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Here’s Lou Genello’s fullbody mount with the sheds from a massive Illinois buck.

By Jon Cooner

or most of us, encountering a world class whitetail in the wild is a rare event. And encountering a buck that would qualify at the top of the record book is unfortunately something that most of us will probably never experience in our lifetimes. That’s one reason why Dr. Lou Genello’s multiple encounters with the same massive buck is so special. Visit and Like Whitetail Institute at

“I’ve hunted with Diane Hafford’s Rocky Branch Outfitters many times over the years, and her husband, Darrell, has always guided me,” Dr. Genello recalls. “Five years ago, Darrell called me and said he had a huge buck on his property and wanted me to come hunt him. He also sent me a photo he had taken of the buck. My very first thought as soon as I saw it was, ‘That’s a 200-inch class deer!’” Rocky Branch Outfitters is located in Southern Illinois, which is widely recognized as having bucks with the genetic potential to grow incredibly impressive antlers. Hafford says, “Rocky Branch has pushed the bucks on its private, free-range hunting properties to the pinnacle of their genetic potential for antler size through decades of intensive management of habitat, selective harvests, great soil, great genetics, and Imperial Whitetail Clover and other Whitetail Institute products that help attract deer to our properVol. 26, No. 2 /


Whitetail News Vol 26.2  

Volume 26 Issue 2

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