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white|wash July 2011

NEON the Neon issue white|wash



Nana Simelius

hair & makeup model

Saara Sarvas

Anna @ Brand

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eon is what neon does. Glows. Rocks. Steps ahead of you in line. And gets away with it. Because sometimes you have to put yourself first. If you

don’t, you’ll never get ahead. Advertise yourself using any means necessary; cash not needed. Sometimes free publicity is the best because it is the most deserved. You’ll never get away with that in public? Ha! I came, I saw, I conquered. And got my picture taken. Neon is fame and glory and everything in between. Deify yourself.

the the Neon Neon iissue issue white|wash


Nyan Cat photography


hair & makeup models

4 4 white|wash the Neon issue

Marii Sadrak

Ani + Karri @ Paparazzi

the Neon issue white|wash


jacket SOUTH swimsuit PARAH

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the Neon issue white|wash


8 8 white|wash the Royal Neon issue

the Neon issue white|wash


10 white|wash the Neon issue

Ani is wearing WILLANA

the Neon issue white|wash


12 white|wash the Neon issue

the Neon issue white|wash


14 white|wash the Neon issue

Karri (left)


the Neon issue white|wash


Emanuele Sferruzza Moszkowicz I am Em. I was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, some twenty-eight...nineish years ago. I’m a visual researcher. For some years I collaborated with fashion houses forecasting upcoming trends, creating new styles out of a few words given by the stylist or the art director’s board. My precise style was developed during my first collaboration some seven years ago with a Japanese brand, and it got more and more fluent and developed along the way. I’m inspired by nature and people and what’s between. I guess I could have easily ended up studying etnobotany or entomology. I wish I could say more about what inspires me, but I guess it’s mostly a feeling, a “not-said”. I hold a pebble in my hands or the sea carries back to the beach a blue and pink flower, I am sitting under a tree or I am on a packed subway... it’s a sense of amazement and gratitude. I have no understanding of patterns, math or whatever kind of chemistry divides me from this or this other thing or person. I feel it, and the first impulse is to draw that. The environment is my inspiration, and the best thing is that it does have an infinite language to approach human beings.

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the Neon issue white|wash


18 white|wash the Neon issue

the Neon issue white|wash


20 white|wash the Neon issue

For about four or five years now I have had a very important project where I draw the dreams, the phobias and the past of my private clients. I take notes for a month through video conferences or emails and then draw the whole narration on one piece of paper. This is then burned, with the client, during a private ceremony. Once in a while, I collaborate with fashion houses. I still develop visuals for their collections and all sorts of stuff related to brands and magazines, yes, but I am continually gettting requests from private collectors wanting to buy fine art prints or order an original artwork.

I’m just back home now from the 54th International Art Biennale in Venice. I’m part of Future Pass, a collective exhibition curated by Victoria Lu, Renzo Di Renzo and Felix Schöber, featuring Murakami, Yoshi Nara, Toki Doki, Gary Baseman and many, many other great artists. Future Pass will travel to the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam in December 2011 and to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung and the Today Art Museum in Beijing in 2012. I’ll have an exhibition this month, and more are on the way. I have truly spent a lot of time in recent years traveling, and when I say a lot it is a LOT of time.

the Neon issue white|wash


22 white|wash the Neon issue

But I had to understand things my way, so it wasn’t time wasted. I have now a weird bet with myself that requires courage even to be thought. Let’s see what happens; hopefully, it will come true. There is also this desire to put together a brand using my artwork and a team of friends, which would be like touching the quintessence of creative awesomeness. And some investment too, ha ha. I like to think about it to root my thoughts. Meanwhile, I draw and I’m in my other world. A sort of balance. I’m spending the summer preparing for the new exhibitions and continuing the novel I am writing in my spare time. My priority now is putting as many new projects I can on the line. Besides this, looking at my skin, I guess I need some sun. the Neon issue white|wash


Emilia (left) is wearing hat PONY RIDE VINTAGE dress EMMA COOK Fiona (right) is wearing dress EMMA COOK 24 white|wash the Neon issue

Siamese Dream photography DIANA LUGANSKI hair and makeup MARINA LAVENIUS models Emilia @ BRAND and Fiona @ Modelboom Special thanks to Helsinki 10 and Pony Ride Vintage store

the Neon issue white|wash


I told them my name was Julia. I don’t know why, I just thought it was beautiful. I was embarrassed about my small town, so I talk about a nearby bigger city. I’ve been there often enough to describe it well.

26 white|wash the Neon issue

Emilia (left) shirt 5TH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR pants ALEXANDR MANAMÏS hat props Fiona (right) cardigan RICK OWENS pants ALEXANDR MANAMÏS hat PONY RIDE VINTAGE

the Neon issue white|wash


Emilia (left) is wearing black vest ANN DEMEULEMEESTER lace hat LAMIN MARONG corset props panties MARJAN PEJOSKI Fiona (right) is wearing black vest ANN DEMEULEMEESTER lace waistcoat PONY RIDE VINTAGE chemise PONY RIDE VINTAGE

28 white|wash the Neon issue

I’ve told them that I’m a mother of two young children. It sounds acceptable. No one really wants to know what I take off or put on for work. I’ve said that my husband is an accountant who doesn’t talk about his work very much.

the Neon issue white|wash


I’m scared. I don’t know where the money that my husband makes comes from. I might be pregnant. I’m getting too old to do what I do for a living.

30 white|wash the Neon issue


the Neon issue white|wash


tunic TOPSHOP UNIQUE 32 white|wash the Neon issue

I’ve told them that I’m 18 and still living with my parents and might be pregnant. I’ve said that I’m an older man and asked what to do about my son’s illegal activities. I talked about having an empty house now that the kids are gone and asked how to go back to school.

the Neon issue white|wash


I have many friends. No one knows my name.

34 white|wash the Neon issue

Emilia (left) is wearing tunic TOPSHOP UNIQUE Fiona (right) is wearing cardigan BEYOND THE VALLEY scarf HERMÈS at PONY RIDE VINTAGE

the Neon issue white|wash


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i ep t h e k y l n o I white|wash the Neon issue


te a Ih When

photography illustration


| Mikaela Katro

| Sarah-Jane Leavey

s very la y a w l a m ’ I mes gr te

ti e m o s , d e r


Notice me!

books end too soon n e h t

rows g s ood a f k at g a e h r t b od , t a earrings Notice me! by Tanja Kurittu e o m i t g y model Tanja Kurittu, jewelry designer I take m ng i eth m g so n i o d e r you a


I knit

the Neon issue white|wash



Seven Deadly Sins issue 38 white|wash the Neon issue

| Panu Vuoristo



the Neon issue white|wash

Future attractions include: Gluttony Greed Sloth Pride Lust Envy Wrath

40 white|wash the Neon issue

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