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Hunter Has Compulsive Deer Disorder


ich Mutt is told by his friends that he has “compulsive deer disorder.” His love for managing deer led him down the trail to the Whitetail Institute in the late 1980s when he heard about Imperial Whitetail Clover. But it wasn’t until five years ago that he was able to put his knowledge of Imperial Clover and other products from the Whitetail Institute to the test on his 50 acres of rolling hills in Ohio. “The first thing I did four years ago was clear out a plot right down the middle of the woods,” Mutt said. “Then I dragged it with a scrapper. My land has oaks, maples, pines and hickory trees. As a matter of fact, I have about every tree imaginable in my woods. Up where I planted the food plot, my soil was pretty rocky so I had to bring in a dozer and clear it out. I really had to work at it. As long as my food plot had sunlight, it came up pretty good. I have two acres that include Imperial Clover, No-Plow and Alfa-Rack PLUS. I’ve really

James Glasgow — Alabama Deer prefer Alfa-Rack over all of our other food plot varieties. Michael Selby — Maryland The only time I do not see 10-15 deer in the evening in the 3 acre field is when the acorns start to drop then the number drops to 5-10. James Whitney — New York Used Alfa-Rack and the bucks could not stay away. I enjoy all year long going to my land and watching the deer and turkey. This would not have been possible without your products. James Jurek — Texas Since planting Alfa-Rack I have noticed more deer on our property. Tim Young — West Virginia We planted a small plot of Alfa-Rack. Every time we visit the plot we see deer.

been impressed with Alfa-Rack PLUS and will start using more of it this year. “Last year I disked my food plot up with my 4wheeler, but I wasn’t getting enough sunlight after the trees would leaf. I thought I had it right, but I had to cut a whole bunch more of the trees to let more sunlight onto my plots. Now I’ve got a pretty good-looking plots. I also sprayed my plot with Arrest to get rid of my grass problem and I’ve also used the Cutting Edge mineral supplements. It all works together.” Mutt scored on a big buck in 2005. He shot an 11point that scored 140 inches. “I’ve seen some bigger ones out there,” he said. I’ve always had healthy deer on my place. They love to graze in the food plots. I’ve seen them walk right past the corn and eat the food plots. “I watched 16 deer that day before the big buck came in. I could see the food plot from where I was sitting. I had 10 does below my stand shortly before he showed up. At about 6:30 p.m., the deer all left. I don’t know why because I’m up around 30 feet. Then about 15 minutes later I saw two bucks. One of the bucks was the 11-pointer. I had seen him before, and I took him. I had to get my brother and his buddy to help get him out.” The buck field dressed about 220 pounds. “There are some big whitetails around these parts,” he continued, “and I’ve waited patiently for a buck like this. The year before I had a horse in front of me, but I couldn’t get a shot at him. I had another big one in front of me the year before that but couldn’t get a shot off at him either. “I’ve got stands all around and I know where the deer come in. I hunt mostly on the corners of the property — I don’t hunt in the middle of the woods. This food plot is surrounded by woods on each side and it’s a whitetail magnet.” “I’ve really enjoyed managing my 50 acres. Especially with Institute products. I like them so much, I’m going to start selling them at my business.” W




• Up to 30% protein • Perennial, up to five years longevity • Plant 1/4 inch deep or less • Plant 14 pounds per acre

• Designed for well-drained soil • Contains X-9 alfalfa technology, chicory and Imperial Whitetail Clover

Seedling Alfa-Rack Plus.

Mature Alfa-Rack Plus.

WHITETAIL NEWS / Vol. 16, No. 1

Rich Mutt is making his 50-acre Ohio farm all it can be. The 11point in the photo is just one example.


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Whitetail News Vol 16.1  

Whitetail News Volume 16 issue 1

Whitetail News Vol 16.1  

Whitetail News Volume 16 issue 1