsuits but you will need clothes or waterproofs to cover these. Open Canoe / Kayak Trip (10)(full day) An epic journey along the mighty Liddle River. This all day adventure consists of a scenic, relaxing paddle along a grade 2 river. This trip contains all the excitement of a canoeing session with the added pleasures of a picnic on the banks of the river and some entertaining rapids. Lively, exciting instructors, sheep to replace Canadian bears and all the team spirit you bring make this a tip-top day out.

Night Walk (8yrs)(2 hours) Fancy a stroll? How about at night?! There's no better way to finish the day than with a wander through the parks surrounding hills and forests. And if the conversation runs out you may see some Roe Dear, Red Squirrels, and other native wildlife. Night Walk with Bivi (8yrs)(over night) Added to an evening's walk, the carrying of camping kit, the building of one's own shelter and the ambiance of camp fire light turns a night walk into an adventure. A night's sleep with the warmth of a camp-fire, friends for company and a sunrise breakfast, can you afford to miss this? From 7pm until the following lunchtime your group will be in the capable hands of our instructing team, warm clothes, good walking shoes, energy and enthusiasm are a must. Full details, kit lists, times and meal situations will be organized with group leaders and will be made to suit individual needs.

Activity Information Instructor to participant ratio is normally 1:8. Session times 9.00 – 11.00, 11.15 – 1.15, 1.45 – 3.45, 4.00 – 6.00. Recommended minimum age (to ensure safety and quality of sessions) and normal session duration can be found in brackets beside each activities information. Minimum charge is usually for 6 people. The above can be negotiated to suit your needs.

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Rock UK Whithaugh Park Activity Booklet  
Rock UK Whithaugh Park Activity Booklet  

This booklet explains the main instructed activities run by Rock UK Whithaugh Park.