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2014 Annual

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The News Reporter â—? June 12, 2014

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They sealed their romance with a kiss By CLARA CARTRETTE News Editor They grew up three blocks apart and both attended West Columbus High School, but they were just friends until they were in college. They had mutual friends and a few “group dates” in college, but romance still didn’t enter the picture for some time. Then, a group of college students got together for a New Year’s Eve outing in Charleston, S.C. And, as an old popular song reveals, it started with a kiss. “He kissed me at midnight beside the pool at a rooftop restaurant overlooking Charleston,” she said. That kiss was the beginning of their lives together, cementing their romance and plans for the future. Rachel Alison Stephens and Thomas Michael Manolis will speak their wedding vows on June 14 in Myrtle Beach on the waterway at Marina Inn at Grande Dunes. The reception will be held in the Nautilus Ballroom. Rachel and Michael will take a 16-hour flight, then hop on a speedboat to Bora Bora where they will honeymoon in an over-the-water bungalow at the Pearl Resort. Rachel is the daughter of Linda Thompson Stephens of Chadbourn and Michael Stephens of Chadbourn. She at-

Alison to her engagement ring on Feb. 12 two years ago. “I had rose petals from outside leading into the house and back outside to the patio where I had a card with a nice poem,” he said. “When she turned around I was on one knee and proposed.” Alison’s maid of honor is Jeffrilyn Greene of Cerro Gordo. Her sister, Ashlee Stephens Hunt of Whiteville is her matron of honor. Bridesmaids are her sister Jessica Stephens Williamson of Chadbourn, cousin Emily Edwards Hansen of Wilmington, Heather Nealy of Wilmington, her childhood best friend Brittany Merritt Godwin of Greenville, Kristi Dove Williamson of Bladenboro and Brittany Sykes of Clarendon. Honorary bridesmaids are her cousin Crystal Davis, and Sara Hester Brisson, both of Whiteville and Morgan Costner of Winston-Salem. Junior bridesmaids are her cousin Madison Grace Davis, and Michael’s cousin Gabriella Stracuzzi. Flower girls are his cousins, Madison Legg and Lillianna Stracuzzi. Miniature bride and groom are her niece and nephew, Rachel Alison Stephens Jean-Aubrey Laine WilliamThomas Michael Manolis son and Channing Williamson. Her cousin Jaysten Lee tended Southeastern Commu- her Doctorate of Pharmacy Hunt of Whiteville is ring nity College for two years, and in 2013. She is now pharmathen transferred to Campbell cist for McNeill’s Long Term University where she earned Care Pharmacy after working as pharmacy manager at Kerr Drug in Chadbourn for about a year. Michael is the son of David and Jeanette Manolis of Lake Waccamaw, but grew up in Chadbourn. He earned a Bachelor of Science in biology at UNC Pembroke and obtained his basic law enforcement training at Robeson Community College. He is a patrol deputy with the Columbus County Sheriff ’s Department’s Delta Squad. He said he was interested in the military, but Alison said she pulled him away from that idea. He turned to law enforcement because he saw it as an exciting career and he could get his training in three months. The couple shares a 100-pound white and tan Great Pyrenees, Lexie. Alison said Michael and his roommate got her first, “but I stole her away and took her with me to Wilmington” when she was doing her pharmaceutical rotations there. Michael used roses to lure

bearer. Michael’s attendants are best man Jarrod Britt of Linden, groomsmen Jared Stephens of Chadbourn, Fielding Hammond of Cerro Gordo, T.J. Spivey of Clarendon, J.P. Price of Wallace, Corey Blackwell of Lake Waccamaw, Blaze Legg of Catskill, N.Y. and Charlie Stracuzzi of Saugerties, N.Y. Ushers are Britt Leggett and Ryan McCleney of Charlotte, Jared Worthington of Whiteville and Kris Nance of Washington, D.C. Junior groomsmen are her cousin Ethan Watson of Chadbourn and his cousin Caden Legg of Catskill, N.Y. Amy Stephens Watson of Chadbourn is the wedding director. When asked who is the best cook, Michael raised his hand and Alison agreed, adding that he also does most of the cleaning. “He’d rather do it himself,” she said. “I do it all at one time and let it go a few days but he does it every day. Asked what they enjoy when they have time together, Alison said they like long walks, sunset at Lake Waccamaw, spending time on the lake and playing with their dog Lexie who has her own life jacket for playing in the lake.

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Church, music, movies began their romance Spencer Register resorted to a little trickery for a surprise proposal to Lindsey Merritt and he captured it all on video. His scheme worked, she accepted and they will exchange vows July 12 at Western Prong Baptist Church. Lindsey is the daughter of Jimmy and Shelley Merritt and Spencer is the son of Carlton and Valerie Register, all of Whiteville. Spencer makes ocarinas, a small clay musical instrument that dates back 12,000 years, and sells them to customers in many countries through his website. Since he is interested in photography and does videos for his website with Lindsey’s help, she had no idea that he was setting her up for a proposal when he asked her to practice a little on the ocarina. During her performance he stopped her, dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

school, was there at the invitation of friends. It seemed that every time Spencer asked her out she had something else to do, but finally, on April 25, 2010, she agreed to go out with him. They went to Shallotte to see a movie and ate at Angelo’s Pizza. “I think she just got tired of me asking,” Spencer said with a smile. Both said their first date felt right, it felt as if they had known each other a long time. “He was my first official boyfriend,” she said. “Daddy had told me that the first guy I dated would not be the one I would marry. I give God all the glory. I was apprehensive about dating and never rushed into anything. God made me special and different, and Spencer, too, and God blessed us when we met.” Lindsey said she was attracted to the fact that Spencer was very involved in church and music, and since she was learning to play the guitar they had a common interest.

