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IN OKLAHOMA By Brad Gaddis, Oklahoma Photo by the Author

received my Whitetail Institute seed around Sept. 1 and planted it around Sept. 15. The food plot was about five acres, and I planted a variety of seed types that included Whitetail Oats Plus, Pure Attraction and Chic Magnet. I was fortunate enough to get some timely rains, and by Oct. 1, the seeds had started to sprout and the deer started to move in. Before long I had two dozen deer using the food plot on a regular basis, including a half dozen bucks. On Oct. 5 at midday, I went to check my camera on the northwestern corner of the food plot, and I had a picture of a large buck from the night before. The buck was a long way from the camera, and it was hard to make out, so at the time I didn’t realize exactly how big he was. I returned two days later to check my camera, and this time I had some really good photos of a monster buck. My initial thought was that he was at least 200 inches — by far the largest buck that I have ever hunted.


/ Vol. 24, No. 2


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Whitetail News Vol 24.2  

Whitetail News Volume 24 Issue 2

Whitetail News Vol 24.2  

Whitetail News Volume 24 Issue 2