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White Tiger Qigong Presents the Most Spectacular Qigong Retreat White Tiger Qigong & Tao of Vitality Winter Workshop Commencing December 28, 2016 to January 5, 2017

The event is to be hosted at the scenic setting of Tao Garden, Thailand. The Qigong program is open to all levels and to be conducted under the guidance of the celebrated Qigong instructor and the Founder of White Tiger Qigong, Tevia Feng and veteran Qigong practitioner and instructor, Aisha Sieburth. The unique workshop will span for 9 days, during which participants can relax and synchronize their mind, body and breath, fortify their internal structure, ignite their vital energy channels with the practice of Taoist Yoga and Nei Gong energy

meditation. The event revolves around Dynamic Five Animal Flow- Wu Qin Xi Complete Medical Qigong system which is the most ancient moving Qigong system. Participants can explore the coursing of Yin and Yang in harmony with the 5 Qigong elements and animals. The main focus of the White Tiger Qigong & Tao of Vitality Winter Workshop is to cultivate the energy resources and turn all the positive and negative emotions into vital energies. Interested individuals and groups can visit for more information about the retreat. For any queries about courses and events, mail at

White Tiger Qigong & Tao of Vitality Winter Workshop