“I got the whole thing on video,” he said. “It was a sweet moment,” she said. “I went to crying; I wasn’t expecting it. We had talked about getting married but I thought it was a long time in the future.” The proposal came on Aug. 12, 2011, a little over a year after they began dating. Getting a date with Lindsey was not easy. They were friends almost a year before they started dating and both had been very reserved about relationships. They met at Living Word Church where Spencer was praise and worship leader and musician, and Lindsey, then a senior in high

They also liked the same type of movies and she has since learned to play the harp. “He plays every instrument in the world,” she added. Spencer said he thought Lindsey was good-looking, liked that she was positive, always had a smile on her face and was fun to be around. “I’ve always been very reserved and generally quiet. It’s a good example that opposites attract.” They still share a common interest in church, music and movies. They once did a video with him playing the ocarina and her playing harp that had 237,105 hits on YouTube. Lindsey has completed requirements for an Associate


Lindsey Rose Merritt Norman Spencer Register Degree in Nursing at Southeastern Community College and hopes to pass the state board exam this month. Spencer’s interest in ocarinas began when he saw one in a video game when he was about 12. He didn’t realize then that it was a real instrument but later bought one and learned to play it. When he was about 13 he decided to try to make one and was successful. Through the years he has had a successful online business, shipping ocarinas to numerous countries overseas. He starts with raw clay, conditions it and forms it into molds he made. He has two kilns to fire the clay and ceramic instruments at nearly 2,000 degrees F. but leaves some unglazed. He has a patent on a particular design. He says it’s the interior design that improves the instrument, and that is his trademark. Ironically, a few years ago The News Reporter had a feature page about patents obtained by people in Columbus County, and it contained Spencer’s ocarina design and Lindsey’s dad Jimmy’s fishing lure. Always interested and talented in visual arts as well as music, Spencer realized his instruments were superior to

those he bought, so he started listing them on eBay and eventually designed his own website to sell direct. “I am so proud of him for sticking with me through nursing school,” Lindsey said. “I had to isolate myself to study. Sometimes we would see each other once a week, sometimes more. I studied 12 to 13 hours a day to keep my grades up. It was a full time commitment that kept me so involved I had no life but it paid off. I did really well in school.” Lindsey said she has been surrounded by three generations of nurses and it was a natural choice for her, although she entered college not knowing what she wanted to do. Her mother, several aunts and others in the family are nurses and when she got a job at Southeast Primary Care as a file clerk she realized after talking with patients there that she wanted to be a nurse. Theirs will be a traditional

ceremony, with his cousin, Marianne Smith Peters, daughter of Deborah Smith of Nakina, providing music. Like Spencer, she is a talented musician who plays piano, guitar “and sings like a bird,” he said, “and is a music teacher.” Spencer played the ocarina in her wedding. Lindsey’s attendants are Rachel Robinson of Fayetteville, maid of honor; bridesmaids Brooke Davis, Allyssa Alley and Ramona Merritt, all of Whiteville; Junior bridesmaids Jenna Blackwell and McKenzie Hyatt of Whiteville. Spencer’s dad is best man and groomsmen are Lindsey’s brother Bradley Merritt, Spencer’s cousin’s husband Gary Blanchard, and Spencer’s cousin Josh Ross of Old Dock. Riley Owens is flower girl and Drake Bowen is ring bearer. Spencer graduated from Whiteville High School and earned an Associate in Arts at Southeastern Community College. He continues to work on his ocarina business. He also takes online classes from Northwestern Theological Seminary in Florida, hoping to finish this year with a degree in systematic theology. His ocarina business is global, shipping more outside of the United States than in. It’s a very old instrument that he won’t take credit for revising, but it has improved and has come back into vogue in folk music. It is especially popular in Europe and Asia. Who will be the best cook in the Register household? “I don’t know who it will be, but at this time I think I am,” Spencer said. “I’m in nursing school and I don’t have much time, but I can cook really good,” Lindsey said.

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College calculus brought them together By CLARA CARTRETTE News Editor Calculus brought them together and Brittany Elizabeth Damato and W.T. Edwards II will pledge their wedding vows on Sept. 6 in an outdoor ceremony at Fort Anderson in Brunswick County. They plan to honeymoon in Cabos. Brittany is the daughter of Elizabeth Damato and Peter and Cindy Damato of Ayden. W.T. is the son of Worley and Kim Edwards of the Williams Township community. Both majored in math education at East Carolina University. However, it was a poor grade on his first calculus test in the fall of 2007 that sent W.T. looking for Britany, who scored a perfect 100 on the same test. “I didn’t do too well on my first test,” W.T. admitted. “I went to her and asked for help. We had just met and both of us were there on Teaching Fellows scholarships.” Brittany did help and they became close friends. However, they were not romantically linked, or so they thought, until not too long before they graduated in 2011. “We were best friends but not necessarily dating,” W.T. said. “As graduation approached we realized we would be going to separate places, and we really didn’t want to be apart. Everybody else knew we were supposed to be together and a professor predicted that we would get

married. We told him we were just best friends.” But as graduation got closer, they finally realized they wanted to be together and both applied for teaching jobs in Columbus County. She got a job as math teacher at East Columbus High and he was hired to teach and coach at West Columbus High. W.T. comes from a long line of educators and says his grandmother, the late Alice Williams, was probably his biggest influence in choosing education as a career. Brittany and W.T. said their first real date was at Coleman’s Drive-In Restaurant in Tabor City, but they had done a lot of things together before they considered it dating. They said watching movies brought them together and they also enjoy traveling and food. W.T., always an athlete, said Brittany was not a big sports fan but his dad has been kind of an influence on her. “I can now watch a game without pain,” Brittany said with a smile. Who’s the best cook? “She is,” W.T. said without reservation. “She likes to bake.” “He has breakfast,” she added, and W.T. admitted that he does make great omelets. Since they came together through calculus, W.T. decided to use the calculus book for his first class at ECU in his proposal. He planned how he

Brittany Elizabeth Damato W.T. Edwards II would do it on the first day of school last Aug. 25. “The first day of school is stressful and everybody is bombed out,” he said. “I carved a heart out of the pages and put the ring inside it.” L u c k ily, he used his calculus book instead of hers. “He would have been in trouble if he had used mine,” she said. “I knew I wouldn’t need mine anymore,” he said. “I couldn’t really believe it was happening,” Brittany said. “Our schools played tennis and his school beat ours. I was stressed out.” W.T. said he had no hints about what type of ring she

would prefer, so he made the choice. “She only wanted the ring

ding will be a pretty traditional ceremony. “We are both believers and we want that union to be between us and God,” W.T. added. Brittany’s attendants include Chastity Strickland Veneski of Greenville, matron of honor; Kristina Miller of Reno, Nev., maid of honor, and bridesmaids Allison Edwards of Whiteville, Olivia Hall of Autryville, Liz Lytch of Lumberton, Katie Blanchard of Kitty Hawk and Megan Lyles of Greenville. W.T.’s dad will be best man. Groomsmen are his brother Bryant Edwards and her brother Spencer Damato of Ayden, Trey Allen of Calabash, Michael Hewett of Tabor City, Jordan Ford of Clayton and W.T.’s cousin, Andy Coates of Clarkton. Brittany played violin in high school and has selected a string quartet to provide music. “She loves music and I love to sing,” W.T. said. Brittany, who admits to being shy, said “he’s made me a lot more outgoing. I’ve

I thought she ought to have,” opened up a lot.” he said. “And she’s made me a lo Brittany said their wed- more humble,” W.T. added.

