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Field of Ambush Draws Trophy Buck in Oklahoma By Brandon Turnbow The Whitetail Institute’s products have been helping grow larger bucks on the author’s land. An Ambush food plot helped him kill the biggest deer ever shot on their lease, a brute that scored 178-3/8.


Popular Imperial Whitetail Ambush for Exceptional Attraction By Jon Cooner Ambush is the ideal blend of sweet lupines, sugar beets, Whitetail Oats and proprietary annual clovers.


By John J. Ozoga Some states may have “too many” deer, but most states are seeing declining numbers. The author, a renowned deer biologist, thinks management strategies must change to turn around buck harvests that have declined by 8 percent from 2003 to 2013.


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So Close! Three Encounters With a World Record Class Buck are Memories to Treasure By Jon Cooner For most of us, encountering a world-class whitetail in the wild is a rare event. And encountering a buck that would qualify at the top of the record book is unfortunately not likely at all. That’s one reason why Dr. Lou Genello’s multiple encounters with the same massive buck is so special.


Management Strategies Must Change as Deer Numbers Decline

120 Magic Days: Antlers are the Fastest-Growing Bone Material Known to Man By Charles J. Alsheimer Deer antlers have always fascinated man. Antlers are the fastest-growing bone material, and during about 120 days from late March through early August, a mature buck can grow over 200 inches of bone on his head. Month-by-month photos!


Why You Can’t Afford Not to Plant Food Plots By Geral;d Almy


Build a Better Food Plot By Joe Blake

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A Message from Ray Scott Customers Do the Talking Stories and Photos


The Weed Doctor By Dr. Carroll Johnson, III, Ph.D.

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Food Plot Planting Dates Record Book Bucks Stories and Photos


First Deer — The Future of Our Sport

Perennial Basics: Easy Steps to Perennial Food Plot Success By Matt Harper

Winter-Greens and Tall Tine Tubers – Favorite Late-Summer Plantings By Gerald Almy


Annuals and Perennials: Finding the Perfect Balance By David Hart


Awesome Food Plots on Marginal Sites By Michael Veine


Kill-Plots in Planted Pines By Jon Cooner


Imperial Whitetail Edge: Precise Blend Flourishes in Wide Variety of Climates By Whitetail Institute Staff



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Whitetail News Vol 26.2  

Volume 26 Issue 2

Whitetail News Vol 26.2  

Volume 26 Issue 2

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