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have used Imperial Whitetail Clover and WinterGreens and have had great results. I have gone from harvesting one or two deer a year to four or five. Enclosed is a picture of 14 does in my Winter-Greens plot. The other picture is a buck I shot this year coming off my clover plot. Love the products. Just bought AlfaRack Plus to try this spring. Thanks Whitetail Institute.

Justin Rayburn – New York

ince planting Whitetail Institute products on our 40 and 65 acre tracts of land, we have held more deer on the property. We’ve planted many Whitetail Institute products including Imperial Whitetail Clover, Chic Magnet and Winter-Greens. We often have many winter pictures in our Winter-Greens plot even after numerous snow falls. I have counted up to 12 deer feeding in an 1/2 acre Imperial Whitetail Clover plot all at the same time. On opening weekend a few years ago, my cousin Don Stohr killed the great buck in photo 1 as it followed a doe into a WinterGreens plot. I killed the monster split G2 buck in photo 2 that same weekend near a Winter-Greens plot. He was the biggest buck I had ever killed. Two other hunters with us killed great bucks that weekend as well. Thank you, Whitetail Institute.

Jeff McMillin – Wisconsin


ere is a photo showing a few examples of what Whitetail Institute products have done for us. We use Imperial Whitetail Clover, Fusion, Beets & Greens and Whitetail Oats Plus. We are seeing more deer and killing bigger bucks. Our biggest buck so far scored 179 inches and we’re looking forward to having more fun and killing even bigger bucks. We use the best and we are getting the best results. Not really much more to say. Thanks Whitetail Institute.

Bill Boeschen – Illinois


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Send Us Your Photos! Do you have photos and/or a story of a big buck, a small buck or a doe that you took with the help of Imperial products? Send it to us and you might find it in the Field Tester section of the next issue of Whitetail News. Email your digital photos and a three to four paragraph story telling how you harvested the deer and the role our products played to: or send them to: Whitetail News, Attn: Field Tester Response 239 Whitetail Trail, Pintlala, AL 36043 Vol. 30, No. 2 /


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