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Auto Track Car Wash... get your car ready for leaving the reception Auto Track takes great pride in offering the largest and most conveniently located carwash facilities in Whiteville and Chadbourn. Locally owned and operated by Whiteville-native Paul Gore, Auto Track has helped car owners keep their vehicles sparkling clean for more than 15 years. Depending on your preference and car wash needs, Auto Track offers a brand new Turbo Jet XT Touchless Auto Wash with a dryer, a soft-brush friction wash, and selfwashing bays in Whiteville and a touchless wash and self-washing bays in Chadbourn. Couples looking to protect their driving investment, will appreciate the carefully selected cleaning solution that is effective but will not harm their car’s finish. Easy, drive-thru convenience makes washing two cars as easy as one. Other services available at Auto Track include vacuum stations, compressed air for tires, and vending machines with specialty cleaning supplies. Bobby Ellis is available at the Whiteville location on Fridays and Saturdays to assist in your car washing needs. Leave for your honeymoon in a clean and shiny getaway car. Drive into Auto Track at 1230 S Madison Street in Whiteville and 1035 N Brown Street in Chadbourn today for a quality car wash at a reasonable price.

Alison and Mike know the importance of a well maintained vehicle. Auto Track is convnient affordable, and safe.

Auto Track Car Wash 1230 S Madison St., Whiteville

1035 N Brown St., Chadbourn

Independent pharmacies support your community Trustworthiness, dependability and reliability are the norm at Baldwin Woods Pharmacy. That’s why you’ll want to take your prescriptions to Danny McNeill and his skilled, caring staff. McNeill, a pharmacy graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, grew up in Fair Bluff. Working with him are Whiteville natives Al Nobles and Wendi Ghent Rhodes and Lake Waccamaw native Amy Hobbs Sessions. All three have Doctor of Pharmacy degrees. McNeill is also a partner with John Stoll of Whiteville in Clarkton Drug. You won’t find any strangers behind the counters at these independent drugstores. All of the pharmacists are hometown people and they’ll be there every time you have a prescription filled. They know you, and they care about your well being. Bigger is not always better; when you shop at independent pharmacies your money stays at home to help fuel the economy, thereby helping local residents and local needs. Independent pharmacies in Columbus and Bladen counties represent more than $50 million in sales that go into local banks. Independent pharmacies are the ones that support community activities, donating money to more than 100 churches, clubs and charities in Columbus and Bladen counties. Consumer Report magazine reported that patient satisfaction was 87 percent for independent pharmacies as compared to 58 percent for chain pharmacies. Stop by Baldwin Woods Pharmacy today to meet the friendly, caring and skilled staff. You can rest assured that you’ll get the best pharmacy services available from community-minded pharmacists who are your neighbors and have lived here all of their lives. Baldwin Woods Pharmacy is a member of a 500-store buying group, enabling the store to compete without paying franchise fees.

Wendi Rhodes explains the importance of choosing a good pharmacy to Spencer and Lindsey.

607 Jefferson Street, Whiteville • 642-8141

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Black’s Tire — celebrating 85 years of service Customer service and safety are first and foremost in the Black’s Tire Service business philosophy. That’s why the company is still around to celebrate its 85th anniversary in 2014. It is an old established business - founded in 1929 – owned and operated through the ages by people who have lived in Columbus County all of their lives. Your tires are the most important thing between you and the road; therefore, you’ll want to buy your tires from the business people who know tires and care about your safety. That’s where the skilled and personable staff at Black’s comes in. If you don’t know tires, you should get to know the best tire people. The knowledgeable and caring people who work at Black’s have your best interest at heart. They are well-trained and have the know-how and the equipment to put your car in excellent condition for your peace of mind. A hometown atmosphere is a way of life for the tire experts at Black’s Tire Service. But tires aren’t their only business. You can talk with the staff about car repairs as well as tires, fully assured that they will have the mechanics check everything for you, and fix it only if it needs fixing. The next time your car needs tires or service, confer with the experts at Black’s. Let them do your regular tire checks, oil changes and take care of your other auto needs. They’ll keep your car in good operating order.

Brittany and WT learn all they need to know about tire safety from Jason Price.

Madison St., Whiteville • 642-3191

The most recognized name in the residential real estate Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make. That’s why it’s in your best interest to choose an experienced real estate agent who listens to and understands your needs, and has detailed knowledge of the area in which you want to want to live. “When you choose a CENTURY 21® agent, you’re dealing with a professional who understands your concerns and will provide you with the personalized service that makes all the difference,” say Owner Amy B Bailey. “We are a strong, vibrant, and global real estate family.” Century 21 Pro Realty is located at 1009 North J. K. Powell Blvd; they have held an office in Whiteville for over 35 years. They have earned a reputation for providing high quality service to real estate buyers and sellers alike.

Mike and Alison are told by David Carter, Cheryl George, Amy Bailey, Frankie George and Mary Ann Allgood of all the wonderful homes available through Century 21 Pro Reality.

Pro Realty

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To last forever... a diamond from Collier’s A couple’s consideration of where they will select their diamond engagement and wedding rings requires romantic, yet practical decisions. The diamond is a symbol of everlasting love; it represents not only love, but a lifetime investment, so the young man making the purchase wants to be sure he is receiving full value for his money. That’s why so many young men consult Todd Collins and his competent staff before making a diamond purchase. Todd offers 31 years experience with diamonds and diamond setting. What there is to know about diamonds, he can tell you, and he’s training his staff to carry on the Collier’s Jewelers tradition. Staff members can show you the many variations in diamonds; therefore, Collier’s can help you determine the best for your particular need. Collier’s Jewelers offers an unequaled reputation for quality, dependability and integrity earned during many, many years of satisfying service to the public. Whenever you select the girl of your dreams, select a diamond that she’ll be proud to wear forever. Todd Collins and his well-trained staff will be happy to make suggestions that only an experienced jeweler can make.

Todd Collins shows Alison and Mike a variety of engagement rings at Collier’s Jewelers.

Collier’s “Whiteville’s Leading Jewelers”


Record your patterns in Collier’s registry The experienced, friendly staff at Collier’s Jewelers will offer helpful advice in deciding upon patterns that match your taste, personality and needs. Your selections will be recorded under your name in Collier’s registry and a permanent record of gifts is a convenience for friends and relatives because it avoids confusion of duplicate gifts. China, crystal and silver patterns should be selected with a discerning and tasteful eye to future needs as well as present likes. Designs change, but quality craftsmanship and style are always the hallmark of gracious living. The bridal and gift display at Collier’s has been enlarged to include a wide variety of gifts, in addition to traditional patterns. Collier’s is now a Waterford dealer, offering a complete line of Waterford china, crystal and flatware patterns as well as beautiful accessory pieces. We also carry a full line of Vietri china, flatware, crystal and accessories. Also look for a large selection of baby gifts, gifts for the bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and others on your gift list, no matter what the occasion. There are Arthur Court aluminumware pieces with the look and durability of pewter and picture frames. There are candles, potpourri, Aromatique and Thymes bath and body care, bridge tallies, cards, napkins and lots more. Collier’s is a gift headquarters for every occasion — wedding, birthday, new arrival, anniversary, holiday, or just something special for someone special.

Lori Collins shows Alison and Mike some of the beautiful gift items available at Collier’s Fine Gifts & Bridal

Collier’s Jewelers FINE GIFTS & BRIDAL

717 South Madison Street Downtown Whiteville • 642-3183

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Let us take a little stress off of your big day Columbus Family Chiropractic Center has been in business for over 30 years. Dr. William Prease has been in practice for 14 years. Dr. Prease is a native of Columbus County and is a 1977 graduate of Whiteville High School. We would like to say congrats to the couple. We wish you well and staying well is both short and long-term. Starting out in life together demands decisions such as family, financial and health issues. Chiropractic care; be it acute, chronic or wellness, helps to improve your total health future. Columbus Family Chiropractic Center has been in business for over 30 years and is a strong supporter of Columbus County. Come by and see Dr. Prease and his ever-friendly and helpful staff, Johnnye, Saundra, and Michelle.

Dr. William Prease explains the benefits of chiropractic medicine with Mike and Alison.

Columbus Family Chiropractic 5754 Chadbourn Hwy, Chadbourn • 654-3581

Do it right the first time and save money Furnishing and home decorating decisions are some of the most fun for newlyweds. They can also be some of the most expensive and longterm decisions a couple will make, too. Plan to do it right the first time and save money at Cox Warehouse Discount Furniture. Father and son team, Kyle and Jonathan Cox, carry high-end furniture built to last a lifetime by Lexington, Pulaski, American Drew, Stanley and Craftique. They also carry beautiful rugs, accessories and mattress sets at their conveniently located showroom at 1423 North J.K. Powell Blvd in Whiteville. Walk around, measure, and compare their large selection for just the right piece for your home. In business for 30 years, the staff at Cox Discount Furniture has the expertise to create a decorating plan to help couples make smart decorating choices. Whether decorating a room, an apartment or whole house, a decorating plan can save time and prevent costly mistakes. Cox Discount Furniture offers easy credit financing and is dedicated to putting their customers first. For the couple shopping for beautiful furniture and accessories, give them a wedding gift you know they can enjoy for years to come. Cox Warehouse Discount Furniture has just the right piece and delivery services make it easy to surprise your bridal couple with a special gift perfect for their home. Make your selection, and Jonathan Cox will handle the details. Cox Warehouse Discount Furniture offers newlyweds great prices, convenience, financing and customer service. Stop by to see their great selection of furniture and accessories and start decorating today.

Jonathan Cox shows WT and Brittany one of the beautiful bedroom groupings available at Cox Warehouse Discount Furniture. 1423 N JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville • 640-2900

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Offering the best insurance value to our customers

Bruce McPherson explains the various insurance plans offered by East Coast Agency to WT and Brittany.

What makes one insurance company stand out above the others? It’s the service and personal interest that they take in a family’s welfare that makes a company such as East Coast Agency, Inc. truly worthy of your business. As WT and Brittany will soon discover, having an insurance agent they can trust to help them navigate the sometimes confusing world of insurance is one of those things that will give them peace of mind as they start their lives together. With 33 years experience in the insurance business and a fully licensed staff, East Coast Agency, Inc. has a full understanding of the normal life changes that come to every family and how to use insurance properly to help their customers face any situation with a minimum of risk. “We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to providing for a family’s insurance needs,” notes East Coast owner Bruce McPherson. “Because we have a number of companies to choose from we’re able to match solutions to a person’s personal insurance needs.” East Coast Agency, Inc. provides all types of insurance through several major companies that they have found to be both reliable and economical. Their status as an independent agency allows them to offer the best insurance value to their customers. Whether you’re just starting out, or feel the need to have someone review your current insurance coverage, you’ll find the folks at East Coast Agency easy to talk to and willing to help make sure you have the coverage that’s right for you. They’re located in Tabor City at 106 S. Main Street, and you can call them at 910-653-5066.

A rich history of outstanding service

Karen Granger and Dale McLean show WT and Brittany some of the beautiful Whirlpool appliances available at Ellis Meares & Son.

Ellis Meares & Son, Inc. Hardware/Furniture/Appliance Store in Fair Bluff combines the tradition of a “general merchandise” store with the very latest in name brand televisions, furniture, appliances, hardware and building materials. Family owned and operated since 1901, there’s a rich history of outstanding service at Ellis Meares & Son, Inc. You will be amazed and delighted with your first visit there. Whether you’re shopping for new furniture, appliances, bedding or other household items, you’ll find just what you’re looking for, and their friendly staff will make your shopping experience a pleasure. Ellis Meares & Son, Inc. is a dealer for Toshiba televisions and electronics, Frigidaire appliances, Ashley, Lexington, American Drew, Bassett, Drexel Heritage, Craftique, Hooker and Simmons furniture as well as Lane recliners, Primo bedding and Poulan lawn equipment. They also carry a complete line of hardware, dog kennels, building materials, metal roofing, shingles and vinyl siding. If it has to do with your home, Ellis Meares & Son, Inc. is your “one stop” store. With many businesses today, real customer service is a thing of the past, but not at Ellis Meares & Son, Inc. When you shop there, you can know that you’re getting excellent merchandise, a fair price and lasting service. Ellis Meares & Son, Inc. is also known for their “90 Days same as Cash” policy, which gives you three full months to pay without incurring a service charge and they also provide delivery service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a young couple like Brittany and WT buying your first bedroom suite or washer and dryer, or you’ve been housekeeping for years. Ellis Meares & Son, Inc. on Main Street in Fair Bluff is the kind of establishment that you can depend on and in today’s world that’s a good thing.


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A reputation for honesty and fair dealings A car purchase is usually, after a home purchase, one of the biggest commitments any young couple makes. That’s why it’s important to know that the dealer you’re buying from has a reputation for honesty and fair dealings. People all around can tell you that for over 59 years, the name they trust is Fair Bluff Ford. Jeff Prince and his staff are proud of their reputation for serving car buyers for so many years. But they also know that the world we live in today is different, and that it’s important to serve today’s customers in a way that meets their needs. “With our “First Time Buyers” program, young people can rest assured that they’re being treated fairly – that there are no games being played and no tricks” noted dealer Prince. “We want to be known for our ease of doing business and for the comfort of our small town “no pressure” approach.” When you shop in Fair Bluff you’ll find the lowest prices and a level of service that’s unmatched by any other dealer. You’ll also find a great selection of new Ford cars and trucks, as well as pre-owned and program vehicles that have been individually inspected to make sure they meet the demanding Fair Bluff Ford standards. And when it’s time to bring your car in for service, you’ll have access to a service and parts department that’s second to none. You’ll appreciate the way you’re treated at Fair Bluff Ford. Give them a visit soon.

Jeff Prince shows WT and Brittany one of the great vehicles available at Fair Bluff Ford.


Main Street, Fair Bluff • 649-7531

Farm Bureau agents understand the financial decisions newlyweds face Farming has a long tradition in Columbus County and so does Columbus County Farm Bureau. Since 1955, Columbus County Farm Bureau has been serving and supporting families and agriculture businesses in our area with locations in Whiteville and Chadbourn. Jeff Jackson is the Columbus County Farm Bureau agency manager and Whiteville agents: Glenn Ray, James Edwards, Revice Butler and Teddy Tedder can assist you with your insurance needs. Agents in the Chadbourn office are: Jeff Jackson; manager, Mike Waddell, Jeff Register and Jordan Carter. All Columbus County Farm Bureau agents grew up in the area and live here. Offering excellent customer service, the Columbus County Farm Bureau agents understand the financial decisions newlyweds face. They know the needs of couples who want to protect their family and investments with auto, homeowner, life, health and business insurance. Giving back to the community and supporting local farmers is important to Columbus County Farm Bureau. Since 1967, Farm Bureau nationally has awarded over $3,000,000 in scholarships to high school graduates interested in studying agriculture related business. Local students interested in the R. Flake Shaw Scholarship Program, are urged to apply. Careful insurance planning with Columbus County Farm Bureau is the best investment couples can make for their future, their family and business.

Jordan Carter explains to WT and Brittany the importance of protecting a growing family with insurance and financial planning.

113 W Smith St. Whiteville 910-642-8206

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You need strength and stability in a partner. First Community Bank offers customers a full range of personal and business banking solutions, and each of our employees is dedicated to offering the very best in individual service. We’re located in five Southern and Mid-Atlantic states including 58 full-service financial centers, and we’re growing along with each of the communities we call home. We’ve remained true to our conservative banking tradition and maintain a strong, balanced approach to business because it’s not only better for our company and our employees, but it’s also better for each and every customer we serve. We’re known for a unique combination of big bank features and community bank personal attention. The result is a wide variety of products and resources, with exceptional choice, and friendly service. We can assist with anything from purchasing your first home to personal retirement guidance. We’re here to provide you with options, meet your needs, and plan for your future. Stop by or call us for a one-on-one talk about what you want from your bank, what accounts interest you — and we’ll provide you with sound advice, the best products in the market and the individual attention you deserve.

Kelly Bass discusses with Mike and Alison the options for a financial future togther.

Convenient Local Branches: Whiteville . Tabor City . Chadbourn . Shallotte . Holden Beach . Southport . Elizabethtown . Sunset Beach . Heath Springs . Conway . Little River

Member FDIC


Hills, your only locally owned grocery store “Satisfied customers” is a philosophy that Dewey Hill has used since he opened his first grocery store many years ago. What better service can you get than being a satisfied customer? Hill has lived in Columbus County all of his life, so he cares what his customers think. He wants only the best for his friends and neighbors, and he wants to offer quality merchandise at a price that keeps customers coming back. Cleanliness and well-stocked shelves are top priorities. Hills Supermarkets provide the best quality at affordable prices. Newlyweds, and those who have been taking care of families for many years, can shop at Hills and be assured that they’ll always find every item they need to stock their pantry shelves. Only the freshest meats and produce are offered, and the shelves are always stocked with a variety of name brand staples, sundries and other items that everyone can afford. Hills has a spacious store at South Whiteville and a Powell Boulevard location in Whiteville. There are also Hills stores in Lake Waccamaw, Shallotte and Tabor City. If you want quality, economy and courteous service, visit your neighborhood Hills Food Store. You’ll find the lowest prices and highest quality in town.

Jerry Soles shows WT and Brittany the quality meat selection offered daily at affordable prices.

2014 Annual Bridal Edition, Supplement to The News Reporter -- Page 12

A wealth of knowledge about the local real estate market Choosing a real estate professional can be one of the most important decisions a couple makes. It’s imperative to make sure that the realty company you choose has the experience and the know-how to help with perhaps your most important purchase. The staff at J. Ray Realty has a wealth of knowledge about the Columbus County real estate market. They know the area well, are highly trained in the business, and are focused on customer satisfaction in every aspect of the transaction. Their experience includes: residential, commercial, land and acreage, and property management for rentals. As a member of the National Association of Realtors, J. Ray Realty has a reputation to maintain. “We’re held to a higher set of standards than the average real estate broker” commented owner Jackie Ray. “Our goal is to assist people with the buying process so that it is a satisfying and exciting experience.” Ray, who has been in real estate since 2003, purchased her business from Charlie Langston. “My goal is to carry on the tradition that established Langston Realty, as the top, professional real estate business in Columbus County”, added Ray. “This has always been a business built on trust, caring, listening, and educating.” If you’re just starting out, new to the area, or just ready to find that dream home, you’ll do well to contact the professionals at J. Ray Realty. They’re conveniently located at 101 Courthouse in Whiteville, and can be reached at 642-8111 or at

Jackie Ray of J. Ray Realty is discussing the buying process with Lindsey and Spencer.

101 Courthouse Sq. Whiteville 642-8111

Personal attention and excellent service at McNeill’s Pharmacy

Nancy Crabtree shows Mike and Alison the many benefits McNeill’s Pharmacy has to offer.

Good health and happiness are the hopes and dreams of every newlywed couple. North Carolina’s oldest pharmacy, McNeill’s Pharmacy, has been serving generations of families in Whiteville and Columbus County since 1875. Their experience and services make McNeill’s the best choice for all couples to consolidate and create a longterm relationship for all their health care and pharmacy needs. Along with a knowledgeable and helpful pharmacy staff, McNeill’s offers a comprehensive service center offering UPS and FedEx shipping, Moneygram services, and bill paying for select services such as Duke Energy, CenturyLink, Dish Network, and more. Conveniently located on Jefferson Street in McNeill’s Plaza near Columbus Regional Hospital and many doctor’s offices, a visit to the doctor and then the pharmacy couldn’t be easier. Any questions about prescriptions are welcomed and answered by the pharmacy staff. Stop in for a variety of gifts and greeting cards celebrating birthdays and holidays plus the items you need most when caring for a loved one not feeling so well. Personal attention and excellent service have been the standard for McNeill’s Pharmacy for over 100 years. Congratulations to all our bridal couples. As your family grows, make McNeill’s your partner in coordinating health care and pharmacy needs big and small. Stop by and see us today.

612-4 Jefferson St., Whiteville • 642-3009

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Nikki Couture Bridal is your one-stop shop for all things bridal! At Nikki Couture Bridal you will find an elegant collection of handpicked bridal gowns from couture designers such as Maggie Sottero and Sophia Tolli, as well as Chic and trendy bridesmaid gowns, flower girl dresses & mother of the bride/groom gowns. Accessories, jewelry and shoes will add glamour and sparkle to your walk down the aisle. Famous wedding and entertainment expert David Tutera from the TV series, My Fair Wedding, has partnered with wedding gown designer Mon Cheri for a new, elegant collection carried by Nikki Couture Bridal. Located in Downtown Whiteville, Nikki Couture Bridal is owned and operated by Nikki Turner Long. She loves making brides look and feel beautiful on their wedding day and believes finding the perfect dress should be an exciting and memorable experience. Wedding event planning completes the many services she offers all in one location. You will find all things “Southern, Bridal and Couture” at Nikki Couture Bridal.

Brittany tries on one of the beautiful dresses from Nikki Couture Bridal. No peeking, WT!

Nikki Couture Bridal 707 S. Madison St. Whiteville

(910) 914-6109

Your housing needs are our #1 priority Oakwood Homes in Chadbourn carries a full line of manufactured and modular homes. Oakwood also features custom built modulars, and this product exceeds site built construction standards for the buyer who wants to invest in a nice home that will appreciate without the headaches of site building. These homes offer 7/12, 9/12 and 12/12 roof pitches. They also feature ninefoot ceilings, finished dry wall, 2x10 ceiling and floor joists, 2x6 exterior walls on 16-inch center. The 2x6 exterior wall offers twice the insulating value of the standard issue with R-value of 22. Our modulars are available in any square footage, your floor plan or ours. These special homes are appraised as site built homes and have the same rates and terms as site built homes. The Walker family has been in the manufactured and modular home business for more than 32 years in the community where they grew up. Their knowledgeable staff can give valuable advice when you are ready to buy a home. Drop by Oakwood Homes today to check out the variety of homes that make house-shopping a pleasurable experience.

Brad Walker and Tammie Frick show Brittany and WT one of the beautiful homes available at Oakwood Homes of Chadbourn.


Hwy. 410 South, Chadbourn • 654-4128

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Flowers with a unique flair from Olde Towne Florist Your color theme. It’s the first decision you make when planning a party, wedding or special event. All other decisions play off this one. Take the pressure off and make the perfect decision with the help of award winning designer and proprietor of Old Towne Florist in Chadbourn, William T. Williamson. With over 36 years of experience in the floral industry, he’s an expert in choosing the colors and floral arrangements to bring your special occasion to life. From beginning to end, William provides personal service and in-house catering by Robert Barrett to complete your wedding, reception or party plans. You only have to make one-stop to coordinate everything. Another distinctive service William offers is home décor in addition to floral design for all special occasions. Flowers with a unique flair is the design style William gives each and every customer and bridal couple. Whether your event is large or small make it special and make your vision a reality at Old Towne Florist today.

Alison and Mike discuss the finer points of wedding arrangements and floral design with William T. Williamson.

Olde Towne Florist

William T. Williamson, Designer & Proprietor 654-5646 • 123 E. First Ave., Chadbourn, NC

Pait’s Tractor...where customer service is number one

Danny Pait and Mandy Norris show WT and Brittany some of the equipmentat Pait’s Tractor.

Who would think that one of the nation’s top dealers for outdoor equipment would be located in Columbus County? Well, it’s true – Pait’s Tractor in Evergreen has been among the country’s top dealers for customer service in the outdoor equipment business for the last ten years. And that means when you deal with Pait’s, you can be assured of outstanding products, prices, and service after the sale. Pait’s Tractor has gained a reputation as a leader in the sales and service of tractors, mowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, edgers, blowers, and lawn & garden accessories. They sell some of the leading brands in the business, including Cub Cadet, Scag, TroyBilt, Gravely, Stihl and Bennche UTV’s. In addition to their sales department, Pait’s maintains an award winning service team who can make sure your equipment stays in top condition. “We believe we have the best team assembled to provide our customers with the products and service they expect” noted owner Danny Pait. Every young couple wants a home and a yard that they can enjoy. With the kind of quality yard and garden equipment sold by Pait’s along with their expert advice, establishing and maintaining a great looking yard can be within the reach of any young couple. Visit Pait’s today at 7012 Princess Ann Road, Evergreen; they’re located 4 miles off Hwy. 74 at mile marker 375. You can reach them at 910-654-5320.

PAIT’S TRACTOR LLC 7012 Princess Ann Rd., Evergreen 910-654-5320

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A Department Store with Cash to Loan... Pawn USA describes itself as a department store with cash to loan, but that’s just one of the many services offered since 1992 at their location in Whiteville. With seven stores in southeastern North Carolina, Pawn USA offers a full range of pawn loan and great shopping with hometown service and selection. Local owner/manager Brian Murphy offers great prices on many one-of-a-kind items along with a full selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition. You never know what treasures you will find, and bridal couples can always count on a wide selection of jewelry, watches, electronics, tools and more. Beautiful wedding rings and gifts for the bride and groom fill the showcases at reasonable prices. At Pawn USA you can always count on exceptional service, plenty of parking, and a great location. Customers can even pay their bills, cash checks and sell scrap gold and fine jewelry. For a great loan or shopping experience along with reasonable prices and variety, stop by Pawn USA at 1134 S Madison Street in Whiteville today.

Brian Murphy, owner and manager, shows Lindsey and Spencer some of the quality items at Pawn USA

Pawn USA

1134 S Madison St, Whiteville • 640-3344

Hometown service for all your special events Platinum Entertainment & Party Rentals provides services relatively new to Columbus County. It is a unique business that offers a lot of variety for your social events. Bill Gore III founded Platinum Entertainment & Party Rentals in 2004, with a goal of bringing high quality and affordable party equipment to the people of Columbus County and the surrounding areas. Now, Platinum Entertainment & Party Rentals is a full service entertainment and party rental business, offering the area’s largest selection of party and event equipment. Gore has tents from small, intimate sizes to those that will seat several hundred people. He can provide tables, chairs, linens, staging, kiddie rides, inflatables, concession equipment, and even event venues. If you have a wedding, reunion, birthday party or any other special event coming up, let Platinum Entertainment & Party Rentals help make it an occasion to remember. You can count on them to give your order the individualized attention that the out-of-town companies can’t. They will work with you to plan your event details to suit your specific needs and to stay within your budget. You’ll be pleased with the service, which will leave you relaxed and refreshed to enjoy your special event with your guests.

Platinum Entertainment & Party Rentals can create a beautiful setting for your wedding reception or any other special event. Bill Gore, Owner • 914-0400

2014 Annual Bridal Edition, Supplement to The News Reporter -- Page 16

Pridgen Bros. Contractors...quality work-outstanding serivce

Jeff Pridgen and Donald Pridgen explain the heating and air conditioning systems available from Pridgen and Brothers to Lindsey and Spencer.

Heating and air conditioning is too important a part of a home, to leave to just anyone. When you turn to Pridgen Bros. Contractors, you can be assured of quality work, top of the line products, and outstanding service. Pridgen Bros., your authorized Trane dealer, has been serving our area for 59 years. That kind of longevity is a pretty good indication of the confidence homeowners have in Pridgen Bros. “We work hard to maintain our reputation as a leader in the heating and air conditioning business” said Jerry Pridgen. “We think we have the best products and the best people, and we make it a priority to respond promptly to the needs of our customers.” Heating and air conditioning in a home is usually best left to professionals. That’s why it’s important to know a good HVAC contractor. “An important service we provide is a whole house energy evaluation” commented Pridgen. “That way we know exactly what the needs are, and are able to match the equipment to the particular situation, saving the homeowner both time and money.” Because Pridgen Bros. is always looking to improve their service to customers, they now provide complete electrical service and are planning to expand into plumbing service as well. For many young homeowners, cost is always a factor. Pridgen Bros.offers competitive pricing and easy credit options which helps a young couple to be able to choose high efficiency heating and air products, such as Trane, rather than just “getting by” with lower quality products. If you’re buying, building, or remodeling, go with the best – Trane and Pridgen Bros. Contractors. They’re located at 720 Davis Ave. in Whiteville.

Pridgen Brothers Contractors

720 Davis Ave., Whiteville • 642-8174

Busy making wedding plans? Don’t forget to schedule an oil change Changing your oil is the most important maintenance your vehicle needs to keep you and your growing family safely on the road. For fast, friendly oil changes plus car maintenance, new tires with the low price tire guarantee, brakes and much more, stop by Quick Lane located behind Quality Ford in Whiteville. As a family-owned business, Quick Lane managers Anna and Mark Cartrette make sure you receive excellent, trustworthy service. Mark is a Master Diesel Certified Mechanic with 20 years experience in all types of auto repairs. He will discuss all repairs with you before the work is done. As a partner in maintaining your car, Quick Lane provides a multi-point inspection check sheet every visit and keeps a record of all your work. They offer their own credit card, and a 5% reward program. Plus, they sell propane and offer free alignment checks with service.

Anna Cartrette talks with Alison and Mike about the services offered at Quick Lane

Visit Quick Lane today, and take the worry out of car maintenance and repairs.

106 Quality St. Whiteville


2014 Annual Bridal Edition, Supplement to The News Reporter -- Page 17

to this...

From this...

1.99% APR

when you say...

New or Used Autos!

“I do”

Leland Branch

2065 Andrew Jackson Hwy 383-1650

Riegelwood Branch 183 John Riegel Rd. 655-2274

Call or visit our website for full details

Whiteville Branch 1629 S. Madison St. 317-0071

San Jose Mexican Restaurant...Ole! San Jose Mexican Restaurant has become one of Whiteville’s most popular eating establishments because they have gained a reputation for delicious Mexican food and a fun, family atmosphere. Opened in Whiteville in 2000, San Jose is owned by the Flores family, and is one of their 12 Mexican restaurants throughout North Carolina. The Whiteville location is owned by Josue Flores with Rolando Gonzalez as manager. San Jose customers can expect Mexican food that is meticulously prepared with an authentic, yet mild flavor. Whether one chooses burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, chile rellenos, fajitas, or any of their combination dinners, it’s always a treat to have a night out at San Jose. “We use only fresh ingredients in everything we serve. We cut and fry our own chips and shells for tostadas and tacos, cook all the beef and chicken and make our own salsa” noted Josue. “Our complimentary chips are available with our homemade spicy or mild salsa.” The next time you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food, be sure to come to San Jose, where you’ll find delicious food, great prices, and fun. They’re located in Hillco Plaza, at 1616 S. Madison Street in Whiteville.

Lindsey and Spencer enjoy lunch at San Jose, as manager Rolando Gonzalez tends to them. - Authentic Mexican Food -

1616 S. Madison St., Whiteville • 640-1451

2014 Annual Bridal Edition, Supplement to The News Reporter -- Page 18

Sears... Your Hometown Store Once the excitement of the wedding and the honeymoon is over, most young couples turn their attention to setting up a house. For them, there is one store that is a must, and that is Sears. It’s because Sears is probably the most complete store for every project inside and outside the typical home. In Whiteville, the Sears store is located at 6 South Whiteville Plaza, and is known for their great prices and great selection of appliances, electronics, tools, and lawn and garden equipment. Charles Struve, owner of the Whiteville Sears store, is also proud of another area of the business where they excel – customer service. “In our store, customers get oneon-one attention no matter what they’re looking for. Our goal islv d. satisfaction on every B 100% llrepeat e purchase made, so that the first time customer becomes a customer.” w o 1 J.Kof. Pappliances The Whiteville Sears has a great selection laundry center C 2-41for6thezkitchen, 5 4 1 6 6 a e 1 l l and home. They specialize in nationally recognized brands, including: Kenmore, GE, z i i v P itea great selection n’sof refrigerators, freezers, ranges, h Whfind o Whirlpool, Maytag, and LG. You’ll J a p de Paand dryers – all at prices guaranteed to please cooktops, range hoods, microwaves, esiwashers B any new couple. When it comes to the yard, Sears rules! They’re your headquarters for Craftsman power lawn and garden tools, and they carry a large selection of other national brands, including: Husqvarna, Weedeater, Yard-Man, Poulan Pro, Snapper, Black & Decker, and Toro. No matter how big the yard job, Sears can help you get it done right. Visit the Whiteville Sears today and find out why it’s so important to so many young couples.


g to n i v o M

atio c o L ew


t s 1 y l Ju

Pat shows Alison and Mike the latest in dishwasher models at Sears.

Hometown Store

We’re serious about serving our customers “Like a good neighbor…” – it’s one of the most recognizable slogans in American advertising and it’s descriptive of the kind of business relationships that Mary Williamson of State Farm Insurance builds with her customers. “We’re serious about serving our customers in the same way we would our best friends and neighbors”, noted Williamson. “State Farm has been in Whiteville for 82 years, and I’m proud to be carrying on the tradition of customer service established by my father, Lonnie Bullard, in 1952.” Most people associate State Farm Insurance with automobiles and homes. In fact they’re the world’s largest auto and home insurer. But there’s much more to State Farm than those two areas. State Farm Insurance offers more than 188 insurance and financial products to families and businesses, including: life, health and commercial insurance, retirement plans, mutual funds, auto and home loans, and even credit card services. With such a wide range of products, a customer can easily make State Farm their “one stop” choice for insurance and financial services. And with State Farm’s “24-7 Good Neighbor Service”, a customer can contact a licensed agent through phone, website, or the Whiteville office any time they have a question or need. If the idea of having your insurance and finances with a single company, and being treated “like a neighbor” by that company appeals to you, contact Mary Williamson today at State Farm Insurance. She can be reached at 910-642-3753 or by email at: The office is conveniently located at 1011 N. J.K. Powell Blvd.

Mary Jo Williamson explains the many options available through State Farm Insurance to Spencer and Lindsey

1011 N. J.K. Powell Blvd. Whiteville 642-3753

2014 Annual Bridal Edition, Supplement to The News Reporter -- Page 19

The latest styles at the most competitive prices For over 18 years, Sugar & Spice Dancewear has been the place area dancers have turned to for the latest styles and most competitive prices on a complete line of dancewear and dance clothing. Owner Tricia Bowen and manager Priscilla Dove know exactly what’s in style, and they’re happy to help you with your selection. They carry a complete line of praise wear for your special church praise dance performance. You can depend on Tricia and Priscilla, and with their large selection of name brand dancewear, you’ll find exactly what you need. In addition to dancewear, Sugar & Spice is known for their large selection of formal wear and wedding gowns. They carry all styles of formal dresses for proms, pageants, weddings, and other special occasions. You’re sure to find that special dress from their large selection, or Sugar & Spice can special order your dress and have it in their store in just a few days. No need to drive to far away towns, spending time and money shopping for a formal dress when you can find it at Sugar & Spice. They also carry shoes for formalwear and a large selection of jewelry to complete your outfit. Whether it’s a new dance outfit, or something to wear to your next prom or cotillion, make sure that you visit the folks at Sugar & Spice Dancewear & Formal Wear. You’ll enjoy their friendly shop and find everything you need in one place. They’re conveniently located at 730 S. Madison Street in Whiteville, and can be reached by phone at 642-5737.

Manager Priscilla Dove shows Lindsey and Spencer perfect honeymoon attire available at Sugar and Spice.

Sugar & Spice Dancewear & Formal Wear

730 S. Madison St., Whiteville • 642-5737

Know the people you buy your vehicle from

Berry Love, Business Management, shows Spencer and Lindsey one of the great vehicles available at Vann Underwood Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and RAM.

With so many vehicle choices, how does the prospective buyer know WHICH automobile is best? Well, as the saying goes, “If you don’t know cars . . . know the people you buy from.” In Columbus County, consumers are indeed fortunate to have a dealer like Vann Underwood Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge RAM. Vann has been serving car buyers from his current location for 38 years, and has been the local Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge RAM dealer for ten years. He has the knowledge and commitment to offer any buyer the best experience when it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle. Vann has used one simple principle in building his business and reputation - keep the customer satisfied. Perhaps you’re a young couple like Spencer and Lindsey or maybe you’ve been buying cars for years. You’re still looking for the same things. You want to know that the vehicle you’ve chosen is a quality product, that you haven’t paid too much, and that the dealer will stand behind your car or truck with outstanding service. With Vann Underwood, you can rest assured that you’re getting those things. In addition to a great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, Vann offers one of the area’s most reliable service and parts departments with trained technicians who can diagnose and repair any problem, regardless of make or model. When it’s time to purchase or lease your next car or truck, see the folks with the reputation for low prices, easy financing options, and personal, hometown service. See Vann Underwood Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge RAM in Downtown Whiteville. They’re at 501 South Madison Street. Call them at 642-2000 today.

Vann Underwood U nn Va

oo nderw

d Chrysler J eep




Chrysler • Jeep • Dodge • RAM

Whiteville, NC 910-642-2000 • 1-800-682-6835 Whiteville, NC

2014 Annual Bridal Edition, Supplement to The News Reporter -- Page 20

An atmosphere that is second to none... Whiteville and the surrounding communities are indeed fortunate to have a facility available for community and family use such as Vineland Station. Built in 1904 as the Atlantic Coast Line train depot, to serve passengers and freight between Wilmington and Atlanta, Vineland Station had a rich history of service until the 1970s. In 2002, it was leased by the Columbus County commissioners and Whiteville City council, and a special fund-raising effort to renovate the vacant building was begun. In 2005, it was put back into service, after more than 30 years of being out of commission, to become an economic development hub and a center of civic and cultural activities in the county. Many bridal couples have already discovered the special attraction that wedding events held at Vineland Station hold. It has quickly become one of the most popular venues for weddings, rehearsal dinners, receptions, and other special events. Whether the wedding event is large or small, Vineland has the capability of meeting the need. Book the new outdoor covered platform pavillion alone or with the Todd community room, and take advantage of maximum space flexibility and decorating opportunities. You may call Elaine Butler at 640-2030 for more information or to schedule an event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, family or class reunion, prom, or business meeting, you’ll find the perfect place is Vineland Station, located in the heart of downtown Whiteville. Visit us at

Alison and Mike at Vineland Station.


BRUNSWICK PLANTATION Elegance and Southern charm are apparent to anyone who steps foot on Brunswick Plantation. You’ll be hardpressed to find a better setting for your special day. With ample accommodations for wedding guests, Brunswick Plantation is also available for other special occasions.

With a professional staff coordinated by Robin Hicken, the planning and details of your event won’t seem so overwhelming. Call Robin at 1-800-835-4533, ext. 6901 for information or to set up an appointment, or email her at

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